Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest!-6

Finally after five long months with four of them being separated from Gigi altogether, that special day in October came when Gigi was going to compete against Doreen Powers in the heavy weight division of the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. I woke up early that morning looking forward to not only seeing how hugely muscular Gigi had gotten these past four months, but also the look on Tommy Dugan's face when my maid Gigi beat his maid Doreen Powers on stage in front of the entire town. After I got dressed and made my bed I went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. When I got to the kitchen I found a note from Gigi on the kitchen table with a fifty dollar bill next to it. The note read; "Bobby, I can't wait till tonight after the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest is finally over so I could be reunited with the love of my life. Please use the fifty dollars I've left you and take a taxi to the theater so after I beat Doreen Powers and win the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest we could drive home together in my new 2016 Chevy Trailblazer. I've left you a ticket and a back stage pass at the box office so please come an hour early before the female body building show so we could talk." Then she signed it; "Your loving muscle girl forever, Gigi."...................At 4:30 pm I called to order a taxi to pick me up at my house and take me downtown to the theater where the Mississippi's muscular Maid Contest was going to be. The taxi arrived at 5 pm and since traffic that afternoon was light going downtown the taxi dropped me off in front of the theater at 5:00 pm, a half hour earlier then when I was suppose to see Gigi back stage in her dressing room. The box office had just opening up when the taxi pulled up in front of the theater and I got out. After I paid the taxi driver his fare I then quickly headed over to the box office and gave the ticket seller my name. "Aw yes." The man in the box office said who was selling the tickets; "I have a prepaid front row ticket and back stage pass for one Robert Cohan right here waiting for you." Then as he handed me my ticket and back stage pass through the slit in the box office window the ticket seller winked at me as he said; "I've seen the muscular maid you've entering and I must say she's really going to give that snooty Doreen Powers some real competition." "Thanks sir." I replied as I took my ticket and back stage pass from him, then I quickly entered the front door of the theater...................After I got into the lobby of the theater and as I gave the usher my ticket I asked him which way it was to back stage dressing rooms after showing him my back stage pass. The usher pointed to the left of where he was standing as he said; "First you have to go to the back stage manager's office and show him your back stage pass. Then he'll let you back stage." I thanked the usher and quickly headed towards the back stage manager's office. After showing the back stage manager my back stage pass he let me in back stage while he said; "Gigi DuCasse is in dressing room A. That's the first door on the left." I thanked the back stage manager then quickly headed towards dressing room A because I couldn't wait to see Gigi's new hugely thick, ripped dark ebony cream skinned, muscular female physique for the first time in person..............As soon as I got in front of the closed door of dressing room A I could hear a loud metal clanging sound as Gigi was loudly grunting out when I knocked on the door; "195, 196, WHO'S THERE?" "It's me Gigi." I happily replied. "OH BOBBY JUST GIVE ME FIVE MORE MINUTES TO FINISH PUMPING UP FOR THE BODY BUILDING CONTEST!" Gigi said out loud through the closed dressing room door; "197, 198, 199, 200! OK BOBBY COME ON IN THE DOOR IS UNLOCKED! My heart started beating extremely fast in my chest with shear excitement of finally being able to see Gigi's new hugely thick, ripped dark ebony cream skinned muscular female physique for the first time as I turned the doorknob to open the dressing room door. As soon as I opened the dressing room door and walked in I was totally astounded to see how far Gigi had developed her huge female muscularity. "OH MY GOD GIGI! YOUR BODY IS FUCKING FANTASTIC!" I said in total awe while growing one hell of an erection in the crotch of my jeans at the same time. Gigi's once short but stylish raven black hair cut now had grown out long and even thicker as it now hung all the way down to her thickly muscular solid round ass. Gigi now had a very wild crazy look in her eyes as her now hugely thick, dark ebony cream skinned, muscular female physique was now the obvious product of mountains of iron versus and implacable unyielding strength. Gigi's freakishly huge, thickly ripped female muscular physique was swelled up to such an unbelievable size and hardness of female muscularity which advertised a super amount of inhumanly female strength, as she just stood there in front of me. Gigi was truly now a freakishly huge muscular monster of a woman with an insurmountable will of iron and a muscular female physique to match it! Gigi was wearing a red string bikini which had been stretched tightly and was now crucified on her dark ebony cream skinned, freakishly huge muscular female physique, the rupturing surrendering red bikini was at least two sizes too small. Gigi's hugely thick, bulging muscular traps and her exploding deltoids stretched the red shoulder straps of the bikini top to their max, as her veritable mountains of dark ebony cream skinned muscles proudly swelled up to their peaks................Gigi then turned around and showed me her hugely immense thick, powerfully strong muscular back, that proudly displayed unbelievable strength and size of her massive bat winged shaped muscular lats, and a deep tear in the front which showed a striated grooves in ludicrously thick, dark ebony, cream skinned pectoral slabs. Gigi's dark ebony cream skinned female muscular shoulders, chest, and back were all so FREAKISHLY HUGELY MUSCULAR! Gigi's now flat dark ebony cream skinned stomach was as flat as a board with an awesome six pack set of abs, AND WHAT A SIX PACK SET OF ABS THEY WERE! Gigi's deep sculpted stomach six pack of an unbelievable washboard of thick abdominal blocks chiseled to such a freakish hardness even when they were relaxed..............As Gigi enjoyed my wide eyed awe of her new gorilla freakishly huge female muscularity with obvious satisfaction she said in a matter of fact tone; "I had to kill Robin two months ago for forcing herself on you while she tried to sexually molest you Bobby. Then after I killed Robin I buried her body deep in the woods where no one would ever found it." "WHAT?" I asked in total surprise at what I had just heard. Before I could say anything else Gigi held her hand up to stop me as she continued with her dark ebony cream skinned female muscularity bulging ominously ; "And remember what I had told you Bobby that first night five months ago before we made love for the first time together. I become a very overly possessive bitch when it comes to my man when I get into a relationship. That means I'd even kill some one to protect him. I just broke Robin's neck like a toothpick, I was way too strong for her, WAY TOO STRONG! Too aggressive with overly possessive jealousy in my soul as well that night Bobby. I was so powerfully strong and aggressive that night I killed Robin that I crushed her neck as easily as stepping on an ant."...................."Come here Bobby and check out your girl friend's powerfully strong muscular female physique." Gigi taunts me in a very coy and sexual way, as she knew I really wanted to admire her ebony dark creamed skinned, freakishly huge, thickly muscular female physique; "After all Bobby I did this all for you, and only you my love." Then Gigi chuckled evilly as she took a deep breath, which caused even more tears as she flexed her strapping thick muscular torso and expands it to even more freakishly huge, muscular proportions, as Gigi's now unleashed hugely ripped female muscularity erupted even more unbelievable in size and muscular girth.  "OH YEA!" Gigi breath easily as she said excitedly while her hugely thick, dark ebony cream skinned muscles bulged ominously; "CHECK ME OUT NOW BOBBY. THIS IS THE WOMAN YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED ME TO BE! I'M NOW SO FREAKING EXTREMELY STRONG AND SO FREAKING EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE AS WELL! I'M SO FREAKING STRONG AND AGGRESSIVE NOW THAT I COULD LITERALLY CRUSH ANYONE LIKE AN ANT THAT GETS IN MY WAY WITH MY BIG STRONG FEMALE MUSCLES!".................The already very wild and crazy look in Gigi's eyes started to look even more wilder and crazier then before like she had been using cocaine as she continued to talk even crazier then before in a very excitedly tone; "I'M NOW STRONG ENOUGH TO LITERALLY CRUSH ANYONE'S BODY TO A GORY PULP IF I CHOSE TO, EVEN YOUR HUGE ERECTION BOBBY IF I EVER CATCH YOU CHEATING ON ME. BUT IF I EVER DID CATCH YOU CHEATING ON ME DARLING I'D TOTALLY MULCH YOUR HUGE ERECTION INSIDE OF MY POWERFULLY STRONG MUSCULAR VAGINA! JUST SO YOU UNDERSTAND BOBBY THAT YOU'VE ALREADY AGREED TO MAKE A TOTAL COMMITMENT TO BE IN AN EXCLUSIVE RELATIONSHIP WITH ME, THAT IF I EVER CATCH YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH ANOTHER WOMAN I'LL LITERALLY FUCK YOU TO DEATH!" Gigi enjoyed how she was terrorizing me as I stood there in front of her now looking very frightened..................."For the past five months straight Bobby." Gigi now said in a matter of fact tone; "I've been working out lifting weights to build up my body HARDER then ANYONE else in the history of body building, and I'm a female muscular MONSTER, and I've surpassed EVERYONE, both male and female in strength and muscularity. Look at all this female muscularity Bobby, I'm so totally JACKED UP!" Gigi then looks down and admires her insanely huge, dark ebony cream skinned muscular female physique with all it's big bulging muscles hulking out as her lips curled in conceit while she said in a matter of fact tone; "It's your fault Bobby." Gigi continues sneering at me; "You were the one who showed me that flier five months ago about the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest which sparked my competitive obsession for winning and started pushing me to want to start lifting weights again and build up my body. I've done this all for you my love but I'm not going to stop there. After I beat Doreen Powers in the heavy weight division of the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest tonight and win that 2016 Chevy Trailblazer, I'm going to continue working out lifting weight to build up my body until I'm recorded in all the record books as the strongest woman in the entire world.".................Then with a deep throat chuckle Gigi thrusts out her two dark ebony cream skinned, hugely thick, ripped muscular sculpted arms in front of my face, making her hugely thick swelled up triceps flex into an obscene, two striated horseshoes. As Gigi continued to stand there on her two hellishly huge thickly, dark ebony cream skinned muscular legs in front of me while we were both in her dressing room, I wondered how fast she could run now. Looking at the size of those two hellishly huge thickly muscular legs I thought that Gigi could possibly run from 0 to 60 mph or better in less then 2.5 seconds. "You really want to feel my big strong female muscles don't you Bobby?" Gigi taunts me with a very sexy tone in her voice while still admiring her own incredible female muscularity. "Bobby you really want to check out my buff body, DON'T YOU?" Gigi then let out a very evil chuckle as she took an extremely deep breath, causing even more tears as she flexes her already strapping dark ebony cream skinned torso which expands it to an even more hugely frightening, freaky proportions as her erupting unstoppable female muscles, seemed to continue growing larger and larger yet! Gigi had some extremely huge pumped contours that had never been seen before on any other professional male or female heavy weight body builder................Gigi's once two dark ebony cream skinned flabby tits now stood out tall and proudly erect like two triple D watermelons on her two hugely thick bulging slabs of fully developed pectoral muscle, with two girlish pink nipples the size of wine bottle corks. Gigi's hugely thick pectoral muscles which was a powerfully strong foundation for her two huge tits were built to such an unbelievable obscene size that her dark ebony cream skinned pectoral muscles looked like they were chiseled out of solid granite, with permanent separations notched from the stubble of her armpits to her muscular deep cleavage. A deep muscular cleavage that extended down into a very thick, deep cobblestone pattern of a totally defined six pack set of abs. A huge predatory smile of pure dominance slowly starts to cross her lips on Gigi's gorgeous face as I gasp in total shock and awe at the brutally built, inhumanly strong and muscular splendor of my girl friends upper body really was now. Gigi has no equal. She is now a genetically female muscular freak..............I now no longer could believe my own two eyes at what I was seeing! Gigi's dark ebony cream skinned female muscularity was pumped up to sizes and shapes I wouldn't have believed possible on a woman's body, despite how athletic she was a few years ago in high school. Who would have known five months ago that how easily Gigi could gain muscle by working out lifting weights every day. GIG WAS NOW A TOTAL FEMALE MUSCLE BOUND MONSTER! Increasingly aroused by her own total female muscular superiority, Gigi inhales a deep husky breath while flexing both of her dark ebony creamed skinned colossal pectoral muscles at the same time, making her two erect triple D sized watermelon sized tits leap up and down to do an awesome tit dance. Her outrageous French Creole African genetics may have endowed Gigi with such a matchless growing female muscular potential, but it was Gigi herself who had packed on so much female muscularity by doing daily weight lifting workouts with such of incomparable intensity these past five months straight. Endless female strength oozed out of every pore of Gigi's hugely thick, ripped muscular monster female physique............As I continued to gasp in shock and awe Gigi sexually moans out loud; "OH GOD I'M SO FREAKING JACKED UP!" And she was! Gigi was now so menacingly sexy as she violently bounced her hugely thick, dark ebony cream skinned pectoral muscles, each heavy thickly ripped chest muscle contracting at her command, erupting into uncountable striations across every square inch of Gigi's dark ebony cream skinned pectoral muscles, while her two huge triple D sized watermelon sized tits continued dancing wildly in front of me. I was quite mesmerized by the surfacing of thick blue pencil sized pulsating veins that snaked unrestrained across Gigi's hugely thick now extremely ripped, dark ebony cream skinned pectoral muscles that led into her two hugely thick, ripped muscular bowling ball sized shoulders and down her two hugely thick, ripped muscular arms, as they continued to feed even more blood and terrifying power into her ever growing powerfully strong female muscularity. Gigi's hugely thick, ripped muscular, dark ebony cream skinned pectoral muscles were now fully pumped up to their max of a permanently swollen state of inconceivable strength. Gigi then shrugs her bowling ball sized shoulders and take an even deeper breath then before, and causally crushes her cubes, while flexing her supreme muscular abs for my benefit. Gigi's flat as a board stomach with it's rock hard set of six pack set of abs which was deeply defined when it was relaxed, now looked like six jutting cinder block bricks emerging out of her otherwise svelte flat as a board stomach. Gigi then smirks at me while relishing my slack jaw and wide eyed amazement as she said; "Bobby you knew at the time that once you've gotten me interested in entering the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest to compete against the Dugan's maid Doreen Powers, I was going to have to overhaul my then out of shape and over weight, stocky chubby female body and turn it into one of a muscular female titan, AND I HAVE DONE JUST THAT DARLING! I'm now a muscular female goddess. I'm the muscular female goddess of your dreams Bobby, I'm SO POWERFULLY STRONG, and I've done this just to make you happy Bobby! Then Gigi took another extremely deep breath filling her ribcage, and then spreads her gigantic dark ebony cream skinned, thickly ripped muscular back. Gigi's broad muscular back flares out with even more inhumanly thickly ripped muscle, as monster lats the size of a 747 Boeing jet wings spread out beneath her two hugely thick, ripped muscular arms..............Gigi then languidly rolls her two bulging muscular bowling ball sized shoulders back, which turned her multitude of hugely thick, ripped dark ebony cream skinned back muscles into breathtakingly peaked mountain ranges with massive ridges undulated and exploded into separate mini muscular islands of their own. Gigi laughs with delight as she enjoyed showing off the spectacular hypertrophying results of her inhumanly powerfully strong daily weight lifting workouts, and loving how much it was frightening me at the same time. As Gigi flexed her upper body for a couple of seconds to create a dark ebony cream skinned back topography so overly developed it would shame any medical anatomy charts. Then Gigi spreads out her back again and her colossal hugely thick, extremely ripped flaring muscular female physique was even wider then it was before. Gigi then grins threateningly at me as she continues to flex herself into an unearthly female beast as her entire monstrous hugely thick, extremely ripped dark ebony muscular female physique, swells still even larger then had before. Gigi's dark ebony cream skinned, monstrous hugely thick, extremely ripped female physique completely defies anyone else in comparison who has ever gotten into body building. A low evil chuckle then escapes Gigi's throat, as she keeps flexing her two jutting huge watermelon triple D sized tits and her hugely thick ripped muscular back that was almost the width of a small American state. Gigi is now truly a real FEMALE MUSCULAR GODDESS!.............."I'm MORE then just BUFF, HUH BOBBY? I hope you see what you like because I did it all for YOU my darling." Gigi said very happily in a matter of fact tone that implied that I shouldn't disagree with her unbelievable freakishly large female muscular growth transformation; "AND as of now my darling I'M the ONE WHO'S IN CHARGE OF OUR RELATIONSHIP." Then as Gigi raises both of her dark ebony cream skinned, thickly huge, bulging ripped muscular arms while casually coiling them at the same time. In this languid double bicep pose which was totally unflexed, her muscular biceps had to be as large as two basketballs. With Gigi's hugely thick, bulging muscular lats flaring out while her biceps were already turning into two round basketballs, even Gigi's pectoral muscles were growing larger and more muscular then before underneath her two triple D sized watermelon sized tits that stood out even more erect and proud now in this stretched out position, directly above her deep six pack thickly muscular relaxed abs..............."Look at how BIG and RIPPED I am now Bobby." Gigi boasts while she flexes her two monstrously muscular biceps. Gigi's two dark ebony cream skinned biceps then exploded into two big jagged peaks of hardened steel. As Gigi continued to  flex her two hugely ripped muscular arms even harder now then she had before, which caused both of her jutting peaks to erupt even larger then they were a second ago, while stretching her dark ebony cream skin so tightly over the granite sized basketballs, that deep separations started to appear in the swollen bellies of Gigi's phenomenal biceps. Now fascinated by her own incredible female muscularity, Gigi rotates her two fists until both of her amazing hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps stand at full attention. Both of Gigi's bursting dark ebony cream skinned, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps became stunning, sharp vertical pinnacles of insane female muscularity development right before my own eyes!................."I've SURPASSED being jacked up Bobby, I'm totally  BUILT like a brick shit house. AND no one else MALE or FEMALE could ever match my strength of muscular size and girth!" Gigi bragged as the very wild and crazy look in her eyes now grew even more sadistically wilder and crazier yet, as she revel in the fearsome dark ebony mountains of powerful strength erupting on both of her inhumanly huge muscular arms. As Gigi extends her two hugely thick, ripped muscular arms out and relaxes them, she gleefully grins; "They've TWENTY SIX inches when they aren't FLEXED.  Now Bobby check out some REAL FEMALE MUSCLE!" Gigi then tensed her two towering monstrously huge muscular biceps again even harder then before and plays with them, while pumping her ungodly hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps; "Now they've at least THIRTY TWO inches of RAW FEMALE STRENGTH! JUST REMEMBER BOBBY THEY'VE TOTAL BOY BEATERS AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM ON YOU, IF I EVER CATCH YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH ANOTHER WOMAN!" Gigi gloats jubilantly and unbelievably with the sexual arousal of her double bicep muscle pump, as Gigi's amazing guns continued to visibly swell out and grow even higher and even harder then before! Then Gigi squeezed out even more inhumanly hugely thick, ripped female muscle as she flexed even harder then before, which now swelled her already monstrously huge bulging muscular biceps to stretch her dark ebony cream skin to almost it's breaking point!.................."LOOK at these FEMALE MUSCLES Bobby! My ARMS are BIGGER then your male torso. They've so FREAKING PUMPED UP! They are total pumped up MAN KILLERS!" Gigi exclaims proudly as she checked out her monstrously muscular female physique in the full length mirror behind her while she relished her own superior female physicality. Gigi's lips were now pulled back past her gums while her huge white teeth fully visible in a  grin. Gigi enjoyed having me to watch her as she continued to grow in female muscularity with each flex she did right before my own unbelieving eyes, while she looked back at me in the reflection of the full length mirror, Gigi even more now enjoyed the sadistic aggression and pure sexual dominance that was now starting to arouse her, wetting her hugely ripped muscular vagina, as Gigi continued pumping up her own dark ebony cream skinned, muscular female physique to even greater gigantic female muscular proportions. "I'm WAY MORE SURPASSED then anyone else male or female who's into body building, and I'm ON MY WAY to becoming the STRONGEST WOMAN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! I'm am such a jacked up FEMALE MUSCULAR MONSTER, and I have you to thank for it Bobby! If it wasn't for you getting me interested in entering the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest last June I wouldn't have this great female muscular physique now!"...................By now Gigi is seriously proud to flaunt her gigantic athletic muscular female body that redefines the limits of a woman's muscular potential in front of me. Gigi also seriously enjoys how my mind is scrambled by the true extent of her insanely overdeveloped female muscularity. Even her hugely thick, ripped muscular, dark ebony cream skinned vagina is as monstrously muscular as the rest of her! Beneath the wildly spreading black ebony cream skinned bush, it's even that obvious that Gigi's vagina was even HULKING OUT in gigantic female muscularity as well! "This is where you've going to be putting that huge erection of your Bobby for the rest of your life." Gigi said as she pointed to her dripping wet very muscular vagina; "You'll either be feeding my JACKED UP Lion at least when you've not riding my huge PYTHON!" Then Gigi burst out into a very loud evil laugh as my face turns pale with fright at the sight of her mighty muscular vagina. The mound outside of Gigi's huge thickly muscular vagina was built so musculature and was so ridiculously hypertrophied that bulging, ridged muscle separations were clearly visible on her very sexual aroused vagina. Gigi's clitoris can only be described as PUMPED UP, completely flaccid, with it's huge head already protruding several inches and packed with very visible thick blue pencil sized veins and unearthly female muscular separations. I would find out later after the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest that now having sex with Gigi would be an unreal monstrosity when she was fully sexually aroused, with her female muscular monster sexual pleasure orgasms that were as BIG and HARD as any other muscle group on Gigi's entire dark ebony cream skinned, gigantically muscular female physique. Gigi's entire gigantic female muscular physique was the perfect pinnacle of pure female muscularity. {TO BE CONTINUED: BACK STAGE IN GIGI'S DRESSING ROOM!} End Of Part 6                                                                                                                                                              

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest!-5

Gigi exited the guest house in the dark of night and quickly headed towards our driveway where her beat up 2002 red Toyota Corolla was parked. As soon as Gigi got to her car she said to herself after seeing Robin's pickup truck still parked next to her car; "Robin left about a half hour ago and her pickup is still in the driveway. Robin never goes any where without her truck." Then Gigi happened to look at the big house and noticed a light on in a second story window which also happened to be my bedroom window as she said out loud to herself. "That's strange. Bobby goes to bed at 9:30 pm sharp every night why would he be up this late at 1 am?" Then as Gigi remembered the premonition she'd been having about something unpleasant was happening to me every night these past two months. Gigi forgot about Robin for a moment and decided to check up on me instead to make sure I was alright. Even though Gigi still didn't want me to see her newly growing female muscularity till she stepped onto the stage next October to compete against Doreen Powers in the heavy weight division of at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest, Gigi got an idea how she could look in on me without me knowing it.................Gigi then quietly walked in the shadows to the back of the large house and with her two strong powerful hands Gigi grabbed the water drain pipe that ran down from the gutters and quietly climbed the two story house like King Kong climbing the Empire State Building. As soon as Gigi climbed up outside to my bedroom window and looked inside she couldn't believe what she saw! Gigi saw Robin and I again having wild female muscle worship sex together, but she thought Robin was over powering me while she was sexually molesting me. Gigi never realized that I was really sexually enjoying myself with Robin at the time. "THAT MOTHER FUCKING NYMPHOMANIAC FORCED HERSELF ON MY BOBBY AND IS SEXUALLY RAPING HIM! THIS TIME ROBIN HAS GONE TOO FUCKING FAR!" Gigi said in anger very quietly to herself as her extremely mean and dangerously angry steroid enhanced temper quickly started boiling over; "I WILL GET EVEN WITH ROBIN FOR THIS, IF THIS IS THE LAST THING I EVER FUCKING DO!" Then Gigi slid down the drain pipe and hid outside in the bushes right next to our backdoor and waited two hours for Robin to come outside..............At 3 am the next morning when Robin finally exited our back door, with a super human speed and strength Gigi jumped out from behind the bushes and broke Robin's neck which caused a loud, sickening cracking sound as it happened. After Gigi made sure Robin was dead she then carried Robin's now dead body and tossed it the bed of her pickup truck. Then after getting a shovel from the shed that she also tossed into the back of Robin's pickup truck, Gigi then drove Robin's pickup all the way into the woods. When she was deeply in the woods, Gigi then got out and dug a ditch that was six feet long, six feet deep, and two feet wide. Then after dumping Robin's dead body in this ditch Gigi shoveled the dirt back in to bury and cover up the murdered victim she had killed earlier. Then Gigi drove Robin's pickup truck another five miles down the road deeper into the woods till she came to a swamp. Gigi then got out of Robin's pickup truck and pushed it into the swamp and after watching the pickup truck sink to the bottom of the swamp, Gigi then ran the twenty miles back home and got back into the small guest house just a half hour before I woke up....................Now that Gigi had the strength and female muscularity of Super Woman and could easily give Doreen Powers some real competition in the heavy weight division of the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest next October, Gigi wasn't happy with that. Three months ago Gigi had started with a competitive obsession for winning the heavy weight division of the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest and beating Doreen Powers to win the 2016 Chevy Trailblazer. But Gigi's compulsive obsession for body building now ran deeper then that. Gigi now wanted to become the strongest woman in the entire world and win every championship power lifting contest she could enter as well...................Starting that morning at 8:15 am Gigi tripled her high protein body building diet by drinking three dozen raw eggs and 3 full bottles of Lightning Muscle Pump Up Pills blended in 3 gallons of Power Pump 2000 body building protein shakes three times a day, while also tripling her three daily injection of a powerfully steroid, enhanced muscle growth, dark blue liquid version of Lightning Muscle Pump Up, from 200 milligrams every four hours to 600 milligrams every four hours. Then after Gigi combined both her steel weight set with the one Robin had been using, Gigi would increase the amount of steel weights she was lifting every few hours by at least one hundred pounds, while she also tripled the amount of sets of reps she was doing at the same time per each weight lifting exercise. Now that Gigi was more juiced up every day while she'd workout lifting weights her accelerated daily body building workout program moved even faster then it had ever done before! Gigi pumped out rep after rep of each weight lifting exercise she did at such an unbelievable fast speed that Gigi looked like a total blur while she was exercising, and with each muscle pump she did while lifting her heavy steel weights Gigi was also growing even more hornier by the minute then ever before as well!. Since Robin was no longer here to satisfy Gigi's powerful sexual urges every day after her accelerated daily body building workout program, Gigi who was so freaking horny by the end of the day after working out lifting weights and doing hundreds of muscle pumps, that Gigi first tried use the wooden stick on a plunger like a dildo to get off with. But the wooden stick on the plunger quickly snapped under the heavy pressure of Gigi's thickly muscular, dark ebony cream skinned, extremely wet throbbing hot vagina. Then Gigi took the extra barbell that Robin had been working out lifting weights with these past two months and after removing all of the heavy steel weight disks off it, Gigi then took the heavy duty steel barbell rod and started using that as a dildo. The cold hard steel of the end of the heavy duty steel barbell rod felt good in Gigi's thickly muscular, dark ebony cream skinned, extremely wet throbbing hot vagina, and she got sexually off on it for the two hours straight!..................Earlier that day while Gigi was busy in the small guest house doing her accelerated daily body building workout as I got my bicycle out of the garage to ride to the grocery store to pick up more supplies for their never ending high protein diets, I noticed that Robin's pickup truck wasn't parked in our driveway like it normally was. As I rode off on my bicycle and headed for the grocery store, I just shrugged it off thinking that Robin must have just gone downtown to pick up more body building protein shake mix and body building vitamins for her and Gigi. It wasn't until about six hours later that I realized Robin didn't come back..................By 10:30 pm after Gigi finished using the heavy duty steel barbell rod as a dildo to get sexually off with for two hours straight she started to feel a little lonely without Robin being around so she decided to call me on her cell phone. I was in my bedroom getting ready for another female muscle worship session and sex wrestling match when Robin came to visit me later on around 11:30 pm when my cell phone rang. By the caller I.D. I saw that it was Gigi's cell phone number and I quickly answered it; "Hello Gigi it's been a long time since I've last heard from you. How is your accelerated daily body building workout program going? Are you getting all the massive gains you need to enter and challenge Doreen Powers in the heavy weight division next October at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest?" "Yes and then some Bobby." Gigi said excitedly over the phone; "I can't wait for you to see how strong I've grown in female muscularity in these past two months alone." "That's great Gigi." I said as I started getting a raging erection thinking about how much more Gigi's athletic body had gotten pumped up in female muscularity; "How about giving me an early quick peek some time soon I really miss you, you know." "OH GOD BOBBY I MISS YOU SO MUCH TOO!" Gigi voice sexually purred through the receiver of my cell phone; "But you know our agreement Bobby. I can't have any outside distractions whatsoever for four months straight so I can continue my accelerated daily body building workouts. You'll just have to wait another two months to see my unbelievable fantastic female muscularity when I step on stage to compete against Doreen Powers in the heavy weight division at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. Then after the contest you could have me all to yourself." "OK Gigi." I said with a deep concern in my voice; "But I'm very worried about you. Are you eating alright?" "Are you kidding me Bobby? Am I eating alright?" Gigi laughed; "I'm stuffing myself till I'm completely bloated on a heavy protein diet three times a day to feed my hungry growing female muscularity. Remember four months ago when I agreed to start working out to enter the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest and you weighed me in my bathroom? Do you remember how much I weighed that night last June when I told you Bobby, that you had your work cut out for you as my personal trainer because your new girl friend was a real chunky monkey fixer upper?" "Yea I do Gigi." I replied; "At that time your heavy, flabby, semi-out of shape body weighed in at one hundred and sixty five and three quarter pounds." "Well Bobby back then my body was at least 98% body fat with possibly 2% solid muscle." Gigi said almost bragging now; " But now I must weigh at least four times more then that now except the difference is my body is 100% solid muscle with 0% body fat." "WOW GIGI!" I said very excitedly; "I seriously can't wait to see the new you! How much can you bench press now?" "Oh about five hundred pounds Bobby but that weight is growing by at least fifty pounds more every day." Gigi casually replied over the phone. As I was talking to Gigi on the phone I happen to look out my bedroom window and noticed that Robin's pickup truck still wasn't parked in our driveway. So I changed the subject of the phone conversation I was having with Gigi to where Robin was; "Gigi where is Robin? I noticed that her pickup was gone all day." "Well Robin." Gigi said with a more serious matter of fact tone in her voice as she thought up a real believing lie to tell me; "Is it bit of a gypsy at heart and she doesn't like to stay in one place too long. Robin is also not into long goodbyes and when I woke up this morning at 7:30 am I found a note that she had written me." Gigi paused for a second to buy her time so she could continue thinking up this real believable lie to tell me; "In the note Robin said that a friend called her and offered her another personal trainer's job at a local all women's body building gym in Beach Wood New Jersey. I guess she must have left late last night after we both went to sleep because Robin would have at least a twenty three hour drive to New Jersey." Then Gigi changed the phone conversation to another subject because she wasn't comfortable talking about Robin, after Gigi had just murdered her in cold blood and buried Robin's body deep in the woods, after Gigi thought that Robin had forced herself on me and had sexually molested me. After a few more minutes Gigi and I talked mostly about how we both missed each other and our plans of spending the rest of our lives together, after Gigi won the championship of the heavy weight division at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest by beating Doreen Powers out of it. Then before we said our goodbyes and ended our phone conversation for the night Gigi said; "Bobby tomorrow morning I need you to do me a favor." "Sure Gigi what do you need me to do?" I asked. "Tomorrow morning I want you to get my A.T.M. card out of my car and ride your bicycle down to K-Mart and buy me some quadruple extra large T-shirts and gym shorts." "QUADRUPLE SIZED T-SHIRTS AND GYM SHORTS!" I asked with a very surprisingly tone in my voice; "Isn't that going to be too big for you Gigi?" "Not really Bobby." Gigi said with a now matter of fact tone in her voice; "I've gotten so hugely ripped and muscular these past two months that even quadruple sized t-shirts and gym shorts will look very tight on my growing female muscularity." Then after Gigi hung up from our phone conversation her entire huge female muscularity started to shake violently as she thought to herself; "Who else besides Bobby is going to miss Robin here in town when they don't hear from her after awhile and noticed that she had disappeared altogether? Could they ever find her pickup in the swamp? And if so could it be traced back to me by my finger prints?" That first night after Gigi killed Robin she tossed and turned all night in bed without getting a second of sleep.................Since Gigi started tripling, then quadrupling her steroid usage on a daily bases it not only helped Gigi's growing female muscularity to grow even bigger and stronger to even more newly larger heights, but at the same time it would also start to mess with her mind as well and would make Gigi very schizophrenic at the same time. Gigi was starting to have major hallucinations and delusions. Every day while Gigi was doing her accelerated daily body building workouts as she'd pumped out rep after rep with her heavy steel weights of each weight lifting exercise she did at such an unbelievable fast speed, Gigi would occasionally look across the small guest house's living room where Robin and her had set up Gigi's home weight lifting gym at the steel weights and weight bench Robin had been using. As Gigi looked at the now empty weight bench and weights that Robin had once used, she started having a hallucination of seeing Robin with a now broken neck that made her head hang down to her left, very brawny thick, light skinned black bowling ball sized shoulder, while she continued working out lifting heavy steel weights. As soon as the hallucination of the now dead Robin saw Gigi noticing her she said; "Gigi you've in serious trouble now. As soon as the police find out that you murdered me in cold blood they will be here to arrest you. After your arrest you'll have a trial in court and after you've convicted of murder in the first degree, then you'll be sentenced by a judge and jury to the death penitentiary and in the state of Mississippi they still have the electric chair." This hallucination which continued all day long started making Gigi so nervous that her now hugely muscular heart would beat so freaking fast in her chest while a thick blue pencil sized vein pulsated heavily in her forehead, as she sweated very heavily while Gigi continued pumping out rep after rep at an even more unbelievable fast speed. If any one had seen Gigi right now they'd think she was having a major stroke from working out lifting weights too hard!.................Two days later still unbeknown to me that Gigi had killed Robin and buried her body in the woods two nights ago, as I was doing Gigi's maid job cleaning our house while she was in the small guest house doing her accelerated daily body building workouts our doorbell rang. When I answered the front door I found the sheriff of Fords County standing on our front door step holding a white envelop. "Good morning son." The sheriff greeted me in a friendly tone; "I'm here on official police business. I have an bench warrant to arrest Robin Jackson for not showing up in court in front of Judge Wilcox for her divorce proceedings. Please let her know I'm here." "I'm sorry sheriff." I said trying to sound as honestly polite as I could; "Robin had been staying here with us but she left two days ago." "Do you know where went son?" The sheriff asked in a more concerned business like tone. "Yes I do sir." I relied; "Robin drove all the way to Beach Wood New Jersey to take a job as a personal trainer at a local all women's body building gym." "Thank you for your time son have a nice day." The sheriff said politely as he turned to walk back to our driveway where he had parked his police car. After the sheriff got back into his police car, he used the police radio to have an all points bulletin put out on Robin Jackson and the description of her pickup truck with it's license plate number.................Twenty minutes earlier when Gigi heard a car drive up our driveway and looked out the window as she saw the police car parked behind her beat up 2002 red Toyota Corolla, she started to panic as she threw herself on the floor face down and started doing pushups at an extremely fast pace to start burning off a lot of nervous energy as she thought out loud to herself; "OH GOD! THE POLICE MUST HAVE FOUND ROBIN'S DEAD BODY BURIED IN THE WOODS AND THEY HAVE TRACED IT BACK HERE TO ME AND KNOW THAT I WAS HER KILLER! THE POLICE ARE GOING TO ARREST ME FOR THE MURDER OF ROBIN!" But then just as Gigi was ready for the entire Fords County sheriffs department to come crashing through the front door of the small guest house to arrest her for Robin's murder, she then heard a car start up. Gigi stopped doing pushups and carefully looked out the window again and saw the police car slowly backing out of our driveway. When Gigi saw the police car leave she let out a very large sigh of relief!.............End Of Part 5                                                                                                          

Friday, January 15, 2016

Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest!-4

As I watched Robin's two hugely thick, light skinned black, bowling ball sized muscular shoulders slowly climb out from under the covers of my bed, which then led to her two huge watermelon sized light skinned black breasts that stood proudly straight out and were so perfectly round. Next came Robin's very brawny thick, boulder sized tattooed biceps, triceps, and forearms which finally coming into view. Robin had the hugely thick, brawny muscular female physique of a professional heavy weight championship female body builder. For an older woman of forty years of age Robin was an absolutely freaking gorgeous female muscle goddess! As soon as Robin was standing at the foot of my bed she went into an awesome body building posing routine which she finished off with an even more awesome crab pose, that swelled up her already hugely ripped, very thick brawny, light skinned black, tattooed muscular female physique even three times larger then it was a moment before!.............As Robin continued to hold this awesome crab pose she said in a very commanding voice;  "GO AHEAD BOBBY, FEEL HOW BIG AND STRONG MY WOMANLY MUSCLES REALLY ARE!" I was beside myself with shear delight as I got out of bed and raised both my hands up to feel Robin's huge  basketball sized, very brawny thick, tattooed biceps. "HOLY SHIT ROBIN!" I said excitedly; "THEY FEEL LIKE THEY'VE MADE OUT OF SOLID STEEL!" "My muscles aren't made out of solid steel Bobby." Robin laughed at what I had just said; "But they've been forged from many thousands of hours these past twenty eight years of lifting solid steel weights." As I continued feel and checking out Robin's boulder sized, very brawny thick, light skinned black, bulging biceps and triceps, I saw a tattoo on Robin's right bicep that was shaped like a heart and colored red. Inside the colored red tattoo was an inscription that read; "ROBIN & DOREEN FOREVER!" "Robin why do you have a heart tattoo with yours and another woman's name in it?" I asked. "Oh well Bobby." Robin said as she relaxed and stood up from doing a crab pose because she was starting to cramp up; "For awhile I thought I was attracted to women and I had met Doreen back in the summer of 1995. At the time I thought Doreen would be my life partner for the rest of my life, but things didn't workout between us." Then to distract me from the subject of her heart tattoo because Robin didn't want me to find out that the Doreen on the heart tattoo, was the same Doreen Powers that Gigi was seriously training to build up her body by working out lifting weights to compete against next October at the Mississippi Muscular Maid Contest. Let along wanting me to find out that Robin was not only seriously training Gigi to become a heavy weight female body building contender, but also mentally programming Gigi at the same time to kill Doreen Powers as well!..................Then as Robin raised her two boulder sized very brawny thick, light skinned black, muscular tattooed arms to a ninety degree angle, which caused her already two huge bulging biceps to swell up even larger till they were both the size of two fully inflated basket balls she then lied to me; "But don't worry Bobby. I'm no longer into women since I've met you, I now want to be a one man woman to you, and only you." As I was believing everything Robin was telling me that evening, after I finished checking out her huge basket ball sized tattoo biceps, I  then felt up her two light skinned black watermelon sized tits, then moved my hands south to feel her awesome flat as a board stomach with it's very impressive twelve pack set of muscular abs, that looked like they were chiseled out of stone. Then slowly my hands moved even farther south till I reached Robin's hairy, very hot and wet thickly muscular vagina. After fondling it for awhile Robin said as she picked me up in her two powerfully strong, boulder sized, very brawny thick, light skinned black, tattooed muscular arms and carried me back to my bed; "OK Bobby show and tell time is over, NOW I WANT TO FUCK, and see about that large erection of yours that Gigi was bragging to me about."..............As soon as Robin got me in bed she wrapped her two very powerfully strong, very brawny thick, muscular tree trunk thighs around my waist, and as soon as she ripped off my pajama bottoms off my body and saw the male chastity belt Gigi was making me wear, Robin said in a surprised tone; "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BOBBY? ARE YOU TRYING TO STAY A MALE VIRGIN TILL YOU'VE MARRIED?" "Oh no Robin." I said sounding very embarrassed that Robin had to see the male chastity belt that Gigi was making me wear to protect my manhood for her personal satisfaction; "Gigi forcibly put this on me the night before you arrived here last week. She claims to be a very overly possessive bitch when it comes to her man." "Interesting." Robin thought to herself; "I wonder what Bobby would think if he only knew that four years ago when Gigi was seventeen and still living in New Orleans Louisiana with her mother that she was my girl toy that summer of 2012, and she still fucking me on the side now." But what Robin asked me was; "Do you know where Gigi keeps the key to your male chastity belt Bobby?" "I don't know but I'm sure she had hidden it in good place. Gigi said she was holding the only key to my chastity belt." "Then I'm going to have to find another way to remove it Bobby." Robin said as she picked me up and flipped me upside down on my face. Then Robin opened up her mouth wide and with her powerfully strong jaw and white teeth, she cut through the back of my chastity belt. "There you go Bobby. Now we can have sex and you'll see what it's like to be with a real muscle woman." Robin said as she dropped my now broken chastity belt on to the bedroom carpeted floor beside my bed, and flipped me back up to face her. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT BOBBY!" Robin then said excitedly as she saw my huge erection; "GIGI REALLY WASN'T BULL SHITTING ME! YOU REALLY ARE HUNG LIKE FUCKING HORSE!" "Thanks Robin." I said sounding very proud of my manhood; "I measured it once and it measured fourteen inches long and inch and a half wide."................Robin then slid her head down between my two skinny white legs and put my huge fourteen inch erection into her mouth and all the way down her throat till her lips reached my balls. Then Robin started sucking my huge erection so extremely hard for the next five minutes straight with such a powerful amount of forceful, unbelievable amount of suction, till it caused so much external atmospheric pressure that I shot a super huge amount of male testosterone right down her throat, which made Robin gag and start coughing heavily. "GOD DAMN BOBBY!" Robin then said surprisingly in between her heavy coughing; "YOU'VE SOME KIND OF SUPER MALE FREAK THAT COULD SHOOT A WAD OF SPERM THAT LARGE THAT COULD CHOKE A FREAKING HORSE!" As soon as Robin stopped coughing and gained control of herself she then wrapped her two huge beefy thick, very brawny light skinned black, muscular tree trunk thighs around my skinny waist line while she injected my huge, now extremely raging fourteen inch erection into her beefy thick brawny, light skinned black muscular vagina at the same time. Then Robin started riding my now huge extremely raging, fourteen inch erection extremely fast with an unbelievable amount of inhumanly pure body energy, like a cowgirl riding a busting bronco! "HOLY SHIT ROBIN!" I screamed out as she continued riding me harder and faster by the second; "YOU HAVE ONE HELL OF A SEX DRIVE FOR A WOMAN!" Robin just smiled down at me and without stopping once or losing her high speed sexual momentum while she continued pounding up and down even harder and faster on me then she had before, happily replied; "I KNOW BOBBY! I'VE GOT ONE EXTREMELY POWERFULLY STRONG LIBIDO FOR A FORTY YEAR OLD WOMAN!" Robin continued riding me like a busting bronco for two hours straight without stopping once, even after we had broken my bed frame and we both must have had at least fifty orgasms each, till both my eyes rolled into the back of my head when I finally passed out from shear physical exhaustion of having sex with Robin!..............While Robin and I were in my bedroom having wild high speed sex, Gigi who was still in a deep sleep in the bedroom of the guest house after Robin had given her a powerful sleeping pill and put a wireless head phone set over her ears earlier, so a female voice would program Gigi's mind with a hypnotic suggestion that would mix with her slowly growing extremely mean and dangerously angry steroid temper to hate and kill Doreen Powers, another part of Gigi's mind gave her a premonition that something was unpleasantly wrong with me and that Robin possibly had something to do with it. As Gigi's sleeping mind absorbed the hypnotic suggestion to hate and kill Doreen Powers, while having this continuous premonition about me at the same time, Gigi violently tossed and turned in bed while she continued to be in a very deep sleep, as her mind continued to wrestle with both these problems. This would all go on every night for the next two months straight, till Gigi found out that Robin was trying to steal me away from her..............The next morning when I woke up after my digital alarm clock buzzed loudly at 8 am, I was so physically sore that it felt like I was run over by a truck. Robin had gotten up at 5 am and quietly sneaked out of my bedroom and our house, to get back to the guest house before Gigi woke up and found out that she wasn't there all night. The only two souvenirs that were still in my bedroom from last nights wild high speed sex match with Robin was my broken bed frame and the empty bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey that she had left on my night stand. After I got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen to have some breakfast, I saw another grocery list with an added note sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me to find it. The grocery list had the same high protein foods listed on it like it had for the past couple of weeks, but the note read; "MY DARLING BOBBY, EVEN THOUGH THERE'S TWENTY FOUR YEARS DIFFERENCE IN OUR AGES, AFTER SPENDING LAST NIGHT WITH YOU I FEEL LIKE A GIDDY SCHOOL GIRL IN LOVE. SEE YOU TONIGHT MY DARLING, LOVE ROBIN." I was extremely excited and got another huge erection in my jeans when I read the note and found out Robin was going to visit me again tonight!. I then ate my breakfast, threw out the empty whiskey bottle in the recyclable trash can and then head for the grocery store on my bicycle...............Since Gigi woke up this morning she still the memory of that premonition on her mind that something was unpleasantly wrong with me and that Robin possibly had something to do with it. All through their accelerated daily body building workouts as Gigi continued working out in just as high speed frenzy as Robin was lifting heavy steel weights, that premonition about me still weighed heavy on Gigi's mind. The more Gigi thought about it the more she started looking at Robin with an even more sadistic mean look in her eyes as her anger continued to grow because she wasn't sure what the premonition she had last night in her sleep really meant, but as she kept thinking about it, Gigi's overly possessive jealousy continued to quickly grow. "I knew Robin had a sex addiction problem when I first met her back in the summer of 2012 which led to her and Doreen Powers breaking up the first time. But Robin said that she started seeing a doctor last year who had put her into a one year rehab program about her sex addiction problem, and that she was now cured after going through an extensive method of medical treatments. That's the only reason I decided to give Robin a second chance after her and Doreen Power broke up their relationship again for the second time. But what does Bobby have to do with Robin? Already Bobby agreed to make a total commitment to be in an exclusive relationship with me. That's why I made Bobby where a male chastity belt so there's no way he could ever cheat on me but even though we've exclusive couple, having Robin on the side wouldn't hurt Bobby's and my relationship at all as long as he doesn't find out about the little lesbian affair I'm having with Robin. BUT WHAT DOES ROBIN HAVE TO DO WITH THE PREMONITION I'M HAVING ABOUT BOBBY?" Then Gigi's thoughts turned directly to Robin who was standing across the room from her working out just as physically hard in a high speed frenzy as Gigi was; "Is Robin really cured of her heavy sex addiction problem? Or is she still seeing Doreen Powers on the side?" The more Gigi thought about that the more overly possessive and jealous she became over Robin! Then the hypnotic female voice from the head phone set that Robin put on Gigi's head every night after she went into a deep sleep from taking the powerfully strong sleeping pill rang out in Gigi's mind; "DESTROY DOREEN POWERS! DESTROY DOREEN POWERS!" Over and over again...............Early in the same afternoon while Gigi was trying to figure out what that premonition she had last night about Robin and me in her sleep was really about, while she was busy working out lifting weights during her accelerated daily body building program with Robin, I was busy doing the housework to keep my parents house clean, that was normally our maid Gigi's job. I had just finished dusting and vacuuming our living room and was putting the vacuum back into the hall closet by the front door where it was normally kept, when our front door bell rang. When I answered the front door there was a very attractive woman with short cropped black hair standing on our front door step, who looked like she was of mixed race being partly black and Hispanic. This woman was wearing a light pink long sleeve button down blouse and a pair of tight French cut jeans that were so tight on her five foot five inch, squarely built body that was so heavily packed with solid slabs of thick female muscularity, that her clothes looked spray painted on her hugely thick female muscular physique. I quickly remembered her from the picture that Tommy Dugan had given me two months ago on the last day of school and knew it was Doreen Powers but I pretended not to have known her. "May I help you ma'am?" I ask Doreen Powers..............."Yes you may." Doreen Powers said with a Spanish accent that sounded almost Porto Rican; "I'm looking for that no good soon to be ex-life partner of mine Robin Jackson." "I'm sorry ma'am but there's no one here by that name." I lied trying to sound truthful to protect Robin. "DON'T BULL SHIT ME SONNY BOY!" Doreen Powers said in an even more nasty tone; "Robin's pickup truck is parked in your driveway." Then as Doreen Powers handed me an envelop with Robin's name written on it she said in an even more nasty mean tone; "Make sure Robin gets these divorce papers and have her sign them. Then have Robin return them to my lawyer. There's a business card in the envelop with his name and law firms address on it." Then as Doreen Powers started to turn away and walk back to her car, she then stopped and said in an even more nasty mean tone; "Oh and by the way Bobby, it's going to be an extreme pleasure for me next October to beat that dumpy maid of yours Gigi at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest." Then Doreen Powers tilted her head back and laughed a very evil loud laugh all the way back to her car. After Doreen Powers left I quickly taped the envelop she had given me for Robin on the front door of our guest house so she could find it later when she opened the door.................After having that same premonition in her sleep every night for the next eight weeks  straight about me being in trouble and Robin having something to do with it, it was driving Gigi extremely crazy. Finally Gigi decided that she'd have to check up on Robin and me after hours just to make sure I was really alright. One night after their lesbian love making which Gigi kept noticing recently that Robin hadn't been giving Gigi her best A-game in the bedroom during their lesbian sessions these past eight weeks. It seemed to Gigi that Robin seemed to rush her through their lesbian love making sessions every night as fast as she could so she could give Gigi that powerfully strong sleeping pill to put her into a very deep sleep for eight hours straight. Even during the past eight weeks while Robin was weight training Gigi while working out with her during Gigi's daily accelerated body building workouts, Gigi also noticed how more withdrawn and quiet Robin had become in conversation recently, like she was hiding a secret from her. Gigi's extremely mean and dangerously angry steroid enhanced temper would start to boil over as she'd start to take more aggression out doing her daily weight lifting sessions. Gigi thought that Robin had been secretly seeing Doreen Powers behind her back again, but was Gigi seriously wrong on that matter. Gigi never knew about the divorce papers Doreen Powers had left with me eight weeks earlier. Robin hid them from Gigi, then signed them and mailed them back to Doreen Power's lawyer's office. Robin who was planning on having Gigi kill Doreen Powers under a hypnotic suggestion for two major reasons. One so Robin didn't have to pay alimony monthly to her ex-lesbian lover Doreen, and two for Gigi to go to prison for the murder of Doreen Powers. Once Gigi was sentenced to at least twenty years to life in prison she'd be out of the way so Robin could have me all to herself. Robin for the first time in her life had seriously fallen in love with someone, and that someone was me.  But little did Robin know at that moment but Gigi was about to change Robin's plans later on that same night when Gigi would permanently get Robin out of both hers and my life altogether................Later on that night after their daily lesbian love making session, around 11:45 pm Robin gave Gigi her the powerfully strong sleeping pill. Gigi put it into her mouth and pretended to swallow it in front of her, and when Robin wasn't looking spit it out and shoved it under her pillow. After Gigi pretended to fall into a very deep sleep she noticed that as soon as Robin put those wireless set of head phones over her ears, Robin quickly left the bedroom of the guest house in a very big rush! " ROBIN IS SNEAKING OUT TO SEE THAT FUCKING CUNT DOREEN POWERS BEHIND MY BACK!" Gigi growled out loud to herself in an extremely mean and dangerously angry tone; "Well this time Robin I'm going to catch you and Doreen Powers in the act!"..................As soon as Robin exited the master bedroom of the guest house and quietly shut the bedroom door behind her, Gigi removed the wireless set of head phones off the top of her head then pulled back the blankets as she quickly got out of bed and walked quietly towards the closed bedroom door. As Gigi put her left ear against the closed bedroom door she heard Robin's foot steps walking across the living room of the guest house, then the front door open up and closed as Robin exited the guest house. "NOW I'M GOING TO CATCH YOU IN THE ACT ROBIN CHEATING ON ME WITH YOUR EX-LIFE PARTNER DOREEN POWERS!" Gigi growled to herself out loud as her extremely mean and dangerously angry steroid enhanced temper quickly started to grow even meaner then before! After standing there by the closed bedroom door for five minutes waiting to see what Robin was really up to late at night after she went to sleep, as soon as Robin left the guest house Gigi quickly walked across the bedroom to get dressed..................As Gigi quickly walked across the bedroom to get dressed she stopped in front of the full length mirror to admire her newly developed female muscularity for the first time in two months. Gigi had been so busy every day lifting heavy steel weights during her accelerated daily body building workouts with Robin till she was totally exhausted every day, while drinking those powerfully enhanced Power Pump 2000 body building shakes and receiving heavy injections of an even more powerfully enhanced, dark blue liquid version of Lightning Muscle Pump Up steroids, for the first time in two months Gigi was able to enjoy the fruits of her hard work as she admired herself in the full length mirror's reflection..................Gigi looked at herself in total awe as she gazed into the full length mirror. Staring back at Gigi was a now more solidly squarely built five foot five inches in height, dark ebony creamed skinned, extremely huge, thickly muscular naked woman with vein annihilating vascularity! "WOW!" Gigi thought out loud excitedly to herself. Gigi's now more solidly squarely built five foot five inch height, dark ebony creamed skinned, extremely huge, thickly muscular naked female physique was extremely ripped and packed tightly with huge slabs of bulging muscles that enhanced all her curves extremely well. Gigi's neck was now thickly muscular and her now two massively enormous muscular breasts which stood out straight and erect above her hugely thick, muscular pectoral muscles looked like two dark ebony cream skinned torpedos ready to be launched. Gigi's flat as a board dark ebony creamed skin stomach were deeply cut and defined into a cinder block brick wall of an eight pack set of abs, with several thick blue pencil sized veins protruding up and down her flat but extremely muscular tight stomach. Gigi's traps were so hugely thick with solid muscle and they easily flowed down into her two dark ebony cream skinned, hugely thick muscular soccer ball sized shoulders, that easily flowed down into her two dark ebony cream skinned, basketball sized thickly muscular upper arms, with pencil thick blue veins spider webbing all throughout her two beefy thick muscular arms. Gigi's two dark ebony cream skinned forearms looked like they were both so heavy packed with thick slabs of solid muscle that they both looked like they were ready to bust out at the seams when Gigi clenched her two fists at the same time.................Gigi then raised both of her very beefy thick muscular arms and did a double bicep pose. Her two dark ebony cream skinned, beefy basketball sized muscular arms thickened and swelled up even more insanely in size then they were before. Gigi's two very beefy thick basketball sized muscular arms now looked even larger then before like someone had stuffed grapefruits in to them. Gigi's torso now looked a lot wider in female muscularity as it expanded from her while she continued to hold her double bicep pose. Then Gigi playfully but seductively started flexing her big extremely huge and thick, dark ebony cream skinned pectoral muscles up and down. This made her now very deep cleavage stretch and juggle while her two torpedo sized tits danced happily on her chest. As Gigi continued doing her pectoral dance with her massively huge breasts, Gigi's two huge nipples started becoming very erect like they were two wine bottle corks................Gigi's now thickly muscular bubble shaped ass was shaped like two bowling balls that were very round and firm and still managed to squeeze into her tight spandex shorts. Gigi's two hugely thick muscular, dark ebony cream skinned thighs were really a sight to behold. They were so tightly packed with heavy slabs of solid muscle, sinew, and thick pencil shaped blue veins that just bulged to life as she pointed her toes. If she walked Gigi's two hugely thick muscular, dark ebony cream skinned thighs would bulge in and out insanely like they were fighting for room to flex on her powerfully strong muscular legs. Gigi's two calves were hard and bulging out in the shape of two huge dark ebony cream skinned sized footballs..............Gigi smiled as she continued to pose in front of the full length mirror. Her dark ebony cream skinned female physique was a perfect sculpture of hard earned muscle. As she continued going through different body building poses Gigi continued to watch her female muscles get slightly bigger with each flex she did. More hugely thick beefy muscle and thick blue pencil sized veins continued to show up on her already rock hard, dark ebony cream skinned muscular female physique. Then Gigi went into an awesome crab pose which made her already very hugely thick, beefy impressive muscular female physique, swell out even four times larger then it was a moment ago. Gigi was really rivaling in her own female muscularity size, as her body was feeding more blood throughout her now pulsating, thick pencil sized blue veins, as they pumped more blood into her huge, dark ebony cream skinned growing female muscles. As Gigi continued to hold this crab pose while she looked at her own reflection, Gigi loved to see her female muscularity this freaking huge, AND IT REALLY TURN HER ON! Thick blue pencil sized veins pulsating all over her hugely thick female muscularity, really gave Gigi a real rush as she continued to feel her entire hugely thick, dark ebony cream skinned, thick beefy muscular female physique rippled all over as well, but then she finally relaxed and rubbed her two powerfully strong arms after that mighty crab pose flex. Gigi then headed over to where her light blue sports bra and matching pair of light blue spandex shorts were after she got out of them two months before. Since Gigi was working out naked every day with Robin she didn't have any other clothes with her in the guest house. After Gigi got dressed the light blue sports bra and matching light blue spandex shorts which now looked ridiculously small on her, like two small light blue bandages on her now hugely thick, dark ebony cream skinned muscular female physique. Gigi thought about calling me on her cell phone to bring her some more clothes from the house, but she didn't want me to see her newly female muscularity until that night in October when she entered the heavy weight division to compete against Doreen Powers at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. Gigi then grabbed her purse and car keys and headed out to find Robin. End Of Part 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Monday, January 11, 2016

Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest!-3

The following morning at 7:30 am as I looked out of Gigi's bedroom window while I was getting dressed I saw Robin's pickup truck pull into our driveway. As Robin got out of her pickup truck I couldn't believe how much more her light skinned black, very brawny thick, muscular female physique had grown since I last saw her a month ago at K-Mart when she helped Gigi shop for weight lifting equipment. Robin was wearing a very tight red tank top that was cut short just above her stomach which showed off her two even larger and very impressive light skinned black, very brawny thick muscular, tattooed arms with biceps and triceps that looked as if they were carved from boulders and her two huge watermelon sized light skinned brown tits standing straight and erect in between them. Robin's muscular flat as a board stomach had a very impressive twelve pack set of abs that looked like they were chiseled out of stone, and with the matching red spandex shorts she was wearing showed off two very impressive brawny thick muscular, light skinned black thighs and calves that looked like two huge tree trunks................After Robin got out of her pickup truck, Gigi who was wearing a light blue sports bra and matching light blue spandex shorts ran from the house over to where Robin was standing next to her pickup truck and said in a very happily excited tone, as she wrapped her two defined semi-muscular arms around Robin's very brawny thick, muscular light skinned black neck; "OH ROBIN BABY! HOW'S MY B.F.F.?" Then Gigi pulled Robin's head closer to hers as they both locked lips and kissed each other long and hard in a very romantic way, that one would not normally see when two girl friends meet each other. Call me a little naïve when it comes to being in a relationship with a woman, but I wasn't jealous over Gigi's and Robin's long romantic kiss. It was just the opposite. It made me very sexually hot watching two very athletic muscular women romantically kissing each other. After their romantic kiss in the driveway, Robin stepped back smiling while she slid her two strong hands down the front of Gigi's light blue spandex shorts and said as she slowly started massaging Gigi's already sexually hot and wet throbbing vagina; "We babe I'm very impressed with you progress so far. Looks like you've got your old teenage athletic body back in only thirty days time." "MM, OH YEA!" Gigi sexually purred loudly as Robin kept slowly massaging Gigi's even more now sexually hot and wet throbbing vagina. One would think that I would have gotten very jealous watching Robin groping my girl friend's vagina but I was too busy as my huge erection started growing in the male chastity belt Gigi had locked my manhood in last night, while paying more attention to Robin's two powerfully strong, light skinned black, very brawny thick muscular, boulder sized tattooed upper arms, as they flexed up and down wildly while Robin continued slowly groping Gigi's now very over heated sexually hot and extremely wet powerfully pumping, throbbing vagina. "OH GOD! LOOKED AT THOSE MUSCULAR ARMS ON ROBIN!" I thought out loud to myself as I now bent over forward with a major cramp, because my now raging erection was confined to a male chastity belt I was wearing. Then as I was starting to be able to stand up straight, I saw through the bedroom window Gigi and Robin walking together with their arms around each other's waists heading towards the house. Then I heard the backdoor open, then two sets of feet walking on the kitchen floor as Gigi called me from the kitchen; "BOBBY! ROBIN IS HERE! COME INTO THE KITCHEN SO WE COULD ALL FINALIZE OUR PLANS FOR THE NEXT FOUR MONTHS! I replied back from Gigi's bedroom; "I'LL BE THERE IN A MINUTE GIGI AS SOON AS I FINISH GETTING DRESSED!......................When I walked into the kitchen I found Gigi and Robin sitting at the kitchen table talking about the accelerated weight lifting and diet program Robin was going to put Gigi on to turn her into a real heavy weight female body builder, so Gigi could give Doreen Powers some real competition in the heavy weight division when she entered the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest next October. As I walked into the kitchen Gigi said to Robin; "I can't wait to get started." Then as I sat down at the kitchen table across from Gigi and Robin, Gigi said to me; "OK Bobby as you know both Robin and I are going to need your full corporation while she helps me train and get into competition shape. While Robin is busy training me in my private home gym in the small guest house twelve hours day from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm every day, I'm going to need you to do some chores around the house. Also I'm going to need you to move back into your own bedroom upstairs because Robin will be staying in my bedroom during the next four months." Then as Gigi slid a list written on a pad across the kitchen table to me she continued; "Here's the list of the daily and weekly chores I'll need you to do while I'll be busy working out every day." After looking at the list I said; "OK Gigi. Since you've going to be busy with Robin 8:30 in the morning to 8:30 at night, by 9 pm I'll be able to message and rub down your tired, growing dark ebony, cream skin muscles while I worship them as well." Gigi looked at Robin and winked then turned back to look at me again while she explained to me as if I was a small child; "Bobby sweetheart I thought you understood last night when I said I couldn't have any outside distractions while I started my accelerated daily body building workouts. Since I'll be accelerating my daily body building workouts every day, I'll be too tired at night to spend time with and make love to you. In fact when an athlete is in training whatever they've male of female, they have to restrain from having any sexual contact whatsoever because it robs them of their strength. And I'm going to need every ounce of strength I have to build my growing muscular female physique up to enter and challenge Doreen Powers for the heavy weight division next October at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest." "So what does that mean Gigi?" I asked sounding not to happy that I no longer could be part of Gigi's daily life; "We aren't going to see each other any more?" "Sweetheart we've only going to be separated for four short months. Until the night next October when I step on the stage at the Fords County Recreation Center to challenge Doreen Powers for the heavy weight female body building championship at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest and win that 2016 Chevy Trailblazer. For the next four months straight Robin is just going to be my surrogate personal trainer while she keeps me locked in the small guest house so I don't have any outside distractions whatsoever while doing my daily weight lifting workouts." "Oh I see Gigi." I replied trying to understand this new situation between the three of us, then I asked; "If you've going to be finishing your daily weight lifting workouts every day by 8:30 at night, what are you going to be doing the rest of the evening Gigi?" "Well Bobby." Gigi started to say as she thought on what she was now going to tell me, since she was going to lie now to keep Robin's and her private sexual lesbian relationship after hours a secret from me. "Oh I'm quite sure Bobby is on board with us Gigi. Right Bobby?" Robin said as she stood up and faced me from across the kitchen table while she held her two large powerfully strong fists against her two thickly muscular hips, and started peck dancing her two huge light brown watermelon sized tits up and down underneath her tight red tank top, while at the same time flexing her two even larger and very impressive light skinned black, very brawny thick muscular tattooed biceps and triceps. Robin knew that this female muscle mind fuck would distract me from the subject of this conversation while getting me to agree to it at the same time. "UH, Oh yea, like Robin says, I'm on board Gigi." I replied badly stammering my answer because I was so mesmerized by Robin's big strong bulging dancing muscles. At this sight of me almost drooling now as I continued still being mesmerized by Robin's muscle dance, Gigi just laughed it off and she didn't need to be one bit jealous of me, because Gigi knew she had my raging erection locked up in a male chastity belt and she held the only key to it. "OK Robin play time's over. It's time to head to the small guest house and start my accelerated daily weight lifting program." Gigi said as she stood up and headed for the backdoor and quickly exited it. Robin then stopped her muscle flex dance and quickly followed Gigi out the backdoor. When Gigi exited out of the backdoor that would be the last time I'd see her again till the night next October when she was on the stage at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest...............What I didn't know that summer but would soon found out about women who workout lifting heavy weights to build up their bodies, is that lifting heavy weights quickly becomes a strange muscle pumping aphrodisiac to them. With each rep a woman would lift and have a strong muscle pump on their female bodies it would also start arousing and increasing their sexual desires to an unbelievable, extremely new high level on a daily bases. Combined this with them taking a powerfully strong, steroid muscle growth, enhancement drug which would also work as a powerful aphrodisiac drug as well on a daily bases, this would cause a woman's arousing and sexual desires to grow to such an unbelievable extremely high level that it would MAKE THEM SO EXTREMELY FUCKING HORNY! That they'd want to fuck anything human on a daily bases either male or female and that it didn't matter to them as long as they got their daily muscle pumps and arousing sexual desires fulfilled on a daily bases!...............As the next four months slowly passed and I was following the list of daily chores Gigi had given me, I was missing Gigi even more every day. Every day I would take my bike and ride to the grocery store and pick up everything Robin would leave on a grocery list for me that morning and when I got back I'd leave the bags of groceries by the front door of the small guest house. Then I would remove the bucket of empty gallon bottles of; "Power Pump 2000 Body Building Protein Shakes," and regular trash from where Gigi and Robin would leave them by the front door of the small guest house and throw then into the recyclable and regular trash cans. Once two weeks later I tried to open the front door of the guest house to see how the accelerated daily body building program that Robin had put Gigi on was working out for her, not to mention being able to see if I could watch both of those muscular women working out together but the front door was locked. I even tried the extra key my family kept hanging up in the kitchen, but the front door lock of the small guest house was recently changed and the key I had didn't fit it any more. I then tried looking through a couple of the first floor windows but all the curtains were drawn and the glass was very foggy from both Gigi and Robin heavily sweating from working out so extremely hard lifting weights. The only way I could tell that both Gigi and Robin were working out so hard lifting weights was by the loud metal clanging sounds mixed with their heavy human grunting...............Every morning at 8:15 am Gigi and Robin would get together in the kitchen of the small guest house where they'd both have a large protein breakfast by both drinking a dozen raw eggs and an entire bottle of Lightning Muscle Pump Up Pills blended in a large 1 gallon Power Pump 2000 body building shake each. Then Robin would take a large hypodermic needle and would first inject Gigi then herself with 200 milligrams each of an even more powerfully steroid enhanced, muscle growth, dark blue liquid version of Lightning Muscle Pump Up. Then a second later as both Gigi's and Robin's hearts started beating extremely fast in their chests as their two athletic female muscular physiques lit up with an unbelievable amount of super inhumanly body energy, Robin would say excitedly; "OK GIGI IT'S TIME TO START OUR DAILY BODY BUILDING WORKOUT!"..................Then for the next four hours straight without stopping once to take a break, both Gigi and Robin worked out lifting weights together in a high speed frenzy till they both ran out energy at 12:30 pm. Then both Gigi and Robin would take a quick lunch by both drinking another dozen raw eggs and another entire bottle of Lightning Muscle Pump Up Pills blended in a large 1 gallon Power Pump 2000 body building shake each. Then after Robin took another large hypodermic needle and would first inject Gigi then herself with another 200 milligrams each of the more powerfully steroid enhanced, muscle growth, dark blue liquid version of Lightning Muscle Pump Up. Then after both Gigi's and Robin's hearts would start to beat extremely fast in their chests, as their two athletic female muscular physiques lit up with an unbelievable amount of super inhumanly body energy for the second time that day, both Gigi and Robin again worked out in a high speed frenzy for the next four hours straight without stopping once to take a break, till they both ran out of energy at 4:30 pm.............Then at 4:30 pm after another quick early dinner of drinking another 1 gallon of Power Pump 2000 body building shake blended with another dozen raw eggs and an entire bottle of Lightning Muscle Pump Up Pills each, and again both being injected with another 200 milligrams of the more powerfully steroid enhanced, muscle growth, dark blue liquid version of Lightning Muscle Pump Up, both Gigi and Robin again started working out lifting weights in a high speed frenzy for the next four hours straight, till they both ran out of their unbelievable amount of super inhumanly body energy at 8:30 pm..............Then by 8:30 pm after working out all day lifting weights and doing hundreds of muscle pumps per hour to build up their female muscular physiques, not to mention all the muscle growth enhancement drugs that they've been using as well, both Gigi and Robin were now both so extremely super horny at the end of the day! Then Gigi and Robin would start having rough lesbian sex and fuck each other as hard as they both physically could, right on top of Gigi's weight bench for another three and a half hours straight! Then at midnight Robin would give Gigi a very powerful sleeping pill that would put her into a very deep sleep, so Gigi would get a good eight hours rest till 8 am the following morning, when it would all start all over again. As Gigi was falling into a very deep sleep, Robin would put a wireless head phone over Gigi's ears with a hypnotic suggestion from a female voice that would repeat over and over again, " DOREEN POWERS IS SO EXTREMELY EVIL THAT SHE WILL TRY TO STEAL ROBIN AWAY FROM YOU AGAIN, SO SHE COULD HURT ROBIN EVEN WORSE THEN SHE HAD EVER BEFORE! AT ALL COSTS GIGI YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR LESBIAN LOVER ROBIN FROM THAT EXTREMELY EVIL DOREEN POWERS! IF ROBIN FEELS THREATENED BY THAT EXTREMELY EVIL DOREEN POWERS, SHE WILL SAY THE WORD; "STRAWBERRIES," AS A CODE WORD FOR YOU TO PROTECT HER! WHEN YOU HEAR ROBIN SAY THE CODE WORD; "STRAWBERRIES, THEN YOU ARE TO USE EVERY OUNCE OF YOUR SUPER FEMALE STRENGTH TO TOTALLY DESTROY DOREEN POWERS!" After Robin put Gigi down for the night in the guest house bedroom, Robin then left the guest house and walk around our built in swimming pool and across our backyard to the main house, where she'd go to sleep for eight hours in Gigi's bedroom. This would be Gigi's and Robin's daily workout routine seven days a week for the next four months straight till Gigi was ready to compete against Doreen Powers in the female heavy weight body building division of the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest next October, and kill her afterwards...................One Friday night a week after Robin had moved in with us to train Gigi in her daily accelerated weight lifting body building workouts, at 1 am there was a knock on my closed bedroom door and Robin's voice said in a slightly slurred drunken tone; "Bobby are you up? I want to talk to you." Before I could answer Robin entered my bedroom and her five foot six inch, even more now extremely larger and extremely impressive light skinned black, very brawny muscular, tattooed female physique was totally naked, except for carrying the half empty bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey in her right hand. As she took another large gulp from the open whiskey bottle I asked; "Robin are you suppose to be drinking heavy liquor when you've working out lifting weights and body building training? As Robin sat next to me on my bed she replied in that same slightly slurred drunken tone after taken another large gulp from the whiskey bottle; "I'm not the one who's in training to enter and compete against Doreen Powers in the up coming Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest next October, Gigi is. Since I was a young girl of the age of twelve, for the past twenty eight years I've have a compulsive obsession for lifting weights and building my female physique up to see how big and strong I could physically make it." Then Robin took another long gulp out of the whiskey bottle and this time she emptied it. Then after Robin carefully put the whiskey bottle down on my nightstand she rolled into my bed and under the covers next to me and as she wrapped me in both of her two powerfully built, extremely large, light skinned black tattooed, very brawny thick muscular arms, she said in an even more slurred drunken tone as she held me tightly close to her, and I could smell the whiskey on her breath; "And you know what else Bobby? I also have another compulsive obsession for wanting my huge thickly ripped, muscular female physique loved and worshipped for all the long hours and hard work I've put into it building it up, and that's why I'm here tonight in your bed with you Bobby. I'm very attracted to skinny weakling, young white boys who need a big strong muscular black woman to protect them, that's why I want you to love and worship my big strong female muscles. So you could get to know me and start to feel very comfortable letting me be your big strong muscular female protector.".................As much as I wanted Robin and was very attracted to her at that moment, and my huge erection was starting to cramp up hard in the male chastity belt that Gigi had put on me a week ago, I tried to take control of this situation which wasn't going to be easy. An entire bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey mixed with a three hundred and fifty pound, solid muscular female body builder who now seemed to be extremely horny, could be very dangerous to my health if I piss her off, so I had to be truthful to Robin without getting her angry. "Well Robin I'm very flattered that you've showing an interest in me." I said trying to sound as nice and polite as I could; "But a month ago I've made a total commitment and promised to be in an exclusive relationship with Gigi." "Then why isn't Gigi here in bed with you right now Bobby? Robin asked. "Well we both know the answer to that Robin. I replied; "Gigi locked herself up in our guest house for the next four months to seriously train and get herself into great physical muscular shape to beat Doreen Powers at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest next October and win that new 2016 Chevy Trailblazer.".................."Are you really that naïve to believe that Bobby." Robin said as she started to seriously turn on the bull shit to help turn me against Gigi, so I'd become her current new boy toy; "You really think Gigi is being a good little girl behind your back? That a healthy young woman like Gigi would just start a new relationship with you a month ago, and then lock herself away for four months straight to lift weights and build herself up just to enter some armature female body building contest to impress her new boy friend. Oh come on now Bobby you've a lot smarter then that." "Yes Robin I do. I've known Gigi for the past three years since she was hired as our maid, and she's yet never promised me something that she hadn't done." "Then look out your bedroom window Bobby and see if Gigi's car is parked in the driveway." Robin said with a real matter of fact tone in her voice, because she had already pushed Gigi's beat up 2002 red Toyota Corolla out of our driveway and parked it a block away from our house. As I looked out the window I said sounding very surprised; "GIGI'S CAR NOT IN THE DRIVEWAY! WHERE THE HELL COULD SHE HAVE GONE THIS TIME A NIGHT?" "Gigi went out clubbing in a very short low cut dress to show off her new more muscular female physique and to look for men to get laid with. Gigi could be a real whore when she wants to be." Robin sexually cooed in my ear; "But calm babe your muscle momma Robin is here to take care of her Bobby. So please female muscle worship and love my big strong, hugely thick, muscular female physique." After hearing how Gigi went out clubbing tonight looking for men to get laid with, after she had me promise her a month ago that I'd make total commitment to be in an exclusive relationship with her, I said out loud; "OK ROBIN SHOW ME HOW MUCH OF WOMAN YOU REALLY ARE!" Then I started worshipping Robin's hugely thick, very brawny, light skinned black female muscular physique. End Of Part 3                                                                                                                                                                 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest!-2

{FOUR WEEKS LATER!} After living on almost nothing but her Power Pump 2000 body building shakes and taking those Lightning Muscle Pump Up Pills before and during everyone of her massively large daily body building workouts, Gigi had lost eighty five pounds of unwanted fat flabby water weight, while replacing it ounce for ounce with solid very impressive muscular body weight. Gigi's once two dark ebony, flabby saddle bag arms that lacked any muscle tone whatsoever now were starting to look very defined and you could clearly see where her biceps stood out from her triceps and forearms. Gigi's once two large flabby dark ebony tits that hung down now looked even larger then before like they'd had grown a couple of cup sizes larger while they stood straight out like they were extremely proud to be part of her now more athletic body. Gigi's once protruding fat pot belly, was now as flat as a dark ebony board with the start of a serious muscular defined wash board set of abs, that proudly displayed themselves showing how she now had a slightly stronger core. And after a month of running hundreds of miles Gigi's two once flabby thick thunder thighs and ankles were now extremely toned with very impressive dark ebony muscular definition as well. Once night as I was making love to Gigi in her bed while loving and worshipping her newer streamlined dark ebony, semi-muscular female body, I thought to myself; "WOW! Gigi had really gotten herself into great shape in only one month's time but she's still a along ways away from being in champion shape to enter the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest and be any real competition to challenge and beat the Dugan's maid Doreen Powers and win that 2016 Chevy Trailblazer................Almost as if Gigi was reading my mind at that moment she said while looking into my eyes as we started cuddling and kissing each other; "You know Bobby." Gigi said as she cuddled closer to me while wrapping me tighter in her two now more very defined stronger dark ebony arms; "In only a month's time I've managed to lose eighty five pounds of unwanted body fat that stood in my way of being in shape to enter the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. But I have to seriously step up and accelerate my daily weight lifting works outs to get my female muscular body into real thickly muscular contest shape if I want to be any real female muscular competition to Doreen Powers, and I only have four more months to seriously get myself into female muscular contest shape." "That's true babe." I agreed as I was kissing and loving Gigi's two dark ebony tits that had grown a couple of cup sizes larger and stood proudly straight out on her chest while her two nipples stood hard and erect from my licking them; "You've definitely on the right track." "I'm on the right track alright Bobby." Gigi said as she raised my face to hers and stared directly into my eyes; "But just being on the right track isn't enough. Over the next sixteen weeks I'm going to have speed up my daily weight lifting workouts like an express freight train at full speed traveling to it's destination. In other words Bobby I'm going to have to accelerate my daily body building workouts without having any outside distractions whatsoever." "But how are you going to do that Gigi?" I asked; "You still have to work as my family's maid during the day in between your daily body building weight lifting workouts."..................."That's where my friend Robin comes in. You do remember my friend Robin who we meet at K-Mart last month when I went to by my weight set don't you Bobby?" "Of course I do Gigi." I replied as I thought about Robin with her black nappy hair slightly starting to turn gray and cut short in a crew cut style who was at least ten years older then Gigi was. Robin who stood at a five feet six inches in height looked a lot larger then her normal height because her very brawny thick muscular light skinned black female body was always pumped up to it's full muscular max from many years of working out lifting weights. Robin was a female body building machine when it came to working out at the gym which she did every day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Even though Robin never wore makeup and acted very UN-femininity in her walk and body movements for a woman I found her older very brawny thick muscular light skinned black female body to be very sexually attractive, in sort of a strange grotesque way. At that moment as I was trying to picture Robin's older very brawny thick muscular light skinned black female body naked in my mind my already huge erection started growing even larger then before, little did I know at that moment Gigi was fondling it in her own hands as she screamed at my name which woke me out of the sexual fantasy of seeing her friend Robin naked; "ROBERT!"..............."Yes Gigi?" I asked with a far away tone in my voice as I slowly looked at her with dreamy eyes of a man who was having a lovely sexual day dream of her friend Robin. Gigi then slapped my face very hard with her right hand to bring me back to reality as she said in a very mean jealous, angry tone of a very possessive bitch when it came to her man; "Bobby do I have to remind you that a month ago you already agreed to be in a committed exclusive relationship with me, AND ONLY ME! That means in my mind from that day forward till death does us apart we are an exclusive couple. You are my man and my man alone, SO STOP FUCKING SEXUALLY FANTASIZING ABOUT MY FRIEND ROBIN'S THICK MUSCULAR FEMALE BODY!" "I'm sorry Gigi. You know you've the one I'm really in love with." I said now sounding very ashamed of myself. "OK Bobby I'll forgive you this time but don't let it happen again. After all in four more months I'll be more then enough muscle woman to fulfill all your sexual muscular female fantasies." Gigi said now in a more forgiving tone as she excepted my apology. Then as she reached over with her left hand and opened the draw of her night stand Gigi said in a more matter of fact tone as she pulled out what looked like a thick black leather belt with a steel cup in the middle; "I excepted your apology Bobby for having that sexual fantasy about my friend Robin's muscular female physique but I still wouldn't trust you alone with her Bobby, while Robin stays with us for the next four months to take care of your parent's house and to help assist me with my accelerated daily body building weight lifting workouts. While I'm busy in the small guest house doing my accelerated daily body building workouts to get into contest shape to enter and beat Doreen Powers next October at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest, I don't need any outside distractions whatsoever to distract me, that's why you'll be wearing this male chastity belt so I don't have to worry about you. It's going to keep you faithful to me by keeping your huge erection locked up and away from other women like Robin until after the body building contest." Then Gigi said in a very jealous tone; "AND I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL HAVE THE KEY TO IT BOBBY!" Then before I could object to Gigi about having to wear a male chastity belt, she lifted me up above her head with her right arm, and wrapped and locked the male chastity belt around my waist and raging erection with her left hand at the same time. Then she gently lowered me back into her bed Gigi kissed me good night and rolled over and went to sleep. Unbeknown to me as I cuddled up against the back of my body building girl friend in progress, as Gigi was falling into a very deep sleep she had one thing on her mind, and that was her friend Robin's very brawny thick light black skinned muscular female body that caused Gigi to start to getting extremely wet in her vagina................Four years ago during the summer of 2012 when Gigi was seventeen years old and still living in New Orleans Louisiana with her widowed mother, her mother signed her up at a local all women's body building gym called; "Mega Female Fitness Gym," after Gigi showed an interest in working out lifting weights to become a female body builder. Mega Female Fitness Gym was where she had first met her friend Robin who was then a twenty seven year old lesbian female body builder who had already entered and won two Ms. Olympia heavy weight female body building championships of her own. From the first day Gigi got her gym membership at; "Mega Female Fitness Gym," and started working out lifting weights to fulfill her life dream goal of becoming a future championship female body builder, Robin took an interest in Gigi and helped her set up the perfect complete upper and lower body building workout program as well as educating her in the best diet to stay on, body building protein shakes, and female muscle building vitamins to use to help build up a very healthy young female muscular physique. Robin who was a lesbian and loved young athletic muscular girls also had another alternative motive about Gigi besides helping her build up a very healthy young female physique, she wanted Gigi to be her current sexual love interest at the time.............From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend during the summer of 2012 as Gigi was quickly building up her body. Every morning at 7:30 am Robin would pick Gigi up in her Ford F-250 pickup truck and drive them to the gym where they'd both workout together twelve hours a day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, starting out with an advanced spinning class and finishing off every evening with an advanced weight lifting class. Then Robin took Gigi back to her rented condo where she gave Gigi a private workout by educating her in the art of lesbian love making. Then being that Gigi was still an under aged teenage girl at the time, Robin was very careful in having her home by 10:30 pm every night so Gigi's mother wouldn't worry about her staying out so late. After their first night of lesbian love making at her rented condo, Robin told Gigi while they were kissing and spooning together; "Listen Gigi I could get into a lot of legal trouble making love to you because you've an under aged teenage girl. So promise me Gigi that what happens in my condo between us, stays in my condo between us, and you can't tell no one about what we do here including your own mother." Gigi who wanted nothing bad to ever happen to Robin, who at that time she thought of Robin as the one she'd want to spend the rest of her life with said as she cuddled closer to her; "Don't worry darling what happens in Robin's condo stays in Robin's condo, I swear to god I will never tell another living soul." And Gigi never did................By the end of the summer of 2012 Gigi had a five foot five inch, dark ebony creamed skin, well curvy stocky, solid muscular female physique that was between a feather and middle weight class muscular female body builder, and she was deeply head over heels in love with Robin. Little did Gigi know that by Labor Day weekend of the summer of 2012 not only would she have her heart broken for the first time but Gigi thought she had lost her life's dream of becoming a professional female body builder, that was until she came to work as a maid for my parents and met me. I had unknowingly again ignited the spark of Gigi's life long dream of wanting to start working out lifting weights to build up her body and become a professional female body builder to enter the Mississippi's Most Muscular Maid Contest, not to mention reconnecting with her old friend Robin at the same time in the process as well!.............The Friday night of Labor Day weekend of the summer of 2012, as Robin was driving her home Gigi felt that Robin had been a little withdrawn from her all day while they were working out at the gym, and Robin hadn't stepped up and given Gigi her A-game later on that evening when they were making lesbian love at her rented condo. As she pulled up in front of Gigi's house Robin told her that she needed to get her pickup truck an oil change Saturday morning and that she'd meet Gigi at the gym later on that morning. The following morning after Gigi's mother dropped her off at the gym on her way to work she noticed that Robin's pickup wasn't in the parking lot yet. Gigi then waited two more hours and after Robin didn't show up at the gym, she decided to take along run across town to Robin's rented condo and see if she was home. As Gigi ran into the condos parking lot she noticed that Robin's pickup truck wasn't parked in her assigned parking space. Thinking that Robin's pickup was still in the repair shop and maybe she was home, Gigi rang the front doorbell then knocked on the front door, and there wasn't any answer. As she was still staring at Robin's front door wondering where she was, a old male voice said from behind her; "Pardon me miss are you looking for Robin Hall?" "Yes I am sir." Gigi replied as she turned to face an old man who was walking a dog. "Well she was my neighbor." The old man said. "Was your neighbor, don't you mean she is your neighbor sir?" Gigi replied sounding very puzzled. "Robin was my neighbor up until last night." The old man said; "I came home last night from playing bingo at the church and saw Robin and another thickly muscular woman moving out all her furniture and loading it up into a large truck which they left in early this morning. Robin introduced me to the other woman who's name was Doreen Powers and said that she was getting back together her. Robin was separated from her life partner for over two and a half years, and I guess her and Doreen worked everything out because they've planning on moving together to the state of Mississippi." "Thank you for the information sir." Gigi said trying not to sound too depressed being that she'd had just found out that she was only sexually used by Robin, then dumped when Robin didn't need her anymore. Gigi then said goodbye to the old man who was walking the dog and ran off before she started crying in front of him for having a broken heart.................Gigi ran about another fifteen miles back downtown and her young dark ebony, seventeen year old athletic muscular female physique was glistening in her heavy sweat and tears, while her two very perky dark ebony tits were thrusting up and down as Gigi was breathing so heavy from her long run, when she finally stopped on main street. As she stood there wiping away her tears from her eyes she thought to herself; "Who am I kidding? What made me seriously think that Robin would really fall in love with a seventeen year old amateur female body builder like me when she could have a real professional heavy weight female body building champion like Doreen Powers as a lesbian lover that had won the Ms. Olympia female body building contest three years in a row and now was making a lot of money doing sports endorsements?" As Gigi again wiped the tears from her eyes as she considered this thought she noticed that she was in front of an ice cream parlor. Gigi went into the ice cream parlor and sat down in a booth as she thought to herself; "Why the hell should I stick to a strict diet and weight lifting workout program if Robin's not going to be interested in me?" Then when the waitress came over to take her order Gigi ordered the large belly buster ice cream sundae with ten different types of ice cream flavors, then ate it extremely fast and quickly ordered another one. As Gigi continued eating all this ice cream which was quickly becoming comfort food to help mend her broken heart, Gigi had ordered and eaten another six whole belly buster ice cream sundaes till her once flat as a board, dark ebony solid set of six pack abs stomach now swelled out like an overly inflated balloon that felt like it was ready to explode at any moment. As Gigi sat back in the booth while rubbing both of her hands over her now overly inflated protruding pot belly in the making, the waitress asked as she came over to clear the table; "Is there anything else I could get you miss?" Gigi let out a large; "BURP!" As she tried to answer; "Excuse me, no just the check please." Then after paying the check at the cash register Gigi walked out of the ice cream parlor slightly slumped forward still holding her now overly inflated protruding pot belly in her two hands...............Since meeting Robin three months ago and then recently losing her to Doreen Powers, Gigi's full bloated stomach was the first thing that made her feel warmth and pleasure about herself, so she gave up the idea of becoming a professional female body builder, and became a junk food junkie over night. Gigi then canceled her gym membership the next day at Mega Female Fitness Gym, and started taking cooking classes at the Y.W.C.A. in her spare time, and continued gaining weight from her own cooking while her once young athletic, muscular dark ebony body turned soft and flabby, and a year later that's the Gigi I had met who had a five foot five inch, dark ebony creamed skin well curvy, stocky, chubby figure who was sixty five pounds over weight when she was hired by my parents as our new live in maid..............When Robin got back with her ex-life partner Doreen Powers back in 2012, Doreen had been making millions of dollars doing sports endorsements for the past three years and was very financially well off. But over the next two and a half years of bad investments and living the high life together with Robin, Doreen Powers had to file personal bankruptcy and had to take a job as a maid for the Dugan family in Fords County, while Robin had to go to work managing a local female body builder gym called; "Muscle Mommas!"..............As Gigi was now felling into a deep sleep next to me in her bed even though she was now falling deeply in love with me, seeing Robin again last month re-sparked an old flame of romance in her soul and she was now torn between two lovers. As Gigi was falling asleep she had thought to herself; "There's got to be a way to keep both Bobby and Robin as my two lovers? As time passes I'm sure I could find a way to have both relationships." Earlier that evening after we ate dinner together while I was doing the dishes, Gigi excused herself and took her cell phone outside in the back yard to make a private phone call to Robin to ask her if she'd help Gigi step up her daily body building weight lifting workout program.............."Hello Gigi it's nice to hear from you. How's your body building program working out?" Robin said sounding very cheerfully happy that Gigi had called her. After Gigi gave Robin an up date on how well those Lightning Muscle Pump Up Pills worked and helped her lose sixty five pounds of unwanted flabby fat water weight, while replacing it ounce for ounce with sixty five pounds of solid muscular weight, Robin replied; "That's great Gigi. Sounds like you've on your way to getting into contest shape and being some real competition to Doreen Powers at the Mississippi Muscular Maid Contest next October." "Thanks to you Robin I'm off to a good start but I still have a lot more work a head of me before I could enter and compete in the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest four months from now." Gigi cooed with a slightly more throaty sexual tone in her voice; "But I could really use your help as my personal trainer like you did when I was back in high school to help me step up and accelerate my daily body building workouts, and without any other outside distractions just like before." "Interesting!" Robin's voice cooed sexually through the receiver into Gigi's ear; "You want it to be just like it was before between us Gigi?" "Exactly as it was in the summer of 2012 when I was still in high school Robin. Train me hard in the gym working out lifting weights from 8 am to 8 pm every day, then privately sexual train me every evening in the bedroom from 8 pm to 11 pm or as late as you'd like too Robin. I'm no longer under aged and I don't have to be home by 10:30 pm every evening any more." Gigi replied with that same more throaty sexual tone in her voice. "Well you've called me at a very good time Gigi." Robin said very happily; "I'm totally single now. Doreen and I broke up two weeks ago after she'd met another female body builder at Gold's Gym where she'd been working out." "I'm sorry to hear about you and Doreen." Gigi lied and not sounding like she really felt sorry to hear about Robin's and Doreen's relationship ending. Then Gigi told Robin about her plan about having Robin again as her personal trainer and lesbian lover, while Robin also played a double roll as Bobby's temporary live in maid. "I think I could find the time Gigi to help you out. I just got laid off from Muscle Momma Gym after it was closed down by the police for illegal selling of muscle enhancement steroids." "HOLY SHIT!" Gigi said surprised about Robin's gym being closed down; "Thank god I'm not using muscle enhancement steroids. I hear they've very addictive and they can change a woman's personality and make her extremely mean and dangerously angry to be around." "What do you think those Lightning Muscle Pump Up Pills are Gigi?" Robin chuckled; "I've been giving you a very weak dosage of a very powerful illegal muscle enhancement steroid, but starting tomorrow morning I'm giving you full dosages so you could really accelerate your body building workouts to build yourself up and beat Doreen Powers four months from now at the next Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. I'll be there tomorrow morning at 7:30 am to start your accelerated daily body building workouts. See you then love bug." After she ended her private call to Robin, Gigi thought to herself as she walked back towards the house; "I'm not crazy with the idea of using full dosages of those illegal muscle enhancement steroids that Robin tricked me into using a month ago but if she thinks I need them, then Robin knows best on that matter. But now what am I going to do with Bobby? And how am I going to keep our relationship together while I re-start my lesbian relationship with Robin at the same time without him finding out about it?" Then Gigi thought to herself; "Well Bobby is still young and very naïve in the matters of the heart with women so he'll believe anything I tell him. That would make it easier to keep Robin's and my lesbian relationship a secret from him as long as Bobby thinks I'm really his girl friend.".................As Robin ended her call from Gigi she thought to herself; "Now that I know Gigi's still interested in me after all this time it's going to be easier then I thought to get revenge on Doreen for leaving me again. With the heavy amount of Lightning Muscle Pump Up steroids I'm planning to inject into Gigi for the next four months straight will not only get her so freakishly huge and muscular, but with Gigi's already hatred of my lesbian ex-life partner, it would be easy to channel Gigi's growing extremely mean and dangerously angry steroid temper towards Doreen Powers to the point that Gigi would physically kill her. Then after Gigi goes to prison for the murder of Doreen, I would not only have had my revenge on that bitch of a lesbian ex-life partner of mine, but I'll be rid of that love sick Gigi as well!" Then as Robin smiled to herself over all she had been thinking, she then thought to herself about Bobby; "Even though I'm a lesbian who's into women I do think he's kind of cute for a young dude and even I could almost be sexually attracted to him. Bobby does like my thick muscular female physique and maybe if I had a night of sexual passion with him it would change me into a one man woman. I guess while I'm spending the next four months with Gigi and Bobby, I'll have to see what he's packing inside the crotch of his jeans." End of Part 2