Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-9

After my gargantuan, hugely thick, ripped muscular mother finished taking a huge shit in Beth's rented beach house toilet, she decided to take a complete tour of the rest Beth's rented beach house to learn more about the huge, thickly ripped muscular older woman that she had just digested to keep her away from me. After leaving the bathroom my mother walked into Beth's master bedroom and looked at her clothes in the closet to see if she could steal a few new outfits for herself, but she didn't take any of Beth's clothes for two reasons. The first reason was my mother didn't like any of Beth's choices in women's clothes, and the second reason was all of Beth's clothes were way too small to fit her gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular female physique. After my mother finished going through Beth's personal things in her bedroom, she then left Beth's master bedroom and headed across the hall to the guest bedroom where she found the large silver elliptical, computerized weightlifting machine that Beth had designed and built for me just for me. "I KNOW WHAT I COULD DO WITH THIS!" My mother said out loud to herself as she saw this strange computerized weightlifting machine; "This would be good for Joey, and while he's strapped into it working out to build up his own muscular male physique, it would keep him so busy that he wouldn't have any time to get involved with any other older muscular cunts like Beth. I think I'll take this computerized weightlifting machine home for Joey to use."...................As my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother exited out the sliding door onto the back deck of Beth's rented beach house, she said out loud into the open sliding door in case any one noticed her leaving from the beach; "OK BETH I'LL BE BACK IN TEN MINUTES TO PICK UP THE WEIGHTLIFTING EQUIPMENT. I JUST HAVE TO GO DOWN THE STREET TO GET MY VAN THAT'S PARKED IN THE PUBLIC BEACH PARKING LOT BY MUSCLE BEACH!" Then my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother ran down the steps from the back deck of Beth's rented beach house and onto the beach, then she ran down the beach till she got back to her Dodge Caravan that was parked in the public beach parking lot by muscle beach. My mother then squeezed her gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular female physique behind the steering wheel of her Dodge Caravan as she quickly started the motor, and then drove back to Beth's rented beach house where she backed her van into the driveway right next to Beth's black Jeep Wrangler. Then my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother quickly reentered Beth's rented beach house through the open sliding door on the back deck..................Five minutes later as my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother was carrying the silver elliptical computerized weightlifting machine through the open sliding door onto the back deck of Beth's rented beach house, she said out loud into the open sliding door just in case anyone saw her from the beach carrying it out; "THANKS FOR THE WEIGHTLIFTING EQUIPMENT BETH! NO THANKS I DON'T NEED ANY HELP LOADING IT INTO MY VAN, I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW MORNING AT THE GYM!" Then my gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother quickly loaded the silver elliptical computerized weightlifting machine into the back of her Dodge Caravan, and drove off towards our home. As my gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother was driving home she said out loud to herself as she noticed the check engine light, light up on her dashboard; "DAMMIT! What's wrong with this old jalopy now? I just spent $725.00 five months ago to have it repaired. I really need to think about trading this old van in for a new car.".....................Since Beth didn't know anyone in her neighborhood and wasn't friendly with any of her neighbors, it wouldn't be till a month later on November 1, 2016 when her landlord came to pick up her monthly rent payment on the beach house, that anyone would have notice that Beth was missing. After coming to the conclusion that she was kidnapped, Beth's landlord reported her missing to the Mystic Islands Police Department, and they made out a missing person's report on her. But ten years later after having no leads on why Beth was still a missing person, her missing person's report was filed in the cold case file as unsolved...................It was 4:30 pm by the time my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother got home, four hours earlier then she expected to get home from getting rid of Beth. After backing her Dodge Caravan into our driveway, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother unloaded the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine from the back of her van, and quickly set it up inside my bedroom after she removed all of my bedroom furniture. Then after she set up the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine in the middle of my bedroom, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother then reprogrammed the computer to put me through a very intense, twenty four hour a day, three week straight weightlifting workout with three times the amount of weight to lift, then I was normally used to. Then after reprogramming the computer on the elliptical computerized weight lifting machine, she then modified it with three large hoses, a heavy duty pump, and an industrial fifty five gallon steel drum. As my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother stood back and looked at the modification job on the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine she had just completed, she thought out loud to herself; "This should not only keep Joey busy building up his  muscular teenage male physique, but keep him away from any other women as well while I'm not around." Then as she looked at my digital alarm clock and noticed that it was now 8:29 pm, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother then called me on my cell phone and told me to come home....................When I entered through our backdoor I found my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother with her two monstrously huge, thickly, ripped, muscular arms folded in front of her, as she sat at our kitchen table waiting for me to come home. "Sit down Joey." My mother said; "We need to have a little conversation together first then I have a big surprise for you." OK Amy." I replied as I took the kitchen chair on the opposite side of our kitchen table to face my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother. "OK Joey I'll get right to the point." My mother said with a very serious tone in her voice; "I know all about this muscular old cunt Beth who you've been visiting behind my back last Sunday night. I don't know what she had on you to make you go over to her house, but I just had a long talk with Beth this afternoon and she's never going to bother you any more, SO! If I ever catch YOU going to her house AGAIN, I'LL KILL YOU WITH MY TWO BARE HANDS!" "What did you say to her Amy?" I asked with a now very frightened tone in my voice, as I wondered what my, NOW! Very extremely strong, gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother was physically capable of doing to Beth with her own super inhumanly female brute strength if she had wanted to use it on her. "Let's just say Joey." My gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother said as a very evil smile crossed her lips; "That I had persuaded Beth with all of my womanly charm to stay as far away from you, MY MAN! As she physically could without EVER, bothering YOU, AGAIN!" Then before I could ask my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother any more on the subject of her supposed conversation she had with Beth this past afternoon, she said as she got up out of the kitchen chair she was sitting on walked over to where I was sitting across from her; "OK Joey the subject on that old muscular cunt Beth is now closed and we'll BOTH,  never mention her again, OK?" OK Amy." I happily agreed, as my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother took me by my hand as I stood up from the kitchen chair I had been sitting on. "As she took me by my hand my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother said with a very excited tone in her voice as she led me out of our kitchen and through our house towards my bedroom; "NOW JOEY! It's time to show you that big surprise I have waiting for you.".................When we got to my bedroom I found that all my bedroom furniture had been completely moved out, and in the middle of my bedroom sat the silver elliptical computerized weightlifting machine that Beth had built, with the new modifications that my own gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother had just completed on it. "Tomorrow morning I'm leaving early to go to the airport and catch a flight to Fords County Mississippi and enter the heavy weight female body building division in the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest, and compete against their current female heavy weight body building champion Doreen Powers. Doreen Powers who has won the female heavy weight body building championship at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest for the past five years, is going to be some real competition for me to beat. Before Doreen Powers was the favorite female heavy weight body building champion at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest, she had won the female heavy weight body building championship three years in a row at the Ms. Olympia body building contest in California. But the reason why I want to enter this female body building contest in Mississippi, is to try and win the new Chevy Trailblazer. AND, we really need a new car Joey. Our old Dodge Caravan has over three hundred, thousand miles on it, and it's just a matter of time before it's ready to die and go to the junkyard" "That's great Amy." I said; "But what is this silver elliptical computerized weightlifting machine now doing in my bedroom?" {TO ALL MY FAITHFUL READERS; Please read my last story, "Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest!" Which you would find under the right bar tab; "An extremely powerful strong maid." So you could fully understand what's happening to Amy Stromboli in this chapter.} ...................."I'm glad you've asked me that Joey." My gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother said as her two eyes looked at me very seriously while she arched up her two light brown eyebrows at the same time, as she held her two powerfully strong hands, on her two hugely, thick, ripped, muscular hips; "Since I can't trust you to be alone while I'm gone, I've programmed this elliptical computerized weightlifting machine to put you through an entire three week, twenty four hour a day weightlifting program while I'm down in Fords County Mississippi. Then after my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother made me undress and get totally naked, she then forced my hugely, thick, ripped muscular teenage male physique into and strapped me down in the seat of the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine while she started to explain the modifications that she had made on it to me...................."You see this hose Joey that's connected to the heavy duty pump that's bolted on top of that fifty five gallon steel drum in the far corner of your bedroom?" My gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother asked me with a serious tone in her voice, that sounded like I had to pay strict attention to what she was saying and not ask any questions. "Yes I do Amy." Was all I replied. "Well Joey this hose will be clamped into your mouth so that heavy duty pump could force feed you with a very special high protein, liquid body building diet all day long, while this elliptical computerized weightlifting machine continues to work you out lifting weights twenty four hours a day for the next three weeks straight, until I come home from my trip to Fords County Mississippi. Once a day Emily Johnson will stop by here and check up on you while she refills that fifty five gallon drum with that special high protein, liquid body building diet I'm putting you on to help you bulk up even bigger in male muscularity, then you've ever been before in your entire life." Then before I could object to being forced feed by a heavy duty pump my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother clamped the force feed hose into my mouth. Then after the force feed hose was clamped into my mouth my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother held up a second hose as she continued to explain to me the modifications she had made to Beth's elliptical computerized weightlifting machine; "This hose Joey will come up through the hole that I cut into the seat of this computerized weightlifting machine that I'm going to clamp into the butt crack of your rear end so when you have to take a shit, it will go down this hose and into the sewer system just like if you flushed the toilet. Then my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother bent down behind me and clamped the second hose to the butt crack of my huge, thickly, ripped muscular teenage male ass. After she finished clamping the second hose to my huge, thickly, ripped muscular teenage male ass, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother then held up a third hose that had some kind of a spring action on the end with the clamp, as she said; "Now this third and final hose Joey will be clamped to your manhood so you could be able to take a piss when you need to while the spring action on the end of this hose will jerk you off extremely so hard, as it's constantly working out your already hugely, thick, ripped, muscular dick to build that up even larger and stronger then it is now. AND BELIEVE ME JOEY, WE NEED TO MAKE THAT MANHOOD OF YOURS GROW EVEN BIGGER, EVEN STRONGER, AND EVEN MORE MUSCULAR IF YOU WANT TO KEEP ME EVEN MORE SEXUALLY SATISFIED IN THE FUTURE!" Then after she kissed me on my forehead my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother turned on all the switches to the computerized weightlifting machine and all the modifications she had made to Beth's elliptical computerized weightlifting machine, and as I started twisting and turning in the seat as the machine started my computerized weightlifting workout while at the same time I was now being forced fed on this new very special high protein, liquid body building diet, while the spring action hose clamped to my already huge, thickly, ripped muscular manhood, was jerking me off so extremely hard! As my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother headed towards my bedroom door she said while turning out the lights; "Goodnight Joey sleep tight. I have to get up early tomorrow morning and head to Newark Airport to catch my flight to Fords County Mississippi. See you in three weeks darling and wish me luck that I win the female heavy weight championship division at the Muscular Maid Contest." Then my bedroom went dark as she closed my bedroom door behind her, while my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother exited my bedroom. What she didn't tell me about the very special high protein, liquid body building diet that I was now being force fed, was that my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother also added a very high potent amount of male strength growth hormone drugs to help me grow even bigger and stronger in male muscularity then I have ever been before in my entire life, and also a very high potent amount muscle relaxing drugs, so my now growing even larger, hugely, thick, ripped muscular male teenage body wouldn't cramp up on me while I was being forced to workout lifting weights on this computerized elliptical weightlifting machine. As both of this two drugs started hitting my blood stream, I started getting very dizzy then quickly passed out into a very deep sleep, and I would stay in this very deep sleep for the next three weeks straight, while I was working out on the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine was forcing my already hugely, thick, ripped muscular teenage male physique to workout lifting weights..................{THE FOLLOWING MONDAY MORNING!} At 5:30 am while my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother was on her way to catch her flight at the airport and I was in a very deep sleep while the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine was working me out, Dr. Helen Olsten was sitting in a chair in the fancy office suite of the C.E.O. of American Female Muscle University, Hillary Clinton. "OK Helen." Hillary Clinton said starting their meeting; "It's been six months since we've started the top secret Stromboli-Johnson High Tech Weightlifting Facility in Pine Creek New Jersey, and I want to talk to you about it's current results so far." OK Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten said as she looked down into a folder on this top secret project; "To start off with both thirty four year old Amy Stromboli and eighty year old Emily Johnson have both developed super inhumanly strong muscular female physiques, way beyond anything we could of ever imagined. But that's where the simulating of both women end. Emily Johnson who's an in the closet lesbian, her female personality seemed to grow even more of a pacific, peaceful nature, while Amy Stromboli's female personality seemed to grow even more aggressive like a female predatory warrior. As we speak I had Amy Stromboli's muscular implants receive a Wi-Fi hologram message to her mind last week, giving her the illusion that she's going to fly on a commercial flight to Fords County Mississippi to enter a female body building contest called; "The Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest", but in reality Amy Stromboli is really on her way to Wrights Town New Jersey where she will be getting on an army transport plane at Fort Dix, and be flown to our top secret military facility in Roswell New Mexico where Amy Stromboli for the next three weeks will go through a very intense military training testing program, to see if she could be sent out into the Middle East to fight I.S.I.S." After Amy Stromboli's three week military training testing program is completed, the hologram illusion of entering the; "Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest," will make her think that she had won the heavy weight female body building division championship, and as first prize we'll give her a brand new 2016 Chevy Trailblazer."......................."That's very good Helen." Hillary Clinton said; "But Amy Stromboli is only the amazon muscle woman prototype who we still need to get a lot of bugs out of her muscular implants computer programming, so the American Female Muscle University could create the perfect female fighting warrior to fight I.S.I.S. My biggest concern about Amy Stromboli's current muscle implants computer programming is how she was able to go off line yesterday for over several hours straight with her own jealous rage and murder that professional female personal trainer Beth Davenport in her own home." "Well?" Dr. Olsten said knowing this was going to come up in the meeting, and she didn't have all the information come back in as of yet, about Amy Stromboli's computer programming glitch; "Well Ms. Clinton. We are still working on that problem." "Well Helen you could stop working on that problem because we've going to close down the High tech Female Weightlifting Facility in Pine Creek New Jersey and separate both Amy Stromboli and Emily Johnson within the next six months. As we speak I'm having Dr. Sharon Jackson downstairs right now in operating room A doing a muscle implant operation on two other women with a more updated muscle implanted system then you had used on Amy Stromboli and Emily Johnson." "But what about Amy Stromboli and Emily Johnson? What's going to happen to them?" Dr. Olsten asked......................"Well first of all Amy Stromboli has become a big problem to the American Female Muscle University and has already possibly compromised the High Tech Weightlifting Facility project in Pine Creek New Jersey." Hillary Clinton replied; "Not only has she found the computer glitch to turn off her muscular implants Wi-Fi, when ever she feels like it, but Amy Stromboli is also having a sexual relationship with her under aged teenage son Joey. If it ever leaked out to the public that she was having sexual relations with her own under aged teenage son, local law enforcement may get involved and find out about our top secret High Tech Weightlifting Facility in Pine Creek New Jersey. As we speak Helen. I've sent a A.F.M.U. security agent to Amy Stromboli's home this morning to inject a computer reprogramming chip into her sleeping son's brain, as well as one into a sleeping Emily Johnson's brain as well. Amy Stromboli will also have a computer reprogramming chip installed into her brain as well as soon as she arrives at our top secret military facility in Roswell New Mexico. Within six months time after we have these three brain chips activated, we'll have the High Tech Weightlifting Facility in Pine Creek New Jersey removed from Amy Stromboli's basement and have her house completely converted back to the way it was while we build a smaller high tech weightlifting facility in Emily Johnson's basement across the street at the same time. Also once we activate the computer reprogramming brain chips in both Amy's and Joey's Stromboli brains, they will both not only not ever remember knowing Emily Johnson but they will also totally never remember ever living in Pine Creek New Jersey across the street from her. Both Amy Stromboli and her son Joey will be programmed with new memories and I.D.'s of being a husband and wife lumberjack team living in a small log cabin in deep in the woods of Oregon and working for our undercover operation called Oregon Lumber Works. As for Emily Johnson I have other plans for her." Hillary Clinton said as a big smile crossed her face; "Once her computerized brain chip is activated, she will never remember ever knowing, or living across the street from Amy Stromboli and her son Joey. Even though she will never pass the very intense military training program, I'm planning on using Emily Johnson as a prototype to help speed up the progress of getting other women into greater muscular shape as well. Just think of Emily Johnson as an inhumanly, gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular female computer from now on, and I'm going to be the first test case on this new experiment Helen." "How would that be physically possible Ms. Clinton, and why would you want to be the first test case? Aren't you afraid that you might suffer some possible side effects?" Dr. Olsten asked...................."Well Helen." Hillary Clinton said as an even larger smile crossed her lips; "As you know my divorce from my husband Bill had been finalized and you know that I now live with my twenty two year old lesbian girlfriend Julie. Julie who's a personal trainer at Gold's Gym has a great muscular female hard body of her own." Hillary Clinton paused as she stood up and patted her protruding, fat pot belly; "Recently advised me that I seriously need to get myself in better physical shape to keep her sexually interested in our bedroom. But since I don't have time to go to a gym and workout." Hillary Clinton paused again as she sat down behind her desk and opened her top right desk draw, then took out two new style computerized implants; "That I'm going to have Emily Johnson spend her time working out lifting weights for both her and me, once these two computerized workout implants are installed. The first computerized implant which would be surgically installed in Emily Johnson's hugely, thick, ripped muscular vagina is a transmitter, and the second computerized implant would be surgically installed into my own vagina is a receiver." "But why surgically install them in both of yours and Emily Johnson's vaginas?" Dr. Olsten asked. "Oh come on Helen." Hillary Clinton said sounding a little annoyed about the stupid question Dr. Olsten had just asked her; "You being a doctor should know better then anyone else that the strongest most powerful part of a woman's body is her vagina. Any way back to these new and improved vagina implants. Once the computerized transmitter is surgically implanted into Emily Johnson's hugely, thick, ripped muscular vagina, and the computerized receiver is surgically implanted into my own vagina, with each individual muscle pump Emily Johnson's already gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular female physique does and as physically hard as she works out lifting weights every day, my own now very flabby out of shape female body would be working out just as hard, and I'll get into extremely great female muscular shape to impress my own lesbian lover Julie at the same time without having to spend any time at a gym whatsoever." "Sounds interesting Ms. Clinton." Dr. Olsten replied; "When are you going to have this vagina computerized muscular implant surgery set up to have done for you and Emily Johnson?" "Tomorrow morning Emily Johnson will be here at 5 am." Hilary Clinton replied; And Emily Johnson and I will be on separate operating tables in operation room B waiting for you to do the new implant surgery Helen." End Of Part 9                                                                                                                                                  

Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-8

I followed Beth from the kitchen through the dinning and into the living room. As I followed her down the hallway from the living room towards the bedrooms I started to get a huge erection in the crotch of my jeans with my large thickly ripped muscular cock thinking that we were headed towards her bedroom to have another great evening of female muscle worship sex together. While we were walking across Beth's rented beach house, Emily Johnson who had been outside the kitchen window spying on us the whole time that I was there while she recorded everything Emily saw Beth and I do and say in a conversation while recording it through her muscular implants and sending it through Wi-Fi to my mother's muscular implants, so my mother could see everything Beth and I did and said while she was still in a very deep sleep. As Beth and I walked across her rented beach house, Emily Johnson started running around the outside of the beach house till she caught up with us outside the window of the guest bedroom....................Instead of turning left into the master bedroom where she slept, we turned right into the guest bedroom. As we entered the guest bedroom and Beth turned on the lights I noticed that the guest bedroom was completely empty without any bedroom furniture  in it whatsoever, and in the middle of the empty guest bedroom sat what looked like very large silver elliptical computer programmed weightlifting machine that you could get an entire complete upper and lower body weightlifting workout with just by sitting in the seat in the middle of this body building machine. "OK Babe!" Beth said very excitedly as she held her two powerfully strong female hands towards this strange looking body building machine; "This is my surprise for you Joey. I've created and built this automated computerized body building machine with you in mind babe, so we could accelerate your body building program and get you even larger in male muscularity then you have ever thought possible." After Beth had me get completely undressed, she said as she sat me down into the seat of this strange looking elliptical body building machine while strapping my two hugely thick, ripped muscular male arms and legs into place of this strange looking weightlifting machine; "I've created the perfect two hour body building weightlifting computer program for you Joey. In only two hours time this perfect body building weightlifting program will give you a complete twenty four hour upper and lower body weightlifting session. Just think about it babe." Beth said now sounding very happy that she had found a way to speed up the process of building up my already hugely thick, ripped muscular sixteen year old male body even more monstrously huge in male muscularity then ever before; "If you just spend two hours a day, seven days a week on this body building machine, in just fourteen hours time a week you would have worked out lifting weights for one hundred and sixty eight hours a week. In eight months time you would have worked out lifting weights for five thousand three hundred and seventy six hours, and at that rate think how monstrously huge, thickly ripped you'd be in male muscularity by next summer. By then you'll be so freaking monstrously huge and ripped in male muscularity babe, that you'll make Superman and the Incredible Hulk look like two weaklings!" Then before I could answer Beth, she said while typing keys on the computer's keyboard to start my perfect two hour body building weightlifting computer program. "Oh by the way babe." Beth said with a matter of fact tone in her voice as she pushed the enter button on the keyboard that started automatically twisting the seat I was sitting in while moving my hugely thick, ripped muscular arms and legs up and down, and back and forth at a very fast speed, as the elliptical body building machine started powering up to full speed to workout my already hugely thick, ripped muscular sixteen year old male body in a complete upper and lower body building program at the same time; "I've put you on a very advanced weightlifting program and you'll be lifting one hundred to, two hundred more pounds of steel weights per each rep you do then you have normally been used to working out with Joey. So how does your first advanced computerized weightlifting workout feel babe?" "OH GOD BETH!" I growled now in shear physical pain as this elliptical body building machine started speeding up even faster then before; "IT HURTS LIKE HELL!" "Oh well Joey you know what they say." Beth replied with a very nonchalant tone in her voice while she looked at her watch; "NO PAIN! NO GAIN! It's nine pm now, and I'll be back at 11 pm when your two hour weightlifting workout program is finished.....................After Beth left me in the guest bedroom on this large silver elliptical computer programmed weightlifting machine, which was now speeding up so incredibly fast, while I was being twisted and turned in the seat that I was getting extremely dizzy as it was working me out lifting weights, while everything around me was becoming a complete blur to my vision. It was like riding a roller coaster, except that every entire muscle on my already hugely thick, ripped muscular sixteen year old teenage male body was screaming in such shear physical pain from all the heavy steel weights this large silver elliptical computer programmed weightlifting machine was forcing me to lift. I don't know how long I was on this computer weightlifting program before I finally blacked out from shear exhaustion! But then through a very hazy fog in my mind I heard Beth's voice say while I opened up my eyes as I saw her unstrapping me from the seat; "Wake up babe. Your first two hour computer weightlifting program is over, and I must say that you've done great for your first time." "Thanks Beth." I replied as I tried to stand up but quickly fell over forwards as Beth caught me in her two hugely thick, ripped muscular arms so I wouldn't land on the floor. My already hugely thick, ripped muscular sixteen year old male body was now so freaking swollen and sore from this elliptical weightlifting machine that Beth had built, that I could barely walk or even physically move whatsoever. After a complete rub down by Beth I got dressed and noticed something different about the clothes I had worn here earlier tonight. My clothes now seemed slightly smaller on my already hugely thick, ripped muscular sixteen year old male body then they had earlier tonight when I got dressed to come to Beth's rented beach house. As I continued to squeeze myself into my shirt and jeans a thought crossed my mind while I said out loud to myself; "Maybe Beth has got something here with this large silver elliptical computer program weightlifting machine. I must have grown at least three and a half inches all over my body in male muscularity in just two hours time. If I keep using this body building machine in a few short months I could be even larger in male muscularity then both my already gigantic thickly ripped, muscular mother and eighty year old neighbor Emily Johnson is, then I'll show both those body building ladies who has the most size and girth in muscularity." While all this was going on our gigantic thickly ripped, muscular eighty year old neighbor Emily Johnson was still spying through the guest bedroom window outside, and reporting everything she had seen and heard though the Wi-Fi in her muscular implants to my sleeping mother. After I had finally got dressed, Beth then drove me home in her black Jeep Wrangler and dropped me off a block away from my house, and Emily Johnson ran on foot a block behind the jeep as she followed us back to my house.....................{THE FOLLOWING SUNDAY; ONE WEEK LATER!} At 7am my mother came into my bedroom while I was still asleep and said in a very cheerful voice; "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! I GOT A WHOLE DAY OF ACTIVITIES PLANNED OUT FOR YOU!" When I opened my eyes I couldn't believe that my own mother's already gargantuan thickly ripped, muscular female physique had grown even larger by two, to four times in size and female muscular girth  then she was only one week earlier! My mother was wearing a light blue sports bra that was so freaking tight, that it looked like it was spray painted on her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular tits, and a light blue pair of spandex shorts that also looked so freaking tight on her like they was spray painted on her two monstrously huge thickly ripped muscular thighs and thickly ripped bubble shaped ass! As I sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes I thought to myself; "At this fast rate that my mother is growing in size and girth of female muscularity, I wondered how long it would be before she became too hugely gargantuan, and thickly ripped in size and girth of female muscularity to fit in any room of our house, let alone be able to squeeze her already mammoth hugely thick, ripped female muscular size and girth through a normal sized doorway. My mother's gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female physique was now so freaking huge in female muscularity of size and girth, that she had to hold her two mammoth hugely thick, ripped muscular arms out at a forty five degree angle away from her own gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female torso................."Good morning Amy." I said as I climbed out from under the blankets of my bed naked. "Good morning Joey, Oh how I've missed my big strong muscle man all week long." My mother said as she wrapped her two gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular arms around my waist while she kissed me very romantically on my mouth, then hugged me very tightly against her gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female body. After my mother's and my romantic embrace she pulled back and while my mother continued to hold her two gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular arms around my waist, she said in her normal voice with a knowingly look in her eyes that any mother would give to her child, when she knew about something that the child thought they had gotten away with; "Joey there's going to be a slight change in our Sunday plans this week. After breakfast I want you to spend the day across the street at Emily Johnson's house, while I go out and take care of some personal business." "But Amy." I protested; "I'm too old to need a baby sitter, and why can't I just say at home by myself till you get back?" "JUST DO WHAT I SAY JOEY AND DON'T ME ASK QUESTIONS!" My mother's growled so loudly in anger that it almost shook my entire bedroom. "OK Amy." I said with a very defeated tone in my voice, because I didn't want to see what could happen when such a gargantuan, thickly ripped, muscular woman like my mother got angry, because it could very deadly to my health if she ever seriously lost her temper....................After breakfast my mother and I walked outside to where her Dodge Caravan was parked in our driveway. My mother stood outside the open driver side door of her car as she watched me cross the street and head towards Emily Johnson's front door. After I rang Emily Johnson's doorbell and she let me inside her house, my mother then squeezed her gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female physique behind the steering wheel of her Dodge Caravan and backed out of our driveway and drove to 2169 Ocean Grove Drive in Mystic Islands New Jersey to arrange getting Beth out of my life altogether! Once I was standing in her living room facing her, it was no surprise to me that Emily Johnson had just as gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female physique as my mother had, after all they've both been working out together all summer long in our basement for twelve hours every day, six days a week doing such an inhumanly powerful weightlifting program. But the changes I did notice in the newly improved gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular eighty year old Emily Johnson's muscular female physique was her hair and in her face. Emily Johnson's once snow white shoulder length hair which she had always worn tied back in a bun, was now cut short just above the bottom of her ears in a more modern female style, and it was now colored a very dark raven black. Emily Johnson's once sagging skin on her old lady wrinkled face and neck was pulled back so tightly, that it gave her a more youthful appearance and Emily Johnson now looked at least fifteen years younger instead of her true age of eighty years old. "WOW JOEY!" Emily Johnson said very excitedly in a more youthful female voice then I remembered her of having, while she felt my hugely thick, ripped muscular left arm, which she squeezed very hard with her powerfully strong right hand; "I can see that you've really been taking your daily weightlifting workouts seriously since you've been to that body building boot camp last summer that your mother had sent you to. Your big strong, hugely thick, rippling manly muscles feel like they were forged out of solid steel." "Thanks Emily. You've been looking very good lately to since you've been working out lifting weights in our basement with my mother." I replied. "Don't you know it Joey." Emily Johnson said happily as she stood in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of pink panties on her otherwise totally naked gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female physique. Then as Emily Johnson did a full upper body crab flex, that swelled up her already incredible gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female physique to at least eight to ten times even larger then it's already incredibly huge size, she said; "And if you continue to be as dedicated as you have been working out lifting weights every day like your mother and I are, some day you might surpass the both of us in muscular size and girth." Then as Emily Johnson un-flexed and relaxed her gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female physique, I heard a younger woman's voice say as she walked naked into the living room; "Emily when are we going to start our lesbian female muscle worship love making session?" "In a few moments darling?" Emily replied as a very beautiful nineteen year old very well built, blond female body builder walked over to where we were standing by the front door and put her thickly ripped muscular left arm around Emily Johnson's gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular waist...................."Joey this is Tammy Stevens my girl-toy this morning." Emily Johnson said. "Nice to meet you Tammy." I said. It's nice to meet you too Joey." Tammy replied very politely as she held out her right hand to shake hands with me. "OK Joey this is want I want you to do for me today." Emily Johnson said with a very serious, getting down to business tone in her voice; "Tammy is the first of many younger female body building women who will be coming to my home today, to have a lesbian female muscle worship love making session with me. What I want you to do Joey is to record every one of my lesbian female muscle worship love making sessions with the cam recorder I have set up in my bedroom, think you could handle that Joey?" "YOU BET I CAN!" I said in a very excitedly happy tone, thinking how fun it was going to be watching two muscular women make love to each other! "Good Joey." Emily Johnson replied; "Just follow Tammy and me into my bedroom and we'll get right down to business." I then followed them into Emily Johnson's bedroom......................Once my mother got to Ocean Grove Drive in Mystic Islands New Jersey, she parked her Dodge Caravan in the public beach parking lot of muscle beach right next to where all the other younger male and female body builders were working out hard lifting weights to build up their muscular physiques while they also worked on their tans at the same time on the outside patio. Since my mother parked at muscle beach, when she got out of her car, no one noticed her gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular female physique that was wearing only a light blue sports bra that was so freaking tight on her, that it looked like it was spray painted on my mother's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular tits, and pair of matching light blue spandex shorts that were also so freaking tight on my mother, that they looked like they were spray painted on her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs and thickly ripped bubble shaped ass. If any one happened to notice my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother walking away from her car as she held her two mammoth hugely thick, ripped muscular arms at a forty-five degree angle away from her gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular torso, one would just probably assume that she was just another steroid using female body builder coming to muscle beach to work on her muscles and tan. As my mother walked out of the entrance of the public beach parking lot, she turned left and started walking up the street looking for 2169 Ocean Grove Drive, so she could get Beth out of my life once and for all! ........................While my now extremely jealous and very angry, gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother was walking down Ocean Grove Drive looking for Beth's rented beach house to get her out of my life once and for all, back at Emily Johnson's house every hour on the hour another young attractive young female body builder, girl-toy would come to Emily Johnson's house to have a lesbian female muscle worship loving making session with her. Each very attractive young female body builder who came to Emily Johnson's house that day seemed very energetic when they entered her bedroom, but after a one hour lesbian female loving making session with Emily Johnson, all these once younger attractive female body builders came out of her bedroom looking slightly older now then they did an hour earlier and they were very exhausted, burned out, and used up like an old tube of tooth paste, while Emily Johnson seemed to grow even more youthful looking in appearance after each of her lesbian female muscle worship loving making sessions, with each girl-toy she FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF! This went on for the next twelve hours straight, from 8:30 am that Sunday morning when I first started cam recording Emily Johnson with her first girl-toy Tammy Stevens, till 8:30 pm that Sunday night when Emily Johnson finished up with her last girl-toy for the night Julie Edwards. By the end of that Sunday night after having twelve lesbian female muscle worship loving making sessions with all those very attractive younger female body builders, Emily Johnson now seemed to look at least forty years younger now, even fourteen years younger in appearance then my own gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother who was thirty four years old, then her real age of eighty years old!.....................Unbeknown to me earlier that Sunday while I was busy cam recording every one of Emily Johnson's twelve lesbian female muscle worship love making sessions, my now extremely jealous and very angry, gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother was hunting Beth down in Mystic Islands New Jersey like the true, extremely jealous, very angry female predator that she now allowed herself to become looking for her prey!................Being that the odd numbered addresses were on the right side of the street, my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother walked down the sidewalk on the right side of Ocean Grove Drive looking for the beach house with the number 2169 on it with both of her two powerfully strong hands tightly clinched into two large powerfully strong fists, as she thought about what she was going to do to Beth for having sex with her son Joey once they had finally met. All the expensive looking beach house on the right side of Ocean Grove Drive had very large decks on the back of them that gave a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. As my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother walked down the street looking at these expensive looking beach houses she thought to herself; "This is some fancy neighborhood that this muscular old cunt lives in. She must really make good money." Finally as my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother walked passed the last expensive beach house on her right at the end of the street which had the number 2169 on it with a black Jeep Wrangler parked in the driveway, she then walked right passed it and stood on the jetty at the end of Ocean Grove Drive to get a better view of both the beach and the back of the beach house at 2169 Ocean Grove Drive, so she could plan her escape after getting rid of Beth......................As my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother stood on the jetty enjoying the view of the beach while planning her now extremely angry, jealous revenge on Beth for her recent sexual acts with her son Joey, she saw in the distance on the beach a hugely thick, ripped muscular woman with a shaved head with a blond Mohawk on top, working out as she ran back and forth up and down the beach. The muscular implants in my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother's female physique quickly magnified her already twenty-twenty eye vision by one hundred and fifty percent, so she could get a better look at Beth. "HMM!" My mother thought to herself as she continued watching Beth finish running laps and lay down on a beach blanket on the beach and start doing push-ups; "At first appearance this old muscular cunt is in better shape for her age then I thought she'd be." Then as her muscular implants continued to magnify my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother's vision even more by the second till they started reading a total chemical mixture in Beth's own hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique, she said to herself; "This woman shows a high volume of heavy steroid usage in her blood stream, which makes her huge bulging, female muscles seem very watery compared to my solid steel forged hugely thick, rippling female muscles." As she continued watching Beth stop doing push-ups and roll over on the beach blanket and start doing sit-ups then stomach crunches, my gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother thought to herself; "It's going to be very easy for me to get rid of this Beth out of Joey's life once and for all!" Finally after watching her prey for over an hour working out on the beach, my extremely jealous, very angry, female predator gargantuan thickly, ripped muscular mother was ready to move in and kill her prey, as soon as she saw Beth pick up her beach blanket and run towards, then up the back stairs to the deck, and entered the backdoor of her rented beach house. Then my mother headed towards the front door at 2169 Ocean Grove Drive and rang the doorbell. The front door bell rang just as Beth was in the kitchen drinking a bottled water after her morning workout. "I wonder who that could be?" Beth thought to herself; "I don't know anyone in this neighborhood and it's too early for Joey to come over, and besides Joey would let himself in with a key that we keep hidden underneath a rock by the front door." Beth then put down the bottle of water she was drinking on the kitchen table and headed towards the front door to answer it.....................When Beth opened the front door of her rented beach house she found a very unbelievable looking gargantuan, hugely thick, ripped muscular woman standing on her door step, with such a very angry female predator look of jealous rage in her eyes that was so unbelievable freaking large in female muscular size and girth, that she totally eclipsed any morning sun light whatsoever from coming in through the open front door altogether, as she growled very angrily; "Hello Beth. I'm Amy Stromboli and I'm here to talk to you about what a sick, twisted, perverted sexual relationship an old muscular cunt like you thinks she's having with my son Joey." "HOLY SHIT!" Beth thought to herself as she started to panic when she saw how much more my mother's gargantuan, hugely, thick ripped muscular female physique was larger in size and muscular girth then hers was; "Joey told me that his mother had started working out this past summer lifting weights to build up her womanly muscles, BUT I didn't think this woman could get so inhumanly, UN-godly huge in just three short months! I wonder what super strength steroids she'd been using?" But all Beth could reply to my mother in her now very panic stricken state of mind was; "Well, Uh?"............................."WELL, UH? NOTHING BITCH!" My mother said in a very angry tone as she used her right hand to push Beth's hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique into back her rented beach house, while my mother squeezed her own gargantuan, hugely, thick ripped muscular female physique through the front door frame as she held the front door knob with her left hand and closed the front door behind them. Once both my gargantuan hugely, thick ripped muscular mother and hugely, thick, ripped muscular Beth was alone in the living room of her beach house, my mother said in an angry questionable tone as she raised up her two gargantuan, massively thick, ripped muscular arms, very slowly like they were being raised by two large construction cranes. Then my gargantuan, hugely, thick ripped, muscular mother slowly clenched both of her fists to show Beth the most shocking, awesome set of female muscular arms she could ever imagine seeing; "Beth with my son Joey living with this much fantastic female muscularity in his own home, not to mention I'm about twenty five years younger then you are, SO WHY THE HELL, do you think that he'd want to be with an OLD muscular CUNT like you instead of me?" Again all Beth could answer was; "Well, Uh?" As my gargantuan, hugely, thick ripped muscular mother continued doing her awesome double bicep pose!...................As an ex-professional heavy weight female body builder in her own right, Beth had always dreamed of being a female body builder with the largest muscles her female anatomy could handle, and my mother's own gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped female muscles were even larger then anything Beth could ever hope of having. As my mother gripped her two fists tighter it ratcheted up her two already gargantuan, hugely, thick ripped muscular bicep peaks like a tire jack, inch by inch with every squeeze till finally her two already gargantuan hugely, thickly ripped muscular bicep peaks erupted into even yet another independent layer of biceps on top of her already gargantuan hugely, thick ripped, muscular mountains she had just peaked. "My one and only question to you Beth." My mother said now sounding like she was bragging about her own female muscularity; "Is why would my son Joey want to waste his time with an old muscular cunt like you, when he has all this younger female muscles living under the same roof at home with him?"...................Then as my gargantuan,, hugely, thickly ripped muscular mother changed her flexing pose from a double bicep to a most muscular pose as she now held her two fists on her two hugely thick, ripped muscular hips, which swelled up and expanded her already gargantuan, hugely, thickly ripped muscular female upper body so much more that Beth could no longer see my mother's face. As My mother flexed her gargantuan, thickly ripped, muscular traps to their max, they now covered her two ears while her two gargantuan, hugely, thickly ripped tits were so large and deep in female muscularity, that they had no where to go but up above my mother's chin. Then after the awesome body building posing routine she did not only to impress, but to intimidate Beth at the same time, as my mother said now with a very serious tone in her voice as she held her two powerfully strong fists on her thickly ripped, muscular hips; "You know Beth I could call the police right now and have you arrested for having sex with my under aged son but you'd only do about two, to four years in jail for child molestation and when you got out, you may try to contact and hook up again with my son Joey, so the only answer to end this sick, twisted, perverted sexual relationship you think you've having with my sixteen year old son, is to eliminate you out of Joey's life once and for all!.....................Then before Beth could reply because she was now so  paralyzed with fear over what my mother was going to do to her now, as my gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother opened her mouth so unbelievably, incredibly huge, that it now looked like the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel which showed all of her huge pearly white, razor sharp teeth! Then my gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother inhaled so deeply, freaking incredibly hard, with such a powerful vacuum suction that could only equal in comparison to one million times the normal suction power of a normal household vacuum, as she put her two powerfully strong hands on Beth's two huge, thickly, ripped muscular shoulders. Then in a split second, my gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular mother shoved Beth in her mouth and swallowed Beth's entire huge, thickly, ripped, muscular female physique! For a second my mother's ready gargantuan, huge, thickly, ripped muscular mother's huge, thickly bull neck looked so hugely swollen like a snake that just swallowed a mouse. Then in one monstrously huge, very loud; "GULP!" My gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother digested Beth's entire hugely, thick, ripped, muscular female physique, which now caused her hugely, thick, ripped set of cinder block wall shaped flat muscular abs to swell up like a huge balloon pot belly, given my gargantuan, huge, thickly, ripped muscular mother the look of being nine months pregnant. Then with the help of every one of her powerfully strong muscular implants that heated up to maximum, warp speed, my gargantuan, hugely thick, ripped muscular mother digested Beth's entire hugely, thick, ripped muscular female physique as her now huge balloon pot belly quickly deflated back down to a hugely, thick, ripped set of cinder block wall shaped flat muscular abs! As my mother was digesting Beth's heavily steroid enhanced hugely, thick, ripped muscular female physique, she could feel her own gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular female physique start growing even more powerfully stronger in female strength, as she grew at least another two and a half sizes in female muscular size and girth. Then after my gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother completely digested Beth's entire huge, thickly, ripped muscular female physique, she let out such a violently loud; "BURP!" That was quickly followed by an even more violently loud; "FART!" That it almost shook Beth's entire rented beach house like an earthquake! "OK GOD!" My gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother said out loud to herself; "I've eaten too much and I now have to find a bathroom and take a huge shit!" Then my gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular mother took a tour of Beth's rented beach house to look for the bathroom. End Of Part 8                                                                                                               

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-7

After we came home from grocery shopping and put away our groceries my mother made me another huge meal of twenty pounds of rare ground beef for lunch while she made herself in the three gallon blender and drank another three gallons of her Amazon Volcano Explosion High Protein Female Muscle Growth Shake. Then after lunch my mother escorted my hugely ripped muscular teenage male body with it's now fully bloated belly into my bedroom where she put me through a complete upper and lower body weight lifting workout for four and a half hours straight without stopping, to work off the twenty pounds of rare ground beef she had just fed me to eat..................As I laid on my weight bench after I finished up my last bench press and cradled the barbell back on the weight bench, my mother then scooped up my hugely ripped, muscular teenage male body into her two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular arms and as she carried me to her bedroom she said; "OK Joey it's time for the two of us to make some sweet muscle worshipping love." Then we spent the next few hours together not only making muscle worshipping love to each other, but also examining each other current muscular development as well. Then almost on cue as my mother's digital alarm clock read 8 pm, my mother said now with a more slightly strange, hypnotic robotic tone in her voice as she let out a large yawn; "OK Joey our sweet muscle worshipping time is over for the week. I have to go to bed now and get my ten hours of uninterrupted sleep because I have to meet Emily Johnson again for another weight lifting workout at 8 am tomorrow morning." Then my mother took another two of her Nighttime Volcano Explosion Mega-Vitamin pills and quickly powered down like a robot as her head hit the pillow, and was snoring very loudly in a very deep sleep just as I was exiting her bedroom and closed the door behind me....................Monday morning of Labor day weekend just five minutes after my mother and our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson had started their daily body building workout program downstairs in our basement behind the locked kitchen door, our doorbell rang. As soon as I answered our front door I found Jeannie Swarts standing on our front stoop again holding the same cooler that she had two days before filled with cans of Red Bull. "Morning Hercules." Jeannie said smiling like a woman who was deeply in love while she held up the cooler in front of me; "Are you ready for another powerhouse weight lifting workout in your bedroom today? I hope so because I've brought double the amount of cans of red Bull with me." "Bring it on sweetheart." I said smiling back at Jeannie as I took the cooler of Red Bulls from her and escorted her into our house; "I'm ready to take whatever you can dish out." "OK Hercules." Jeannie said smiling; "Let's start with a huge powerhouse weightlifting breakfast." As I followed Jeannie into our kitchen I couldn't believe how sexy her thin curvy body looked in the white halter top and matching white shorts she was wearing.....................In the kitchen Jeannie made me twenty stacks of pancakes, and six dozen scrambled eggs which she again sat on my lap at the kitchen table and force fed me, in between making me drink four entire gallons of whole milk. Now that my huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body was completely bloated from over eating, Jeannie took me by the hand and led me to my weight set in my bedroom as she said; "Come on Hercules we need to start building you up right away before that huge breakfast I just fed you turns to fat." Then for the next four hours straight without a break Jeannie pushed me a lot harder lifting weights then she had the Saturday before, while she force poured a can of red Bull down my throat once every hour..................By lunch time Jeannie allowed me to take a break while she made me six very rare porterhouse steaks and ten bake potatoes which she again sat on my lap at the kitchen table and force fed me in between making me drink another entire four gallons of whole milk. Now that my huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body was now even more completely bloated from a huge lunch then it was this morning from eating such a large breakfast, Jeannie again took me by my hand and led me back to my weight set in my bedroom where she made me workout lifting weights even harder then I had that morning, while she force poured another can of Red Bull down my throat every hour. By dinner time Jeannie made and force fed me eight pounds of chicken, eight pounds of fish, and eight pounds of French Fries, then again took me by my hand and led me back to my weight set in my bedroom where she made me workout lifting weights even harder then she had did that afternoon after lunch, while still force poured another can of Red Bull down my throat every hour until I got so exhausted that I could no longer lift anymore that day. By the end of my weightlifting workout as I was laying on my back on my bed, my whole entire huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body was feeling so freaking swollen and sore, that even as Jeannie was going down and sucking my huge muscular erection right down to it's balls, and as good as it sexually felt even the muscles in my huge erection were freaking swollen and sore.....................Then starting the next day on Tuesday morning Jeannie who got on the school bus one stop before I did would ride with me to school. During the twenty mile ride to school Jeannie would make me do two hundred and fifty push ups on the school bus floor, then make me carry her on my two huge, thick ripped muscular shoulders from the school bus to our homeroom class. Then from our homeroom class to every other class we had together during the day, Jeannie would continue to make me carry her on my two huge, thick ripped muscular shoulders. During our hour long gym class and hour long study hall period, Jeannie would have me in the high school's gym weight room doing as many sets of reps while lifting as much heavy weight as I physically could during those two hours. Then at lunch time which was between our hour long gym class and hour long study hall period, Jeannie would make me eat as much protein as I physically could digest till my stomach felt like it was a hugely inflated balloon ready to pop! Then on the ride home Jeannie would again have me doing two hundred and fifty push ups on the school bus floor. After we got to my school bus stop Jeannie would get off with me and come to my house where she'd make me another huge meal and she sat on my lap at the kitchen table and force fed me, before Jeannie pushed me again for the third time that day to workout lifting weights in my bedroom. This went on five days a week straight during and after school, and on Saturdays Jeannie came to my house and force feed me three huge meals in between my all day weightlifting workout in my bedroom. On Sunday's Jeannie gave me a break so I could spend the day with my mother, who also made me workout lifting weights for four hours straight. This went on for the next several months straight!..................During the month of September being that both my ex-female personal trainer Beth and I both had busy schedules, Beth with starting her new job as a professional female trainer at the Tuckerton Iron Works Gym and moving into her new rented beach house at 2169 Ocean Grove Drive in Mystic Islands New Jersey, while I was busy going to school, doing homework, being trained by Jeannie Swarts six days a week lifting weights to continue building up my now hugely strong rippling thick muscular teenage male body, not to mention that I was also being trained every Sunday lifting weights by my mother who had me make sweet muscle love with her every Sunday afternoon after my Sunday weight lifting workouts, that I almost completely forgot about Beth altogether till she called me on the first Sunday evening in October................"Hey Babe I'm missing you like crazy." Beth replied over the phone; "I'm sorry I haven't called you sooner Joey, but I've been so busy moving into my beach house and starting my new career as a personal trainer at the Tuckerton Iron Works Gym." "That's Ok Beth." I replied; "How's your new job going?" "Well babe." Beth said sounding with a very happily tone in her voice; "In just one months time as a female personal trainer I've already built up a very large female cliental. I have five female customers a day, six days a week who hire me as their personal trainer at $200.00 an hour, for a two hour private weight lifting workout session. And I've already doubled my salary from what I was making at the body building boot camp in upstate New York earlier this year." "That's great Beth." I replied sounding very happy for her. Then as the tone in her voice changed into a more serious one Beth said to me; "Joey I hope you've still as much in love with me as I am with you. For these past thirty days I couldn't think about nothing else but the two of us and I'm dying to see you as soon as possible, please come over tonight sweetheart." "OK Beth." I replied; "I'll be there at 8:45 pm." "COOL JOEY!" Beth replied sounding very happy; "I'll see you then."......................At 8 pm that same Sunday evening after my mother took two of her Nighttime Volcano Explosion Mega-Vitamin pills, I waited five minutes till my mother's gigantic, thickly ripped, muscular female physique powered down like a robot, and as soon as she was snoring loudly in a deep sleep, I sneaked out of the house to go see Beth my ex-female personal trainer. So far unbeknown to my own mother who thought she was the muscular woman of my dreams, I had been seeing Jeannie Swarts who was now my high school sweetheart, and now I was going to see my ex-female personal trainer Beth who was madly in love with me and wanted to marry me when I turned eighteen years old, who I've already had a sexual affair with earlier this summer. As hard as it was to keep my mother from finding out about my relationships with both Jeannie and Beth, it was going to be even harder for me to keep both Jeannie and Beth from finding out that I'm having a relationship with the both of them. But there's going to be big trouble in my life when my mother finds out what I've been doing behind her gigantic, thickly ripped, muscular back since I came home this summer from the body building boot camp!..................On my two powerfully strong hugely, thick muscular legs I quickly walked the seven miles from our house in Pine Creek to Ocean Grove Drive in Mystic Islands in only ten minutes. By the time I turned the corner from Sea View Lane on to Ocean Grove Drive and walked pass the patio at Muscle Beach where all the other male and female teenage body builders were working out building up their own huge muscular physiques with heavy steel weights, I didn't notice in the shadows our gargantuan muscular eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson, who was sitting on a bench flexing her own monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique to impress four young teenage female body builders, that were lovingly feeling Emily Johnson's enormous powerfully built eighty year old female muscular physique. Emily was just about to decide which one of these young muscular teenage girls she was going to have sex with first, when she saw me pass by as I walked down the sidewalk. "HMM?" Emily Johnson thought to herself; "Where is Joey Stromboli going this late on a Sunday night in Muscle Beach's neighborhood? I think I better follow him and find out just incase he's up to something that his mother should know about." Then after she excused herself from her four young muscular female playmates, Emily Johnson then followed me down the sidewalk keeping half a block behind me till I reached a very expensive looking beach house. "HMM!" Emily Johnson thought to herself; "Who would Joey Stromboli know that lived at 2169 Ocean Grove Drive in Mystic Islands New Jersey?" After I let myself into the front door of the beach house with a key that Beth had left for me underneath a rock, Emily Johnson sneaked around the side of the beach house looking into the windows trying to figure out what I was doing there.....................As I entered and closed the front door behind me I called out while standing in a very expensively decorated living room; "BETH I'M HERE!" Then Beth replied from another room; "I'M IN THE KITCHEN BABE!" I then quickly walked through the expensively decorated living room that led into a very expensively decorated dinning room that could seat about twelve people comfortably, then into the kitchen. As soon I saw Beth sitting at the kitchen table waiting for me I almost went into total shock, at how much more Beth who was already a hugely muscular ex-professional female body builder, had even gotten hugely bigger in female muscularity in only two short months since the last time I had seen her! Beth had her two now extremely hugely thick, ripped muscular arms folded in front of her and she could barely cross then in front of her two gigantic muscular tits. Beth's two extremely hugely thick, muscular arms were now so really pumped up to their max, that it was totally unbelievable to even imagine unless you saw them for yourself! "Beth you've packed on a ton of muscle on your already hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique, but why? You were already hugely thick, and ripped enough. After all I thought I was the body builder in the making of our relationship?" "YEAH JOEY!" Beth replied with an even more confident tone in her voice that she was now more in control of our relationship; "I've got so much fucking female muscle on me now that I don't even know what to do with all of them. After you told me two months ago on the phone how hugely ripped and muscular your mother was in female muscularity Joey not to mention that she was at least twenty years younger then I was, and being that I'm a woman with a very competitive personality who doesn't like to lose, the old competitive edge in my personality kicked in and in between training my female clients at the Tuckerton Iron Works Gym, which by the way I've built up a large list of female clients. The anger and jealous rage that I developed thinking about that you might find your mother's hugely thick female physique more attractive then mind, had greatly motivated me to workout lifting weights even harder then I have ever done before in my entire female body building career to build up my already hugely thick female muscular physique even larger."........................."WOW BETH!" You must have been in a really angry jealous rage these past two months!" I said sounding extremely surprised that she really was that much in love with me to get angry enough to have such a jealous rage over my own gigantic thickly, ripped muscular mother, to have worked out lifting weights even harder to build up her own already hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique even larger now then she had ever done before in her entire female body building career. I was very impressed that Beth had been working out so hard to build up her already hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique even larger just for me, BUT even though Beth had packed on a great deal of muscular weight in the past two month and was a great deal larger in female muscularity then she was two months earlier, I didn't have the heart to tell Beth that she was still miles behind both my gargantuan female muscular mother and our gargantuan thickly ripped female muscular eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson in female muscular size and girth. Why tell her anyway? It would only just ruin the evening for the both of us. Instead I just played along making Beth feel like she was the Alpha female in my life, just like I do at home every Sunday with my gargantuan thickly ripped female muscular mother. Even though I love my mother like a son should and I am very attracted to Beth being an older woman who also has a smoking hot muscular female body that loves to have sex with me, but there is only one woman in my young life that I have recently fallen deeply in love with, and that was my high school girlfriend Jeannie Swarts. I just loved messing around and having sex with both my gargantuan thickly ripped female muscular mother and my body building boot camp ex-personal trainer Beth. There was something about huge bulging, thick ripped muscles on an older woman that really gave me a huge erection!................."You bet I've been Joey. Anger and jealous rage are two great motivators. When you are in such an angry jealous rage as I have been these past two months and put it into working out lifting weights, AND WELL? You could see the results for yourself Babe. Then with that Beth raised up her hugely thick ripped muscular right arm and flexed a football sized bicep with the thickest blue veins I had ever seen on a woman. It had that massiveness and fullness to it that looked like someone had inflated it to it's max with helium. Beth's dark blue pencil sized veins were visibly throbbing wildly from across the kitchen table, and her right bicep looked like it was still growing larger even yet right in front of me. At that moment I wanted to jump over the kitchen table where I had been sitting across from Beth and grab her right hugely thick, ripped bulging muscular bicep and feel it's powerful strength. But she already sensed that by the look of female muscle lust in my eyes, and she wanted me to work hard for it......................."Joey I know you've just dying to feel how solidly big and strong these monster muscular arms of mine are now, aren't you babe? I can tell just by the way you've now drooling over them." Beth said in a very sadistic controlling tone; "But I'm going to make you work hard for them Joey. You've packed on a great deal of size, girth and muscular weight these past two months, by the way how much have you gained?" "Since you've last saw me Beth." I said sounding very proud of myself; "I've gained another fifty five pounds of solid muscular weight from head to toe." "That's great for a start Joey." Beth said with an even more uninterested sadistic controlling tone in her voice as she continued looking at her right hugely thick ripped bulging bicep; "But you still need to get a hell of a lot bigger in size and girth of male muscle mass to catch up to me before you turn eighteen and we get married, before we could enter the heavy weight division of the Mr. and Mrs. Olympia couple body building contest.".......................Then to prove her point Beth pulled out a tape measure from her purse sitting on the kitchen table beside her as she said; " Babe let me pump these two powerful strong pythons of mine up a bit more before I measure them for you and give you their accurate measurements." Beth then put her two hands together while she pushed her two powerfully strong, hugely ripped, bulging muscular arms back and forth against each other, which forced more blood throughout her thick pencil sized blue veins into her already engorged muscular biceps and triceps, as she worked each and every individual muscle group into such a fever of intensity until they looked like very over inflated balloons that they might explode at any second! Then Beth pulled the tape measure off the table with her left hand and wrapped it around her right hugely engorged, thickly ripped, very over inflated right muscular arm.................."WOW! Would you look at that Joey. My guns are up to forty eight and a half inches!" Beth said excitedly; "MY GOD! Just think how much bigger I could still get my pythons to grow babe if I just started working out even harder then ever before in the weight room." Then Beth turned to face me as she looked me straight in the eyes as she said with a more serious, very jealous tone in her voice; "Joey just to clarify any confusion here, I'm going to continue working out harder and harder lifting weights at the gym to continue growing in female size and muscular girth, until the day you tell me that I'm at least four sizes larger in female size and muscular girth then your body building mother is, not to mention just to make my future body building mother in law's life a living hell, knowing that her future daughter in law is not only at least twenty years older then she is, but at least four and a half times larger in female size and muscular girth then she is as well." Then Beth took the tape measure and as she wrapped it around her two hugely ripped water melon sized thickly muscular tits she said; "I bet babe by the way you've been staring at my chest this whole time, that you've been wondering how big and massive it had gotten." Then it took Beth a couple of minutes to wrap the tape measure around her hugely thick, ripped muscular back and lats. As soon as she had the two ends of the tape measure meet in the front she said excitedly; "WOW! Look at that babe! My two hugely thick, ripped muscular tits combined together gives me the chest size of sixty four inches! Pretty impressive don't you think Joey? That makes my bra size a sixty four triple D!" Then a look of total contempt crossed Beth's face as she said with a very jealous sadistic tone in her voice; "Does your so called body building mother have huge muscular tits like these Joey? I bet she's very flat chested with a big muscular barrel chest like a man's.".......................As all this was going on in Beth's kitchen, our gargantuan thickly ripped, muscular eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson was not only spying on us outside through the kitchen window, but was also listening to our entire conversation as well. Not only was Emily Johnson watching and listening to everything that was going on between Beth and me in her kitchen that night, but Emily Johnson's muscular implants were also recording everything that she saw and heard and sent it through Wi-Fi to my sleeping mother's muscular implants as well, and my mother saw everything that was going on like it was in a dream. But knowing for a fact that it was coming through Wi-Fi from Emily Johnson's muscular implants to hers and this wasn't just some strange dream my mother was having, my mother started growing extremely possessively jealous over me! Even though my mother was in a very heavily deep, unconsciousness sleep for the next eight hours after taking her daily dosage of Nighttime Volcano Explosion Mega Vitamin Pills, and wouldn't wake up until 7:00 am the following morning to start her daily twelve hour weightlifting workout in our basement with our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson. As my mother continued to sleep in a very deep unconsciousness, a very large jealous rage of anger started growing inside her as she growled loudly in her sleep; "I WILL PERSONALLY GET THAT OLD LADY MUSCLE BOUND CUNT OUT OF MY SON'S LIFE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, EVEN IF IT'S THE LAST THING I EVER DO!" Then while she was still in her very deep, unconsciousness sleep, my mother's mind started to think about a plan to remove Beth from my life!........................"How many push-ups do you think I could do know Joey? Do you think more then you babe?" Beth asked me with a very competitive tone in her voice. "Well Beth." I said sounding even more sure of myself then Beth thought I should be; "I'm just as heavily into lifting weights and body building as you and my mother are. I bet that I could give you some tough competition on how many push-ups we could both do." "OK BABE!" Beth said with a very controlling sadistic tone in her voice; "Let's see which one of us are the push-up champion of my kitchen. You go first Joey." I then took off my T-shirt to impress and intimidate Beth with my own hugely thick, ripped muscular sixteen year old upper hard male body, and I even did a very impressive double bicep pose right before I laid myself face first on her kitchen floor in a push-up position, and as soon as I was on the floor I started pumping out push-ups as fast as I could while counting loudly! In five minutes time I pumped out three hundred and twenty push-ups without stopping once or breathing too heavily, even though by the time I reached my three hundred and eighth push-up, my two hugely thickly, ripped muscular male arms were starting to feel the heavy strain of doing push-ups, and they felt very rubbery by the time I was finished. "OK Beth let's see you beat my score of three hundred and twenty five push-ups." I said sounding very confident that Beth couldn't beat me and do more then three hundred and twenty five push-ups. "OK BABE!" Beth said as she gave me a knowingly wink; "Let's see if this weak older muscle woman could do as many push-ups as her big strong, younger very impressively muscular boyfriend, while seeing how much bigger she could get her already very impressive muscular chest." Beth then dropped to the kitchen floor into a push-up position, and pumped out two thousand push-ups in the same five minutes time that I did three hundred and twenty five push-ups. "HOLY SHIT!" I thought surprisingly to myself; "BETH HAD PUMPED OUT FOUR HUNDRED PUSH-UPS PER MINUTE!" Then after Beth got back up on her two feet she measured her mighty muscular chest again as she said with an extremely happy tone in her voice; "Will you look at that babe, my mighty muscular chest now measures a solid sixty seven inches total, by the way what does your hugely thick, ripped barrel sized muscular male chest measure at?" I looked down at my bare hugely thick, ripped muscular manly chest and before I could answer Beth, was wrapping her tape measure around me as she said; "OK Joey, take a very deep breath and hold it while you flex that hugely thick, ripped barrel sized muscular male chest of yours as hard as you can, OK?" "OK Beth." I replied then did as I was told. I inhaled and took the deepest breath I could and held it while I flexed my hugely thick, ripped barrel sized muscular male chest as hard as I could till it physically hurt and started to cramp up! "HMM!" Beth said not sounding too impressed with my chest measurements; "Joey are you inhaling as much oxygen as you possibly could while flexing your hugely thick, ripped barrel sized male chest as hard as you can?" "I nodded yes with my head as I continued holding my breath and flexing my chest as hard as I could, while my face was turning blue from not breathing. After Beth told me to relax and exhale she said; "Oh well Your chest only measures a pitiful forty one inches babe. Not much more growth from when you left the body building boot camp two months earlier. Maybe you should start thinking about increase the amount of weight and the amount of sets you've bench pressing on a daily bases, not to mention increasing the amount of push-ups you've doing on a daily bases as well. As insulted as I was at that moment, all I could say was; "OK Beth whatever you think I should do. I'll start increasing them tomorrow morning during my next weightlifting workout."...........................Since Beth had bulked up a great deal in the past two months since I last saw her I asked; "How much do you weigh now Beth in solid muscular weight?" "I don't know if I should tell you babe since I know this much female muscle turns you on so much. Since I was a teenager I knew that I could never be just slim and well toned, you know feminine looking like the other girls my age. I learned at an early age, I think when I was twelve years old, that I could easily grow muscles by working out lifting weights. In fact Joey once I seriously started lifting weights as a teenager this kind of huge female muscle growth happened almost over night. So two months ago when you told me on the phone how hugely thick, ripped and muscular your mother had gotten just over last summer while you were away at the body building boot camp, not to mention that she was almost twenty years younger then I was. I then started to think why a single mother who wasn't in any relationship with another man or woman around her own age would workout so hard last summer to build up such a powerfully strong female muscular physique like she has now, while sending her only teenage son to body building boot camp to build up his own hugely thick, ripped muscular sixteen year old muscular male physique." Beth said now in a jealous rage that started turning her face a dark bright red in anger as her left eye started to twitch uncontrollably, while at the same time Beth's adrenaline was pumping up her already entire hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique even larger by the moment then it had been a moment earlier!........................"I thought about this long and hard for at least five hours while I drove back up to upstate New York that night to pack up my stuff to move down here to Mystic Islands, then the answer hit hard me like a ton of bricks. YOUR MOTHER IS IN LOVE WITH YOU, AND KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE A SECRET SEXUAL FETISH FOR POWERFULLY STRONG, HUGELY THICK, RIPPED MUSCULAR WOMEN. YOUR MOTHER'S BEEN WORKING OUT SO HARD ALL SUMMER LONG LIFTING WEIGHT TO BUILD UP HER NOW GROWING MUSCULAR FEMALE PHYSIQUE, SO YOU'D FIND HER MORE ATTRACTIVE!" Beth now yelled very loudly at me. Then after Beth took a long deep breath and quieted down while she regained her composure she said; "As soon as I figured that out babe, I was even more determined to get a hell of a lot bigger in female muscular size and girth then your mother was. In between working as a professional personal trainer handling my female clients at the gym, I've done nothing else but workout lifting weights, eat, and do everything else humanly possible to get even more massive in female muscular size and girth as I could, just so I could win your love and steal you away from Amy Stromboli once and for all!"...................Then with that off her chest Beth then proceeded to go a little nuts on me to be more attractive to her. Beth then stood up across the kitchen table from me and ripped off the white T-shirt she was wearing and with only her bra on, went into a fantastic crab pose, flexing her already hugely thick, ripped muscular female upper body to it's full entire max! Since I've gotten to Beth's rented beach house I already had a huge erection in my jeans for the entire time she was demeaning me, and she knew what would happen next. I all of a sudden had one hell of a spontaneous orgasm! Beth's bulging mammoth female muscles had gave me such a huge stain in the crotch of my jeans, that it wasn't funny! Then Beth said to me; "OK Joey show and tell time is over. Now I want to show you a big surprise I have in the other room for you." "What could this big surprise be Beth?" I asked in a playful tone thinking she was going to take me into her bedroom so we could make great female muscle love together." "Get up babe and follow me to a room in the back of the house." Beth said as more of an order then a request as she started walking out of the kitchen, and I quickly got out of my chair and followed her. End Of Part 7!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-6

The next morning which was Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I woke up at 8 am in my own bedroom with a wickedly painful headache from the sleeping gas that Major Lewis had flowed throughout our house's heating vents the night before. As I tried to remember the events from the day before, I remembered yesterday waking up in my personal trainer Beth's queen sized brass bed that was in her feminine pink bedroom in her rented condo in upstate New York where I had sex with her. I also remember the three hour drive in her black Jeep Wrangler as Beth drove me home and how delusional she was about wanting us to get married and have a husband and wife body building career together. I even remember getting home by 4:45 pm that same afternoon but for the next four hours and fifteen minutes till I went to bed at 9 pm last night there was a total blank in my memory. Then all I could think of at that moment was how proud I was of my mother's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique while at the same time my now very jealous, overly inflated macho male ego, wanted nothing better then to get even bigger then she was in muscular size and girth. As I quickly made my bed and got dressed in a pair of gym shorts I thought out loud to myself as my overly inflated macho male ego took control of my mind; "AFTER ALL I'M THE MAN IN THIS FAMILY, AND I SHOULD  BE THE ONE WHO'S BIGGER IN MUSCULAR SIZE AND GIRTH THEN MY MOTHER IS!"........................Then after stopping in our bathroom and flexing my topless upper huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body in the bathroom mirror, I said with a very jealous overly inflated macho male ego tone in my voice while I continued looking at the reflection of my own huge thickly ripped muscular teenage male body; "OK AMY TWO COULD PLAY THIS GAME! I'M GOING TO START WORKING OUT HARDER LIFTING WEIGHT THEN I'VE EVER HAD BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE WHILE I PUT MYSELF ON AN ALL YOU COULD EAT HIGH PROTEIN DIET AT THE SAME TIME! AND IN TIME I'M GOING TO GET SO HELLISHLY FREAKING HUGE IN MUSCULAR MALE SIZE AND GIRTH, THAT MY HELLISHLY FREAKING HUGE MUSCULAR MALE BODY WOULD PUT BOTH YOURS AND EMILY JOHNSON'S TWO MONSTROUSLY HUGE, THICKLY RIPPED MUSCULAR FEMALE PHYSIQUES TO SHAME!" Then I headed to the kitchen to eat a huge high protein breakfast before I started my weight lifting workout..................After I scrambled two dozen eggs, fried two pounds of bacon, and two pounds of ground beef, I then forced myself to eat and digest this entire huge breakfast while I drank an entire gallon of whole milk at the same time. As I was eating this huge breakfast I noticed a new high tech door knob and lock on our kitchen door that led to the basement steps. This new high lock looked like it could only be unlocked by flashing a red laser scan and when I tried to open the door it was locked, but through the closed kitchen door I could hear the loud metal clanging sound which was slightly muffled through the closed kitchen door as my mother and Emily Johnson were busy down in the basement doing their daily twelve hour weight lifting workouts. "OK Amy two could play that game." I said out loud to myself in the kitchen as I now started to walk my now heavily bloated from the large breakfast I had just eaten, huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body to my own bedroom where my own weight set and weight bench was now kept; "If yours and Emily Johnson's daily twelve hour weight lifting workouts are going to be kept a secret from me then I'm going to keep my daily weight lifting workouts a secret from you, and by New Years Day of next year let's see who will really has all the huge bulging muscles in the family!" As I was walking through our dinning room and into our living room as I was heading towards the hallway that led to our bedrooms and bathroom, our front doorbell rang..................When I answered our front door I found Jeannie Swarts standing on our front porch holding a cooler in her right hand with her shoulder length blond hair tied back in a pony tail and wearing a light blue sports bra and a pair of matching tight light blue spandex shorts that showed off her very tightly thin curvy female figure extremely well. As soon as I opened the front door Jeannie said sounding very happily to see me; "Hello Hercules! What have you been up to?" "Hello Jeannie." I said smiling happily to see her standing on my front porch; "I'm just getting ready to start working out lifting weights in my bedroom." "GOOD! I'm just in time to help my muscle man bulk up." Jeannie said as she wrapped her thin well toned left arm around my heavily bloated waist and started steering me away from our front door after she had closed it behind us. "Your muscle man?" I asked Jeannie with a surprisingly tone in my voice. "Yea Joey. My muscle man." Jeannie giggled like a teenage girl really enjoying her first crush; "I decided right away that I should put a claim on you as my boy friend before the new school years starts so no other girl in our class tries to steal you away from me. Now where is your bedroom?" I then escorted Jeannie towards my bedroom where she could watch me working out lifting weights.................Jeannie sat on the edge of my bed and watched me with a heavily feeling of great love and devotion with each muscle pump I did. Then when it seemed that I was starting to lose my body energy in the middle of a set of reps, Jeannie would open the cooler she had brought with her and after she took out a can of Red Bull, Jeannie would then pinch my nose to open my mouth while I was still working out lifting weights and pour an entire can of Red Bull down my throat. Then my body energy quickly began to come back again and I'd pump out another three sets of reps just to impress Jeannie. This went on for four hours straight till Jeannie had me take a lunch break at 12:30 pm..................Then at 12:30 pm Jeannie escorted me into our kitchen and boiled me six pounds of spaghetti to eat for lunch. Then after she sat in my lap at the kitchen table Jeannie force fed me the entire six pounds of spaghetti without any tomato sauce on it. When I tried to tell her I couldn't eat all of this spaghetti, Jeannie replied as she continued force feeding me; "Come on Joey I want you to bulk up as big as possible so I could be the envy of every other girl in school dating a true Hercules." Then after Jeannie finished force feeding me the entire six pounds of spaghetti, she quickly steered my now even more heavily bloated then before, huge thickly ripped, muscular teenage male body back to my weight set in the bedroom as she said; "Hurry up Joey. We need to quickly get you back to your weight set and start lifting again to build up that six pounds of spaghetti I just fed you before it turns into fat. Then for the next four hours straight from 1 pm to 5 pm Jeannie pushed me even harder lifting weights while she had me not only increase the amount of sets of reps I was doing but with each set of reps I did, Jeannie had me increase the amount of weight I was lifting by fifty pounds. And when I seemed to be tiring out towards the final set of reps of each weight lifting exercise I was doing, Jeannie would again pinch my nose to open my mouth while I was still working out and pour a can of Red Bull down my throat.....................Then at 5 pm Jeannie then escorted me again back into our kitchen and cooked me up twelve pounds of very rare ground beef, which she again sat on my lap and forced fed me while I sat in a kitchen chair. By 5:30 pm now that my even more bloated because I've never eaten so much before in one day in my entire life, huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body was so heavily stuffed with twelve pounds of very rare ground beef, Jeannie took me by the hand to lead me back to my bedroom as she said; OK Hercules time to go back and start lifting your weights again." Then on my third weight lifting workout of the day, Jeannie continued making me increase both the amount of sets of reps I was doing and the amount of weight I was lifting at the same time................By 6:30 pm Jeannie had me doing bench presses with a hundred pounds more of steel weight disks on my barbell then I was already used to bench pressing. After I struggled like hell to complete my fifth set of reps I said in a pleading tone to Jeannie who was sitting on the edge of my bed, while my face started turning a dark beet red from under the pressure of holding the heavy steel barbell on my huge, thickly ripped barrel sized muscular chest; "Jeannie I don't think I could bench press one more rep. Could you please help me lift this barbell off my chest and cradle it on the weight bench please." "Oh Joey." Jeannie said as she reached into her cooler; "All I think you need is to drink another Red Bull." Then Jeannie said in a very apologizing tone; "OOPS! Sorry Hercules but you've drank all the Red Bulls but I have another idea on how you could get a second wind and have more energy." Then Jeannie got off the edge of my bed and on to her knees in front of where I was laying doing bench presses on my weight bench. Then after she pulled down my gym shorts to my ankles, Jeannie took my huge thickly ripped muscular erection into her mouth and swallowed it all the way down to my balls! As Jeannie continued getting off while giving me oral sex I started to get my second wind as my body energy started coming back very quickly and I then bench pressed another ten sets of reps!.................By 7:30 pm as I was laying on my bed with Jeannie next to me while my now huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body was so freaking swollen and sore from Jeannie making me workout so hard lifting weights all day, that I could barely move my arms or legs! As Jeannie was muscle worshipping my swollen huge, thickly ripped muscular teenage male body while we were kissing, Jeannie said in between kissing me; "Today was a good start Joey but you know I'm going to keep pushing you every day to workout lifting weights even harder and harder then ever before, until you physically can't grow any larger in male muscular size and girth." "OK Jeannie." Was all I could reply because I was so tired now. "And by the way Joey I don't want you to think I'm a slut." Jeannie said with a more serious tone in her voice as she arched her eyebrows while looking me directly in my eyes; "But today was the first time that I ever went down on a guy and given him oral sex. The only reason I'm here today to help you with your weight lifting workout and gave you oral sex was because I've fallen in love with you, and I want us to spend the rest of our lives together. In other words Joey I want to be a one man woman to you until the end of time." "I could live with that Jeannie." I replied then I kissed her very romantically on the mouth......................At 8 pm while Jeannie and I were still laying on my bed kissing each other very romantically, we both heard the muffled sounds through my closed bedroom door of my mother's and Emily Johnson's voices talking in the kitchen as the kitchen door that led to the basement steps opened then closed behind them. "HOLY COW JOEY!" Jeannie said now sounding very scared as she jumped off my bed; "Your mother is home and I don't want the first time she'd meet me to think I'm a whore after finding me in alone with you in your bedroom." "Relax Jeannie." I replied; "Mom has been home all day down in the basement working out lifting weights with our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson the whole time you've been here." "You've kidding me Joey?" Jeannie said with a very surprised tone in her voice because she thought we were alone all day in my house; "You mean to tell me that not only your mother, but your eighty year old female neighbor were both here the whole time in the house with us? Not to mention that both of them are also into lifting weights and body building as well as you are?" "Yea Jeannie." I replied; "Body building and weight lifting runs in our family these days as far as my mother and I are concerned, but don't worry about them both being here in the house with us at the same time. From 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday they both lock themselves in our basement and workout all day long lifting weights to build up their two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physiques."...........................Then at 8:30 pm when we heard my mother's heavy footsteps coming down the hallway Jeannie started to panic and quickly rolled under my bed to hide just in case my mother came into my bedroom. But a moment later my mother's heavy footsteps that were coming down the hallway went into our bathroom, then the bathroom door closed and our shower started. Fifteen minutes later as Jeannie was still hiding underneath my bed, we then heard the bathroom door open and my mother's heavy footsteps going towards her own bedroom, then my mother's bedroom door closing behind her. Then five minutes after my mother had taken a couple of her Nighttime Volcano Explosion Mega-Vitamins, as I listened with my ear against the wall that separated my bedroom from my mother's bedroom, I could hear my mother snoring very loudly after she had fallen into a very deep uninterrupted sleep for the next ten hours straight.........................."OK Jeannie the coast is clear. My mother took two of her sleeping pills and is now sound asleep." "WHEW! That was a close one Joey." Jeannie said now sounding very relieved as she came out from under my bed; "But I better go now. My parents have me on a very strict curfew and I have to be home by 9:30 pm." I then quickly and quietly sneaked Jeannie out of my bedroom, down the hallway, then to our front door. As I opened the front door to let her out I asked while giving her a very romantic goodbye kiss; "When could I see you again darling?" "Well Joey." Jeannie replied sounding a little depressed that she had to leave me now; "On Sunday morning I'm going with my parents to visit my aunt in Jersey City and I'm not going to get back home until late tomorrow night. But since Monday is Labor Day and we don't start the new school year till Tuesday, not to mention that your mother and her friend will be busy down in your basement all day Monday working out lifting weights to build themselves up, I'll come over on Monday at 8:15 am sharp." "COOL JEANNIE!" I said excitedly; "I'll be counting the seconds till 8:15 am Monday morning." Then we said our goodbyes and Jeannie ran the entire six blocks home.......................As soon as I got back to my bedroom my Droid smart phone that was sitting on my nightstand next to my digital alarm clock was ringing with an incoming call. When I looked at the caller I.D. screen I saw that Beth my now ex-personal trainer from the body building boot camp in upstate New York, and now a very mentally delusional, hugely thick, ripped muscular older woman with a blond Mohawk who was in love with me and wanted to marry me, was calling. "Hi Beth what's new?" I said as I answered her call. "Great news Babe." Beth's voice said excitedly through my phone's receiver; "I met with the manager of the Tuckerton Iron Works Gym this morning at 11 am and he hired me right away as a personal trainer at double the salary I was making at the body building boot camp and I start this Tuesday morning." "That's great Beth." I replied trying to sound happy for her new job. "And that's not all Joey." Beth said still sounding very excited; "After my job interview I then went to a real estate office in downtown Mystic Islands and rented a house off the beach. Now remember this address Joey, the new address of my rented beach house is 2169 Ocean Grove Drive. It's just a block away from Muscle Beach where all the young teenage male and female body builders hang out lifting weights and showing off their muscles." "I know the place Beth it's only three miles away from where I live and I'm sure I'll have no trouble finding your new rented beach house." I replied. "That's great Joey. Tonight as I'm talking to you I'm driving back up to New York State so I could arrange to rent a U-Haul truck and move all my furniture back down to my new rented beach house in Mystic Islands New Jersey and be moved in by Monday night so we could continue working on our relationship babe." "Sounds like a plan Beth." I replied because I didn't know what to really say to her. Being that Beth was a fifty year old very hugely ripped, thickly muscular ex-professional female body builder with a shaved head and a blond Mohawk on top, who was slightly mentally unstable and very delusional about falling in love and with and wanting to marry me a thirteen year old boy, so I tried to watch what I'd say to her because I didn't know how crazy she really was. But in time I would find out how crazy Beth really was!................."Oh by the way Babe." Beth said to me with a very playful tone in her voice; "How does you little old gray haired mother like how much I've personally built up you sexy muscular male physique this past three months at the body building boot camp? "Well Beth." I replied now not realizing that I was going to push this slightly mentally unstable and very delusional, fifty year old very hugely ripped, thickly muscular ex-professional female body builder, with a shaved head and a blond Mohawk on top over the edge; "My mother doesn't have gray hair and she's far from being a little old lady. My mother who's only thirty two years old has beautiful thick long shoulder length brown hair and she works out lifting weights twelve hours a day in our basement to continue building up her monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscular physique with our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson." "So you don't say babe?" Beth tried to reply happily to hide the now very jealous tone in her voice as she thought to herself; "OK Amy Stromboli let's see which one of us would really make a better muscle momma to Joey, and don't cry when you lose bitch." Beth who was now continuing to get very angry and jealous as I continued to describe how monstrously huge, thickly ripped both my mother's and Emily Johnson's two female muscular physiques had gotten in only three months time, but what finally pushed Beth mentally off the deep end was when I accidently said; "My mother and Emily Johnson's two monstrously huge, thickly ripped female muscular physiques have to be at least 64% larger then my huge thick, ripped muscular teenage male one is, and at least almost three time the size of your extremely huge, beefy thick, ripped female muscular physique as well." "OH YOUR MOTHER IS, IS SHE!" Was all Beth could reply before she made the excuse that her highway exit was coming up and she had to go, then before we said our goodbyes, Beth told me she would call me when she got settled in her new rented beach house in Mystic Islands New Jersey. After we finished our call I then realized how exhausted I was from having Jeannie making me workout so hard lifting weights all day. After I took a quick shower I then collapsed in my bed and fell into a deep sleep........................Being that the following day was Sunday of Labor Day weekend and the one scheduled day off a week for both my mother and Emily Johnson from their twelve hour daily weight lifting workouts, my mother woke up at 6:30 am and quickly got out of bed, then after taking two of her morning Volcano Female Mega-Vitamin Explosion pills, she made her bed and got dressed then did her hair and put on some makeup. Then at 7:00 am after my mother got herself together she headed towards my bedroom to wake me up so we could spend the entire day together. "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! TODAY'S SUNDAY AND I HAVE THE WHOLE DAY PLANNED OUT JUST FOR THE TWO OF US!" I heard my mother's normal pleasant female voice happily say to me as it slowly woke me up out of my deep sleep. As I was slowly coming out of my deep sleep before I opened my eyes I thought to myself; "Wouldn't it be funny if it had all been a weird dream that I had about both my mother and our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson becoming two monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular women, who were working out lifting weights in our basement six days a week? And as soon as I open my eyes I'll see that my mother really has a very lovely curvy tightly thin female figure." But the moment I had woke up and opened my eyes I saw my mother's monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique wearing a triple extra large black tank top that was extremely tight over her monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular female upper body, that showed off her hugely thick muscular bull neck, two hugely muscular watermelon sized tits, and two gargantuan thickly ripped muscular arms, and a pair of very short tight black spandex bicycle shorts that showed off her two gargantuan thickly ripped muscular legs. "OH MY GOD!" I thought to myself in total shock; "IT REALLY HAPPENED AND IT WASN'T A WEIRD DREAM AFTER ALL!" But what I said to my mother was; "Good morning Amy. I can't wait to spend the entire day together." "Me either Joey." My mother said as she reached her powerful strong left hand underneath my blanket and started playfully squeezing my huge muscular manly erection while giving me a knowing wink at the same time; "And I've been so freaking horny this past three months while you've away at that body building boot camp in upstate New York. Tonight you've going to rock my world while you fuck the shit out of me. But for now get up and get dressed because we have things to do this morning. I'll meet you in the kitchen in fifteen minutes for breakfast.".............................Fifteen minutes later I sat down at our kitchen table where my mother put a dozen scrambled eggs, a pound of bacon, and a pound of pork sausages on a large plate in front of me as she said; "Eat up Joey you need to put on more weight to bulk up and grow bigger as you workout lifting weights if you want to enter that teenage male body building contest at the Y.M.C.A." "Yes Amy." I replied even though I wasn't that hungry because Jeannie Swarts stuffed me with food like a Thanksgiving Turkey yesterday in between my weight lifting session with her, but I forced myself to eat the large breakfast that my mother had just made me. While I was forcing myself to eat my large breakfast, my mother made another three gallon, Amazon Volcano Explosion High Protein Female Muscle Growth Shake in our new three gallon blender and after she sat across from me at the kitchen table, she again drank it down in only four large gulps! Then after she let out another loud rumbling "BELCH!" My mother said happily as she wiped her mouth with her right gargantuan thickly ripped muscular forearm; "Guess what Joey. Yesterday I heard about a female body building contest in Fords County Mississippi called the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. Being that I work cleaning houses for Merry Maids I could qualify to enter it a year from next October, that is if I could get into great enough shape in another year to become tough female muscular competition to seriously challenge their current female heavy weight female body building champion Doreen Powers." "WAS MY MOTHER KIDDING ME?" I thought to myself; "If she could get into great enough shape in another year to become tough female muscular competition to seriously challenge another heavy weight female body builder? I don't know how hugely thick, ripped and muscular this Doreen Powers was who was the current heavy weight female body builder champion of the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest, but my mother already had a gargantuan thickly ripped muscular female physique that was at least four times larger in muscular size and girth then any other professional heavy female body builder, except of course for our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson, that I have ever seen before in my entire life!" But I replied; "I can't wait till next year to be sitting in the front row of the of that female body building contest Amy and see you winning that female body building heavy weight championship trophy.".....................Then another thought crossed my mind; "If my mother was downstairs heavily working out lifting weights twelve hours a day with out eighty year old female neighbor six days a week from 8 am to 8pm, and on Sundays she spent the whole day with me, when did my mother have any time to go to work cleaning houses for a maid company called; Merry Maids?" Unbeknown to me while both my mother and Emily Johnson were in their hypnotic, female weight lifting robotic states of mind from 8 am to 8 pm six days a week; While the computer chips in both my mother's and our eighty year old female neighbor's muscular implants made them workout hard lifting weights like two female weight lifting robots on a daily bases, their muscular implant computer chips also gave both my mother's and Emily Johnson's female minds an alternative imaginary view of what they were really doing on a daily bases. From Monday through Saturday my mother in her own female mind, saw her alternative imaginary view working cleaning houses at different retirement villages for old people forty hours a week, then working out lifting weights only a couple of hours a day a few times a week with me down in our basement, and my mother felt that she had a long way to go before she could enter and challenge Doreen Powers next year at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest. In her computer programmed alternative imaginary view of herself, my mother also saw my now huge thickly ripped, muscular teenage male body nowhere near as large as it really was, and my mother thought I still needed a lot more time working out lifting weights to build up my manly muscular teenage body, before she'd allow me to enter the teenage male body building contest at the Y.M.C.A.......................After we finished breakfast my mother drove us to go grocery shopping at Acme, because the way I had been eating these past two days we were quickly running out of food in our house. Once  we got to Acme my mother had both of us get two shopping carts each so we could stock up on all the high protein foods needed for my continuing male teenage body building diet program. Once inside the store my mother and I pushed and pulled a shopping cart each as she started doing the grocery shopping. In the second shopping cart that I was pulling my mother filled the entire shopping cart up with every single whole gallon of milk that the grocery store had stocked on the refrigeration shelf. Then in the first shopping cart that I was pushing my mother filled the entire shopping cart up till it was completely filled with over one hundred dozen eggs. My mother then completely filled up both of the two shopping carts she was pushing and pulling with all the beef, chicken, and fish that they could both hold till both shopping carts were completely filled to their max....................As we both now headed through the produce department towards the checkout register to pay for our huge amount of groceries, we passed two elderly ladies who lived down the street from us. After my mother and I were both out of hearing distance the first elderly lady said to the second elderly lady; "Emma isn't that Amy Stromboli and her son Joey who lives down the street from us?" "Yea I believe it is Trudy." Emma replied as she just watched a monstrously huge, thickly ripped muscular woman passing them while pulling and pushing two filled shopping carts of groceries with her huge thickly ripped muscular teenage son following behind her, as he pushed and pulled another other two shopping carts filled with dozens of eggs and gallons of whole milk. "You know Emma." Trudy said; "I've always suspected that Amy Stromboli was a lesbian since she moved in down the street from us twelve years ago as a single mother with a child. Because over the years you never saw a man come and take her out on a date, and now that Amy Stromboli is such a grotesquely huge muscular woman that proves she's a lesbian, only a lesbian would get into body building to make themselves look so butch and manly." You know Trudy you maybe right about Amy Stromboli." Emma replied;  "What man would want to be with something that ugly? But why is her son Joey so hugely ripped and muscular for a teenage boy as well? Just eleven months ago he was a skinny little weakling boy when his mother was a very fat out of shape woman" "That's because Emma." Trudy said with a knowingly look at Emma; " Amy Stromboli and her son Joey are probably using those illegal muscle growth enhancement drugs called steroids." "Well with or without those illegal muscle growth enhancement drugs they've both been using Trudy." Emma replied as she was starting to get a little sexually excited at the thought; "I wouldn't mind having that hugely ripped muscular teenage boy in my bed some night and make love to me." "You know Emma." Trudy winked at her friend as she said jokingly  while she started to laugh at what Emma had just said; "If we've going to dream lets dream big. How about if we had a three way with that hugely ripped muscular teenage boy some night?" End of Part 6