Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-6

The next morning which was Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I woke up at 8 am in my own bedroom with a wickedly painful headache from the sleeping gas that Major Lewis had flowed throughout our house's heating vents the night before. As I tried to remember the events from the day before, I remembered yesterday waking up in my personal trainer Beth's queen sized brass bed that was in her feminine pink bedroom in her rented condo in upstate New York where I had sex with her. I also remember the three hour drive in her black Jeep Wrangler as Beth drove me home and how delusional she was about wanting us to get married and have a husband and wife body building career together. I even remember getting home by 4:45 pm that same afternoon but for the next four hours and fifteen minutes till I went to bed at 9 pm last night there was a total blank in my memory. Then all I could think of at that moment was how proud I was of my mother's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique while at the same time my now very jealous, overly inflated macho male ego, wanted nothing better then to get even bigger then she was in muscular size and girth. As I quickly made my bed and got dressed in a pair of gym shorts I thought out loud to myself as my overly inflated macho male ego took control of my mind; "AFTER ALL I'M THE MAN IN THIS FAMILY, AND I SHOULD  BE THE ONE WHO'S BIGGER IN MUSCULAR SIZE AND GIRTH THEN MY MOTHER IS!"........................Then after stopping in our bathroom and flexing my topless upper huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body in the bathroom mirror, I said with a very jealous overly inflated macho male ego tone in my voice while I continued looking at the reflection of my own huge thickly ripped muscular teenage male body; "OK AMY TWO COULD PLAY THIS GAME! I'M GOING TO START WORKING OUT HARDER LIFTING WEIGHT THEN I'VE EVER HAD BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE WHILE I PUT MYSELF ON AN ALL YOU COULD EAT HIGH PROTEIN DIET AT THE SAME TIME! AND IN TIME I'M GOING TO GET SO HELLISHLY FREAKING HUGE IN MUSCULAR MALE SIZE AND GIRTH, THAT MY HELLISHLY FREAKING HUGE MUSCULAR MALE BODY WOULD PUT BOTH YOURS AND EMILY JOHNSON'S TWO MONSTROUSLY HUGE, THICKLY RIPPED MUSCULAR FEMALE PHYSIQUES TO SHAME!" Then I headed to the kitchen to eat a huge high protein breakfast before I started my weight lifting workout..................After I scrambled two dozen eggs, fried two pounds of bacon, and two pounds of ground beef, I then forced myself to eat and digest this entire huge breakfast while I drank an entire gallon of whole milk at the same time. As I was eating this huge breakfast I noticed a new high tech door knob and lock on our kitchen door that led to the basement steps. This new high lock looked like it could only be unlocked by flashing a red laser scan and when I tried to open the door it was locked, but through the closed kitchen door I could hear the loud metal clanging sound which was slightly muffled through the closed kitchen door as my mother and Emily Johnson were busy down in the basement doing their daily twelve hour weight lifting workouts. "OK Amy two could play that game." I said out loud to myself in the kitchen as I now started to walk my now heavily bloated from the large breakfast I had just eaten, huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body to my own bedroom where my own weight set and weight bench was now kept; "If yours and Emily Johnson's daily twelve hour weight lifting workouts are going to be kept a secret from me then I'm going to keep my daily weight lifting workouts a secret from you, and by New Years Day of next year let's see who will really has all the huge bulging muscles in the family!" As I was walking through our dinning room and into our living room as I was heading towards the hallway that led to our bedrooms and bathroom, our front doorbell rang..................When I answered our front door I found Jeannie Swarts standing on our front porch holding a cooler in her right hand with her shoulder length blond hair tied back in a pony tail and wearing a light blue sports bra and a pair of matching tight light blue spandex shorts that showed off her very tightly thin curvy female figure extremely well. As soon as I opened the front door Jeannie said sounding very happily to see me; "Hello Hercules! What have you been up to?" "Hello Jeannie." I said smiling happily to see her standing on my front porch; "I'm just getting ready to start working out lifting weights in my bedroom." "GOOD! I'm just in time to help my muscle man bulk up." Jeannie said as she wrapped her thin well toned left arm around my heavily bloated waist and started steering me away from our front door after she had closed it behind us. "Your muscle man?" I asked Jeannie with a surprisingly tone in my voice. "Yea Joey. My muscle man." Jeannie giggled like a teenage girl really enjoying her first crush; "I decided right away that I should put a claim on you as my boy friend before the new school years starts so no other girl in our class tries to steal you away from me. Now where is your bedroom?" I then escorted Jeannie towards my bedroom where she could watch me working out lifting weights.................Jeannie sat on the edge of my bed and watched me with a heavily feeling of great love and devotion with each muscle pump I did. Then when it seemed that I was starting to lose my body energy in the middle of a set of reps, Jeannie would open the cooler she had brought with her and after she took out a can of Red Bull, Jeannie would then pinch my nose to open my mouth while I was still working out lifting weights and pour an entire can of Red Bull down my throat. Then my body energy quickly began to come back again and I'd pump out another three sets of reps just to impress Jeannie. This went on for four hours straight till Jeannie had me take a lunch break at 12:30 pm..................Then at 12:30 pm Jeannie escorted me into our kitchen and boiled me six pounds of spaghetti to eat for lunch. Then after she sat in my lap at the kitchen table Jeannie force fed me the entire six pounds of spaghetti without any tomato sauce on it. When I tried to tell her I couldn't eat all of this spaghetti, Jeannie replied as she continued force feeding me; "Come on Joey I want you to bulk up as big as possible so I could be the envy of every other girl in school dating a true Hercules." Then after Jeannie finished force feeding me the entire six pounds of spaghetti, she quickly steered my now even more heavily bloated then before, huge thickly ripped, muscular teenage male body back to my weight set in the bedroom as she said; "Hurry up Joey. We need to quickly get you back to your weight set and start lifting again to build up that six pounds of spaghetti I just fed you before it turns into fat. Then for the next four hours straight from 1 pm to 5 pm Jeannie pushed me even harder lifting weights while she had me not only increase the amount of sets of reps I was doing but with each set of reps I did, Jeannie had me increase the amount of weight I was lifting by fifty pounds. And when I seemed to be tiring out towards the final set of reps of each weight lifting exercise I was doing, Jeannie would again pinch my nose to open my mouth while I was still working out and pour a can of Red Bull down my throat.....................Then at 5 pm Jeannie then escorted me again back into our kitchen and cooked me up twelve pounds of very rare ground beef, which she again sat on my lap and forced fed me while I sat in a kitchen chair. By 5:30 pm now that my even more bloated because I've never eaten so much before in one day in my entire life, huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body was so heavily stuffed with twelve pounds of very rare ground beef, Jeannie took me by the hand to lead me back to my bedroom as she said; OK Hercules time to go back and start lifting your weights again." Then on my third weight lifting workout of the day, Jeannie continued making me increase both the amount of sets of reps I was doing and the amount of weight I was lifting at the same time................By 6:30 pm Jeannie had me doing bench presses with a hundred pounds more of steel weight disks on my barbell then I was already used to bench pressing. After I struggled like hell to complete my fifth set of reps I said in a pleading tone to Jeannie who was sitting on the edge of my bed, while my face started turning a dark beet red from under the pressure of holding the heavy steel barbell on my huge, thickly ripped barrel sized muscular chest; "Jeannie I don't think I could bench press one more rep. Could you please help me lift this barbell off my chest and cradle it on the weight bench please." "Oh Joey." Jeannie said as she reached into her cooler; "All I think you need is to drink another Red Bull." Then Jeannie said in a very apologizing tone; "OOPS! Sorry Hercules but you've drank all the Red Bulls but I have another idea on how you could get a second wind and have more energy." Then Jeannie got off the edge of my bed and on to her knees in front of where I was laying doing bench presses on my weight bench. Then after she pulled down my gym shorts to my ankles, Jeannie took my huge thickly ripped muscular erection into her mouth and swallowed it all the way down to my balls! As Jeannie continued getting off while giving me oral sex I started to get my second wind as my body energy started coming back very quickly and I then bench pressed another ten sets of reps!.................By 7:30 pm as I was laying on my bed with Jeannie next to me while my now huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body was so freaking swollen and sore from Jeannie making me workout so hard lifting weights all day, that I could barely move my arms or legs! As Jeannie was muscle worshipping my swollen huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body while we were kissing, Jeannie said in between kissing me; "Today was a good start Joey but you know I'm going to keep pushing you every day to workout lifting weights even harder and harder then ever before, until you physically can't grow any larger in male muscular size and girth." "OK Jeannie." Was all I could reply because I was so tired now. "And by the way Joey I don't want you to think I'm a slut." Jeannie said with a more serious tone in her voice as she arched her eyebrows while looking me directly in my eyes; "But today was the first time that I ever went down on a guy and given him oral sex. The only reason I'm here today to help you with your weight lifting workout and gave you oral sex was because I've fallen in love with you, and I want us to spend the rest of our lives together. In other words Joey I want to be a one man woman to you until the end of time." "I could live with that Jeannie." I replied then I kissed her very romantically on the mouth......................At 8 pm while Jeannie and I were still laying on my bed kissing each other very romantically, we both heard the muffled sounds through my closed bedroom door of my mother's and Emily Johnson's voices talking in the kitchen as the kitchen door that led to the basement steps opened then closed behind them. "HOLY COW JOEY!" Jeannie said now sounding very scared as she jumped off my bed; "Your mother is home and I don't want the first time she'd meet me to think I'm a whore after finding me in alone with you in your bedroom." "Relax Jeannie." I replied; "Mom has been home all day down in the basement working out lifting weights with our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson the whole time you've been here." "You've kidding me Joey?" Jeannie said with a very surprised tone in her voice because she thought we were alone all day in my house; "You mean to tell me that not only your mother, but your eighty year old female neighbor were both here the whole time in the house with us? Not to mention that both of them are also into lifting weights and body building as well as you are?" "Yea Jeannie." I replied; "Body building and weight lifting runs in our family these days as far as my mother and I are concerned, but don't worry about them both being here in the house with us at the same time. From 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday they both lock themselves in our basement and workout all day long lifting weights to build up their two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physiques."...........................Then at 8:30 pm when we heard my mother's heavy footsteps coming down the hallway Jeannie started to panic and quickly rolled under my bed to hide just in case my mother came into my bedroom. But a moment later my mother's heavy footsteps that were coming down the hallway went into our bathroom, then the bathroom door closed and our shower started. Fifteen minutes later as Jeannie was still hiding underneath my bed, we then heard the bathroom door open and my mother's heavy footsteps going towards her own bedroom, then my mother's bedroom door closing behind her. Then five minutes after my mother had taken a couple of her Nighttime Volcano Explosion Mega-Vitamins, as I listened with my ear against the wall that separated my bedroom from my mother's bedroom, I could hear my mother snoring very loudly after she had fallen into a very deep uninterrupted sleep for the next ten hours straight.........................."OK Jeannie the coast is clear. My mother took two of her sleeping pills and is now sound asleep." "WHEW! That was a close one Joey." Jeannie said now sounding very relieved as she came out from under my bed; "But I better go now. My parents have me on a very strict curfew and I have to be home by 9:30 pm." I then quickly and quietly sneaked Jeannie out of my bedroom, down the hallway, then to our front door. As I opened the front door to let her out I asked while giving her a very romantic goodbye kiss; "When could I see you again darling?" "Well Joey." Jeannie replied sounding a little depressed that she had to leave me now; "On Sunday morning I'm going with my parents to visit my aunt in Jersey City and I'm not going to get back home until late tomorrow night. But since Monday is Labor Day and we don't start the new school year till Tuesday, not to mention that your mother and her friend will be busy down in your basement all day Monday working out lifting weights to build themselves up, I'll come over on Monday at 8:15 am sharp." "COOL JEANNIE!" I said excitedly; "I'll be counting the seconds till 8:15 am Monday morning." Then we said our goodbyes and Jeannie ran the entire six blocks home.......................As soon as I got back to my bedroom my Droid smart phone that was sitting on my nightstand next to my digital alarm clock was ringing with an incoming call. When I looked at the caller I.D. screen I saw that Beth my now ex-personal trainer from the body building boot camp in upstate New York, and now a very mentally delusional, hugely thick, ripped muscular older woman with a blond Mohawk who was in love with me and wanted to marry me, was calling. "Hi Beth what's new?" I said as I answered her call. "Great news Babe." Beth's voice said excitedly through my phone's receiver; "I met with the manager of the Tuckerton Iron Works Gym this morning at 11 am and he hired me right away as a personal trainer at double the salary I was making at the body building boot camp and I start this Tuesday morning." "That's great Beth." I replied trying to sound happy for her new job. "And that's not all Joey." Beth said still sounding very excited; "After my job interview I then went to a real estate office in downtown Mystic Islands and rented a house off the beach. Now remember this address Joey, the new address of my rented beach house is 2169 Ocean Grove Drive. It's just a block away from Muscle Beach where all the young teenage male and female body builders hang out lifting weights and showing off their muscles." "I know the place Beth it's only three miles away from where I live and I'm sure I'll have no trouble finding your new rented beach house." I replied. "That's great Joey. Tonight as I'm talking to you I'm driving back up to New York State so I could arrange to rent a U-Haul truck and move all my furniture back down to my new rented beach house in Mystic Islands New Jersey and be moved in by Monday night so we could continue working on our relationship babe." "Sounds like a plan Beth." I replied because I didn't know what to really say to her. Being that Beth was a fifty year old very hugely ripped, thickly muscular ex-professional female body builder with a shaved head and a blond Mohawk on top, who was slightly mentally unstable and very delusional about falling in love and with and wanting to marry me a thirteen year old boy, so I tried to watch what I'd say to her because I didn't know how crazy she really was. But in time I would find out how crazy Beth really was!................."Oh by the way Babe." Beth said to me with a very playful tone in her voice; "How does you little old gray haired mother like how much I've personally built up you sexy muscular male physique this past three months at the body building boot camp? "Well Beth." I replied now not realizing that I was going to push this slightly mentally unstable and very delusional, fifty year old very hugely ripped, thickly muscular ex-professional female body builder, with a shaved head and a blond Mohawk on top over the edge; "My mother doesn't have gray hair and she's far from being a little old lady. My mother who's only thirty two years old has beautiful thick long shoulder length brown hair and she works out lifting weights twelve hours a day in our basement to continue building up her monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscular physique with our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson." "So you don't say babe?" Beth tried to reply happily to hide the now very jealous tone in her voice as she thought to herself; "OK Amy Stromboli let's see which one of us would really make a better muscle momma to Joey, and don't cry when you lose bitch." Beth who was now continuing to get very angry and jealous as I continued to describe how monstrously huge, thickly ripped both my mother's and Emily Johnson's two female muscular physiques had gotten in only three months time, but what finally pushed Beth mentally off the deep end was when I accidently said; "My mother and Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscular physiques have to be at least 64% larger then my huge thick, ripped muscular teenage male one is, and at least almost three time the size of your extremely huge, beefy thick, ripped female muscular physique as well." "OH YOUR MOTHER IS, IS SHE!" Was all Beth could reply before she made the excuse that her highway exit was coming up and she had to go, then before we said our goodbyes, Beth told me she would call me when she got settled in her new rented beach house in Mystic Islands New Jersey. After we finished our call I then realized how exhausted I was from having Jeannie making me workout so hard lifting weights all day. After I took a quick shower I then collapsed in my bed and fell into a deep sleep........................Being that the following day was Sunday of Labor Day weekend and the one scheduled day off a week for both my mother and Emily Johnson from their twelve hour daily weight lifting workouts, my mother woke up at 6:30 am and quickly got out of bed, then after taking two of her morning Volcano Female Mega-Vitamin Explosion pills, she made her bed and got dressed then did her hair and put on some makeup. Then at 7:00 am after my mother got herself together she headed towards my bedroom to wake me up so we could spend the entire day together. "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! TODAY'S SUNDAY AND I HAVE THE WHOLE DAY PLANNED OUT JUST FOR THE TWO OF US!" I heard my mother's normal pleasant female voice happily say to me as it slowly woke me up out of my deep sleep. As I was slowly coming out of my deep sleep before I opened my eyes I thought to myself; "Wouldn't it be funny if it had all been a weird dream that I had about both my mother and our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson becoming two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women, who were working out lifting weights in our basement six days a week? And as soon as I open my eyes I'll see that my mother really has a very lovely curvy tightly thin female figure." But the moment I had woke up and opened my eyes I saw my mother's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique wearing a triple extra large black tank top that was extremely tight over her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female upper body, that showed off her hugely thick muscular bull neck, two hugely muscular watermelon sized tits, and two gargantuan thickly ripped muscular arms, and a pair of very short tight black spandex bicycle shorts that showed off her two gargantuan thickly ripped muscular legs. "OH MY GOD!" I thought to myself in total shock; "IT REALLY HAPPENED AND IT WASN'T A WEIRD DREAM AFTER ALL!" But what I said to my mother was; "Good morning Amy. I can't wait to spend the entire day together." "Me either Joey." My mother said as she reached her powerful strong left hand underneath my blanket and started playfully squeezing my huge muscular manly erection while giving me a knowing wink at the same time; "And I've been so freaking horny this past three months while you've away at that body building boot camp in upstate New York. Tonight you've going to rock my world while you fuck the shit out of me. But for now get up and get dressed because we have things to do this morning. I'll meet you in the kitchen in fifteen minutes for breakfast.".............................Fifteen minutes later I sat down at our kitchen table where my mother put a dozen scrambled eggs, a pound of bacon, and a pound of pork sausages on a large plate in front of me as she said; "Eat up Joey you need to put on more weight to bulk up and grow bigger as you workout lifting weights if you want to enter that teenage male body building contest at the Y.M.C.A." "Yes Amy." I replied even though I wasn't that hungry because Jeannie Swarts stuffed me with food like a Thanksgiving Turkey yesterday in between my weight lifting session with her, but I forced myself to eat the large breakfast that my mother had just made me. While I was forcing myself to eat my large breakfast, my mother made another three gallon, Amazon Volcano Explosion High Protein Female Muscle Growth Shake in our new three gallon blender and after she sat across from me at the kitchen table, she again drank it down in only four large gulps! Then after she let out another loud rumbling "BELCH!" My mother said happily as she wiped her mouth with her right gargantuan thickly ripped muscular forearm; "Guess what Joey. Yesterday I heard about a female body building contest in Fords County Mississippi called the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. Being that I work cleaning houses for Merry Maids I could qualify to enter it a year from next October, that is if I could get into great enough shape in another year to become tough female muscular competition to seriously challenge their current female heavy weight female body building champion Doreen Powers." "WAS MY MOTHER KIDDING ME?" I thought to myself; "If she could get into great enough shape in another year to become tough female muscular competition to seriously challenge another heavy weight female body builder? I don't know how hugely thick, ripped and muscular this Doreen Powers was who was the current heavy weight female body builder champion of the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest, but my mother already had a gargantuan thickly ripped muscular female physique that was at least four times larger in muscular size and girth then any other professional heavy female body builder, except of course for our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson, that I have ever seen before in my entire life!" But I replied; "I can't wait till next year to be sitting in the front row of the of that female body building contest Amy and see you winning that female body building heavy weight championship trophy.".....................Then another thought crossed my mind; "If my mother was downstairs heavily working out lifting weights twelve hours a day with out eighty year old female neighbor six days a week from 8 am to 8pm, and on Sundays she spent the whole day with me, when did my mother have any time to go to work cleaning houses for a maid company called; Merry Maids?" Unbeknown to me while both my mother and Emily Johnson were in their hypnotic, female weight lifting robotic states of mind from 8 am to 8 pm six days a week; While the computer chips in both my mother's and our eighty year old female neighbor's muscular implants made them workout hard lifting weights like two female weight lifting robots on a daily bases, their muscular implant computer chips also gave both my mother's and Emily Johnson's female minds an alternative imaginary view of what they were really doing on a daily bases. From Monday through Saturday my mother in her own female mind, saw her alternative imaginary view working cleaning houses at different retirement villages for old people forty hours a week, then working out lifting weights only a couple of hours a day a few times a week with me down in our basement, and my mother felt that she had a long way to go before she could enter and challenge Doreen Powers next year at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. In her computer programmed alternative imaginary view of herself, my mother also saw my now huge thickly ripped, muscular teenage male body nowhere near as large as it really was, and my mother thought I still needed a lot more time working out lifting weights to build up my manly muscular teenage body, before she'd allow me to enter the teenage male body building contest at the Y.M.C.A.......................After we finished breakfast my mother drove us to go grocery shopping at Acme, because the way I had been eating these past two days we were quickly running out of food in our house. Once  we got to Acme my mother had both of us get two shopping carts each so we could stock up on all the high protein foods needed for my continuing male teenage body building diet program. Once inside the store my mother and I pushed and pulled a shopping cart each as she started doing the grocery shopping. In the second shopping cart that I was pulling my mother filled the entire shopping cart up with every single whole gallon of milk that the grocery store had stocked on the refrigeration shelf. Then in the first shopping cart that I was pushing my mother filled the entire shopping cart up till it was completely filled with over one hundred dozen eggs. My mother then completely filled up both of the two shopping carts she was pushing and pulling with all the beef, chicken, and fish that they could both hold till both shopping carts were completely filled to their max....................As we both now headed through the produce department towards the checkout register to pay for our huge amount of groceries, we passed two elderly ladies who lived down the street from us. After my mother and I were both out of hearing distance the first elderly lady said to the second elderly lady; "Emma isn't that Amy Stromboli and her son Joey who lives down the street from us?" "Yea I believe it is Trudy." Emma replied as she just watched a monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular woman passing them while pulling and pushing two filled shopping carts of groceries with her huge thickly ripped muscular teenage son following behind her, as he pushed and pulled another other two shopping carts filled with dozens of eggs and gallons of whole milk. "You know Emma." Trudy said; "I've always suspected that Amy Stromboli was a lesbian since she moved in down the street from us twelve years ago as a single mother with a child. Because over the years you never saw a man come and take her out on a date, and now that Amy Stromboli is such a grotesquely huge muscular woman that proves she's a lesbian, only a lesbian would get into body building to make themselves look so butch and manly." You know Trudy you maybe right about Amy Stromboli." Emma replied;  "What man would want to be with something that ugly? But why is her son Joey so hugely ripped and muscular for a teenage boy as well? Just eleven months ago he was a skinny little weakling boy when his mother was a very fat out of shape woman" "That's because Emma." Trudy said with a knowingly look at Emma; " Amy Stromboli and her son Joey are probably using those illegal muscle growth enhancement drugs called steroids." "Well with or without those illegal muscle growth enhancement drugs they've both been using Trudy." Emma replied as she was starting to get a little sexually excited at the thought; "I wouldn't mind having that hugely ripped muscular teenage boy in my bed some night and make love to me." "You know Emma." Trudy winked at her friend as she said jokingly  while she started to laugh at what Emma had just said; "If we've going to dream lets dream big. How about if we had a three way with that hugely ripped muscular teenage boy some night?" End of Part 6                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-5

As I continued straddling the back of Emily Johnson's  monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique while she continued doing push ups even faster now, I had to lay my head with my right ear on her back to cut down on the wind resistance. As I held my right ear against her gigantic thickly ripped muscular back, I could hear Emily Johnson's powerfully strong heart beating very loudly like an African war drum calling a tribe to attack their enemy, while the next sensation came right away, when my whole manly body was engulfed in the glowing hotness that emanated from her gargantuan female muscular frame. There was now a general air of warmth surrounding Emily Johnson now as her metabolism was working in overdrive. The basement space around us was now growing even hotter then it had been a few minutes ago. The whole workout routine she had completed today, the pumping iron, the pull ups, the sit ups, and the building of huge female muscle, turned Emily Johnson's whole entire gargantuan female muscular frame into an enormous electrical power station that was now radiating enough body heat to keep our house warm throughout the coldest winter. Immediately I could feel beads of sweat appearing on my own forehead as I now started to sweat....................While I was still holding on to her two huge, beefy thick muscular triceps to keep myself stable, By accident I somehow placed my now growing hugely muscular erection on Emily Johnson's bubble shaped muscular ass, and moved it around while it began rubbing against her. Then like it had a mind of it's own my now growing hugely muscular erection found it's way out of waistband of my gym shorts and into the waistband of Emily Johnson's gym shorts, as my growing hugely muscular erection continued to snake itself into the butt crack of her bubble shaped muscular ass. Then as my growing hugely muscular erection continued to snake itself through the butt crack of Emily Johnson's bubble shaped muscular ass, and it finally found it's way to and plugged itself into her thickly ripped muscular vagina underneath. Then like a military fuel plane fueling another military plane in mid flight, I then started shooting huge wads of male testosterone sperm into her as she continued doing her push ups without stopping while Emily Johnson and I both started to sexually orgasm together in unison! As soon as I realized what was happening a surprisingly shocking thought crossed my mind; "HOLY SHIT! I'M FUCKING MY AUNT EMILY!" Then as I quickly tried to pull my hugely muscular erection out of Emily Johnson's thickly ripped muscular vagina, her powerfully strong rippling thick vagina muscles held my hugely muscular erection in it's place while jerking and squeezing it even harder now then before while it keep drinking the huge wads of my male testosterone sperm, that I was so generously pumping in to her. As I continued to try retrieving my hugely muscular erection out of her thickly ripped muscular vagina, Emily Johnson said in a very sleepy, but very stern sounding,  tone that sounded more like a computerized robotic voice then her own female voice, while she was still under her strange hypnotic frame of mind; "NO! NO JOEY! IT STAYS WHERE IT IS TO CONTINUE FEEDING MY HUNGRY GROWING FEMALE MUSCLES WITH YOUR YOUNG HIGH PROTEIN ENHANCED MALE TESTOSTERONE SPERM!" As I now laid straddled to Emily Johnson's gigantic thickly ripped muscular back while being attached to her powerfully strong, thickly ripped, muscular vagina in the front, I started to get scared as I thought to myself; "WHO WOULD WANT TO TURN BOTH MY MOTHER AND OUR EIGHTY YEAR OLD FEMALE NEIGHBOR INTO TWO ROBOTIC FEMALE BODY BUILDING WOMEN? AND WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY EVEN WANT TOO?" But I still had to admit to myself that I enjoyed each butt cheek of Emily Johnson's muscular bubble shaped ass massaging my front while her powerfully strong, thickly ripped muscular vagina was now violently pulsating my hugely muscular male erection at the same time!...................Since I was now straddled to her gigantic thickly ripped muscular back, while at the same time being attached to Emily Johnson's powerfully strong thickly ripped, muscular vagina in the front, I reluctantly let go of her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms and rested my two elbows on her shoulders. My fingers then started so lightly touching the hot, damp surface underneath them. There was so much of Emily Johnson's gigantic thickly ripped muscular back spreading wide between my legs, that I was now very awestruck at her huge female muscular dimensions, and how imposing they seemed so close up. Then as I turned to view myself in a large mirror that someone had installed on the far end basement wall, and now for the first time I noticed in the mirror's reflection, my relatively small manly frame and how it compared to both my mother's and Emily Johnson's womanly behemoth bursting with mighty female brawn frames....................Then Emily Johnson's entire gargantuan female muscular frame rumbled violently underneath me for a moment as I continued straddling and fucking her at the same time, due to the shift of my two hundred and eighty five pounds of muscular male body weight that was giving her added resistance while she continued doing push ups. Multiplied by their extremely large staggering size I could now easily feel every single one of her thickly ripped muscular fibers stirring beneath me, as they went from unbelievably hard to sensuously flexible and then back again to a tensed steeliness in a split second. Now dimly aware of the irregular movement like on a cruise ship on a calm sea, there was an almost imperceptible amount of wobbling underneath me as Emily Johnson adjusted herself to the unaccustomed additional two hundred and eighty five pounds of my body weight being on her back. Even though my added ballast wouldn't come anywhere come close to pushing Emily Johnson to her limits, to her it was still an unusual push up portion of her daily body building workout.....................Emily Johnson's entire gargantuan female muscular female frame returned to it's original thick beefy, rippling solidity as it was being pushed up as far as it could physically go with each push up she did. As she pushed herself up off the gym mats, I watched in pure awe as her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms extended their muscles which swelled out and ballooned up into new shapes of unquestionable female powerful strength. Emily Johnson's two large thick, beefy rippling muscular triceps which had formed into two smooth horseshoe shapes a moment earlier, were now bulging up to create brindled concrete pipes which widely expanded the contours of her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms. As I floated above the gym mats on our basement floor while still straddling Emily Johnson's entire gargantuan female muscular frame by her two large thick, beefy rippling muscular arms, she then inhaled very deeply as Emily Johnson needed the additional oxygen to continue doing her push ups, while her entire gargantuan female muscular back just arched the slightest amount as she inhaled at the top of every one of her push ups. Then Emily Johnson's gargantuan female muscular frame began to move downwards very slowly and deliberately......................Both of her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms which were now two bending forced masses of thick beefy female muscle, which now woke up the uneven huge thick beefy muscular surface of bulges under my front side to produce delightful ripples that playfully started to tickle my body. At this angle of Emily Johnson's two huge, beefy thick rippling muscular triceps and her gargantuan female muscular back, each of these huge, beefy thick rippling muscular female bulges were the unmistakable proof that she was doing some serious exercising here. The now very moist but warm material of Emily Johnson's white sleeveless T-shirt between me and the upper part of her gargantuan female muscular frame did nothing to dampen the feeling as it was completely unable to help getting stretched to it's max with the muscular female protrusions forming constantly inside of it. The white cotton material now wrapped very tightly around her entire gargantuan female muscular size and girth, covering her gigantic muscular female mass from her wide muscular back till the white cotton sleeveless T-shirt reached the top of Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms. The vast plates of steely flesh tried and struggled to push her triceps outwards from their own domain, but failed miserably as each large beefy thick, rock hard part of Emily Johnson's anatomy was unyielding against anything but her own free will.......................As she continued doing push ups now at a faster speed Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms were fantastic to watch while she continued doing push ups as they bulged out with huge thickly rippling indescribable glory, while they ballooned out from her two elbows and bowling ball sized muscular shoulders. Watching this incredible transformation from her huge striated beefy lumps of female muscular meat ballooning up into dense boulders, as the outer contours described curves that could only be created by moving her gargantuan female muscular body weight, that any other ordinary woman could ever dream of having. Expanding out in all the right places these monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular solid springs arched around the impossible width and depth of her gigantic bulging, beefy rippling muscular biceps...................Emily Johnson's gigantic thickly ripped muscular upper back was now blossoming into beefy versions of sculptures shaped like gigantic tortoise shells of very huge thickly rippling protective muscles, which now jutted to each side of my straddling two hundred and eighty five pounds muscular male physique. They were capped off by a pair of huge beefy thick, rippling chunky traps that connected to Emily Johnson's thickly muscular bull sized neck and her deltoids. The outer sides of her two bowling ball sized shoulders were made of thick beefy rippling muscular balled creamy white flesh, and her hugely thick, beefy muscular arms were two gargantuan hunks of rippling thick muscular beef, as her stretched gigantic muscular triceps coiled into two massively large horseshoes. Emily Johnson's guns were just so freaking huge as she maintained her sensuous pose of holding a up full grown teenage boy of two hundred and eighty five pounds of muscular male body weight straddled to her gigantic thickly ripped muscular back, in addition to her own already quadruple sized gargantuan female muscular frame as she continued pumping out push ups at a now very fast rate. Riding on her gigantic thickly ripped muscular back now reminded me of an amusement park ride I had once rode at Disneyland. As for Emily Johnson's thick beefy muscular leviathan chest, I could only imagine how it must have looked and felt like at that instant, swelling out at an exploding rate with a huge pair of steely watermelon sized tits given the strain it was working against. Imposingly deep they created a completely separate cleavage of striated beefy thick female muscular flesh right on top of her normal cleavage of sensually soft breast tissue...................By the time Emily Johnson finished her 4500TH push up while I continued laying my head with my right ear against her left shoulder blade, I started hearing a loud muffled beeping sound coming from inside her gigantic thickly ripped muscular back. This loud muffled beeping sound was all the computer chips in Emily Johnson's muscle implants that signaled her brain like an alarm clock while she was still under this strange hypnotic state of mind, that her push up session was over and it was time to move on to do bicep curls. As soon as Emily Johnson stopped doing push ups her strong rippling thick vagina muscles let go of my now very spent, once huge muscular male erection and I quickly retrieved it back into my own gym shorts as she rolled me off her back. At the same time Emily Johnson finished doing push ups my mother finished doing her bicep curls, as the computer chips in my mother's muscular implants also signaled her brain that her bicep curl session was over, and it was time to move over do leg presses. While both women were still in their strange hypnotic state of mind, they walked passed each other without even noticing the other one was there and started on their next weight lifting exercise session. I had seen enough now and as I headed up the basement stairs to our kitchen where I needed a little quiet time away from all the loud metal clanging sounds of my mother and Emily Johnson working out lifting weights at the same time, so I could figure out how this could have all happened in only three months time while I was away at the body building boot camp in upstate New York where my mother had sent me....................{A HALF HOUR EARLIER!} While I was straddled on Emily Johnson's gigantic thickly ripped muscular back with my two hundred and eighty five pounds of solid muscular male body weight to give her added resistance while she was doing her push ups, a female security agent was watching it as it was happening from her computer screen in the basement security computer room at the American Female Muscle University, as it was being recorded from one of the four security cameras now hidden in our basement ceiling. Then the female security agent picked up the receiver of the phone next to her computer screen and after she dialed extension number 3368 on the phone's keypad, she then listened till another woman's voice answered; "Hello." "Hello Dr. Olsten this is security agent Joan in the A.F.M.U. security computer room." The female security agent said with a very important tone in her voice; "We might have a serious security breach at our Stromboli-Johnson high tech female weight lifting facility in Pine Creek New Jersey." "What is it Joan?" Dr. Helen Olsten asked now sounding very upset that something could have possibly compromised this important project. "It's Amy Stromboli's thirteen year old son Joey." Joan replied; "He just came back today from being away three months in upstate New York at a teenager body building boot camp, and he had accidentally stumbled into our high tech female weight lifting facility in their basement, while his mother and eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson was going through their daily computer programed weight lifting workouts." "Joan does either woman have any memory whatsoever that he was downstairs in the basement with them while they were working out lifting weights?" Dr. Helen Olsten asked sounding very concerned. "At first I didn't think so Dr. Olsten." Joan replied; "But Emily Johnson did mention him by name. So just to be on the safe side I'm going to wipe clean all the memory of today's workout from the computer chips in both women's muscular implants so they'll never know that Joey Stromboli was ever there at all." "That will solve part of the problem Joan." Dr. Helen Olsten said; "And I'll take care of the Joey Stromboli side of the problem." After Dr. Helen Olsten ended her call with female security agent Joan, she then dialed extension number 2345 on the phone keypad and when another female voice answered, Dr. Helen Olsten commanded into the phone receiver; "JUDY WE HAVE A POSSIBLE SECURITY BREACH AT OUR STROMBOLI-JOHNSON HIGH TECH FEMALE WEIGHT LIFTING FACILITY IN PINE CREEK NEW JERSEY! " Then Dr. Helen Olsten went on to tell Judy what had happened as she e-mailed her the security video footage of me straddling Emily Johnson's back while she was doing push ups that Joan had e-mailed her earlier. After watching this security video footage; "No problem Helen." Judy replied; "I'll have two of my best A.F.M.U. black ops female security agents take care of the problem right away." "OK Judy but I don't want anything bad to happen to Joey." Dr. Helen Olsten said now sounding very concerned. "We'd only do that as a last resort Helen." Judy seriously replied; If Joey Stromboli seriously compromised this important project then he'd have to be eliminated once and for all, but I'm quite sure a very healthy physically fit, muscular teenage boy like Joey Stromboli could easily be reprogrammed to not remember what he saw today. I'll call you when your serious compromise had been diverted at the Stromboli-Johnson high tech female weight lifting facility in Pine Creek New Jersey." Then Judy hung up..................I was now sitting at our kitchen table drinking my third glass of iced tea because I was so hot and thirsty from straddling Emily Johnson's gigantic thickly ripped muscular back as she did push ups, and I now felt that I had stepped into the twilight zone. I then tried to figure out the answers to the questions I was thinking in my mind; "How could my mother who three short months ago only wanted to have a very sexy, curvy tightly thin well toned female figure become this monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular amazon so quickly? Not to mention how our eighty year old neighbor Emily Johnson did as well? I've been working out hard every day lifting weights to build up my thirteen year old male body for ten months straight, that's seven months longer then my mother and Emily Johnson had been working out lifting weights to build up their now two monstrously huge muscular female physiques. Not to mention spending three months in upstate New York at the body building boot camp. So in only three months time how could my mother and Emily Johnson both be at least 64% larger in muscular size and girth the me, who's been working out lifting weights longer then they were?" As I tried to think up the answers that would fit correctly to these strange questions, another thought crossed my mind; "Could they have had some kind of outside help? Who else could help them and want to turn both my mother and eighty year old Emily Johnson into two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female body builders? And why the hell would they even want too?" I thought about this for a moment and then I asked myself; "Also if my mother and Emily Johnson were both working out together lifting weights in our basement, why did both of them seem to be in some kind of a strange hypnotic trance and not notice each other's presence, let along mine when I was downstairs in the basement, like they were two robotic female body building machines? Were they both now using some kind of illegal drugs?" These questions continued spinning around in my mind like a spiral without any tangible ideas to answer them with......................As I continued sitting at our kitchen table trying to figure out the how and why's on how both my mother and our eighty year old female neighbor became two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women in only three months time, a black unmarked Ford F-250 paneled van with U.S. Government license plates pulled up outside across the street a half a block away from both our and Emily Johnson's house. Inside of the van behind the steering wheel sat a very stocky thick muscular woman with short cropped salt and pepper colored hair, wearing a tight black short sleeve polo shirt with; "A.F.M.U. SECURITY." embroidered over her thickly muscular left tit and a pair of black jeans. After she put the van in park and shut off the motor this very stocky thick muscular woman with short cropped salt and pepper colored hair turned around to address the other two very stocky thick muscular women who were dressed in the same type of uniform with the same type of hair cuts sitting in the back seat. All three of these woman were ex-Navy seals who were heavily trained in special black ops; "OK ladies. It's 19:55 hours now, at 21:00 hours we make our move. Jane?" "Yes major Lewis?" The very stocky thick muscular redheaded woman replied from the back seat. "Jane at 21:00 hours I want you to go to Emily Johnson's house at 1705 Pine Oak Blvd and update the computer programming in all computer chips of her muscle implants and turbo charged pacemaker." "No problem major Lewis. My hand palm computer is already programmed with all of her updates." "Good Jane." Major Lewis replied as she turned to the other very stocky thick muscular blond woman sitting in the back seat; "Kate you'll be going with me to the Stromboli-Johnson high tech female weight lifting facility located in the basement of Amy Stromboli's house at 1704 Pine Oak Blvd. Do you have the carry bag with all the stuff we need including the tank of sleeping gas?" "Yes Major Lewis I have everything ready for our secret mission." Kate replied. "Good Kate." Major Lewis said; "Once we've inside Amy Stromboli's house we've both going to need to carry our portable oxygen tanks on our backs while we wear our portable oxygen masks. Once inside the basement of the Stromboli-Johnson high tech female weight lifting facility I'll be releasing the tank of sleeping gas throughout all the furnace heating vents to make sure Joey Stromboli falls into a very deep sleep. Kate after you've down loaded all the updated computerized information to increase the amounts of weight Dr. Olsten wants both Amy Stromboli and Emily Johnson to start lifting tomorrow morning. Then after that I want you to change the lock on the kitchen door that leads to the basement stairs with that new high tech computerized one, so there wouldn't be another security breach and Joey Stromboli wouldn't be able to compromise Dr. Olsten's important project again." "Yes Major Lewis." Kate replied. "As for me ladies." Major Lewis said; "While Kate is busy downstairs and with the high tech computerized door lock, I'll be reprogramming Joey Stromboli's young fourteen year old mind to have no memory whatsoever of being in the Stromboli-Johnson high tech female weight lifting facility this afternoon, not to mention having sex with Emily Johnson at the same time while he was straddling her back while Emily Johnson was doing push ups. Then I'll go into Amy Stromboli's bedroom and update all the computer programming in the computer chips her of muscle implants. After we've all done we are to meet back here by 21:45 hours."........................At exactly 8 pm as all the computer chips in both my mother's and Emily Johnson's muscular implants started making a loud muffled beeping sound that signaled the end of their twelve hour daily weight lifting workouts, my mother and Emily Johnson then finished up the last set of reps they were doing and got up off the high tech universal weight lifting machines they were on and walked over to each other. Since my mother and Emily Johnson who were both the same height looked directly into each other's eyes, a red laser light like the kind you'd find at a cash register scanning checkout in any store, came out of both women's eyes in two red laser lines that met in the middle. A second later after the red laser lines disappeared altogether both my mother and Emily Johnson blinked their eyes as they both came out of their hypnotic weight lifting computerized workout program mode and back to normal reality. "UHM!" My mother said very happily satisfied to Emily Johnson as she stretched her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female upper body; "I feel so great Emily after another fantastic weight lifting workout, how about you?" "I feel better now then I did sixty five years ago when I was fifteen years old Amy." Emily said sounding just as happily satisfied as my mother was; "And I bet you can't wait to show off your new female muscular physique to your son, and speaking of Joey doesn't he come home today from the body building boot camp in upstate New York?" "I think so Emily." My mother replied now sounding a little sleepy as she let out a large yawn, while removing her now very sweat soaked white cotton short sleeved T-shirt, and tossing it into the laundry basket sitting on top of our washing machine; "But all I can think about right now is taking a long hot shower and going right to bed to get my ten hours sleep, so I could wake up at 7 am tomorrow morning and meet you again Emily at 8 am so we could have another weight lifting workout session together." "I know what you mean Amy." Emily Johnson said in total agreement; "I've gotten just as addicted as you are to working out lifting weights to build up my female muscular body and I'm totally exhausted from today's weight lifting workout as well, but you know what's the funniest thing about today's weight lifting workout Amy?" "No what Emily?" My mother replied. "As exhausted as I am from today's weight lifting workout." Emily Johnson giggled like a school girl; "I also feel like I had just got laid by a powerfully strong muscular male erection." Then as my mother and Emily Johnson started climbing the stairs towards our kitchen, they both giggled like two school girls at what Emily Johnson had just said.......................I was still sitting at the kitchen table heavily deep in my own thoughts trying to figure out the answers to my questions about the how and why's on how my mother and our eighty year old female neighbor became two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women in only three months time, when I jumped up after being startled as the kitchen door that lead to steps going down to the basement opened up and my mother and Emily Johnson walked in. "Oh hello Joey I'm so glad you've home from body building boot camp. I really missed you these past three months sweetheart." My mother said with a very cheerful happy tone in her voice as she saw me now standing in our kitchen. "Hi Joey." Emily Johnson said as she headed towards our backdoor; "You've really looking good since you returned from that body building boot camp in upstate New York. Keep up the good work." Then Emily Johnson said goodbye to us and left through the backdoor...................After our eighty year old monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female neighbor left as I sat back down at the kitchen table I asked my mother; "Amy when did you and aunt Emily start working out lifting weights to build up your two female bodies, and how the hell did the two of you both get so freaking hugely muscular in such a short period of time? Are you both using steroids?" "Oh come on Joey. Emily and I aren't that freaking hugely muscular." My mother laughed because part of her and Emily Johnson's computer chips in their muscular implants which controlled their hypnotic female weight lifting workouts during the day, also controlled both their minds in their normal daily reality as well, which gave both women a distorted view of what they really looked like now in their own eyes. Both my mother and Emily Johnson saw their two female bodies getting into better shape and a little more muscular since they've both been working out lifting weights but they both didn't see themselves now as they really were, two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women. The reason for this was so neither woman would freak out at being turned into a monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female monster that might be used later on for military purposes. "Emily and I just built up our womanly muscles a bit, that's all." My mother said still laughing about me asking her if she and Emily Johnson was using steroids. But before I could ask any more questions on why her and our eighty year old female neighbor started working out lifting weights to, and how fast they both build up their two now monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female bodies, my mother held her right index finger to my closed lips as she playfully said while she winked at me; "SHH JOEY! Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies." That wasn't something my mother would have ordinary said, but it was something the computer chips in her muscle implants would say as they spoke through her brain while now controlling her normal every day reality on how my mother would now think, talk, and react on a daily bases.....................Then my mother changed the subject by asking me; "Joey are you hungry I could make you a ham sandwich." But before I could answer her my mother started making me a ham sandwich while she blended herself another three gallons of; "Amazon Volcano Explosion High Protein Female Muscle Growth Shake" in our new larger three gallon blender at the same time. After her three gallon high protein shake was completely blended and my ham sandwich was made, my mother put my ham sandwich on a plate and in front of me where I was sitting at the kitchen table. After my mother removed the pitcher off our new larger three gallon blender she then sat across the kitchen table from me and chugged down the entire three gallons of; "Amazon Volcano Explosion High Protein Female Muscle Growth Shake," in only four large gulps! As my mother chugged down her entire three gallons of the high protein female muscle growth shake, her thickly muscular bull sized neck swelled up then deflated with an unbelievable amount of hugely thick rippling neck muscle, with each large gulp of her shake she drank! Finally after she digested  the entire three gallons of the; "Volcano Explosion High Protein Female Muscle Growth Shake," my mother then let out a very loud; "BELCH!" And without excusing herself for her loud belch, she just wiped her mouth with her right, hugely thick, rippling forearm as she said happily; "AW! That hit the spot." I had found that very strange that my mother didn't excuse herself for letting out such a loud belch. Up to three months ago my mother who had always taught me to have good manners would have said if I had let out a loud belched like that; "What do you say Joey? Remember for one to be a true gentleman they must have good manners to start with." And I would reply; "Excuse me Amy." But besides my mother's monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscular transformation these past three months since I was away at body building boot camp, her own once normal female personality seemed to have changed as well! It was now more of a wild female animalized one!......................As I continued eating my ham sandwich at the kitchen table, I tried to continued asking my mother more questions so I could get some real answers on why her and our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson, could become two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women in only three months time. Major Lewis who was parked down the street in a black van with her crew waiting till 9 pm to reprogram my mother and me, was watching and listening to our entire conversation on her palm computer which was being recorded from another American Female Muscle University security camera hidden in our kitchen. In fact the A.F.M.U. security team not only had hidden security cameras all over our house, but they also had phone taps on both our house and cell phones as well. This was so nothing would compromise this top secret government project. Major Lewis now through computer wireless signals from a government satellite in space had put my mother's normal every day reality on hold mode, as she now put my mother on manual so she could give the answers to my questions that she wanted me to have. Major Lewis would talk into her palm computer with her own voice and  the words would come out of my mother's mouth in her own voice..................."Joey, from Monday through Saturday Emily Johnson and I are on a very tight weight lifting workout schedule between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. We've both on a special high protein liquid diet that we need to drink four times a day." My mother said with a now more slightly strange hypnotic robotic tone in her voice,while her two blue eyes seemed to flash with light green speckles with each word she now spoke; "By 9 pm after I've had my shower and last high protein liquid shake for the day, I then need to get ten hours of uninterrupted sleep so I could wake up at 7 am the next morning and get ready to meet Emily for another twelve hour weight lifting workout. So from Monday through Saturday you'll have to sleep in your own bedroom every night Joey, then on Sunday's which is Emily's and my one day off a week from our daily weight lifting workouts, then you and I could spend the entire day every Sunday together while continuing our special sexual relationship." "Do you and Emily have a personal trainer who's helping the both of you with your daily weight lifting workouts Amy?" "A personal trainer?" My mother asked sounding very confused for a moment before Major Lewis talked in to her palm held computer to answer to my question; "OH NO JOEY!" My mother now laughed lightheartedly as she said very cheerfully; "Emily and I don't have a personal trainer. We got all our weight lifting and body building diet programs off the Internet like every one else who gets information this days." Then before I could ask another question my mother said as she looked at the clock on the kitchen wall; "Oh look at the time Joey it's already 8:45 pm. I've got to jump into the shower and get my ten hours uninterrupted sleep time in." Then my mother jumped out of the kitchen chair she was sitting in like if a puppeteer was pulling her strings and quickly left the kitchen. As I continued sitting at our kitchen table trying to figure out what strange thing was really going on in our house, I then heard our shower running in the bathroom. After she finished taking her shower I then heard my mother's footsteps walking towards her bedroom and closing, then locking the bedroom door behind her. After my mother was in her bedroom before she got into bed my mother took two of her Nighttime Volcano Explosion Mega-Vitamins and then fell into a very deep, uninterrupted sleep  for the next ten hours straight as soon as her head hit the pillow.....................At ten minutes to nine I was in my own bedroom getting undressed for bed while I was still trying to figure out what had been happening here at home for the past three months while I was away in upstate New York at the body building boot camp, that caused both my mother and our eighty year old female neighbor to want to turn themselves into two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women, not to mention how my mother was now talking with a more slightly strange hypnotic robotic tone in her voice, as she beat around the bush about answering my questions. While I was still trying to figure out what was really going on in the basement of our house, Major Lewis who was carrying a tank of sleeping gas and her associate Kate were quietly standing in our backyard while they put on their oxygen masks and turned on each other's oxygen tanks that were strapped to each other's thickly ripped muscular female backs. "OK Kate it's 21:00 hours." Major Lewis said through her oxygen mask; "As soon as you pick the backdoor lock and let us into Amy Stromboli's house, we'll both go downstairs to the basement and after I release the sleeping gas through the heating vents, I'll go upstairs and handle all the programming for both Amy and Joey Stromboli while you handle readjusting the weight lifting machines, getting the updated weight lifting report on both Amy Stromboli and Emily Johnson, and changing the kitchen door lock on the door leading to the high tech weight room." "Yes Major." Kate replied as she headed to the back door and had it open in two seconds after she had picked the lock. Once in our basement Major Lewis quickly connected the tank of sleep gas to our heating vents and as soon as she opened up the valve on the tank, the sleeping gas flowed throughout all the heating vents of our house and I fell into a very deep sleep right away!.....................Major Lewis then climbed our basement stairs to our kitchen then headed towards my bedroom. As soon as she took her palm held computer out of her pocket, Major Lewis plugged a computer ear phone into both of my ears. Major Lewis then started typing a two computer program system into her palm held computer to reprogram my mind. The first part of my mind reprogramming was that I'd have no memory whatsoever of what I had seen down in our basement earlier tonight. Also not to ask my mother anymore questions while trying to figure out on how Emily Johnson and her had become two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women in only three months time, and just be proud of the fact that they both had and how much I now loved to brag about them. The second part Major Lewis was making of my mind reprogramming was to make my macho male ego feel so extremely embarrassed that both my mother and Emily Johnson were bigger in muscular size and girth then I was, and no matter how hard I continued working out lifting weights to build up my own manly muscular fourteen year old male teenage physique, I could never catch up to them!......................By 21:45 hours Major Lewis, Kate, and Jane were back in the black van parked down the street. As Major Lewis started the motor and pulled away from the curb she made a phone call on her hands free car phone. "Hello?" A female voice came through the van's speakers a couple of seconds later. "Helen this is Judy Lewis. I just want you to know that everything has been taken care of at the Stromboli-Johnson high tech weight lifting facility in Pine Creek New Jersey, and security is now tighter then a drum." "Good Judy." Dr. Olsten said through the van's speakers; "But what about Amy Stromboli's son Joey?" "Not to worry Helen we've not going to have any more problems with him." Judy Lewis replied; "I've wiped out any memory he had about being in the basement with his mother and Emily Johnson this afternoon, while reprogramming him to except both of them as they now are." "Very good work Judy. Thanks for everything." Then Dr. Helen Olsten hung up. End Of Part 5                                                          

Friday, March 11, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-4

As I continued sitting on the basement step watching both my mother and Emily Johnson doing their weight lifting workouts while they were in both in their strange hypnotic state of mind, it was pure poetry in motion watching how easily they were both handling those massive amounts of heavy steel weights they were lifting with each rep they pumped out..................My mother was laying on her back on a universal bench pressing machine as she held a bar that was attached to three hundred and fifty pounds of steel weight disks, and she was pressing the bar straight up from her now massively muscular pectoral chest with two muscular watermelon sized tits on top of it. My mother's breast size which was once a 36 triple D cup size, now looked like it had grown from all the weight lifting she had been doing into at least a 44 triple D cup size. My mother's now two hugely thick, ripped muscular legs were spread wide apart to balance her now enormous muscular female physique, with her two feet firmly planted on the basement floor to support her gargantuan muscular female frame. Unfortunately my mother was wearing a pair of gray sweat pants so I couldn't see her warm, moist monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular inner thighs shimming in the neon lights of our basement, but it still excited me to see the outlines of my mother's two bloated monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular legs against the material of her not so loose gray sweat pants. They were twitching underneath the fabric with every single move she did, constantly tensing and relaxing with each single rep my mother was bench pressing. As I let my eye sight gaze in wonder over her swollen gray sweat pants I was actually glad that she was wearing them because if I was looking at her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular naked legs right now, it would have made me so freaking sexually horny while giving me such a huge hard erection at the same time, that I might just shoot a huge wad of sperm and cream my own gym shorts. Then as I shifted my eye sight I saw my mother's white T-shirt had ridden up slightly to expose the first row of her now very defined cobblestone abdomen reflecting the neon basement lights on it's glistening creamy white skin. The lattice of her thickly ripped, defined cobblestone muscular stomach inflated with each mighty breath she inhaled, then receded with each mighty breath she exhaled. Every one of my mother's single cobblestone rock like abs was protruding from the area around them while slightly tensing at the same time to help keep her body straight. That was the beauty of watching my mother doing bench presses, which were a weight lifting exercise aimed at her all ready hugely thick, ripped pectoral muscles which made my mother's super inhumanly muscular female physique come even more alive as it moved in a symphony of very sexually enticing monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscularity....................The other cobblestone defined, thickly ripped muscular ridges of my mother's abs disappeared underneath her white T-shirt but remained perfectly visible, while forming waves underneath the white stretched cotton. Then the white stretched cotton material would bulge up high in the air as it encompassed my mother's pair of 44 triple D cup sized magnificent muscular watermelon sized breasts which were poorly held by a sports bra underneath her white T-shirt. As I continued watching my mother's enormous, thickly ripped muscular female physique working out her powerfully strong gargantuan female frame, I could feel the heavy male sexual heated horny feeling raising quickly in me and I now totally forgot about my sexual interests in both Jeannie Swarts and my personal trainer Beth, in fact by now I had totally forgot that they both had ever existed at all! Every time my mother raised her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms to do a bench press, her two 44 triple D cup sized muscular watermelon sized tits got squished between them, then when my mother lowered her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms, her two 44 triple D cup sized muscular watermelon sized tits immediately returned to their original size and shape of perfect roundness. At the same time my mother's two 44 triple D cup sized muscular watermelon sized tits were subjected to the constant movements of her hugely thick, rippling muscular pectoral muscles underneath them and they jumped up with every involuntary pectoral muscular flex my mother did, taking the supple muscular tissue of her breasts along with them for the ride, which made her two 44 triple D cup muscular watermelon sized tits sway and wobble almost non-stop.......................The magic for this hypnotizing animation laid a bit farther north right where the white stretched cotton fabric descended below my mother's ample muscular large tits back to her impervious creamy white flesh. My mother's hugely thick, rippling muscular pectoral muscles looked as hard as plates of armor, as they were raising up like they were about to jump off her body. They showed through my mother's white stretched cotton T-shirt with a very nicely deep muscular cleavage around her neckline and the shapes of very deep, wide steel plates spreading and rising visibly. It looked like my mother was wearing a bullet proof vest underneath her white stretched cotton T-shirt. Contracting and relaxing in a  rhythmic fashion, they pushed against the white stretched cotton fabric of her T-shirt to do their monstrously huge pec dance whatever my mother flexed them or not. My mother's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular sides were adorned with amazingly huge muscular wings, as she stretched her two arms towards the ceiling doing a bench press, while making her hugely thick, rippling muscular back flare out wide. They were very broad, juicy very solid beefy slabs of womanly muscles that formed my mother's lats, filling up the back and sides of her white stretched cotton T-shirt completely as they had spread out from her back. Even though this was just a small part of my mother's vast and expansive thickly ripped muscular back one could clearly see that she had the frame of a massively huge, thickly ripped muscular gorilla, to say the least.......................My mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms now entered my vision as she lowered the bar she was bench pressing with three hundred and fifty pounds of steel weight disks down to her chest, and I then noticed how simply monstrously huge my mother's guns really were! The monstrously huge thickly ripped muscles on her arms jutted out with incomparable huge curves as she held the bench press bar for a moment while allowing me to examine those huge thick beefy muscular slabs. Though obviously relaxed and not flexed as bench pressing doesn't involve working out the biceps, they were still bulging out profusely due to my mother's bent arms which filled out the short sleeves of her white cotton T-shirt like they were sewn around them. I then noticed that the material of my mother's white cotton T-shirt was already starting to slightly rip in the short sleeves where her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps formed their biggest peaks, it looked like that my mother only needed to do one good powerful double bicep flex to ultimately destroy the two short sleeves of her white cotton T-shirt...................Then suddenly as my mother slowly moved the bench press bar of the universal weight lifting machine upwards again, it stretched her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms which made her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped horseshoe shaped muscular triceps transform from two beefy muscular rotund hulks of flesh to extremely hugely thick, rippling rolls of huge beefy thick muscle right in front of my eyes. As my mother tensed them while she continued slowly lifting the three hundred and fifty pound bench press bar up above her head, her two huge, thickly ripped muscular horseshoe shaped triceps formed even harder and more impenetrable which now looked like they were now shaped like two large semi circles of huge thickly, rippling muscular sides of beef. My mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps which were already very impressive looking when they were both rolled up in a ball were now just as imposing in this expanded state as well, as they continued ballooning up which now gave the white cotton material my mother's two short sleeves an extremely hard time encompassing all that monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscle mass. They flowed into two very large, vein annihilating vascularity muscular forearms that looked like they were made of cords of solid muscular steel tissue that throbbed heavily because my mother was gripping the bench press bar so extremely hard. At least one of her thick blue pencil sized, annihilating vascularity veins on each arm ran down from her now two very powerfully strong hands, and was pulsating like crazy to show how much my mother was pumping herself up by lifting weights. My mother's entire monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique was now violently quivering as she fought to continue pumping out rep after rep doing bench presses with three hundred and fifty pounds of steel weights. Now grunting very loudly as she continued to lift the bench press bar above her head!...................My mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms were connected to, two of the broadest muscular female shoulders I had ever seen on any woman, including my muscular female personal trainer Beth. The size and girth of her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique was awesomely amazing to see, as it spread out far wider then the narrow weight bench that was supporting her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female hulk. As I continued watching my mother doing bench presses I thought to myself; "Who knew that my mother had the perfect genetics to get such an awesomely amazing gigantic muscular female physique let along having the sheer drive and determination to actually build it up." It was so muscular firm and robust with extremely monstrously large bulging female muscles. This sheer drive and determination to actually build up her female muscular physique that my mother now seemed to have, was the big advantage she was using perfectly to pump it up, with extremely large heavy steel weights. The evidence to prove this subject true was my mother's two huge basketball sized, huge thickly ripped muscular biceps bustling underneath the white cotton material of her two short sleeves. Tight basketball sized globes of rock hard solid creamy white skin made up her deltoids with every single strand of muscular fiber billowing to give my mother her now awesomely amazing trademark, monstrously huge, thickly ripped, muscular female vastness. Each one of these two huge basketball sized globes were seated to the side of a hugely thick, ripped slab of beefy muscular flesh that led to my mother's now hugely thick, ripped muscular bull sized neck. My mother's two husky, beefy thick muscular traps swelled up with each minor adjustment she made to balance herself on the weight bench while her immensely thick ripped muscular bull sized neck pulsated throughout every single repetition she lifted....................Then my mother let out a very loud grunting sound that now signified that her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms were starting to struggle with the three hundred and fifty pounds of steel weights as my mother continued to push herself even harder to the max doing bench presses. It was very understandable by now since my mother had been bench pressing three hundred and fifty pounds of steel weights for at least a half hour straight without stopping once. My mother now exhaled loudly as she lowered the bench press bar to her chest to do another rep. My mother then grimaced showing a very intensely strained expression of sheer determination on her face to continue doing bench presses. Her two eyes focused towards the basement ceiling, staring directly at the spot in mid air where the bench press bar had to go as my mother's forehead tensed and furrowed, while both corners of her mouth were pulled back revealing her teeth clenched very tightly, while letting out only a very loud muffled; "GRUNT!" escape through. My mother's shoulder length brown hair was tied back in a pony tail, yet with several strands of hair loose and sticking to her now very sweaty creamy white forehead. My mother was truly the effigy of a true female athlete who wanted to finish her weight lifting exercise. My mother's creamy white skin was now covered in heavy perspiration which heavily glistened from our neon basement lights above her. Beads of my mother's sweat were now constantly gathering all over her face and body occasionally forming little puddles before suddenly trickling down her huge thickly ripped muscular bull sized neck in small fast rivulets. They then dripped onto the weight bench or were soaked up by the material of my mother's cotton white T-shirt, a tiny spectacle she didn't even bother to pay any attention to. As I continued watching my mother working out so intensely hard doing bench presses with three hundred and fifty pounds of steel weight disks while her face started turning a dark red color like a beet from the heavy strain, I thought to myself; "Her heart must be beating as fast as hell in her chest right now!" ...................My mother's face now twisted with an even great amount of effort as she now heavily exerted herself even harder then before to continue doing bench presses, and I couldn't help thinking how beautiful she still looked at that moment. It was hard to believe how such an angelic face like my mother's could distort it's self to such a grimace of heavy struggling and pure exertion, and it was even harder to explain how this was still sexually stimulating me at the same time! I guess it had something to do with how my mother's pretty face contorted signified, incredible Alpha female strength and extremely monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscularity combined together, at the process of increasing it to maximum levels of female strength!..................Then finally after my mother finished her last set of bench pressing reps, she got off the weight bench while still her hypnotic state of mind and passed right by me while I was still sitting on the bottom step of the basement stairs without even noticing that I was even sitting there. At the same time to the exact minute Emily Johnson finished doing her pull ups on the bar attached to our basement ceiling, while my mother had finished doing her bench presses, and while both women who were in still in some strange hypnotic trance walked right passed each other without even noticing the other one was even there. Then as eighty year old Emily Johnson who's own gargantuan muscular frame which was just as impressive with it's enormous female muscular physique as my mother's was, laid down on the universal bench pressing machine to workout and it was just as impressive to watch her doing bench presses well. As Emily Johnson laid down on the bench to start bench pressing, my mother sat down at another universal weight lifting machine with a large steel bar that laid across the inside of two handles in front of her, that was designed to do bicep curls with her two already monstrously huge, thickly ripped biceps. I also noticed that this universal weight lifting bicep machine was already set up to curl three hundred and eighty pounds of steel weight disks. Then at the same time as Emily Johnson started doing bench presses my mother started doing bicep curls. Since my mother's back was now facing me as she sat at the universal bicep curling machine, I had to get up from the bottom basement step I had been sitting on and walk past all the other very high tech, heavy duty universal weight lifting machines that filled up our entire basement to get a better view of watching my mother workout her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms. As I passed all the other very high tech, heavy duty universal weight lifting machines that weren't in use at the moment by my mother and Emily Johnson, I then noticed that both my mother and Emily Johnson never adjusted the amount of weight they'd be lifting per each weight lifting exercise they did that day, it seemed some how all these very high tech, heavy duty, universal weight lifting machines were already computerized preset for how much weight they'd be lifting that day......................My mother then wrapped her two powerfully strong womanly hands around the large steel bar of the universal bicep curling machine as she positioned her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms to pump out rep after rep of bicep curls. As my mother held her two huge, gigantic extremely beefy muscular arms now relaxed without being flexed in the starting position, I could already see them splitting into their own distinct muscle groups; Two huge thick beefy muscular forearms of strong ropes broadened towards her two elbows, where they bundled before exploding out into two directions. Firstly my mother's two huge thickly beefy muscular biceps which even in this relaxed state bloated out in a very obviously large attempt to try and out bulge her two huge muscular, 44 triple D cup sized watermelon tits. A thick blue pencil sized vein ran down each one of the sides of her two huge thickly beefy swollen muscular biceps, which were pulsating wildly in anticipation of their imminent bicep curl pump................Then there was my mother's two hugely thick beefy muscular triceps which were shaped like a very gentle arch while they weren't completely bent. They just swelled out in two hugely ripped muscular shaped horseshoes without any motivation whatsoever, while they protruded from the back of my mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms as she was trying to find a stable position to hold her arms. With every slight movement my mother did with her enormous female muscular physique to bring her two feet into a steady position while adjusting her gargantuan muscular female frame on the weight bench of the bicep curling machine, her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms swelled out and rippled very intensely even though they were relaxed at the moment. After finally settling herself on the weight lifting bench my mother's two powerfully strong hands began to adjust their strong grip on the bar, while letting her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms take a life of their own. Every time my mother's strong fingers clutched the steel bar some part north of her two very thickly ripped muscular wrists jumped and surged, then receded when she loosened her hold on the bar again. It went on like that her fantastic appending swelling randomly with every movement exaggerated on my mother's enormous female muscular physique. Then after a few more moments of  shuffling her two powerfully strong hands, my mother started doing bicep curls with three hundred and eighty pounds of steel weight disks......................Slowly at first my mother started to curl the bar up towards her two enormously huge, thickly ripped, bowling balled sized muscular shoulders in a semicircular motion. Already even after the steel bar only moved a couple of inches as it started moving higher up on it's semicircular path, my mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms quickly sprung to attention and started slowly ascending into an even more enormous, unbelievable muscular size then they were just a second earlier. My mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms were so freaking large now that even I couldn't wrap my two manly hands around them, and at five foot ten inches in height I have fairly large manly hands, as they ballooned out wide into two perfectly round basketball sized mounds of gleaming creamy white skin. My mother white cotton short sleeved T-shirt tried it's best to enfold the growing muscular mass in her two arms but had undoubtedly failed, as the white cotton of her short sleeves slowly started to show tears in the material. It didn't reach the point yet where it would tear further but already it was slowly starting to spread open by my mother's two inflating monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms. My mother was only doing a simple bicep curl, but like everything else I had seen her do today in this new high tech home gym in our basement, her two enormous thickly ripped muscular arms exploded out even larger from their own already very impressive sheer gargantuan muscular size. As my mother now started to sweat from the struggle of curling three hundred and eighty pounds of steel weights, a coat of heavy sweat made both of her white cotton short sleeves cling to her two insanely huge beefy muscular arms, that kept them from riding up to her two enormously huge, thickly ripped, bowling ball sized muscular shoulders. The white cotton fabric of the two short sleeves of her T-shirt stretched along with the ever expanding breadth of my mother's two insanely huge beefy muscular arms, as the white cotton fabric continued to enclosed steadily around her enormous hugely, growing beefy muscular female biceps, while the now tight white cotton short sleeves started to hug them very tightly. Now flexing with such wonderful detailed muscular contours from those two thick rippling muscular hunks of female flesh, my mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms now swelled up and ballooned out even larger then they had before, with the strain she was now putting on them to raise the curling bar that was attached to three hundred and eighty pounds of steel weight disks, up to her two enormously broad, thickly ripped muscular bowling ball sized shoulders. The more she bent her two elbows the more the two monstrously thick rippling cords of female muscle rose from each one of her arms. One thick rippling cord of female muscle headed north to model a fantastic peak of female muscular carnal titillation, while the second thick rippling cord of female muscle ran south to mold itself into an inverted dome of cathedral proportions......................Right before my very own eyes, my mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms continued to bulge out in all the right places as they continued to inflate from her two wrists and elbows. Now as she reached the copious breadth of her muscular forearms before flowing into a block of a gargantuan scale wrapped in the smoothest, most perfect creamy white skin that one could ever lay his hands on. After she'd completed her first set of bicep curls my mother started pumping them out faster now then she a moment before, as her now two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms swelled in and out while ballooning up and down faster at the same time, and it now looked like some one was detonating a huge amount of dynamite inside them with each bicep curl she did! As my mother continued working out her two gigantic beefy thick, rippling biceps so extremely hard now, in motion they looked like they were two large automotive positions running fast in a 400 cubic big block V-8 Chevy engine, as my mother's two gigantic mountain sized, beefy thick muscular biceps erupted like a volcano up to their max with a softball sized cap on top, then they contracted back down to their normal monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular size......................As my mother continued doing bicep curls in her hypnotic state of mind I started to take notice of the rippling shredded muscular detail in her two gigantic mountain sized, beefy thick muscular arms and they were totally astounding to see growing in size and girth with each bicep curl she did. Every time she reached the bicep curl bar up to her two huge beefy thick, muscular bowling ball sized shoulders which made her two huge basketball sized biceps that grew out even larger in her two protruding monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular upper arms. The top part of every one of my mother's bicep curls while she held her two gigantic mountain sized, beefy thick muscular arms so fully tensed, that it was totally petrified from the amount of gigantic amount of beefy muscle contracting against the law of gravity. I could easily tell that my mother squeezed her creamy white flesh so freaking hard, that she seemed to squeeze out every single drop of sweat from those to gigantic mountain sized, erupting muscular volcano peaks like they were both living a wet dream. A little bead of sweat first appeared right in the middle of what could only be described as an ocean of perspiration, and then almost immediately began it's enviable decent traveling way down the sides of my mother's two gigantic mountain sized, beefy thick muscular arms while it ran over and through massively huge, beefy thick rippling muscular shapes and indentations. I expected to see it keep flowing until it reached the bottom of my mother's two gigantic mountain sized, erupting muscular volcano peaked muscular arms, but instead it seemed like her now very tightly stretched creamy white skin was absorbing all of her perspiration, or rather evaporating it by the nuclear levels of my mother's own body heat, that she was now heavily producing during her weight lifting workout............................Then her two gigantic mountain sized, beefy thick muscular arms started loosing up as my mother lowered the bicep curl bar again, while her two gigantic mountain sized, erupting muscular volcano peaks began to melt back into their original positions without failing to convey their inherent powerful female strength. As the bicep curl bar reached the level of her pelvis, I again witnessed the display of monstrously huge, thickly ripped pulsating female muscularity all over again, except this time in reverse. Gigantic hard beefy muscular, female turgid tissue shifted underneath her creamy white skin, while my mother prepared herself for another round of the most marvelous female gun show I had ever seen. Luscious huge shapes like horseshoes and basketballs presented themselves, as the epitome of mighty female strength throughout every second of their unbelievable transformation from concrete pillars, to extremely bloated huge balloons formed the pinnacles of their amazing female muscle growth. Then once again my mother's two gigantic mountain sized, erupting volcano peaked muscular arms swelled up and ballooned out in the fireworks of pure female sensual magnificence. This went on rep after rep as my mother continued pumping out bicep curls as fast as she physically could while the digital counter on the bicep machine that now read; "2245 Bicep Curls," and the numbers still continued to increase on digital counter at the same speed as my mother was pumping out her bicep curls........................As my mother continued working doing bicep curls with three hundred and eighty pounds of steel weight disks on the universal weight lifting bicep machine, I then noticed that Emily Johnson had just finished doing her bench presses and after she got off the universal bench pressing machine, in her own hypnotic state of mind she walked over to the side of our new high tech home gym where the gym mats were on the concrete basement floor. As Emily Johnson walked right passed me where I had been watching my mother doing her bicep curls, I noticed that Emily Johnson's once old lady, saggy wrinkled, liver spotted blemished white skin was now a very tightly creamy white skin without any liver spots or blemishes on it at all, over her own monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique. Which now made eighty year old Emily Johnson look at least forty eight years younger then she really was! As Emily Johnson laid face down on the gym mats and positioned herself into a push up position, I got the idea in my head to have some fun while seeing how physically strong this eighty year old woman was now. I then decided to climb onto her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular back to add resistance to her push ups with my own two hundred and eighty five pounds of solid muscular male body weight. Emily Johnson who was so deep in her own hypnotic state of mind started doing her push ups without even noticing that I was sitting on top of her back!.......................As I climbed on to Emily Johnson's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular back, I couldn't help but marvel at the symphony of such unbelievable female powerful strength and brawn that was underneath me now. Excellently proportioned her powerfully strong, thickly ripped muscular female physique impressed me even more at the mere monstrously hugeness Emily Johnson now had about her. As I sat on Emily Johnson's monstrously huge, thickly ripped, muscular back everything beneath my ass seemed rock solid in female muscularity. I then decided that the best way to enjoy Emily Johnson's push up ride while balancing my additional two hundred and eighty five pounds of solid muscular male body weight evenly to give her even more added resistance, was to straddle myself over the length of her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique. That was easier said then done, because Emily Johnson's thickly ripped muscular female physique was so insanely wide that first I had to step over her midsection first, which was comparatively narrow though thickly ripped muscular waist....................As my eyes looked in wonder at Emily Johnson's insanely wide back, of thick rippling female muscularity which spread out in front of me, that was now readily laying between my two legs as I straddled her huge beefy thick, ripped muscular female physique. Emily Johnson's two ridiculously broad muscular shoulders formed by two bowling ball sized beefy thick rippling deltoids, with two huge chunky thick, rippling ridges in between them that led up to her thickly rippling muscular bull sized neck. Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms were so freaking unbelievable to see and feel as her guns bulged massively out while she was pumping out one push up after another. A pair of gigantic hugely thick rippling muscular lats fanned out to create a dark shadow over the sides of her thickly ripped muscular torso, which also cast darkness over the beefy thick rippled set of six pack abdominal muscles. As Emily Johnson's immensely ample, hugely thick rippling muscular lats continued to spread out, then blossomed with an aesthetically hardened richness that featured striated carvings ridges unlike anything else I ever seen on a woman's body. Down the length from her thickly rippling muscular bull sized neck to her thickly ripped muscular  bubble shaped ass, ran a completely visible couple inches deep rift like an abyssal river bed. The entire top half of Emily Johnson's back billowed out with beefy thick, ripped female muscularity to an outstandingly vast span, that tapered off her two shoulders down to the small of her back, into a small waist that nevertheless felt very rippling beefy thick and solid as a rock to the touch......................As I began snaking myself up Emily Johnson's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique, while I continued straddling her as she continued pumping out one push up after another, I quickly realized that I had to spread my two legs apart quite wide to hang on, finally arriving to the point where my two feet were as far apart from it's other that they physically could possibly be, as I straddled Emily Johnson's gigantic mammoth mass of thickly beefy, rippling muscular female physique underneath my own body. Now hovering awkwardly while I move myself up as I continued to straddle her gigantic mammoth mass of female muscularity, until I was in a forward crouched position like one who was riding a racing bicycle. The only place I could put my two manly hands to hold on and stable myself with was on Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms. Her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms felt like a layer of very smooth warm creamy white skin wrapped around a huge mountain of solid steel, that was as rigid like marble when they were relaxed, and not even trying to demonstrate their inherent powerful female strength. While they weren't budging or moving the tiniest bit as I rested my two hands on them, but they seemed to hardened up even more in response to the addition pressure of my body weight. I was now completely blown away of not only the look of, but also the feel of Emily Johnson's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique. One would think I would quickly get used to finding every part of her being as hard as iron, but with every single opportunity I got to touch Emily Johnson I was totally amazed at the utter density of her gigantic, beefy thick, rippling female muscularity.....................The monstrously huge size of her female physique was totally beyond incredible while it conveyed it's enormous beefy thick muscular female proportions without even needing to be looked at. I had to hold my two palms flat on the back of Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms with all of my fingers spread wide open just to get a good grip to hang on without falling off. As I straddled my body while crouching forward at the same time on this monstrously huge mass of hot beefy thick female muscular flesh, I really adored the sensation of my two open manly hands not being able to reach the edge of them. Technically the two beefy thick muscular mounds on Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms I was holding was rotund but it didn't feel like it. It's breadth was of such monumental proportions that it seemed like I was touching a solid, hard, flat surface like a boulder......................Then all of a sudden Emily Johnson's delicious body odor struck me and I then inhaled very deeply to breath it all in as the distinct scent of her powerful workout invaded my nose. For the past two and a half hours that I've been downstairs in our new high tech professional looking basement weight room watching both my mother and Emily Johnson, while they were both under some strange hypnotic trance doing their super inhumanly body building workouts, I had gotten quite use to and now really enjoyed the ubiquitous flavorful scent of both of their heavily sweating body odor while they were working out. Both of my mother's and Emily Johnson's heavily sweaty body odor was now like a rich perfume as it came back to me in all it's odorous female muscular glory. I kept myself from licking my lips so I could sample some of her heavy body odor rich perfume in my mouth as I caught myself gripping Emily Johnson's two prodigious muscular arms with my two manly hands as close to I could ever encompass them. Rubbing my thumb over her extremely sweaty, creamy white skin that was coated in a layer of Emily Johnson's savory perspiration, I tried to get as much as possible on it for future purposes that would come later when I was alone. End Of Part 4