Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-8

{LABOR DAY} The Browns Mills Civic Center was so crowded with people coming out to see the biggest boxing match in the county between my grandmother Doris J. Miller, a.k.a. The Steel Fists Granny and her ex-farm manager Karen Clark a.k.a. The Cast Iron Bitch, that all the seats filled up quickly and there was standing room only. Still unbeknown to my grandmother until they were introduced in the boxing ring right before the fight, that The Cast Iron Bitch was in reality K.C. my grandmother's ex-farm manager. I had the fight manager who arranged this boxing match between the both of them on Labor Day, keep it a secret from my grandmother that The Cast Iron Bitch was K.C. till the last minute, so my grandmother couldn't find any excuse back out of the fight..................In the center of main arena of the Browns Mills Civic Center sat a regulation sized boxing ring, and as I sat on a stool outside of my grandmother corner of the boxing ring the house lights dimmed as the announcer said over the loud speaker; "WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TO BROWNS MILLS CIVIC CENTER. TONIGHT WE ARE HAPPY TO HOST THE GRANDMOTHER'S FIGHT CLUB, SO LET US MEET OUR TWO FEMALE FIGHTERS! IN THIS CORNER WEIGHING IN AT 396 POUNDS AND THE LOCAL FAVORITE IN THIS BOXING MATCH, DORIS J MILLER THE STEEL FISTS GRANNY!" As the spot light shown on my grandmother standing in her corner of the boxing ring wearing only a very skimpy pair of silk boxing shorts that looked more like a thong, and nothing else apart from her boots and boxing gloves. The crowd went wild clapping their hands and chanting; "DORIS! DORIS! DORIS!" While my grandmother just stood there flexing her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly  ripped muscular biceps up and down to the crowd chanting of her name. The referee and crowd were equally stunned perhaps more so then I was, seeing my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique for the first time. Any hopes that this might turn them is squashed when the gasps of sheer shock is broken by wolf calls and whistling, mixed with murmurs of awed appreciation. An almost naked woman with a huge pair of muscular watermelon sized tits is always a guaranteed crowd pleasure to win all the men over in the audience, as well as the few women in audience as well..............."What are you doing D.J.? You can't come out into the boxing ring topless." I said from behind her as my grandmother stood in her corner of the boxing ring; It's obscene for a woman of your age you've practically naked." When she turned around to talk to me, my eyes went right to her massively huge muscular breasts, for no matter how many times I've seen them naked in the past six months, I still thought that they were amazingly sensational to see, so round and firm lifted high by her massively huge, thickly ripped muscular, cushioned pectoral muscles with large creamy white aureoles and two very erect nipples that were as large as wine bottle corks. "Show me in the rule book where it's illegal for a female boxer to go bare chested in the boxing ring Jimmy" My grandmother said to me. Well it's not D.J., but, well you've a woman and my grandmother." I replied sounding like I was quickly losing this argument, while trying hard but failing to look my grandmother in her eyes, instead of her massive huge muscular breasts, while I felt the powerful strings of sexual lust in my own body as I started to grow a huge erection in my jeans, while trying to ignore it as I tried to continue this argument; "But D.J. you can't parade around flaunting yourself like that in public, it's not natural for a woman of your age." The boxing referee looked bewildered at this family argument we'd seem to be having. My grandmother just sweetly smiled at him and even he didn't know where to look with his eyes, which fluttered all over my grandmother's massively huge powerfully built, topless female muscular body, but always returning to and lingering on my grandmother massively huge muscular breasts.............."Jimmy you've never complained before seeing my powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped female muscular physique almost naked when you've watching me workout or having sex with me." My grandmother said to me with a knowing wink. I then felt a blush of embarrassment as well as annoyance at this implication, although my grandmother was completely right on this matter. "If the boxing referee and the entire audience doesn't mind me being topless Jimmy then why should you?" My grandmother said in a mocking tone to me which said she was going to do what she wanted to do, whatever I liked it or not, while she fluttered her eye lids at me. My grandmother was no looker in the face department, because after 63 years her face was fairly wrinkled with age, but confronted with her practically naked powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique, and her massively huge watermelon sized tits, no man could stand a chance of winning an argument with her, but I still tried................"Come on D.J. Please at least wear a sports bra or a bikini top." I begged of her, but to be honest my grandmother's two big bold muscular shoulder caps sitting on top of her two very powerfully strong, massively broad, shoulders, and her two massively huge, thickly rippling muscular arms were starting to make me a little nervous, as she raised both of her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular arms and flexed them. I then heard the collective gasps coming from audience as my grandmother's massively powerfully strong peaked, thickly ripped muscular biceps soared up into the air above her head, followed by very audible mixed reactions from the entire audience. Most of the men in the audience now clearly disapproved, maybe because they felt a little threatened now by my grandmother's two mighty muscular biceps, which were even larger then theirs were. There were also a few appreciative comments as well as a few open sexual lust comments from a small minority in the audience as well...................."Feel them Jimmy. Feel all the might that's going to take the Cast Iron Bitch down." My grandmother said as she boasted about herself with pride while trying to make me feel a little intimidated at the same time. My grandmother's awesome double bicep pose looked very impressive in deed, as well as very intimidating as well. I could feel my already raging erection in my jeans attracting laughs and cat calls from the audience. "Ignore them Jimmy." My grandmother said; "Besides getting myself into shape to box at the grandmother's fight club, I've also built up this big powerfully strong, massively muscular female body with you in mind Jimmy. I've been working out hard all these months lifting weights to build myself up and I did this all just for you sweetheart, because I've secretly been in love with you since you were thirteen years old. You have to humor me on this tonight Jimmy after all I've been nothing but a lonely old lady these past fifteen years since your grandfather died." Then my grandmother sexually purred in a voice heavy with suggestion in her tone while coming out of pouting lips; "Wouldn't it be nice right now Jimmy if we were alone in my bedroom back at our farm house, so you could run your two manly hands all over my two massively huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps while you worship my powerfully strong massively muscular female physique, while pay respect to me at the same time. It will happen when we go home tonight sweetheart." I had never heard my grandmother speak so sensually to me before and my huge throbbing erection lurched to full mast in the crotch of my jeans, drawing even more name calling and laughs from the audience. The double bicep pose my grandmother was flexing directly in front of me also caused her massively huge, over sized breasts to rise up like two creamy white watermelon sized balloons under the power of her striated muscular pectoral muscles. She may have been my grandmother, but she had developed one hell of a sexy, powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique, and at the sight of it virtually almost naked, would cause a natural sexual reaction in any normal red blooded man. The now very noticeable tent in my jeans began to twitch like I had a mouse in my pocket.............The truth was as we were arguing about my grandmother being topless in public while I was facing her, with such bare expanse of massively bulging female muscularity was quite intimidating in deed. My grandmother's lack of attire showing it all off without leaving nothing to one's imagination, plus the fact that she didn't care about being naked in public honestly sexually turned me on just as much, as well as it intimated me at the same time. My grandmother's giant wobbly bare breasts hanging above her well ribbed set of rock hard six pack set of abs was just so sexually distracting to me. Then the referee said while he continued eyeing my grandmother massively huge muscular breasts; "Mrs. Miller are finished with your conference with your young gentleman friend there because it's getting late and we'd like to start the boxing match now." "No problem sir I'm ready when you are." My grandmother said to the referee, then he signaled the announcer from back stage to continue........................Then the announcer said over the loud speaker a few seconds later as the crowd calmed down; "AND IN THE OTHER CORNER, WEIGHING IN AT 349 AND A QUARTER POUNDS HER CHALLENGING OPPONENT, KAREN CLARK THE CAST IRON BITCH!" Then the spot light shown on K.C. who was standing catty corner, in her corner of the boxing ring across from where my grandmother was standing in her corner of the boxing ring. I haven't seen K.C. since that night my grandmother four months ago woman handled her in the living room of the cottage on my grandmother's farm where she fired K.C. as her farm manager. K.C.'s long brown shoulder length hair was tied back in a pony tail, as her five foot nine inch dark tanned powerfully strong body, had packed on a good deal of huge, thickly ripped muscular weight, but K.C. was still no where as big in female muscularity as my grandmother was. K.C. stood there in her corner wearing a bikini top and boxing shorts "OK LADIES ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE AND SEE WHO'S GOING TO BE THE NEXT FEMALE BOXING CHAMPION OF THE GRANDMOTHER'S FIGHT CLUB?" The announcer said through the loud speakers, and both my grandmother and K.C. held their powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular arms up in agreement that they were both ready to fight each other and start the boxing match. Then the bell rang to start off the first round of the boxing match and my grandmother and K.C. moved into the center of the boxing ring and squared off facing each other.................I felt a bit nervous watching both my grandmother's and K.C.'s hulking female muscular builds as they were squaring off facing each other, then with their boxing gloves raised I noticed that both my grandmother and K.C. held their own guards in a very good position for both defense and attack by the other one. Both of women circled each other in the middle of the boxing ring while watching each other very closely. K.C. wasn't planning on underestimating my grandmother because of those two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps of hers, after all K.C. had helped my grandmother early on with her weight lifting and boxing workouts. But K.C. knew that they could do a lot of damage when my grandmother was ready to let them rip, when she landed a punch on her but K.C. was going to try and not let that happen. K.C.'s speed and agility combined with her precision punches would take my grandmother down fast, or so she thought at the time. As K.C. continued to circle my grandmother while dancing on her toes and watching for any signs of weakness or an opening for an attack. "K.C. are we going to start boxing soon or are we just going to dance around the ring with each other?" My grandmother suddenly said out loud to the crowds delight. Then as K.C. decided to shake my grandmother up a bit with a few quick jabs with both of her left and right gloved fists to test her defenses. A couple of jabs slammed into my grandmother's boxing gloves and K.C. was very impressed that my grandmother's guard held up very firm, with her tapering forearms as solid as rock. That extremely firm toned massively muscular body of my grandmother's with the massively huge swaying breasts were a real distraction, but K.C. still didn't dare take her eyes off my grandmother's hulking muscular female form, just in case her fists made a move towards her. As K.C. expected my grandmother wasn't light on her feet, as she continued to jab at her guard. My grandmother stuck out her right boxing glove forward, but K.C. was long gone, dancing away nimbly in front of her. My grandmother moved in the boxing ring like a bumbling elephant or so it seemed at the time, and her heavy muscular bulk was a distant disadvantage to K.C.'s who seemed very nimble on her own two feet in the boxing ring. That reassured K.C.'s confidence that she'd knock my grandmother out quickly, and win the fight. K.C. kept increasing the speed and strength of her jabs towards my grandmother's head. By K.C. aiming her punches progressively higher she was drawing my grandmother's two boxing gloved fists to protect her face, while leaving her middle exposed. But what a middle it really was! K.C. watched as my grandmother's muscular abs rose up like bricks out of the firm toned surrounding creamy white flesh, as she inhaled, then disappeared as she exhaled. Then putting all her strength behind it, K.C. threw two powerfully strong punches into my grandmother's exposed stomach that would have dropped her like a stone if K.C. had really been strong enough. "OH GOD THAT HURT LIKE HELL!" K.C. cried out in sheer pain as her first gloved fist shuddered to a terrible grinding halt from the impact, while my grandmother barely even felt it at all. Even with my grandmother's solid set of six pack abs totally relaxed, to K.C. it felt like she had just punched a brick wall. The punch K.C. had thrown would have dropped most any human on the planet, but not my powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular grandmother!................Then with quick lightning speed that backed up by my grandmother's mighty punch which was extremely fatal as her right boxing glove struck fast hamming K.C. squarely on her jaw, and whipping her head back hard with sheer brute strength. K.C. then stumbled back a couple of steps in surprise with the force of my grandmother's punch. My grandmother's massively huge muscular breasts bounced and swayed back and forth distracting K.C. as the bulky topless muscular female form of my grandmother stepped towards her, while my grandmother's thick rippling muscular left gloved arm drove forwards with equal lightning speed as her right just did. My grandmother's left gloved fist sledge hammered  into K.C.'s ribcage with such unbelievable powerful strength, that it started compressing her chest and almost cracked a rib. "OH GOD THAT FUCKING HURT!" K.C. groaned in sheer agony as the bruising pain spread like wild fire across her chest..................My grandmother's big naked massively huge muscular breasts swayed again, which was impossible to ignore as her two, thick massively muscular arms swung forward to throw some more quick speedy punches. My grandmother's two gloved fists slammed into K.C.'s abs with such raw powerful strength, that her flat hard stomach caved inwards with her own six pack set of abs barely able to cushion the punch. My grandmother's two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps swell out ominously adorned by pencil thick blue veins, and K.C. knew what was coming next but was powerless to stop it. As K.C, began to turn away to protect her stomach, another one of my grandmother's quick speedy punches nailed K.C.'s exposed side with such a savage intensity, that it sent crushing burning waves of sheer pain throughout her side while also bruising K.C.'s insides at the same time. Instinctively K.C. tried to protect her side using her elbow but my grandmother got there first as she landed another powerfully strong punch. Then another wave of sharp bruising pain caused K.C. to cry out again in sheer pain, and crease up on that side, which opened her up to another powerfully strong punch from my grandmother into her stomach Although this punch wasn't as powerful as the previous one had been, K.C. still felt the soreness swelling up in her abs as it cushioned the punch and knew that it was no match for my grandmother's two big beefy, muscular formidable arms. Then in wild desperation K.C. threw a right handed punch to my grandmother's face which she easily blocked. Quickly K.C. then threw another at my grandmother's head with her left arm and to my surprise moved faster then I would have given K.C. credit for, but my grandmother ducked beneath K.C.'s arm and she missed totally her. Solid dense bulging female muscles drove my grandmother's right gloved hand hard into the top of K.C.'s stomach. "URGHHH!" K.C. groaned in sheer pain from my grandmother's powerful strong punch that made her abs almost collapse as they continued struggling to cope as her stomach curved even more inwards this time.....................Biting back the pain and trying to ignore her now shortness of breath, K.C. then threw another punch with her left arm at my grandmother's head, but to her surprise my grandmother's big breasted, massively huge, thickly ripped, female physique easily side stepped K.C.'s punch and with a very determined grin on her face, my grandmother continued throwing punches at K.C,'s sore side again. Then in a shocking combo my grandmother knocked her left glove around the top of K.C.'s head then immediately pounded her right gloved fist hard against the top of K.C.'s stomach again. Before K.C.'s body instinctively began to tilt forwards my grandmother blasted her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular arm once more, causing her right gloved fist to strike and drive hard with terrible force right into the middle of K.C.'s stomach. My grandmother wasn't pulling any punches with K.C. now. I was totally shocked by how brutal my grandmother was now in the boxing ring and how her sheer force of powerful strength was over coming K.C."s own boxing skills. Yet oddly enough my grandmother's very domination with her two powerfully strong gloved fists was incredibly exciting to see of K.C. in the boxing ring, and I found it sexually exciting as well as my huge erection and balls grew even more extremely tight in the crotch of my jeans...................My grandmother was now pumping her two gloved fists like a non-stop, high speed fighting machine into K.C.'s stomach and to her it felt like she was getting hit in the stomach by a jack hammer. K.C.'s abs had now become extremely sore from the heavy bombardment and the frequency of my grandmother's punches was depleting her breathing altogether. Then a strange eager excitement glowed in my grandmother's eyes as she now looked very confident and so unbelievably powerful, as a indomitable female powerhouse who's topless massively huge, breasted muscular female body was alive and glowing with her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscles perfectly toned and pumped up to their max, ready to inflict serious damage onto K.C. as I continued to watch this boxing match between my grandmother and K.C., for the first time in my life I actually felt fear and trepidation of my own grandmother for K.C.'s life, yet at the same time I also felt an even stronger conflicting sexual yearning for my grandmother's massively huge female muscular body.................My grandmother threw another punch again and this time K.C. managed to raise her guard and protect her stomach. Her boxing gloves continued to strike K.C. with such a shocking force which grew even faster and even stronger with each punch she threw, as my topless massively huge, thickly ripped muscular grandmother continued trying to knock down K.C.'s defenses. To K.C.'s sheer horror my grandmother was succeeding, and her punches were rocking K.C.'s two gloved fists while knocking them out of position with a powerfully strong, unstoppable female force. K.C. didn't know how much more of this beating she could physically take, as my grandmother punched aside one of her gloved fists and drove her own right gloved fist through the opening, as my grandmother's right thick rippling, bulging muscular arm of creamy white skin, looked like a strangely sculpted column of white marble blasting through K.C.'s arms. Then quickly stepping into the opening she had created, my grandmother then threw two upper cut punches as her massively huge bulging muscular biceps powered two unstoppable blows to the base of K.C.'s stomach. K.C. cried out loud in sheer pain as both my grandmother's fists slammed brutally into her torso like a jack hammer, making K.C.'s whole body lurch under the impact. Flattening K.C.'s abs and pounding them into jelly, both of my grandmother's boxing gloved fists drilled right into K.C.'s middle and flattened her diaphragm so cruelly while it stole all of her breath..............Now so appallingly winded K.C. struggled like hell to move her boxing gloved hands to protect any further punishment my grandmother was planning to dish out to her. But my topless massively huge, muscular powerhouse of a grandmother simply battered K.C.'s gloved hands aside as easy as one would swat away a fly, and then blasted another pile driver of a punch so deep into K.C.'s stomach, that she'd swore it hit her backbone with agonizing force. K.C. was now too badly crippled by shock to her system and was even unable to draw a breath to cry out in pain. A long wail of agony blared in K.C.'s mind as my massively huge muscular grandmother was beating the shit out of her, and K.C. was now powerless to stop her. My grandmother was so freaking physically strong and awesomely powerfully built in female muscularity, that K.C. just wanted to drop to her knees and beg my grandmother to stop beating her up, right here and now in the middle of the boxing ring, right in front of the entire crowd. But K.C. knew that if she'd called it quits now, she'd never have the possible chance of beating my grandmother and winning my hand in marriage. So even though K.C. seemed to be losing very badly in this boxing match, she continued to fight my topless massively huge, muscular powerhouse of a grandmother to the death, with a now slim chance that she'd might still be able to beat her. {TO BE CONTINUED!}
End Of Part 8                                                              

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-7

Over the next nine weeks heading into Labor Day weekend my grand mother continued working out and training even harder then before for her up and coming boxing match at the grandmother's fight club which was to be held at the Browns Mills Civic Center against her new unknown female boxing opponent, The Cast Iron Bitch. Unbeknown to my grandmother who thought she was going to fight another tough muscular older woman of her own age, The Cast Iron Bitch in reality was K.C. her ex-farm manager who she had fired after my grandmother found out that her and I were both secretly dating each other behind my grandmother's back. K.C. had also been training at a small gym downtown with a professional weight lifting coach and a professional boxing coach to get herself into such extreme physical shape to take on my grandmother in the boxing ring on Labor Day, and try to win my hand in marriage....................Every evening I continued helping my grandmother with her last workout of the day in the barn, by wiping the heavy body sweat off her massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique after every set of reps she'd pump out, run and get her another gallon jug of spinach juice when she needed a drink, not to mention her steroid pills when she needed another muscle pumping energy hit!..........One evening while my grandmother was working out her massively thick, ripped muscular hamstrings, by putting her two feet into two rope handles of the homemade resistance machine she had made and using her two massively thick, ripped muscular legs to pull down on the chain which raised the 1,000 pounds of weight disks it was attached to. I then bent down to place both of my manly hands on my grandmother's two massively, thick, ripped muscular legs; "WOW D.J.! YOU REALLY DO HAVE VERY SEXY MUSCULAR LEGS." I said excitedly in appreciation as I ran my hands over those two extremely large, well very defined, bulging muscular thighs and calves, and I was even very impressed that I could see the splits in the muscle heads. "D.J. they've so very shapely and powerfully strong." I then said in awe. My grandmother seemed to like hearing that and when she then stopped exercising, turned around and sat down on the bench. Then my grandmother placed a foot on my shoulder so I could feel the solid large mass of calf muscle hanging behind her shin. "AW such beautiful legs you have D.J." I said in even more awe now then before. "I love hearing such flattery from my number one fan Jimmy." My grandmother said sounding very pleased.................I then ran my two manly hands up and down her two massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs, and my erection grew freaking huge as she flexed them and they turned into two massively huge sheets of solid muscular power under my own two manly hands. "WOW D.J.!" I said very excitedly. Even though they still looked massive but firm when they were relaxed, when my grandmother flexed her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs, they expanded at least twice in size if not maybe more, into two very dense wide masses of very well defined quadriceps. The hugely thick, ripped slabs of muscles that adorned my grandmother's outer thighs had ballooned up and stood out very proudly. It was an extremely powerful looking chunk of creamy white coated muscle that looked like it could easily crush a bowling ball in half. My huge erection lurched again as I imagined myself trapped between those two massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs of hers, and feeling the power of my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs, crushing inwardly. Opposite from both my grandmother's knees going about half way up on both of her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs, was a large tear drop shaped, thickly ripped muscle and in between the center of the upper part of each one of her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs, sat a third arrow shaped wedge of thickly ripped muscle pointing towards each one of her knees.................Underlying these stunning shapely swells of muscle on the inside of my grandmother's two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs was another less defined shelf of muscle. I was in female muscle worshippers heaven running my two manly hands gleefully up and down my grandmother's two powerfully strong muscular legs, while enjoying the feeling and getting more sexually turned on by their steely hardness under such soft creamy white skin, and the latent powerful strength they represented. "OH D.J., PLEASE CRUSH ME BETWEEN YOUR POWERFULLY STRONG LEGS!" I then begged, as I was now so incredibly sexually turned on by this thought. "ABSOLUTELY NOT JIMMY! I MIGHT SERIOUSLY PHYSICALLY HURT YOU." My grandmother exclaimed clearly shocked at my request...............I could no longer help myself and actually placed my lips on her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs and began kissing those big quads, and not surprised that my grandmother didn't try to stop me. "PLEASE D.J.! I want to experience the raw power of the strength in your legs. Please squeeze me helpless, D.J., PLEASE!" I begged while feeling like a small child in the presence of a parent. At first I thought that my grandmother was going to refuse and scold me like she did when I was a little boy. But instead she brought her other powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular leg against the side of my head, and my pulse quickened as my heart started beating fast, as my grandmother's high walled massively huge, thickly ripped muscular canyon of white creamy flesh closed in around my head, and swallowed it whole. Her beautiful smooth hairless creamy white skin was warm and silky to the touch, but what lay beneath was as terrifying as it turned to crushing solid steel. I then instantly regretted my decision as the pressure soared and just went through the roof. Both sides of my face were being pressed together, stretching my skull to surely what must have been the breaking point. It felt like my head was caught inside a trash compactor! "OH GOD THIS HURTS!" I groaned as my grandmother's thickly ripped, massively muscular quads swelled out under my two manly hands to even more enormously huge muscular proportions with dense rock hard shapes appearing as she continued to squeeze down even harder..................The pressure was so freaking intense, it was almost skull splitting! Now forced to close my eyes and grit my teeth as tightly as I could, I was totally shocked by the sheer raw powerful strength of my grandmother's massively bulging and flexing leg muscles around my head. As my grandmother continued squeezing my head, my huge erection was going totally crazy lurching this way and that while it throbbed like crazy in the crotch of my jeans, as my whole head was in such terrible pain. "OH GOD D.J. THIS HURTS LIKE HELL!"  a cry of pain was forced out between my clenched teeth, as my cheeks and jaw felt like they were going to shatter and explode any second now from under the pressure. "What's the matter Jimmy? Having second thoughts about us doing this now?" I heard my grandmother's voice scoffing over the loud pounding in my ears, which themselves were being driven into my skull................Then suddenly the terrible pressure ended as my grandmother opened up her two powerfully strong, massively thick, ripped muscular legs, and with relief my head fell onto the cushioned seat of her exercise bench. As I slowly opened my eyes I found myself looking down at my grandmother's two powerfully strong, massively thick, ripped muscular thighs, as she held them open in a wide V pattern, leading my eyes directly to her very muscular, extremely wet, hairy vagina. My huge erection felt like it had been frozen in dry ice, and it was a stiff as board. As I was still trying to catch my breath, I was still unable to comprehend the sheer strength and power of my grandmother's massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs. "Is that what you really wanted Jimmy? You know that I could have crushed your head like a bug if I really wanted to." My grandmother told me; "I love you Jimmy with all my heart and I don't want to accidentally hurt you, so never ask me to do that again to you, understand?" I was very disappointed at what my grandmother said but I just couldn't give this up, as painful as the demonstration of my grandmother's massive crushing power of strength had been, it just made me want to play wrestle her even more, I WAS REALLY THAT SEXUALLY TURNED ON BY IT!..............."Please D.J. That was totally amazing but I want a proper friendly wrestle." I didn't get to finish talking as my grandmother leaned forward and seized my right wrist in her left powerfully strong hand, and pulled my right arm straight then closed those two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs around my arm and the sides of my neck. My grandmother then leaned back and began to squeeze while pressuring my right elbow against her very muscular, extremely wet, hairy vagina. I was stunned like hell, that my grandmother had put a professional wrestling move on me. Never expecting my grandmother to know anything about wrestling, my huge erection throbbed so freaking hard now, like there was no tomorrow. "OH GOD D.J. THIS HURTS LIKE HELL!" I moaned loudly in sheer pain as I tried to hold on, while my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped legs crushed my neck so tight, that I felt the blood being cut off from my brain as my face was starting to turn a dark beet red. "It's no use struggling Jimmy. It's not going to do you any good in trying." My grandmother told me as she now really put more pressure on me. My vision immediately blurred out of focus, while my head started spinning wildly with patches of black threatening to overwhelm me at any second, while my neck felt like it was going to snap like a twig at any moment. "OH GOD!" I moaned in pain through clenched teeth as I fought heavy waves of nausea. Then finally at the last second, my grandmother opened up her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs, just before I felt myself begin to slip away into total unconsciousness...............Shattered by the wrestling experience I just had and feeling drained like hell, my body began slowly sliding off my grandmother's exercise bench onto the floor of the barn, until only my head remained on the exercise bench, when suddenly my grandmother sat up and pinned my head beneath her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular leg. A thick powerfully strong meaty calve hooked over my jaw holding me in place. My grandmother's powerfully strong meaty, thickly ripped calve muscle bulged against my cheek holding it in a crush that quickly became very painful. I grabbed her powerfully strong ankle and tried to move it, but my grandmother just flexed her strong meaty, thickly ripped muscular calve even tighter, making it swell up and harden which farther tightened it's grip on my cheek. "You've been pestering me to wrestle you Jimmy, but just look at you. You wouldn't ever have a chance of ever beating me." My grandmother said; "Now please stop pestering me about us wrestling before I knock you completely out." The very thought about what my grandmother had just said started my already huge erection beating like a drum stick hard on a bass drum in my jeans. I realized that I really wanted that very much, to feel my grandmother's powerful strength overwhelm me! "OH PLEASE D.J., SQUEEZE ME UNTIL YOU KNOCK ME OUT!" I begged excitedly, then my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular calve started crushing the side of my face.................Suddenly my head was pulled backwards right into the depths of my grandmother's tall creamy white walled corridor of powerful strength which clamped tightly around my neck, and swelled up nearly enveloping my head. "OH GOD!" I moaned loudly in sheer pain, as my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs clamped down around my neck, cheeks, and jaw. The pain was now so immense and as I frantically tried to pull loose of her big beefy muscular calves, which now crossed my face and were locked solid on top. "You've not getting out of there Jimmy till I say so." My grandmother said as my head started moving backwards once more as she folded her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs at the knees with me still trapped firmly inside. Then my grandmother snapped her two powerfully strong legs out straight again. "OH GOD THE SHEER PAIN OF IT!" I screamed as her beefy thick, ripped muscular inner thighs smashed against the sides of my head, clashing together and causing major shocks of sheer pain to my brain which flowed throughout my entire skull. "OH GOD THIS HURTS LIKE HOLY HELL!" I couldn't stop myself from crying out loud as my grandmother repeated this several more times in a row. If felt like my head was jammed into a vise, as her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped quads slammed against the sides of my head, and held a far too powerful grip for me to even think about trying to escape from. By the time my grandmother finally released me, I fell to my hands and knees on the floor of the barn in a complete and utter daze, not knowing where I was or what I was doing there at that particular moment. I had just been completely blasted by my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs!................"Are you alright Jimmy? Are you still awake?" I heard my grandmother say as she gently shoved her left foot to my side and reminded me where I was and what just happened between us. I was a 22 year old man who had almost been knocked out by his 63 year old grandmother's powerfully strong, fearsomely, massively muscular legs. The very thought of that made the already huge erection in my jeans grow even larger yet, then before! My grandmother then knelt down in front of where I was still laying on the floor of the barn, and while looking very cool and unruffled, I noticed that she hadn't even broke out in a sweat with our little wrestling match. Then my grandmother said with pure confidence in her voice and a look of superiority in her eyes; "Let that be a lesson to you Jimmy. Never pick a fight with someone who's bigger and stronger then you are, because you've always going to get your skinny ass kicked." What just happened between me and my grandmother made me want to wrestle her even more. I loved getting my two manly hands on her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique, and feel her powerfully strong, bulging womanly muscles in motion working against me at the same time................In a complete moment of sheer madness I flung my entire body at my grandmother intending to knock her onto her back and wrestle her onto the floor of the barn, but to my total surprise it was like throwing myself against at a solid brick wall, because my grandmother remained solidly upright on her two knees. "JIMMY!" My grandmother tried to scold me as I struggled to get both my arms around her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique; "STOP THAT AT ONCE BEFORE YOU SERIOUSLY HURT YOURSELF! I'M JUST TOO PHYSICALLY STRONG FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO TAKE ME DOWN!" My two manly hands encountered the large dense massively thick ripped muscular landscape of my grandmother's back and I was staggering like hell to find that my two manly hands were moving further apart from each other, as my grandmother started flexing her massively huge, thickly ripped muscular lats so wide, that it made it totally impossible for me to hold on to her. I struggled chest to well endowed breasts with my powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular grandmother, while I tried to oppose her two powerfully strong awesome muscular arms. It was like trying to wrestle a grizzly bear!...............A flip of the wrists by my grandmother's irresistible force of powerful female strength and I was sinking down before her, withering in agony while my grandmother's massively, ample heavy muscular breasts heaved out with displeasure. "OUCH!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs as her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular triceps bulged out so fearsomely, as a frightening strong force threatened to snap off both my manly hands like they were twigs on a tree branch. "I "TOLD YOU TO STOP JIMMY BEFORE YOU GOT HURT! HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME!" My grandmother said with a very angry tone in her voice, and I was afraid that I had gone to far now. Suddenly my grandmother released my arms from her mighty powerfully strong grip but before I realized what was happening, one of her huge brawny arms wrapped itself around my neck, enveloping it completely in a very brutal headlock that threatened to shatter my jaw while my grandmother manhandled me to the floor of the barn. I now had no choice now but to lay face down on the floor of the barn, while my grandmother's heavy muscular body weight crossed my back as she pinned me beneath her................I could feel her hot breath in my ear as she bent down and said; "When I tell you to stop it, and that I'm too physically strong for you to play wrestle with because you may get hurt, you listen to me, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING TO YOU JIMMY?" "I can't help it D.J." I replied under her crushing muscular body weight; "But the more you wrestle and manhandle me, the hornier I'm getting." I replied. Then both of my grandmother's powerfully strong hands came around from behind and cupped my chin, then pulled it right back as her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs powered my grandmother to stand up on her own two feet. My head rose up backwards between her mammoth sculpted twin columns of creamy white flesh, before they stopped and snapped tightly around my neck. With nothing to see but the floor of the barn, my two manly hands clasped the massively huge muscular girth of two thighs on both sides of my face. They were so massively wide and solid that my head felt tiny in total comparison. For the first time it now made me feel puny and weak next to her. Then the barn floor fell back as my grandmother rose onto her toes and the wrestling hold now exploded into a sharp, mind shattering pain. "OH GOD! WHAT HAVE IT GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?" I thought to myself as I looked through blurry eyes, and saw those two massive thick, ripped tear shaped muscles above the inside of my grandmother's knees swell up in bold relief as the walls of her two powerfully strong, massively muscular, thickly ripped legs rose up and just swallowed me. As a truly ferocious pressure assaulted me, my whole world started to spin as my eyes went right out of focus. My grandmother's powerfully strong, insanely muscular thighs swelled up so large that they climbed up both sides of my face and swallowed it completely, while trying to press my skull to my neck at the same time. "OH GOD D.J. PLEASE STOP!" I tried to cry out in sheer pain, but my grandmother was intent on punishing me until I understood that when she told me to stop, I STOPPED!...............By now I really couldn't take much more of this brutal physical torture and continued to beg and plead for my grandmother to stop punishing me. Of course my huge erection was even larger now then it had ever been before in my entire life, while my head was spinning and my ears were pounding at the same time, and I now felt faint. My two manly hands slipped from my grandmother's massively steel hard all conquering muscular thighs, as I now no longer had the energy to hold them up. Now completely dominated by my grandmother's awesomely powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique, my now very rigid erection throbbed very heavy in salute as I started to feel like I was going to black out. Just then the pressure lifted and my face was falling back to the floor of the barn..............."LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU JIMMY." My grandmother's voice sounded very stern as she said. It was all that I could do right now but lay there on the floor of the barn completely blitzed out of my own head, as it continued spinning while my eyes tried to regain focusing with an absolutely splitting headache. "NOW FORGET THIS SILLY NONSENSE ABOUT TRYING TO WRESTLE ME JIMMY." My grandmother's voice lectured me in a very angry tone; "I maybe your grandmother and I'm at least forty some odd years older then you are, but I hope you now see that you've no match from my womanly brute strength. If we keep this up Jimmy I'm afraid I might break your body in half like a twig." All of a sudden I snapped back to reality and said; "D.J. I can take whatever you dish out, AND THEN SOME!" "JIMMY THAT WAS REALLY THE WRONG THING TO SAY!" My grandmother said in a very dominating voice, and with that her hugely round muscular ass and massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs appeared in my vision as she lowered herself down on top of my chest.................."OH GOD!" I moaned in sheer pain as my grandmother's heavy muscular body weight sat on my chest. My grandmother was facing my feet leaving me to have the view of her extraordinarily wide thickly ripped muscular back, and right in front of my face was her very ample, thickly ripped, muscular firm round buttocks. "WOW D.J. YOU REALLY HAVE A GREAT ASS FOR A WOMAN OF YOUR AGE!" I said in appreciation of the view before I realized the danger within her, BUT IT WAS TOO LATE! My grandmother's two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs slid back around my neck and the lower part of my head, while raising it up at the same time to give me an even closer view of her large but extremely firm female muscular ass. My grandmother held me in place firm but it was comfortable. "So Jimmy you like my thickly ripped muscular ass?" My grandmother asked me; "Just watch what I'm going to do with it now." Then as those powerfully strong massively muscular buttocks slammed against each other like two over sized creamy white cannon balls, and turned steely hard with a thickly hard striated ridge of powerfully defined gluts. "OH GOD!" I barely had time to appreciate them because I was crying out in such intense physical pain, as my grandmother's massive surge of raw powerful strength, surged throughout her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs. Crushing and squeezing me with an intensity that I'd never felt before in my entire life. It was much worse now then before, and I couldn't help the tears coming down my face as I cried out in agony! "OH GOD THIS HURTS LIKE FREAKING HELL!"...................My grandmother's thickly ripped muscular hamstrings ballooned up into long dense mounds of very shapely steel that threatened to smash my cheeks, while her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs exerted an even more insane pressure upon me that had my brain in whirlwind spinning out of control madly, as I clenched my eyes in agony. I then started to black out until it ended as quickly as it began................I was now too beat and dazed to resist as my grandmother turned me around then rolled me towards her, with her two powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular arms. Then my grandmother wrapped both of her massively enormous muscular legs around my waist, then allowed me to turn back. "I'm sorry Jimmy but I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." My grandmother's said with a stern tone in her voice; " I'M TOO FUCKING JACKED UP IN FEMALE MUSCULARITY TO BE PLAY WRESTLE WITH YOU! I TAKE MY WRESTLING OPPONENTS AS SERIOUSLY AS I'D TAKE MY BOXING OPPONENTS, AND I'LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES NOT TO LOSE!"  "OH GOD NO D.J.! I give up you win by default, OK?" I begged now being totally exhausted but my grandmother wasn't having going to let me off that easy. "OH GOD!" I cried again in agony as my grandmother's massively huge, thickly ripped muscular thighs ballooned up around my waist. Trapped between her two massively huge, thickly ripped muscular legs, my body seemed so insignificant against her powerful strength. My stomach and diaphragm was squeezed as flat as a board in an instant forcibly expelling all my body's oxygen through my mouth................."NO MORE PLEASE D.J.!" I wanted to cry out as she leaned forward while one of her massively huge, beefy thick, ripped muscular arms wrapped itself tightly around my neck then began to squeeze it extremely hard. The combination of my grandmother's powerfully strong massive legs crushing my torso and her massively huge, thickly ripped biceps bulging around my neck was just too much, but I now no longer had any breath left to beg her to stop. "GET OUT OF THIS WRESTLING HOLD IF YOU'VE SO TOUGH JIMMY!" My grandmother taunted me; "YOU CAN'T, CAN YOU? I DON'T EVEN NEED MY LEGS TO PUT YOU OUT. LOOK JIMMY!" With that I found my waist was free to allow me to inhale oxygen as my grandmother pulled me up, while she knelt behind me. My grandmother's massively huge, bulging bicep swelled into the sides of my neck while her rugged, rippling forearm clamped around my throat. "OH NO! MY GRANDMOTHER HAS ME IN A SLEEPER HOLD!" It's not possible, where did she learn this and every other wrestling move she had done on me tonight? Before tonight I've always thought of my grandmother as being docile and gentle with a harmless obsession for lifting weights to build up her body and learn to fight, until I happened to look over on the shelf where my grandmother kept the huge bottle that was labeled; "Nuclear X-Roids!" "THAT"S IT!" I thought to myself, "The combination of those powerfully strong steroid pills and all the spinach juice she was drinking, turned my grandmother's once docile gentle womanly personality into one of a super strong amazon bitch! I grasped futilely at the wide rugged wedge shaped muscular forearm across my throat, but it was as rigid as a steel clamp. Her massively huge, thickly ripped, muscular bicep continued to swell against the side of my neck, and I could feel the massively large peak digging right in and cutting off the blood supply from my brain. I still couldn't believe that my own 63 year old grandmother had me in a sleeper hold and her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular arms were much too strong for me to break out of. "JIMMY YOU HAVE NO CHANCE AGAINST MY POWERFUL FEMALE STRENGTH!" was the last words I heard my grandmother say before I finally blacked out into total unconsciousness....................When I finally awoke about five minutes later, I found myself now laying on my back on my grandmother's weight bench, where she carried me to after I had blacked out in total unconsciousness on the floor of the barn. As I opened my eyes I saw my grandmother standing before me and she said; "I'm so sorry Jimmy but some times I just don't know my own strength. That's why I didn't want to wrestle you because I was really afraid that I might accidently hurt you." Then my grandmother began looking very embarrassed as she started speaking in a more confidential tone; "Besides once I get a man in a position where I'm in total control, I'm afraid that I get quite a bit carried away by the feeling of my powerful strength and dominance." Then my grandmother actually blushed as she continued speaking in that same more confidential tone; "I'm afraid that it makes me feel so sexually excited and my vagina gets as wet as hell." Then my grandmother cut an imposing figure in front of me as she inhaled a very deep breath that swelled out her two watermelon sized tits to four times even larger then they already were, then as she beat hard on them with her two powerfully strong fists which sounded like someone beating a bass drum extremely hard, my grandmother yelled out a very loud Tarzan of the jungle yell that shook the entire barn! End Of part 7                                                                                                           

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-6

  As I sat on a barrel out of my grandmother's way while she continued her last workout for the day, my grandmother stood below a metal bar that had been installed on the barn's ceiling at least two feet higher then her normal height. As I continued sitting on the barrel I really wasn't interested in the bar whatsoever, my current interest was of my grandmother's massively huge, thickly ripped, muscular calves. Her calves were very wide and heavily packed, with thickly dense slabs of solid ripped muscle, even when they were relaxed. But as soon as my grandmother stood on her toes to reach metal bar above her head, massively solid muscular shapes began to move beneath the creamy white skin of her legs. My grandmother's two legs swelled up into huge slabs of hard muscle with extremely thick edges with an even thicker sharp downward diamond shape and cleft between the large caps of muscle...............These vanished from view as my grandmother reached up and took hold of the bar, as she folded her two massively huge, thick ripped, muscular calves back to keep both her feet well above the barn floor, then my grandmother started doing pull ups which gave me an even newer view of her female muscularity. Thickly ripped and dense muscular shapes moved in a continual motion upon my grandmother's extraordinary inverted, massively huge triangular shaped, thickly ripped muscular back and massive muscular bowling ball sized shoulders, as she repeatedly pulled herself up until her chin could reach the bar. The color and muscle tone of her creamy white skin enhanced the definition making each large slab of solid dense muscle flex out into an even larger, unbelievable size then they were just a second before!..............Finishing doing her pull ups my grandmother dropped down from the bar and turned to face me. My grandmother looked awesomely powerful and strong even without having to flex, and apart from her hair and face, you could now easily mistake my grandmother's heavy weight muscular female physique for a much younger woman in her early 20's. My grandmother then smiled at me warmly as she raised her right arm and flexed it hard. My huge erection rose instantly as an absolutely massively dense, softball sized peak rose upon her already massively huge, thickly ripped muscular arm. It was truly unbelievably huge and solid with a very powerful shape to see. "Jimmy do you think any woman this year at the grandmother's fight club could beat me in a boxing match?" My grandmother asked proudly as she looked lovely at her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular right bicep. It looked as immensely powerful as the rest of my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular upper body did. There was clear definition around her neck, clavicle, traps and her freakishly huge muscular bowling ball sized shoulders which made her bicep flex even more imposing, even though my grandmother was only five inches shorter then me in height. A thick blue pencil sized vein adorned each one of her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular arms adding to their already fierceness look................."Nothing to say Jimmy? Not impressed yet? Well maybe this will impress you." My grandmother said as she went into a double bicep pose. "OH D.J. THEY'VE SO HUGE!"  I gasped in awe at the sight of them, as the already huge erection in my jeans grew even larger yet! HUGE! Wasn't the word, my grandmother was absolutely massively huge all over in female muscularity and girth, far larger now then almost any professional heavy weight female body builder that I've ever seen before in my entire life. Each one of my grandmother's muscle groups were so massively large and so highly developed with crystal clear definition. My grandmother's sheer wall of female muscularity made me feel easily intimidated and yet very sexually turned on like hell at the same time! I then quickly ran over to where my grandmother was, and while she held her double bicep pose, I lovingly toweled off the heavy sweat on her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique, WITH GREAT PLEASURE! ..............."You look fucking amazing D.J." I said while my grandmother was still holding her double bicep pose as I continued toweling off all of her heavy sweat all over her powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular body. I still couldn't believe it, a very muscular woman was actually flexing just for me while she let me towel off all her heavy body sweat. Or though it was scarcely believable that this amazing powerfully strong, massively huge, thickly ripped muscular female physique belonged to my very own 63 year old grandmother. Her two forearms were truly formidable being relatively narrow around the wrists, then leading up into a thick arrow shaped wedge of rock hard muscle on the inside of each forearm, which widened significantly towards the inside of her elbow. This was all overlaid with thick tendons and writhing pencil shaped blue veins, which I really wasn't to keen on seeing them displaying themselves, but they made my grandmother's thickly ripped muscular forearms look even more terrifying to see.................My grandmother was rather wide around the waist with her now flat as a board stomach, which looked like two stone columns running vertically up it's center. Then my grandmother flexed he massively huge, thickly ripped muscular abs and they turned into six irregular very rough stone blocks, that swelled out with into very clear cut and defined six pack set of, hugely thick, ripped muscular abs. "What do you think of my solid muscular six pack set of abs Jimmy? Isn't it better then the old bloated fat pot belly I used to have?" My grandmother asked me while sounding very proud of her new, powerfully strong, hugely ripped, thick ripped muscular physique. "It's fucking amazing D.J. and it looks a hell of a lot better then your old fat, bloated pot belly." I replied. "Why thank you Jimmy." My grandmother said with a smile on her face as she fully flexed her amazingly thickly ripped muscular wide lats, that made her already massively huge, thickly ripped muscular body look ever more powerfully stronger and massively hugely thick, with ripped female muscularity that it had been a moment before...................Then there was my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively thick, ripped muscular legs, which now looked like two thick solid stone pillars of pure ripped muscle, that gleamed with the creamy white sheen of her skin. Even when they were relaxed I could tell that they were hugely muscular and very highly defined. Even when my grandmother put her hands behind her head and stuck her left leg out to flex it, it was a powerfully strong sheer of massive female muscular power. "OH D.J. WHAT INCREDIBLE LEGS YOU HAVE!" I said as I saw her enormous wide quads thicken and expand to an even more impressive size, as they swelled up into powerful dense thickly muscular shapes of creamy white muscle. Each one of my grandmother's leg muscles that made up her quads were clearly defined and extremely large, and when she turned her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular left leg to the side, I could see a thick cord of muscle running from the side of her knee to the top of her hip, as well as the staggering depth at the top of her leg..............My grandmother's once massive breasts which bounced around in her bra in a very sexually disturbing manner, were even more distracting since they were even more enormous then ever before! The tops of them were heavily cushioned with hugely thick, ripped pectoral muscles which supported her already massively round, breasts firmly against each other forming a long deep dark cleavage. My grandmother's breasts were so massively large now, that she could no longer look down and see her own two feet. As my grandmother saw me eyeing her two hugely muscular watermelon sized tits, she chuckled as she lowered her arms; "Watch this Jimmy." Then my grandmother put her two hands together at her waist height, as her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular triceps swelled menacingly out while her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms pushed up on her massively enormous muscular breasts, into even more breathtaking looking mounds sitting upon her chest. Just as I was wondering how this light blue sports bra could contain them, my grandmother's two watermelon sized muscular tits suddenly starting moving side by side in a sort of twitching motion by her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped pectoral muscles, which made her two big watermelon sized tits push up together like two creamy white flesh covered footballs, which repeatedly collided against each other then bouncing away. I was totally mesmerized by it! It was such a strange and highly erotic sight to see! Then to my amazement my grandmother's two watermelon sized muscular tits began twitching up and down independently. Those two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped pectoral muscles made those two watermelon sized tits dance in such an erotic way. Then my grandmother turned sideways and flexed her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular bicep sides, while her two watermelon sized tits continued to twitch and bounce up and down independently. There was so much big peaked thickly ripped female muscle, with such huge tits that I couldn't handle it any more and cried out in the heated passion of sexual desire; "OH GOD D.J., I WANT TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW!" Then my grandmother and I climbed the ladder to the second floor hay loft in the barn, and we rolled around in the hay together while I went forth to take her sexually, that powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique, that would overwhelm me with ease by forcing me to my knees at her own free will. Then my grandmother opened her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular legs exposing her large, now extremely wet, hairy muscular vagina which I would just go down on while I was paying my full respects to her mighty conquering amazon body................Monday night again my grandmother invited me to the barn to watch her last workout for the day. She considered this our private time together. As soon as I entered through the barn door again my grandmother was wearing a red sports bra and a red thong. She stood across from me holding a piece of rope in each hand, and the two pieces of rope were attached to a large single metal chain that operated a pulley system that lifted a large stack of heavy steel weight disks. With my grandmother's two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms bent, I could already see huge the circles swelling up and flexing out of her two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular biceps, triceps, and the vascular ruggedness of her two powerfully strong forearms. As my grandmother pulled down on the ropes and straightened out her two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms, her triceps rippled and swelled into two massive bulging chunks of solid rock hard muscle in the shape of horseshoes, while her two forearms thickened and swelled out with even more rugged cords of tightly packed muscle. "WOW D.J. YOU'VE LIFTING AT LEAST A EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS OF STEEL! YOU GO GIRL!" I said sounding very excitedly proud at how strong my grandmother really was. "Thanks Jimmy you keep right on giving me encouragement and I'll continue to workout and lift even harder then before I've ever done before." My grandmother replied as she let the rope rise again and repeated the exercise. I continued to urge my grandmother on as she pumped out one set of reps after another, while I watched hypnotized by the play of her powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscles in her huge shoulder caps, massive triceps, thickly ripped biceps, and formidable forearms...............Next my grandmother picked up two, four hundred pound steel dumbbells and began exercising her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms with them. At the sight of her two hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps gliding and pumping beneath her firmly toned creamy white skin, you could see how truly massive and developed those powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps of my grandmother's really were, and she continued pumping iron like her two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular biceps were on automatic. Then as she smiled at me my grandmother went down on one knee and began pumping out reps by letting those two heavy steel weights hang down with her two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms extended then curling them up. After she completed 50 sets of reps, my grandmother then moved over to an even heavier steel barbell that had at least five hundred pounds of steel weight disk on each side of the barbell, and started quickly pumping out rep after rep of bicep curls. By now I thought that my grandmother's two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular biceps could not physically pump up any more they already had, and her thick blue pencil sized blue veins stood out as large as telephone cables.................My grandmother then raised the 1,000 pound steel barbell to her chin and held the heavy weight there while looking over it at me, then my grandmother started some resistance work, pulling on two over head pulley chains at once while still holding that 1,000 pound steel barbell in her hands at the same time! My grandmother's already awesome powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular biceps swelled up and flexed out even bigger and sharply defined then they had been before! Finally I couldn't take it any more watching how big my grandmother was as she pumped herself up with weight training and I asked in a very excited tone; "D.J. CAN I PLEASE FEMALE MUSCLE WORSHIP YOU NOW SO THAT I COULD FEEL YOUR BIG STRONG FEMALE BICEPS NOW THAT THEY'VE FULLY PUMPED UP?" "I think that could arranged Jimmy." My grandmother said as she put down the heavy 1,000 pound steel barbell that she had been doing bicep curls with; "I've worked my guns hard enough for tonight."................Then as my grandmother raised up both of her powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms as she smiled at me and said; "Knock yourself out Jimmy and feel my big powerfully strong muscles till your hearts content. Go on Jimmy feel the powerful super human strength that courses throughout my powerfully strong arms." Then slowly my grandmother bent both of her powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms at the elbows, bringing her rugged tapering thick ripped muscular forearms pass vertical slightly towards her head. "OH D.J.!" I sighed excitedly as her two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, now very ripped muscular arms doubled in size, then further increased as they solidified into two massive peaks that seemed even larger then my own head. By now the raging hard on in my jeans was so freaking hard that it felt like it had turned to stone, as I placed both of my manly hands on those two smooth mountains of creamy white muscles. Those peaks were so incredibly hard that they felt like they were forged out of solid steel! I just couldn't stop feeling my grandmother's two powerfully strong, massively huge thick, ripped muscular arms even though I couldn't get both my manly hands around one of them, before I forced myself to slide my palms up to her big rounded, smooth muscular bowling ball sized shoulders. "WOW!" I said excitedly as I continued running my two manly hands down my grandmother's massively huge thick, ripped muscular traps which ran from her two very broad muscular shoulders like two sides of a pyramid towards her head, into which her massively huge thick, ripped muscular neck disappeared into.............OK Jimmy that's enough for now." My grandmother said giggling because as I was running my manly hands all over her powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular upper body, she was easily ticklish. Then as she playfully pulled my hands away from her powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular upper body and held them in her hands she said; "I've got an idea Jimmy, let's take a walk together through the woods behind the farm and down to the construction sight where they have dug up all those huge boulders." "OK. D.J." I agreed................As we were walking through the woods behind the farm down to the construction sight, for the first time I noticed that my grandmother's powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular torso was now so huge, that she could no long walk with her two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms hanging straight down, she now had to hold them both out in a slightly upside down V angle away from her body. Once we got to the construction sight that was closed down for the night my grandmother said to me; "I've worked my guns enough for to night Jimmy, but I still need to work my fists and toughen them up for future boxing matches. As my grandmother started punching heavy boulders with her two fists extremely hard, her two powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms looked like two jack hammers till each boulder turned into gravel. "Aw Jimmy." My grandmother said after she finished destroying the last boulder on the construction sight, that's just what I need to toughen up my two fists for my up and coming boxing match this Labor Day weekend with the cast iron bitch at the grandmother's fight club. "Who's the cast iron bitch D.J.?" I asked as we started walking back to the farm, even though I really knew that was the boxing name K.C. had taken so my grandmother wouldn't know that K.C. was really going to challenge her to a boxing match, so she could try and win my hand in honor, so I could become her husband. "I don't know who she is Jimmy because I haven't met her yet." My grandmother replied; "But I hear that she told the boxing judges at the grandmother's fight club that she wants to fight me personally for the heavy weight title.".................So every night afterwards I would watch my grandmother working out during her last workout of the day, while I wiped down her heavy body sweat in between each set of reps she did, or run to get her another gallon jug of spinach juice to wash down those steroid pills she'd take, while giving her all the encouragement I could to help her workout even harder then she had ever had before! My grandmother had built her body  up to such an extreme version of a heavy weight female body builder, that she was the only opportunity I had these days of touching and making love to such a powerfully built, massively huge, thickly, ripped muscular woman................My grandmother was so powerfully strong now, and I really wanted that powerfully built, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular physique of hers, and I loved to hold it in my two manly hands every chance I got. I loved feeling my grandmother's powerfully strong muscles bulging and rippling as they worked against me. That was why one night after her last workout of the day, I asked my grandmother to wrestle with me, while I was running my two manly hands over her bumpy deep cut muscular abs; "Come on D.J. it would be fun. What's the point of building a powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular female physique if you've not going to use it?." "I'm planning on using it in the boxing ring Jimmy, remember?" My grandmother replied with a wink; "But just for fun and to get you sexually off, I'll wrestle you." Then before I realized it I was confronted with this powerfully strong, enormous wall of creamy white female muscular mass. While my grandmother's one hand slid between my legs while the other one grabbed the front of my T-shirt. My grandmother's biceps bulged with peaks as large as softballs in her powerfully strong, massively huge thickly, ripped muscular arms, as she bench pressed me clean over her head, with me laying horizontally looking down at her. Then as I looked down the front of her wide watermelon sized muscular breasts and very deep cleavage, I thought excitedly to myself; "BOY! WHAT A VIEW!" End Of part 6            

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Grandmother's Fight Club!-5

After church services were over as the reverend Thomas Atkins was standing outside the main entrance of the church thanking his small church congregation one member at a time as they exited out of the main doors for coming to church and hearing his sermon. When my grandmother who was wearing a sleeveless floral print dress that beautifully showed off her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular massively huge breasts, arms and calves, finally exited out of the church at the end of the line. As my grandmother thanked reverend for giving a such lovely church sermon, he asked her as his eyes were looking at my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps; "Excuse me Mrs. Miller but I was wondering if you weren't in such a rush to go home after church services today, that you'd help me move some heavy stuff in the church basement. Normally I wouldn't ask a woman to do such heavy work, but with those bulging muscular arms of yours I'm quite sure you could do it very easily." "No problem reverend Atkins, I'd be more then happy to help you." My grandmother said with a smile on her face. "Thank you Mrs. Miller." The reverend replied as he put his left arm around my grandmother's thickly muscular waist and steered her back into the church; "And please feel free to call me Tom by the way." "OK Tom I will as long as you start calling me Doris."...................Once inside the church basement, the reverend who had a secret sexual fetish for powerfully strong muscular women, had my grandmother moving old furniture and heavy boxes back and forth across the basement just so he could watch my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms flex and bulge out from under the heavy weight of what he had her picking up. Finally after a half hour of doing this work which seemed not to be accomplishing anything at all to my grandmother, she put down the heavy metal desk she was carrying above her head and turned to the reverend and said; "You know Tom, if you've so interested in studying my sexy muscular female physique so much, why not just ask me out on a date and then I'll invite you back to my place afterwards." "Would you really go out with me Doris if I asked you?" The reverend asked sounding extremely happy that he might have a chance with my powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular grandmother. "Let me put it this way Tom." My grandmother replied with a large romantic smile on her face and a girlish giggle in her voice, because she had always found the reverend to be a very attractive man as well; "If I invite you back to my place after our date, I could promise you personally that I'd give you one very private flexing and posing show that would lead to a wonderful bout of female muscle worshipping sex that you'd really enjoy." Then both my grandmother and the reverend exchanged phone numbers, before he escorted her back to the main entrance of the church................As my grandmother was opening the driver side door of her pickup a ten year old boy ran up to her and said politely; "Excuse me Mrs. Miller but my I ask you a question." My grandmother turned towards the little boy and said with a warm smile on her face; "Sure you may ask me a question, by the way what is your name?" "My name is Johnny Walker and I was just wondering." Johnny paused while he felt very intimidated talking to this powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular older woman while his two eyes were glued to my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms; "I was just wondering how I could get my own grandma to get big huge muscles like you have." "Why do you want your grandmother to have big huge muscles like I do Johnny?" My grandmother asked the ten year old boy. "Well you see Mrs. Miller." Johnny replied while he was still looking at my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms; "You and my grandma are about the same age, but unlike you my grandma is a very fat, out of shape woman with a large bloated pot belly and two very large flabby arms and legs, who gets out of breath very easily when she walks. So I thought that if she'd meet you and saw how great a physical shape you were in, that my grandma would start working out and build up her muscles also to get into shape." "I'll tell you what Johnny." My grandmother said as she opened up her purse and took out one of her Miller Farm business cards and handed it to him; "Here is my business card with my name, address and phone number on it. Have your grandmother call me if she's interested in working out with me at my farm to get herself into better shape." Then my grandmother bent down in front of Johnny and asked as she flexed her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular right bicep that swelled up as large as a fully inflated basketball with thick blue pencil sized veins pulsating around it; "Johnny would you like to feel how strong and hard my muscles are?" "I SURE WOULD MRS. MILLER!" Johnny said excitedly as he reached out with both his little boy hands to feel my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular basketball sized bicep. "WOW MRS. MILLER!" Johnny said even more excited then before when he felt my grandmother's hugely thick, ripped muscular basketball sized bicep; "IT FEELS LIKE IT'S MADE OUT OF SOLID STEEL!" "Just about Johnny." My grandmother chuckled as she unflexed her hugely thick, ripped muscular right arm while she stood up and started to climb into the driver side of her pickup truck; "I've been pumping a lot of heavy steel weights these past six months to build up these big strong muscles of mine. I must be getting home now, it was nice meeting you Johnny." "You to Mrs. Miller." Johnny said very politely; "I'm going over to my grandma's house now to tell her I met you and to give her your business card. Then I'm going try to talk her into starting to work out with you on your farm, so that she could get into great shape and have big strong muscles like you do." Then after my grandmother and Johnny Walker said their goodbyes, my grandmother drove back to her farm while Johnny ran all the way to his own grandmother's house to try and talk her into working out with Mrs. Miller on her farm....................The following Friday morning after my grandmother and I got up at 5 am, instead of chaining me up with the leather spiked dog collar around my neck, she handed me her gold visa credit card and the keys to her pickup truck. As she gave me her credit card and the keys to her pickup truck, my grandmother gave me very detailed instructions to drive 1,985 miles to a exercise equipment warehouse in Fairfax Virginia that sold custom made steel weight disks which she had already ordered. When I asked her why she didn't just have the company send them over night by FedEx, my grandmother replied; "Do you know how much extra that would cost in shipping charges Jimmy? Besides why should I pay those extra shipping charges to the company when I have a strapping young 22 year old buck like yourself to run and get them for me." As I was driving out the main road of my grandmother's farm to the highway, I passed the school bus that was bring in the forty athletic young, muscular teenage high school girls that were going to workout with my grandmother that day. Unbeknown to me at the time, the reason my grandmother was so interested in getting me away from the farm early Friday morning, was that she knew that I wasn't going to get back from Fairfax Virginia till late the following Saturday afternoon, and that would give her more then enough time to have her daily boxing workout, and then go on a date with the reverend Thomas Atkins that same Friday evening, where she was going to invite him back to her farm house afterwards and rock his world with heavy female muscle worship sex all night long, or as long as the good reverend could sexually hold out!..................It was 8:45 pm when reverend Thomas Atkins pulled his 1979 Chevy Impala in front of my grandmother's farm house with my grandmother sitting in the passenger seat beside him. After the car came to a complete stop and reverend Thomas Atkins shut off the motor, my grandmother said; "Tom that was a lovely dinner we had at that little Italian restaurant downtown tonight, but I'm afraid that it made me go off the strict diet that I'm trying to stay on to get into fighting shape for the next boxing season at; "The Grandmother's Fight Club." When Tom asked my grandmother what the grandmother's fight club was and how she got involved in it, as they were both getting out of the car and climbed the stairs of the porch to enter through the front door of my grandmother's farm house, my grandmother told Tom the entire story about seven months ago needing to lose weight for her health, then starting to exercise with weights, and how she got involved through a friend with the grandmother's fight club, where she met the now late, ex-professional female heavy weight boxing champion Mimi Jackson, and how that meeting in the ring last February led her to get her then out of shape female body, into the powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular one it is now. The only thing my grandmother didn't tell the reverend was how she was using steroids to get so big and strong during her daily weight lifting workouts. "WOW DORIS!" Tom said as he wrapped his two manly arms around my grandmother's thickly muscular waist, while he looked over how the black short sleeveless cocktail dress she was wearing accented my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular female physique quite well; "That's some story on how you transformed yourself from being a fat, flabby over weight woman into a true super woman of steel." My grandmother's powerfully strong, female muscular physique had now grown so hugely thick, and ripped with bulging muscles that everything she wore now looked extremely tight and sexy on her. Not to mention that now every thing my grandmother wore had to be sleeveless as well no matter what the weather outside was, because now any time she tried to wear anything that had short or long sleeves my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular arms would swell up and rip right through the material of the sleeves! "Now Tom." My grandmother sexually purred as she took the reverend by the hand and led him across the house towards her bedroom; "You bought me dinner tonight and now I'm going to give you muscle worship sex for desert."...................All day Friday I drove for sixteen hours straight from my grandmother's farm in Allentown to Fairfax Virginia, and by the time I got there it was almost 9 pm. I called my grandmother on my cell phone and told her that I couldn't get to that exercise equipment company to pick up her custom ordered steel weight disks till the company opened up at 8 am on Saturday morning. Unbeknown to me that she had the reverend Tom Atkins there at her farm house when I had called her, my grandmother quickly rushed me off the phone by telling me that I should charge a motel room for the night on her credit card, and that picking up her order tomorrow morning was fine, as long as she had the new custom made steel weight disks back at the farm by Monday morning at 5 am. So I got a motel room in Fairfax Virginia for the night and after eating a meal at a local diner, I then went back to the motel room where I had a long distance phone conversation with K.C., and listened to how much more bigger and powerfully stronger she had gotten at the gym recently, then about her plan on how to challenge my grandmother to a boxing match on Labor Day of this year at the grandmother's fight club..................As soon as my grandmother got the reverend Tom Atkins into her bedroom, the sexual purr tone in her voice turned into powerfully strong dominate one; "GET NAKED NOW TOM AND I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT REAL FEMALE MUSCLE WORSHIP SEX IS ALL ABOUT, AND HOW TO PAY RESPECT TO IT!" "Yes Doris." The reverend replied. "FROM NOW ON TO NIGHT TOM WHILE YOU'VE IN MY HOME YOU'LL REFER TO ME AS MISTRESS DORIS, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME THOMAS?" "Yes mistress Doris." The reverend chuckled thinking my grandmother was joking, but to show him that she was being very serious, my grandmother grabbed Tom's head in her two powerfully strong hands and physically manhandled him down to the carpeted bedroom floor. Tom was completely surprised at my grandmother's quick speed and powerful strength for she had completely overwhelmed him and before the reverend knew it, my grandmother was sitting on his manly chest with all her heavy muscular body weight pressing down on him, with his face stuffed between her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular thighs! Watching from his humiliating position with his nose and mouth pressed against my grandmother's now very wet, hairy, muscular vagina, my grandmother picked up two, one hundred pound steel dumbbells that she kept in her bedroom for her early morning pre-weight lifting workouts, and began doing bicep curls for a good 20 minutes straight. After she finally put down the two, one hundred pound steel dumbbells, she then made Tom reach up and feel her two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps and forearms with both of his manly hands, as she flexed them. "GO ON THOMAS FEEL THEM! IMAGINE IF YOU WERE IN THE BOXING RING WITH ME AND I HIT YOU HARD WITH THESE TWO FISTS OF MINE THAT ARE AS HARD AS STEEL!" As the reverend laid beneath her with only his eyes visible he thought to himself; "This crazy muscular woman could seriously kill me with her own brute strength if she really wanted too!"...................Tom had never really noticed how big and powerfully strong my grandmother's hugely thick, ripped muscular legs were before, and from his current submissive position they looked even larger then they had from a distance and felt as hard as steel, with dense and immensely powerful hugely thick, ripped muscle solidly packed into them. The reverend then quickly started paying his respect to Mistress Doris without being asked to. So turned on was Tom while he continued to feel my grandmother's two powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular biceps and forearms while she flexed them in his two manly hands, my grandmother continued to dominated him by sitting on his face, while Tom worked himself up into such sexual frenzy and lost all self control. Loud sexual moans of appreciation accompanied by powerfully small pelvic thrusts of my grandmother's thick muscular hips, which slowly increased in tempo turned the reverend into a wild sexual beast until my grandmother began thrusting as physically hard as she could with Tom's face extremely deep in her now totally soaked, hairy, thick muscular vagina, then they both climaxed together. My grandmother on Tom's face, and the reverend on my grandmother carpeted bedroom floor!...............Pinned beneath my grandmother's powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular body there was nothing the reverend could do until she finally slid back onto his manly chest where he could do nothing but look up at her in lust of sexual desire, as he asked her still so excitedly sexually stimulated; "Was it as great for you Doris, as it was for me?" "It was alright Tom." My grandmother replied sounding more less sexually excited then she should have been; "But it wasn't as good as I thought it could have been. You did the best you could Tom it was only natural under the circumstances. You had a healthy male response to a very fit, powerfully strong muscular woman." Then my grandmother released the reverend from the powerfully strong grip, of her two hugely thick, ripped muscular thighs, and as she invited the reverend to sit on the edge of the queen sized bed next to her my grandmother said; "Tom you've a very nice man and I'd like to thank you for a lovely evening, but tonight is only going to be a one night sexual fling with us. The truth is that I'm in love with someone else who's really the man of my dreams, and it was really him who I was thinking about when you were busy going done sexually on me." "But Doris." The reverend protested; "If you have another man in your life why did you go out tonight with me on a date, then bring me back to your home to have wild female muscle worship sex with me?" "Well Tom." My grandmother replied; I was lonely tonight because my true love is out of town this weekend on private business for me and it was a chance to get a free meal out of you, which I paid you back by letting you give me oral sex." "BUT DORIS!" The reverend said now sounding very upset that he was losing the muscular woman of his dreams; "Is this other man who's your true love a decent man?" "Yes he is Tom." My grandmother answered with deep pride; "Because I raised him to be. It's getting quite late now Tom so please get dressed and leave because I need to go to sleep and get my rest. I have to get up at 5 am tomorrow morning for my daily boxing workout with a school bus of athletic high school girls." The reverend then got dressed and left my grandmother's farm house.................Being that it was a three day holiday weekend to celebrate the fourth of July when my grandmother sent me down to Fairfax Virginia to pick up her custom ordered steel weight disks from the exercise equipment company, and the traffic all over was packed with people going away for the holiday weekend, I didn't get back to my grandmother's farm till 9 pm Saturday night. As I drove her pickup loaded down in it's truck bed with these twelve huge steel weight disks towards the barn, I noticed that the barn doors were open and the lights were lit inside. As soon as I shut off the pickup trucks motor and got out and stretched from such a long drive, I heard the familiar loud metal clanging sound of steel weights coming from inside the barn. My grandmother had been lifting weights four times a day, six days a week for the past six months straight and by now she had  gotten so freaking huge, it was starting to get more then a little scary just being around her! As I looked into the barn by now it didn't surprise me any more seeing my grandmother's powerfully strong, freakishly huge, ripped muscular female physique lifting hundreds of pounds of steel weights, but my jaw dropped when I saw how my grandmother was dressed! My grandmother was wearing a light blue sports bra that barely covered her massively huge muscular breasts, and a very tight matching light blue thong! These were clothes that I'd never thought I'd see on my 63 year old grandmother, for she used to be so demure and decent on how she dressed for a woman of her own age................With her powerfully strong, freakishly huge, ripped muscular female physique, there was so much creamy white, muscular flesh to display that I didn't know what to look at first. My grandmother had her powerfully strong, freakishly huge, ripped muscular back towards me while doing bicep curls with four hundred pounds of steel weight disks on each side of her barbell. For a moment I thought that I had walked in on a much younger woman working out lifting weights, and hoped that my grandmother changed her mind and hired K.C. come back to be her farm manager. But who else could that freakishly huge, ripped muscular female physique belong to with the raven black hair styled behind her ears and down to her freakishly huge, ripped muscular shoulders, with a sparse fringe on top that my grandmother now normally wore her hair, to make herself look even younger then her 63 years of age for my benefit. Yet my grandmother's skin was so smooth, firm, and youthful looking as it shined with healthy muscle tone and a fine sheen of perspiration on her creamy white skin. My grandmother's two very broad and powerful looking shoulders with their freakishly huge, thick ripped slabs of dense muscle down the center of her back, which also formed the two steep slopes of her freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular trap muscles from her neck to her shoulders. The huge girth of my grandmother's thickly ripped lats created such a dramatic hour glass figure as they flowed steeply into my grandmother's now narrower muscular waist. Although in reality my grandmother's muscular waist was still quite larger then most women's were, before it flowed out to her two wide thickly muscular hips and into her very ample, thickly muscular, bubble shaped rear end. My grandmother's ample thickly muscular, bubble shaped rear end resembled two solid steely sized bowling balls. Then as she bent forward to put down the eight hundred pound steel barbell that she had been doing bicep curls with, those two solid steely sized bowling ball buttocks thrust out forwards towards me. "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself as I couldn't help the strong growth of an erection in my jeans from this sight, for they were the sexiest, hardest, and most muscular buttocks that I've ever seen on any woman before in my entire young life! Yes they were not only two overly ample steely sized bowling balls, but they were also extremely round, hard, that the back of her tiny light blue thong was indecently scanty, barely a strip of light blue material that became wedged up the ass crack between her two, steely sized bowling ball, bubble shaped buttocks, showing them off in full bloom! I then saw the defined hugely thick, ripped muscles on my grandmother's inner thighs and the long strong hills of her defined hugely thickly, ripped muscular hamstrings running up and down the back of her legs. {AND WHAT A VIEW THAT WAS!}...................Then my grandmother looked over her freakishly huge, ripped muscular right shoulder and saw me standing at the open barn door watching her working out lifting weights, she said with a warm smile on her face; "Oh Jimmy I'm glad you've finally back from Fairfax Virginia. I was so busy doing my last weight lifting workout for the week that I didn't hear you drive up. Now that you've back with my new custom steel weight disks we could unload them so I could finish my weight lifting workout." "No problem D.J." I replied; "But these new steel weight disks that you've custom ordered are extremely heavy and a man with a folk lift had to load them on to the back of your pickup truck for me." "I'm quite sure Jimmy with these big strong female muscles." My grandmother said almost like she was bragging about herself as she flexed her powerfully strong, hugely thick, ripped muscular left bicep, that swelled up as large as a fully inflated basketball in size, with thick blue pencil sized veins pulsating around it; "That I could easily unload and carry them into the barn by myself." AND SHE DID! My grandmother easily carried four huge, extremely heavy custom made steel weight disks from the pickup, and straight into the barn by herself, till they were all unloaded from the back of her pickup truck. After she installed the new custom made steel weight disks to her barbells and dumbbells, my grandmother continued to do her last weight lifting workout for the week, and she even invited me to stay and be her towel boy so I could wipe off the sweat on her powerfully strong, hugely thickly, ripped muscular female physique every so often, AND I QUICKLY JUMPED AT THE CHANCE TO DO THAT! End Of Part 5