Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-5

After church services were over as the reverend Thomas Atkins was standing outside the main entrance of the church thanking his small church congregation one member at a time as they exited out of the main doors for coming to church and hearing his sermon. When my grandmother who was wearing a sleeveless floral print dress that beautifully showed off her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular massively huge breasts, arms and calves, finally exited out of the church at the end of the line. As my grandmother thanked reverend for giving a such lovely church sermon, he asked her as his eyes were looking at my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps; "Excuse me Mrs. Miller but I was wondering if you weren't in such a rush to go home after church services today, that you'd help me move some heavy stuff in the church basement. Normally I wouldn't ask a woman to do such heavy work, but with those bulging muscular arms of yours I'm quite sure you could do it very easily." "No problem reverend Atkins, I'd be more then happy to help you." My grandmother said with a smile on her face. "Thank you Mrs. Miller." The reverend replied as he put his left arm around my grandmother's thickly muscular waist and steered her back into the church; "And please feel free to call me Tom by the way." "OK Tom I will as long as you start calling me Doris."...................Once inside the church basement, the reverend who had a secret sexual fetish for powerfully strong muscular women, had my grandmother moving old furniture and heavy boxes back and forth across the basement just so he could watch my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms flex and bulge out from under the heavy weight of what he had her picking up. Finally after a half hour of doing this work which seemed not to be accomplishing anything at all to my grandmother, she put down the heavy metal desk she was carrying above her head and turned to the reverend and said; "You know Tom, if you've so interested in studying my sexy muscular female physique so much, why not just ask me out on a date and then I'll invite you back to my place afterwards." "Would you really go out with me Doris if I asked you?" The reverend asked sounding extremely happy that he might have a chance with my powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular grandmother. "Let me put it this way Tom." My grandmother replied with a large romantic smile on her face and a girlish giggle in her voice, because she had always found the reverend to be a very attractive man as well; "If I invite you back to my place after our date, I could promise you personally that I'd give you one very private flexing and posing show that would lead to a wonderful bout of female muscle worshipping sex that you'd really enjoy." Then both my grandmother and the reverend exchanged phone numbers, before he escorted her back to the main entrance of the church................As my grandmother was opening the driver side door of her pickup a ten year old boy ran up to her and said politely; "Excuse me Mrs. Miller but my I ask you a question." My grandmother turned towards the little boy and said with a warm smile on her face; "Sure you may ask me a question, by the way what is your name?" "My name is Johnny Walker and I was just wondering." Johnny paused while he felt very intimidated talking to this powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular older woman while his two eyes were glued to my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms; "I was just wondering how I could get my own grandma to get big huge muscles like you have." "Why do you want your grandmother to have big huge muscles like I do Johnny?" My grandmother asked the ten year old boy. "Well you see Mrs. Miller." Johnny replied while he was still looking at my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms; "You and my grandma are about the same age, but unlike you my grandma is a very fat, out of shape woman with a large bloated pot belly and two very large flabby arms and legs, who gets out of breath very easily when she walks. So I thought that if she'd meet you and saw how great a physical shape you were in, that my grandma would start working out and build up her muscles also to get into shape." "I'll tell you what Johnny." My grandmother said as she opened up her purse and took out one of her Miller Farm business cards and handed it to him; "Here is my business card with my name, address and phone number on it. Have your grandmother call me if she's interested in working out with me at my farm to get herself into better shape." Then my grandmother bent down in front of Johnny and asked as she flexed her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular right bicep that swelled up as large as a fully inflated basketball with thick blue pencil sized veins pulsating around it; "Johnny would you like to feel how strong and hard my muscles are?" "I SURE WOULD MRS. MILLER!" Johnny said excitedly as he reached out with both his little boy hands to feel my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular basketball sized bicep. "WOW MRS. MILLER!" Johnny said even more excited then before when he felt my grandmother's hugely thick, ripped muscular basketball sized bicep; "IT FEELS LIKE IT'S MADE OUT OF SOLID STEEL!" "Just about Johnny." My grandmother chuckled as she unflexed her hugely thick, ripped muscular right arm while she stood up and started to climb into the driver side of her pickup truck; "I've been pumping a lot of heavy steel weights these past six months to build up these big strong muscles of mine. I must be getting home now, it was nice meeting you Johnny." "You to Mrs. Miller." Johnny said very politely; "I'm going over to my grandma's house now to tell her I met you and to give her your business card. Then I'm going try to talk her into starting to work out with you on your farm, so that she could get into great shape and have big strong muscles like you do." Then after my grandmother and Johnny Walker said their goodbyes, my grandmother drove back to her farm while Johnny ran all the way to his own grandmother's house to try and talk her into working out with Mrs. Miller on her farm....................The following Friday morning after my grandmother and I got up at 5 am, instead of chaining me up with the leather spiked dog collar around my neck, she handed me her gold visa credit card and the keys to her pickup truck. As she gave me her credit card and the keys to her pickup truck, my grandmother gave me very detailed instructions to drive 1,985 miles to a exercise equipment warehouse in Fairfax Virginia that sold custom made steel weight disks which she had already ordered. When I asked her why she didn't just have the company send them over night by FedEx, my grandmother replied; "Do you know how much extra that would cost in shipping charges Jimmy? Besides why should I pay those extra shipping charges to the company when I have a strapping young 22 year old buck like yourself to run and get them for me." As I was driving out the main road of my grandmother's farm to the highway, I passed the school bus that was bring in the forty athletic young, muscular teenage high school girls that were going to workout with my grandmother that day. Unbeknown to me at the time, the reason my grandmother was so interested in getting me away from the farm early Friday morning, was that she knew that I wasn't going to get back from Fairfax Virginia till late the following Saturday afternoon, and that would give her more then enough time to have her daily boxing workout, and then go on a date with the reverend Thomas Atkins that same Friday evening, where she was going to invite him back to her farm house afterwards and rock his world with heavy female muscle worship sex all night long, or as long as the good reverend could sexually hold out!..................It was 8:45 pm when reverend Thomas Atkins pulled his 1979 Chevy Impala in front of my grandmother's farm house with my grandmother sitting in the passenger seat beside him. After the car came to a complete stop and reverend Thomas Atkins shut off the motor, my grandmother said; "Tom that was a lovely dinner we had at that little Italian restaurant downtown tonight, but I'm afraid that it made me go off the strict diet that I'm trying to stay on to get into fighting shape for the next boxing season at; "The Grandmother's Fight Club." When Tom asked my grandmother what the grandmother's fight club was and how she got involved in it, as they were both getting out of the car and climbed the stairs of the porch to enter through the front door of my grandmother's farm house, my grandmother told Tom the entire story about seven months ago needing to lose weight for her health, then starting to exercise with weights, and how she got involved through a friend with the grandmother's fight club, where she met the now late, ex-professional female heavy weight boxing champion Mimi Jackson, and how that meeting in the ring last February led her to get her then out of shape female body, into the powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular one it is now. The only thing my grandmother didn't tell the reverend was how she was using steroids to get so big and strong during her daily weight lifting workouts. "WOW DORIS!" Tom said as he wrapped his two manly arms around my grandmother's thickly muscular waist, while he looked over how the black short sleeveless cocktail dress she was wearing accented my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique quite well; "That's some story on how you transformed yourself from being a fat, flabby over weight woman into a true super woman of steel." My grandmother's powerfully strong, female muscular physique had now grown so hugely thick, and ripped with bulging muscles that everything she wore now looked extremely tight and sexy on her. Not to mention that now every thing my grandmother wore had to be sleeveless as well no matter what the weather outside was, because now any time she tried to wear anything that had short or long sleeves my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms would swell up and rip right through the material of the sleeves! "Now Tom." My grandmother sexually purred as she took the reverend by the hand and led him across the house towards her bedroom; "You bought me dinner tonight and now I'm going to give you muscle worship sex for desert."...................All day Friday I drove for sixteen hours straight from my grandmother's farm in Allentown to Fairfax Virginia, and by the time I got there it was almost 9 pm. I called my grandmother on my cell phone and told her that I couldn't get to that exercise equipment company to pick up her custom ordered steel weight disks till the company opened up at 8 am on Saturday morning. Unbeknown to me that she had the reverend Tom Atkins there at her farm house when I had called her, my grandmother quickly rushed me off the phone by telling me that I should charge a motel room for the night on her credit card, and that picking up her order tomorrow morning was fine, as long as she had the new custom made steel weight disks back at the farm by Monday morning at 5 am. So I got a motel room in Fairfax Virginia for the night and after eating a meal at a local diner, I then went back to the motel room where I had a long distance phone conversation with K.C., and listened to how much more bigger and powerfully stronger she had gotten at the gym recently, then about her plan on how to challenge my grandmother to a boxing match on Labor Day of this year at the grandmother's fight club..................As soon as my grandmother got the reverend Tom Atkins into her bedroom, the sexual purr tone in her voice turned into powerfully strong dominate one; "GET NAKED NOW TOM AND I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT REAL FEMALE MUSCLE WORSHIP SEX IS ALL ABOUT, AND HOW TO PAY RESPECT TO IT!" "Yes Doris." The reverend replied. "FROM NOW ON TO NIGHT TOM WHILE YOU'VE IN MY HOME YOU'LL REFER TO ME AS MISTRESS DORIS, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME THOMAS?" "Yes mistress Doris." The reverend chuckled thinking my grandmother was joking, but to show him that she was being very serious, my grandmother grabbed Tom's head in her two powerfully strong hands and physically manhandled him down to the carpeted bedroom floor. Tom was completely surprised at my grandmother's quick speed and powerful strength for she had completely overwhelmed him and before the reverend knew it, my grandmother was sitting on his manly chest with all her heavy muscular body weight pressing down on him, with his face stuffed between her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular thighs! Watching from his humiliating position with his nose and mouth pressed against my grandmother's now very wet, hairy, muscular vagina, my grandmother picked up two, one hundred pound steel dumbbells that she kept in her bedroom for her early morning pre-weight lifting workouts, and began doing bicep curls for a good 20 minutes straight. After she finally put down the two, one hundred pound steel dumbbells, she then made Tom reach up and feel her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps and forearms with both of his manly hands, as she flexed them. "GO ON THOMAS FEEL THEM! IMAGINE IF YOU WERE IN THE BOXING RING WITH ME AND I HIT YOU HARD WITH THESE TWO FISTS OF MINE THAT ARE AS HARD AS STEEL!" As the reverend laid beneath her with only his eyes visible he thought to himself; "This crazy muscular woman could seriously kill me with her own brute strength if she really wanted too!"...................Tom had never really noticed how big and powerfully strong my grandmother's hugely thick, ripped muscular legs were before, and from his current submissive position they looked even larger then they had from a distance and felt as hard as steel, with dense and immensely powerful hugely thick, ripped muscle solidly packed into them. The reverend then quickly started paying his respect to Mistress Doris without being asked to. So turned on was Tom while he continued to feel my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps and forearms while she flexed them in his two manly hands, my grandmother continued to dominated him by sitting on his face, while Tom worked himself up into such sexual frenzy and lost all self control. Loud sexual moans of appreciation accompanied by powerfully small pelvic thrusts of my grandmother's thick muscular hips, which slowly increased in tempo turned the reverend into a wild sexual beast until my grandmother began thrusting as physically hard as she could with Tom's face extremely deep in her now totally soaked, hairy, thick muscular vagina, then they both climaxed together. My grandmother on Tom's face, and the reverend on my grandmother carpeted bedroom floor!...............Pinned beneath my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular body there was nothing the reverend could do until she finally slid back onto his manly chest where he could do nothing but look up at her in lust of sexual desire, as he asked her still so excitedly sexually stimulated; "Was it as great for you Doris, as it was for me?" "It was alright Tom." My grandmother replied sounding more less sexually excited then she should have been; "But it wasn't as good as I thought it could have been. You did the best you could Tom it was only natural under the circumstances. You had a healthy male response to a very fit, powerfully strong muscular woman." Then my grandmother released the reverend from the powerfully strong grip, of her two hugely thick, ripped muscular thighs, and as she invited the reverend to sit on the edge of the queen sized bed next to her my grandmother said; "Tom you've a very nice man and I'd like to thank you for a lovely evening, but tonight is only going to be a one night sexual fling with us. The truth is that I'm in love with someone else who's really the man of my dreams, and it was really him who I was thinking about when you were busy going done sexually on me." "But Doris." The reverend protested; "If you have another man in your life why did you go out tonight with me on a date, then bring me back to your home to have wild female muscle worship sex with me?" "Well Tom." My grandmother replied; I was lonely tonight because my true love is out of town this weekend on private business for me and it was a chance to get a free meal out of you, which I paid you back by letting you give me oral sex." "BUT DORIS!" The reverend said now sounding very upset that he was losing the muscular woman of his dreams; "Is this other man who's your true love a decent man?" "Yes he is Tom." My grandmother answered with deep pride; "Because I raised him to be. It's getting quite late now Tom so please get dressed and leave because I need to go to sleep and get my rest. I have to get up at 5 am tomorrow morning for my daily boxing workout with a school bus of athletic high school girls." The reverend then got dressed and left my grandmother's farm house.................Being that it was a three day holiday weekend to celebrate the fourth of July when my grandmother sent me down to Fairfax Virginia to pick up her custom ordered steel weight disks from the exercise equipment company, and the traffic all over was packed with people going away for the holiday weekend, I didn't get back to my grandmother's farm till 9 pm Saturday night. As I drove her pickup loaded down in it's truck bed with these twelve huge steel weight disks towards the barn, I noticed that the barn doors were open and the lights were lit inside. As soon as I shut off the pickup trucks motor and got out and stretched from such a long drive, I heard the familiar loud metal clanging sound of steel weights coming from inside the barn. My grandmother had been lifting weights four times a day, six days a week for the past six months straight and by now she had  gotten so freaking huge, it was starting to get more then a little scary just being around her! As I looked into the barn by now it didn't surprise me any more seeing my grandmother's powerfully strong, freakishly huge, ripped muscular female physique lifting hundreds of pounds of steel weights, but my jaw dropped when I saw how my grandmother was dressed! My grandmother was wearing a light blue sports bra that barely covered her massively huge muscular breasts, and a very tight matching light blue thong! These were clothes that I'd never thought I'd see on my 63 year old grandmother, for she used to be so demure and decent on how she dressed for a woman of her own age................With her powerfully strong, freakishly huge, ripped muscular female physique, there was so much creamy white, muscular flesh to display that I didn't know what to look at first. My grandmother had her powerfully strong, freakishly huge, ripped muscular back towards me while doing bicep curls with four hundred pounds of steel weight disks on each side of her barbell. For a moment I thought that I had walked in on a much younger woman working out lifting weights, and hoped that my grandmother changed her mind and hired K.C. come back to be her farm manager. But who else could that freakishly huge, ripped muscular female physique belong to with the raven black hair styled behind her ears and down to her freakishly huge, ripped muscular shoulders, with a sparse fringe on top that my grandmother now normally wore her hair, to make herself look even younger then her 63 years of age for my benefit. Yet my grandmother's skin was so smooth, firm, and youthful looking as it shined with healthy muscle tone and a fine sheen of perspiration on her creamy white skin. My grandmother's two very broad and powerful looking shoulders with their freakishly huge, thick ripped slabs of dense muscle down the center of her back, which also formed the two steep slopes of her freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular trap muscles from her neck to her shoulders. The huge girth of my grandmother's thickly ripped lats created such a dramatic hour glass figure as they flowed steeply into my grandmother's now narrower muscular waist. Although in reality my grandmother's muscular waist was still quite larger then most women's were, before it flowed out to her two wide thickly muscular hips and into her very ample, thickly muscular, bubble shaped rear end. My grandmother's ample thickly muscular, bubble shaped rear end resembled two solid steely sized bowling balls. Then as she bent forward to put down the eight hundred pound steel barbell that she had been doing bicep curls with, those two solid steely sized bowling ball buttocks thrust out forwards towards me. "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself as I couldn't help the strong growth of an erection in my jeans from this sight, for they were the sexiest, hardest, and most muscular buttocks that I've ever seen on any woman before in my entire young life! Yes they were not only two overly ample steely sized bowling balls, but they were also extremely round, hard, that the back of her tiny light blue thong was indecently scanty, barely a strip of light blue material that became wedged up the ass crack between her two, steely sized bowling ball, bubble shaped buttocks, showing them off in full bloom! I then saw the defined hugely thick, ripped muscles on my grandmother's inner thighs and the long strong hills of her defined hugely thickly, ripped muscular hamstrings running up and down the back of her legs. {AND WHAT A VIEW THAT WAS!}...................Then my grandmother looked over her freakishly huge, ripped muscular right shoulder and saw me standing at the open barn door watching her working out lifting weights, she said with a warm smile on her face; "Oh Jimmy I'm glad you've finally back from Fairfax Virginia. I was so busy doing my last weight lifting workout for the week that I didn't hear you drive up. Now that you've back with my new custom steel weight disks we could unload them so I could finish my weight lifting workout." "No problem D.J." I replied; "But these new steel weight disks that you've custom ordered are extremely heavy and a man with a folk lift had to load them on to the back of your pickup truck for me." "I'm quite sure Jimmy with these big strong female muscles." My grandmother said almost like she was bragging about herself as she flexed her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular left bicep, that swelled up as large as a fully inflated basketball in size, with thick blue pencil sized veins pulsating around it; "That I could easily unload and carry them into the barn by myself." AND SHE DID! My grandmother easily carried four huge, extremely heavy custom made steel weight disks from the pickup, and straight into the barn by herself, till they were all unloaded from the back of her pickup truck. After she installed the new custom made steel weight disks to her barbells and dumbbells, my grandmother continued to do her last weight lifting workout for the week, and she even invited me to stay and be her towel boy so I could wipe off the sweat on her powerfully strong, hugely thickly, ripped muscular female physique every so often, AND I QUICKLY JUMPED AT THE CHANCE TO DO THAT! End Of Part 5

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To All My Friends Who Love Reading My Muscular Women Stories!

I'd love to know about your secret muscular female fetishes in great detail, and how it would, or wouldn't workout for you in your fantasies with the muscular woman of your dreams. Whatever they are about your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, wife, girl friend, school teacher, female neighbor, or any other woman you could think of in your life. They could be either older or younger women then your self, age doesn't matter. What matters is the reason why they wanted to start working out and building up their bodies with hugely thick female muscularity, and how it's changed every one's life around them. Please e-mail your secret muscular female fetishes to me at:, and if they've great muscular female fetish ideas, they may end up in a future story of mine. Hope to hear from you soon Stew  

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The Grandmother's Fight Club!-4

"JIMMY! K.C.! I KNOW YOU'VE BOTH IN THERE TOGETHER! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW BEFORE I BREAK IT DOWN!" My grandmother howled in her heavy steroid rage! "GO AWAY D.J.!" K.C. said trying to sound as brave as she could in front of me; "JIMMY AND I AREN'T GOING TO STOP SEEING EACH OTHER BECAUSE YOU SAY SO YOU OLD CROW!" That was all it took for my grandmother's heavy steroid rage to kick into high gear and then there was an extremely loud exploding sound as my grandmother used all her strength to punch in the front door of K.C.'s cottage! As soon as she was inside my grandmother ran into the bedroom and with her two powerfully strong hands grabbed K.C. by her long brown shoulder length hair, pulling her out of bed and dragging her into the living room, with me following quickly behind yelling; "D.J. PLEASE DON'T HURT K.C.!" SHUT UP JIMMY AND JUST SIT ON THE SOFA AND WATCH WHILE I SHOW THE BOTH OF YOU WHAT I'D DO TO ANY OTHER WOMAN WHO'D TRY TO FUCK MY GRANDSON WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!" My grandmother howled in full swing of her current steroid rage, while she continued dragging K.C. by her hair to a recliner across the room from where I was sitting on the sofa. Before I knew what was going on, my grandmother sat down in the recliner with K.C. sitting on the floor in front of her, then shoved K.C.'s face right between my grandmother's massive legs, by her powerfully strong right hand!...............K.C.'s head was all but swallowed up by my grandmother's hugely thick muscular thighs and looked very small in comparison. Then I saw my grandmother's two powerfully strong hands push on the back of K.C.'s head, pushing her face firmly into my grandmother's thickly muscular vagina while she ordered K.C. to start licking and sucking her off as hard as K.C. could physically do! "What a strange and cruel punishment was this? K.C. wasn't a lesbian or bisexual, WAS SHE?" I had to ask myself as I continued watching this scene unfold before me. My grandmother looked so strong and dominant as she sat with K.C. at her feet with her face smothered into my grandmother's thickly muscular vagina, with her hugely thick muscular thighs almost completely covering K.C.'s entire head. "AW THAT FEELS SO GOOD K.C. KEEP LICKING AND SUCKING ME HARDER TILL I ORGASM!" My grandmother said as she tilted her head back while she momentarily closed her eyes with a very blissful expression on her lips. I had a great idea what K.C. was doing under there and had a feeling it was making her sick. It was very scary to watch my girl friend sucking off my grandmother's vagina to get her off but yet very erotic at the same time too, and I started having another even larger erection in my jeans as I continued to watch!..............As I continued watching my grandmother's two massively firm, thickly ripped muscular weight trained thighs swallow K.C. up while it squeezed her head so hard, that K.C. squealed and cried out in shear pain. Then just when I thought my grandmother was going to break K.C.'s thick muscular neck, she opened her two massively firm, thickly ripped, muscular weight trained thighs, and K.C. fell to the floor breathing heavy trying to get as much oxygen in her lungs as possible. "Now K.C." My grandmother said as she stood up in front of K.C. and looked down at her still laying on the floor. Then as she took an envelop out from between her two massively huge muscular tits and dropped it on the floor by K.C.'s face, my grandmother said; "That's two week wages for you K.C. and your services are no longer required as my farm manager. I want you out of my cottage, away from my grandson, and off my farm by 5 am tomorrow morning." Then my grandmother's face turned a bright red in anger as she said; "AND I NEVER WANT YOU TO GO NEAR MY GRANDSON JIMMY AGAIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME K.C.?" "Yes D.J." K.C. replied sounding very humiliated and broken as she slowly picked up the envelop and looked over at me, and when her eyes met mine they said; "I will get even with that old muscular bitch and win you back my some how darling." Then she picked herself up off the floor and headed towards the bedroom to get dressed and pack her belongings. "NOW JIMMY!" My grandmother said with a very strong dominant tone in her voice; "YOU'VE COMING HOME WITH ME RIGHT NOW TO HAVE EVEN BETTER MUSCLE WORSHIP SEX, THEN YOU COULD EVER POSSIBLY HAVE WITH THAT WHORE K.C.!" Then my grandmother picked me up and put me over her left, thickly ripped, muscular bowling ball sized shoulder, and carried me like a fifty pound sack of flour all the way back to her farm house!..............As soon as we got back to my grandmother's farm house and she'd carried me into her bedroom, my grandmother sat on the foot of her queen size bed after she'd gotten completely naked while looking directly at me. As she sat on the foot of the bed naked her two massively firm, thickly ripped, muscular weight trained thighs momentarily flexed and hardened with her anger. My grandmother's face was stern while she placed her two powerfully strong hands on her hips, in that universal gesture of female displeasure of men. "OK JIMMY!" My grandmother said in the same very strong dominant tone in her voice that she had used on me back at K.C.'s cottage; "IT'S NOW TIME FOR YOU TO GO BETWEEN MY HUGELY THICK, RIPPED MUSCULAR THIGHS TO SHOW ME SOME RESPECT AND LICK AND SUCK MY MUSCULAR VAGINA!" Then as my grandmother opened up her massively firm, thickly ripped, muscular weight trained legs, she said; "THIS WILL TEACH YOU JIMMY TO RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!".................My grandmother's legs were as strong as hell! Although they had bulked up to that size due to my grandmother once being so greatly out of shape and over weight, they must have gotten quite strong by now due to all the running and weight lifting she had been doing these past six months. Six months of running and weight training had really firmed and sculpted them up with dense shapely curves of solid, hugely thick ripped muscle. Nervously I knelt before my grandmother's wide open, massively firm, thickly ripped, muscular legs. It looked like a high walled canyon which I didn't want to enter. Then before I could object with both of her powerfully strong hands, my grandmother pushed the back of my head in. My mouth was now forced up against her slick hairy patch so I could lick and suck her muscular vagina!..............Then all of a sudden the walls of her huge, leggy canyon closed in  and a terrifying strong pressure enveloped my head. I was completely helpless, stuck fast with my lips pushed up against her thick muscular vagina. "LICK AND SUCK IT JIMMY!" My grandmother said in that same very strong dominant tone; "MAKE YOUR D.J. A VERY HAPPY MUSCLE WOMAN!" I heard my grandmother's muffled voice because my ears were mashed against the sides of my head, by the insides of her massively firm, thickly ripped, muscular thighs! Finally after twenty minutes of licking and sucking her muscular vagina as physically hard as I could to sexually please her, my grandmother opened up her two massively firm, thickly ripped muscular thighs, and I fell back onto the carpeted bedroom floor with an absolute major headache, while my cheeks and jaw were stiff and aching, but I still had a raging hard on as well! "OK Jimmy you've learned your lesson, and I'm quite sure you'll never cheat on me again with another muscular woman." My grandmother said to me in a now very loving affectionate tone, as she gently picked me up and laid me on my back on her queen sized bed, before she mounted me between her two massively firm, thickly ripped muscular thighs, while injecting my huge erection into her thickly ripped muscular vagina. Then my grandmother rode me like a busting bronco faster and faster, harder and harder till we both climaxed together eleven times straight! "AW JIMMY THAT WAS FREAKING FANTASTIC!" My grandmother said as she started spooning me in her two hugely thick, ripped muscular arms; "Now tell me the truth honey, can that muscular whore K.C. get you off that many times in one night?" "No she couldn't D.J." I lied to my grandmother because K.C. and I have both climaxed together twelve times in one night together...............The next morning when my grandmother's alarm clock went off at 5 am, she jumped out of bed naked and while flexing both of her massively thick, ripped muscular biceps said in a very cheerful tone; "IT'S TIME TO PUMP ME UP, EVEN BIGGER AND EVEN MORE STRONGER, THEN I WAS YESTERDAY!" "Good morning D.J." I yawned as I pulled back the blankets and tried to get out of bed. After I stood up I then realized that I had a thick leather dog collar with metal studs on it around my neck, which was attached to a heavy chain that just gave me enough distance to go from the bedroom to the bathroom. "WHAT THE HELL D.J.?" I said sounding very upset being chained up like a dog. My grandmother just looked at me and said matter of fact; "After last night Jimmy when I found out that you were cheating on me with K.C., I decided to start chaining you up like a dog every day while there are other younger muscular women on the farm helping me with my daily weight lifting and boxing workouts. After all Jimmy if I couldn't trust you with only K.C. around, what makes you think that I could trust you with at least 40 even young muscular athletic women around?" "Other younger muscular women D.J.?" I asked. "You got that right Jimmy but you've never going to see them any more then they are going to see you." My grandmother said as she started getting dressed in a tank top and a pair of gym shorts; "Since I've gotten rid of K.C., I made a phone call to an old friend of mine June Cleaver, who's the female gym teacher at your old high school. June will be sending me a school bus load of athletic muscular high school girls every day to help me continue my daily weight lifting and boxing workouts and while they've here on the farm, I'm keeping you locked up and hidden from them while they've here doing the day." While my grandmother brought me breakfast in the bedroom we heard a school bus pull up outside. "OH GOOD!" My grandmother said with a wink; "My young muscular women are here to help train me. Let's see how many of these younger muscular athletic young women could out lift and out box this muscular old lady in the ring today." Then my grandmother left me in the bedroom alone eating my breakfast while she went out to start her daily workout program with a loaded school bus of athletic muscular teenage women. I tried to look out the bedroom window that looked out towards the barn but my grandmother was one step ahead of me. My grandmother not only nailed all the bedroom windows shut, but she also covered them all with tin foil from the outside so I couldn't see anything at all!................Even though I couldn't see anything from where I was chained up like a dog in my grandmother's bedroom, I could still hear what was going on outside. My grandmother started her daily body building, and boxing workout doing push ups, sit ups, stomach crunches, and pull ups in the barn yard with all forty young muscular athletic muscular high school girls that came off the school bus to workout with her. Then my grandmother piled all forty muscular athletic high school girls into the buckboard with two of them sitting in the front seat. While the muscular high school girl on the left drove and steered my grandmother by the reins, the one on the right fed her a half a pound of steroid pills and a gallon of spinach juice through the funnel attached to the hose that was clamped into my grandmother's mouth every second mile she ran. Being that the buckboard was now even heavier to pull then it was before because it was now loaded up with forty muscular young high school girls, it made my grandmother's workout even harder by her having to accelerate her running speed even faster to pull the additional weight of the buckboard. But my grandmother finished in the same amount of time with her daily buckboard run as she'd normally have do with me..................Then as my grandmother invited all forty athletic muscular high school girls into the barn with her to assist and workout lifting weights with her, for the rest of the day I heard a lot of girlish giggles in between the metal clanging sound of steel weights being lifted. While two young muscular athletic high school girls would stand there to spot my grandmother with the heavy weights she was lifting, two more athletic muscular high school girls would be wiping down the heavy sweat of my grandmother's hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique, while another athletic muscular high school girl would pour another half a pound of steroid pills and a gallon of spinach juice down her throat, through the funnel attached to a hose that was clamped into my grandmother's mouth. While these five young athletic muscular high school girls worked as my grandmother's body building pit crew team, a sixth young athletic muscular high school girl would go down between my grandmother's hugely thick, ripped muscular legs and start sucking her muscular vagina. My grandmother was never bisexual or ever attracted to women in her entire life, but with this sixth athletic muscular high school girl going down on her muscular vagina, it gave my grandmother even more power and strength to pump out each rep she lifted and it made her so freaking horny by the end of her daily workouts, that when she came back to the farm house my grandmother very badly wanted TO FUCKED MY BRAINS OUT, for two hours straight every night! As strange as this must have all seemed to you, my grandmother was coming back each night at least an inch or two larger in female muscularity and girth, then when she had left that morning to workout with those athletic muscular high school girls. This would go on six days a week for the rest of the summer and into the fall while my grandmother kept me chained up in her bedroom during the day while she had her daily workout program with those forty athletic muscular high school girls!.................."MOM!" Terry Jackson yelled over the loud metal clanging sound, as she entered her mother's home gym and saw her mother's face was turning a dark beet red while she was pushing herself extremely hard, pumping out bicep curls with two, five hundred pound steel dumbbells at an extremely fast pace. "YES TERRY, WHAT IS IT? CAN'T YOU SEE I'M A LITTLE BUSY RIGHT NOW!" Mimi Jackson grunted loudly over the heavy metal clanging sound as she continued working out her two freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps. "Mom did you take your heart medication this morning? You know what the doctor said about you not taking it after your last heart attack." Terry said sounding very worried about her mother's health; "And do you really need to workout lifting weights so damn hard? After all mom you've a professional ex-female fighter and this Doris Miller is just an armature and I'm sure you could easily knock her out by the second round. As she continued pumping up her two freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps even harder then before, Mimi Jackson grunted out over the loud metal clanging sound of those two, five hundred pound steel dumbbells; "YES HONEY I DID! BUT I'M NOT GOING TO UNDER ESTIMATE DORIS MILLER. SHE HAS GOTTEN VERY BIG AND MUSCULAR IN THE PAST SIX MONTHS, AND I'M GOING TO WORKOUT AS HARD AS I HAVE TOO, TO GET MYSELF BACK INTO MY OLD PROFESSIONAL FIGHTING SHAPE TO TAKE HER DOWN BY THE SECOND ROUND!" "Ok mom." Terry said knowing how stubborn her mother was, and that there was no way she could talk her out of taking it a little easier in her boxing training workouts...............While her mother was busy training extremely hard in her home gym, Terry Jackson would dive out to the Miller farm around three pm every day and stand in the crowd that watched my grandmother sparing with the athletic muscular high school girls in the homemade boxing ring outside behind the barn. "DAMN!" Terry Jackson thought to herself one day while she saw how fast and hard my grandmother could throw punches; "Mom was right! this Doris Miller was going to be a lot tougher competition in the boxing ring then we had thought. She had already knocked out four women who were at least forty five years younger then she was!" Then Terry started worrying about her mother's heart condition because of the heart attack she had three years ago, Mimi Jackson had to retire and give up her title as a professional female boxer. Then Terry Jackson had an idea. She thought that if she'd approach Doris Miller and told her about her mother's heart condition, Doris Miller would agree to call off the boxing rematch and possibly settle for an arm wrestling match between her and Mimi Jackson instead, but my grandmother's reply was; "NO FUCKING WAY TERRY! FOR THE PAST SIX MONTHS I'VE BEEN WORKING OUT EXTREMELY HARD LIKE A SLAVE BUILDING UP MY MUSCLES AND TURNING MYSELF INTO A LEAN MEAN, FEMALE FIGHTING MACHINE FOR A BOXING REMATCH WITH YOUR MOTHER! AND THE ONLY WAY THIS BOXING REMATCH BETWEEN ME AND HER DOESN'T HAPPEN BETWEEN US, IS IF MIMI JACKSON ADMITS THAT SHE COULDN'T BEAT ME IN THE BOXING RING A SECOND TIME!" Terry left that day worrying even more about her mother's heart condition, because she knew her mother was too stubborn, and would never admit to not being able to beat Doris Miller in the boxing ring a second time. The fight would be on next February and Terry only hoped that her mother's bad heart could handle it!..............Two months later on the very same day that my grandmother was having a conversation with Mimi Jackson's daughter Terry outside in the barnyard, while I was chained up in my grandmother's bedroom waiting for her to finish her daily weight lifting and boxing workouts, and come home and unchain me for the night, I got a very interesting phone call on my cell phone. It was 3:15 pm that same afternoon while Terry Jackson was trying to talk my grandmother out of the boxing rematch with her mother because of Mimi Jackson's heart condition, that my cell phone rang with a phone number I didn't know. I quickly picked up the phone and answered it; "Hello?" "Hey stranger long time no see sexy." K.C.'s voice said. "Hi K.C. how have you been?" I asked looking around to make sure my grandmother wasn't around to hear me talking to K.C. on the phone. "I'm doing great Jimmy. How's D.J. doing with her weight lifting and boxing workouts?" K.C. replied with a lot of loud metal clanging sound coming from the back ground on her side of the conversation. "Great K.C." I said; "D.J. working out even harder then before with an entire school bus load of athletic muscular teenage girls from the Allentown High School. By the way K.C., what's that loud metal clanging sound in the back ground? Did you get a job at the local steel mill downtown?" "NAW!" K.C. chuckled because she couldn't wait to tell me her good news; "I've joined a gym and hired myself a personal trainer and a professional boxing coach Jimmy who have been training me very hard seven days a week, for the past two months straight, and I've already gained another fifty pounds of muscular weight. Two months ago your grandmother might have been bigger and stronger then I was, but not so much now. After that night in the cottage where she almost crushed my head between her two massively strong, thickly ripped muscular legs, right before she ran me off because we were seeing each other, I decided that I was going to get myself into extremely great muscular physical shape, and challenge her to a boxing match for your hand in marriage." "THAT"S GREAT K.C." I said; "But what if you lose and D.J. knocks you out?" "Oh Jimmy my future little husband. Do you really think that training hard enough will help me win a boxing match with D.J.?" K.C. chuckled; "My boxing coach had sent a spy out to your farm that stands in the crowd that watches D.J. boxing those high school girls. This spy who we'll leave nameless, video records everyone of D.J.'s practice boxing matches, so I could see exactly how she throws a punch. D.J. always throws two rights, one left, then two rights. Even though I'm also right handed my boxing coach is training me to throw my punches, two lefts, one right, then two lefts, the opposite of D.J. The reason for that is D.J. will miss hitting me more with each punch she throws and it will tire her out even faster, then I come in for the knock out." Then K.C. said laughingly;  "And by the time D.J. finally recovers from being knocked out by me in the boxing ring, we'll practically be married." "That's great K.C." I said; "But when are you going to challenge my grandmother to a boxing match and fight for my hand in marriage?" "This Labor Day Jimmy which is only two weeks away." K.C. replied with a very serious tone in her voice; "But whatever you do Jimmy don't tell D.J. that we had this conversation about me going to challenge her in the boxing ring, to fight her to win your hand in marriage. Wait till after I contact her and she tells you about it, OK?" "OK K.C." I said. "OK Jimmy I got to go now and do another full body weight lifting session in the weight room, LOVE YOU! Bye." Then K.C. hung up................."MOM I'M BACK FROM DORIS MILLER'S FARM." Terry Jackson said as she entered through the front door and walked across their large house to her mother's home gym. As Terry entered her mother's home gym, she said to her mother who had her back to Terry  while laying on the weight bench holding a very heavy steel barbell across her chest, that had six hundred pounds of steel weight disks on each side; "Mom I tried talking to Doris Miller about why I felt the two of you shouldn't have that boxing rematch next February, after all your doctor did tell you to give up boxing altogether. But that stupid old muscular cunt wouldn't listen to reasoning. Doris Miller would only agree not to have that boxing rematch with you, as long as you were willing to forfeit and let her win by default. Isn't that really petty of her mom? Mom? MOM?" Then Terry Jackson realized that there wasn't any loud metal clanging sound coming from where her mother was laying on the weight bench, because her mother wasn't bench pressing the heavy steel barbell up and down, she was just laying there with it across her mighty muscular breasted chest. Terry quickly ran over to where her mother was laying on her weight bench with the heavy twelve hundred pound steel barbell across her chest, and when she bent down to listen to her mother's mighty muscular breasted chest, Terry couldn't hear either her mother's breathing or her mother's heart beat! Then Terry quickly called 911 and reported that her mother had another heart attack. As soon as they got Mimi Jackson to the emergency room at the hospital, she was pronounced dead on the spot from a major heart attack. Earlier when Terry was over at my grandmother's farm trying to talk her out of the boxing rematch with her mother, because of Mimi Jackson's current heart condition, Mimi Jackson was pushing herself too hard trying to bench press twelve hundred pounds of steel, and during her sixteenth set of reps, Mimi Jackson's already damaged heart exploded in her chest from a major heart attack!................The following Sunday morning while my grandmother and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast before she went to church, as she was reading about Mimi Jackson's death in the obituaries, she said out loud not sounding too happy about the situation; "OH THAT'S JUST FUCKING GREAT! I'VE SPENT ALMOST NINE MONTHS STRAIGHT WORKING OUT HARD BUILDING UP THIS VERY IMPRESSIVE HUGE FEMALE MUSCULAR PHYSIQUE OF MINE TO BECOME A MEAN, LEAN POWERFULLY STRONG FEMALE FIGHTING MACHINE FOR A BOXING REMATCH WITH MIMI JACKSON, AND THAT FUCKING BITCH DROPS DEAD OF A MAJOR HEART ATTACK JUST SIX MONTHS BEFORE WE GET INTO THE RING TOGETHER!" "Well D.J. I've always appreciated how hard you've been working out these past nine months and I love to worship and make love to your fantastic female muscularity." I said trying to make my grandmother feel better about herself and how hard she'd been working out all these past nine months. "Yea well thanks Jimmy." My grandmother said still sounding a little more depressed that she wasn't going to have a second chance in the boxing ring with Mimi Jackson; "But just having sex with you and your huge erection isn't enough incentive to keep me working out as hard as I've been these past nine months, and let's face it Jimmy I've become a slave to working out for this huge muscular female physique of mine. If I stop working out now it'll all turn back into soft flabby, blubbery fat." But later on that same afternoon, my grandmother would get an even bigger incentive to continue working out, then her boxing rematch with Mimi Jackson. End Of part 4

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-3

After spending the evening at K.C.'s cottage where I had very rough female muscle, worship sex with her, I then fell asleep while she was spooning me in her two dark tanned powerfully strong, thickly ripped muscular arms, until I finally woke up the next morning at 4:15 am. I then quickly got dressed because neither K.C. or I wanted my grandmother to find out that we had spent the night together, and I ran all the way up the dirt road from her cottage to my grandmother's farm house. It was 4:30 am in the morning as I quietly sneaked in through the front door, I could still hear my grandmother snoring loudly down the hall as I thought to myself; "Thank god she's still asleep." Then I quietly walked down the hallway and entered my grandmother's bedroom, got undressed and climbed underneath the covers and laid next to her. By the time I finally fell asleep, I might have gotten about fifteen minutes of sleep before her alarm clock went off at 5 am! "RISE AND SHINE JIMMY." My grandmother said cheerfully as she jumped out of bed; "IT'S TIME TO PUMP ME UP, BIGGER, STRONGER, AND INTO EVEN BETTER SHAPE THEN I WAS YESTERDAY!" "Right behind you D.J." I said as I lifted my tired body out of bed.................After being up almost all night with K.C., I was tired as hell and couldn't wait till my grandmother finished her morning exercises and her daily run with the buckboard, which I rode on while force feeding her a half a pound of steroid pills and a gallon of spinach juice every two miles. When we finally finished my grandmother's daily run with the buckboard, K.C. showed up looking very refreshed and rested from the night before, and said sounding very cheerful; "Hello guys. D.J. are you ready for your daily weight lifting workout?" "Sure am K.C." My grandmother replied; "But starting today I want you to push me even harder then before in the amount of reps and weights I've been lifting before. I also want you to be a lot more aggressive with our sparing matches in the homemade boxing ring as well." "Whatever you say D.J. you've the boss." Then after my grandmother and K.C. locked themselves in the barn to start my grandmother's daily weight lifting session, I headed to the farm house and had a three hour nap............Three hours later I just woke up in time to work the bell and timer while both my grandmother and K.C. practiced their sparing in the homemade boxing ring outside in the back of the barn. As I watched both my grandmother and K.C. throwing punches at each other in the boxing ring, unlike yesterday my grandmother was throwing more powerful harder punches at K.C., and at least five times my grandmother hit K.C. so hard that she was knocked off her own two feet, but every time K.C. got up and continued fighting my grandmother. K.C. was also throwing even more powerful harder punches at my grandmother, who got knocked down quite a few times as well! Two hours later as they were boxing their last round, both my grandmother and K.C. were fighting each other so hard, that they were both seriously beating the shit out of each other! After the last bell rang ending their boxing round, they again shook hands as they both agreed that they had an even better boxing match together, then they had yesterday. As K.C. said goodbye to us and left to walk over to her cottage and I left with my grandmother to head towards her farm house, I noticed how bruised and beaten up both women really were, and something told me that they had been fighting each other for real that afternoon! I had learned from K.C. last night while we laid in bed spooning each other, that the conversation she was having with my grandmother yesterday as they were leaving the barn and walking towards the homemade boxing ring was about me. My grandmother didn't think that K.C. was good enough for me, her only grandson, and K.C. told my grandmother that she really liked me, and in time was going to prove my grandmother was wrong in more ways then one on that matter! Little did I know at the time, but that conversation yesterday between them started a very competitively jealous contest between the both of them, on who would become the true powerfully strong muscular female goddess of my dreams!................In the following days as their very competitively jealous contest continued to grow between them, both my grandmother and K.C. agreed together to start letting me sit in on their daily weight lifting workouts, so they could both impress me on how much stronger one woman was over the other one! Both my grandmother and K.C. took turns spotting each other while the other one was lifting weights, and my grandmother would always add at least another 75 to 100 pounds more of steel weights then K.C. could already lift, just to show me how much more of powerfully strong muscle woman she was over K.C.! But as much as K.C. struggled like hell lifting even heavier weight then she was used to working out with, she didn't give up and pumped out as many sets of reps that my grandmother dared her to do! K.C. on the other hand continued to double then triple the amount of weights and sets of reps my grandmother was lifting as well, just to show me how much more of a younger more powerfully strong muscle woman she was over my own grandmother. Both women were so stubborn against admitting that the other one was pushing them too hard lifting weights, that they both continued working out pumping iron till they were both ready to collapse from shear exhaustion! Then as painful and as swollen as their two thickly ripped, muscular female physiques were, they still managed to get into the homemade boxing ring behind the barn, and seriously fight each other during my grandmother's practice boxing matches! Both my grandmother and K.C. were now so blind with their very competitively jealous rage for each other to prove who was the Alpha muscular female on the farm, that it never dawned on either my grandmother or K.C., that they were helping each other get into the best physical shape of their female lives!...............I wasn't home more then two weeks before word spread across the county like wild fire about my 63 year old grandmother Doris J. Miller training for a boxing rematch, with 62 year old ex-professional heavy weight female boxing champion Mimi Jackson. Every day around 3 pm cars started driving up to the Miller Farm bring crowds of local people to watch my grandmother and K.C. fighting in the homemade boxing ring behind the barn. One day even a news van from Fox News came to the farm and my grandmother was interviewed, where she now publicly challenged Mimi Jackson to a boxing rematch at the Browns Mills Civic Center on February 2ND, 1985, just one year later after their first boxing match. Then my own grandmother started talking trash about what she'd do to Mimi Jackson, that was if Mimi Jackson was still woman enough to get back in the ring with her now! Then my grandmother went into a full muscular body pose, swelling up her entire thickly ripped, muscular female physique even more to make her point!..............."HOLY COW MOM!" Terry Jackson said to her mother as they were watching the evening new on Fox while eating dinner. "Isn't that the old lady you had a boxing match with last February at the grandmother's fight club, over at the Browns Mills Civic Center?" "Yea it is honey and her name is Doris J. Miller." Mimi Jackson replied to her daughter; "I only entered the grandmother's fight club as a joke and wanted to playfully foxy box with them and maybe show those women a few boxing moves, but the minute I got into the ring with Doris J. Miller she started talking trash about me, and I lost my temper and seriously beat the hell out of her! I've always felt bad about what had happened that day, but now after seeing that woman talk trash about me on national television, I'm going to except Doris J. Miller's rematch boxing challenge, and this time I'M GOING TO BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER, AND MAKE HER REGRET THE DAY SHE EVER MET MIMI JACKSON!" Mimi said as she slammed her hugely thick muscular right arm down hard on her kitchen table and cracked it in half. "But mom this woman looks serious and she had put on a great deal of muscular weight in the past six months. She might be tougher competition this time in the ring then you think." "Doris must be using steroids to have gotten that big and muscular in only six months. All that muscular weight she had put on to make herself look bigger and stronger is only what we used to call in the gym show muscle. When I started in boxing twenty two years ago I worked out like slave in the gym lifting weights and it took me at least two years to build up that much female muscle on my own female physique without the use of steroids. To this day I've never used steroids and that's why my female muscularity is rock solid, where as Doris is show muscles I'm pretty sure they are very watery and soft, and I bet I could still take her down in the first round." The next day K.C. got a phone call at the farm manager's office from Mimi Jackson's daughter Terry, who told K.C. that her mother would except the boxing rematch challenge from Doris J. Miller on February 2ND 1985 at the Brown Mills Civic Center!.....................My grandmother was training ten and a half hours from 5am to 5:30pm, six days a week Monday to Saturday, while taking Sundays off to go to church and spend the rest of the day with me, so I could make love and worship my grandmother's hugely thick ripped, muscular female physique. I saw my true love K.C. every Monday to Saturday evening, while my grandmother was sound asleep from those sleeping pills she was using. For awhile I thought I had a really good thing going being able to make love to and muscle worship two hugely thick, ripped muscular women, that was until my grandmother found out about it, then all hell broke loose on the farm that night!...................The night after my grandmother challenged Mimi Jackson to a boxing rematch next February at the Browns Mills Civic Center, As K.C. and I were snuggling together after another great female muscular worshipping and love making session, we had the T.V. on in her bedroom tuned on to Fox News. I wasn't paying as much attention to the T.V. as I was paying most of my attention  to K.C., till a news story about Mimi Jackson came on. When I turned my full attention to the T.V., I saw an extremely powerfully built, freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular woman of 62 years of age say to a T.V. new reporter who was interviewing her; "Yes Jim I accept Doris J. Miller's boxing rematch at the Brown Mills Civic Center on February 2ND 1985. My fight promoter and manager Terry Jackson had already been in touch with Mrs. Miller's fight manager Karen Clark to set up all the details of our up coming boxing rematch next February." And as Mimi Jackson put up her two large fists that looked even larger up close like two steel sledge hammer heads, Mimi Jackson said; "In fact not only will I personally granintee that I will beat Mrs. Miller again in the boxing ring this February at the Brown Mills Civic Center, but I will also put up my own money and pay Mrs. Miller the sum of $100,000.00 if she could beat me and knock me out within any of our four, five minute boxing rounds of our up coming boxing rematch. Then she looked directly at the T.V. camera and said sounding very deranged with a crazy wild look in her eyes; "AND THIS TIME DORIS I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU INTO SUCH A BLOODY PULP, THAT NOT EVEN THE BEST DOCTORS IN THE WORLD WILL BE ABLE TO PUT YOU BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!" Mimi Jackson was two inches shorter then my grandmother was, but made up for it with an even more larger powerful muscular build, then my grandmother now had. Mimi Jackson had a broad Slavic face with prominent red cheeks and dark brown hair cut short in a crew cut. Mimi Jackson who brawny arms stood out from the red tank top she was wearing were even more freakishly huge, thickly ripped and muscular then my grandmother's was, and the rest of her freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular body made her look like a mountain of female muscularity! Mimi Jackson was twice as freakishly huge, thickly ripped and muscular then my grandmother and K.C. combined in female muscularity! "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself; "WHAT THE FUCK DID MY GRANDMOTHER GET HERSELF INTO?"....................Then before  I knew what was happening, I heard a loud pounding on the front door of K.C.'s cottage as my grandmother's voice screamed from outside; "JIMMY! K.C.! I KNOW YOU'VE BOTH IN THERE TOGETHER! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW BEFORE I BREAK IT DOWN!" End Of Part 3                                                                          

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-2

Two hours later after we both finished having powerfully strong, rough female muscle worship sex in her queen sized bed, as my grandmother was spooning me in her two thickly strong muscular arms, I finally got a chance to fulfill my dreams of loving those two huge tits of hers. As we continued to snuggle together my grandmother's each one of her two large erect nipples were almost the size of a cork in a wine bottle, and I enjoyed sucking on them like I was a baby breast feeding. After I got my fill for the time being of my grandmother's huge breasts, I asked her; "D.J. What got you interested in taking your workout program to the next level and pushing yourself to the max? Does this have anything to do with you getting involved with the grandmother's fight club, and who is Mimi Jackson?"......................."Well Jimmy." My grandmother said as she started snuggling even closer to me; "It all started last January when I went back to my doctor for a follow medical examination. That day as I was leaving the doctor's office I ran into my friend Ellen Davenport. You remember my friend Ellen Davenport don't you Jimmy?" "Yea D.J. I do. Ellen Davenport and her two daughters own the vegetable and fruit store downtown that buys your crops every year." "Correct Jimmy." My grandmother said; "These days Ellen Davenport is semi retired like I am and she lets her two daughters run the store. Any way as I was leaving the doctor's office I ran into Ellen. When Ellen saw me she said, BOY D.J. you look great. I then thanked Ellen as I told her that I had lost 25 pounds from working out very hard and sticking to a very strict diet. Then as a joke I rolled up my right sleeve and flexed a golf ball sized semi hard bicep, on my then otherwise still large, right flabby saddle bag arm, and when Ellen went to feel it she said, WOW D.J.! Not bad for an older woman who's just playing around with weights for fun. Then Ellen went on to tell me about how she and a few of the other grandmotherly women of our age get together at the Browns Mills Civic Center every couple of weeks and get into the boxing ring with each other and duke it out." "You mean the grandmother's fight club D.J.?" I asked...................."Correct Jimmy." My grandmother said; "At first it was just a bunch of old ladies around the same age as myself, who challenged each other for fun. We'd get weighed in by an old man who volunteered as the boxing referee. Then after we were matched to a female in the same weight class, we'd put on boxing gloves and get into the boxing ring and foxy box each other for two, three minute rounds." "What's foxy boxing D.J.?" I asked. "Oh we'd playfully throw punches at each other but not really hit each other too hard, that was until the night I was matched up with Mimi Jackson." "Where have I heard the name Mimi Jackson before D.J.?" I asked because I thought I had heard that name before. "MIMI JACKSON!" My grandmother said with a great amount of disgust in her voice; "Was the first female, professional heavy weight, boxing champion to hold the world's boxing title for ten years straight from 1966 to 1976." "Oh I see. D.J." I replied. "Well Jimmy." My grandmother said while she continued her story; "On February 2ND of this year Mimi Jackson was the only female opponent that night who weighed in, in my own weight class. After we were both matched together Mimi Jackson and I stepped into the ring together to foxy box each other, or so I thought at the time. But when that bell went off sounding the start of our first three minute round, Mimi Jackson started throwing such powerfully strong punches at me, that she had knocked me out in less then a minute. So now you know why Jimmy I've been working out so hard lifting weights and taking steroids, not to mention sparing with K.C. in a homemade boxing ring behind the barn. I'm in training for a boxing rematch with that bitch Mimi Jackson, and this time I'm going to beat her to a bloody FUCKING pulp!" "WOW D.J." I said excitedly as I thought about my 63 year old grandmother taking on a professional heavy weight, ex-female boxing champion; " I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER!" "Oh I intend to Jimmy." My grandmother said as she reached over to turn off the lamp on the bedroom end table next to me, then in the dark as she snuggled even closer to me she said; "And starting tomorrow morning you've going to help me with my workouts. Now go to sleep darling because I start my heavy duty workouts at 5am sharp!................The next morning at 5am the digital alarm clock on the night stand on my grandmother's side of the bed started buzzing very loudly. After my grandmother rolled over and reached out with her thickly muscular left arm to shut off the alarm clock, she jumped out of bed and said in a very cheerful tone as she quickly got dressed in a white sleeveless T-shirt and gym shorts; "GOOD MORNING JIMMY! IT'S TIME TO PUMP ME UP AND GET ME BIGGER, STRONGER, AND INTO EVEN BETTER SHAPE THEN I WAS YESTERDAY!" "Good morning D.J. I'll be with you in a moment." I replied still sounding very sleepy as I slowly got up from the other side of the bed. "Great Jimmy I'll be waiting for you in the kitchen." My grandmother said as she exited out of the bedroom into the hallway that led down to the kitchen. By the time I reached the kitchen my grandmother had the coffee maker brewing coffee for me, while she was making a very large protein shake in the blender for herself. "OK Jimmy since you've home from college I have a few ideas on how you could help me improve my daily workouts, while having fun helping me at the same time." "How so D.J.?" I asked. "Come on my darling and I'll explain it to you as we go along." My grandmother replied as she put her powerfully strong, thickly muscular right arm around my waist and escorted me out of the back door and towards the barn.............After we entered the barn my grandmother locked the door behind us as she said in a very serious tone; "OK Jimmy before we start I want you to know that my daily workouts are top secret and except for K.C., you've the only other person who'll know my daily workout routine, SO I'M SWEARING YOU TO SECRECY THAT YOU'LL NEVER BREATH A WORD OF WHAT YOU SEE, SO EVEN MIMI JACKSON WILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW PHYSICALLY FIT I'VE GOTTEN TILL I'M READY TO CHALLENGE HER TO A BOXING REMATCH! DO YOU SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE JIMMY?" "YES D.J. I SWEAR ON MY OWN LIFE THAT I'LL NEVER BREATH A WORD TO ANOTHER LIVING SOUL ABOUT YOUR TOP SECRET WORKOUT PLAN, SO HELP ME GOD!" I replied sounding just as serious as my grandmother did! "OK then Jimmy let's get to work." My grandmother said sounding very satisfied that I was telling her the truth............My grandmother started out doing sit ups with a two hundred pound steel weight disk strapped on top of her now flat stomach while I held her two feet in place, and in less then five minutes she pumped out 250 sit ups without even breathing heavy or breaking out a sweat! Then with the two hundred pound steel weight disk still strapped on top of her flat stomach, my grandmother held herself up with her two powerfully strong, thick muscular arms at the railing on the left side of barn's wall, and in less then five minutes she pumped 250 stomach crunches without even breathing heavy or breaking out a sweat! Then my grandmother had me strap the two hundred pound steel weight disk to her back and sit on top of it with my legs crossed, while she pumped out 250 push ups in less the five minutes with out breathing heavy or breaking out of a sweat! Then while the two hundred pound steel weight disk was still strapped to her back, my grandmother held herself up by her two powerfully strong, thick muscular arms and pumped out 250 pull ups with me holding onto her two muscular legs, in less then five minutes! As this was all going on I thought surprisingly to my self; "HOLY SHIT! MY GRANDMOTHER IS A TRUE SUPER WOMAN!.................After she had finished doing pull ups, my grandmother then escorted me outside through the rear door of the barn where an old one horse buckboard sat. "OK Jimmy here's where I need your help the most." My grandmother said as pointed towards the buckboard; "I want you to put the yoke over my two muscular shoulders as you chain me between the two rods that hold the horse in place. As I'm running down the service roads in between our acres I will be pulling you along in the buckboard." "OK D.J." I replied in total agreement with my grandmother's plan so far. "Now this is very important Jimmy." My grandmother said as she held up a long garden hose with a funnel strapped to one end; "In the in the back of the buckboard you'll find 55 gallon jugs of spinach juice and 55 bags filled with a half a pound of Nuclear X-ROID pills." I looked in the back of the buckboard and after I saw them said; "OK." " See this garden hose that has a clamp on the other side. It will be clamped tightly into my mouth, while the other end with the funnel will be up on the buckboard with you. Now every time we pass a two mile marker I want you to put one full bag of a half a pound of Nuclear X-ROIDS pills down the funnel followed by one entire gallon of spinach juice, so I could digest them to continue feeding my growing female muscularity without ever stopping once to refuel." "OK D.J. Let's do this." I replied. After my grandmother backed herself up against the buckboard, I put the yoke across her two strong shoulders and chained the harness around her waist. Then I clamped the hose into her mouth. After I got up into the seat of the buckboard and grabbed the reins I yelled; "GIDDY UP D.J.!" And my grandmother started running fast while she pulled the old buckboard with me inside behind her! Every second mile marker we passed as my grandmother continued running like a professional race horse, while I fed her a bag of steroid pills down the funnel and one gallon of spinach juice. Every two miles that I fed my grandmother a half a pound of steroid pills and a gallon of spinach juice, while she continued running faster and harder then she did a moment before, I could hear a booming sound coming from up front! At first it sounded like someone was playing the drums, but as it slowly grew louder till it sounded like cannons firing, I then realized what it was! It was my grandmother's own heart beat, beating even faster and harder then before, and still growing even louder after she digested every half a pound of steroid pills and gallon of spinach juice I was force feeding her! At one point my grandmother was running and pulling the old buckboard at almost 85 miles per hour! "DAMN!" I thought to myself; "I HOPE THE OLD GIRL DROP DEAD OF A HEART ATTACK ON ME RIGHT NOW! I WOULDN'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN WHY I HAD MY 63 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHER HITCHED UP TO AN OLD BUCKBOARD AND RUNNING HER AT 85 MILES AN HOUR!" Then finally two hours later after I finished force feeding my grandmother steroid pills and spinach juice, my grandmother who was now so extremely sweaty was starting to slow down as she pulled us into the barn yard. After I unhitched her from the old buckboard, my grandmother went into the barn and picked up two more gallon jugs of spinach juice, and as she held a gallon bottle in each one of her hands, she gulped them both down in less then 2 seconds! "AW! That hit the spot." My grandmother said; "If spinach is good for Popeye the sailor, then it's good enough for me."...................."BOY THAT WAS FUN RIDING ON THAT OLD BUCKBOARD D.J. CAN WE DO IT AGAIN?" "We will tomorrow Jimmy, and every day after that too." "Then my grandmother walked up to me and said as she felt my left skinny undeveloped arm; "You know Jimmy for a tall man you've pretty skinny and wimpy looking. Maybe this winter after my boxing rematch with Mimi Jackson, I'll start training you and put some serious muscle on your little boy body." My grandmother was right about my male figure. At six foot tall I was a very skinny man with thin arms and legs, I always had a great appetite but could never gain any weight. While my now muscular grandmother was attacking my manhood, K.C. said as she entered through the open back door of the barn that my grandmother and I had just come through; "You know D.J. I happen to find weak men very attractive. After all." K.C. paused as she started to feel and caress my right skinny undeveloped arm; "For a muscular woman who's into body building like I am, I find that being in a relationship with a skinny little weakling man for me to protect, really builds up my female ego as large as my womanly muscles are." "Well K.C." My grandmother said with a slight jealous tone in her voice as she pulled me away from her; "I pay you to manage my farm full time and be my part time weight lifting coach and sparing partner, BUT I DON'T PAY YOU TO FLIRT WITH MY GRANDSON!" And as for you Jimmy." My grandmother said with that same slight jealous tone in her voice; "You've too skinny and weak to help spot me in the weight lifting segment of my daily workouts. So run along and find something to do for at least three hours while K.C. and I do some serious pumping iron, LIKE TWO REAL POWERFULLY STRONG MUSCULAR WOMEN." OK D.J." I said as I left the barn sounding a little disappointed not being able to watch these two muscular women lift weights while their muscles swelled up and bulged out to even newer heights. Once outside I thought about taking that ladder I had used yesterday and again climb up to the second floor hay loft, but the ladder was now gone and the second floor hay loft door was shut and locked from inside as well! Then when I tried to look through the barn's windows that faced my grandmother's home gym, I found it to be covered with tin foil with the shinny side facing out, which almost blinded me from the shining sun's rays!...................Since I had at least three hours to kill while my grandmother and K.C. locked themselves up in the barn to pump iron and build up their already impressive female muscular physiques, I decided to take a walk along the trails in the woods that I used to play in when I was a child. As I walked along the wooded trail my mind concentrated on only one thought and that thought was about K.C. K.C. was a very powerfully built muscular woman at five foot nine inches in height, with long brown shoulder length hair, two large muscular breasts, two powerfully strong, thickly ripped muscular arms, and two powerfully strong, thickly ripped muscular legs!  "OH GOD!" I said out loud to myself in the middle of the woods; "THAT K.C. IS ONE SMOKING HOT MUSCULAR BABE, AND I THINK SHE REALLY LIKES ME!" Then I thought about my grandmother. The sex last night with her new mature womanly female muscular physique was great, and those huge breasts of hers that I've always fantasized about were really great to play with, but the truth was I think I was slowly starting to fall in love with K.C. After all K.C. was about the same age as me, while my grandmother was at least 43 years older, or more then I was!.................But then my thoughts turned to my grandmother earlier in the barn, who had a slight jealous tone in her voice as she told K.C.; "I DON'T PAY YOU TO FLIRT WITH MY GRANDSON!" Was my grandmother really that jealous over me now, because a younger muscular woman showed an interest in me? Then I remembered yesterday evening when my grandmother said while she picked me up in her two powerfully strong, muscular arms in the kitchen and carried me off into her bedroom; "Jimmy, even though I'm still your grandmother, now that I've taken you as my young male lover, please call me by my nick name instead of grandma." Then I remembered the powerfully strong, rough muscle worship sex in her queen sized bed, that almost felt like it was going to rock the farm house off it's foundation! And in the moment of hot sexual passion, while my grandmother had my lower body straddled between her two thickly muscular legs and was riding my huge erected penis like I was a busting bronco, I remember that after she had her very mighty, loud orgasm, she then bent her face forward into mine and whispered into my ear; "Jimmy  I'm falling in love with you." And I made the big mistake of saying; "I'm falling in love with you too D.J." As I continued walking through the woods I thought out loud to myself; "OH GOD WHAT A PROBLEM I HAVE NOW! MY GRANDMOTHER'S FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME, AND I'M FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER FEMALE FARM MANAGER K.C.!".............As I was walking out of the woods into the barn yard of my grandmother's farm, the barn door opened and both my grandmother and K.C. walked out together while holding a conversation, as they both continued walking towards the homemade boxing ring next to the barn. "Oh good Jimmy you've back." My grandmother said cheerfully as she saw me walking up to them; "You've just in time to watch K.C. sparing with me in our boxing ring." "That's great D.J." I replied happily. Because up to now even though my grandmother had muscled up quite a bit these last six months and gotten very strong, I've been wanting to see how good a fighter my grandmother was, and how good she could handle herself in a boxing ring fighting with own her two fists. "OK Jimmy." My grandmother said as she pointed towards a timer attached to a bell; "After you ring the bell to start the practice boxing round between K.C. and me, then set the timer for three minutes and when it rings the practice boxing round will be over." "OK D.J." I agreed as I walked over to the timer and bell..................As soon as the first bell went off both my grandmother and K.C. came out of their corners of the homemade boxing ring that they were standing in and started throwing punches hard at each other. I was very impressed on how my own 63 year old grandmother could throw one punch after another almost as well as a professional prize fighter, but I was even more impressed with how K.C. weaved and bobbed around the homemade boxing ring for every other one of my grandmother's punches to miss her. K.C. looked like an angel floating on air as she weaved and bobbed around the boxing ring. After two hours in the homemade boxing ring my grandmother and K.C. finished sparing together. Afterwards both my grandmother and K.C. shook hands and agreed that they both had a great boxing workout together. Then after K.C. said goodbye to us, she walked back to her cottage down the road where she was living on my grandmother's farm, while my grandmother and I walked back to her farm house.................After my grandmother had a long hot shower to wash her extremely pumped up muscular body, she then ate ten large salad bowls full of raw spinach. When I asked my grandmother was that all she was going to eat tonight after working out so hard all day long, she chuckled; "I am what I am Jimmy, and if spinach is good enough to make Popeye the sailor big and strong, then it's good enough for me as well." After my grandmother finished stuffing herself with raw spinach, we went into her bedroom and as she picked up another bottle of pills from her night stand said; "I'd love to have another fantastic night of rough female muscle worship sex with you again Jimmy, but I'm in serious training for my boxing rematch with Mimi Jackson, so I'm going to need to take a few sleeping pills so I get at least ten hours sleep." Then after my grandmother swallowed at least four sleeping pills, she then laid down on her stomach in her queen sized bed while I gave her extremely pumped up muscular back a complete massage and rub down. By the time I finished my grandmother's complete massage and rub down, she was deep asleep and snoring very loudly! Just as I was getting up and quietly walking out of my grandmother's bedroom, I heard a knock on the front door. When I opened the front door, K.C. was standing there with her long brown shoulder length hair tied back in a pony tail, wearing only a light blue sports bra that beautifully showed off her two dark tanned, powerfully strong, ripped muscular arms, her very large muscular breasts, and flat rock hard set of six pack set of abs. With a matching pair of light blue spandex shorts that showed off her two dark tanned powerfully strong, thickly ripped muscular legs. K.C. just smiled warmly at me as she asked in a sexy little girl voice; "Can Jimmy come out and play with K.C.?" "I think it could be arranged K.C." I replied happily as I closed the front door behind me after I stepped out on to the front porch. Then as she grabbed my hand she said; "Come on Jimmy let's take a walk and get to know each other better." Then we took a walk on the path that I had followed earlier into the woods...............After we both walked deep into the woods K.C. and I started wildly kissing and feeling each other up like two young lovers in heat! "OH GOD JIMMY!" K.C. said in between our kissing and feeling each other up; "SINCE YESTERDAY WHEN I FIRST MET YOU, I CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND! IT'S ALMOST LIKE CUPID HAD SHOT AN ARROW THROUGH MY HEART AND I'M FALLING HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOU!" "I FEEL THE SAME WAY TOO K.C." I replied in the heat of the moment. "THAT'S GREAT JIMMY! NOW LET'S GO BACK TO MY COTTAGE SO WE COULD FUCK EACH OTHER'S BRAINS OUT!" Then before I could answer her, K.C. picked me up in her two powerfully strong, thickly ripped muscular arms, and carried me while she ran the quarter mile back to her cottage, where I even had better powerfully strong, rough female muscle worship sex with her, then I had with my own grandmother the night before! End of Part 2                                                                                                 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-1

Today at the age of 53, I'm sitting on my living room sofa on a rainy Sunday afternoon looking at my late grandmother's photo album of that magical summer thirty one years ago, when at the age of 63 my grandmother got herself into the best physical shape of her entire life so she could win that professional heavy weight, boxing championship at the grandmother's fight club against her 62 year old female opponent, Mimi Jackson. That was also the summer when I met my then future wife to be Karen Clark.................{December 1983} My strange but true story starts out in the winter of 1983 after I finished my college exams at Princeton University, and was heading home to my grandmother's farm in Allentown to spend my winter vacation with her. I had been living with my widowed grandmother Doris J. Miller, who her friends called D.J., on her farm since I was 13 years old after both my parents were killed in a car accident. As I was driving back from college I had one thought on my mind and that was my grandmother's five foot eight inch, heavy set womanly body that appeared to look extremely over weight and bulky by the way she dressed in those baggy blouses and ankle skirts she wore, but I knew better. My grandmother's baggy blouses failed to conceal her massive breasts which bounced around inside her bras in a very sexually disturbing manner. A man doesn't like to be reminded that his own grandmother has a truly large rack but once you begin to notice it, you can't move your eyes away from it. If my grandmother wore something low cut that showed off her deep dark lengthy cleavage, any normal red blooded man would easily get sexually aroused over her huge tits! And when I was a kid my grandmother used to hug me in her two large flabby saddle bag arms while I'd rest my head on those large breasts of hers and listen to her heart beating, which would speed up slightly because unbeknown to me, my grandmother would get a little sexually aroused having my head resting on her large breasts. Believe me I had many unhealthy dreams as a teenager about my grandmother's huge bouncing breasts. It was no wonder that my grandmother was the first woman to awaken my male sexual desires. Little did I know at the time that even though my grandmother was the first woman to awaken my male sexual desires, but she'd also be the first woman to make my male hormones go extremely crazy by the summer of 1984!...................After my long drive back to my grandmother's farm, as I entered through the front door I heard this loud metallic clanging noise coming from the pantry off the kitchen. At first I thought it was the old furnace finally ready to go, my grandmother should have really replaced it two years ago, so I went to investigate and see if I could fix the old furnace once again. As I opened the door that separated the kitchen from the pantry I then saw the last thing that I've ever expected to see. To my own great surprise I found my heavy set grandmother working out and lifting two steel 20 pound dumbbells. The sweat marks and her glistening perspiring body indicated that my grandmother had been working out lifting those steel weights quite hard!.................At that moment my grandmother happened to look around and noticed the open pantry door behind her. "WHO'S THERE?" She demanded loudly. My grandmother had such a commanding authority in her voice that I found myself sheepishly stepping through the doorway and I didn't know where to put my eyes as I said; "Sorry grandma it's only me." My grandmother wore a white T-shirt that had stenciled across her huge breasts; "MILLER'S FARM!" And a pair of white gym shorts. "Oh hi Jimmy I'm glad that you've home. I must have lost track of time working out this afternoon while I was waiting for you to come home. I started working out with these two dumbbells that I had bought at the flea market last fall, to work off some of this unsightly fat. My doctor told me after my last physical that I was far too over weight and lately I get easily out of breath just walking across the room." "That's great grandma and I'm really proud of you for starting to exercise to lose some weight. I bet you'll lose that extra weight in no time at all." I was really proud of my 63 year old grandmother doing something positive by exercising to lose some weight..............But what I didn't expect were the wet dreams I started having every night of my grandmother pumping iron and building a powerfully strong female muscular physique, that returned night after night. I felt like a sick pervert jerking off every night in bed to the idea of my grandmother working out lifting weights. I then tried dreaming about real female body builders, and fortunately this worked out for me and my new unhealthy sexual attraction for my grandmother disappeared all together. After all my grandmother was just your average, extremely large, heavy set farm woman trying to lose some weight, and after awhile I thought nothing more about her exercising with those two 20 pound steel dumbbells to lose weight, or so I thought at the time................Now my grandmother Doris J. Miller was a very head strong woman who once she'd put her mind to do something she saw it through till my grandmother got the results she was looking for, no matter how hard it was! That's why the Miller Farm was such a successful business. As I spent my winter vacation from college with my grandmother and even though I've only saw her in her normal clothes the rest of the time since the first day I saw her working out in the pantry, my grandmother continued working out every day with those two 20 pound steel dumbbells while staying on a very strict diet. In one month's time the results started to become more noticeable in my grandmother's very well built mature female figure! My grandmother's once very flabby fat, protruding pot belly had almost melted away and looked a lot flatter now, which meant that my grandmother was now more excited about having to go out and buy some new blouses for herself....................Although my grandmother came from a family of very well built, big boned mature women of German decedent, she was never going to a 10 dress size. But it was more apparent now that her two large flabby saddle bag arms, although still almost the same size as they were before, now seemed much firmer and didn't jiggle around as much. And my grandmother's heavy thick legs even had a little bit of muscle tone and shape to them as well. Even my grandmother's massive breasts which I've always secretly sexually fantasized about, now looked a lot firmer and at least a cup size larger now, as they drew even more admiring glances from me then ever before! By the time I was ready to go back college to finish out my last year of college, I felt very proud of my grandmother and thought that she looked good, but not in a strange sexual way, at least not at first!..................{June 1984} After I had graduated from college I headed back home to my grandmother's farm to spend the summer with her. As I turned off the main road onto the private dirt road that led into my grandmother's farm, I noticed that all fields she used for planting had a very large spinach crop growing in them. After I pulled up in front of my grandmother's farm house and as I was getting my bags out of the car, I heard a woman's voice say; "May I help you sir?" When I turned around I saw a very muscular woman who was at least five foot nine inches in height, with long brown shoulder length hair, with a dark tan who was about my age wearing a very tight tank top that showed off her two powerfully strong muscular arms and very large muscular breasts, and very tight jeans that showed off her two powerfully strong muscular legs. "Oh hello." I replied. "I'm D.J. Miller's grandson James Miller." "Oh it's so nice to finally meet you Jimmy, your grandmother has told me so much about you. My name is Karen Clark, but my friends call me K.C. for short." K.C. said as she held out her powerfully strong muscular right arm to shake hands with me. AND BOY! Did this woman have one powerfully strong grip for a woman! "Your grandmother hired me last January as her new farm manager to run the farm for her. I'm D.J's full time farm manager and part time sparing partner." "Part time sparing partner?" I asked sounding very surprised. "OOPS! Sorry Jimmy but I think I almost let the secret out of the bag, that D.J. was saving for you. She really wanted it to be a big surprise for you." K.C. said sounding very apologetic.  "Speaking of my grandmother K.C., where is she now?" I asked. "Over yonder in the barn Jimmy." "K.C. said as she looked at her watch then pointing her finger towards the barn; "This time a day D.J. is finishing up her daily chores in the barn." "Thanks K.C. I'll head over there right now and surprise my grandmother, because she wasn't expecting me for another two days. Hope I get a chance to see you again." I said with a smile on my face because I found her very attractive. "You better count on it handsome." K.C. said with an even larger smile on her face, because she'd had found me to be just as attractive. Then as I walked across the farm yard towards the barn, I was wondering why K.C. said she was my grandmother's part time sparing partner, and what was the big surprise that my grandmother was saving for me?...............When I got to the front door of the barn and tried to open it, I found out that it was locked from the inside. While I was standing by front door of the barn I could hear loud metal clanging sounds that almost sounded like heavy machinery running inside, so I used the ladder that was against the side of the barn and climbed it to the second floor hay loft above the barn door. Once inside the second floor hay loft I got a very good view of the entire first floor of the barn, and I couldn't believe what I saw!.................My grandmother was working out lifting two heavy steel dumbbells in an almost hypnotic state like her body was on auto pilot. As my grandmother was curling these heavy steel weights upwards, I couldn't believe the energy pulsating throughout her now bigger and even more muscular shoulders and arms! My grandmother's once two large saddle bag arms, now had extremely ripped, huge muscular bulging biceps and triceps that looked as if they were hard as cast iron! "WHAT THE FUCK?" I thought to myself in total surprise; "WHEN DID MY 63 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHER DECIDE TO BECOME A FEMALE BODY BUILDER, AND HOW DID SHE GET THAT EXTREMELY MUSCULAR IN ONLY SIX MONTHS?" Then as I kept spying on my grandmother from the second floor hay loft in the barn and watching her move from one weight lifting exercise to another while my grandmother continued to increase the amount of weights she was lifting with each set of reps she did, I noticed in between each set of reps she lifted, my grandmother took a large handful of pills out of a large black plastic bottle that was labeled; "NUCLEAR X-ROIDS!" And gulped them down like she was eating M&M candies, then drank a large pitcher of spinach juice to wash them down with! "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself when I saw my grandmother gulping down those steroid pills; "WHERE DID SHE GET THEM AND WHY IS SHE USING THE MOST POWERFUL AND ILLEGAL STEROIDS KNOWN TO MANKIND?".....................With each handful of Nuclear X-Roids she gulped down and pitcher of spinach juice she drank, her overly powerful body energy was burning like a huge fire in my grandmother's growing muscular female body, while she continued lifting those two heavy steel dumbbells. With each rep she pumped out I could hear my grandmother mutter out loud to herself; "I WILL WIN THE BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE AT THE GRANDMOTHER'S FIGHT CLUB FROM THAT BITCH MIMI JACKSON, IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!"..................My grandmother then moved from lifting her two heavy steel dumbbells to an extremely large barbell that she had lifted up off one of the gym mats on the barn floor. This heavy barbell looked like it had at least 144 pounds of steel weight disks on each side, and I couldn't believe how easily she had picked it up, let alone how furiously she started pumping away with her 288 pound steel barbell! My grandmother now had her back to me, and all I could do was watch in pure amazement at this transformed female muscular physique she was now below me. Then I noticed how firm her sides started forming a firm trunk that actually tapered off from very broad shoulders to her thick waist. There was definitely solid movement in my grandmother's very thick, firm muscular arms, where her triceps were starting to develop the shape of horseshoes, and her forearms looked equally impressive as well! As my grandmother continued to lift and curl this heavy 288 pound steel barbell, I could clearly see a definite extremely large bulge and hardness in her softball sized biceps and horseshoe sized triceps. My grandmother two meaty calves were now no longer big and flabby, but now were two big thick slabs of tightly solid firm muscle with a distinct though undefined edge to them...............Then after my grandmother finished lifting her heavy 288 pound steel barbell, she then moved across the barn and started working on the punching bag that was hanging in the corner. My grandmother then started punching it so extremely fast and hard, that the punching bag looked totally invisible to the human eye! "WOW!" I thought to myself; "I never knew my grandmother could throw punches like that before!" Then after she finished with the punching bag, my grandmother then moved over to the large sparing bag and started throwing even more impressive punches at it! "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" I thought to myself as I continued to spy on my grandmother from the second floor hay loft; "WHOEVER THIS MIMI JACKSON WAS, AND WHY IT WAS SO IMPORTANT TO MY GRANDMOTHER TO WIN THE BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE AT THE GRANDMOTHER'S FIGHT CLUB FROM HER, HAS REALLY DRIVEN HER INTO GETTING INTO SUCH FANTASTIC PHYSICAL SHAPE!" Then while I was heavy in thought wondering what The Grandmother's Fight Club was and why my own grandmother would join it, I heard the barn door open up beneath me, and when I looked out of the second floor hay loft door, I saw my grandmother running across the barnyard and down one of the dirt roads that led through her fields................After my grandmother was out of sight, I quickly climbed down the ladder that I had used outside to climb up to the second floor hay loft in the barn, and went back to my grandmother's farm house to wait till she came back from her run. As I sat in the kitchen at the table drinking a beer I thought to myself; "Well god only knows how long she'd been working out lifting those heavy weights and taking those steroid pills, but my grandmother's never going to be able to keep he growing female muscularity a secret from me now. But I have a feeling it's going to be a very interesting to find out why my grandmother started working out like a professional strong woman, and what Mimi Jackson and The Grandmother's Fight Club has to do with it." Then about two hours later I heard my grandmother's foot steps pounding hard, while they grew louder on the dirt road as she was heading towards the farm house. I continued sitting at the kitchen table waiting to see my now extremely sweaty, pumped up muscular grandmother enter through the back door, but instead I heard a car door slam shut. When I looked out of the kitchen window, I then saw my grandmother driving away in her Dodge pickup truck down another dirt road that led to the cottage where K.C. was living on my grandmother's farm..................Two hours later my grandmother returned with her raven black hair that was touched up to hide all the gray streaks and had it styled behind her ears and down to her now stronger muscular shoulders, with a sparse fringe on top instead of the way she normally wore her hair. My grandmother had a long slender face with broad high cheek bones, with a narrow jaw and a fairly large nose. My grandmother's slender eyes were outlined with black eyeliner and a hint of mascara, to accent her slim arched eyebrows and piercing blue eyes, and her generous thick red lipstick lips smiled clearly pleased to see me. As my grandmother said while she flung her two now thickly strong muscular arms around me in a joyously hug, with a welcoming home kiss that was a lot more welcoming then grandmotherly; "JIMMY HOW I'VE MISSED YOU, I'M GLAD YOU'VE FINALLY HOME FROM COLLEGE!" Between having her hair dyed, the makeup she was wearing, and all the working out she had been doing after I had left for college last winter, my grandmother now looked like a woman of 37 years of age, instead of her truthful age of 63 years old..................As I held my grandmother's hands while standing back to check out her new and improved muscular female figure, which left little to hide behind the tight pink sports bra and tight pink spandex shorts she was wearing, I just couldn't get over how big, strong, and shapely my grandmother's massive muscular thighs looked now up close. There was also stringy light blue veins running up and down my grandmother's two thick firm muscular arms, which made them look even more rugged and stronger then before. Not to mention my grandmother's huge breasts seemed even larger then they were before, at least 3 cup sizes larger! No longer was my grandmother overweight and cuddly, for now she had developed one hell of a very thick, extremely firm and hard, looking female muscular physique. As I continued to look over my grandmother's newly muscular female physique, suddenly I felt an uncontrollable stiffening in my penis, as I started feeling a little sexual aroused and intimidated at the same time by my grandmother's thick firm, female muscularity..................."Look Jimmy." My grandmother said sounding extremely proud of herself as she slowly bent her right muscular arm at the elbow with her fist clenched in front of my face. My grandmother's thickly muscular right bicep swelled upwards to become at first a very large soft looking mass, but as her right fist slowly approached her thick muscular right shoulder, it solidified into a very large, smooth side round mound the size of a softball. "WOW! THAT"S GREAT GRANDMA!" I said excitedly at the view of her bulging muscular right arm; "But I thought that you were just trying to lose weight." "Well Jimmy at first that was the idea, but then I decided after watching a female body building contest on ESPN last January it would be easier to firm it all up instead of letting it all turn to loose sagging, wrinkly skin. At first I was just interested in toning up a bit but after I joined The Grandmother's Fight Club last February, I decided to step up my workouts and push myself to the max, to see how far I can really take it." My grandmother replied..................Before I could ask her why she joined The Grandmother's Fight Club, my grandmother distracted me because she really didn't want to talk about it just then, by doing a double bicep pose as she said; "Go on feel them Jimmy. Feel how firm and hard your grandmother's muscles are now instead of how soft and flabby they used to be. I placed a hand on each one of my grandmother's thick round muscular biceps, and they felt as solid and rock hard as they looked. "OH GRANDMA THEY FEEL LIKE THEY'VE AS SOLID AS STEEL!" I gasped in pure sexual pleasure. They felt so good that I kept running my palms over the top of my grandmother's round softball sized globes and their dense sides. The underside of my grandmother's thick round muscular arms also swelled out with thick curve, horseshoe shaped muscular triceps. "You've got that right Jimmy. All that horrible lose flabby fat turned into nice firm solid muscle, and now that's how I want it." My grandmother said as I kept feeling her thick muscular biceps, that I was unable to take my hands off of, still stunned by how large and solid they were." "You know Jimmy." My grandmother said sounding so proud of herself; "I've never felt this physically fit and strong before in my entire life." My raging penis was now so freaking hard in my jeans, it was actually beating against the inside of the left side of my pants. Then my grandmother lowered her two thick muscular arms as I reluctantly slid my both hands down her thick muscular forearms.....................I then had the largest erection I had ever had in my entire young life and I knew that I should have left before my grandmother noticed it, but I couldn't just walk away from her then. My grandmother was so pleased with what she had accomplished in only six months that I had to continue to praise her on how great she looked. "Why thank you Jimmy. That makes all the hard work I've put into my daily work outs that much more worthwhile." My grandmother replied happily; "Now Jimmy check out my stomach." My grandmother's once flabby fat, protruding pot belly now had a serious definition of a six pack set of abs, sculpting her now flat as a board stomach. There was still a few stretch marks from when it was fat, flabby, and protruded, but you'd have to look very close now to see them...............The my grandmother said as she moved one of her huge thick legs forward; "Feel this Jimmy." Suddenly the massive soft looking leg solidified into such massive rounded thick muscle, and I had to crouched down to feel it. As I was feeling my grandmother's thickly muscular leg I asked; "Grandma what really got you interested in stepping up workouts to the max, and why did you join The Grandmother's Fight Club?" "I'll tell you about everything later Jimmy." My grandmother said as she picked me up off the floor and scooped me into her two powerfully strong muscular arms, then as she started carrying me out of the kitchen; "But right now from all those months of working out, pumping iron and taking steroids has given me one hell of an active libido, and I'm so horny right now my vagina feels like it's on fire! So I'm taking you into the bedroom so you could FUCK MY BRAINS OUT, with that raging penis in your jeans." Then as she carried me into her bedroom my grandmother said; "And oh by the way Jimmy even though I'm still your grandmother, now that I've taken you as my new younger male lover please call me by my nick name instead of grandma, OK?" "OK D.J." I happily agreed. Then we both had such powerfully strong, rough female muscle worship sex in her queen sized bed, that it almost felt like the farm house was going to rock off it's foundation! End Of Part 1