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Looking For New Muscular Women Story Ideas!

I'm looking for new story ideas about every day situations when an average woman starts lifting weights to build up her body. It could be a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister or an aunt. The woman or women in the story idea must have some of the following reasons in it: 1) Because she doesn't like her current figure. 2) To get even with, make jealous, or revenge on her husband, boy friend, or same sex partner. 3) Being very competitive against another woman. 4) Must win at the end of the story against all odds. If you have a muscle women's story idea you'd love to read on my blog, please e-mail it to me at: Hope to hear from you soon! Stew   

Thursday, July 24, 2014

When Rosanne Met Christine!-The Final Chapter!

The night before my flight back home from my business trip in Chicago, as I was packing my suite case in my hotel room my cell phone rang. "Hello?" I answered it. "Hello Leon this Christine Applegate your wife's personal trainer." "Hello Christine." I replied; "How's Rosanne's body building program going? Did I get my money's worth in hiring you to bulk up my skinny little wife? " "Just great Leon." Christine said; "Tomorrow is Rosanne's last treatment with my special spinach serum and she's went way past both our wildest expectations in female muscularity. Check out the before and after pictures I've e-mailed to you." "Okay Christine just give me a second to log into my lap top computer." I replied as I logged in and received the photos from my Yahoo e-mail address. "HOLY COW!" I replied in shock and aware as I saw the before and after pictures Christine had just e-mailed me of my wife; "I know I told you I wanted my skinny little wife to bulk up in female muscularity to become big and powerfully strong Christine, but Rosanne is now as big in height as she is in muscular size and girth! How did you let this happen?" "I didn't just let this happen Leon." Christine replied now sounding a bit annoyed; "Remember when we met in your office ten days ago and we discussed the spinach serum procedure I was going to use on your wife when you hired me?" "Yes I did Christine." I replied.............."When you signed the contract with me that day while paying my $50,000.00 fee, I told you then that once I started administering the spinach strength serum to your wife, I'd have no control on how big and muscular she'd get." "Yes I did Christine and I also read the paperwork that you've given me about the possible side effects as well." I replied; "But in my wildest dreams I'd never have thought that my wife would grow so incredibly tall as well. How tall is Rosanne now?" "The last time I weighed and measured your wife she was 6 foot 5 inches in height and weighed in at 398 pounds of solid 100% rock hard muscle with 0% body fat. But don't worry Leon." Christine said; "After she hits 7 feet tall and possibly about 550 pounds of solid 100% rock hard muscle with 0% body fat give or take 50 to 75 pounds, I can't see your wife height growing any more." "HOLY COW CHRISTINE!" I replied in total shock at what she had just told me; "I know I wanted you to turn my skinny little wife into a female muscle goddess, but you've turned Rosanne into a female muscular giant! My wife's got to be at least 7 inches taller then I am and weighs 208 pounds more then I do! If Rosanne continues to grow to 7 feet tall and weighs 550 pounds in solid muscle she'll be almost a foot taller then I am and out weigh me by at least 340 pounds or more!"..........."Calm down Leon it's not that bad." Christine said; "Your wedding vows to your wife at your wedding were for better or worse, and I'd say this was for the better. The whole time I've spent with your wife these past ten days weightlifting training her while injecting her with the spinach serum, all Rosanne talked about was how impressed her husband was going to be with his wife's new hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, female muscular physique, while you were both roll playing those muscle women's stories on that you both love read. Go home to your wife Leon and enjoy the new and very much improved, hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, female muscular physique of your wife Rosanne Davenport."....................Then Christine told me that after my wife's last treatment, she was going to put Rosanne under another hypnotic trance to erase any memory that she had ever met Christine and was administered the spinach muscle growth serum by her. With her new hypnotic suggestions, Christine would have my wife now believe that it was Rosanne's own idea several years ago to start lifting weights and body building in our basement after my wife saw a very thickly huge muscular woman at the beach which really impressed her, and Rosanne thought she'd look good with big bulging muscles as well! Christine also gave my wife a suggested memory of entering eight Ms. Olympia female body building contests and winning eight years in a row the heavy weight division before we had gotten married. While Christine had my wife under her new hypnotic trance, Christine then had the movers move all the weight lifting exercise equipment from her house to our basement as well as the trophy case into our living room. Then Christine changed the name on the eight phony heavy weight Ms. Olympia championship, heavy weight division trophies from hers to Rosanne's and placed them back in the trophy case in our living room. After Christine had the movers move out all her furniture from the house next door into a moving van, while she brought my wife back to our home and placed her sitting down on the weight bench in Rosanne's new home gym in our basement, Christine left our house and called my wife's cell phone. When my wife heard her cell phone ring, it brought her out of her hypnotic trance. "Oh where was I?" Rosanne said to herself as she picked up two, three pound steel dumbbells; "Oh yea it Tuesday. The day I workout my arms, chest, and back." Then my wife started working out lifting weights in our basement without a care in the world, while Christine left our neighborhood to meet and start training her next female client.................Later that day when I came home from my business trip in Chicago, I was standing in our basement which was now my wife's home gym while I watched her working out lifting her weights. Rosanne was working out her two hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded muscular arms doing bicep curls with two, three hundred and fifty pound steel dumbbells. With each steel dumbbell my wife pumped up her already huge muscular arms with, her massively hugely ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular giant physique was now extremely soaked with her own sweat. Then for a second Rosanne stopped and put down the two, three hundred and fifty pound steel dumbbells back into the weight rack and after doubling the weight on her barbell to seven hundred pounds of steel weights, my wife picked up her barbell and continued pumping up while doing her bicep curls for another 20 sets of reps. As Rosanne slowly continued pumping out rep after rep of bicep curls with her seven hundred pound steel barbell, I couldn't believe how my wife's hugely ripped, hyper shredded, thickly muscular two arms swelled out to such unbelievable even larger portions, while the material of the long sleeves of Rosanne's gray sweat shirt stretched out to it's limits, so tightly that it looked like it was my wife's own skin. I couldn't believe my own eyes as I continued watching my wife's two massively muscular biceps fully inflate into the size of two fully inflated basketballs split with softball sized bulges topped by a peak knot with thick blue pencil sized veins, snaking over her swollen bicep muscles. As Rosanne's hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, unbelievable sized biceps continued to swell out and flex up with each bicep curl she did, my wife's gray sweat shirt sleeves started to slowly rip at the seams, which only led to them bursting into material shreds, that now displayed Rosanne's two glistening, hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular upper arms, in all their unbelievable muscular size, wildly rippling with my wife's slightest movement. All I could do was stare in wide eye aware and wonder at how hugely muscular my wife had become in only ten days! I was now losing all self control of myself as my hand started holding my now raging hard erected cock after I unzipped my pants, while I continued looking at the giant female muscle goddess that my wife had now become, and as I started jerking off in front of Rosanne I burst out; "FUCK ME NOW ROSANNE! PLEASE!"..........................Hearing my plea my wife dropped the seven hundred pound steel barbell she was doing bicep curls with, which made a loud metal clanging sound when it hit the basement concrete floor! Then Rosanne said surprised; "Oh Leon I didn't hear you come in, when did you get home?" "A half hour ago." I panted still jerking off my large raging cock in front of my wife. "So you've been watching me working out lifting weights for the past thirty minutes darling?" Rosanne asked with that sexy throaty tone that really gets me sexually going; "Of course darling we've going to have sex. I've been so incredibly horny this past week missing you while you were in Chicago. Is there anything else you'd like to do together Leon?" Then to get me even more sexually turned on my wife asked while going into a double bicep pose, that almost made me faint while I shot out a heavy load of cum at the same time; "By the way darling do you like how much bigger my muscles have gotten while you were away?" Rosanne smiled as she then said; "I take that as a yes darling because I've never made you cum that hard before just by looking at me. Would you like to feel your wife's big, bulging muscles, and maybe measure them too? Huh, Does that sounds like fun to you Leon?" Then as my wife continued to hold her awesome double bicep pose, from under the pressure of her hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular upper body swell up and flexing out, the rest of Rosanne's gray sweat shirt ripped off her massively huge muscular upper body in material shreds! Then Rosanne ripped off her gray sweat pants in front of me and was standing there topless wearing only a bright red thong, and while she was trying to hand me a tape measure she said; "Here you go darling. Have fun measuring your amazon muscular wife.".................As I rushed over to where my wife was standing I tripped over the seven hundred pound steel barbell that Rosanne had just dropped on the basement floor. I then fell head first and buried  my face into her now very massively deep cleavage, only to be caught by my wife's powerfully strong, muscular arms that lifted me off the floor like a small child, instead of the 190 pound, 5 foot 10 inch man that I really was! "Sorry honey I didn't mean to trip and fall on you." I said; "Nice catch Rosanne, you could put me down now." My wife grins; "No problem darling." Then as she put me gently down on my feet and while handing me the tape measure Rosanne asked; "Darling would you like to feel my bicep while I'm flexing it, and feel it swelling up and flexing out in your two hands before you measure it?" All I could reply was; "Please can I Rosanne?" My answer came as she flexed her right hugely ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular bicep right in front of my face. My wife's huge ripped, hyper shredded, thickly muscular right bicep bulged out almost as large as my head was! With it's thick slab of horse shoe shaped triceps to balance my wife's muscular right arm out with against it's gigantic muscular right bicep. I had to use both of my hands to hold my wife's hugely thick, hyper shredded, thick muscular upper right arm, and with all my strength and as physically hard as I could squeeze it, I couldn't even make a dent in it! Rosanne grins sheepishly at me as she flexes even harder then before which caused my hands to pop off for a second before I could regained my hold. "Go on darling squeeze as hard as you can." My wife teases me; "I hardly even felt you squeezing my arm the last time. You won't hurt me Leon, GO FOR IT MY BIG STRONG MAN!"...........I then used all my might and squeezed my wife's arm, and  OH MY GOD! It was so freakishly gigantic, hyper shredded, thickly muscular! "OUCH NOT SO HARD DARLING YOU'LL CRUSH IT!" Rosanne cried out pretending to be in pain while she tried to keep a straight face. Then she suddenly bursts out in laughter which I quickly joined in with her. I then took the tape measure and when I was about to measure my wife's gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular right bicep, Rosanne said while she singled me to wait; "Hold on a second Leon and give me a chance to really pump up my arm to it's max for you to measure." Then my wife started bending her right gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular right arm up and down several times which made it swell up and flex out even larger then it had before! Finally after five minutes Rosanne flexes her right gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular arm as physically hard as she could, which caused her huge mass of rippling bicep and triceps to grow into an even more unbelievable swollen mountain of bulging super human female strength as she commanded; "HURRY UP LEON AND MEASURE MY RIGHT ARM!"................I quickly snapped out of my wide eyed stare at how hugely gigantic my wife's muscles had grown right before my own eyes! As I started wrapping the tape measure around Rosanne's swollen mountain of ripped, bulging, hyper shredded, thick muscle which was her flexed right arm! My wife's flexed right bicep looked like it had doubled in size along with her triceps, and I couldn't remember ever seeing another professional female body builder with flexed bulging muscular arms as big as Rosanne's was! As I made sure the tape measure was wrapped around the thickest part of my wife's gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular upper right arm, which ran from it's swollen mountain peak of her bicep to it's apex of her triceps, the mighty huge curve of Rosanne's powerfully strong right arm began to shake very violently, as my wife continue straining to hold her bulging right upper arm muscles in a bicep flex while I was measuring them! My hands were shaking nervously with pure excitement while I was fumbling with the two ends of the tape measure, which made me have to measure my wife's right arm over and over again before I got her right measurement. As I finally held my fingers on the spot while pulling the tape measure as tightly as I could around my wife's swollen mountain peak of a bicep so I could see her measurement. As I held the tape measure in front of my eyes I was totally speechless by what it read; "HOLY SHIT! IT WAS 98.5 FREAKING INCHES!".................After my wife relaxed her right, gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular arm from it's bicep flex after I removed the tape measure she said; "Well darling don't keep me wondering how large my biceps are and I bet they've a hell of a lot bigger then the last time you saw them." I replied now almost stuttering; "OH GOD YES ROSANNE! Your biceps are NOW a HELL of a lot BIGGER then the last TIME I saw THEM! They've ALMOST 100 inches FULLY FLEX!" My wife replies with pure pride in her voice, as she flexed into another unbelievable awesome, mind blowing double bicep pose; "I bet Leon that your wife's guns are the biggest female guns in the entire world!" As Rosanne's beautiful face glowed with her very proud smile while continuing to hold her unbelievable, awesome mind blowing double bicep flex, she asked me; "Leon I bet you can't guess what I weigh now? Go on take a guess darling." "Well Rosanne?" I replied as I watched my wife switch her double bicep pose to a crab pose that pumped up her entire gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular upper body while she now held a fist on each one of her solid muscular hips; "I'd say being that muscle weighs more then fat does, and you are pretty well more pumped up then any other heavy weight female body builder that I've ever seen! I'd say about 398 pounds?" "Nope you've wrong Leon." Rosanne replied as she looked down at me since she was now over a foot taller then I was! "Your seven foot tall wife now weighs 580 pounds of 100% solid muscle with 0% body fat."..................Then before I could reply to what my wife just said she bent down and rips off my pants and removes my leather belt from them. Then Rosanne wraps my leather belt around her left upper arm and buckles it as tightly as she can which is the last hole in the leather belt. As the leather belt squeezes my wife's gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular left arm extremely tight, the leather starts to stretch as she slowly bends her left muscular arm into a bicep pose while Rosanne made a loudly grunting sound for a few seconds, as the leather belt dug deeper into her left muscular arm! As My wife continued slowly flexing her gigantic ripped, hyper shredded, thick muscular left bicep even harder, the leather belt continued to stretch thinner and thinner as my wife's muscular bicep continued to swelled up and flexed out even larger! Then Rosanne paused for a moment to smile at me before she flexed her left bicep so freaking hard, that it snapped my leather belt in half while sending it across our basement before it hit loudly against the cinder block wall! "WOW!" Was all I could reply after watching my wife's feat of strength!.............."OK now Leon. Show and tell time is over and it's now time for us to have a little sexual roll playing together." Rosanne said. "Did you down load another story on Rosanne?" I asked my wife. "Nope!" My wife replied as she picked me up and placed me on my back on her weight bench; "Tonight darling we've going to make up our own muscle women's story, about the giant muscle woman who invades her little husband!" Then after my gigantic, hyper shredded, thickly muscular wife mounted me from above, we then both had the best sex that we've ever had in our entire marriage! The End!                                                                                                                   

Sunday, July 20, 2014

When Rosanne Met Christine!-3

Later on that evening after I had a business dinner with my client and checking into our hotel in Chicago, I went up to my hotel room and called my wife at home. After letting our house phone ring several times before the answering machine picked up, as I left Rosanne another voice message telling her that I arrived in Chicago safely and where I was staying, not to mention how much I loved and missed her. As I looked at my watch which read 9:45 pm in central mountain time, I then realized that it was an hour later on the east coast which meant that it was 10:45 pm back home, and that my wife would already be fast asleep getting her eight hours rest for her daily weightlifting workouts. So I got out my lap top computer and after looking up a muscular women's story on;, which I started reading as soon as I found one that interested me. I then quickly got naked and started jerking myself off in the hotel room's bed as I read a muscle women's story about a very jealous wife who joined a body building gym and bulked up for revenge on her husband after he had left his wife while having an affair with her sister. I was getting very horny as I worked my right hand very hard jerking my dick off, while I was thinking about my wife Rosanne playing the part of the very jealous wife seeking revenge with her new powerfully strong female muscularity.................The next morning of my wife's weightlifting workout at Christine's house, as Rosanne stood on the scale she saw that her weight had increased by another twenty pounds and that she'd grown another four inches as well! Christine must have figured that this was going to happen so she had laid out another larger set of workout clothes for my wife to wear on the exam table. The larger black T-shirt and matching black gym shorts had the; logo on them printed with bright pink letters. Rosanne thank who she thought was her new best girl friend for the clothes, and then got dressed. My wife and Christine had very little conversation that day between them, while they focused mostly on Rosanne's weight training and her nutrition diet plan needs. This continued throughout the next four days while I was on my business trip in Chicago until the weekend. Christine advised my wife to take the weekend off from her daily weightlifting workouts and just relax. Rosanne had no idea what to do with herself for two days. I had called and left another voice message on my wife's cell phone the afternoon before, letting Rosanne know that I'd be in Chicago on business for another three days. My wife was so busying working out with her new best girl friend Christine, while being so obsessed building up her own female muscularity these past forty eight hours, that Rosanne still hadn't realized that she never returned her husband's phone calls, or had even talked to me. But oddly enough my wife seemed to care more about not being able to workout with Christine for two whole days, then she cared about me, her husband Leon's absence!.............This week had been very long and hard on my wife while she worked out lifting weights at Christine's house, but Rosanne was now so totally into the whole weightlifting and female body building thing and she felt great! My wife had gained a total of sixty pounds of 100% solid muscle with 0% body fat, and now weighed 179 pounds, and was now six feet in height as well! But none of this mattered to my wife right now, because the weekend was going to be long and hard on Rosanne waiting two whole days to the following Monday morning, to continue fulfilling her new obsession of lifting weights to build up her muscles to please her husband. My wife wanted to continue working out lifting weights with Christine all weekend, but Christine had been very adamant about that and said that she had other plans to go away that weekend, and that she wasn't going to be home till late Sunday night. Christine wanted Rosanne to take the weekend off to rest up and exercise only if it was only absolutely necessary to. Saturday morning my wife found it to be more than absolutely necessary to exercise so after Rosanne put on her smallest leopard skin string bikini that showed off her new hugely ripped, extremely muscular, hyper shredded figure, she rode her bicycle 12 miles to the beach...............When my wife finally got to the beach and chained her bicycle up at the bike stand, as she walked onto the beach Rosanne enjoyed all the attention she was getting from all the people who would stop dead in their tracks, to stare and gawk at her newly incredible thickly muscular female physique. My wife knew that even though everyone on the beach would take notice of a hugely ripped, extremely muscular, hyper shredded woman in a leopard skin string bikini, some people were looking at her for pure shock value, because not everyone thought female body builders were attractive. But it didn't really matter to Rosanne if everyone at the beach found her attractive or not and she really didn't care one way or the other! It was for her husband Leon who she'd been working out hard every day with Christine lifting weights to build up her body and it was only his opinion of his wife's new hugely ripped, extremely muscular, hyper shredded body that really seriously mattered to Rosanne................When my wife got home that evening from the beach she took a shower and put on one of my old T-shirts and a pair of my boxer shorts, since most of her clothes no longer fit her bigger muscular body. Then Rosanne went downstairs to the kitchen and fixed herself a dinner of two large porterhouse steaks that she cooked rare, four baked potatoes, and a very large spinach salad. After she got done eating her large meal combine with the 24 mile bicycle trip she had taken to the beach that morning, Rosanne then went to sleep after feeling very tired................Early Sunday morning when my wife woke up in our queen sized bed she quickly got dressed in the black triple X T-shirt and gym shorts with the logo on them in bright pink letters that Christine had given her last Friday to wear. After Rosanne got dressed she then did 200 pull ups on our bedroom door frame, 200 stomach crunches and 200 push ups on our carpeted bedroom floor to warm up. Then after my wife had a huge protein packed breakfast of a dozen scrambled eggs, two pounds of bacon, and drank a gallon of whole milk, she then dusted and vacuumed our entire house. Rosanne incorporated her housework while she continued her own home weightlifting workout. As Rosanne dusted and vacuumed with her left hand, with her right hand she lifted and bench pressed our large dinning room table and chairs, our large heavy china closet, and our entire living room set including our two extremely heavy marble end tables and coffee table. Then after my wife finished she repeated her house cleaning routine again, this time bench pressing our furniture with her left hand while she dusted and vacuumed with her right hand. After Rosanne finally finished her house cleaning and our home was sparkling clean, she decided to go for a 5 mile run to the lake at the park.............After locking our front door my wife then ran down our front porch and made a right and ran 5 miles north to the park six blocks away from our house. As Rosanne ran through the park's entrance she continued running down the path towards the lake. Then while enjoying how powerfully strong her muscular legs were feeling as she continued running, my wife continued following the 2 mile path around the lake. After Rosanne ran around the lake three times while barely sweating or feeling slightly winded whatsoever, she then continued running throughout the other paths that led through the woods around the lake. As my wife continued running at her full speed throughout a path in the woods, Rosanne came across a large two ton John Deere tractor that some maintenance park attendant had left parked there after he finished his job on Saturday afternoon. My wife stopped running and stood there a moment looking at this large tractor as she wondered out loud to herself; "I wonder how heavy that tractor really is? I bet it's way too heavy for me to try and lift it." Then as Rosanne looked down at her two hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular biceps which she flexed into two gigantic muscular sized basketballs with a thick blue vein that ran across each one of her softball muscular caps, which were on top of each one of her hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular, basketball sized biceps; My wife again thought out loud to herself as she slowly continued to stare back and forth between the parked tractor and her two fully flexed, gigantic muscular biceps; "I can't really be that physically strong yet. Can I?" Then as Rosanne continued pondering this question in her mind for a few more minutes while she continued to stare back and forth between the parked tractor and her two fully flexed gigantic muscular biceps, my wife thought out loud to herself as she put down her arms and walked towards and around the tractor; "Well there's only one way to answer this question and that's for me to try and lift that tractor."...................After my wife quickly looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone else on the path she had just been running through the woods on, Rosanne quickly dropped to the ground and rolled under the tractor. Once my wife was laying on her back underneath the large two ton John Deere tractor she spread her two hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular arms wide apart as Rosanne raised her hands up and grabbed the sides of the tractor's under carriage. Then as she gritted her teeth while letting out a long loud growl, my wife slowly started pushing up on the under carriage of the large two ton John Deere tractor with her two hands. Very slowly at first the tractor's four tires started inching up off the ground till Rosanne was holding it up as she knelt on both of her powerfully strong muscular knees. "OH GOD!" My wife thought out loud to herself while holding the large two ton John Deere tractor above her head; "I THINK I'VE TAKEN ON MORE THEN I CAN SERIOUSLY HANDLE!" Then as Rosanne was still struggling trying to hold up the two ton John Deere tractor above her she heard Christine's voice in her head say in a very commanding tone; "COME ON ROSANNE LIFT THOSE GIRLIE CHICKEN WINGS OF YOURS! YOU CAN LIFT THAT TRACTOR ABOVE YOUR HEAD IF YOU REALLY TRY!" Then my wife let out such a very long powerfully loud, inhumanly animal growl as Rosanne slowly continued to lift while she slowly continued to stand up at the same time, while she still held the large two ton John Deere tractor above her head! FINALLY! My wife was now standing straight up to her full height of six feet while holding that large two ton John Deere tractor straight up above her head, with her own two hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular arms! As she continued holding that very heavy tractor above her head, Rosanne screamed at the top of her lungs which echoed around the lake and throughout the woods; "I'M TRULY A REAL LIVE FUCKING SUPER WOMAN!" That evening when I called home and talked to my wife, Rosanne said to me in a very throaty, sexy tone that she'd love to use to get me into the horny mood; "Leon I can't wait to show you how much I've bulked up in female muscularity and how physically strong I am now!" When I asked my wife to take a picture of her new bulging muscular female body with her cell phone and send it to me, Rosanne replied in that same very throaty, sexy tone; "Oh no darling you've just going to have to wait till you get home from your business trip in Chicago, to see your newly hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular super woman wife!" Then my wife said it was getting late and she needed her eight hours rest before her next weightlifting workout Monday morning at Christine's house. We then told each other how much we loved and missed each other, right before we said our goodbyes and ended our phone conversation................Early Monday morning my wife woke up, got dressed and after eating another large protein packed breakfast she headed over to Christine's house for another weightlifting workout, where Rosanne then got naked so Christine could listen to my wife's heart, take her blood pressure, and weigh and measure her. "Very good Rosanne." Christine praised my wife; "I see that you've managed to maintain yourself over the weekend. Did you workout at all?" "Yes Christine I went for a bike ride last Saturday to the beach." "Ah yes to the beach and it looks like you've gotten a nice tan." Christine replied. "A little bit." my wife said. "From the look of your tan lines I'd say that best describes your skimpy little beach attire." Christine chuckled; "But Rosanne we've not finished here yet with your female muscular transformation. You can't go showing off your newly huge muscular female physique until we've completed the entire process to please your husband." "Entire process?" My wife thought to herself as she had no idea just what the process was that Christine was putting her through. The thought of having a rock hard muscular body like a female body builders never really appealed to Rosanne before, let alone was anything that she ever actually had wanted for herself. Not to mention the fact that this was something that my wife never even asked to be part of. Yet for some strange reason Rosanne couldn't think of any reason not to be part of this, as long as it pleased me, her husband Leon who she loved dearly with all her heart and soul! Then my wife wondered to herself; "When Christine and I are finished with what she called this process, just how freaking gigantically huge in female muscularity and height, not to mention with super inhumanly strength am I going to get?".....................Christine then told my wife to lay face down on her stomach on top of the exam table. As Rosanne laid face down with her stomach on the exam table while she held herself up on her two elbows, she looked down at her breasts and couldn't believe how engorged they were now! They had to be at least a triple E cup size, which was a far cry from a week ago when they were only a small single B cup size. "Christine I have so many questions and I don't know where to begin, but is it me or are my." My wife stopped in mid sentence as she saw Christine approaching her from behind with not one, but two enormous hypodermic needles filled with the dark green vitamin serum.............. To Rosanne these two hypodermic needles filled with the dark green vitamin serum looked as large as soda cans. "Now lay down Rosanne. I need you to hold still." Christine said as my wife tightly gripped the sides of the exam table. All the thick blue veins in Rosanne's two hugely ripped, thickly hyper shredded, muscular arms were now bulging out like highways lines on a road map while all of her arm muscles flexed and swelled out to an unbelievable size for any woman to ever have! "Just relax Rosanne before you give yourself an aneurysm." "I don't believe this." My wife thought to herself; "Christine is starting to sound like my husband Leon." After Christine gave her the two double large injections of the dark green vitamin serum, Rosanne didn't remember passing out but she did remember how badly the two injections had hurt when Christine began administering them to her. There was first the intense pain, a moment of even more intense heat throughout my wife's body as the dark green vitamin serum flowed throughout her blood stream, and then Rosanne was aware that she was still laying naked on the exam table on her stomach, while Christine was giving my wife a deep tissue massage..............."You've giving me a before weightlifting workout massage now Christine?" My wife asked as she came to while her very foggy mind started to clear up. "No Rosanne we've finished for today." Rosanne was now very confused; "I don't understand Christine." "I will tell you this Rosanne." Christine said; "I gave you a much stronger dosage of the vitamin serum today and there were some very interesting effects, but not to worry. We'll pick up again tomorrow morning at 9 am." "It may sound strange to you Christine, but I feel like I've already had my daily weightlifting workout. My body is aching and I can barely move my arms and legs, but I haven't gotten off this exam table yet today and even hit the weights yet." "Rosanne I couldn't have predicted better how your body would respond so well to my vitamin serum treatments." Christine replied; "We are almost finished now for the day." "But I wanted to workout lifting weights today with you Christine." My wife complained to Christine. "Rosanne we've already had our daily weightlifting workouts." "WHAT? That's impossible Christine I just got here a little while ago at 9 am." Christine then showed my wife her watch that read 5:30 pm; "See what time it is Rosanne? We've just both spent the last 8 hours working out together lifting weights." "Oh I knew that Christine." My wife said trying to sound like she'd been joking around; "Oh Christine I was just playing around with you! Of course I remember working out lifting weights together all day long." But the truth was that my wife had no memory of what she had done, or any knowledge of where the last 8 hours of her life had gone!............As my wife raised her head and began to move her legs off the exam table, Rosanne still felt a bit wobbly but was able to get on her feet. My wife took a step towards the chair where her workout clothes were neatly folded, when Rosanne caught a glimpse of her reflection in the full length mirror. "Please indulge yourself Rosanne, you've truly earned it." Christine said; "Take a good look at the new you Rosanne and just think how your husband Leon will love your new gigantic female muscularity when you've roll playing those muscle women stories you read on" My wife began seriously looking at her own reflection in the full length mirror. Rosanne had no idea how tall she was now, but she guessed that she was way over six feet in height now. My wife's torso was now as wide as a twenty inch fully inflated truck tire, and her neck was just as largely thick with muscle as well. Rosanne's two thick muscular forearms were extremely large, and her two thickly muscular biceps were even more enormous with deep cuts of defined muscle. My wife's waist was still very slender in contrast to her two thickly muscular hips, and extremely massively long, extremely muscular hyper shredded legs. But what my wife found most strangely of all about her new, gigantic largely ripped, hyper shredded, thickly muscular physique, was the size of her breasts. Rosanne's breasts looked massive in size, in spite of how huge the rest of her gigantic largely ripped, hyper shredded, thickly muscular chest really was. My wife then turned to look at her back, which was just as gigantic largely ripped, hyper shredded, thickly muscular, and in perfect proportion to the rest of her massively muscular size. Once my wife left Christine's house and went home she excitedly continued to look at her own reflection in the full length mirror in our bedroom, as she thought to herself; "I can't wait till Leon see the new me!" End of Part 3                                                                     

Thursday, July 17, 2014

When Rosanne Met Christine!-2

The next morning my wife and I woke up together when the alarm clock went off at 7 am and we then made love together in our queen sized bed. As I grabbed my wife's upper right bicep to pull her back for another kiss as she was starting to get out of bed, I teased; "WHOA! Rosanne I think you've ready for the gun show!" "Oh stop it Leon." My wife giggled; "I'm not going to develop any big bulging muscles after only one weightlifting workout."..................After my wife came back from Christine's house that afternoon from their weightlifting workout session, Rosanne showered and got dressed then took a nap before she made a late dinner for us. My wife made me a large porterhouse steak with all the trimmings, while following the diet Christine had given her. My wife prepared for herself and ate an omelet made up of 12 egg whites, onions, diced ham, and  8 bell peppers. After my wife finished her dinner she pushed her chair away from the kitchen table and stretched her arms up, while arching her back like Rosanne normally did while she said; "I bet you never thought Leon that your skinny little wife could eat that much food in one meal. But there you have it darling!" Then after my wife let out a very loud belch as she stood up from the kitchen table she began to giggle;. "OPPS! Sorry darling." Rosanne said covering her mouth with her right hand as she saw the kitchen clock that said it was 8:30 pm; "Oh look at the time Leon.  Christine say I need to go to bed and get 8 hours of sleep to rest my body after a full day of working out lifting weights." "This early Rosanne?" I asked; "Can't we fool around awhile and make love?" "I think we could arrange that for tonight darling." My wife said as she gave me a knowingly wink with her left eye...................{TWO DAYS LATER!} While my wife was half way through her weightlifting workout with Christine at her house which now became Rosanne's daily routine while I was in Manhattan every day working in my law firm, I took the afternoon off and left the office early and headed home. That afternoon I was so extremely horny that when I got home I was going to ask my wife to look up one of those muscle women's story on;, so we could roll play into one of our famous love making sessions! I couldn't wait to get off at the Toms River train station and pick up my B.M.W. 325I and drive home. By the time I walked into our house Rosanne had just come home from Christine's house five minutes earlier after finishing her daily weightlifting workout program. "Hi sweetie how was your weightlifting workout today?" I asked as I walked through our front door. "Hi darling you've home early." My wife replied happily to see me; "My weightlifting workout today was the same as it was yesterday Leon. I pick heavy weights up and then put them down." "That's great Rosanne." I said; "It was slow at the office and I thought that if I came home early today, you could look up a muscle women's story that we could roll play with." "I think I could arrange that Leon." My wife replied as she smiled while giving me a knowingly wink; "Just give me five minutes on the Internet then we'll have our roll playing, love making session in the bedroom."...............Ten minutes later we were roll playing to a muscle women's story that Rosanne had found on the Internet about a skinny housewife wife who after taking a special women's multi-vitamin to build up her low iron level in her blood, mistakenly becomes big and strong like the She-Hulk when she get angry from a strange side effect of taking those special women's multi-vitamins. While we were in the middle of roll playing, my wife stood up with her right hand balled up into fist, on her right hip as she looked at me, while roll playing her part. Rosanne's hips were cocked with her right thigh pointing at me. I just looked at my wife who was now naked and looking quite sturdy built. My wife's balled up right fist made the blue veins in her arm stand out and her thighs and calves was actually showing signs of their larger muscle groups swimming just below the surface of her creamy white skin. As Rosanne continued roll playing her part of the story, she was starting to draw her facial muscles very tightly while her check bones stood out a bit. My wife grimaced as she spoke while playing her part of the story and for effect Rosanne would stamp her feet on the carpeted bedroom floor with each syllable she spoke while playing the part of the angry housewife, who had transformed into the even angrier She-Hulk!.............As Rosanne continued stamping her feet while roll playing her part, her calves actually started to look bigger to me then when we first started roll playing fifteen minutes earlier. I was also pretty sure that my wife's stomach had tightened up as well now too, with the same results of her abs muscles swimming just below the surface of the creamy white skin of Rosanne's flat stomach, which seemed to be tightening up and accentuating all of her other muscle groups! "Seriously Rosanne." I said now with a genuine concern after coming out of the character of the scared husband in the story ; "You really need to calm down sweetie before you give yourself an aneurysm!................"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DARLING?" My wife roared still playing her part; "I'M THE INCREDIBLE SHE-HULK!"..............."Your muscles and veins are pulsating like crazy Rosanne! Just take a look at yourself in the full length mirror!" I said now very afraid that my wife was going to have a stroke right in front of my eyes! I then walked my wife over to the full length mirror and pointed at her reflection. Rosanne looked at her reflection in the full length mirror and thought I was crazy. But as my wife looked closer at her own reflection it seemed to be reflecting what I had been saying. Rosanne was definitely more toned now then she had ever been before in her entire life and my wife's muscles seemed to continue pulsating and growing right before her very own eyes! As she continue to study her figure in the full length mirror, Rosanne carefully choose what she was about to say; "Darling there's no way I've gotten bigger and more muscular in only four days. Even Christine told me that it'll take me at least three months of seriously working out lifting weights before I develop some serious mind blowing female muscularity. Now play time is over Leon and I need to take a shower then I'll start dinner." Rosanne said like she sounded that she didn't believe herself either. I shook my head in frustration and left my wife to have her shower. An hour later when my wife came downstairs to start dinner she was wearing a blue tank top and a pair of tight blue spandex bicycle shorts. Rosanne's thighs now no longer just looked toned to me. My wife's thighs had gotten slightly bigger and slightly more hyper shredded muscular while she had showered and they now looked positively strong sticking out of her tiny tight blue shorts. Rosanne's arms were also showed some very impressive muscular cuts and definition as well!..............The next morning after my wife got to Christine's house at 9 am for her daily weightlifting workout, Rosanne waited in Christine's home gym while Christine had to make a business phone call to her warehouse about some problems she was having with her shipping department with her on line female vitamin supplement business. As my wife strolled around the gym she'd pause occasionally to reach out and pick up a random steel dumbbell. Rosanne was amazed now at how light some of these, once heavy steel dumbbells felt to her. Then while my wife stood in front of a full length mirror in Christine's home gym looking at her own reflection, while holding a fifty pound steel dumbbell in each one of her hands. As Rosanne slowly started pumping out bicep curls as her bicep muscles slowly ballooned up to a very nicely impressing, semi hard softball size................"Put those weights down right now Rosanne and follow me." Christine commanded my wife. Obediently Rosanne put the two fifty pound dumbbells back into the weight rack and followed her girl friend into the small room off Christine's home gym. After they entered the small room Christine sat down at her desk as she asked my wife to take a seat on the edge of the exam table. Then Christine turned away from Rosanne and turned on her lap top computer. As Christine began shuffling through papers on her desk as her computer loaded it's windows before coming to life. My wife continued just sitting on the edge of the exam table while she rubbed her hands across her arms, feeling her newly formed muscles with total disbelief. As Rosanne looked nervously around this small room and saw what looked like restraint belts now attached to and dangling down the side of the exam table that she was sitting on top of. My wife wondered if the restraint belts, like her muscles had been their yesterday.............After five minutes Christine got up and had a stethoscope around her thickly muscular neck and a blood pressure cuff in her right hand. After Christine had my wife sit up on the exam table and get undressed again Christine then put the two ear pieces of the stethoscope in her ears and while she held the other end under Rosanne's now slightly larger, even firmer left tit, Christine asked my wife to inhale very deeply a couple of times, then Christine asked my wife to inhale as very deeply as she could and hold her breath, so Christine could listen to Rosanne's heart beat. "AW Rosanne!" Christine said happily;  "Your heart beat beating as perfect as the ticking of a well made Swiss watch and your blood pressure is great! I must say you've in fantastic health for a 35 year old woman Rosanne." "Thanks Christine." My wife said enjoying the compliment; "I don't smoke and I always try to watch my diet." "Now please get off the exam table and step on to the scale Rosanne." Christine asked..............As my wife climbed off the exam table and walked towards the metal upright scale, she paused to look at herself naked in another full length mirror. Rosanne right away noticed in her reflection, that for the first time in five days her body was no longer smooth and soft, and it now had a more leaner look and harder feel to it. As my wife stepped onto the scale and to her surprise once Christine adjusted the weights on the scale which now balanced out at 131 pounds, Rosanne couldn't figure out how she'd gained 12 pounds in only five days when she was sticking to the strict diet Christine had put her on. Then when Christine lifted up the height ruler that was tucked inside the front of the scale, it read that my wife's height had grown two inches and she was now 5 foot 6 inches tall. "How the hell did I grow two inches in height Christine?" Rosanne asked. "Well Rosanne it's normal for a woman to gain an inch or two from stretching when she's lifting weights." Christine replied. "Oh I see." My wife said still not truly understanding why. "What about the 12 pounds I've recently gained Christine? I don't want to blow up like a fat balloon and get extremely heavy." My wife said now sounding extremely worried about her recent weight gain." "Oh don't worry Rosanne I'll never let that happen to you, after all I'm your best girl friend and personal trainer." Christine chuckled; "Besides muscle weighs more then fat does and as you continue to build up your female muscularity, you'll gain more weight well without getting fat, I promise you that. Now please get back on the exam table and lay face down on your stomach, so I could give you another vitamin injection." "OK Christine." My wife replied as she stepped off the scale and headed back towards the exam table................While my wife laid face down on her stomach on the exam table and as she causally turned her head, Rosanne noticed that the hypodermic needle filled with the dark green liquid was at least twice the size then the one Christine used on her yesterday morning. Then my wife felt a chilled pinch as Christine injected the needle in her ass. The green liquid felt very thick as it entered the thick skin tissues below her flesh, and Rosanne could actually feel the dark green liquid breaking up while it flowed throughout her blood stream. The dark green liquid seemed chillingly cold and made my wife's nipples stand erect as it continued to travel throughout her entire body................A moment later as my wife tried to get off the exam table she almost lost her balance as Rosanne felt that her equilibrium had been affected by the powerful vitamin injection that Christine had just administered her with. Christine reached out and caught my wife, which prevented Rosanne from falling on the hard tile floor. My wife's breathing became very heavy while her vision was now being affected as well. "You should be feeling normal soon Rosanne." Christine said while she was still holding my wife up in her two powerfully strong muscular arms...............My wife then stood up on her own two feet and noticed that what Christine had just said was absolutely true. Now Rosanne did in fact feel fine. Whatever the side effects of that vitamin injection that had just hit her, were now no longer there and completely gone. My wife now felt fantastic, or so she thought. Then as Rosanne began getting dressed in her T-shirt and gym shorts that she'd wore over here this morning to workout lifting weights with Christine in, were now more snug then when she first got dressed in them at home this morning. My wife was still able to fit her body into them but the gym shorts were so snug now that they looked like they were made out of very tight spandex, and Rosanne's T-shirt was straining to completely cover her torso. Both of my wife's bicep muscles were now also bulging out quite a bit which caused the material of her two short sleeves to stretch out to their max! Even Rosanne's breasts had grown two sizes larger and were pressing hard against the material of the front of her T-shirt................Christine then took my wife into her home gym and worked Rosanne out harder lifting weights, while adding more sets of reps and steel weights to each weightlifting exercise my wife did! Christine pushed Rosanne to workout harder lifting weight today, then she had worked out lifting weights the previous day. Then at the end of my wife's heavy weightlifting workout, Christine rewarded my wife with a twenty minute full body massage. As Rosanne laid on the exam table completely naked while Christine worked her magic fingers and massaged all of my wife's tired sore, throbbing bloated muscles, Rosanne closed her eyes and began to really relax, and almost fell asleep. My wife's body then stirred by Christine again, as she injected another vitamin shot in Rosanne's ass. This one had not been as thick as the one Christine had injected in her this morning, but Rosanne still felt the cool dark green liquid enter her flesh and flowing throughout her entire body as it quickly traveled throughout her blood stream. My wife still had no idea what Christine was really injecting into her but Rosanne was beginning to suspect that there was no turning back for her now, and this time my wife never came close to passing out either!..............As my wife was walking across the front lawn heading back to our house, Rosanne reached in the front pocket of her gym shorts and turned on her cell phone. Once her cell phone was on it notified my wife that she had a voice message in her mail box. When Rosanne called her voice mail box she heard my voice say; "Hi honey it's me. I stopped home earlier around 1 pm to pack a suitcase. When you weren't home I figured you were at Christine's house working out. I have to make a 5:25 pm flight out of J.F.K. airport to Chicago to defend my client on that lawsuit I've been working on. Will call you when I get checked in at my hotel. Love you Rosanne." "Oh well." My wife said to herself as she finished listening to my phone message while letting herself into our back door; "I guess I'm not getting laid tonight." Then Rosanne went upstairs to take a shower. End Of Part 2                              

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When Rosanne Met Christine!-1

I've been very happily married to my wife Rosanne for the past eighteen years. I married Rosanne right after I graduated from law school and five years after I started practicing law in a very fancy law firm in mid-town Manhattan we bought our dream home in a very exclusive New Jersey neighborhood called Sunrise Bay. My wife Rosanne who was a very attractive woman with dark Italian Mediterranean features had long shoulder length raven black hair with a very sexy 5 foot 4 inch curvy thin well toned body with very well toned thin arms and legs. Not only was I happily married for the past eighteen years to the woman of my dreams, but my wife Rosanne was always looking to try new role playing games in our bedroom to keep our sex life fresh. One day while my wife Rosanne was surfing on the Internet looking for new ideas for role playing games in our bedroom to keep our sex life fresh, she came across what she thought was a new and very interesting website; As my wife Rosanne checked out some of these muscle women stories which she found very amusingly funny she thought to herself; "I must be every man's sexual fantasy to be with a hugely powerful muscular woman. I bet Leon would seriously enjoy role playing some of these muscle women stories in our bedroom, and I'm sure they'd really get him hard!".....................That evening and on and off for the next few weeks with each muscle women story Rosanne picked off the muscle women's story website, we both enjoyed role playing that story which led to both of us fucking each other's brains out, till we both hard very powerful orgasms! "OH GOD LEON!" My wife Rosanne said while laying on her back breathing very heavy from her last very powerful orgasm; "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" "Even better darling." I replied as I took my wife Rosanne into my strong manly arms and started kissing her while I spooned her in my strong manly arms. As much as I enjoyed roll playing the stories my wife was picking out on that muscle women's story website there was something missing there for me as my wife and I acted out the current muscular women's story; MY WIFE ROSANNE WAS A SKINNY LITTLE THING THAT LACKED THE BIG BULGING MUSCLES SHE PRETENDED TO HAVE IN OUR ROLL PLAYING! And my wife Rosanne was more of a weakling in real life then the powerfully strong women she pretended to be in our roll playing muscle women stories..............One morning while I was at the office a moving van pulled up in front of the empty house next to us that had finally been sold after being for sale for the past two years. Throughout the whole day six burly moving men unloaded the moving van and carried furniture and boxes into our new neighbor's house. When Rosanne pulled into our driveway in her B.M.W. S.U.V. coming home from the grocery store and noticed the moving van in the street she thought to herself; "Oh good finally someone bought the house next door. I hope they've a nice couple for Leon and I to hang out with." As my wife Rosanne got out of her car and opened the S.U.V.'s hatchback to unload her grocery bags, a very huge, extremely thick, muscular woman came across the lawn from the house next door and said to Rosanne; "Hello I'm Christine Applegate your new neighbor and I just bought the house next door." "Hello Christine." My wife Rosanne said as she shook hands with this powerfully built muscular woman; "I'm Rosanne Davenport and my husband is Leon." "Nice to meet you Rosanne." Christine said; "Would you like to come over to my house and talk over a glass of wine sometime?" "Sure Christine." Rosanne replied; "Whenever you'd like to have me over." "How about 7:30 pm tonight?" Christine asked. "That would be great Christine since my husband Leon is going to be working late tonight at the office." "That's great Rosanne see you at 7:30 pm sharp." Christine said as she started walking back towards her house...............At 7:30 pm my wife Rosanne was standing on the front stoop as she rang Christine's front door bell. When Christine answered her front door she said happily greeting my wife; "Rosanne welcome to my home please come in." After Rosanne entered Christine's house as Christine closed the front door behind her, Christine then gave my wife a tour of her home. Christine showed my wife Rosanne her trophy case that housed Christine's eight heavy weight championship trophies that she'd won from her Ms. Olympia body building contest days. After giving Rosanne a complete tour of her home that ended with a large home gym that had every modern piece of weightlifting exercise equipment including a complete set of free steel weights, Christine escorted Rosanne into her kitchen where she had a bottle of white wine chilling in the refrigerator.............After Christine poured two glasses of white wine for her and my wife, Christine told Rosanne that with all the money she'd won from her eight heavy weight championships from her Ms. Olympia body building days, not to mention the sports endorsements she'd done afterwards, Christine opened up an on line business, that sold everything from weightlifting equipment to diet and vitamin supplements for the seriously minded physically fit female who's into working out. After Rosanne had her second glass of wine which loosened up her up a bit, she told Christina about how her and I rolled played in our bedroom to the stories we read on the muscle women's story website. After both women giggled about how silly that was, Christina reached over her kitchen table from where she sat across from my wife as she removed the gold chain from around her neck and held it in front of my wife's face as she said; "Check this out Rosanne.".................."Oh that's beautiful Christine." My wife replied as she saw a gold cut out of a female body builder doing a double bicep pose hanging on the gold chain. "Thank you Rosanne but look closer at the chain." Christine said as she slowly started swinging it back and forth in front of my wife's eyes. "Your eye lids are now growing very heavy Rosanne and you've starting to feel very sleepy now. Rosanne you've now under my hypnotic power and the only thing you hear is the sound of my voice. Do you understand Rosanne?" Christine said in a now monotone voice as she continued swinging the gold chain in front of my wife's face. "Yes I understand you." My wife now replied in a hypnotic monotone voice, while she now being hypnotized by Christine. "From this moment on Rosanne." Christine said still talking in the same monotone voice; "You'll have a burning desire in your soul to become a very powerfully strong, extremely muscular woman just to please your husband Leon. Do you understand me Rosanne?" "Yes I do!" My wife agreed in her hypnotic monotone voice. "When you awake Rosanne and I ask you if you'd like to become my new workout buddy, the burning desire in your soul to become a very powerfully strong, extremely muscular woman to please your husband Leon, will burn out of control like a wild fire and you'll agree to start working out with me tomorrow morning." Christine said still talking in her monotone voice. "Yes I do." My wife agreed again in her hypnotic monotone voice. "Good Rosanne." Christine said still talking in her monotone voice; "When I count to three and snap my fingers you'll awake and remember nothing of being hypnotized, but you will remember the hypnotic suggestion I had just given you. ONE, TWO, THREE!" Then Christine snapped her fingers in front of my wife's face as Rosanne said now out of her hypnotic trance; "Yes Christine that's a very lovely gold chain." "Thanks Rosanne I knew you'd like it." Christine said; "And oh by the way I feel funny asking you this Rosanne since we've just met, but I don't know any other women in town yet and since we've hit it off pretty good as girl friends. I was just wondering Rosanne would you like to become my new workout buddy?"...................The minute Christine asked Rosanne to become her new workout buddy, the hypnotic suggestion in my wife's mind, lit the burning desire in her soul to become a very powerfully strong, extremely muscular woman, which started burning out of control like a wild fire in my wife's soul! "Oh yes Christine I'd love to be your workout buddy and start working out with you." My wife said very excitedly as she flexed her very well toned thin right arm which caused a small golf ball sized bicep muscle to pop up; "I wouldn't mind lifting weights to build up my muscles to impress my husband Leon." "That's great Rosanne." Christine replied happily; "Let's start working out together tomorrow morning at 9 am in my home gym okay?" "COOL Christine! I'll be here tomorrow morning at 9 am sharp!" My wife excitedly agreed...............After my wife left Christine's house and headed home, Christine picked up her cell phone and dialed a phone number off my business card. When the operator answered Christine said; "Hello may I have Leon Davenport's office please." Two minutes later when I answered Christine said; "Hello Leon? This is Christine Applegate. I just want you to know that I've just met with your wife earlier tonight, and I've already hypnotized Rosanne into wanting to start working out lifting weights to building up her body like we had discussed earlier this afternoon at our meeting in your office." "That's great Christine. When are you going to start working out and training my wife in the weight room?" I asked. "Tomorrow morning at 9 am right next door in my personal home gym." Christine replied. "Great!" I said as I started fantasizing about what my wife's body was going to look like all pumped up with bulging muscles; "How long do you think it'll take before Rosanne's body is seriously hugely pumped up with a great deal of very impressing rippling bulging female muscle?" "It depends Leon on your wife's body." Christine replied; "Some women are slow gainers and some women are fast gainers when it come to building female muscle mass. I'm not going to be able to tell till we start your wife on my special vitamin serum and weightlifting exercise program." After Christine gave me a few more details of the program she was putting my wife on, we then ended our phone conversation................The next morning I got up an hour earlier then my wife did, got dressed and drove my B.M.W. 325I to the train station to catch the early train to Manhattan because I had to be in court that day defending a client. After Rosanne woke up when the alarm clock went off at 7 am, she made our bed then got dressed in a tank top and gym shorts, while being very excited to start her first body building workout with her new girl friend Christine. After having a quick high protein breakfast of four scrambled eggs and toast with a cup of coffee, my wife headed next door at 8:55 am to start working out with her new girl friend Christine lifting weights to build up her body. Christine said as she answered her front door and saw Rosanne standing there at 9 am sharp; AW right on time Rosanne." Then when Christine put her hugely thick, muscular right arm around my wife's skinny shoulders to escort her into the house, she said while shutting the front door behind them; "Ready to get pump up and become a powerfully strong, ripped muscle woman to please your husband?" "You bet I am Christine!" Rosanne replied with an extremely happily tone in her voice............First Christine took my wife into a smaller room right off her home gym. In this small room was an massage table, a large metal up right scale with adjustable weights measure a person's exact weight and height, a desk, and a glass cabinet with visible vials that contained a dark green liquid inside. "OK Rosanne." Christine said as she picked up a clipboard off the desk; "Please get undressed and step onto the scale please." My wife looked around for a while feeling very vulnerable and helpless for a moment, before she got undressed in front of her new girl friend Christine and stepped onto the scale. After Rosanne stepped onto the scale Christine adjusted the weights and raised the height bar to measure my wife's height and weight. "OK Rosanne." Christine replied as she wrote my wife's current weight and height on her clipboard; "You've 5 feet 4 inches tall and currently weigh 119 pounds." Then after Christine took a tape measure and measured my wife's entire body to get Rosanne's complete current body measurements, she then had my wife lay on her stomach face down on the massage table. While Rosanne was laying on her stomach face down on the massage table, Christine unlocked the glass cabinet with a key and took out a large hypodermic needle and a vial that contained the dark green liquid. After Christine filled the large needle with the dark green liquid, she then injected it into my wife's ass. AW THAT FUCKING HURT!" Rosanne said as she rubbed her sore butt cheek with her left hand, from the injection Christine had just given her; "What the hell did you just inject me with Christine?" "Oh it's just a special vitamin injection I give all my," Christine paused for a moment to catch herself from saying the word clients; "Best girl friends who want to workout lifting weights with me to build up their bodies. "OH COOL!" Was all my wife replied.................After her vitamin injection Rosanne did a complete weightlifting workout with Christine in her home gym, that worked out every major muscle group on my wife's entire body. Rosanne worked her legs, chest, arms, back, shoulders, neck, and abs. After she finished her weightlifting workout Rosanne was very sore but still felt incredible afterwards! After several hours of working out lifting weights together, my wife agreed to come over to Christine's house again at 9 am tomorrow morning to workout lifting weights, right before Rosanne said goodbye and thanked her new best girl friend Christine for the weightlifting workout. After my wife got home she ate a very healthy meal and Rosanne slept heavier that night then she had ever had before in her entire life!.............When I got home late that night from the office where I was stuck doing paperwork after spending all day in court, I found my wife sound asleep and snoring loudly in our queen sized bed. I just quietly got undressed and slipped under the covers, while I cuddled up behind Rosanne's sleeping body. As I fell asleep I dreamed about how smoking hot my wife's new muscular body was going to look like all pumped up with hugely ripped, womanly bulging muscles! End Of Part 1      

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Mother Just Got Paroled From Prison!-The Final Chapter!

At 5:30 am Gail Foster drove into the parking lot of the lake near The Sea Pines Trailer Park where my mother lived with her extremely gigantic, super thickly ripped, hyper shredded muscular mother sitting in the passenger seat next to her. After parking her Jeep Liberty behind some large pine trees that led to a dirt road that headed towards the back of the trailer park right behind my mother's trailer so it wouldn't be seen from the lake's parking lot, Gail Foster put her car in park and turned off the motor. My mother's parole officer Gail Foster for the past four weeks while her own mother, Norma Peterson was training at The Cast Iron Bitch Gym, had been secretly spying on us so Gail Foster could learn my mother's daily workout schedule, which would help in the planning of her own now gigantic hugely muscular, very deadly, inhumanly powerfully strong, killing machine mother, to find the right moment to destroy and kill Betty-Jo Manson. As they both saw me riding my mother like a horse while I was whipping her to run even faster around the lake, Norma Peterson casually asked her daughter while she sat back in the passenger seat; "Gail you want me to get out of the car right now and kill Betty-Jo Manson then drop her destroyed body into the lake?" "Not yet mother." Gail Foster replied as she saw a couple of people walking their dogs and another couple of others people running around the lake; "There are too many witnesses out here by the lake. Our best plan of attack would be after Betty-Jo Manson and her son David get back to her trailer so we could get them separated from each other." Then Gail Foster said with a girlish giggle in her voice; "That way mother you could kill and totally destroy Betty-Jo Manson on the back deck of her trailer while I keep her son David busy inside the trailer, and after it's all over I'll make that gorgeous hunk of  man all my own!" "Gail?" Norma Peterson asked her daughter with a serious tone in her voice while she arched her eye brows while looking at her; "What makes you seriously think that after David Manson had been around his mother's smoking hot muscular body all this time, that after this is all over he'd want to be with your short squat, very over weight body, that's carrying most of it's weight in your flabby protruding, fat pot belly, hips and flabby sagging ass?" "BECAUSE MOTHER!" Gail Foster said now getting very angry because her mother knew how sensitive she was about her weight; "I'm not planning on being this out of shape and over weight in the near future when I'm with David. I've also arranged with the same doctor who gave you the Atomic Achieve 3000 serum treatment four weeks ago to use the same serum on me right after this is all over."....................As soon as Gail Foster and Norma Peterson saw me now riding my mother like a horse extremely hard down the path in the woods that led back to my mother's trailer while I was whipping her even more extremely harder then before, Gail Foster waited another ten minutes to give us a head start to reach my mother's trailer before she said very excitedly while starting the car's motor; "OK MOM! IT'S SHOW TIME!" Then after Gail Foster shifted her Jeep Liberty into four wheel drive, she slowly drove her car through the same wooded path that my mother and I had just taken back to my mother's trailer. After Gail Foster parked her Jeep Liberty deep in the woods, but near enough to my mother's trailer so they see the back deck where my mother had her daily weightlifting workouts, and could also make a fast get away after Norma Peterson killed and destroyed my mother. After Gail Foster parked and turned off the motor, she leaned over to reach for her purse in the back, and as she removed her hand gun and cell phone from her purse said; "OK Mother we've going to do it just like we had planned to. First I'll sneak up to the trailer and after I have David Manson safely out of the way I'll text you with the message; "KILL AND DESTROY BETTY-JO MANSON NOW!" "Then while Betty-Jo Manson is busy working out lifting her weights on the back deck, you attack, GOT IT!" "Yes Gail I know what to do, but what's the gun for?" As Gail Foster opened up the driver side car door and got out, she said; "To make David Manson forcibly do what I ask him to do, and also for backup just in case you fuck up mother in trying to destroy and kill Betty-Jo Manson." "I WON'T FUCK UP GAIL!" Norma Peterson said now getting very angry that her own daughter had just insulted her, after all she had put herself through these past four weeks just to help her only daughter. After Gail Foster got out and closed the car door, she quickly disappeared into the woods while heading towards the back of Betty-Jo Manson's trailer...............As Gail Foster slowly and quietly sneaked through the woods that were behind my mother's trailer, she carefully watched both mine and my mother's activities on the back deck for awhile. While I was setting up every one of my mother's weightlifting exercises and adding additional amounts of steel weight disks to each set of reps she lifted, while my mother was busy pumping out her next set of reps, I would go back into the trailer through the glass sliding door. After Gail Foster watched us closely for an hour, she continued slowly and quietly sneaking through the woods till she came along to the left side of my mother's trailer then reached the front door. After using a lock pick to unlock the front door, Gail Foster slowly and quietly opened the front door and sneaked inside then hid behind my mother's old very worn living room sofa, and watched and waited till Gail Foster and her mother were ready to make their moves!..................In between each set of reps I'd set my mother up in her weightlifting exercises, I'd go back into her trailer and do some of the housework. Currently I was doing our laundry in the small room off the kitchen where the washer and dryer were kept. After Gail Foster text her mother; "KILL AND DESTROY BETTY-JO MANSON NOW!" Gail Foster then quickly moved into the kitchen and came up behind me in the laundry room and said while holding her gun in my back; "Don't make any sound whatsoever David to alert your mother or I'll be forced to shoot you. Now move slowly and keep your hands where I could see them." "Yes Ms. Foster." Was all I replied as she steered me out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom. After we entered the bathroom Gail Foster closed the lid on our toilet and made me sit down, while she locked the bathroom door behind her as she still held her hand gun on me..............As soon as Norma Peterson got her daughter's text message she moved very silently fast through the woods behind my mother's trailer and approached the right side of the back deck behind my mother's weightlifting bench, where my mother was laying down and slowly pumping up and down a very large barbell that held 340 pounds of steel weight disks on each side of her extremely heavy barbell. Norma Peterson quickly moved and jumped over the railing of the back deck with such fast speed and agility as she came up behind my mother while she was busy working out doing bench presses on her weight bench. Then before my mother knew what was happening, a very gigantic hugely muscular woman with an auburn flat top crew cut stood directly above from behind my mother's weight bench as she quickly grabbed the heavy 680 pound steel barbell with both her strong powerful hands, and with her now super inhuman strength pushed the heavy steel barbell down hard on my mother's chest which started crushing my mother's extremely huge muscular water melon sized tits! My mother now started struggling like hell trying to lift the heavy 680 pound steel barbell up off her chest with all her strength while her face started turning a dark red in color because Norma Peterson's super inhuman strength continued to press down on my mother's chest with such an unbelievable vice like grip that my mother could now barely breath! "Come on Betty-Jo you've got to do better then that if you want to be recorded in all the world record books as the strongest woman in the world. Try pushing up on your barbell harder, COME ON B.J., NO PAIN NO GAIN!" Norma Peterson said laughing as she watched how pitiful my mother now was struggling hard to try and work against her super inhuman strength. "WHO ARE YOU?" My mother said while she was choking as she was gasping badly for oxygen to breath. "Oh B.J. you don't remember your good friend and neighbor Norma Peterson?" Norma said pretending to have hurt feelings. Then Norma Peterson said as she ripped the heavy 680 pound steel barbell out of my mother's hands and tossed it into the woods where it landed hard making a loud metal banging sound in the woods; "Come on B.J. I'm going to give you a real tough physical fitness test to see how physical fit you really are you little bitch!"..................Then Norma Peterson grabbed my mother with her left hand by her light pink bra, and lifted my mother up off her weight bench and onto her feet. While Norma Peterson continued to hold on to my mother's light pink bra with her left hand while my mother still felt extremely dizzy from the lack of oxygen when she was choking, Norma Peterson then hit my mother directly in the face with an upper right cut that was such an inhuman powerfully strong punch, it sent my mother's hugely ripped, very deeply tanned, thickly hyper shredded muscular female body flying backwards, and crashing through the side of her trailer into her bedroom! As my mother slowly got up from her bedroom carpeted floor while she started wiping the blood away from her nose she got very angry as she said; "THAT BITCH BROKE MY FUCKING NOSE!" Then my mother rushed out of the broken bedroom wall of the trailer she'd just crashed through with both her fists ready to fight! As my mother rushed as fast as she could to hit Norma Peterson, Norma just counter clocked my mother by jumping up and with both of her feet, then kicked my mother in her thick hyper shredded rock hard muscular stomach and broke two of her ribs, while it sent my mother crashing through the glass sliding door and sliding across the kitchen floor, till my mother crashed her head into a corner of the kitchen cabinets which cracked her head open!.................From hearing the loud crashing sounds outside on the back deck and their conversation from the open bathroom window, I could tell my mother was having a fight with Norma Peterson, and very badly losing as Norma was beating the shit out of my mother! I knew I had to do something and fast before Norma Peterson killed my mother, then an idea came to me on how to get away from being held captive in the bathroom by my mother's parole officer Gail Foster. I slowly started getting up from where I was sitting on the closed toilet lid. "Where do you think you've going David?" Gail Foster asked as she pointed her hand gun directly in my face. "Oh I just have this itch that's driving me crazy on my back Ms. Foster." I replied as I reached my left hand behind my back. "OK David hurry up and scratch your itch then sit back down till I tell you it's okay to get up again." Gail Foster said in a commanding tone. "Yes ma'am." I replied as I fully stood up and started scratching my back. Then before Gail Foster knew what had hit her, my left fist came out from behind my back and hit Gail Foster so hard and squarely in the face, that it sent her wheeling backwards into the bathroom tub, while her hand gun was knocked out of her right hand. After I quickly caught Gail Foster's hand gun, she got up out of the bathroom tub and while she wiped the blood from her nose screamed as she rushed towards me; "YOU FUCKING BASTARD YOU BROKE MY NOSE!" Then before I realized what happened next, Gail Foster's hand gun went off in my hand and shot her directly in the forehead! For a moment Gail Foster just stood there with a bewildered look on her face as she said; "Oh David why did you shoot me? All I wanted to do was make love to you." Then Gail Foster's body collapsed in a dead bloody heap back into the bath tub!...................I then quickly unlocked and ran out the bathroom door to the kitchen, where I found my mother's hugely ripped, very deeply tanned, thickly hyper shredded, muscular body laying in a pool of her own blood, and as she looked up at me with her two now glassy eyes, she said while choking on her own blood; "I can't defeat Norma Peterson she's just too physically inhumanly strong!" Then another idea crossed my mind which I thought was a slim chance at best, to help my mother beat Norma Peterson. I quickly took out my I-Phone and opened up the app to the electric dog collar that I made my mother wear. After I set the app all the way up till it reached it's limit of a super strong electrical shock, my mother's very bruised, bloody, and banged up hugely ripped, very deeply tanned, thickly hyper shredded, muscular body bounced back to life with such an unbelievable amount of electrical shock body energy, that she ran out of the shattered glass sliding door screaming loudly; "NORMA!" When Norma Peterson turned around in complete surprise of my mother screaming her name, my mother jumped up and slammed both her super strong electrical charged hands at the same time on Norma Peterson's huge thickly muscular left tit. With such an unbelievable amount of electrical charge coming from my mother's hands, it caused Norma Peterson's pacemaker to explode in her chest like an atomic bomb! Norma Peterson's pacemaker exploded so violently in her chest, that it sent my mother flying backwards and landing hard on her back on top her weight bench while at the same time it sent Norma Peterson's gigantic, inhumanly huge, ripped hyper shredded, muscular female body 500 feet straight up in the air like a rocket, then Norma Peterson crashed landed on top of and crushed her daughter's Jeep Liberty parked in the woods which caused the loud car alarm to go off wildly! "Quick master David." My mother said as she slowly sat up on her weight bench; "Pack us both a bag with clothes and let's get the hell out of here before the police arrive." I quickly did what I was asked and then helped my mother into the passenger seat of my pickup truck, then we drove away from my mother's trailer as fast as I could!.................There is more to this story, but being that both my mother and I are now on the lamb running from the police, I can't tell you where we went. What I can tell you though is that I'm still my mother's personal trainer, and she's still training to become the strongest woman ever recorded in all the worlds record books! The End!                                                                                                    

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Mother Just Got Paroled From Prison!-5

FOUR WEEKS LATER: Gail Foster was in an extremely good mood for a number of reasons as she drove her Jeep Liberty across town to pick up her now very deadly lethal, inhumanly powerfully strong, human killing machine, hugely thick, extremely muscular engorged mother at The Cast Iron Bitch Gym. The first reason was that today was that very soon after four long weeks of waiting that Gail Foster would have her revenge on Betty-Jo Manson for selling crack cocaine 11 years ago, to her son Timmy that he had over dosed on which killed him immediately, and for almost accidentally killing her 79 year old mother by causing her to have a major heart attack, by physically blowing up her pacemaker during a massive 69 lick and suck that got Norma Peterson too sexually excited for her own good! Tonight when Gail Foster brought her now very deadly lethal, inhumanly powerfully strong, human killing machine Incredible She-Hulk mother home, Gail Foster was going to have mother beat up and physically destroy Betty-Jo Manson to the point that she was dead! Gail Foster not only wanted her huge extremely engorged muscular mother to destroy Betty-Jo Manson, but make her physically suffer in extreme pain as well to the point that Betty-Jo Manson would pray for her own death!..............The second reason why Gail Foster was in such an extremely good mood was that earlier today she received a phone call from her mother's Olympic weightlifting coach, her mother's Tae Kwon Do coach, and her mother's boxing coach, who all gave her fantastic praise on how fast a learner Norma Peterson was, not to mention how fast she mastered and completed every thing that Norma Peterson was training for. But what Gail Foster didn't know about The Cast Iron Bitch Gym and why she got her mother's four week gym membership including her mother's three personal trainer at such a cheap price, was that The Cast Iron Bitch Gym was a very privately exclusive all women's body building gym that was closely associated with the local chapter of; "The Aryan Lesbian Sisterhood Of The Nazi Cast Iron Bitches!" Who were always looking for more powerfully strong, lesbian muscular white women to train, so they could inflate their already large white lesbian Aryan female army to fight and win their war for anti Semitism, . In only four weeks time not only did The Cast Iron Bitch Gym get Gail Foster's mother into the incredible great shape Gail wanted her mother to be in, but they also turned her mother into an anti-Semitic lesbian Nazi Cast Iron Bitch as well! .................The third and most important reason for Gail Foster's extremely good mood was David Manson, her parolee Betty-Jo Manson's son. Ever since Gail Foster met David Manson four weeks earlier at his mother's trailer when she went their for Betty-Jo's weekly parole visit, Gail Foster couldn't get him out of her mind. From their first time they met, Gail Foster for the first time in sixteen years since she had met her now ex-husband, fell in love and every time she thought of David Manson, Gail Foster's heart would beat very fast while she got very wet in her vagina. And after Gail Foster had her super inhumanly strong mother destroy Betty-Jo Manson once and for all, she was going to keep David for her very own sexual lover!...................As Gail Foster turned onto a gravel road off route 35 in Little Egg Harbor, that led deeply into the woods and stopped a half a mile at a large semi-rusty metal building that housed the gym, with a sign above the main entrance that read in large letters; "THE CAST IRON BITCH GYM!" With another large sign on the front door that also read in large letters; "NO MEN ALLOWED PASS THIS POINT!" As Gail Foster parked in front of the gym and got out of her car, she realized that she had never been inside this gym before. After shopping on line with her lap top computer for an affordable four week gym membership and personal trainers, she bought her mother a four week package gym membership with three personal trainers at; "The Cast Iron Bitch Gym," reasonably cheap...............When Gail Foster entered the gym and walked to the main desk where a hugely ripped, muscular woman that wore her blond hair in a flat top crew cut style, who was wearing a sleeveless black T-shirt that was form fitting to her thickly muscular upper body and a pair of green army camouflage pants with black boots. On this very tough blond dyke's right arm was a large tattoo of a Swastika tattooed in the middle of her right thickly bulging muscular bicep, and as she held up her right thickly muscular right arm said; "Greetings from the Aryan Sisterhood Of Nazi Cast Iron Bitches and welcome to our gym! I'm Alex." "Hello Alex. I'm Gail Foster, Norma Peterson's daughter. I got a call earlier today from a Sammy, who said my mother had completed her training and was ready to be picked up." "Oh I know Sammy." This strange lesbian Nazi said happily; "She's my best 69 lick and suck buddy!" Then this strange lesbian Nazi said as she pointed towards her left; "Your mother's waiting for you in our private gym down the hall. And I just got to say that Norma's sure one hell of an Aryan woman! If it wasn't for the fact that Sammy was such a very jealous, possessive lesbian bitch over me, not to mention she out weighs me in muscular weight by fifty pounds, I think I'd try to have a 69 lick and suck dance with Norma." "Glad to hear that and it was nice meeting you." Gail Foster said as she started to hurry to the private gym down the hallway to get away from this crazy Nazi lesbian bitch!................As Gail walked down the long hallway towards the private gym, she'd stop and look in the window's of the other rooms along the way. At one window Gail Foster saw three other very muscular lesbian women wearing their hair also in a flat top crew cut style and wearing the same military outfit that Alex at the front desk was wearing, with a large tattoo of a Swastika tattooed on the each one of their thickly bulging muscular biceps. These three lesbian women were firing automatic rifles at targets on the firing range. Then as Gail Foster continued walking down the long hallway towards the private gym as she passed two more window that looked into two more rooms. The next window Gail Foster looked into she saw three women who were dressed just like Alex was in a sleeveless black T-shirt and green army camouflage pants with black boots sitting in barber chairs, while getting their longer hair cut short into what looked like the standard flat top crew cut style that was so popular in The Cast Iron Bitch Gym. While two other hugely thick, muscular women were sitting at tables with their right hugely hyper shredded, thickly muscular biceps leaning out as they were getting a large Swastika tattooed on them, by two other hugely hyper shredded, thickly muscular, flat top crew cut, lesbian tattoo artists. "WHAT THE HELL KIND OF AN ALL WOMEN'S GYM IS THIS THAT I GOT MY MOTHER A GYM MEMBERSHIP IN?" Gail Foster wondered to herself as she continued walking down the hallway towards the private gym to meet her mother.............When Gail Foster finally entered the private gym at the end of the hallway as she looked around she couldn't believe how big this room was, not to mention how it had every piece of modern exercise weight lifting equipment in the world, including a number of racks of free weights with weight benches and a set of both barbell and dumbbell bars to go with each weight bench, she thought to herself in total amazement at how well stocked this gym was; "I bet this place has more exercise equipment then even Gold's Gym has." As Gail Foster continued looking around this huge gym for her mother, she only saw a very hugely, thick, engorged hyper shredded, muscular woman with an auburn flat top crew cut working out doing pull up on a bar with her back to Gail Foster. This very hugely thick, engorged hyper shredded, muscular woman with an auburn colored flat top crew cut was so gigantically large in female muscularity, that her gigantically huge muscular curvy body looked more beyond any normal reasoning that any woman could ever get that extremely hugely gigantic, in female muscularity.............As Gail Foster continued looking around the private gym for her mother, her eyes continued to come back to this huge muscular beast of a woman doing pull up on the bar totally naked while she was sweating very heavy as she loudly grunted out counting the amount of pull ups she was doing; "1,090, UGH! 1,091, UGH! 1,092 UGH!, 1,093 UGH!" As Gail continued watching this muscular monster of a woman doing pull ups, she noticed a huge Swastika on her freakishly muscular back as well as one on her inhumanly gigantic muscular right bicep. Above the huge Swastika on this inhumanly freakishly muscular woman's back, was tattooed in large letters; "QUEEN OF THE ARYAN SISTERHOOD OF NAZI CAST IRON BITCHES!" "1,094, UGH!, 1,095 UGH! 1,096 UGH! 1,097, UGH!" Grunted this inhumanly muscular monster of a woman while she continued doing pull ups which Gail Foster continued to watch in between looking around the gym for her mother. "I wouldn't want to run into that muscular monster of a woman in a dark alley." Gail Foster said as she continued watching this muscular female monster working out doing pull ups, as she loudly grunted; "1,098, UGH! 1,099 UGH! 2,000, UGH!" After this hugely thick, gigantic tattooed, muscular female monster pumped out her 2000TH pull up she then dropped down to the gym mat on the floor and Gail Foster couldn't believe that this hugely thick, gigantic tattooed, muscular Aryan lesbian monster, could have so much swollen and bloated solid muscle packed so tightly onto her five foot five inch body. When this woman turned to pick up a towel she had near by hanging on the weight rack to wipe off her extremely sweaty body with, Gail Foster was shockingly surprised when she saw her face as she thought to herself; "HOLY SHIT! NOT ONLY DID THEY TRAIN MY MOTHER AT THE CAST IRON BITCH GYM INTO BECOMING A VERY DEADLY, INHUMANLY POWERFULLY STRONG, HUMAN KILLING MACHINE, BUT THEY ALSO MADE MY MOTHER THEIR ARYAN QUEEN OF THE SISTERHOOD OF NAZI CAST IRON BITCHES AS WELL!"......................Just as Gail Foster was about to pass out from the shock of her mother now becoming a lesbian, white racist Aryan, Nazi Cast Iron Bitch, Norma Peterson turned and said while she kept toweling her heavy sweat off her extremely swollen and bloated, hugely thick, gigantic, tightly packed muscular tattooed body; "Oh hello Gail I must have lost all track of time. I didn't know you had already arrived to pick me up." Then as Norma Peterson went into an unbelievable awesome double bicep pose that fully swelled out and flexed both her hugely gigantic, thickly packed muscular biceps to their three level full size, with a thick blue vein running across the top of Norma Peterson's soft ball sized muscular bicep caps, she causally asked her daughter; "So how do like the way The Cast Iron Bitch Gym trained  your new and improved very deadly, inhumanly powerfully strong, human killing machine mother? I hope you got your money worth Gail." "Hello mother." Gail Foster said still feeling a little shaken up while trying to recover from her current shockingly surprise, of her mother becoming a lesbian, white racist Aryan, Nazi Cast Iron Bitch, let alone becoming their queen!..............."Mom how could you join such a racist group?" Gail Foster asked with a very upsetting tone in her voice; "Up to a month ago you were a Tea Party Republican!" "Oh you mean the Aryan Sisterhood Of Nazi Cast Iron Bitches?" Norma Peterson casually answered her daughter's question; "Well you know Gail how I like to read before I go to bed every night. When I asked one of my personal trainers for something to read she gave me a large hard covered book about their club, and after I read it from cover to cover it opened my eyes on how women are truly the stronger sex in this country. So I decided to join their cause, and since I've become the most physically fit, powerfully strong, muscular woman they've ever seen, not to mention now the most extremely deadly, inhumanly powerfully strong, human killing machine in the history of The Aryan Sisterhood Of Nazi Cast Iron Bitches, they elected me their queen!" "That's great mother." Gail Foster said sounding even more unhappy about having her mother join a white racist Aryan, Nazi Cast Iron Bitch club; "Now to change the subject mom, we need to plan our attack on how you've going to destroy Betty-Jo Manson."..................."I want to get it done as soon as possible Gail." Norma Peterson replied; "Because after it's over and I have destroyed Betty-Jo Manson, I'm going to sell my trailer and move into a cabin in the Aryan Nazi Sisterhood Of The Cast Iron Bitches compound, so as their queen I could rule over my faithful, white Aryan lesbian subjects." "Okay mother anything you say, but right now we need to go." Gail Foster said. "Not a problem Gail." Norma Peterson replied; "Just let me take a shower and get dressed then we could leave and get operation; DESTROY BETTY-JO MANSON UNDERWAY!" Then Norma Peterson turned and headed to the women's locker room where she showered and dressed in the standard Aryan Nazi Sisterhood Of The Cast Iron Bitches uniform, a very tight black sleeveless T-shirt that fit very snug on her hugely gigantic, muscular upper body, a pair of green army camouflage pants, and black boots. Then Norma Peterson marched out of the women's locker room with her arms back and her chest puffed out very proudly, like a true Aryan Nazi Cast Iron Bitch should, and as she said to her daughter; "Okay Gail it's time to roll and start planning Betty-Jo Manson's total destruction!" Then Norma Peterson marched all the way outside till she reached the passenger side of her daughter's Jeep Liberty! Once they were on the road, they headed back to Gail Foster's apartment to plan their attack!...................By the time they reached Gail Foster's apartment it was 7:30 pm, and as Norma Peterson and entered the apartment with her daughter, my own mother was in her bed falling into a very deep sleep, from the four powerful sleeping pills that I had put into my mother's evening high protein shake. My mother slept very soundly that night while Gail Foster and Norma Peterson started planning what they called; "Operation Destroy Betty-Jo Manson!" Late into the early morning hours of the following day. End Of Part 5