Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Magnificently Muscular Molly McGee!-2

The next morning when the alarm clock went off at 8 am I woke up in Molly's king sized bed and found her already showered and dressed, and as Molly stood over me she said sounding very cheerfully: "Wake up my darling prince charming we have a busy day ahead of us." After I got out of bed Molly personally escorted me into her master bathroom. As I was getting ready to have a shower I noticed Molly opening up a prescription pill bottle, taking two pills out and swallowing them down with a glass of water. When Molly noticed me in the reflection of the bathroom mirror watching her take her prescription drugs, she turned around to face me as she said with a smile on her face; "Oh Carl it's nothing for you to worry about. I'm just taking my daily meds." "Your daily meds?" I asked as I wondered to myself why Molly referred to her drug prescription as daily meds like a mentally disturbed person who was possibly once institutionalized for insane crazy behavior that referred to their medication as meds. "Yes darling." Molly replied happily as she thought to herself if she should explain to me why she needed to take her daily meds. Even though we were alone in her master bathroom Molly acted very paranoid for a few seconds as she looked around the bathroom like someone might be listening before she said in almost a whisper; "Since we've now in a relationship together Carl I think that there's something you need to know. The board of directors of my cosmetic company are trying to steal my company away from me." Then Molly acted even more paranoid as she again looked around her bathroom before she said; "My companies board of directors were trying to make me look like I'm going mentally crazy, BUT I"M REALLY NOT CARL, YOU MUST BELIEVE ME! They even hired a specialist from the C.I.A. who was sending radio waves to my brain to make me think I was hearing voices in my own head. After four weeks of these radio waves manufacturing voices in my brain 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I finally snapped from lack of sleep and shear mental exhaustion." As Molly continued to tell me this crazy outrageous story of hers, Molly's emerald green eyes started taking on a very wild insane look of a crazy person as I thought to myself; "THAT'S JUST GREAT CARL! YOU FINALLY MEET THE WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS AND SHE TURNS OUT TO BE A REAL MENTALLY CRAZY WOMAN!" As Molly continued telling me this crazy outrageous story of hers, she said; "Then my board of directors had me hospitalized in a very privately exclusive asylum hidden deep in the mountains in the state of Utah where they kept me there for almost an entire year."..............."Molly may I ask what the doctors thought was wrong with you?" I asked her. Molly's emerald green eyes now had an even more insanely wild crazy look to them as she said; "Oh that C.I.A. specialist was trying to make it look like I was a schizophrenia paranoid woman!" Then Molly's emerald green eyes flashed with an even more very wild, crazy, schizoid look in them as she pushed me back and slammed me hard against the bathroom wall as she yelled as loud as she possibly could; "BUT I'M NOT FUCKING CRAZY CARL, YOU MUST BELIEVE ME! THE ENTIRE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ARE JUST OUT TO GET RID OF ME AND TAKE OVER MY COSMETIC COMPANY FOR THEMSELVES BUT I'M NOT GOING TO LET THEM WIN! PLEASE DARLING DON'T BREAK UP WITH ME OVER THIS, I SWEAR TO YOU I'LL BE THE BEST THING YOU'LL EVER HAVE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, I SWEAR TO GOD!" I then hugged Molly and a moment later she looked into my face and was smiling happily as she said; "Darling please hurry up and take your shower and don't forget to shave, because I love a clean shaving man and we have a very busy day of shopping ahead of us." Then Molly left the bathroom like nothing had just happened..............After I showered, shaved, and got dressed in the same clothes from last night, since I didn't yet have a change of clothes at Molly's house, as we were walking through the living room of Molly large mansion heading towards the front door, James the butler was there giving instruction to the new Jamaican maid that had just been hired on how Ms. McGee wanted her house cleaned. "Oh James." Molly said to her butler. "Yes ma'am what my I do for you?" James the butler asked as he walked over to where we were standing. "My assistant Gina will be coming later this afternoon with some possible business clients." Molly said in her business woman tone; "Mr. Walters and I should be back before they arrive, but if we aren't please have them all wait in my study." "Yes ma'am." James the butler said; "Is there anything else you'd like Ms. McGee?" "No James that would be all." Molly said as she reached for her sunglasses and slid them down from the top of her head; "Carry on instructing the new maid on how I like my home cleaned." "Very good ma'am." James the butler replied and turned to go back to continue instructing the new Jamaican maid. Molly and I then exited out of her front door and after we got into her black Audi convertible, she put the top down as she started the motor right before we drove away................Molly first drove me to a very exclusive mall on the wealthy side of town. Once inside the mall Molly took me to a very expensive men's clothing store where I was measured and sized for everything from very expensive casual wear to very expensive suits, and one white and one black tuxedo. Molly paid six times the normal outrageous prices, to have all the store's seamstress come in to work on a Saturday morning and finish my entire new tailored wardrobe. Four and a half hours later Molly told the sales clerk as she gave him her address, to have my entire new tailored wardrobe sent to her home and delivered by 5 pm this afternoon. After we left the very expensive men's clothing store, Molly then drove me to a very expensive sports car dealership where she bought me a bright red, early model 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06, and as she handed me the car keys to my new Corvette Molly said very happily; "NOW CARL! This is the type of car my prince charming should be driving around in." After Molly paid for my new car we both headed back to her large estate. As I was driving my new Corvette back to Molly's estate I thought to myself; "With a rich sugar momma like Molly who loves to give me expensive presents like this car, I think I could deal with the fact that she's sometimes a schizophrenia paranoid woman who may have possible crazy thoughts at times." As soon as we pulled into the gated long driveway that went up to her large luxury mansion I saw a large truck parked near the front door with six moving men unloading and carrying in huge creates and boxes into the open front door of the large mansion. Molly and I parked our cars together across from the large truck, and as we both got out of our cars Molly said as she removed her sunglasses; "Oh good darling our exercise equipment that I had Gina order is being delivered for our new home gym." Then Molly took me by the hand and walked with me into the open front door of her large mansion..........As soon as we stepped inside the entrance way of her large mansion, a short chubby very unattractive brunette exited Molly's study and said; "Oh good Ms. McGee you've finally here." Gina said talking with a heavy Italian Brooklyn accent; "I have those three special people waiting for you in your study and they've the best in their choice professions like you asked for. I had to offer them triple their yearly salaries to hire them away from NASA, but I'm sure when you see their resumes you'll agree it's was worth the money Ms. McGee." "Very good Gina, once again you came through for me like real trooper." Molly said sounding extremely happy that she was getting the best that money could buy. "By the way Gina, this is my new boy friend Carl Walters." Molly said sounding very proud of ownership about me. Gina smiled at me as she held out her hand; "How do you do Mr. Walters. I'm Gina Capone Ms. McGee's personal assistant." "Nice to meet you Gina. Are you any relation to thee Al Capone the famous Chicago gangster of the 1920's?" I asked her as we shook hands. Gina giggled; "Yes I am Mr. Walters. He was my grandfather."  "OKAY GINA THAT'S ENOUGH! I'M NOT PAYING YOU TO FLIRT WITH EVERY MAN WHO ENTERS MY HOME!" Molly said sounding like a very overly possessive, jealous girl friend; "It's time for us to have our meeting with my new NASA team." Then as Molly walked ahead of Gina to her study she turned her head and said to me; "Darling while I'm having my little meeting in the study, why don't you go to the enclosed pool area and check on the progress of our new high tech home gym." "Okay Molly." I replied as I started heading down the hallway as Molly and Gina went to the study...............Molly's assistant Gina closed the private studies door behind her after she and Molly had entered. After Molly entered her private study she sat down at her desk and reviewed the three resumes as soon as she put on her glasses, while three men sat across from Molly's desk on a black leather sofa. After quickly reviewing their resumes Molly look at her three perfect candidates and said while removing her eye glasses and placing them on her desk in front of her; "Okay gentlemen, as you know I've had my personal assistant Gina here hire all three of you because you've the best at what you do, and together you all make to the perfect team to accomplish my personal pet project." "And what would that be Ms. McGee?" The man sitting on the left side of the black leather sofa asked inquisitively. "Well Hal." Molly paused for effect as she went into her; This is how I want it and I expect my results to come out perfectly business tone of voice; "I've hired you because you've the best dietitian, as well as I hired Jack as the best vitamin chemist and John who is known as the best oxygen coach in the country to help with mine and my boy friend's physical fitness training. I'm a skinny 5 foot 9 inch tall woman who weighs 130 pounds and my boy friend Carl who's 6 foot 1 inches tall and weighs a very thickly muscular 285 pounds."................Molly paused for a second to let all three men think about what she said before she continued; "Part one of my goal gentlemen is for the three of you to set up the perfect diet, vitamin, and oxygen program to help me accelerate my female muscular growth to catch up to my boy friend's muscular strength and muscle mass, and eventually growing even bigger, stronger, and more muscular then Carl is physically now." Then a very wicked smile crossed Molly lips as she continued; "Part 2 of my goal gentlemen is while you've accelerating my female muscular growth, at the same time I want you to slow down and stunt my boy friend Carl's male muscular growth, slowly at first till I catch up with him. After I match my boy friend Carl in strength, and muscle mass and continue growing even bigger, stronger, and even more muscular than Carl already physically is, I'll then want you to find away to shrink my boy friend Carl's huge thickly muscular male physique till he's one very well toned girly man, who I could dominate with my newly huge, thickly muscular Alpha female physique. The salary I'll be paying each one of you is 1.5 million dollars apiece as soon as my personal pet project is accomplished to my personal standards." Then Molly asked; "Any questions gentlemen?" "Yes Ms. McGee." Jack the vitamin chemist said; "How long do we have to put together your tailored program before we start your private pet project?" "Twenty four hours gentlemen." Molly replied curtly as she pushed a button on her desk; "We are starting this program at 08:00 hours next Monday morning. Any future questions you three gentlemen may have just see my personal assistant Gina here and she'll be very glad to help you, since Gina will be the overseer of my private pet project." As James the butler entered the study, Molly said; "Gentlemen, James here will show you to your adjoining guest rooms where you'll be staying and taking all your meals while planning out my tailor made program." "Ms. McGee, should we include your boy friend Carl in the planning of your tailored program?" John the oxygen coach asked as they were heading out with James the butler; "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Molly roared; "MY PERSONAL ASSISTANT GINA WILL BE THE ONLY ONE YOU THREE DISCUSS ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PROJECT WITH, BESIDES ME!" After the men from NASA were shown to their adjoining rooms, they quickly started working on and planning for Molly's tailored made physical program................After James the butler showed the three NASA scientists to their adjoining rooms, he stepped into another empty guest bed room and picked up the receiver of the room's phone, and dialed the private number of Mr. Smith who was the acting chairman of the board of Molly McGee Cosmetics after Molly had her nervous break down a year earlier. After listening to the phone on the other side ring three times, a man's voice answered; "Hello?" "Hello Mr. Smith this is James the butler." James replied into the phone receiver; "I have an update on Ms. McGee's newest crazy idea." Then James went on to tell Mr. Smith how Molly McGee met a younger male aspiring body builder on face book, how much she had invested in turning her green house pool room into a professional body building gym, hiring the best vitamin chemist, oxygen coach, and dietitian from NASA and her eccentric idea of becoming the biggest, strongest, and most physically fit muscular woman she could ever become, while turning her new thickly muscular body building boy friend into a skinny girly man at the same time. At first Mr. Smith didn't believe James, so James played the recording he had recorded of Molly McGee's meeting in her private study with the NASA team and after Mr. Smith  listened to the recording of the private meeting he said; "Okay James, We'll let Ms. McGee have her female body building dream with her new boy toy. While Ms. McGee is spending all her attention on her eccentric female body building fantasy, I'll be able to have a meeting with the rest of the board of directors, so we could finally take over full control of Molly McGee's Cosmetics once and for all, before Ms. McGee finally bankrupts the company with her crazy personal spending." The before Mr. Smith finished up the conversation, he said; "Thanks for letting me know James, there will be a little extra bonus in your pay check this week. Please keep me posted on Ms. McGee's new eccentric body building idea as well as her daily mental health, okay?" "Will do Mr. Smith." James replied right before their phone call was finished and he hung up the phone...............After Molly left her private study and started walking down the large hallway to meet me by her enclosed pool room where I had been watching the six moving men setting up Molly's new professional body building equipment, she started getting a little dizzy while a massive pounding started heavily pulsating in her forehead, and as Molly held on to the hallway wall for support she slowly went down on her knees. Then the all too familiar dominating male voice in her head said very loudly; "OH MOLLY YOU'VE SUCH A STUPID CUNT TO SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT SUCH A HANDSOME YOUNG STUD LIKE CARL WOULD EVER SERIOUSLY BE IN LOVE WITH AN OLDER WOMAN LIKE YOU! HE'S ONLY PRETENDING TO BE INTERESTED IN YOU BECAUSE YOU'VE A WEALTHY WOMAN, AND CARL IS LOOKING FOR A RICH SUGAR MOMMA!" "Carl is totally infatuated with me." Molly said in a weak voice as she answered the dominating male voice in her head; "And in time he'll not only love me for who I am but will worship the ground I walk on when I become the female muscle goddess of his dreams!".................While Molly was having another one of her paranoid schizophrenia mental headaches in the large hallway, that she still believed was caused by a specialist from the C.I.A. who was sending radio waves to her brain, James approached Molly's assistant Gina Capone while she was in her office typing up the three NASA scientists contract and private agreements for Molly McGee's secret physical fitness project. "Miss Capone." James said. "Yes James." Gina replied looking up from her computer where she was typing out the contracts. Ms. McGee sent me to personally tell you." James said; "That you'll also be part of her personal pet project." 'You know James?" Gina replied sitting back in her desk chair while rubbing her two hands on her protruding pot belly; "I wouldn't mind starting a diet and exercise program of my own, I could differently lose about 40 pounds." "That's exactly what Ms. McGee wanted to hear." James replied; "But being that you've her personal assistant Miss Capone, you'll be having your own personal workout after Ms. McGee and Mr. Walters complete theirs." "Not a problem James." Gina replied; "Ms. McGee and Mr. Walters will be working out from 8 am to 5 pm every day, I'll have my daily workouts between 6 pm to 2 pm, this way it I could do it after office hours." "I'll let Ms. McGee know right away." James said as he left Gina to finish typing the contracts. As Gina continued with her work she thought to herself; "I wonder if Mr. Walters would find me more attractive after I started working out and got into better shape?" End Of Part 2                                                                                                                                                            

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Magnificently Muscular Molly McGee!-1

My name is Carl Walters and I'm a twenty two year old armature male body builder who works as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Malibu California and enjoys lifting weights to build up my already thickly muscular male physique. My future aspiring goal is to some day become a professional male body builder so I could enter and win the heavy weight championship title of the Mr. Olympia body building contest. I first met Molly McGee who was a single thirty two years old woman, ten years older then I was  on face book one night when she saw the pictures of my armature male body building poses and contests on my face book page. Molly who had read all the personal information that I had posted on my face book page and after finding out that I was interested in muscular women quickly wrote on my face book page; "So I see you've into muscular women Carl. Let's meet in person and I'm very sure after our first meeting you'll be very interested what you see! By your pictures darling I'm already interested in what I see and I must say you've a real keeper, and I'm a woman who always gets what she wants, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST IS!" Then Molly messaged me a private note on face book with her cell phone number and a direct order in capital letters; "CALL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU'VE REALLY MAN ENOUGH TO START A RELATIONSHIP WITH A REAL WOMAN!"....................As I checked out Molly's face book page and looked at her pictures, I noticed while she wore wire framed glasses and had her long shoulder length dark brown hair pinned up dressed in her business attire that she was a spitting image of Sara Palin, the ex-governor of Alaska, who ran as the ex-vice president republican candidate in the 2008 presidential election with John McCain. In all of her pictures Molly was either dressed in a woman's business suit in the back ground of her office suite, or in other long sleeved designer women's clothes. There were no athletic pictures of Molly posing and flexing her supposedly female muscularity. As I read her face book page I found out that this Molly, was thee Molly McGee who was the owner and C.E.O. of Molly McGee Cosmetics, the number one female cosmetic company in the United States these days who was slowly putting Revlon out of business. "WOW!" I thought out loud to myself as I saw pictures of Molly's large estate; "MOLLY MUST BE A FREAKING MILLIONAIRESS TO OWN A HOME LIKE THAT!" It sure beat the crappy apartment I was living in! As I continued reading her biography on face book, I quickly found out that Molly who was divorced for the past ten years was a very lonely woman who was looking for a relationship with that special man who was a diamond in the rough that Molly could personally mold into her own prince charming. Molly who claimed to be a one man woman, was willing to do whatever it took and no matter how much money she needed to spend to complete the task, to make her prince charming the happiest man in the world. After I finished reading and looking at all Molly's pictures on face book, I then messaged her a private note on face book with my cell phone number and asked when was a good time to call her, and Molly quickly replied within two seconds in capital letters; "RIGHT NOW CARL! I'M WAITING TO HEAR YOUR SEXY HUSKY MALE VOICE DARLING!" Over the next three days Molly and I talked at least four to five times a day over the phone, and she had the same twang of an accent  in her voice that Sara Palin did! Over the next three days of phone conversations, Molly told me her entire life history. Molly was born on April 15TH 1982 in Hackensack New Jersey. After graduating high school in 2000, Molly then went to the University of Miami on a sports scholarship where she got her master's degree in chemistry. While going to the University of Miami, Molly met her now ex-husband Thomas Pain, and after a very awfully bad verbally abusive three and a half year marriage, Molly divorced her ex-husband in early 2004. After working as a chemist for Revlon where she'd had gotten laid off because of budget cutbacks, Molly then started her own cosmetic company in the kitchen of her then studio apartment and became the C.E.O. and owner of Molly McGee Cosmetics. Molly never had any children with her ex-husband, but some day when she met the right man Molly still hoped to be able to experience motherhood................Finally after three days of getting to know each other over the phone, Molly and I decided to meet in person at 6:30 pm on Friday night at the; "Rusty Nail," a local bar with a live band that catered to a casual white collar crowd. I was dressed in a tight blue, short sleeve polo shirt that accented my thickly muscular upper manly body and a pair of tight jeans that accented my manly thickly muscular legs and solid muscular manly torso. Since I had gotten there a little earlier then our agreed time, I got us a booth in the back of the bar so we'd have more privacy to talk and were out of the way of the general bar crowd just in case Molly turned out to be a real train wreck in disguise. I sat there nursing a light beer when I saw Molly walk in the entrance of the bar. Molly who had her long shoulder length dark brown hair pinned up in the back was wearing a woman's black pin strip business suit with a pink button down blouse underneath her jacket. As soon as I saw Molly enter the bar I stood up and waved to her as I yelled over the loud bar band; "MOLLY I'M OVER HERE!" Molly waved back as she headed quickly towards the booth I was at. When Molly got to where I was standing by the booth she said very happily to me as she shook my hand; "I must say Carl, you've seemed to have gained a little more muscular bulk since the last pictures you've added of yourself on face book last week." "Thanks Molly." I replied, while I was wondering about my date's own female muscularity which I was dying to see. Molly filled out her woman's black pin strip business suit with a great deal of womanly curves and Molly had a nice set of large breasts that made the first three top buttons of her pink button down blouse struggle to their limit to stay buttoned, but by her weakling grip of a handshake I could tell Molly wasn't working out lifting weights and into body building whatsoever. "So tell me Carl." Molly said in a womanly flirting tone as she used both her hands to feel how hard and caress my right bulging bicep; "How large are your arms?" I bent my right arm a couple of times to pump up my thickly muscular right bicep which impressed Molly even more as I replied; "My thick muscular biceps measure in at 22 inches." "That's just how I like them Carl." Molly giggled in an even more womanly flirting tone as she winked at me; "Because I don't date a man unless his muscular arms measure at least 19 and a half inches." Then as Molly's hands started running across my thickly muscular pectoral muscles, she said: "I can't wait to see you without your shirt on darling, I'd love for you to give me a private posing show some time, possibly later this evening."..............After Molly finished groping my thickly upper muscular body we sat down together in the booth and I ordered a glass of white wine for Molly and another light beer for me. After the waitress delivered our drinks to our table, Molly casually moved closer to me while she ran her left hand up my thickly muscular right thigh till she reached my crotch, and as she playfully squeezed my crotch faily hard she sexually cooed in my right ear; "Do you believe in love at first sight Carl? Because I do darling. I fell in love with you the moment I first laid eyes on you when I first walked in. I truly believe that I finally met the man of my dreams, my prince charming that I could live with happily ever after with in my private estate. AND YOU'VE ALSO HUNG LIKE A FREAKING HORSE!" "Gee thanks Molly." I said feeling a little uncomfortable while getting extremely horny at the same time having this older woman coming on to me so fast after only knowing her for about a half hour. After she had two more glasses of white wine while Molly continued groping me with her left hand while gesturing with her right hand while Molly continued talking, as I pretended to pay attention to what she was talking about, I looked down at the black pin strip sleeves of the jacket of Molly's business suit, hoping to see her biceps popping up underneath the material, but nothing seemed to stir or come alive underneath the pin strip sleeves, so after not being able to handle the suspense of wanting to see my new possible future girl friend's muscles, I casually asked; "So Molly as you know I'm into muscular body building women and you wrote me on face book that I'd be interested in what I'd see when we met, so how about letting me check out your female muscularity?" "Not a problem darling." Molly replied happily as she stopped groping my crotch and ordered another glass of white wine from the passing waitress. Then Molly said as she reached over to take out some photos of herself to show me; " But first let me show you some pictures of me when I entered the feather weight division of a few armature female body building contests in collage darling. I've even won first place twice in my short armature female body building career." Molly now slightly slurred her words after quickly finishing her fourth glass of white wine. "In those days I wanted to continue working out lifting weights at the local gym after classes to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional heavy weight female body builder. But my then boy friend and now ex-husband Thomas Pain, said that if I didn't stop lifting weights at the gym and building up my body, he'd break up with me. In those days I was very maddly in love with Tom so I quit working out lifting weights like he wanted me to. Tom didn't like women with big bulging muscles, he thought they looked too unfeminine and secretly thickly huge muscular women intimidated his macho manhood. Tom's exact words were; "Only lesbian women lift weights to become as muscular as a man." "I guess your ex-husband was muscular woman phobic." I said jokingly. "Yea he was Carl." Molly giggled; Secretly thickly huge muscular women intimidated Tom's huge macho manhood." Molly laughed; "Tom probably feared that I'd get so big and muscular that some day I'd beat the shit out of him!" Then Molly stood up and removed her black pin strip business suit jacket and after folding it neatly and placing it on the cushion of the booth, Molly then used her left hand to unbutton the right cuff of her pink long sleeve button down blouse, as she said; "Now bare in mind Carl that those armature female body building picture of me that I've just showed you were from fourteen years ago and I haven't worked out since, and my muscles might have deflated and gotten a little a bit soft since then. But I'm sure with the opinion of the professional personal trainer that you are,  you'll still think that I have a nice female foundation to start off with in building the muscle woman of your dreams. Just think of me as a fixer upper darling." Then Molly slowly started rolling up the right long sleeve of her pink button down blouse............As I watched intensely with fascination hoping to see some real female muscularity, as Molly continued rolling up her long sleeve I saw a very slim well toned forearm that flowed into a very slim well toned upper arm. Then Molly pumped her right arm up and down a few times, then flexed her right bicep as physically hard as she could which produced a golf ball size bicep muscle and held it out for my inspection. I reached out and felt Molly's golf ball sized muscle and it felt slightly, semi firm. " I know what you've thinking darling." Molly said in an unhappy tone as she continued to flex her right bicep as physically hard as she could; "That my female muscularity is pretty pitiful for a woman my age who seriously wants to become a heavy weight, thickly muscular female body builder. But as I said earlier I haven't worked out at a gym and lifted weights in fourteen years." Then as she sat down close next to me and started fondling my crotch again Molly said in a more enlightening tone; "But that's now all going to change for us darling. Since my new prince charming is a sexy male body builder as well as a personal trainer, in no time at all I could fulfill my life's dream of becoming a heavy weight female body builder. I will become your number one female client Carl, in fact I'll be your only female client. Starting right now tonight you'll quit your job as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym and become my exclusive personal trainer. You'll move into my estate with me where I'll furnish you with everything you desire to ever have darling. Money is no object to me because I'm extremely rich! I will buy the most expense high tech weight lifting equipment that money could buy so you could seriously turn me into the true muscular woman of your dreams. I will also hire a professional team that would consist of the best dietitian, vitamin chemist, and oxygen coach and pay each one of them such an outrageous salary, that they'd be there every second of the day and night for our beckon call!" Then Molly who now had a frightening wild crazy look in her emerald green eyes and a wickedly unnatural grin on her face, grabbed both my hands and held them tightly as she looked into my face and practically howled in shear delight; "AND I"M DOING IT ALL FOR MY PRINCE CHARMING!".............Then Molly's facial expression changed a second later as serious look crossed her face as she continued holding both my hands and after she gained her composure Molly said in her best business tone; "Now Carl I will only tell you this once, and once only. The one who controls the check book is the one who's totally in charge of our relationship and calls all the shots and that would be me darling. In other words Carl from this moment on of the start of our new relationship, I'm going to be the only woman in your life and your only reason for living. You will live in my home, eat my food, spend my money, and workout lifting weights in between weight training me in my new high tech home gym as soon as it's set up while worshiping the ground I walk on. And so you wouldn't have to worry about making a living as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym any more, I'll even give you a weekly allowance of $6500.00 a week for walking around spending cash, when I do allow you to leave my estate which would mostly only be with me in person." Then Molly paused as she looked deeply into my face to read my facial expression as I thought over her very generous offer before Molly said sounding even more seriously then before; "And all I ask from you in return Carl is not only to help transform my skinny little weakling female physique into one of a true huge thickly muscular female goddess, but to also love and worship me to the end of time." Before I could answer her Molly said in a now very pleading tone as her emerald green eyes looked pleadingly into mine; "Do you think you could agree to all that darling? PLEASE!" "I think I could handle that Molly." I replied not wanting to give up my possibly only change of having my very own rich sugar momma to support me the rest of my life. "THAT"S GREAT DARLING!" Molly said happily as she quickly paid our bar tab then got up and rolled down her right pink sleeve and buttoned her right cuff. Then as she picked up her black pin strip suit jacket and put it on Molly said; "Now darling let's leave this tacky bar so I could show my prince charming where he'll be living in luxury for the rest of his life." After I stood up Molly put her left arm around my thickly rock hard muscular waist and slid her left hand in the back pocket of my jeans, while I wrapped my huge thickly muscular right arm around Molly's skinny waist, and we both left the bar like a romantic couple very much in love with each other. Molly was attracted to my huge, thickly muscular male physique, and I was very attracted to the fact how rich Molly was!...............As we were exiting the bar together Molly said; "Now darling since I'm now the one and only woman in your life, I think it would be very romantic if you thought up a pet name to call me." As we walked across the parking lot towards our cars I thought of every romantic pet name you could call your girl friend and Molly rejected every one I mentioned as she said in a nasty tone; "NO! CARL ALL THOSE PET NAMES SUCK!" "Then what pet name would you like me to call you by Molly?" I asked. Molly thought for a moment before she replied happily; "How about cuddle bunny Carl? After all we'll be doing a lot of cuddling in between loving making starting tonight darling." "Okay Molly." I agreed finally glad to get off this stupid subject about pet names with her; "Cuddle bunny it is then." When we got to Molly's brand new 2014 black Audi convertible which was parked next to my beat up 2002 green KIA Rio that was missing three of it's hubcaps, I said; "Here's my ride cuddle bunny." "OH, NO, NO, NO!" Molly replied with a disgusting tone in her voice as she saw my car; "That old jalopy will not do for you darling. Tomorrow morning we'll be going car shopping to get you a new set of wheels." Then as she opened her car door Molly looked over at me and said in an instructive tone like a school teacher talking to a student; "Now Carl follow me home so we could both start our new lives together." Then she got into her Audi and started her motor. I then got behind the wheel of my beat up Korean car and followed my new rich sugar momma all the way home. As I was driving following Molly home I started thinking to myself; "Molly's moods seemed to change quite a few times during our meeting in the bar, I wonder if she has heavy mood swings?" Then I thought to myself; "AW WHO CARES? Molly a very rich woman who wants to be my sugar momma!" Little did I know at that moment, but I would be dealing with a lot of Molly's heavy mood swings as time progressed in our new relationship..............As I followed Molly in my beat up little Korean car through the large gate of her huge estate and up the long winding driveway towards Molly's mansion I thought to myself; "BOY CARL! You've really hit the lottery hooking up with this rich older bitch!" I parked my car right behind Molly's black Audi where she stopped right in front of the main entrance. After I got out of my car Molly took my hand and escorted me towards the front door of her huge mansion. When we got to the front door which was opened up by her butler who said; "Good evening Ms McGee. I see you have a guest with you tonight. Will he be staying for the weekend?" "Hello James." Molly replied; "This is Carl Walters and he will be moving in with me starting tonight." "Very good Ms. McGee." James the butler said; "Does Mr Walters have any luggage in his car for me to retrieve into your living quarters?" "No James he doesn't." Molly said; "But starting tomorrow morning Mr Walters and I will be going out shopping for a new wardrobe and a new car for his new life style." Then Molly turned to me and said; "Darling please give James your car keys." As I handed my car keys from my beat up 2002 green KIA Rio to Molly's butler she told him; "James please get rid of that old jalopy as soon as possible that's sitting behind my new Audi, AND DO IT TONIGHT!" "Yes Ms. McGee." James the butler said after he received my car keys from me; "I'll do it at once." Then James the butler exited through and closed the front door behind him. A moment later I heard my beat up old Korean car start up and drive away for the last time in my life. Molly then turned to me as she said sweetly; "Darling let me give you a tour of your new home." Then Molly again took me by my hand and escorted me throughout her large mansion....................After Molly gave me the grand tour of her large mansion which included an Olympic sized built in swimming pool that was enclosed in a large glass green housed room, that Molly informed me that she was planning on setting up her new hi tech workout area on the patio next to the Olympic sized built in swimming pool, so she could incorporate swimming in the pool as part of her daily weight lifting workouts. Then after the grand tour of her large mansion which ended up in Molly's master bedroom, she then made a phone call to her assistant Gina at home to request that Gina get a rush order on ordering and installing Molly's new hi tech home gym in her pool room. Molly also told Gina over the phone to hire the best dietitian, vitamin chemist, and oxygen coach money could buy, and right before Molly ended the phone call to her assistant Gina, Molly said; "Gina I'm giving you a million dollar budget to get started with tomorrow morning." "When would you like me to have everything ready by Ms. McGee?" Gina asked Molly. "I want it one hundred percent completed and operational by 08:00 hours on Monday morning Gina. That gives you 48 hours to get it done!" Molly replied in her best business tone into the phone's receiver; "And I don't care if you have to pay everyone double or triple time to have it done over the weekend." "Yes Ms. McGee I'll start on it the moment I hang up with you." Gina said right before she hung up. After she hung up the phone Molly then turned to me and said; "Okay darling now that I got Gina working on all our details there's only one thing left for us to do tonight, and that's to FUCK each other's brains out to consummate our new relationship. End Of Part 1                                                                                                                                                                                       

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Mother's Sadistically Evil Muscular Transformation!-The Final Chapter!

Still unbeknown to my mother that I had switched her "Weight Away Diet Pills" with "The She Devil," female enhancement, mega multi vitamin diet program while my mother started the black coffee diet at the same time. My mother now started developing such strangely delusional hallucinations from the mixture of caffeine and "The She Devil" pills, that she slowly no longer saw me as her 13 year old son Bobby, but now as a very attractive six foot thickly muscular titan demon prince of darkness with dark blood red skin, a supernatural being with large goat horns on my head, a tail and cloven feet, who was strangely wickedly evil but some how very sadistically attractive at the same time, and who now held full control over my mother's heart and soul. With a very strangely evil satanic attraction in this delusional hallucination my mother was having about her demon prince of darkness, she now felt that she needed to please her titan demon father Satan by getting into better physical shape as his evil satanic daughter. From the first day I started being my mother's personal trainer, after she had taken her first She Devil pills and washed them down with her first 64 ounces of black coffee, then every day afterwards, my mother continued to have the same crazy satanic look in her eyes and a wicked smile on her lips, while she continued talking with an even more slightly deeper, sadistic evil tone in her voice. As I continued to instructed her every day on each exercise she did my mother would reply almost as if she was under some strange satanic hypnotic spell; "YES BEELZEBUB, MY MIGHTY EVIL MASTER OF DARKNESS! AS YOUR WILLINGLY SOUL BONDED, DIVESTED SERVANT, WHO SEEKS ALL OF YOUR DOMINATED, EVIL SATANIC INFLUENCE TO GET INTO BETTER PHYSICAL SHAPE, I WILL CONTINUE TO TOIL EXTREMELY HARD WORKING OUT LIKE YOUR DRUDGE SLAVE, UNTIL I TRULY BECOME THE SADISTICALLY EVIL MUSCULAR PRINCESS WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE AND RESPECT!" But what I thought I had heard my mother say in her now slightly stranger deeper, more evil sadistic voice, which sounded a great deal like the voice of my favorite female body builder BIG BERTHA: "Oh my darling Bobby. I know for the last few months how much you've been fantasizing about worshiping my big, strong bulging muscles while FUCKING MY BRAINS OUT! AND soon my darling prince, I'll be all yours, AND YOURS ALONE!" Now my mother no longer called me by my name, "Bobby" but now referred to me by her demon master's name "Beelzebub," but under my illusion I didn't notice the difference. Whenever my mother called me "Beelzebub," it always came out sounding like "Bobby in BIG BERTHA'S voice."  But unbeknown to me what a powerfully strong, evil combination of the caffeine and "The She Devil" pills were really doing to my mother's mental health!...................Besides the changes that I had started to slowly noticing in my mother's mental health as she continued having these hellishly demon, delusional hallucinations on a daily bases, my mother's once long sandy blond hair started growing in even thicker then before while it slowly started turning a dark auburn red in color. My mother's once pretty facile features started growing in even more tightly chiseled then they'd had ever been before, and with the crazy satanic look in her now blood red eyes as well as the wicked smile that was now always on her lips, it now gave my mother a more hellish sadistically evil look that now matched her new growing in dark auburn red hair color. To me in some strangely, unbelievable awesome way, every day that I was my mother's personal trainer and assisting her in her daily workouts while my mother used "The She Devil" pills while she stayed on her black coffee diet, as my mother's very over weight, flabby fat body slowly started losing weight while at the same time it slowly started toning up and growing muscular, I couldn't believe how much my mother was starting to slowly resemble my favorite female body builder, BIG BERTHA! Thinking that I was witnessing my mother who was slowly transforming into my favorite female body builder BIG BERTHA before my own eyes who I've always had a secret sexual fetish for, and desperately fantasized about FUCKING, the devilish spell that was now in control of my mother's soul had some how also cast a spell on me as well! As my mother slowly started transforming into the evil satanic dark demon princess to become Satan's daughter, instead of seeing the hideously hellish, evil female monster of the darkness she was now slowly becoming, I thought I was witnessing my mother slowly transforming into my favorite female body builder BIG BERTHA, who also had long dark auburn red hair!.................As the illusion continued that I thought my mother was starting to slowly transform into an exact copy of my favorite female body builder BIG BERTHA, but in reality my mother was really transforming in the hideously hellish, evil female monster of the darkness, as two strangely large goat horns started growing on top of my mother's head from underneath her now dark auburn red hair. The crazy satanic look in my mother's now glowing blood red eyes, but in my hypnotic image of the exact copy of my favorite female body builder BIG BERTHA, my mother's eyes were a beautiful blue color, and her now slightly strangely deeper, more evil sadistic tone in my mother's voice, now sounded a lot more like the sweet voice of my favorite female body builder BIG BERTHA, which I recognized from countless videos I've watched of her lifting weights and doing flexing pose routines on YouTube many times before. The strange evil wicked smile that was continuously frozen on my mother's face since she had swallowed her first dosage of She Devil pills while she drank that first 64 ounce traveling mug of black coffee before I started training her, now in my hypnotic state of seeing my muscular dream woman, in my vision she was always smiling sweetly at me..........After the first week both my mother's and my hypnotic illusions became such an incredibly, powerfully strong reality, that neither one of us realized that the other had seemed to have disappeared all together from each other's lives. In my hypnotic illusion I was BIG BERTHA'S trainer who over saw her entire weight lifting workouts, while my mother saw me as her beloved, evil devil master Beelzebub, who would whip her hard with a heavy black leather whip, to forcibly speed her up in transforming her over weight, extremely out of shape flabby body, into one of a true evil female titan princess. As I said to my hypnotic illusion of BIG BERTHA; "You've doing great darling. Keep up the good work." What my mother heard me say in her sadistically hellish hypnotic illusion as she was being heavily whipped was; "EXERCISE FASTER YOU FAT COW! YOU'LL NEVER PLEASE YOUR EVIL MASTER BEELZEBUB BEING A SUCH LAZY FAT ASS!"................Unbeknown to me as my mother's eternal soul was being consumed by Satan, her body was quickly changing as well! All most over night, besides my mother's once sandy blond hair which now darken to a bloody auburn red color and the two large goat horns that had grown out the top of her head, my mother's teeth had become razor sharped fangs and her finger nails had become razor sharp claws, while her creamy white skin started turning a very dark bloody red! My mother also grew a long red tail just above the crack in her now very bubble shaped muscular ass, and two cloven feet on the bottom of her unbelievably muscular tree trunk legs!...........Both our sexual fantasies continued to progress over the next several weeks straight till late one night when my now very thickly muscular, female demon mother went out into the woods behind our small cottage to hunt for wild animals to kill and drink their blood. Early in the morning right before dawn, two men who were hunting deer in the woods came across a clearing and saw a crazy wild woman eating a dead deer's body, as she was growling hungrily while ripping the meat away with her hands and teeth!.............This all happened ten years ago, and now at the age of twenty three as I drive weekly to the state hospital of the criminally insane to visit my mother who's been a patent there ever since those two hunters saw her eating a dead deer, I no longer have any memory of the hypnotic illusion that my mother was once turning into my favorite female body builder, "BIG BERTHA!" All I remember about that time in my life when I was thirteen years old was how my mother's mad obsession to lose weight finally made her so crazy, that she finally mentally snapped! And to this day every time my mother sees me, she still calls me Beelzebub! The End.                                                                                                        

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Mother's Sadistically Evil Muscular Transformation!-1

For the past thirteen years of my young life I've lived with my widowed mother Candice Bergman after my father was killed in a car accident two weeks after I was born. My mother and I lived in a small cottage in a wooded area by a lake that she inherited from her grandparents five years before I was born, which was located in a small town in Burlington county New Jersey called Wrights Town. My mother who was only five foot two inches in height was a very religiously devoted Christian woman who went to church every Sunday and never cursed, never drank liquor, never smoked cigarettes, and never used illegal drugs of any kind. My mother's only fault in life was that she was quite physically out of shape and very over weight with a chubby pear shaped body for a 34 year old woman. My mother who still claimed to be carrying the baby weight from her pregnancy with me thirteen years ago had a double chin, two large flabby saddle bag arms, two large flabby breasts that hung down on top of her protruding fat pot belly when she wasn't wearing a bra, a large flabby ass, two flabby thunder thighs that rubbed together when my mother walked causing redness between her two flabby thighs, and two very fat ankles. Also as long as I could remember for the past thirteen years of my young life my mother was always struggling to try to lose weight, going on one crazy diet program after another while she rode her exercise bike and exercised with her pink 1 pound pink princess dumbbells. No matter how hard my mother tried to stick to her diet and exercise program, when she'd lose a pound or two, my mother always gained back two or three pounds..............One Friday afternoon when I came home from school I was in my bedroom just finishing up my history homework assignment that was due the following Monday morning on my lap top computer, and was getting ready to surf the Internet when I heard my mother shout hysterically from the bathroom; "OH DARN! HOW COULD THAT BE?" I quickly got up from my desk chair and hurried into the hallway and knocked on the closed bathroom door as I said sounding very worried; "MOM ARE YOU OKAY IN THERE?" After she unlocked and opened the bathroom door to meet me in the hallway my mother said; "Sorry Bobby I didn't mean to scare you out of your wits. I just weighed myself on the bathroom scale after sticking to a very strict diet for the past week, and I just got a little upset that I only lose half a pound. I guess your old mom is going to have to working out a little harder to lose all this pesky extra weight I've gained." "Oh, okay mom. You know what they say, no pain, no gain." I said as I turned to head back to my bedroom to surf the Internet on my lap top computer. "Oh by the way Bobby." My mother said; "Dinner is going to be a little late tonight because I want to spend some time in my bedroom riding my exercise bike and do my reducing exercises for at least another  hour or so." "Okay mom just call me when dinner is ready." I replied as I entered my bedroom. "Oh by the way Bobby." My mother called out down the hallway towards my bedroom, from where she was still standing in the bathroom's doorway; "Would you please take out the trash before it stinks up the kitchen?" "OKAY MOM!" I called back from inside my bedroom................Before I started getting interested in my favorite female body building websites to feed my secret sexual fetish for strong, powerfully built muscular women that I secretly looked at on my lap top computer behind my mother's back while she wasn't around, I went into the kitchen to take out the trash. After I exited through our backdoor on this warm spring evening and went around the side of our cottage where we kept the trash cans, I happened to be passing my mother's open bedroom window and I causally looked in. Being that I was a horny male teenager who not only liked to look at websites of strong, powerfully built, muscular women flexing their huge bulging muscles, as well as watching powerfully built, muscular women working out lifting huge amounts of steel weights on YouTube, and other female workout videos as well! I loved strong athletic women. Now I know that my mother wasn't working out like a professional female body builder, but just the thought of watching any woman working out exercising started to give me a hard on, and I figured that if I spy on my mother for a moment through her open bedroom window, it would just be the beginning to night of feeding my secret sexual fetish for strong, powerfully built muscular women, which I would finish out later in front of my computer looking at my favorite websites................As I casually looked into the screen of my mother's open bedroom window, I stood to the far left side of the bedroom window to get a long view while my mother couldn't see me spying on her. As I stood outside watching my mother who was wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt and blue gym shorts, I was getting very nervous as mom's face started turning a dark red while she was huffing and puffing extremely hard as she was breathing very heavy, while my mother peddled on her exercise bike as fast as her flabby chubby legs could possibly go, I then  thought to myself; "I wish I could find an easier way to get mom to lose all that extra weight and get her into better physical shape, because at this rate my mother looked liked she would have a major heart attack any moment on her exercise bike! After my mother finally finished riding her exercise bike, she climbed off and started doing 10 doing deep knee bends, bending forwards 10 times to try and touch her toes, 10 sit ups that mom struggled very hard with trying to do, because bending her waist with her large protruding fat pot belly in the way wasn't easy for her. Then my mother stood up and after she picked up her two pink princess 1 pound dumbbells, that her two flabby saddle bag arms struggled extremely hard to workout with, I had to turn away from my mother's open bedroom window in total disgust and shame as I thought to myself; "Mom's such a pitiful fat weakling without any upper body strength whatsoever that she can't even lift two, one pound girly pink dumbbells. Then I went back into our cottage and headed towards my own bedroom to look at some truly strong powerfully built, muscular women on one of my favorite female body building websites, while I heard through my bedroom wall, my mother's pitiful weakling, girly grunts coming out from the other side while my mother was struggling like crazy trying to workout with her two pink, one pound princess dumbbells...................As I was looking at one of my favorite female body building website; "AMERICAN FEMALE STEEL!" I was enjoying looking at pictures and videos of my favorite female body builder Big Bertha who was so huge and thickly muscular that she was built like a brick shit house I thought to myself; "BOY! I WISH BIG BERTHA WAS MY MOTHER. THEN I COULD FEEL AND MASSAGE HER BIG STRONG, STEELY BULGING MUSCLES ANY TIME I WANTED TO!" Then an advertisement popped up for a new female enhancement, mega multi-vitamin diet program called; "SHE DEVIL!" As I  started reading this vitamin diet program that Big Bertha herself was personally endorsing, that claimed to have the most powerful enzyme ever created that        guaranteed 100% to melt away unwanted body fat while it converted it to pure protein to feed any athletically minded woman's powerful growing female muscularity. After I read this advertisement and looked at the before pictures of average women who were out of shape like my mother was, then their after pictures which they all now looked like hugely ripped muscular female body builders from using; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi-vitamin diet program, I got very excited as I thought to myself; "If I got mom to go on this She Devil vitamin diet program she'd get so physically fit, that she'd be in as great a shape as Big Bertha was!" Then when I got up and left my room to head for the kitchen, as I passed my mother's closed bedroom door I still heard her breathing very heavily from being so physically out of shape while my fat lard ass mother continued struggling to exercise. "Soon mom." I thought to myself; "You'll be the most physically fit mother in the entire neighbor hood." Then I went to the kitchen to where my mother purse was sitting on the counter top. I then removed my mother's wallet out of her purse and quickly headed back to my bedroom. After I was in my bedroom, I took out my mother's Visa credit card out of her wallet and ordered the largest bottle of; "SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi-vitamins they sold, and had it delivered in two business days by FedEx addressed to me. Now that I had ordered this new vitamin diet program for my mother, I now had to try and suggest her into going on it which I was planning on doing tonight over dinner.....................Later that evening as we were eating dinner my mother was sitting across from me at our kitchen table jealously eyeing the two large juicy hamburgers she had made for me, while my mother ate a small plain green salad that wasn't even big enough to satisfy a rabbit's appetite and drank a glass of water. I didn't want to come out right away and tell my mother that I had just ordered her; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi vitamin diet program to turn her into the most physically fit mother in the entire neighborhood, because I already knew how sensitive she was about being so over weight and out of shape. So I just approached the possible subject to see if my mother would be interested in getting into extremely great, physical muscular shape like my dream girl Big Bertha was by asking her; "Mom what do you think about women who lift weights to build up their muscular physiques?" "UGH!" My mother replied sounding very disgusted that I'd ever ask her such a stupid question; "Women who lift weights to build up their bodies are ugly and most of them are bull dog lesbians! All female body builders look very unfeminine and too manly. Don't worry Bobby you'll never have to worry about your mom starting to lifting weights and building up her body like a muscular bull dog lesbian, because I'm a true, 100% heterosexual woman." "Okay mom, I was just wondering what your opinion was on the subject." I replied now thinking about how I was going to have to secretly trick my mother into taking; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi vitamins without her knowing it, and hope for the best that my mother in time would change her opinion about female body builders, after her short over weight, flabby out of shape body started transforming into one of a powerfully strong, thickly muscular, extremely physically fit one.................The following Tuesday afternoon after the school bus dropped me off in front of our cottage, as I walked up to let myself in our front door I saw the FedEx box addressed to me sitting near the front door. I quickly grabbed the box and headed inside the front door. On Tuesdays my mother always came home a couple of hours later because she'd go to her weekly Weight Watcher's meetings after work, so I had time think about and figure out away to start secretly tricking my mother into using; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi vitamins without her knowing it. As I entered our kitchen I got a great idea. I then went into our kitchen cabinet where my mother kept her bottle of; "WEIGHT AWAY DIET PILLS." I took my mother's bottle of diet pills to the bathroom and flushed them all down the toilet since they weren't really helping her lose weight any way. Then I went back to the kitchen and filled my mother's now empty bottle of; "WEIGHT AWAY DIET PILLS," with; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi vitamins. Since both pills were a dark red in color, I figured my mother wouldn't notice the difference. As I filled up my mother's empty diet pill bottle with; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi vitamins I thought out loud to myself; "Mom some day you'll truly thank me for this." I was in such a hurry that was driven by my sexual fetish for powerfully strong muscular women, while having the fantasy of having my mother's flabby over weight body, transform into one of a powerfully strong, thickly muscular, extremely physically fit one, that I never bothered to read the possible health warnings and side effects on the label of; "THE SHE DEVIL," vitamins. If I had read them I would have known; "DO NOT!" Drink coffee or use any other caffeine based products while taking this vitamin diet supplement because it could cause depression, a quick angry temper, an even more powerfully heavier dependency then the use of heroin, while at the same time having evil satanic thoughts with a sadistically change in personality may not only lead to having delusional hallucinations, but may also lead to doing bodily injury to others! If you start to suffer from any of these side effects, STOP using this product immanently and see your doctor right away! I had just finished refilling my mother's empty diet pill bottle with; "THE SHE DEVIL" vitamins and hid my remaining supply in the back of my bedroom closet when I heard my mother's Toyota Corolla pull up in our driveway................I quickly ran back to our kitchen and happily greeted my mother as she entered through our backdoor; "Hi mom how was your day?" "Oh you wouldn't believe what a horrible day I had Bobby." My mother said in a very depressing tone as she placed another diet file on our kitchen table that was entitled; "THE ALL YOU COULD DRINK BLACK COFFEE DIET!" "First Bobby I had to go see the company doctor for my yearly physical exam, and she told me I was way too over weight for my height." My mother said in an even more depressing tone as she went over to the coffee maker and started making a fresh pot of coffee; "And if that wasn't bad enough Bobby, after getting weighed at my weekly Weight Watcher's meeting I found out that I'm still the heaviest woman in the group and I gained another five pounds." "I'm sorry to hear that mom." I replied as a idea suddenly came to me how I could personally witness the transformation of my mother's short flabby over weight body transform into a powerfully strong, thickly muscular, extremely physically fit one right before my own eyes. "You know mom." I said trying to sound very supportive on my mother's continuing fight against the war of losing weight; "You've been going to your weekly Weight Watcher's meeting for over a year now and it hasn't helped you really lose any weight at all, and after your weekly meetings you only come home more depressed about being over weight then you were before you went." "What are you getting at Bobby?" My mother asked me with a questionable look on her face. "Well mom what if instead going to those stupid weight watcher meetings you had a personal trainer to help you exercise to lose weight." "Bobby I wish I could, but I just can't afford to buy a gym membership and hire a professional personal trainer to help me lose weight right now." My mother said sounding even more depressed then before. "You don't have to mom." I replied trying to sound even more supportive of my mother's weight problem ; "Since summer vacation is coming up and I'll be off from school, I could step in as your personal trainer to help you lose weight and get into better physical shape, as well as being your number one supporter as well." "You know Bobby that's not a bad idea and it would give us more time to spend together as well." My mother said happily with a large smile on her face; "And we could start right now. As soon as I change into a T-shirt and gym shorts we'll go into my bedroom where I'll have my first weight reducing workout with my new very handsome personal trainer." As my mother was walking out of the kitchen she turned to me and said; "Oh by the way Bobby. Today I'm starting the all you can drink black coffee diet. When the coffee maker is done brewing a fresh pot of coffee, please fill my large 64 once traveling mug up with only black coffee and bring that with the bottle of my diet pills to my bedroom in fifteen minutes, okay?" "Okay mom." I replied................Fifteen minutes later I arrived with my mother's 64 ounce traveling mug filled with black coffee and her bottle of diet pills that now contained; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi vitamins inside. After I handed my mother her 64 ounce traveling mug filled with black coffee, I opened her diet pill bottle and took out two she devil vitamin pills and handed them over to her. "No honey." My mother said; "I only take one diet pills every four hours." "Well mom since I'm now your personal trainer who's in charge of helping you to lose weight and get into shape." I said with as much authority in my voice as I could summon up;  "I'm doubling your daily dosage of diet pills to, two diet pills every four hours." "YES SIR!" My mother said as she jokingly saluted me like a private in the army: "You've the personal trainer who's now totally in charge of operation help Candice Bergman to become more healthier and physically fit." Then my mother swallowed the two she devil vitamins that she thought were her weight away diet pills while she drank her entire 64 ounce traveling mug full of black coffee. As the extremely powerful mixture of; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega multi vitamins and caffeine mixed up inside of my mother's body, the view of her bedroom seemed to have disappeared into a deep haze of very large flames for a moment as my mother heard a very sadistically evil male voice in her head say; "NOW THAT YOU'VE TAKEN THE FIRST STEP IN AGREEMENT OF BECOMING AN EVIL SATANIC DAUGHTER TO SATAN WHO YOU WILL NOW RELIGIOUSLY WORSHIP. YOU WILL NOW BE GRANTED THE POWER FROM SATAN TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET INTO THE BEST PHYSICAL SHAPE OF YOUR ENTIRE DEMON WORSHIPPING LIFE!" After my mother finished drinking her entire 64 ounce traveling mug of black coffee, her long sandy blond shoulder length hair was blown out very wildly, and with a very crazy satanic look in her eyes and a strange wicked smile on her lips, my mother said with a slightly strangely deeper, evil sadistic tone, that I've never heard before in her voice; "OKAY BOBBY NOW IT'S TIME TO START WHIPPING YOUR FAT LARD ASS MOTHER INTO SHAPE!"...............Then my mother mounted her exercise bike and started peddling even faster then she had ever peddled before in her entire life, like some powerfully strong, inhumanly, demon energy power was driving her legs like two powerfully strong pistons! At one point my mother was peddling so fast that her legs were nothing more then a mere blur to my eyes as smoke started coming out from the ball bearing of the front wheel of her exercise bike! At one point when I looked at the speed odometer on her exercise bike, my mother was peddling at the speed of 75 M.P.H. and had peddled 50 miles in less then five minutes, and she wasn't even a little bit winded whatsoever! After she finished on her exercise bike, my mother blew through two sets of deep knee bends, bending down and touching her toes, and doing sit ups even faster without a problem of struggling to bend her waist with her large protruding pot belly in the way! Then my mother went and picked up her two, one pound pink princess dumbbells and started working out so fast with them, that the two, one pound pink princess dumbbells and her two flabby saddle bag arms only looked blurry to my own eye sight as I watched! Finally after two hours of my mother working out at such an unbelievable super human speed, she now seemed to have run out of energy and tired out altogether. I then had to help my mother to her queen sized bed where she fell into a very deep sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. After I tucked her under the covers, I then kissed her on her forehead as I said very tenderly; "Pleasant dreams my little workout queen. At the rate you've now started working out with the help of; "THE SHE DEVIL," female enhancement, mega vitamin diet program, you'll have a huge thickly muscular body like Big Bertha's in no time." Then I turned off the lights and quietly left my mother alone to her well deserved slumber..............Later that night after I had gone to bed, about 15 minutes after midnight as a full moon rose in the night's sky, my mother's large fat protruding pot belly started growling so loudly with hunger pains that it woke her up out of a sound sleep. "OH I'M SO HUNGRY." My mother said out loud to herself in that same slightly deeper, evil sadistic tone as she got up out of bed; "I BETTER FEED NOW TO KEEP UP MY STRENGTH, BECAUSE MY FATHER SATAN COMMANDS IT!" Then my mother left her bedroom and headed towards our kitchen where she exited out our backdoor into our backyard. As she stood there a moment moving her head back and forth sniffing the late night air, and as soon as she picked up the right scent my mother growled satanically evil to herself; "AW! DINNER IS THIS WAY." Then my mother headed next door to our neighbors fenced in backyard where their German Shepard was sleeping in his dog house. Since the dog knew my mother he didn't bark once as he came running over to greet her. My mother then gently pet the dog a few times before she opened her mouth wide to expose two huge fangs that had recently grown in my mother's dental bridge work, and with almost the speed of light my mother stuck her two huge fangs into the German Shepard's neck and sucked out all his blood! After she completely drained the dog of all his blood, my mother patted her large protruding fat pot belly and let out a very large; "BURP!" as she headed back to our cottage. "AW THAT'S BETTER!" My mother said with that same slightly deeper, strange evil sadistic tone in her voice; "I COULD ALWAYS SLEEP BETTER ON A FULL STOMACH!" End Of Part 1

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