Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Naughty Natalie Returns To Please Her Son!-6

The next morning my mother had me take her brand new black full sized Hummer downtown to an auto customizing shop to have all the back seats removed, and customize the entire cargo area into a mobile weight lifting gym, so she could have a mobile workout weight lifting session, whenever I was driving her to female body building or power lifting contest. After I dropped the Hummer at the auto customizing shop, I then remembered that I hadn't turned on my cell phone since I turned it off last night, before my romantic evening with my freakishly huge, thickly muscular mother Naughty Natalie. As soon as I turned my cell phone on it started going crazy with incoming voice and text messages from my aunt Flo, and they all said; "TYLER WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? CALL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I'M WORRIED ABOUT YOU!" I had to ride the bus back across town to get home since I had to leave my mother's new Hummer at the auto customizing shop for three days for them to complete the job. The whole 45 minutes I spent riding on the bus across town, I was trying to think about the perfect excuse for not returning to my aunt Flo's apartment for dinner last night, then as I got off the bus at my stop I knew what to say................."OH Tyler I've been up all night worried sick about you sweetheart." My aunt Flo said with a major sigh of relief in her voice when she finally heard from me. "Sorry Flo." I lied; "But when I got home last night to pick up the mail, I sat down on the sofa to go through it, and just fell asleep. I didn't wake up until about 10 minutes ago." "Oh OK sweetheart, I know you didn't get much sleep the other night because we were both too busy partying together for New Year's, but am I going to see you today sweetheart?" "Yea I'll be over later this evening Flo." I said; "Right after your daily weight lifting workout, so we could make love while you've still so freaking pumped up." "COOL TYLER!" My aunt sexually cooed into the phone; "I'm going to double up on every set of reps I do today so I'll be twice as freaking pumped up then I was yesterday for you sweetheart." Then right before we said our goodbyes I promised my aunt Flo that I'd be at her apartment by 7:30 pm.............While I was walking up our driveway I could hear the loud metal clanging sounds coming from our two car detachable garage that housed my mother's home body building gym. Instead of spying again on my mother while she was having her daily weight lifting workout from outside at the side garage window, I just got into the Camaro and drove off. My aunt Flo wasn't expecting to see me till 7:30 pm tonight, and my mother was busy in her own home weight lifting gym till at least 8 pm tonight, so neither one of them would have noticed that I was gone for awhile. I needed a little time alone to think about what was going on and how to tell Flexibility Flo not only did my mother return from California, but I was breaking our wedding engagement off with her as well, so I could marry Naughty Natalie instead. I was really worried about how my aunt Flo would handle our break up. Would she start crying and beg me not to break up with her, or would my aunt Flo's slowly growing anger that turned into such an obsessively jealousy get the best of her? And if it did? Then what would she do to me? Beat me up, I know that my aunt Flo had been seriously training with and added a sparing bag and punching bag to her daily weight lifting workouts. Now I was more then a little scare of what she'd do to me, if my aunt Flo found out I wanted to leave her for my mother! Then my mother who was now physically bigger and even more stronger then my aunt Flo was, could put a real bad hurting on me as well, if I tried to break up with her to be with my aunt Flo. What a real problem I had on my hands. No matter which woman I wanted to stay with, the other woman I broke up with might beat me up extremely badly, OR WORSE KILL ME! But an even bigger problem I had then worrying about either my strong powerful muscular mother and aunt beating me up, was that I WAS STILL IN LOVE WITH AND WANTED BOTH OF THEM! Then I received text message from my mother that read; "Babe, when you get back this evening from the auto customizing shop, I'd like to discuss the date for our wedding. We don't want our child to be born out of wedlock, now do we?" {WHAT A SERIOUS PROBLEM I HAD ON MY HANDS! I WAS IN A LOVER'S TRIANGLE WITH TWO POWERFULLY STRONG MUSCULAR WOMEN WHO BOTH WANTED TO MARRY ME!}....................Then an idea crossed my mind that I thought was great at the time, but I'd soon regret thinking about it. The great idea was; "Since my aunt Flo's apartment was fifty miles away by the bay, I could keep going back and forth between my mother here at the house and my aunt Flo's apartment, and neither woman would be the wiser that I was seeing the other one, since they weren't talking to each other any more. Then as I looked at the clock on the car's dashboard, I noticed it read 6:35 pm. "DAMN!" I thought out loud to myself as I started the car and drove to my aunt Flo's apartment; "Where the hell did the entire day go?" By the time I got to my aunt Flo's apartment I had one hell of a raging hard on in my jeans from thinking about my mother's freakishly huge, thickly muscular female physique and my aunt Flo's ripped and stacked bulging muscular female physique, that enhanced every one of curves extremely well, all day long! As soon as I entered through her apartment front door with a key my aunt had given me, I called out; "DARLING I'M HERE!"  As Flo exited out of her spare bedroom that she had converted into her home weight lifting gym, she was wearing a black triple X T-shirt that looked very tight over her ripped and stacked, hugely bulging muscular upper body, while her two ripped, hugely bulging biceps stretched the material of her short sleeves out to their max. Stenciled across the chest of her black T-shirt that stood out extremely large from her two muscular erect coconut sized muscular tits read in big colorful letters; "I'D FLEX BUT I DON'T WANT TO DESTROY MY NEW T-SHIRT!" And the tight black spandex bicycle shorts my aunt was also wearing only looked spray painted over her two beefy huge, thickly muscular thighs and her two basketball sized, hugely thick, beefy muscular gluts! "Hey sweetheart I'm glad you've finally come back to me." My aunt Flo said as she wrapped both of her powerfully strong, beefy ripped muscular arms around my waist and pulled me in closer to her, so we could have a very long romantic kiss....................After our kiss my aunt said while she was still holding me in her two powerfully strong, beefy ripped muscular arms; "You've been a very bad boy Tyler by not calling me, and letting me know where you disappeared to for the past twenty four hours. You had me very worried sick about you sweetheart, and I should punish you by not letting you muscle worship or having muscle sex with me tonight." "BUT FLO!" I said now begging like a little child who really wanted something extremely badly; "I ALREADY TOLD YOU I WAS SORRY AND HOW I JUST FELL ASLEEP ON MY SOFA!" "Oh OK Tyler." My aunt Flo said in a very forgiving tone; "I'll let it go this time sweetheart, BUT DON'T YOU EVER DO IT AGAIN TO ME TYLER! From now on you are to always call me every few hours and let me know where you are and what time you'd be home every day." My aunt Flo now said in an even more dominating controlling tone as she slid her powerfully strong right hand down and slowly started squeezing my crotch tightly till it hurt; "BECAUSE IF YOU EVER DO IT AGAIN I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE A FUCKING DOG, AND IF I FIND OUT THAT YOU'VE BEEN MUSCLE WORSHIPPING AND HAVING SEX WITH ANOTHER FEMALE BODY BUILDER, I'LL CUT YOUR RAGING HARD ON PENIS OFF YOUR TWO TIMING MALE BODY, AND HANG IT FROM THE REAR VIEW MIRROR IN MY CAR, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME TYLER?" "Yes, yes I do Flo." I stammered in pure fright of what my aunt might do to me, specially if she had found out that I was really with my now freakishly huge, thickly muscular mother, Naughty Natalie last night at home, where I muscle worshipped her and made love to her on the bear skin rug in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. "Good boy." My aunt smiled at me sweetly as she released her tight grip on my crotch; "I'm glad we understand each other sweetheart." Then as she took my hand and led me down the hall towards her bedroom my aunt Flo said to me; "For awhile there Tyler you really had me scared." "How so Flo?" I asked. "Because for a moment I thought that Nat was back in town, and that last night you were with her." Then after we entered my aunt's bedroom Flo asked me in a very inquisitive tone; "Tyler, you haven't heard from Nat recently have you?" "OH GOD!" I thought to myself; "DOES MY AUNT KNOW MY MOTHER WAS BACK IN TOWN AND THAT I WAS WITH HER LAST NIGHT AT THE HOUSE?" But I replied trying very hard to sound sure of myself; "No Flo I haven't. You've the one who told me that Natalie had dumped me and wasn't coming back from Los Angeles California. After all this time specially after we had gotten engaged, why would you ask me that question?" "Oh I don't know Tyler, maybe because I was feeling a little insecure since last night until you called me this morning." My aunt Flo said as she started getting undressed so I could muscle worship and make love to her; "Or call it woman's intuition but I had very a strange feeling Nat might be coming back for a visit soon." "NO WAY! It's never going to happen Flo." I replied as I got undressed. "Yea you've right sweetheart I guess I'm just being silly. Now come over here big boy and muscle worship the hell out of you female muscle goddess." My aunt Flo giggled as she stood before me totally naked while flexing her two thickly huge, beefy muscular biceps, but as she flexed her muscles for me, my aunt still couldn't shake off the strange feeling she had about my mother possibly returning soon!..............As I ran my fingers slowly over my aunt's thickly bulging, beefy muscular arms, my aunt Flo's woman's intuition kept bothering her about my mother possibly coming back into my life and stealing me away from her, with her own female muscularity. As I moved my hands from her thickly bulging muscular arms to her two muscular coconut sized muscular tits, my aunt Flo thought to herself; "Flo you have to stop worrying about Natalie it's going to drive you crazy and ruin your relationship with Tyler! After all you've the one that Tyler had fallen in love with and he asked you to marry him, NOT NATALIE!" As I continued to move my hands south from my aunt's two muscular coconut sized tits to her 12 pack of solid muscular abs, that had several thick blue veins protruding up and down her flat, but extremely tight stomach, till I finally reached her thick beefy muscular vagina, where I started to lick and suck it like crazy, while holding on tightly to my aunt's two basketball sized muscular gluts with both my hands, a thought cross my mind................In this thought I could see as clear as day my freakishly huge, thickly muscular super mom's wide muscular back extremely knotted with beefy thick muscle. Her coil traps which unified into her two freakishly huge, thick beefy muscular shoulders, which flowed into my mother's two very well defined freakishly huge, thick beefy muscular biceps, which grew into two extremely huge muscular mountains when mom went into a double bicep pose as she turned towards me and said; "HAH! THAT BITCH FLO WILL NEVER BE HALF THE WOMAN I AM BABE!" Then my mother solidified her hugely thick muscular 24 pack of abs, jutting them out as physically hard she possibly could in dominance as she said in a bragging tone; "FLO WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MATCH ME IN STRENGTH OR FEMALE MUSCULARITY! SO STOP PLAY WITH THAT LITTLE FEMALE MUSCULAR WHORE TYLER, AND COME HOME TO YOUR NAUGHTY NATALIE RIGHT NOW, UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO BE WITH A LOSER LIKE FLO, INSTEAD OF A TRUE MUSCULAR FEMALE MUSCULAR CHAMPION LIKE ME!"....................Then another thought crossed my mind. I some how got into this strange dream or parallel universe that I had some how fallen into, by wishing that my once 36 year old slightly flabby, out of shape mother could have been my own Naughty Natalie instead, so what if I made another wish? One that could not only even the score between my mother and aunt Flo in female strength and muscularity, but also have them both compete against each other, to see who would win and become my true female muscular goddess! Then a split second later after I had made this second wish, There was a loud clap of thunder that shook the entire building, while a blinding bolt of lightning flashed that blinded my vision badly for a second! End of Part 6                                           

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Naughty Natalie Returns To Please Her Son!-5

As I sat in the car down the street from our house waiting for an hour to pass, I started thinking about how long I've been having this strange dream, or how long I've been in this parallel universe that I had fallen into. Here time was moving at such a very fast pace in three to six month intervals, that I was starting to lose track of how many days I had really here! Then my thoughts turned to the conversation my aunt Flo and I had on the bench by the lake at Wells Mills Park. As I went over everything in my mind that she had told me that afternoon six months ago, I was starting to wonder if my aunt Flo had seriously lied to me about most of it, including that my mother wasn't ever coming back from California so my aunt Flo could become my woman and get me on the rebound and steal me away from my mother. As I sat there in the car thinking about why my aunt would have lied to me, I then remembered the swollen black eye she had was real at the time, so my aunt hadn't completely lied to me about every thing she had told me about my mother. Then another thought crossed my mind. What if my aunt Flo was very jealous and upset about my mother leaving without taking her to Los Angeles California alone to train professionally at; "The Female Muscle Factory," for her new careers as a professional heavy weight female body builder, a professional submissive female wrestler, and professional muscular female dominatrix? And to get even with my mother for leaving her behind and not including my aunt in my mother's new careers, Flo was getting her jealous revenge out on my mother, by getting even with her while my aunt Flo tried to steal me away from her at the same time. Then I thought out loud to myself in the car; "Would my mother ever have LaToya Steel really beat up my aunt? NO SHE WOULDN'T! Mom couldn't have hated my aunt Flo that bad after their argument over using steroids that they had six months earlier, to have her beaten up by LaToya Steel, COULD SHE? NO WAY, NOT MY MOM! My mother wasn't a violent woman by nature, at least she wasn't before she started using steroids." Tonight I'd have to find away in conversation with my mother if LaToya Steel really beat up my aunt or if Flo had really lied to me about every thing she had told me that day. Then another thought crossed my mind. What if my aunt Flo punched herself in the eye to make her lies look real? That could have been a possibility as well, just to make all of my aunt Flo's lies about my mother look even more realistic at the time. As I was having all these thoughts about my aunt Flo, my cell phone went off with an incoming text message from my mother that read; "BABE YOUR NAUGHTY NATALIE IS READY FOR A LITTLE QUALITY TIME WITH HER MAN TYLER, HURRY HOME! I'M SEXUALLY HOTTER AND HORNIER AS HELL!"..................I quickly drove back to our house and when I entered through our front door, our semi dark living room was brightly lit with a roaring fire in the fire place. In front of the fire place was my mother laying totally naked on a bear skin rug waiting for me with an ice bucket that had a bottle of champagne chilling inside of it with two wine glasses next to it. "Hurry up Tyler." My mother said in that same sexy sultry tone she had used earlier on the phone while she started pouring the champagne into the two wine glasses; "Get naked and come over here, so you could check out your new and improved super sized, muscular Naughty Natalie." I quickly got undressed and joined my mother naked on the bear skin rug next to the fire place. As I laid down next to her she wrapped both her powerfully strong, freakishly huge muscular legs around mine while she handed me a glass of champagne. "Aw! That hits the spot." My mother said as she took a sip from her own wine glass, then as she put her right freakishly huge, thickly muscular arm around my waist, my mother pulled me closer to her and gave me a very long romantic kiss. After our long romantic kiss I then started kissing and caressing her freakishly huge, thickly muscular body, as I said excitedly; "OH GOD NATALIE! I can't wait to have sex with my new and improved super sized, muscular Naughty Natalie." "EASY BOY!" My mother said as she playfully pulled my hands away from her bulging female muscular physique; "What's the rush babe? We have all night to have sex while you've muscle worshipping and making love to all of my huge female muscularity, let's talk for awhile first OK babe?" "OK Natalie." I agreed..................Then after my mother let go of my hands she then gulped down her glass of champagne and poured herself another one as she said; "It's so great to be back home with you in New Jersey babe." "Didn't you like California?" I asked my mother. "No I didn't! It was too hot out there for me, and I was very home sick and lonely missing you babe." Now I thought to myself; "I'll ask my mother questions about her trip to California, which would lead to meeting LaToya Steel, and hopefully see if my aunt Flo was really telling me the truth or not. As I started caressing my mother's thickly muscular 24 pack of rock hard, wash board abs with my fingers, I said sounding very proud of all the hard work she had gone through to develop this fantastic muscular female physique; "The Female Muscle Factory had really got you a lot bigger and more muscular in the last six months Natalie." "Tell me about it Tyler." My mother said as she paused to take another sip from her wine glass; "It was ten hours a day straight of pure torture, from 5 am every morning till 9 pm every night seven days a week working out extremely hard lifting weights with three, two hour breaks every day where they'd fed us women with a high protein diet till we were all bloated like hell. Then at 9 pm we'd hit the showers and be in bed by 9:30 pm, sleep for 7 and a half hours, till the next morning at 5 am, and start working out lifting weights again. But it was well worth the pure torture of all those long hours working out lifting weights at The Female Muscle Factory babe." My mother paused sounding even more proud of herself then I had; "And just look at the fantastic results that I've accomplished in just five and a half months." "That's great Natalie." I said; "Now you could enter the heavy weight division at the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest this year like you've always dreamed about, and I bet you'd win the heavy weight championship easily with your new even larger female muscularity.".................."Yes well about that Tyler." My mother paused as she drank from her wine glass, poured herself another glass of champagne from the bottle, while thinking about how much she really wanted to tell me; "Three weeks ago when I was still in Los Angeles I met with the board of women at The Ms. Olympia Female Body Association after I received my professional female body building card. At the M.O.F.B.A. They had a doctor give me a complete physical examination, but even though he found me to be in perfect health for a heavy weight professional female body builder." My mother paused again and took another sip from her wine glass, as she thought about how much she really wanted me to know; "I was still disqualified from entering the heavy weight division of the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest." My mother again paused to gulp down the rest of the champagne in her wine glass; "Because I was five and a half months pregnant at the time with your baby Tyler." "WHAT!" I said in total shock! "Calm down babe." My mother said to me; "It must have happened the night before I left with LaToya to fly to California. It was only you and me babe and we were fucking each other for hours that night remember? Well one of your sperm tadpoles must have swam up one of my woman's tubes and, BAM! We've going to have a baby together." I would later find out that my mother wasn't really pregnant with my child; "THANK GOD!" My mother was really disqualified for her heavy steroid usage...............Then before I could turn the conversation towards my aunt Flo and LaToya Steele, my mother finished her last glass of wine and then rolled over on top of me as she straddled her freakishly huge, thickly muscular legs around me, while she wrapped both her freakishly huge, thickly muscular arms around my neck at the same, pinning me down on my back, so she could inject my huge raging cock into her freakishly huge, thickly muscular vagina! After my freakishly huge, thickly muscular mother was in position, she then started riding me extremely hard as she started sexually moaning out loud; "OH GOD, THAT'S IT BABE! YOUR NAUGHTY NATALIE NEEDS YOUR MALE TESTOSTERONE SPERM TO FEEL ALL OF YOUR LOVE!" Finally after two and a half hours of us both going non-stop fucking each other's brains out, my mother finally sexually moaned so freaking loud and hard that it felt like it almost shook the entire house; "AW, AW, AW, OOOOOOH FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCKING YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEA!" Then my mother's entire freakishly huge, thickly muscular female physique collapsed on top of me while she was huffing and puffing from breathing so extremely hard! A moment later as she raised her head my mother said while she was still breathing so extremely hard; "Oh God babe!" { MOM PAUSED WHILE SHE WAS HUFFING AND PUFFING FROM BREATHING SO EXTREMELY HEAVY!} "That was the best sex," {AGAIN MOM PAUSED WHILE SHE WAS STILL HUFFING AND PUFFING FROM BREATHING SO EXTREMELY HEAVY!} "I've ever had with you Tyler!" {MOM'S HUFFING AND PUFFING WAS NOW SLOWING DOWN, AS SHE STARTED TO CATCH HER BREATH!} Then my mother rolled off of me and laid next to me on the bear skin rug, where we started kissing each other very romantically while she held me in her two powerfully strong, freakishly huge, thickly muscular arms.......................While my mother was spooning me in her two powerfully strong, freakishly huge, thickly muscular arms, she said; "Babe I'm so much in love with you, that it was drove me so fucking crazy these past six months being separated from you while I was out in California. I was very afraid while I was gone that you might have met another woman, and that would have made me so fucking crazy with jealousy. And the truth is babe, I can't even stand the idea of another woman even looking at you." My mother paused as her face started turning bright red in anger while a large thick blue vein started bulging out of the middle of her forehead, as steroid rage slowly started growing inside of her, which was starting to scare the hell out of me; "THAT GOD ONLY KNOW WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE TO THE BOTH OF YOU TYLER!" Then a moment later she calmed down as she continued spooning me in her two powerfully strong, freakishly huge, thickly muscular arms, while giving me baby kisses all over my body. As my mother was giving me so much loving affection, I a thought crossed my mind that scared the hell out of me! "WHAT A PROBLEM I WAS NOW HAVING IN THIS STRANGE DREAM OR PARALLEL UNIVERSE THAT I HAD SOME FALLEN INTO! IT WAS NOW BECOMING A TOTAL FUCKING NIGHTMARE! If my mother was now so possessively crazy with jealousy over me, what was she going to do when she found out that I was now engaged to be married to my aunt Flo who wanted a June wedding, not to mention the gold diamond engagement ring I had given my aunt last Christmas eve when I had supposedly proposed marriage to her?" Then an even scarier thought crossed my mind; "What's going to happen when my aunt Flo not only finds out that my mother's back in town, not to mention what going to happen when I tell my aunt Flo that I'm breaking off our wedding engagement with her, to go back with my mother because she had a better female muscular physique then my aunt did! Would my aunt Flo retaliate with her own possessively crazy of jealousy over me, and what would she do to win me back? Challenge my mother to a fight, a posing and strength contest?" Then a big smile crossed my face as I continued thinking about both my mother and aunt Flo competing against each other to win my love and affections, THAT WOULD BE SO FREAKING COOL!..................As I was still heavily into the sexual fantasy in my mind about my mother and aunt Flo competing against each other to win my love and affections, my mother said as she was staring at me; "Babe by that big smile on your face, I guess that your new and improved super sized, muscular Naughty Natalie pleases you very much." "OH YES IT DOES NATALIE, OH YES IT DOES!" I replied extremely happily, while thinking what might possibly happen between the three of us in the very near future! But I still had a few questions that needed to be answered, so while we continued spooning each other on the bear skin rug, I asked my mother; "Natalie where did you meet LaToya Steele?" "I knew you'd be wondering about how I happened to become LaToya Steele's new B.F.F. almost over night." My mother replied with a very sorrowful tone in her voice; "But believe me babe, I only did it to build and develop all this beautiful female muscularity just for you, and become the true Naughty Natalie you really wanted me to be."......................There was an even more sorrowful tone in my mother's voice as she began her narrative on how she had met LaToya Steele; "It was last year on a Saturday night during Labor Day Weekend. I had heard that LaToya was in town scouting for a new female protégée to offer a scholarship to train at The Female Muscle Factory in Los Angeles California, that also wanted to enter the heavy weight division of the next Ms. Olympia Heavy Weight Female Body Building Contest." My mother then paused for a moment thinking about how badly she had regretted whoring herself to LaToya, to become her female body builder protégée; "The Thursday before I had met LaToya Steele I had gone to the library and did some research on the Internet about The Female Muscle Factory, and I also read up on her biography and career as a professional female body builder as well. By reading LaToya's biography I learned that she was a lesbian who was very attracted to young white blond haired blue eyed women, and let's face it Tyler I fit the build on that matter. Then by reading the current Female Muscle Factory news letter I learned that LaToya was going to be in town that weekend searching for her next female protégée to award a female body building scholarship to at The Female Body Building Factory in Los Angeles California. And let's face it babe, I needed to win that scholarship because it would have been too expensive otherwise for me to be able to go workout at The Female Muscle Factory, and  I could never afford to pay for it".................."So on Saturday night of Labor Day weekend of last year I did something I thought I'd never do. After working out like a monster in my home gym all day in the garage to pump myself up as physically big as I could, I then did my hair and face with makeup, and after I put on a very tight little black dress that left very little to the ones imagination, I went to that new lesbian bar downtown called Les Bows to accidentally on purpose run into and meet LaToya Steele. But Flexibility Flo almost fucked it up for me that night." "OH I see." I thought to myself; "I might not have to ask my mother about the argument she had with my aunt six months ago after all, depending on what she now tells me I'll see if it matches what my aunt Flo's story was about getting beaten up. If it doesn't then one of them had lied to me." But I pretended that I hadn't been aware that any of this had happened six months earlier as I casually asked; "How did Flexibility Flo almost fuck it up for you Natalie?".................Well babe." My mother said as she continued her narrative on how she met LaToya Steele; "That Thursday after I finished my research at the library, I met Flexibility Flo at Hardcore Nutrition where we both buy our body building protein shake mixes, muscle milk, and muscle building vitamins. As we were both carrying our purchases to our cars, I told Flo about my plan to win the scholarship to The Female Muscle Factory and how I was going to meet LaToya Steele that Saturday night, and she got very angry and upset over at what I had told her. As Flo grew more upset by the second, her slowly growing anger almost seemed to turn into such an obsessive jealousy, as she screamed at me in the parking lot; "NAT  YOU KNOW THAT I'M YOUR B.F.F. AND HAVE BEEN SINCE WE'VE MET BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL! I DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF YOU WITH ANOTHER WOMAN!" "Then what happened Natalie, did you to get into a fist fight in the parking lot with Flo?" I asked thinking that this was possibly how my aunt had really gotten her swollen black eye that day. This story version of their argument seems a little more believable to me, then the one my aunt had told me that afternoon in Wells Mill Park about my mother and LaToya breaking into her apartment, even though she had her apartment door replaced with a new one.............."HELL NO BABE!" My mother laughed; "Flexibility Flo could piss me off some times with her own stupidity, but I'd never beat her up she was my friend. I just calmly told her that I was doing this for you Tyler, the man I love so we could have a real future together. Then I put my purchases in the car and drove away leaving Flexibility Flo standing in the parking lot steaming in her own obsessively jealous anger. As I was driving away I thought that was the end of Flo's temper tantrum over my plans to meet LaToya Steele, BUT IT WASN'T!" My mother said now sounding like she was getting very angry about my aunt Flo almost screwing up her plans, as she took a very deep breath to hold back a steroid rage that my mother slowly felt coming on! "Two days later at 7:30 pm on Saturday night of Labor Day weekend, I went all dolled up to that new lesbian bar downtown called Les Bows, to accidentally on purpose meet LaToya Steele." Then my mother giggled like a school girl as she said: "As soon as LaToya saw what a sexy young blond haired, blue eyed muscle woman I was in the making, she was all over me like white on rice! But don't worry babe, I'm not changing sexual teams and becoming a lesbian, REMEMBER! I was only playing a part so I could win that scholarship to The Female Muscle Factory in Los Angeles California, so I could have a professional trainer to train me into becoming the hugely ripped and muscular Naughty Natalie that you've always wanted me to become, AFTER ALL TYLER THAT WAS YOUR FANTASY ALL ALONG!" "Yes it was Natalie." I happily agreed as I gave her another long romantic kiss.................. After our long romantic kiss my mother said; "After I met LaToya Steele that night downtown at Les Bows. It seemed that she had taken a real liking to me right away, and invited me to sit with her in a booth in a dark secluded corner of the bar. By the time we've ordered our second round of drinks, LaToya was drinking Scotch on the rocks." My mother paused for a moment as she remembered that night six months ago, then she giggled as she said; "And I was drinking a cocktail called sex on the beach." Then my mother's tone of speech turned serious again as she continued with the narrative on how she met LaToya Steele; "After the waitress delivered our second round of drinks to our table, LaToya and I were both going pretty hot and heavy, kissing and sexually pawing each other in the booth." Then as my mother continued remembering that night, she started getting extremely sexually wet again in her thickly muscular vagina, as she giggled like hell; "AND LET ME TELL YOU BABE! LATOYA WAS ONE HELL OF MOUNTAIN OF HUGELY THICK, RIPPED MUSCULAR DARK CHOCOLATE TO ENJOY THAT NIGHT!" "OH GOD!" I then thought to myself; "I HOPE MY MOTHER DOESN'T BECOME A FREAKING LESBIAN!"..................."Any way babe." My mother continued; "As I said earlier, LaToya and I were going at it pretty hot and heavy on each other in the booth that was located in the dark secluded corner of that lesbian bar, when I heard Flexibility Flo's voice scream; "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY WOMAN, YOU BLACK CUNT!" "When LaToya and I looked up we saw Flo standing in front of our booth wearing a tight muscle shirt and tight jeans. "What do you mean your woman?" LaToya asked as she stood up to confront Flexibility Flo." My mother paused again now with a large smile on her face as she started breathing heavy, while getting even more extremely wetter in her thick muscular vagina, as she was getting more sexually turned on, having two women fighting over her; "Now you know as well as I do babe, as great a physical shape as Flexibility Flo was in for an almost semi-middle weight female body builder, she was still now match in female muscularity and strength against LaToya's very dark black heavy set, extremely thick muscular female physique." "That's true Natalie." I replied; "If I remember correctly, LaToya must have had at least 125 pounds more muscular weight on her then Flo had at the time."..................."Well babe." My mother said; "I don't know if Flexibility Flo was drunk or high, or both that night because between you and me." My mother paused as she winked at me; "Flo likes to smoke a little crack once in awhile." Now I didn't believe that was true about my aunt liked to smoke crack once in awhile, this was the same woman who wanted to build up her own female muscularity naturally without the use of steroids, why would she smoke crack? But I kept this thought to myself and let my mother continue; "Flexibility Flo was so angry and out of control that night, that she challenged LaToya to a fist fight outside in the parking lot to defend the woman she loved!" Then after the three of us were outside in the parking lot in less then three minutes after the fist fight between LaToya and Flo started, Flo was knocked out and laying in the parking lot. Someone must have called the police, because two police cars were coming down the street towards the bar, and LaToya quickly grabbed me by my hand as said to me, quick Natalie run this way to my car, I can't afford to get arrested. Then we drove to LaToya's rented condo where I spent the night." "Then what happened Natalie?" I asked. "Let's just say babe." My mother replied as she rolled on top of me because I had another raging hard on from hearing her strange story; "What went on that night six months ago in LaToya's rented condo, stays in LaToya's rented condo." Then we FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER AGAIN! End Of Part 5                     


Monday, May 18, 2015

Naughty Natalie Returns To Please Her Son!-4

It had taken me twice as long then I had expected to drive the 50 miles from my aunt Flo's apartment on the bay back to our house due to heavy traffic and icy roads, and to be honest a 1987 Chevy Camaro Z28 is not the best car to drive in the winter. As I was slowly making my way back home driving the car through heavy traffic on those icy roads, I thought about what it would be like married to the younger, even more muscular version now, of my aunt Flo, who I now considered my own Flexibility Flo. My mother had given my aunt the nick name of Flexibility Flo a couple of years back because she could twist and turn her body into some strangely unnatural sexual positions like a contortionist when she'd made love to you, and what fun that was when Flo did it!..............By the time I finally got home it was dark out and as soon as I pulled into our driveway, the car's headlights shined on a brand new black full sized Hummer with California license plates backed up in front of our two car detachable garage. As I was getting out of the car and wondering who's full sized Hummer it was, I then noticed all the lights inside our two car detachable garage were lit up while loud rock n roll music mixed with the sound of heavy metal clanging came from inside the garage! I knew it wasn't my aunt Flo because I left her at her apartment working out lifting weights in her own home gym, and as far as I still knew my mother, Naughty Natalie was still in California at; "The Female Muscle Factory," OR WAS SHE?.................After I closed the car door quietly, I quickly walked over to the right side of our two car detachable garage that was next to a wooded area, which I hid in the shadows of as I looked into the side window of the garage. As I looked in the side window of the garage I saw my mother who had her once shoulder length blond hair cut shorter just above her ear lobes and slicked back with hair gel, like I remembered her wearing it in my normal time line of 2015 with her back to me doing pull ups on the bar that hung from the ceiling, wearing nothing but her pink panties. But unlike in my normal time line in 2015, my mother's body wasn't slightly flabby and out of shape, IT WAS SO FREAKING HUGELY MUSCULAR, THAT IT WAS TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE! MY MOTHER WAS A FREAKING FEMALE MUSCLE BOUND MONSTER! But somehow in this strange dream or parallel universe I had fallen into, it all made perfect sense to me. I was starting to get used to this strangely weird dreamland I was now in and nothing surprised me any more. As I continued spying on my mother through the side window on the right side of our garage while she was continuing to do pull ups on a bar mounted on the ceiling, which caused her now two freakishly huge thickly muscular biceps and triceps to swell up to such impressively, unbelievable mountain size peaks that it was totally amazing to see! I even couldn't believe the huge tattoo, which she now had in full color that covered almost her entire freakishly huge muscular back! This huge tattoo in full color was of an extremely muscular American bald eagle flexing his two extremely muscular wings in a double bicep pose, while it held a red, white, and blue barbell in it's beak. "DAMN!" I thought to myself; "I don't remember my mother ever having a tattoo at all, let alone one like that in my own time line of 2015." Then after my mother finished doing her pull ups, she jumped down from the bar and looked to her left for a moment, I then quickly moved to the side of the garage away from the window hoping that she didn't see me spying on her outside through the window. A moment later my mother walked over to her weight set and continued working out...............As I watched my mother start doing dead lifts with a heavy barbell that she had loaded with 195 pounds of steel weight disks on each side, not only could I not believe how much stronger she was now then my aunt Flo was, but how much more muscular she was as well! My mother's body was so freakishly huge and thickly muscular now from her neck down, that her head now looked too small on top of it! After I watched my mother pump out two hundred dead lifts with her 380 pound barbell, she then switched the barbell over to do bicep curls. As my mother started slowly pumping out bicep curls one after another, her two freakishly huge thickly muscular biceps which were already the size of two fully inflated basketballs, swelled up to at least four times larger in size with each bicep curl she did, while the thick blue, telephone cable sized veins in her freakishly huge thick muscular arms, pulsated to life as they fed blood to her engorged bicep muscles! As I continued to watch my mother pumping out bicep curls with the 380 pound barbell, I noticed on her left freakishly huge thickly muscular left shoulder another tattoo that was a large red heart and writing in it that read; "TYLER AND NATALIE." And a yellow banner that ran below the large red heart that read; "FOREVER!"..........."OH! SHIT!" I thought to myself after I saw that heart tattoo; "Mom's in love with me too! What am I going to do when she finds out that I'm already engaged to be married to my aunt Flo who she had an argument with six months ago, and were no longer friends with? Mom might beat the shit out of my aunt Flo, and me too for being with her!" As I stood there worrying what my freakishly huge thickly muscular mother would do to the both of us, when she found out I was now in a relationship with my aunt Flo who she was no longer friends with, I continued to watch her working out doing bicep curls. After my mother pumped out two hundred and fifty bicep curls, she then put the heavy steel 380 pound barbell back into it's cradle on her weight bench, and added another 55 pounds of steel weight disks to each side of the 380 pound barbell, making it now a 490 pound steel barbell. Then my mother laid down on her weight bench underneath this heavy 490 pound steel barbell that was resting in it's cradle, and started bench pressing it! "THAT IT!" I thought to myself as I was getting so sexually excited watching my powerfully strong super mother bench pressing that heavy steel 490 pound barbell up and down, with both of her freakishly huge thick muscular arms; "My mind's made up and the decision was easy, there was no comparison between the two of them! As great a shape as my muscular aunt Flo was in, she wasn't even half the muscular woman that my freakishly huge, thickly muscular super mom was in! After all it was my once slightly flabby out of shape 36 year old mother who I had wished would become my Naughty Natalie that day in the storage room above our two car detachable garage, that had some how gotten me into this strange dream or parallel universe, that I had fallen into. It was always about my mother and not my aunt Flo. My aunt Flo was just an innocent bystander who somehow get sucked into this strange female muscle sexual fantasy I was having about my own mother!" {But you have to admit, it does make for some good competition between the two of them, doesn't it?} As I continued spying on my mother who was now adding 800 pounds of solid steel weight disks to her leg press till it was completely filled, who I now thought of as my very own Naughty Natalie, outside through the side window of the garage I knew there was only one thing for me to do, break off the wedding engagement with my aunt Flo, so I could marry my Naughty Natalie!............My mother then grinned mischievously to herself as she sat down on her leg press. My mother's thick muscular bubble shaped ass was so huge, that most of her two thickly muscular ass cheeks were hanging off the leg press seat on both sides. My mother then lifted her two bare feet up and began to press force against the 800 pounds of steel weight. It didn't bulge an inch at first but soon it slowly started to move. My mother's whole freakishly huge, thickly muscular body began to shake violently as she was extremely determined to pump out her leg presses with the 800 pounds of steel weight disks. Her already freakishly huge, thickly muscular legs expanded out and pumped up even more with each single leg press my mother did. Thick blue telephone cable sized veins were every where now, as my mother was breathing extremely heavy like she was ready to pass out, but continued on strongly never the less! Determined to pump out as my reps as she physically possible could! My mother's freakishly huge, thickly muscular legs bulged out so much now after her 50TH rep, that the sides of her pink panties slowly began tearing now as her freakishly huge, thickly muscular hips widened, while her thick muscular, bubble shaped ass ballooned up even rounder then it was before! After her 100TH rep my mother stopped and slowly raised up and stretched her sexy, freakishly huge, thickly muscular physique. My mother's body was definitely more wider and bigger now in female muscularity, to the point where she would have to turn sideways to fit her freakishly huge, thickly muscular physique through a normal doorway. My mother then started wiping the heavy sweat off her forehead while she brushed her smooth hair gel blond hair back at the same time with both of her hands, causing her two freakishly huge, thickly muscular biceps and triceps, to swell out to such an impressively, unbelievable mountain sized peaks! My mother now had the muscular female physique of a true professional heavy weight female body builder, AND THEN SOME! My mother now could easily enter and possibly win the championship in the heavy weight division, in the next Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest, but she wasn't done with her workout yet! My mother then moved over to her favorite piece of equipment in her home weight lifting gym, the bench press. As she started loading the heavy steel barbell that sat on the weight bench, with still more steel weight disks on both sides till it now held 1,000 pounds of solid steel!...........After the weight was set my mother said out loud to herself; "Now to really push my body beyond it's limits. I only benched press 750 pounds yesterday." Then she laid underneath the bar on the weight bench as my mother gripped the 1,000 pound steel barbell with both of her powerfully strong hands. My mother inhaled then exhaled very deeply as she exerted all her powerful strength to lift the 1,000 pound steel barbell up off it's cradle. As it slowly started to rise up, my mother's whole freakishly huge, thickly muscular body began to violently shake even more then before! At one point she almost slipped and dropped the 1,000 pounds of weight, but my mother held on as it pressed down on her two water melon sized muscular breasts. My mother tried to bench the heavy 1,000 pound barbell up again but it stayed put this time, as it slowly began crushing down on her two huge muscular tits! "COME ON NATALIE, YOU CAN DO LIFT IT! PUMP THAT WEIGHT HARD GIRL FRIEND, LIKE YOU'D DO YOUR MAN!" I BUILT THIS BODY UP TOO HARD AND LONG TO GET CRUSHED UNDERNEITH THIS HEAVY WEIGHT NOW! My mother screamed out loud to herself! Then my mother let out such a wildly loud animal growl; "AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" As her whole freakishly huge, thickly muscular female physique violently shook even more and bulged out again to lift the 1,000 pounds of steel weights. The 1,000 pound steel barbell slowly but surely started rising up as my mother held it triumphantly above her head. Then she slowly lowered it, took another deep breath, and bench pressed it again! While mother continued to slowly bench press the 1,000 pound steel barbell, her entire freakishly huge, thickly muscular body was heavily sweating while it pumped up and grew out with even more freakishly huge, thick muscle, with each single rep she did! Finally after my mother pumped out 32 sets of reps, she put the barbell back into it's cradle and said out loud to herself; "That's it Nat, nice workout! Now let's see how good it paid off!" As my mother slowly raised herself up off the weight bench, every single swollen freakishly huge, thick muscle on her entire body felt like it was on fire from the gruesome weight lifting workout she just had! ................As my mother slowly walked over to the full length mirror hanging on the wall of the garage, her now very swollen freakishly huge, thickly muscular female physique which she started to admire in her own reflection in the mirror, was so freaking ripped and pumped to such hugely proportions from her current weight lifting workout. My mother then closed her eyes while she put her two hands together, then focused extremely hard as she went into the most muscular pose, and her already freakishly huge, thickly swollen muscles literally erupted and swelled up twice as large as they were before! The material of her pink panties exploded off her freakishly huge muscular hips and the ripped pink material just fall to the garage floor. My mother's whole freakishly huge, swollen thickly muscular female physique looked gargantuan in size to my aunt Flo's female muscular physique, and now filled up most of her reflection in the full length mirror! My mother seemed to look even taller to herself as she opened her eyes and gasped at the incredible reflection in the mirror standing in front of her. Mom then went into several different body building poses over the next ten minutes which made her striations even deeper and more defined then they were before! The nipples on her two huge muscular water melon sized tits were almost the size of bottle corks now, as my mother was getting really horny from working out and pumping so much heavy weight. Mom then felt her own vagina soaking wet as her cum started running down her two freakishly huge, swollen thickly muscular legs, which caused her to sexually moan; "OH GOD!" As she lick her lips, while my mother thought out loud to herself; "I'm so freaking horny! I can't wait till Tyler sees the new me, and when he does, I'M GOING TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM, AND THEN SOME!" Then she reached over and picked up her cell phone to call me...................I didn't want my mother to know I had been spying on her outside through the garage window, so I quickly ran back to where the Camaro was parked next to the Hummer, put the car in gear and pushed it in reverse to back it out of our driveway, then I pushed the car half way down the block before my cell phone rang. "Hello?" I answered it trying to sound like every thing was normal. "Hey Babe. It's been awhile and I'm back home now missing my T man. So where are you?" My mother said in a very sexy sultry tone. "That's great Nat." I replied; "Just went out to the store and I'll be back in an hour." "Great babe." My mother said in that same very sexy sultry tone; "That'll give me enough time to shower and set up the perfect romantic evening together, and I can't wait till you see the new and improved Naughty Natalie." I've been super sized in female muscularity." "That's great Nat I can't wait. See you in an hour." I replied before we ended the call. End Of Part 4                                                                                                    

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Naughty Natalie Returns To Please Her Son!-3

At four thirty pm as I drove into the parking lot of Wells Mills Park, I saw my aunt Flo's beat up light blue 1984 Chevy Cavalier parked by the entrance to the path that led down to the lake. After I parked the Camaro right next to her car, I then walked down the path towards the lake to meet her. Since I didn't know exactly which direction the bench by the lake was where my mother and aunt used to hang out when they were teenagers, I just made a guess and turned right at the path that went around the lake and followed it. After I walked for about five minutes into a slightly more shady wooded area I saw the young more muscular 18 year old version of my aunt Flo who was wearing a small light pink sports bra and a pair of extremely tight, light pink spandex shorts, with her long shoulder length, dark raven black hair tied back into a pony tail, sitting on a bench watching two ducks swimming in on lake.............As I continued to walk over to where my aunt was sitting on the bench by the lake in this strange dream or parallel universe that I had some how accidentally fallen into two days ago, I quickly noticed that she had now also become even more pumped and ripped in female muscularity, then when I saw her two days ago, which was now three months later in this strange dream or parallel universe, when she was working out with my mother in our two car detachable garage. Even though my aunt Flo was more pumped up and ripped in female muscularity now then she was before, she still wasn't as physically muscular as my mother who had at least 25 pounds more solid muscular weight on her then my aunt had, but my aunt Flo's more muscular female figure came in a very close second to my own mother's semi middle weight female body builder's body................."Hi Flo." I said as I approached the bench my aunt was sitting on. "Hi Tyler." My aunt Flo said and as she turned to face me and I quickly noticed that my aunt's right eye was black and swollen almost shut! "HOLY SHIT FLO WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR EYE?" I asked in shock at seeing my aunt's eye as I put my left arm around her waist to comfort her. "LaToya Steele beat me up so she could steal Nat away from me." My aunt said sounding like she wanted to cry. "WHAT?" I said sounding very surprised at what I've just heard. "You remember the big argument Nat and I had a few months back Tyler?" "Oh yea sure Flo." I lied because every day in this strange dream or parallel universe I'm in jumps three months ahead without having any memories whatsoever; "But please tell me about that big argument again. I'd like to hear your side of the story." "The big argument Nat and I had a few months ago was about Nat wanting her and me to start using those steroid pills to help us both get hugely ripped and muscular, remember Tyler?" My aunt replied. "Oh yea now I remember Flo." I said thinking about how my mother came home with a brown paper bag with six plastic bottles of little blue steroid pills inside it................."Well after taking those steroid pills for a couple of days I my heart started beating so extremely fast and hard in my chest, I got so extremely scared that I was having a heart attack and ran to the emergency room at the hospital. There the doctor told me that I was very lucky this time that I didn't have a heart attack from using those powerful steroid pills, but next time I might not be so lucky." My aunt Flo paused as she sighed a deep breath of relief that made her two double C muscular tits swell up and down; "That night when I got home from the hospital I called Nat and told her about the side effects I had been experiencing from using those steroids, and even though I still wanted to workout lifting weights with her to build up my body every day, I made it very clear to her that I didn't want to use those steroid pills any more, and that I was going to build up my muscular female body the natural way by working out hard lifting weights and eating very healthy." "What did Natalie say to that Flo?" I asked. "Nat just started freaking out on the phone and screaming at me like she was having some kind of mental meltdown or steroid rage! Nat just started calling me a wimp and said that I'd never be half the muscular female body builder she was, and that she no longer wanted to be my B.F.F. with such a wimpy weakling woman like me, who needed to be taught a lesson because I didn't want to use steroid pills like she did!" Then my aunt asked me as she flexed her right thickly muscular, cantaloupe sized bicep with a nice blue vein running across the cap in front of my face "Now do I look like a wimpy woman to you Tyler?" "You've no where close to being like a wimpy weakling woman Flo. "I said as I reached out to feel my aunt's thickly muscular, cantaloupe sized bicep with my right hand, and I couldn't believe how freaking hard it really was! IT FELT LIKE IT WAS MADE OUT OF SOLID STEEL!.................A couple of days later Nat started going out every Friday and Saturday night to that new lesbian bar downtown called "Les Bows" and that's where she met LaToya Steele." My aunt Flo said while she was starting to enjoy me caressing and muscle worshipping her right thickly muscular, cantaloupe sized bicep, that my aunt Flo now started making it jump up and down in my right hand as twisted her thickly muscular forearm back and forth; "And that's when I started receiving the late night phone calls with the verbal threats from LaToya." My aunt Flo's entire thickly muscular body shivered in total fear as she thought back to those late night verbally threatening phone calls. "After a couple of days of receiving those phone calls." My aunt paused still shivering in fear; "LaToya started terrorizing me in other ways as well. One morning in the parking lot of my apartment complex I had found my car with all four tires slashed with a note on the windshield that read; "Stay away from Natalie if you know what's good for you Flo!" A couple of days after that my whole apartment was trashed with a huge message spray painted in blood red on my wall that read in big red letters; "THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING FLO! STAY AWAY FROM NATALIE IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!" "Why was LaToya terrorizing you Flo? You weren't any threat to either her or Natalie were you."................"NO I WASN'T TYLER!" My aunt said now sounding very nervous as she continued to think about all the hell she went through with LaToya; "Since the first night Natalie had met her at; "Les Bows," they had become lesbian lovers almost over night. LaToya who's a very possessively jealous woman by nature, felt that any other woman who'd come in contact with Nat in her life would be a threat to their relationship, including me. Nat would get SO SEXUALLY HOT, every time her very dark black heavy set, extremely thick muscular lesbian lover would get crazy possessively jealous over her, that Nat would tell her lies about how I was calling her up and begging her to dump LaToya and come back to me. Then this morning around 3 am Nat and LaToya broke into my apartment and the both of them looked like they were very high on cocaine. Then LaToya beat the shit out of me like I was a human punching bag while Nat just stood there watching LaToya beat me up, she was sexually getting herself off with own her fingers!" "After the big argument you and Natalie had a couple of months earlier Flo." I asked my aunt; "Were you calling Natalie up and asking her to dump LaToya and come back to you?" "HELL NO TYLER!" My aunt said now getting very angry and before she realized what she was had said; "I NEVER REALLY EVER LIKED THAT STUCK UP BITCH NATALIE! THE ONLY REASON I HUNG OUT WITH HER SINCE HIGH SCHOOL WAS BECAUSE YOU WERE ALWAYS AROUND, AND YOU'VE THE ONE I'M VERY ATTRACTED TOO!"..................Then after pausing for a moment to calm herself down my aunt Flo said as she smiled very sweetly at me while she took my hand in hers and said; "The truth is that I've been in love with you Tyler since we first met in high school three years ago. And the only way to be with you was to hang out with Nat at the same time, if you know what I mean." "Our sexual three ways?" I asked. "NOW YOU'VE GETTING THE IDEA SWEETHEART!" My aunt said very happily. Then her tone changed to one of more regret as she said; "But Nat was always there with us, so I had to pretend to be bi-sexual to sexually please her as well as the man I loved." "I'm very flattered that you've in love with me Flo, and even if we started an exclusive relationship together." I said; "What's going to happen in three to six months when Natalie comes back from California?".................."She's not coming back Tyler." My aunt Flo said with a matter of fact tone in her voice as she turned to face me on the bench, while she wrapped both of her powerfully strong, thick muscular arms around my waist to hold me closer to her. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN Natalie's not coming back Flo?" I said starting to sound very upset; "Natalie said she was only going out to Los Angeles to workout and train at LaToya's and her brother's female body building gym just to further her body building and enter the heavy weight division of the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest!" "SHH sweetheart! Everything will be okay, Flexibility Flo's here to love and protect you." My aunt said sweetly like she was talking to a small child as she continued to hug me even close to her which then led to a very long romantic kiss; "That's what Nat wanted you to believe Tyler. The truth is that Nat was never in love with you whatsoever sweetheart. The only reason she pretended to be your girl friend Tyler was because of your incredibly large penis which she liked to control, and she didn't want any other girl in school, including me to ever have it."....................Then after my aunt released me from her powerfully strong bear hug, she then changed the subject by saying; "Now let tell you about LaToya's and her brother's female body building gym in California, because I read about it on the Internet. Their gym is called; "The Female Muscle Factory," and it's located in the run down section of Los Angeles called Watts. At this so called; "Female Muscle Factory," they lure young want to be female body builders like Natalie to California from all over the world. Then they force feed them like cattle with steroids and other muscle enhancement drugs all day and all night long, while they have their young well toned female muscular bodies hooked up to automated weight lifting exercise machines, that forces them to workout building up their female muscularity twenty four hours a day. I guess you can say that; "The Female Muscle Factory," literally manufactures female body builders." "YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME FLO!" I said in total surprise of what my aunt had just told me. "But that's not the worse part Tyler." My aunt said; "After these poor muscle girls are pumped up with as much swollen female muscularity as their bodies could physically grow, then they've used in female muscle lesbian porn movies, forced to fight and submissive wrestle, and even in lesbian muscle prostitution on the Sunset Strip, which makes the real money for LaToya and her brother's gym business." "But how do they get these muscle women to do all that stuff if they don't want to do it Flo?" I asked my aunt. "By steroid drug addiction Tyler." My aunt replied; "You see by now these muscle women would be so hugely muscular as well as being addicted to the use of steroids, that they know if they miss just one steroid injection, not only would they go into a powerfully strong steroid withdrawal that might kill them, but their hugely muscular bodies would deflate and become hugely fat and flabby ones. So if one of these hugely muscular women don't want to do something she's told to do, her personal trainer just threatens to withhold her next steroid injection, after awhile these hugely muscular women's steroid addictions are so powerfully strong, they will do anything they've asked for their next steroid injection.".................Then my aunt Flo put both her thickly muscular arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her and we had another long romantic kiss. After our romantic kiss my aunt Flo looked at me with pleading eyes as she said; "Please Tyler give us a chance. I know we could be very good for each other and I'd make you a great wife some day." "OK Flo." I agreed while a raging hard on was growing in my jeans, AND OH GOD! I really wanted SO BADLY to FUCK the shit out of the younger more muscular, 18 year old version of my aunt Flo! As soon as we finished with our second long romantic kiss, a big burly forest ranger came down the path towards us and said; "OK you two love birds it's time to go. It's sunset and the park closes in fifteen minutes." "Come on Tyler." My aunt said as she took my hand as we stood up; "Let's go back to my apartment and spend the night together." "GREAT!" I replied very happily. Then my aunt Flo and I walked hand in hand towards the parking lot to our cars...................I followed my aunt Flo back to her apartment by the bay where she was living back in 1997. After we both got to her apartment and were entering through her front door which I noticed was brand new and had been recently replaced, my aunt said to me; "Tyler as you can see I have a brand new front door. Nat and LaToya broke down the old door early this morning at 3 am and right in the middle of my living room, right here in fact." My aunt Flo paused as she pointed to a blood stain on her carpet; "It was here where LaToya beat the shit out of me. And this." My aunt again paused as she pointed to her still almost swollen shut right black eye, "Was the final blow that knocked me out cold, and I landed right here." "Don't worry about anything Flo." I said as I put my arm around my aunt's thickly muscular waist; "I've thought about it in the car on the ride over here, and I decided that I should give us a chance, because we could both be very good for each other." "THAT"S GREAT SWEETHEART!" My aunt Flo said very happily as she picked me up in with her two powerfully strong hands, then swung me over her left bowling ball sized muscular shoulder and carried me straight into her bedroom where I had such unbelievable female muscle sex with the younger more muscular, 18 year old version of my aunt Flo, till we both passed out from total shear exhaustion!...................While I slept had had a strange dream about my mother, Naughty Natalie's weight lifting training program at; "The Female Muscle Factory." I saw my mother's semi middle weight, muscular female body suspended in the air by steel cables and harness, while a clear hose with a dark green liquid flowed through it into the needles on the end that were injected into all of my mother's main arteries, to feed all of her hungry growing female muscles! In her mouth was an even larger clear hose that was pumping muscle milk down my mother's throat by the gallon at the same time! While this dark green liquid which I thought to be liquid steroids, and muscle milk was being pumped into my mother's semi middle weight, female body builder body by a powerful force, the computerized exercise machines that were connected to each one of the her major muscle groups by steel chains, were forcing her to workout exercising lifting weights like my mother was a human female weight lifting machine! As I stood there watching this strange sight with the sound of liquid flowing into my mother's body and the loud heavy CLANGING metal sound of this computerized exercise machines forcing her to exercise lifting weights to build up her body, my mother's now once semi middle weight, muscular female body was inflating even larger and more muscular by the second like she was a human, female body builder muscular balloon! All I could think of was a way to try and save my mother before her female muscularity inflated to the point that she'd possibly explode like an over inflated balloon! But as I tried to get closer to save my mother, that loud metal clanging sound grew louder and louder till it was deafening to my own ears, till the point that I had to cover them with my own hands!....................."CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! The next morning I woke up alone in my aunt Flo's queen sized bed to that same loud heavy metal clanging sound that I had heard in the strange dream I had of my mother. But unlike the strange dream I had last night about my mother, this loud heavy metal clanging sound was coming from across the hall in my aunt's apartment. As I got out of bed to see what was causing that loud heavy metal clanging sound across the hall, as I passed the bedroom window while I was getting dressed before I went to exit my aunt Flo's bedroom, I noticed that the ground outside was covered in snow. "OH GREAT!" I thought out loud to myself; "I bet over night in this strange dream or parallel universe that I had some how fallen into, time moved another three months ahead!"................After I finished getting dressed and crossed the hallway to the spare room in my aunt's apartment as I followed that loud heavy metal clanging sound, that continued to grow even louder while I started to hear a loud female "GRUNTING!" sound as well. As I slowly looked into the doorway of my aunt Flo's spare room, I saw her laying down on a weight bench totally naked, bench pressing a heavy barbell that looked like it had 165 pounds of steel weight disks on each side. "97," She grunted, "98", she grunted even louder, "99, COME ON FLO, YOU CAN DO IT, JUST ONE MORE REP TO GO!" my aunt grunted even louder to herself as she struggled like hell to pump out her last rep, then she roared out loud; "100, YOU'VE THE WOMAN FLO!" Then as my aunt slowly lowered her heavy 330 pound barbell which drop into the weight benches cradle, it made a loud metal banging sound. Then after she got off her weight bench my aunt Flo started to towel off the heavy sweat all over her upper, hugely thick, muscular female body..............As I watched my aunt Flo toweling off her sweaty pumped up muscular female body, I had not only quickly noticed that her once almost swollen shut, right black eye was now gone, but her female muscularity must have grown and packed on at least another fifty pounds or more of solid muscular weight since yesterday! Also as I continued to look over my aunt Flo's home gym which seemed very well stocked with all the weight lifting equipment for the woman who was seriously into body building, I also noticed a punching bag and a sparing bag hanging up on the other side of the room. "I guess aunt Flo is learning to fight as well so she'd be able to defend herself in a fight." I thought to myself.................As soon as she finished toweling off all her heavy sweat from her upper, now very thickly muscular body, and as she noticed me standing there in the doorway of the spare room watching her, my aunt Flo said in a very cheerful tone as she quickly came over to me and wrapped both her thickly muscular arms around my neck; "HAPPY NEW YEAR SWEETHEART! AND 1998 IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR FOR THE BOTH OF US!" Then she pulled me in for a very romantic kiss! After the kiss I said to her as my aunt Flo continued holding me; "Happy new year to you to Flo." "Thanks sweetheart." Flo replied as she buried her head in my chest; "I decided that we should have a June wedding." "A June wedding?" I asked in total surprise! "Yea a June wedding Tyler, don't pretend that you don't know what I'm talking about sweetheart." My aunt Flo giggled; "You've the one who proposed to me on Christmas eve and gave me this for my Christmas present." Then my aunt Flo held up her ring finger on her left hand which now had a very fancy, gold diamond engagement ring on it....................Then after she let go of holding me my aunt Flo then started walking towards the full length mirror on the wall, and started looking at her own reflection in awe as she gazed into the full length mirror. Staring back at her was a young, 18 year old radiant woman with long raven black shoulder length hair, with a very beautiful face with sparkling emerald eyes. My aunt Flo's female physique was so ripped and stack with such huge bulging muscles that enhanced every one of her curves extremely well! Even though she was only five foot six inches in height, five inches shorter then me, my aunt Flo's hugely bulging muscular female physique made her look even bigger and more powerful like she was a sexy female linebacker. My aunt's muscular erect coconut sized tits sat proudly above her deeply cut and very well defined, chiseled brick wall set of a 12 pack of solid muscular abs, that had several thick blue veins protruding up and down her flat, but extremely tight stomach. My aunt Flo now had two soccer ball sized muscular shoulders that flowed into two hugely thick muscular upper arms, that were as hugely inflated like two footballs, with pencil thick blue veins spider webbing all throughout her beefy muscular arms. My aunt Flo's two thickly muscular, beefy forearms would look like they were ready to bust when she'd clench her two fists. Her two thick beefy muscular forearms looked like someone had stuffed large grape fruits in them, and they were just as solid as her upper muscular arms were!.................. As my aunt Flo continued to admire herself in the mirror, she raised her two hugely ripped, beefy muscular arms and did a double bicep pose. Her two beefy ripped muscular arms had thickened and pumped up to an even more insanely size! My aunt Flo's hugely thick muscular biceps were at least 38 inches fully flexed with a baseball sized capped muscle on top! Then she started playfully, and very seductively flexing her hugely thick muscular pecs up and down, which made her two coconut sized tits and cleavage jiggle, while at the same time they all swelled out even larger then they were before! My aunt Flo's lower muscular body was just as impressive as her upper muscular body was, but also symmetrical to her solid muscular bubble shaped ass!..............My aunt Flo's gluts were like two basketballs that were perfectly round and firm, and her two hugely thick muscular thighs were also a sight to behold as well! My aunt Flo's two thickly muscular thighs were already bigger and more muscular then most male body builder's waists. Her two thighs had so much thick beefy muscle, sinew, and thick blue pencil sized veins which all just bulged out, and when she walked they would all bulge out insanely at the same time, like they were fighting for room to flex on her legs! My aunt Flo's two thickly beefy muscular calves were as hard and bulging out as well, just like her two football sized biceps were! As my aunt Flo continued to admire the reflection of her now perfect sculptured muscular female physique in in the full length mirror, while she did a crab flex that made her entire muscular female physique swell up even more then I thought could be physically possible! She was now really rivaling in size and female muscular girth, while her body was feeding even more blood to pump up my aunt Flo's already hugely thick beefy muscles. As she held this pose my aunt Flo said happily to me as she continued to stare at the reflection of her own hugely muscular physique in the full length mirror; "I know you love to see my body this hugely muscular and it turns you on Tyler. That's why I'm working so freaking hard to keep it so pumped and ripped, JUST TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!" Then after my aunt Flo relaxed from doing her awesome crab pose she turned to face me and said; "Sweetheart I need a little me time alone to finish my daily weight lifting workout. You haven't been home in over a week, why don't you go home and check your mail and come back about 5:30 pm, then I'll have dinner ready for us." "OK Flo." I agreed, as I kissed her goodbye and headed out to my house. End Of Part 3                                                                                                                

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Naughty Natalie Returns To Please Her Son!-2

The next morning or so I thought it was the next morning, the digital alarm clock started buzzing at 7:30 am. I reached over to the end table where it sat and with my eyes still closed I shut it off. As I kept my eyes closed I said out loud to myself; "I HOPE LAST NIGHT WAS JUST A BAD DREAM AND THAT EVERYTHING HAD GONE BACK TO NORMAL, AND THAT I'M BACK TO BEING 16 YEAR OLD TEENAGE BOY IN THE YEAR 2015 AND WAKING UP IN MY OWN BEDROOM." But when I opened my eyes I was laying alone naked in my mother's queen sized bed. As I looked around my mother's master bedroom I noticed on top of her dresser, where my mother used to keep childhood pictures of me, now only had two small female body building trophies on top of it. When I got out of bed I walked over to her dresser and looked at my mother's two trophies. One trophy said; "THIRD RUNNER UP IN THE FEATHER WEIGHT DIVISION OF THE 1995 Y.W.C.A. FEMALE BODY BUILDING CONTEST." The second trophy said; "SECOND RUNNER UP IN THE FEATHER WEIGHT DIVISION OF THE 1996 Y.W.C.A. BODY BUILDING CONTEST." As I looked at these two small trophies I thought to myself; "How come I've never seen these here in mom's bedroom before?" Then as I just realized that I was standing there in my mother's master bedroom alone butt naked, I quickly ran out of her room and across the hall to my own bedroom, but when I opened the closed door the room was completely empty including the bedroom closet. "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself; "WHERE THE FUCK IS ALL MY CLOTHES AND OTHER STUFF?" Then as I ran back into my mother's master bedroom where I found men's clothing in the closet which was just my size, as I started getting dressed I soon realized to myself; "Whatever strange dream I thought I was having, or parallel universe I had fallen into, I'm still in it!" After I finished getting dressed I left my mother's master bedroom and crossed the hallway and as soon as I approached the top of the stairs I stopped, took a deep breath and said to myself; "OK Tyler, no matter what you can handle anything that's going to happen in this strange dream, or parallel universe you've accidentally fallen into." Then I started climbing down the stairs....................As soon as I got to the bottom of the stair case, I slowly walked through our living room into our dining room and then into our kitchen. As I walked through the house I noticed that all the furniture was older and very tacky looking, and now our house looked like someone had removed all the nice furniture we once had, and replaced it with crappy looking used furniture from a second hand store. When I walked into our kitchen I saw a very large black gallon plastic bottle sitting next to our blender on the counter top, and the label of this large black plastic read; "AMINO ACTION MUSCLE BUILDING HIGH PROTEIN SHAKE MIX!" and underneath it read; "THE BREAKFAST OF FEMALE BODY BUILDING CHAMPIONS!" Then I noticed a note in my mother's hand writing sitting on top of an old 1950's style metal kitchen table with four matching 1950 style chairs sitting around it. The note read; "Tyler, I got up early this morning and went downtown to buy more steroids because I've run out of those powerfully strong little blue pills. On my way back I'm going to pickup a friend of mine and stop at Flexibility Flo's apartment at the beach to have a long talk with her. Please make sure by the time I get back that you've cleaned my home weight lifting gym in the garage and have all my weights polished, you know how I like lifting my shiny weights. Will be back my 11:30am. Love you, Nat." "Buying more steroids?" I thought to myself; "Mom just bought six bottles of steroids yesterday, and she couldn't have finished all those six bottles in only 24 hours! As soon as I got to our two car detachable garage to clean my mother's weight lifting home gym, I quickly noticed that there was at least 25% more weight added to every one of her barbells and dumbbells. In fact mom had even more weight lifting equipment now which totally filled up our two car detachable garage, then she had yesterday when I watched her and my aunt Flo working out lifting weights at such an extremely fast speed, then it was physically possible for any one human ever to do. Then I noticed the monthly female body building calendar on the garage wall. Today the calendar had a different female body builder picture then it had yesterday, and today the calendar said it was September 1997. "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself; "In this strange dream or parallel universe I have some how fallen into, in just having one night's sleep, over night time seemed to have moved three months ahead!" Then I remembered the six full bottles of steroids mom had shown me yesterday, and after remembering her note on the kitchen table this morning about going down town to buy more steroids because she had run out of them. Then as I thought excitedly to myself while I started getting very horny with a raging hard on in my jeans; "IT WOULD BE VERY INTERESTING TO SEE WHAT MOM LOOKS LIKE AFTER THREE MONTHS OF LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS AND DIGESTING SIX BOTTLES OF STEROIDS!" I didn't have long to wait on that subject, and as I was thinking about it I heard the Camaro roaring up our driveway and come to a screeching stop outside our garage. Then I heard both car doors open and then slam close and my mother's voice was talking in conversation and laughing with another woman's voice that I didn't recognized, as their foot steps headed towards our open garage door................My mother walked in with a very dark black heavy set, extremely thick muscular woman with her black hair cut short in a crew cut, at her side who was at least a foot taller then she was. This very dark black heavy set, extremely thick muscular woman held her right extremely thick muscular right arm around my mother's waist like they were lovers. Over night or in this strange dream or parallel universe that I had fallen some how fallen into, yesterday my mother had the muscular body of a feather weight female body builder, but today she had packed on at least 30 or more pounds of solid muscular weight and now had an even more curvier then before muscular body of a semi middle weight female body builder! "EVEN WITH USING STEROIDS, HOW THE HELL COULD MOM GET THAT MUCH MORE MUSCULAR IN ONLY 24 HOURS?" I thought to myself, then I realized as I looked at the calendar again on the garage wall, that some how I had went ahead three months in time in only one night!................"BABE!" My mother said out loud which got me quickly out of my thoughts and when I looked at her, this big dark black heavy set, extremely thick muscular woman with her dark black hair cut short in a crew cut, was now towering in height behind my mother, as she stood with both of her extremely thick, dark black muscular arms wrapped around my mother's solid 6 pack muscular waist, and started romantically kissing my mother's now more thickly muscular neck, while at the same time running her two strong black muscular hands inside the front of my mother's spandex shorts to finger fuck my mother's vagina. "Yes Natalie." I replied as I was still wondering who this hugely muscular black woman was that was starting to sexually grope my own mother right in front of me. "Tyler, this is LaToya Steel my new B.F.F." My mother giggled as LaToya continued kissing and finger fucking my mother. La Toya looked up from kissing my mother's neck for a moment and while she continued to finger fuck my mother said politely; "Nice to meet you Tyler. Natalie had told me so much about you." But LaToya's piercing brown eyes said what she was really thinking as they stared at me so extremely hard, that I could see the red blood vessels bulging out in the white part them; "SHE'S MY NAUGHTY NATALIE NOW WHITE BOY, SO BACK OFF!".............."LATOYA PLEASE STOP BEFORE YOU MAKE ME ORGASM AGAIN!" My mother giggled now as she was really getting sexually turned! Then after she pushed LaToya playfully away she cleared her throat and said in a more serious tone; "LaToya is an ex-professional female body builder who had entered and won the heavy weight championship at the Ms. Olympia female body building contest six years in a row from 1987 to 1992. La Toya and her brother Troy Steele with his wife Lucy who's also a professional heavy weight female body builder and had entered and won the heavy weight championship at the Ms. Olympia female body building contest the last three years straight from 1994 to 1997, had recently opened up a new women's only body building gym at Muscle Beach in Los Angeles California, where LaToya wants to train me professionally." "You've going to California to train professionally in body building with LaToya?" I asked in total surprise; "Is Flexibility Flo going with you?" "NO SHE'S NOT!" LaToya growled in a very angry jealous tone at the mention of my aunt's name; "After Natalie picked me up this morning we had a long talk in the car about why Flexibility Flo, who as well as I'm concerned should be nicked named Failure Flo because she's a real slacker in life, would only hold Natalie's future professional female body building career back, not to mention her other two future professional careers as a submissive wrestler and sexual dominatrix as well. So I then had Natalie drive me over to Flo's apartment by the bay where I explained to her in a very AGGRESSIVELY, BRUTAL HONEST WAY, why it wouldn't be such a great idea for her to continue her friendship with Natalie any more." LaToya paused for a second while a very large wickedly evil smile crossed her lips as both her dark brown eyes glowed with pure hatred and jealousy for my aunt Flo; "I told Flexibility Flo straight out that I'd twist her so hard into a human pretzel till every single bone in her body breaks, if she didn't stay away from our Natalie." "What did Flexibility Flo say to that LaToya?" I asked in total shock of what I had just heard! "What could she say Tyler?" LaToya said as she let out a very loud, frightening evil laugh that my mother joined in; "I MADE THAT BITCH AN OFFER SHE COULDN'T REFUSE!".................Then to change the subject I asked my mother when she was going to leave with LaToya and fly to California and she replied; "This afternoon at four pm. I got up early this morning while you were still sleeping babe, and before I left the house and packed my luggage for the trip, which LaToya had already arranged the flight and car service to pick us up here and drive us to the airport." As I looked at my watch I said; "That's in four hours. How long are you going to be gone for Natalie?" LaToya was the one who answered my question in a matter of fact tone while she went back to sexually groping my mother's even more curvier semi middle weight muscular female body builder body; "About six months till a years time Tyler. How ever long it takes to turn our gal Natalie here into a professional heavy weight female body builder to win the 1998 heavy weight Championship at the Ms. Olympia Body Building Contest, as well as starting her off in her other two professional careers as a championship submissive female wrestler and professional female dominatrix. Natalie could make a lot of money in those two careers alone." "Oh by the way babe." My mother said as she reached down her now deeper cleavage that was in between her now two more muscular larger breasts, which were barely covered by the small extremely tight tank top she was wearing and pulled out a shopping list which she handed me as well as the car keys; "Would you be a dear and pick up these few items for me at the store for my trip and please be back by four pm with them, so I'd have them when I leave this afternoon for my trip." "OK Natalie." I said as I took the shopping list and car keys from her; "What are you two women going to be up to while I'm gone?" "Oh!" LaToya deeply chuckled with a large grin on her face; "While you've gone doing our gal Natalie's shopping, I'm going to be here working out, pounding our gal Natalie, SO EXTREMELY HARD ON THAT WEIGHT BENCH OVER THERE, till she super ripped and even more muscular then she is now! Now go Tyler because we need you to get back by four pm SHARP!"..................I then went out side and got into the Camaro and backed out of our driveway and headed all the way across town to the mall. As I was driving to the mall which amazed the hell out of me since in my own time line in 2015, I hadn't got my driver's license or even learned to drive yet! Three hours later as I was driving back from the mall where I bought everything on my mother's list that she needed for her trip to California, a cell phone that I hadn't noticed earlier on the empty passenger seat next to me started ringing. As I continued to drive I answered it by saying; "Hello?" "Tyler thank god I've finally reached you I've been trying all day." My aunt Flo's voice said. "Why hello flexibility Flo how are you?" I happily replied. "DON'T FUCKING CALL ME BY THAT NICK NAME EVER AGAIN TYLER, I HATE IT!" My aunt Flo yelled at me through the phone; "THAT WAS A STUPID NICK NAME THAT NATALIE GAVE ME BACK IN 9TH GRADE WHEN WE BOTH FIRST EXPERIMENTED WITH HAVING LESBIAN SEX WITH EACH OTHER, BECAUSE I CAN BEND MY BODY INTO WEIRD SEXUAL POSITIONS WHILE HAVING SEX! Either call me Florence of Flo for short, OK Tyler?" "OK Flo." I replied; "What's new?" My aunt paused for a moment, then said sounding very nervous; "Tyler I need to see you in person so we could talk, it's very important and it concerns Natalie." "OK Flo." I said; "I'm on my way home now from the mall meet me there in about a half hour." "NO NOT AT THE HOUSE!" My aunts voice sounded even more nervous then before; "I know Natalie is leaving with LaToya at four pm to head to the airport. At four thirty pm meet me at the lake in Wells Mills Park. I'll be sitting on the bench where we all used to hang out when we were teenagers." "OK Flo see you then." I replied, then we both said goodbye and ended the phone call...................Because of heavy traffic I didn't get back to house till five minutes to four pm. As I pulled into the driveway there was a black Lincoln Town Car stretched limousine backed into the driveway and the chauffeur was just closing the trunk after loading all of their luggage. "AW just in time Tyler!" My mother said as she took the bags from me and quickly kissed me on my lips before getting into the right back door of the limousine. Then the limousine drove away and started on it's hour and a half trip to a private airport in Wall Township New Jersey, where my mother with her new B.F.F. LaToya got on to a private Lear jet that was waiting on a private runway to fly them both to Los Angeles California, so my mother could start her new professional female body building, professional submissive wrestling, and professional sexual dominatrix careers! After the limousine had driven out of sight, I then got back into the Camaro and drove to Wells Mills Park to meet my aunt Flo. As I was driving towards the park I started wondering to myself; "What's going to happen next in this strange dream or parallel universe I had fallen into, after my mother returns from California?" End Of Part 2!                                                                                                     

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Naughty Natalie Returns To Please Her Son!-1

"Tyler!" Natalie Peterson called in the direction of her two car detachable garage from the driveway as she stood next to her 2013 Dodge Caravan. "Yes mom." I replied as I exited out of the left open garage door. "Tyler I'm going grocery shopping now and I'll be back in a couple of hours. Please clean out the storage room above the garage and put all the trash on the curb for the trash man to pickup tomorrow morning. "OK mom see you when you get back." I replied. Then my mom got into her minivan and after starting the motor she then started backing out of the driveway as I waved goodbye. As I was waving goodbye to my mother I thought to myself; "I wish mom would drive a cooler car like a Mustang instead of that soccer mom's van she drives. It's embarrassing to be seen riding in it by my all friends, and I don't even play soccer."............As Natalie Peterson was backing out of her driveway watching her son waving she had a smile on her face while she started getting slightly wet between her legs. Since Tyler had started puberty three years ago, he was now at the age of 16 and developing into a real man, which reminded Natalie more and more of his father Bruce Orlando, the man that ruined Natalie's new blossoming career when he had gotten her pregnant at the age of 19. After Bruce Orlando found out that he had gotten his then girl friend Natalie Peterson pregnant, he quickly left town late one night and left her to raise their son alone as a single mother. Even though Bruce Orlando was a dead beat dad and Natalie hadn't seen him in nearly 17 years she was still very much in love with him, or at least the memory of him. But now as her son Tyler was growing up into a real man in his own right and started to resemble his father a great deal, Natalie was now slowly falling deeply in love with her son Tyler. "OK Natalie." My mother said out loud in the car to herself as she drove down the street; "Stop having sexual thoughts about Tyler, after all he's your 16 year old son and you've his mother. If the state of New Jersey found out you were having sex with your under aged son, you'd be arrested for child molestation and end up in jail, while Tyler would be put into a foster home and you'd never be aloud to see him again until he was all grown up and you be an old lady by the time you'd be released from jail." Then as Natalie let out a heavy sigh of disappointment, she said out loud to herself in the car; "I wish there was away around the law that Tyler and I could be together as man and woman, instead of mother and son." Then there was a strange loud clap of thunder as a large blinding bolt of lightning flashed in the sky, which blinded Natalie so badly for a moment, that it almost caused her to drive off the road!................While the large blinding bolt of lightning flashed in the sky after the loud clap of thunder over my mother's mini van, I was busy across town cleaning out the storage room above the garage when a couple of boxes fell over on it's side and some pictures and photos fell out. When I tilted the couple of boxes right side up there was black magic marker writing on them that said; "Naughty Natalie!" As I started picking up the pictures and photos that had fallen out of the boxes which I happen to glance at, I couldn't believe my own eyes! There were photos of a younger version of my mother when she was between the ages of 16 to 21 years old, and in these photos my mother's younger female body was extremely well pumped and ripped from working out lifting weights. "DAMN!" I thought to myself as I started getting a very large raging hard on while checking out the younger version of my once very muscular mother; "It's hard to believe that my now 36 year old mother who now had a slightly pudgy pot belly once had a flat rock hard set of six pack abs, and her now thin slightly flabby saddle bag arms and thunder thighs, were once pumped to the max with solid rock hard, bulging muscles! My once now slightly flabby out of shape mother used to almost look like; "THE INCREDIBLE SHE-HULK, and she even entered a couple of female body building contests back in the day as well!"..............Then I started reading the old fliers about Naughty Natalie's two careers of being not only a very aggressively submissive professional female wrestler, but a very aggressive professional sexual dominatrix as well, for the first time in my life I was very impressed with my own mother! The hourly rate my mother charged for these specialized services were $300.00 per hour. I even found an old professional female body building card that was now expired, which was issued to my mother in February 1998. With my mother's expired professional female body building card I found an old letter in an envelop addressed to my mother with the return address in the top left hand corner that read; "MS. OLYMPIA FEMALE BODY BUILDING ASSOCIATION, PO BOX 98456, SANTA MONICA CA, 90067." "HOLY SHIT!" I then said out loud to myself; "I can't believe this! Not only was my mother once a professional submissive female wrestler and professional female sexual dominatrix, but she was also a professional female body builder as well who once entered the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest!" Then as I took the letter out of the already opened envelop and read it, I then got a better idea of my mother's once secret identity of being; "Naughty Natalie," and why she had buried it in the past. The letter read; "Dear Ms. Peterson, We regret to in form you that you've failed the results of your pre-screening urine tests due to two facts that have caused you to be disqualified from entered the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest on September 15, 1998. First you tested extremely too high in the usage of steroids which is not allowed at the Ms. Olympia, and the second is that you tested positive in being about 3 months pregnant with a child. We only hope at the Ms. Olympia F.B.B. Association, that you give up using steroids so that your child is not born with any birth defects, but that choice is yours." Then it was signed by a D.W. Griffin................."HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself; "My mother was using steroids when she had gotten pregnant with me! BOY! was my mother a dangerous woman to be around back then in the late 1990's! Then as I wished out loud to myself that my mother could have been my Naughty Natalie, instead of being the slightly flabby, out of shape boring mother that she really was today, I said with all my heart and soul; "I wish that I was there back in the day when Naughty Natalie was in her prime!" Then there was another loud clap of thunder the shook the entire building, as another blinding bolt of lightning flashed in the sky which badly blinded my own vision for a second, as it filled up the storage room above the garage! As I slowly started adjusting my vision after the blinding white lightning flash had pasted, I noticed that the storage room above the garage that was once overly packed with junk, was now completely empty and the boxes with my mom's old body building photos that had the black magic marker writing; "Naughty Natalie," on them had vanished as well! "This is strange." I thought to myself; "What happened with all the junk I was trying to clean up and remove to the curb for the trash man to pick up?"..............Then as I climbed the stairs down that led to the right side of our two car garage, I couldn't believe what I saw! The right side of our two car garage was set up with all the weight lifting equipment to complete the perfect body building home gym with posters of famous female body builders covering the walls on the right side of our garage above all the weight lifting equipment. Then there was a monthly female body builder calendar that was hanging on the wall for the month of July and the year on the calendar read; "1997!" "That's impossible!" I said out loud to myself; "It can't be July 1997, because I wasn't born till June of 1999 and it's September 2015, or is it?"...............Just as I was trying to figure out if I was hallucinating or had really stepped back 18 years in time, I heard the roar of a fast sports car coming up our driveway and then as the left garage door opener opened up the garage door, a classic blue 1987 Chevy Camaro Z28 with it's T-tops open drove into the left side of our garage with a hot looking 18 year old blond driving it. Then a younger, more muscular 18 year old version of my mother, who I had just seen in those old photos in our upstairs storage room climbed out the open driver side door after she shut off the car's motor and hit the button on the automatic garage door opener to close the garage door. Then the younger, more muscular 18 year old version of my mother walked over to me with a real naughty attitude in her stride while carrying a brown bag that rattled when she walked. "Oh how I missed you babe." She said as she put both her strong muscular arms around my waist and pulled me in tighter with a powerfully strong grip for a very long romantic kiss, while she groped my now raging hard on! "MOM!" I said in total surprise from the sexual encounter I had just had with my own mother! "MOM?!" My mother said sounding very pissed off! "I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER AND DON'T DO THAT PRETEND MOMMY THING WITH ME TYLER, I'M YOUR WOMAN, YOUR NAUGHTY NATALIE, BUT NOT YOUR FUCKING MOTHER, GOT THAT!"............... "Yes Natalie." I said trying to sound very apologetic, then a thought crossed my mind; "My mother used my real name instead of my father's, but she sees me as her boy friend, instead of my father who she was really with back in 1997. "WELL IS YES NATALIE ALL YOU COULD SAY TYLER?" My mother said in a very dominatrix tone that said she was the one who was fully in charge of our relationship, while she just stood there directly in front of me with her hands on her solid muscular hips while her tightly defined baseball sized biceps flexed up and down in anger, which made the material of my mother's short sleeves of her white T-shirt stretch to it's full max then back to normal again with each bicep flex she did. "I promise I'll never call you mom again Natalie." Then I asked my mother to change the subject; "What's in the brown paper bag?" "Steroids." My mother said as she opened it up and dumped out six plastic pill bottles filled with little blue pills onto her weight bench. "Steroids?" I asked with a shocking tone in my voice; "Aren't they very dangerous to your health Natalie, and do you really need to use them?" Well look at me Tyler." My mother said with disgust in her own voice as she went into a very sexy full body pose with her 18 year old younger version of a more muscular body; "Every time I enter a local female body building contest at the Y.W.C.A, when they weigh me in the judges always put me in the feather weight division. But that's going to change babe starting right now. From now on I'm going to use these little blue pills during every one of my weight lifting workouts." My mother said as she picked up one of the six plastic pill bottles that held the little blue pills inside; "Because I'm going to bulk up like crazy to be able to compete in the heavy weight division of those female body building contests at the Y.W.C.A as soon as I can." Then my mother said with even more excitement in her voice; "BUT my real goal is to qualify by next year for my professional female body building card, so I could enter the heavy weight division of the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest in Las Vega! The first prize for winning the heavy weight championship of the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest is $100,000.00! And with that money we could get married and start a new life together Tyler, THAT IS, if you've still in love with me Tyler?" "Of course I am darling, are you ready to seriously start pumping some iron yet, and start your way to bulk up city?" Was all I could think of to say to keep my mother from getting mad at me again, in fact if my mother was going to start using steroids, then I was going to have to be very careful what to say around her, so not to get her angry and have a steroid rage on me! "I'll be ready to start working out when Flexibility Flo shows up."..................Before I could ask my mother who Flexibility Flo was, a younger more muscular, 18 year old version of my aunt Florence came walking in through the side door of our two car detachable garage, as she cheerfully said; "HI GUYS! I'M READY TO START WORKING OUT WITH MY B.F.F. NAT!" "It's about time you showed up Flexibility Flo." My mother said happily as she walked over to my aunt Florence, and as both women hugged each other, they started romantically kissing like two women in heat, while I just stood there watching them with my mouth open in total surprise at what I was witnessing! A moment later my mother turned to face me while she was still hugging my aunt Florence tightly, who was still kissing my mother's neck and said; "What are you looking so surprised about Tyler? You know Flexibility Flo and I are both bi-sexual lovers since high school, but don't worry darling we'll both give you your sexual pleasure later after our weight lifting workout."...............My aunt Florence was not related to my mother and me whatsoever. My aunt Flo who my mother kept referring to as Flexibility Flo, had been my mother's best friend since they meet in 7TH grade. I've always called her my aunt since as long as I could remember, BUT ALL THE TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, HOW COME I'VE NEVER HEARD MY MOTHER REFER TO MY AUNT FLO AS HER BI-SEXUAL LOVER OR AS FLEXIBILITY FLO? WERE THEY KEEPING THEIR BI-SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP A SECRET FROM ME? BECAUSE NEITHER ONE OF THEM EVER WENT OUT ON DATES WITH MEN OR HAD BOY FRIENDS!  The younger, more muscular 18 year old version of my aunt Flo was a hell of a lot more attractive then the older version I had recently known, who wore those ugly horned rim glasses and her long shoulder length, dark raven black hair, that was starting to slightly turn a premature gray. My aunt Flo's younger, more muscular 18 year old body, was a vast improvement from her 36 year old, pretty out of shape body, with her slightly flabby saddle bag arms, protruding pudgy pot belly, and her flabby thunder thighs. In the present about my 36 year old mother, I could understand that my mother stopped her weight lifting workouts and taking steroids because she'd been pregnant with me at the time, which caused her muscular body to get flabby and soft from lack of exercise and gaining baby weight in her pregnancy. But my aunt Flo was never married and never had any children of her own, so how could she as a muscular teenage girl also let herself get just as out of shape by the time she had reached her mid-thirties as my mother had? Besides my birth, could something else have happened here in the past, or will happen here in the past that could explain such a change in both my mother and aunt Flo only 18 years later?................Then my thought of concentration broke as my mother said; "OK Flexibility Flo time to pump some serious iron." "COOL!" My aunt Flo replied as her and my mother both started getting undressed and stripped down to their panties. Then as my mother picked up one of the plastic pill bottles that was filled with those little blue pills she said; "OK girl friend hold out your hand." After aunt Flo held out her right hand, my mother poured 8 little blue pills into it. Then after my mother poured another 8 little blue pills into her own left hand, both mom and my aunt swallowed them in one large gulp! A second later after the powerfully strong, super steroid energy kicked in, both women picked up jump ropes and started jump rope at such an extremely fast speed, and they both kept up that extremely fast speed for twenty minutes straight without stopping or even getting winded or breaking a sweat! After they finished jumping rope, my mom and aunt Flo worked on their core muscles by doing 50 sit ups and stomach crunches. Then both my mother and aunt did 50 chin ups on the bar and 50 pushups. Then both my mom and aunt moved over to workout lifting weights, and both my mother and aunt were lifting them like they were professional female body builders, as they pumped out rep after rep of every weight lifting exercise they did, at the same extremely fast speed that they had done earlier jumping rope and their cardio exercises! Whatever strange dream or parallel universe I had fallen into that had sent me back into time to the year 1997, for some strange reason normal logic or time didn't apply here! What might seem like a strangely wrong idea to do in the real world, worked here perfectly well here, and as for time it's self, what might have taken 8 hours to complete in the real world, would only take less then 90 minutes to complete here in my strange dream or parallel universe that I had fallen into! {A GOOD EXAMPLE OF THIS IS!} As I watched both my mother and aunt working out lifting weights, pumping out rep after rep, at an extremely fast speed then physically possible for any human being to do, with each weight lifting exercise both of them did, instead of my mother and aunt slowing down and tiring out as the number of reps they pumped increased, both my mother and aunt Flo seemed to have even more physical energy then before they started working out lifting weights! AND NEITHER ONE OF THEM EVEN GOT WINDED OR BROKE A SWEAT WHATSOEVER! Finally after what only seemed like an hour and a half in the real world, both my mother and aunt completed an entire cardio and upper and lower body weight lifting workout together, which should have taken them at least 8 hours or more to complete, in only 90 minutes in this strange dream, parallel universe I was now in!................As soon as my mother and aunt Flo finished their hyper speed body building workouts, they put down the weights they had both been working out with and just stood there staring at me with both their hands balled into fists which both my mother and aunt Flo held on their muscular hips, while their blue veins pulsated brightly like blue neon lights, as they continued pumping blood to their growing female muscles which were flexing even more wildly now then ever before! As they both continued to just stand there staring at me, I quickly noticed that both my mother's and my aunt Flo's eyes had a very wild crazy look to them, like if they had just been smoking a lot of crack cocaine, and my mother's shoulder length blond hair as well as my aunt Flo's shoulder length raven black hair, was wildly blown out, like someone had teased the hell out of their heads with a comb and a very powerful hair dryer! "You know what time it is Flexibility Flo?" My mother finally asked my aunt as she continued to stare at me with that very wild crazy look in her eyes. "Yea Naughty Natalie I do." My aunt Flo said without taking her eyes off me while she continued staring at me with that same very wild crazy look in them; "It's now time for the two of us to start working out on Tyler for awhile." Then both women quickly walked towards me and as my mother grabbed me under my left arm pit at the same time my aunt Flo grabbed me under my right arm pit and then they both lifted me up till both of my feet were at least six inches in the air. Then both my mother and my aunt Flo escorted me out of our two car detachable garage, across the backyard and into our back door. Once we were inside our kitchen, my mother and aunt Flo continued to carry me across the house and upstairs to my mother's master bedroom...............After the three of us entered my mother's master bedroom, she then locked the door behind us. My aunt Flo ripped all my clothes off, then both women sexually forced themselves on me! As I was pinned on my back laying in the middle of my mother's queen sized bed, both my mother and aunt Flo took turns with me while we all had an oral sex three way! When my mother was sitting on my face for me to eat out her now very strong muscular vagina, my aunt Flo was sucking my raging hard on and drinking my milky cream sperm. Then every so often they would tag team each other and switch places, so I could eat out my aunt Flo's very strong muscular vagina, while my mother was sucking my raging hard on and drinking my milky cream sperm! This continued to go on and on for at least a few hours till I finally ran out of milky cream sperm and passed out from either lack of oxygen or exhaustion, I couldn't tell you which. Then after I had passed out, both my mother and aunt sexually finished off each other by doing the wild 69 dance! End Of Part 1