Monday, November 3, 2014

A Mother Out Muscles Her Daughter!-8

A week later on a very warm sunny Saturday afternoon in June while unbeknown to me my wife Lucy was in a very large silver steel orb spinning around at hyper speed at The 21ST Century Gym, I was in heavy thought as I mowed the front lawn at my mother in law's sister Emily house while I was waiting for Ethel to get home from having her daily weightlifting workout at her nephew Charlie's gym. As I was pushing the lawn mower around Emily's yard, the more I thought about my mother in law's growing female muscularity the bigger my obsession for wanting a muscular woman became. My mother in law had gotten so freakishly huge and muscular these past nine months, not to mention she continues to grow even more freakishly muscular on a daily bases, that it would be very easy for Ethel to prove on September 6TH, 2015 that she could develop the most female muscle mass, as well as being the strongest and most physically fit, and possibly could most certainly out flex and pose my wife Lucy in a bikini, and win the $5,000.00 prize while being crowned; "The Alpha Female Of The House." Then I thought about my wife who I haven't seen in almost three months since that night when she came home early from the Steel Magnolia Gym, and showed me her current female muscular development then. Lucy looked very good then and she had another three months to seriously continue with her daily weightlifting workouts, and my wife seemed to develop her female muscularity almost as fast as her mother did. What if in these past three month my wife had surpassed her own mother in female muscularity and won the title of; "The Alpha Female Of The House", and my mother in law lost? I would be with the loser for the rest of my life while my smoking hot red headed muscular champion, soon to be ex-wife leaves me for her personal trainer Troy Steele. I know I had promised my mother in law that I'd never leave her to go back to her daughter Lucy, but now I was having second thoughts about being with Ethel..............But my mother in law on the other hand was working out like crazy at her nephew Charlie's gym seven days a week while doubling, then tripling her daily doses of that Canadian steroid she'd been taking on a daily bases. Besides helping my mother in law develop a freakishly muscular female physique with super human strength, those Canadian steroids that Ethel has been religiously injecting into herself at least ten or twelve times a day during her daily weightlifting workouts seemed to have another physical effect on her as well! Since my mother in law's freakishly huge, thickly ripped, muscular body was 100% solid muscle with 0% body fat, Ethel's hugely growing female muscularity had pulled her creamy white skin so extremely tightly taut, that she no longer had any wrinkles whatsoever, which now gave my mother in law the physical appearance of a much younger looking woman then her true age of 57 years old. My mother in law now looked at least several years younger then her own daughter and could pass for Lucy's younger sister easier then as her own mother. In fact my mother in law could now pass as her own younger sister Emily's daughter, easier then passing for Emily's older sister who in reality was 6 years older then Emily was! I was very much in turmoil over which hugely thick muscular woman I seriously wanted to spend my life with, my mother in law Ethel or my wife Lucy, and even though I had promised my mother in law in a heat of sexual passion that I'd leave her daughter for her, I really wouldn't be sure which hugely thick, ripped muscular woman I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with, until September 6TH, 2015, depending on which one was crowned; "The Alpha Female Of Our House."................I had just finished mowing Emily's lawn and as I was putting her lawn mower back into her garage I heard the loud sound of truck's motor pulling up in front of Emily's house. A bright red Ford 350 pickup truck with blacked out windows on monster tires pulled up in front of Emily's house and when the passenger door opened, I heard my mother in law's voice say, as her hugely thick, ripped muscular female body started climbing out of the monster truck; "Thanks for the ride home Charlie. I'll see you tomorrow bright and early at the gym." "You've welcome aunt Ethel." A hugely thick muscular man said from the driver seat; "Always glad to have an extremely physically fit muscular woman like you at my gym. I really wish more of my female clients were as heavily into their weightlifting workouts like you are aunt Ethel you've a true female champion in the making, a real super woman." After they said their goodbyes my mother in law shut the passenger door to her nephew Charlie's monster pick up truck and started walking up Emily's driveway towards where I was in the garage while Charlie drove away...................My mother in law who was wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt that had stenciled in big white letters across her massively huge chest; "ONCE YOU GO JACK YOU NEVER GO BACK!" Which fit so tightly across her hugely thick, ripped muscular upper body that it looked like it was spray painted on, with a matching pair of very tight, black spandex bicycle shorts that also looked like they were spray painted on her lower, hugely thick, ripped muscular torso and thighs. As I drank in the beauty of my mother in law's freakishly huge, extremely beautiful female muscularity, all doubts lift my mind and I knew I was with the future champion of; "The Alpha Female Of Our House." "Hello my sexy younger Cuban lover." Ethel said as she wrapped her two freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular arms around my waist and pulled me in tight for a long romantic kiss. After our long romantic kiss I asked as Ethel continued to hold me tightly in her two freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular arms; "Darling how was your weightlifting workout today?" "Not bad Ricky but it could have been a lot better. I think I'll have to find another gym to workout in soon." My mother in law replied; "My nephew Charlie's gym has such old, out of date weightlifting equipment which now seems too light for me and it's not giving me enough challenge when I'm lifting it. To continue building up my female muscularity even larger then it is now Ricky I'll need to lift even heavier amounts of weights then I have been in the past." Then as my mother in law pulled me in closer again for another long romantic kiss an idea crossed Ethel's mind. After our second long romantic kiss my mother in law asked me; "Ricky how heavy is your pickup truck?" "Oh it's a three and a half ton pickup Ethel." I replied; "But as freakishly huge and muscular as you are darling, I'm quite sure even you couldn't lift my pickup truck up off the ground." "We'll see about that Ricky." My mother in law said as she dropped her two freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular arms to her sides, and started walking out of Emily's garage and across the driveway towards my pickup truck and I quickly followed her worrying about if Ethel would damage my pickup truck with her inhumanly super female brute strength!..................As my mother in law approached my pickup truck that was parked at the end of her sister Emily's driveway, she dropped her hugely massively muscular female physique on to the driveway and rolled underneath my pickup truck. As Ethel was laying on her back underneath my pickup truck, she raised both her two powerfully strong, huge massively thick, muscular arms up till she got a very good grip on my pickup trucks chassis with her two hands. "Okay Ricky are you ready to see if I'm strong enough to lift up your pickup truck?" "Yea go for it Ethel." I replied sounding a little worried about my beloved pickup truck. "Okay Ricky." My mother in law said excitedly from underneath my pickup truck; "On the count of three 1,2,3!" Then from underneath my pickup truck Ethel let out a very inhumanly low growl as she slowly started pushing up on the chassis while she moved forward at the same time kneeling on the driveway. As my mother in law slowly started moved forward on her knees all four tires of my pickup truck slowly started leaving the ground at the same time! While Ethel was kneeling underneath my pickup truck it's four tires were about three and a half feet off the ground. Then as my mother in law let out an even louder inhumanly growl that sounded like an angry female Gorilla, Ethel quickly stood up on both her two feet to her full height of five foot six inches while she held both her hugely ripped, massively thick muscular arms straight up in the air with my pickup truck suspended above her head, then she started bench pressing my pickup truck up and down above her head. I couldn't believe my own two eyes! My mother in law was easily bench pressing my three and a half ton Ford pickup truck above her own head like it was as light as a feather!................As my mother in law was demonstrating her inhumanly super female brute strength to me outside in her sister Emily's driveway, at the same time Troy Steele was walking into The 21ST Century Gym to check up on my wife's computerized body building progress, while Lucy was still inside the large silver steel orb, that still continued spinning at hyper speed. "OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?" Troy Steele said excitedly out loud to himself in the empty gym when he saw my wife's current computer results which were shockingly way off the charts of any results that he'd had ever seen before in this computerized government physical fitness program; I SHOULD HAVE NEVER USED THIS EXPERIMENTAL, VERY HIGHLY DANGEROUS GOVERNMENT PROGRAM ON LUCY! IF SHE'S STILL ALIVE BY THE TIME HER COMPUTER BODY BUILDING WORKOUT PROGRAM ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2015, LUCY RICARDO WILL NO LONGER BE A NORMAL HUMAN WOMAN, BUT AN INHUMANLY POWERFULLY STRONG REDHEADED FEMALE MILITARY KILLING MACHINE THAT WILL BE TOTALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE, A REAL FEMALE TERMINATOR!" After rereading her chart again Troy Steele quickly realized where he had made his mistake. The powerfully strong experimental steroid that was being injected into my wife's blood stream by two very small hypodermic needles that were injected into Lucy's main arteries at the base of her neck, had too rich a mixture of iron and potassium in the powerfully strong experimental steroid, which was causing my wife to grow even bigger and stronger then any other normal human female body builder could ever dream of becoming in her entire life!....................After my mother in law gently lowered my pickup truck back onto the driveway and rolled out from underneath she said; "WHEW! Now that was something heavy enough to give me a great weightlifting workout with." As she wiped the heavy sweat from her forehead with her freakishly huge thickly ripped muscular right forearm. Then as Ethel started flexing her two freakishly huge, thickly ripped muscular biceps simultaneously as she said; "You know Ricky if we had two, three and a half ton pickup trucks I could seriously get one hell of a daily weightlifting workout at home and I wouldn't need to travel back and forth to my nephew Charlie's gym." What could I say? After all, my mother in law was the most freakishly huge, thickly muscular female goddess that I had ever seen before in my entire life. I just hope that where ever my now estranged wife is working out lifting weights to build up her own massively muscular growing female physique with a now very jealous vengeance to drive her to workout even harder then ever before, since Lucy found out about my sexual affair with her own mother. But there was no doubt in my own mind now that my mother in law could easily blow away her own daughter in our private female body building contest on September 6TH, 2015, and Ethel would win the $5,000.00 cash prize as she gets crowned; "The Alpha Female Of The House!"................The next morning my mother in law moved out of her sister Emily's house at her own sister's request, after we had broken the bed in Emily's guest bedroom while having wild female muscular sex the night before and Ethel rented a small cabin in the woods near an abandoned stone quarry. After I took my mother in law to the realtor's office to rent the small cabin, I then drove Ethel to a Ford dealer where she bought two used late model F-350 three and a half ton pickup trucks, which she had delivered the same day to her new address at the cabin in the woods so she could incorporate them in her daily weightlifting workouts. The following day my mother in law started tripling her daily weightlifting workouts with her two F-350 three and a half ton pickup trucks while Ethel doubled, then tripled her diet intake of drinking gallons of weight gain monster muscle milk, creatine, Canadian steroids, and body building vitamin muscle supplements which she was consuming them on a daily bases like a very hungry Grizzly bear in heat, while she worked out extremely hard lifting her two, three and a half ton pickup trucks and moving huge boulders around in the abandoned stone quarry in between bench pressing the two trucks. My mother in law was working out twenty four hours a day, seven days a week straight without stopping once to take a break and with each single rep Ethel lifted, I'd swear that she would grow yet another size bigger in female muscularity right before my own eyes! End Of Part 8                                                                                                               

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Mother Out Muscles Her Daughter!-7

The next morning after Troy Steele and my wife woke up in his bed at 4:30 am they had made love again together before they got dressed in their workout clothes. Then Troy made Lucy and himself both a very powerfully enhanced muscle building protein shake for breakfast which was loaded up with massive amounts of steroids to start off their day which gave them both a super amount of strength and energy to start their daily weight lifting workouts...............After they both drank their enhanced muscle building protein shakes that were loaded up with massive amounts of steroids, Troy Steele then drove my wife in his black Hummer H3 with it's blacked out windows not to the Steel Magnolia's Gym where Lucy normally worked out lifting weights these past six months to build up her body, but to another gym where Troy personally worked out at called; "The 21ST Century Gym." As Lucy was sitting in the passenger seat of Troy Steele's Hummer H3 riding to gym she said; "You know Troy after spending last night with you and having such wild passionate sex together, I now realize that after having that hugely ripped, thickly muscular dark black, very manly body of yours making love to me, that my husband Ricky would never be able to sexual satisfy me again. So I've decided to leave him and file for a divorce on the grounds that Ricky is having an affair with my own mother." "OK Lucy if you feel that way about it." Troy Steele said. "I've given it a lot of thought Troy and I feel since Ricky had cheated on me last night in a motel room at The Red Roof Inn with my own mother, and even had the nerve to video the who sexual encounter with her and send it to me, that tells me my husband is just as unhappy with our marriage as I am. In fact Troy I don't even want to go home ever again and after my daily weight lifting workout today, I'm going to look for a studio apartment to rent." "You know Lucy." Troy Steele said; "Instead of looking to rent a studio apartment you could move in with me." Then as Troy Steele slowly slid his right hand towards the passenger seat and started caressing the crotch of wife's tight gym shorts, which started to make her thickly muscular pussy sexually wet, he said; "I wouldn't mind having such a beautiful red headed muscular woman for a roommate." "And I wouldn't mind having such a younger more powerfully stronger, huge thickly muscular dark black man for my lover Troy." My wife sexually cooed as she held his right hand in place over the crotch of her tight gym shorts...............When Troy Steele pulled into the parking lot of The 21ST Century Gym, my wife snapped out of her loving sexual trance as she looked out the windshield and said; "This isn't the Steel Magnolia's Gym Troy." "No it's not Lucy." Troy Steele replied as he parked his Hummer H3; "It's where I have my daily weightlifting workouts. This gym has more state of the art high tech weightlifting equipment then what you were use to using at Steele Magnolia's Gym, and this gym's weightlifting equipment will work you out even harder then you've ever worked out before in a weight room Lucy. By working out with this high tech weightlifting equipment you'll see how fast you'll develop even more in female muscular size and strength, and in six months time you'll be so incredibly hugely muscular and strong Lucy, that you'll put your own mother hugely ripped muscular female physique to shame while making your husband extremely jealous at the same time."..................When they walked into the main entrance of The 21ST Century Gym and my wife saw all the state of the art high tech weightlifting equipment, she thought that it looked more like a test sight for NASA, then a gym to workout lifting weights in. Troy Steele escorted Lucy to what looked like a very large round silver steel orb and when he opened up the door, it looked like the inside of a NASA Apollo space capsule. As Troy Steele helped my wife into this strange looking 21ST century state of the art high tech weightlifting workout out machine, he explained as he strapped her into the seat and positioned her arms and legs which he strapped down as well in place; "Lucy this machine will give you a complete upper and lower body weightlifting workout. Once I program your weightlifting workout into the computer while you just sit there strapped into the chair the machine will do all the work for you." Then as Troy started putting an oxygen mask over my wife's face he said; "Also you'll need to wear this oxygen mask to be able to breath with Lucy while you've working out so your lungs stay pressurized, because this weightlifting machine will be moving so extremely fast that it would be like flying in an airplane at 30 thousand feet." Then after he kissed Lucy on her forehead Troy closed my wife into the round very large silver steel orb..............When he got to the computer keyboard that programed the very round large silver steel orb, he first turned on the oxygen tank for my wife to be able to breath. As the oxygen started coming through the oxygen mask, Lucy started feeling very relaxed and was slowly falling into a state of suspended animation while losing all sense of time and reality altogether. Coming through the oxygen masked that my wife was breathing through, mixed with the pure oxygen was a very powerfully hypnotic drug. After Troy made sure Lucy was underneath this powerful hypnotic drug, he then made a couple of key strokes on the key board of the orbs computer, and two very small hypodermic needles came out from the sides and injected themselves into her main arteries at the base of my wife's neck. Once the two very small hypodermic needles were injected into Lucy's arteries, a powerfully strong experimental super steroid was being injected in her blood stream. Then Troy Steel programmed a complete upper and lower body weightlifting workout into the orbs computer that was to run continuously without stopping for the next six months straight until 8 am on September 6TH, 2015. Then the very large round silver steel orb started spinning round clockwise slowly at first, till it quickly started picking up speed and within 5 minutes time the very large round silver steel orb was spinning so incredibly fast, that it was now invisible to the human eye while making a strangely loud electrical humming sound! After Troy Steele had finished getting my wife set up in the very large silver steel orb, he then reached into Lucy's gym bag and took out her cell phone. After Troy watched the video that my mother in law secretly took of me muscle worshipping and making love to her new female muscular physique in her motel room at The red Roof Inn the night before, Troy then sent me a text message and wrote it the way a jealous wife would write it after seeing this video that was sent to her; "Ricky since you enjoy and love my 57 year old mother's female muscularity better then you do your own 32 year old wife's female muscularity and having a sexual relationship with her, I've decided to leave you and move in with my personal trainer Troy Steele and start having a sexual relationship with him for the next six months. See you on September 6TH, 2015 at our once happy home to compete against that back stabbing cunt of a mother of mine, and I'll show the both of you who really is the true Alpha female of our house. Please bring the $5,000.00 in cash to pay me after I beat my mother, because I'm going to use the money to hire a good divorce lawyer and sue you for cheating on me!"..................After work I was sitting in my pickup truck parked outside my mother in law's nephew Charles's gym waiting to pick her up. As Ethel strolled causally out of the main entrance of the gym carrying her gym bag and saw me sitting there in my pickup waiting for her, she said as she dropped her gym bag on the ground and went into a crab pose that caused all of my mother in law's thick blue pencil sized veins to pulsate on every muscle on her entire body; "Ricky I bet you can't wait to get some of this tonight?" "MY GOD!" I thought to myself, even Ethel's hugely thick muscular shoulders were beating like a heart with dark blue veins as thick as pencils. There was no question in my mind how seriously both my wife and mother in law took my female body building challenge six months ago. I already knew Ethel was tripling her weightlifting workout sets, calorie and protein intake, and the bed of my pickup truck was filled with sacks of weight gainer muscle milk powder, creatine, and other muscle building supplements that my mother in law asked me to pick up for her, because she was eating them up with the appetite of a Grizzly bear in heat on a daily bases! I also know that Ethel had ordered over the Internet a very powerfully strong steroid from Canada, that she was injecting into herself three times a day during her very heavy weightlifting workouts, and one evening while she was giving me a private muscle flexing show in the guest bedroom of her sister Emily's house, so I could watch my mother in law's already huge, bulging muscles grow even larger right before my very own eyes! Then I'd spend the night at Ethel's sister Emily's house and make love to my mother in law's hugely, thick female muscular physique. Our nightly sex was getting so violently wild, that one night we broke the bed in Emily's guest bedroom!................As soon as my mother in law got into the passenger seat of my pickup she said as she hugged me in her two hugely ripped, thick bulging muscular arms and gave me a very romantic kiss on my lips; "How is my sexy man today darling?" "Just great Ethel." I replied as I showed her the text message that unbeknown to me was my wife's personal trainer Troy Steele who had sent it, and not Lucy. "That's great darling!" My mother in law replied sounding very happily after she read the text message; "After our little competition on September 6TH 2015 and after I'm crowned the alpha female of our house, when I beat that lazy little cunt of a daughter of mine, I'll use the $5,000.00 prize money and fly us to Las Vegas where you could get a quickie divorce from Lucy and marry me.".................Since I received that text message my mother in law became the most determined female body builder I've ever seen. For the next three months straight Ethel went crazy with her daily weightlifting workouts and caloric intake, while she upped her daily steroid dosage more on a daily bases as well! I was witnessing my mother in law's magical transformation of even more freakishly female muscle growth right before my own eyes on a daily bases. Ethel would now only have sex with me when she'd shut down for 2 days every 3 weeks so her body could gain all it's female muscle mass while digesting huge amounts of protein from my male sperm. Within each new 3 week cycle my mother in law's strength and female muscularity increased by at least 10%. Ethel told me that she was gaining 2 pounds a week for the first month, then she was growing exponentially more each week after that! My mother in law would not tell me how much she had gained in female muscularity, but she was getting absolutely, freakishly huge!..............One morning after Troy Steele entered The 21ST Century Gym to check up on the daily computer results on my wife's high tech weightlifting training program in the very large round silver steel orb, a man dressed like a doctor in a U.S. army uniform approached him and said; "You know Major Steele the orb body building system was only originally designed to build up a normal man's muscles so we could build up a powerfully strong army of supermen to protect the United States of America in time of war." "I know General Walker." Troy Steele replied; "But when I decided to use Lucy Ricardo as my first female test case I made quite a few adjustments to the computer software." "Well Major Steele." General Walker said as he looked at the computer programming that was set on the very large round silver steel orb that my wife was in being worked out in a very grueling weightlifting workout that was running 24 hours a day for six months straight; "I hope you've made very accurate adjustments to the orbs computer software to build up that woman's body, otherwise all her muscles will continue to inflate till they explode like balloons and she will die a very horrible painful death. Well it's too late now to stop the transformation even if we wanted to. I see you have her programmed in till September 6TH 2015." "Yes sir." Troy Steele replied. "Keep me posted on the woman's results one way or the other Major." General Walker said as he left Troy Steele alone with my wife's experimental government body building program.................{THREE MONTHS LATER} I was once again in a motel room that my mother in law had booked at The Red Roof Inn and I was sitting on the edge of the queen sized bed naked waiting for Ethel to come out of the motel's bathroom. "OK Ricky. Are you ready for my female muscularity presentation?" My mother in law asked in a scream of excitement as she exited the bathroom wearing only a white bath robe that looked extremely small over her huge, bulging, rippling muscular body. "Are you kidding Ethel? I've been looking forward to and fantasizing about this night for the last three months straight! I replied in a very excitedly tone; "Please tell me how big you've gotten Ethel, I'm so freaking horny that I can't stand it any longer and I ready to burst!" "OK Ricky but I want to get something straight first between us." My mother in law said in a serious tone as she arched up her right eye brow while she looked directly at me; "You better not leave me and go back to my daughter Lucy after all the hard work I've put into building up my female muscular physique these past nine months. I've already gotten so freakishly huge that even my own sister Emily almost doesn't even recognize me any more. Even people in general when I'm out in public either stare with disgust or drool over my hugely thick, ripped female muscularity. I really don't mind it Ricky as long as it makes you very happy, but if you leave me and go back to your wife I will kill you do you understand me?"................Was this the steroids talking that my mother in law had been heavily taken these pass three months? It must be but Ethel could kill me with one hugely thick, ripped muscular arm tied around her back. HELL! My mother in law could now crush my entire body with only one of her hugely thick, ripped muscular calves! "OK Ethel I agree. I promise I'll never leave you, I SWEAR TO GOD!" I said in a pleading tone; "Now please my I touch and worship your hugely thick, ripped, muscular female physique." Ricky don't you want to know how much more massively muscular I've grown since the last time you measured me?" My mother in law said sarcastically while she held her two fists on her thickly muscular hips. "OH YES, YES PLEASE." I replied very excitedly at the thought of that! "Well Ricky." My mother in law said as she took off the white robe she was wearing and let it drop to the carpeted floor of the motel room; "Those powerful steroids from Canada I've been taking worked like a real mother fucker! Do you remember how much I weighed three months ago when we last stayed at The red Roof Inn?" "Yes I do Ethel." I replied; "You weighed 360 pounds of 100% solid muscle with 0% body fat." "Correct Ricky." My mother in law said as she went over to her large suitcase and took out a heavy duty bathroom scale, which she placed on the carpeted motel room floor in front of me; "OK Ricky let's just see how much more muscular weight I've gained these past three months. I've weighed myself this morning before I started my daily weightlifting workout, but I've probably gotten even bigger since this morning. I just keep growing even more extremely muscular every minute of the day." My mother in law said as she stepped on to the scale. As soon as Ethel had both her feet planted firmly on the scale, the digital numbers moved so fast till they stopped at 468 pounds! "WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT RICKY!" My mother in law said happily as she looked down at the scale; "I've gained 108 pounds of solid muscle in only three months time. What do you think that little lazy bitch of a daughter of mine would think of that?"...................."Lucy would be green with envy. She always was a very jealous woman." I replied; "But, OH MY GOSH ETHEL! I can't believe you now weigh in at 468 pounds of 100% solid muscle with 0% body fat! How big are your hugely thick, ripped muscular arms now?" "Well let's just see now Ricky." My mother in law said as she stepped off the scale and returned it to her large suitcase then took out a tape measure; "You remember how muscular my arms were the last time we measured them together?" "Yea Ethel you measured them twice that night when we were at that Italian Restaurant. The first time they measured at 29.5 inches fully flexed, then after you did quite a few push ups on the table of the booth we were sitting at, then your huge, thickly ripped muscular arms measured at 32 inches fully flexed." Correct Ricky." My mother in law replied as she wrapped the tape measure around her right massively thick, ripped muscular arm with her left hand, while doing a quick flex with her right massively thick, ripped muscular arm at the same time! Then my mother in law read the results that said her massively thick, ripped muscular bicep was 68 inches! "PRETTY FUCKING HUGE, ISN'T IT RICKY?" Then my mother in law did a double bicep pose and I exploded like never before in my life! I whimpered and moaned like a small child wanting his mother, until my orgasm finally stopped. My mother in law then said to me in a  matter of fact tone as she handed me the tape measure; "HELL RICKY! I don't even have these babies totally pumped up yet! Give me a few minutes and I'll see how much blood I could engorge into them." Then my mother in law went back over to her large suitcase and took out two, one hundred pound steel dumbbells, then laid down on the motel's queen sized bed and started working out My mother in law did 10 sets of 12 reps each and started sexually moaning to herself on the last set. I wasn't sure if it was from that extra exhaustion one experiences on the last few reps, or if Ethel just achieved a private sexual muscle pump orgasm!....................After my mother in law put her two, one hundred pound steel dumbbells back in her large suitcase, she then had me hand her the tape measure, which she again wrapped it around her hugely thick, ripped muscular right arm with her left hand. "Will you look at that my guns now measure in at 83.5 inches, PRETTY DAMN IMPRESSIVE DON'T YOU THINK RICKY?" "Yes they are Ethel, now please measure your chest." I replied. "You will have to hold the tape measure on my chest Ricky, because I can't get it around since I'm so damn big and muscular now." My mother in law said. I then walked around my mother in law's massively huge muscular torso while she just stood in front of me, and when I got each end of the tape measure in front of her hugely thick muscular chest, they were still at least 6 inches apart from each other in front of Ethel's deep cleavage. It was only a 70 inch tape measure so I guessed my mother in law's chest to be at least 76 inches. "WOW ETHEL!" I said very excitedly; " IT'S AWESOME YOU HAVE A 76 INCH CHEST, CAN I PLEASE TOUCH YOUR PECS?" "YEA RICKY!" My mother in law said with a smirk on her face; "I am pretty fucking awesome at that!" My mother in law then did the most muscular pose and then I couldn't resist any longer, as I grabbed her massively muscular chest and couldn't believe how freaking hard they were! They were as solid as two huge boulders! Then as my mother in law swept me up in her two powerfully strong hands and cradled me in her two massively huge, bulging muscular arms while carrying me towards the motel's queen sized bed, she sexually purred in my ear; "Ricky, have I made every thing in your little female muscle lust, masturbation fantasy come true?" "Yes you have." I sexually purred back; "You've now the ultimate female body builder in my life Ethel. How you ever packed that much muscle mass on that sized body is way beyond belief, I'm so freaking horny right now that I want to FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU ETHEL!"............."But Ricky darling, don't you want to see how massively muscular my legs and calves have gotten?" My mother in law asked as she put me gently into the motel's queen sized bed, then laid down beside me. "OK hurry up Ethel." I said sounding very sexually excited. "Slow down Ricky." My mother in law sexually purred in my ear as she started spooning me; "We have the whole night for you to explore my massively huge, thick female muscularity while we make love. Take your time and just enjoy it.".....................My mother in law then took the tape measure and wrapped it around each one of her massively muscular thighs. They both looked like hugely thick cords of climbing rope like you'd see in a high school gym. I don't know how my mother in law walked without her inner thick muscular thighs blocking the progression of the other ones movements. I couldn't have touched my hands together if I tried to wrap both my arms around just one of her gargantuan muscular legs! My mother in law's hugely thick muscular thighs each measured 92 inches, and her hugely thick muscular calves each measured in at 82 inches!..................."OK Ricky show and tell time is over." My mother in law said as she tossed the tape measure on the floor, and picked me up while she arched her hugely thick muscular back against the back board of motel room's bed; "Time to sexually please your female muscle goddess!" Then my mother in law held me up in her hugely thick, ripped muscular right arm, and used me with my massive erect penis like I was a human dildo, and pushed my massive erection in and out harder and harder, faster and faster in her hugely thick, extremely wet, ripped muscular vagina. I was so sexually turned on by my mother in law's super human strength that I massively exploded over and over again! We had a wonderful night of sex and we both must have orgasm at least a dozen times while my mother in law never seemed to tire herself out, WHAT A WOMAN! I will never think about my future ex-wife Lucy again, or so I thought at the time! End Of Part 7                                                                                                                                                                               

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Mother Out Muscles Her Daughter!-6

That same night while I was falling fast asleep in my mother in law's powerfully strong, hugely thick muscular arms in the queen sized bed back at her motel room at The Red Roof Inn, my wife was busy having her daily weightlifting workout at The Steel Magnolia's Gym. As Lucy was laying down on a weight bench finishing up her fourth set of reps while bench pressing a heavy barbell that held 150 pounds of steel weight disks on both sides, Troy Steele her personal trainer said while he stood behind my wife's weight bench and helped Lucy rack the heavy barbell back in it's cradle on the weight bench after she'd finished her 40TH rep; "OK Lucy it's 11 pm and that's enough for tonight. Now it's time for to have you weekly measure and weigh in session before we leave for the night." "No problem Troy." My wife replied as she sat up on the weight bench while grabbing a towel and started toweling off all the heavy sweat from her bloated muscular body; "Just give me a few minutes to go to the ladies room and then I'll meet you back at your office." Then Lucy got up and walked away towards the women's locker room with a tough woman stride in her walk while she swung her bloated muscular arms. As Troy Steel watched my wife walking away towards the women's locker room he thought to himself; "Lucy Ricardo has come a long way these past six months from when she first joined the gym with her over weight, out of shape mother. Too bad that Lucy Ricardo is so happily married to her husband Ricky because I wouldn't mind tapping that red headed muscular white ass of hers!"...................After my wife went to the ladies room, on her way out of the women's locker room she stopped at her locker and after putting her towel back in her gym bag, Lucy checked her cell phone for any messages. As she looked at her cell phone my wife said happily out loud to herself; "Ricky sent me a couple of text messages earlier tonight. I bet they say how much he loves and misses me" When Lucy opened up the first text message and saw the five pictures I had taken of her mother in law flexing and doing a few different body building pose in front of the fountain in the lobby of The Red Roof Inn, and read; "Lucy I've met your mother at The Red Roof Inn tonight, and I just want you to see what a real muscular woman looks like!" As my wife gawked at the pictures of how more hugely and thickly muscular her mother had gotten then she had these past six months, Lucy thought out loud to herself; "Why the hell was Ricky meeting my mother at a motel?" Then she opened the second text message and saw the entire cam recording of her mother's and my muscle worship and love making video, not to mention hearing our whole conversation while the video was playing! "THAT BASTARD HUSBAND IS CHEATING ON ME WITH MY OWN MOTHER! WELL TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAVE RICKY RICARDO! SINCE YOU LIKE FUCKING OTHER MUSCULAR WOMEN, I'LL STARTED FUCKING OTHER MUSCULAR MEN!" After my wife put her cell phone back into her gym bag, she put on a little makeup and brushed her red auburn hair, then after checking herself in the mirror, Lucy then walked with the same tough woman stride while swing her two bloated muscular arms at her sides to meet her personal trainer Troy Steele in his office...................As my wife entered her personal trainer's office with the intent on getting even with me for having an affair her mother, Lucy said very friendly as she stepped on the scale; "Hello big boy are you ready to weigh and measure me in?" "Yes I am Lucy." Troy Steele replied as he wondered to himself the sudden change in my wife's personality. After he weighed my wife and started measuring her muscular body with a tape measure, Lucy started running her hands up and down Troy Steele's very large, extremely thick, dark black muscular arms as she sexually cooed; "Oh Troy you've so powerfully strong. I wouldn't mind having those powerfully strong muscular arms of yours wrapped around me while you've holding me tight." "WHAT LUCY?" Troy Steele asked with a very surprised tone in his voice. As my wife quickly slid both her hands south into the front of her personal trainers gym shorts, Lucy sexually cooed even more; "And I wouldn't mind Troy having that very large, extremely thick, dark black dick of yours pumping your love juice into my vagina." "BUT LUCY!" Troy Steele stuttered as he was starting to enjoy having my wife jerk him off in his office; "I thought you were happily married to your husband Ricky?" "Oh him." My wife replied as she started jerking Troy Steele's very large, extremely thick, dark black dick even harder in her hands while feeling his erection growing; "Didn't I ever tell you Troy? Ricky and I have an open marriage. Right now he's out with another very hot muscular woman enjoying himself, like I'm trying to do with you right now darling." That's all Troy Steele needed to hear and after he closed the gym up for the night, he brought my wife back to his condo where she spent the night making love to a very large, extremely thick, dark black muscular man!................As soon as they got to Troy Steele's condo Lucy gave Troy a blow job in the shower which led to the two of them having sex in the shower. From there Troy carried my wife in his two very powerfully strong, hugely thick, dark black muscular arms to his bedroom where he had Lucy squat down on all fours on his bedroom carpeted floor while he mounted her doggy style and started fucking the shit out of my wife as hard as he physically could! As Troy Steele was fucking my wife doggy style she thought to herself; "My mother was right about Troy not being gay after all!" Between Troy's heavily steroid enhanced sperm that my wife swallowed while giving him a blow job and his heavily steroid enhanced sperm he was now pumping into her muscular vagina, Lucy started feeling every single, already very large developed bloated muscle on her entire female body start to grow even harder and stronger yet in the heat of sexual passion! After Troy had finished doing her doggy style, he picked my wife up and flipped Lucy on to her back on his large king sized bed, and then he got on top of my wife while mounting her body between his extremely large, thickly muscular dark black legs, and started fucking her even harder then before, until Lucy's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she blacked out from such a powerfully strong sexual orgasm!...............When my wife finally awoke after blacking out from her powerfully strong sexual orgasm, she found herself laying under the covers in Troy Steele's king sized bed while he was lovingly spooning her in his two powerfully strong, hugely thick, dark black muscular arms. "Welcome back to the here and now Lucy." Troy said happily; "You had me scared there for a moment when you blacked out while we were having sex. I thought you might have had a heart attack." "Oh because I'm older then you are Troy. I'm only 32 years old and thanks to your professional personal training at The Steel Magnolia's Gym, I'm now in the best physical shape that I have ever been in, in my entire life. By the way how old are you Troy?" My wife replied now sounding more then a little angry in her voice. "Relax Lucy." Troy Steele said trying not to get into an argument with my wife and ruin their great sexual evening while he kissed her romantically on her lips; "I'm only 8 years younger then you are and I was only deeply concerned about you darling when you passed out earlier." Then Troy Steele asked my wife as she slid herself closer to his hugely thick, dark black muscular body for him to spoon her even tighter in his two powerfully strong, hugely thick, dark black muscular arms; "Lucy I've been your personal trainer these past six months since you've been coming to the gym, and how come not until tonight did you not only show a real sexual interest in me, but also let me know you and your husband Ricky had an open marriage?" "Well?" My wife said thinking about how much she wanted to tell Troy Steele, or if she should make up a lie and not tell him the truth at all. "I've been attracted to you Troy since we've first met when my mother and I came to your gym six months ago to buy our gym memberships so we could both lose weight and get into better shape." Lucy said now deciding to lie; "And well Troy looking at your hugely ripped muscular manly body every day was just driving me so sexually crazy, that today I finally decided to make my move on you."...................."OH CUT THE BULL SHIT WITH ME!" Troy Steele said with a tone in his voice that sounded like he didn't believe what my wife had told him; "Lucy you think that you've the first unhappily female married client looking to have a sexual affair behind her husband's back that I've brought back to my condo to have sex with? The only think that's troubling me is the fact that you've always seemed so happily married to your husband Ricky these past six months since I've known you, and all of a sudden tonight you end up in my bed having a sexual affair with me. So why the sudden change in you wanting to have a sexual affair with me Lucy?" My wife then broke down in tears as she started telling her personal trainer Troy Steele the entire truth as she showed him the pictures that were text to her cell phone that I had taken of my mother in law flexing her hugely ripped, thickly muscular womanly body next to the fountain in the lobby of The red Roof Inn, and the video that still unbeknown to me my own cell phone recorded while I was female muscle worshipping and making love to Ethel, who had text both of them to my wife's cell phone after I had fallen asleep that night. "This would be hard to believe if I didn't see it with my own eyes Lucy." Troy Steele said; "Six months ago your husband Ricky challenged both you and your mother on which one of you could become the most physically fit and muscular woman in the house, and since your mother seems to be a faster gainer when it comes to developing female muscularity then you are, your husband wants to leave and divorce you for his own mother in law? That's the kinkiest thing I've ever heard in my entire life."................While my wife was laying in Troy Steele's king sized bed being comforted by him after they had just finished having sex, I was still laying in the queen sized bed in my mother in law's motel room at The red Roof Inn while she continued spooning me in her own two hugely thick, muscular female arms, I had to ask Ethel why she had seduced me with her newly huge thick, muscular body, and her reply was; "Well Ricky since it's official now that you've agreed to leave and divorce Lucy for me I'll tell you the whole truth." My mother in law said; "Since the day my daughter had first brought you home to meet the family fourteen years ago after you both ran off and got married, the first time I saw your great Cubin male physique I had secretly fallen madly in love with you." "But what about your husband Fred, surely after thirty some years of marriage you were still in love with him back then?" I asked. "HELL NO RICKY!" Ethel replied sounding like she couldn't even stand thinking about the memory of her own late husband; "I was married to that no good cheating bastard Fred for thirty one years, and he had more sexual affairs behind my back then I care to count. Your wife Lucy was from Fred's first sexual affair with another woman."..............."You mean to say Ethel that you aren't Lucy's real mother?" I asked sounding very surprised. "You got that right but Lucy doesn't know I'm not her real mother Ricky." My mother in law replied; "I made my husband Fred get us to legally adopt Lucy when she was born because Lucy's real mother was going to put her up for adoption anyway." "Oh I see now Ethel." I said; "That also explains why you were a faster gainer at developing female muscle mass then Lucy was. Being that you've both not blood related and you and Lucy don't share the same female DNA, you were able to build up your own female muscular physique faster because your female body's DNA quickly develops muscles, while Lucy's female DNA causes her to be a slower gainer at developing female muscle mass." "Now you understand Ricky." My mother in law replied as she snuggled closer to me; "You see darling six months ago after I realized that you had a sexual fetish for powerfully strong muscular women, and when you made that challenge to Lucy and me last August about which one of us could become the most physically fit and muscular woman in our house, I then knew all along that I could to be able to blow away my own daughter in that competition. And as for being able to seducing you sexually Ricky." My mother in law said sounding very sure of herself as she kissed me tenderly on my lips; "Knowing your weakness and sexual fetish for powerfully strong, hugely thick muscular women Ricky, the rest was almost as easy for me to achieve. Since I'm twenty five years older then Lucy is, every day while I was working out hard during my daily weightlifting workouts at my nephew's gym, to even accelerate my female muscular growth even more physically faster, I had Charlie inject me four times a day during my daily weightlifting workouts with a very powerfully strong and very illegally imported Russian steroid, to give me an even bigger edge over my own 32 year old daughter in building up my own female muscularity. And I did all this Ricky just to get you to leave and divorce Lucy for me darling."..................."Speaking of Lucy." I said sounding a little worried; "What is she going to think when I tell Lucy I'm leaving and divorcing her, for her own mother in law?" "Not to worry Ricky." My mother in law said very happily as she snuggled even closer to me; "Lucy must already know by now darling." "But how Ethel?" I asked. Then my mother in law told me how she not only text the five pictures that I had taken of her earlier flexing in front of the fountain in the main lobby of The Red Roof Inn to my wife with my cell phone, but also the video it recorded of our female muscle worshipping and love making session as well!.............."Well Troy I guess tomorrow morning on my way to the gym I'll stop at the Ocean View Motel across the street and get myself a room there, since after seeing that video of Ricky and my mother, I can no longer live in the same house with that Cubin cheating husband of mine." "I got a better idea Lucy." Troy Steele replied as he rolled on top of my wife to make love to her again; "Since I enjoy your company so much Lucy, why not just move in here with me, and I also have a plan on how I could get you a lot bigger in female muscularity then your own mother ever dreamed of becoming in her entire life." Then as Troy Steele started making love to my wife for the third time that night, he told Lucy step for step on how he could get her to grow even larger in female muscularity, then her own mother ever dreamed of becoming in her entire life! End Of Part 6                                                                                 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Mother Out Muscles Her Daughter!-5

While unbeknown to me that my cell phone was video recording our entire female muscle worshipping and love making session in my mother in law's motel room at the Red Roof Inn, I was almost besides myself with delight, as I continued to move both my manly hands around Ethel's hugely thick muscular body. As my fingers finally reached my mother in law's now very flat as a board stomach, I couldn't believe how sculpted her set of rock hard, six pack set of muscular abs really were. Then both my hands eventually made their way around to Ethel's now bubble shaped rock hard muscular torso, then over the sides and around to the front of her extremely muscular 44 triple D sized tits. It was quite evident how my mother in law was blushing, as I wondered what Ethel's reaction would be to my touching her so close to her vagina. My hands then slid up my mother in law's chest to her hugely thick, muscular bowling ball sized shoulders, then over to her hugely thick muscular basketball sized biceps, which Ethel quickly started to flex for me.................As I continued running my fingers slowly around my mother in law's hard as a rock, basketball sized bicep muscles, she smiled as I caressed them so softly like they were made out of glass. "Go ahead Ricky and touch and fondle my breasts, you know you want really too!" Ethel said; "And I want you to as well." Then I slowly moved both my hands down to my mother in law's two 44 triple D sized breasts, with my fingertips lightly caressing that smooth milky white skin along the way. As I finally let my hands rest on Ethel's hugely muscular tits, I gave them a slow circular motion, which caused my mother in law to moan sexually while her eyes narrowed with pleasure. When I gave both of my mother in law's hugely thick, muscular 44 triple D sized tits a gentle squeeze, I was surprised to find how very firm they were.................."Yes Ricky please keep rubbing my tits, because it feels so good." Ethel sexually cooed in a near whisper. I did as I was told with my palms cupping and squeezing my mother in law's hugely thick, muscular 44 triple D sized tits, sliding around them and finally caressing her nipples. This caused Ethel to gasp slightly in sexual delight, so I gave both of her nipples a gentle playful squeeze, while marveling at their length and firmness at the same time. My mother in law started to sexually moan louder as she said; " OH YES RICKY, THAT IT, PINCH MY NIPPLES HARD FOR ME!"................As I continued fondling Ethel's breasts while playing with her nipples, my mother in law then grabbed both of my hands and slid them down her hugely thick, luscious muscular legs. As I looked down at my mother in law's very powerfully strong muscular legs, my hands quickly abandoned her breasts and dropped down to her slim very thickly muscular waist. Ethel breathed more heavily in sexual excitement as she said; "YES RICKY, FEEL MY POWERFULLY STRONG MUSCULAR LEGS, YOUR MANLY TOUCH FEELS SO GOOD ON THEM!" As my hands continued to slide down my mother in law's powerfully strong muscular legs, I could feel the hugely thick muscles in them shift slightly as Ethel shifted her legs from underneath my touch. As my hands continued to caress and fondle down my mother in law's hugely thick muscular thighs, over her knees, and to those thickly muscular well toned calves, as I reached around to rub them, Ethel wiggled her toes which made different parts of her calf muscles flex, which caused me to rub them even harder then before! "OH ETHEL YOU'VE SO PERFECT!" I said with pure sexual desire in my voice................."You like strong powerfully built muscular women don't you Ricky?" My mother in law sexually cooed. I just nodded in agreement with her as Ethel asked me; "So how powerfully strong do you like your muscular women Ricky?" "Well I don't know." I stuttered; "I just know that looking at your huge thickly womanly muscles, really turns me on more then anything else in the world Ethel." My mother in law them smiled warmly at me as she said; "I'm very happy to hear that Ricky. Do you think I'm now a lot more muscular and powerfully stronger then your wife Lucy is?" "A HELL OF A LOT MORE MUSCULAR AND POWERFULLY STRONGER THEN LUCY IS." I said excitedly; "IN FACT ETHEL RIGHT NOW NEXT TO YOUR HUGE THICKLY MUSCULAR FEMALE BODY, LUCY'S MUSCULAR BODY WOULD LOOK LIKE THE BODY OF A WEAKLING." My mother in law then sat up and whispered into my ear; "Ricky would you like to see my huge thickly womanly muscles grow even bigger then they are now?" "YES I WOULD ETHEL!" I replied excitedly at the idea of watching that happen!..................My eyes then moved to my mother in law's already thickly muscular arms and I could almost swear that they were beginning to grow even thicker yet! As my eyes continued to watch I thought I heard a faint sound, almost like air filling a balloon as Ethel very slowly started flexing both her muscular monster guns. "HOLY COW ETHEL, THEY'VE REALLY GROWING!" I said even more excitedly then before and my mother in law just smiled as she let her already huge thickly muscular body swell up even more, as it continued to grow even more unbelievable in female muscular girth and size at a very steady rate right before my own eyes!...............I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. My already huge thickly muscular mother in law's body was getting even more hugely hyper shredded and ripped by the second! Ethel's biceps were becoming double the size of basketballs and her already chiseled set of a six pack set of abs was starting to look like the imprint of the front of a Hersey chocolate bar! My mother in law's already powerfully strong muscular thighs slowly started getting even thicker as her muscles continued to swell up, stretching her taut creamy white milky skin even tighter then before. Ethel's powerfully strong muscular calves also swelled, slowly widening right underneath me. "Well Ricky what do you think?" My mother in law asked me. I was so over whelmed that I couldn't respond. I was far too enthralled watching my hugely thick muscular mother in law's body growing even more muscular right before my own eyes. Ethel just smiled while understanding the lack of my response, as she continued to allow herself to grow even bigger yet!..............As my mother in law's legs continued to become even more sculpted with even thicker slabs of solid muscle, her abs were getting even harder then before and were now showing even more definition then before above them! Ethel's once six pack set of rock hard muscular abs had now become a twelve pack set of rock hard muscular abs, and I ran both my hands up and down to caress them as they continued to become even more taut. It also seemed like Ethel's waist was getting even more narrow then before, while her hips just slightly got narrower. I looked down at my now powerfully strong, hugely thick muscular mother in law who was laying on the queen sized motel room bed underneath my own naked body, as Ethel's steadily became even more thickly muscular and stronger like a genuine, heavy weight female body building competitor. My mother in law's now even larger thickly muscular pectoral muscles made her breasts look double the size of her already 44 triple D cup size, while her shoulders and arms still continued to pump up even larger! Ethel then asked me; "Ricky would you like to get even bigger?" I just nodded my head, "YES!" very intensely!............My mother in law just grinned as she allowed her muscular growth to accelerate even faster then before! Ethel's biceps continued to grow considerably larger as the inflation sound grew slightly louder. I watched as my mother in law flexed her arms and then relaxed them, over and over again. Each time Ethel straightened her huge thick muscular arms her bicep muscles would barely shrink at all, but each time she flexed them again, they would grow even larger then before! My mother in law's pectoral muscles also swelled out even larger then before while her abdomen gained even more muscle. Under her now heavy breathing I could clearly see a twenty four pack set of abs forming like a brick wall on the front of Ethel's torso, the grooves between each abs muscle getting steadily deeper as they hardened. My mother in law's waist also shrank  even more, making her look more thinner and thinner, and I had to caress that wonderful waist..............Ethel continued to sexually moan louder and louder as she felt her waist line getting more narrower, then both of her hands slid down to those glorious hugely thick growing muscular thighs of hers. My mother in law could feel them swelling against her palms, the muscles becoming much thicker and growing faster by the second, while it spread Ethel's fingers apart as they grew even harder then before. Both Ethel and I started sexually moaning together louder and louder, as we both got more excited from her continuing muscular growth. With both my hands I tried squeezing my mother in law's growing muscular thighs and I couldn't even put a dent in those rapidly, inflating leg muscles at all! As they continued to swell up and flex out Ethel asked me; "Are my muscles big enough yet for you Ricky, or do you want me to keep growing?" I looked down at my mother in law's now extremely large, thickly muscular body that was still laying underneath me on the motel room's queen sized bed as I replied; "Ethel I want to see your female muscles grow to their full maximum size." That was all my mother in law needed to hear and she let herself grow even bigger in female muscularity...............I felt Ethel's hugely thick muscular thighs inflate even faster then before while she gasped audibly, as her creamy white milky skin continued growing even more taut by the second as her muscles grew even larger then before. I slid both my hands down my mother in law's two very hard, hugely thick muscular legs to her calves, and was amazed to see them even from the front! They were growing so extremely huge and muscular quite quickly, and I reached behind her calves to feel them swelling up with each passing second, as they became as hard as stones to my touch. I sexually moaned even louder now as I tried to squeeze them, then I lean forward and kiss Ethel's hugely thick muscular legs reverently, unable to hold back my sexual fetish for muscular women any longer. My mother in law sexually moaned even louder now to my touch as she let herself grow even larger then before in size and girth of her own female muscularity. Ethel was now already the size of a professional heavy weight female body builder, but she wanted to keep growing for me, as it was quite clear that I was extremely turned on by her continuing female muscular growth, and my mother in law didn't want to disappoint me! The sound of Ethel's muscles inflating started getting even louder then before as she continued to grow even larger in female muscularity. My mother in law's muscles were tightening up and getting as hard as cast iron under her taut, milky white skin. Each one of Ethel's thighs were now easily as large as her waist, and in a few seconds they would be even larger then that! My mother in law's thickly muscular hips remained about the same width while her waist slowly continued getting even more narrow. I was now in complete awe of Ethel's stomach which now became slightly concave and felt like a smooth solid brick wall. My mother in law's hugely thick muscular arms were inflating quite rapidly as well, and her biceps and triceps swelled up beyond what any human, either male of female could ever achieve in their own life time by lifting weights. Ethel's biceps were now the size of trash can lids! My mother in law's triceps also bulged out when she straightened her arms, although not quite as large as her biceps were. Ethel's shoulders also continued to grow and becoming two hard balls of solid muscular flesh that helped her look more feminine instead of manly. Adding to the femininity of my mother in law's now extremely huge muscular physique was the absence of any visible bulging, thick blue veins, which usually accompanied a female body builder's large muscular physique................."OH MERCY ME!" Ethel sexually moaned loudly; "Feel me all over Ricky as I grow, I can tell that you really love it and I won't stop growing until you tell me to!" My mother in law's muscles continued inflating even faster now, swelling up and growing to such an unbelievable gigantic size that I've never seen before on any woman's body! At one point when Ethel flexed her hugely thick muscular arms tightly and held the pose while she held her hands behind her head, while her biceps continued to grow even larger right before my astonished eyes as I heard a very loud popping sound, a split second before they leaped ahead considerably in muscular girth and size! My mother in law's two gigantic thickly muscular biceps looked like two huge boulders and I couldn't resist the urge to feel them any longer!..................I then jumped on top of my mother in law while I injected my huge raging cock into her hugely thick muscular vagina which was now quite wet! I gasped in pure sexual delight as I felt Ethel wrap her two powerfully strong, hugely thick muscular arms around my waist while she pulled me into a gentle embrace, to which I eagerly reciprocated! I could feel my mother in law's bulging muscular arms swell against my own body, growing and getting even more impossibly harder as they continued to grow, now becoming triple the size of two large watermelons in about a minutes time! I even felt one of Ethel's powerfully strong, extremely huge muscular legs wrap around my lower body while it pulled me in even tighter! I sexually moaned very loudly as I felt those hugely thick thigh and calf muscles swell obscenely, flexing against my manly body as I shot a huge manly wad of sperm into my mother in law's hugely thick muscular vagina from all the excitement! AND STILL, Ethel continued to let herself grow even larger in female muscularity!...................I was panting like a race horse fucking the LIVING SHIT out of my mother in law as I felt her enormously muscular female physique engulfing me with her gigantic muscles, THAT STILL continued growing even faster then before! Ethel's legs were becoming impossibly huge and thick like two tree trunks, while my mother in law's calves like her biceps were popping up bigger as well, while her creamy white milky skin covering them became extremely tight! "OH ETHEL!" I sexually moaned loudly while my hands slid down to caress her hugely gigantic vast muscular thighs! My mother in law then said very loudly while she was also panting; "OH RICKY! I'M GONNA CUM!" "Your new womanly muscular physique really turns me on Ethel." I said still panting like hell. "You turn me on as well Ricky." My mother in law said panting just as heavy as I was; "You know what they say, older women do make better lovers. Ricky I love having you worship my muscles the way you do, and after tonight I think you'd be a damn fool if you didn't leave your wife for me darling. Lucy's never going to catch up to my power and strength." "You got that right Ethel." I agreed while breathing heavy still fucking my mother in law; "After tonight I'm going to ask Lucy for a divorce so we could be together."................Both my mother in law and I sexually moaned louder and louder while Ethel continued to grow in female muscularity, her muscles practically doubling in size every thirty seconds, becoming titanium mounds of solid flesh as my mother in law continued to flex her muscles. FINALLY, after we both climaxed together for the sixth time and squealing with delight while squirting our hot love juices all over each other's naked bodies with great force. My mother in law hugged me a bit harder, making me feel a small bit of the incredible strength in her giant, growing muscles while we both continued to have orgasms and sprayed out our hot love juices onto each other. OH MY GOSH!" We both sexually moaned deeply until the sexual feeling subsided and we both collapsed onto the motel room's queen sized bed breathing extremely hard! My mother in law finally stopped letting her female muscularity grow, and when we both finally caught our breath, I looked deep into Ethel's eyes and said; "I don't know how to thank you Ethel, that was beyond incredible!" Then my hands lazily caressed my mother in law's still enormously thick, muscular arms, while squeezing her hard tight muscle, while Ethel replied; "You can thank me by leaving that wimp of a daughter of mine for me Ricky. After what we had here tonight Ricky, would you seriously want to go back to Lucy?" "ABSOLUTELY NOT ETHEL!" I said; "After having sex with that fantastic muscular female body of yours, how could I ever want to make love to Lucy's smaller pitiful muscular body again?"........Later that night after I had fallen asleep in my mother in law's two hugely thick, muscular arms while she was spooning me, Ethel reached over to the nightstand where my cell phone was cam recording our whole female muscle worship and sex session in the motel room. After she saved the cam recording of us, Ethel then sent the five picture I had taken of her flexing and posing earlier at the fountain in the motel's lobby, and text message them to my wife with a note that said; "Lucy I've met your mother at The Red Roof Inn tonight, and I just want you to see what a real muscle woman looks like! Hers is a lot better then your pitiful little muscular body is." Then my mother in law text message the cam recording of us from my cell phone to my wife's cell phone. As Ethel quietly replaced my cell phone back on the motel room's nightstand, she kissed me very tenderly as she whispered; "Don't worry Ricky, after tomorrow morning Lucy would be very willing to leave you and give you a divorce, and then you'll be all mine." End Of Part 5                                                                                           

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Mother Out Muscles Her Daughter!-4

Saturday morning when my alarm clock woke me up at 6 am I saw a note pinned on my wife's bedroom pillow which was written in Lucy's hand writing; "My dearest Ricky, Last night was truly fantastic making love with you and it's given me even more of a stronger incentive to continue working out and building up my body to become even stronger and more muscular. I'm now not only planning on  winning our private little body building contest next September 6, 2015 against my mother, but I also thought by September of next year I'd apply for my professional female body building card and enter the heavy weight division of the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest! Ricky wouldn't it be great having a wife who's a professional heavy weight female body builder? I bet that would fulfill your sexual fantasy of  being married to a very strong muscular woman, AND THEN SOME! Love you with all my heart and soul. Lucy." After I read my wife's note I got one hell of an erection thinking about Lucy entering and competing in the heavy weight division of the Ms. Olympia female Body Building Contest! I quickly sent her a text message from my cell phone that said; "Great idea Lucy! I'd love to see you enter and possibly win the championship title in the heavy weight division of the Ms. Olympia Female Body Building Contest." "That's great Ricky I knew you would like that idea and I'm doing it just to please you darling." My wife quickly text message me back; "Because I've already applied for my professional female body building card."...................All day long I was in an extremely good mood after making love to my Lucy's newly muscular female physique, and then finding out this morning she'd want to become a professional, heavy weight, female body builder, just to please me! Then I thought about my mother in law after who had text messaged me doing the day with the directions to the Red Roof Inn on route 35 in Red Bank, where I was going to meet her for dinner at the little Italian restaurant that was in the motel. I quickly text messaged Ethel back saying; "Thanks for the directions Ethel, and I'll see you at 7 pm sharp tonight at the Italian restaurant." Then after I'd finished text messaging my mother in law back I thought to myself; "If Lucy could get into that great a shape by working out hard every day lifting weights at the gym for the past six months straight, I wonder how great a shape Ethel had become?" Then as I got another large erection in my jeans thinking about how my mother in law was also training hard every day working out lifting weights at a gym in Red Bank for the past six months straight for our little private female body building contest on September 6, 2015, a couple of questions came to my mind; "Could my mother in law seriously get into as great a shape as Lucy had? Could Ethel even surpass Lucy's female muscular development and get even larger and out muscle her own daughter?" Then I answered to myself out loud; "No way Ricky. I bet Ethel could possibly come into second place at best, and that would only be because no one else was entered in our little private female body building contest."...................Saturday evening I got to the Italian restaurant who's entrance was located in the lobby of The Red Roof Inn in Red Bank at 6:55 pm. As soon as I entered the Italian Restaurant I stopped and said to the hostess who was waiting to seat customers; "Excuse me ma'am. I'm looking for a very physically fit, older red headed woman who I'm meeting her tonight at 7 pm." "Oh yes sir." The hostess replied as she pointed across the restaurant towards a booth my mother in law was sitting in; "You must be looking for that extremely muscular woman sitting over there." "Yes that her." I replied as I started walking away from the hostess, but the hostess stopped me and said; "Excuse me sir." "Yes?" I replied as I turned around. "Would you please ask your date what kind of multi vitamins she's been using to build up such a great muscular female physique. I've been working out at the gym for the past year and a half to bulk up for my husband." The hostess said as she flexed her skinny right arm which produced a pitiful looking tennis ball sized muscular bicep; "And I haven't even gotten an 1/8 the size your date is." "I'll see what I could do for you ma'am." I replied.................As I started walking closer to the booth my mother in law was sitting in, I couldn't believe how much Ethel had changed in the past six months and how she now looked at least 18 years younger then she really was! Ethel who now looked at least 4 years younger then her daughter did had lost at least 80 pounds of flabby, fat water weight and replaced it ounce for ounce with solid rock hard muscular weight. Ethel who had her red hair recently done and was wearing makeup, wore a low cut, sleeveless black cocktail dress that looked like it was almost painted on hugely ripped, muscular body. As my mother in law was patently sitting in the booth waiting for me to arrive, she had her hugely thick muscular arms folded and she could barely cross them in front of her gigantic pectoral muscles. Her arms were so thickly muscular with thick pencil sized blue veins that pulsated with a mighty amount of female strength underneath her creamy white skin. "WOW ETHEL, You've seriously gained a ton of muscle these past six months." I replied with a very surprised tone in my voice as I sat down next to my mother in law in the booth................."Yea Ricky, I've now got so much fucking muscle that I don't even know what to do with it." Ethel sounded very proud of herself as a romantic smile crossed her ruby red, lipstick lips; "I hope that this not only adds to your sexual fetish fantasy of living with two thickly muscular women, but I also intend to beat my daughter in our private little body building contest on September 6, 2015." "Ethel I can't believe how both you and Lucy had taken my little body building challenge so seriously." I said. "Well Ricky." My mother in law said now in a very serious tone; "My daughter and I come from a long line of very stubbornly competitive, red headed Irish Catholic women who never shrug away from a challenge. And your idea six months ago to challenge both of us to enter your private little body building show and compete against each other on who could become the most physically fit woman in the house, was both a great motivation for me and Lucy to start seriously working out. When you've motivated as I have been these past six months and put that kind of motivation into working out lifting weights, well Ricky you could see the results for yourself."...................Then my mother in law raised up her right thickly muscular arm and flexed the largest bicep muscle that I've ever seen on any female body builder before. Ethel's right thickly muscular arm had that massiveness and fullness to it, that looked like someone had stuffed a football underneath her creamy white skin, while her pencil thick blue veins were absolutely throbbing with shear power and strength from across the table. I quickly wanted to jump over the table and feel and caress them, but Ethel knew that, and she wanted to make me suffer just a little while longer!...............As she reached her left hand underneath the table and started stroking the crotch of my jeans very firm and fairly fast, Ethel cooed sexually as another romantic smile crossed her ruby red, lipstick lips; "I bet you've dying to know how big these muscular monster arms of mine are Ricky? Well Ricky just so I could make you drool and go crazy with female muscle worship lust for them, my guns now measure fully flexed about 29.5 inches!" "WOW!" I thought to myself; "That's eleven inches larger them my wife Lucy's muscular arms measured!" "OH I'M SORRY RICKY!" My mother in law sexually cooed; "You've just dying to touch them aren't you, well let me pump them up a few more times to see if I could get them any bigger." Ethel then put both her powerfully strong hands on the edge of the table and pushed up and down on the table like she was doing push ups while still sitting down, which forced more blood into her already engorged muscular biceps and triceps, while working each and every muscle to such a fever of intensity, that they looked like they'd be ready to pop any second! My mother in law then pulled out a tape measure she was carrying in her purse and wrapped it around her right thickly muscular arm..............."DAMN! Would you look at that Ricky, I've got my guns up to 32 inches!" Ethel said as she started rubbing my crotch underneath the table again, even more faster and firmer then before; "MY GOD! I wonder just how much bigger I could get my guns to grow if I wanted them too?" HUH?" Was all I could reply in total amazement of what my mother in law had just said. "Ricky just to clarify any confusion here, I really do want to make them grow even larger then they are now, just to make my daughter's life a living hell of never being able to out muscle her own mother." Ethel said as she rolled her head back and let out a very wicked laugh! Then after my mother in law regained her composure, she pulled me closer to her while still stroking my crotch underneath the table and whispered into my ear; "Ricky I bet you've wondering what the rest of my new womanly muscular measurements are, aren't you? Well to find out you've going to have to come back to my motel room and measure me personally."......................."YOUR MOTEL ROOM ETHEL?" I asked out loud with a surprising tone in my voice. "SHH Ricky!" My mother in law cooed sexually in my ear as she kissed it; "You've making scene, and yes my motel room. You really seriously believed that I invited you out just to have dinner at an Italian Restaurant in a motel?" "YES!" I replied feeling a little scared and very horny at the same time! "Well Ricky I didn't." My mother in law replied; "The truth was I've always found you very attractive since the day you married my daughter, and combined with all the weightlifting works and multi vitamin supplements I've had these past six months, it's been giving me one hell of an active libido and I'm freaking horny as HELL these days!" "BUT!" Was all I could reply because Ethel was still stroking my crotch even more firmer and faster now then before, and I was having one hell of a hard on in my jeans! "But nothing Ricky." Ethel continued to whisper in my ear; "By the size of your raging erection says it all, and we both know you want to seriously love and muscle worship my new womanly muscular physique, so get up and slowly walk with me arm in arm to the restaurant's exit, and I'll escort you to my motel room where I'll feed your passionate drive of your female muscle fetish." I quickly did what Ethel asked me and we headed out of the Italian Restaurant.........................While we were walking through the lobby of The Red Roof Inn heading towards my mother in law's motel room, Ethel stopped in front of the fountain that was in the middle of the motel's lobby and said while she flexed and did a couple of body building poses; "Ricky why don't you take a couple of picture of me to show your wife what a real muscular woman really looks like." "You really want Lucy to see how much you've developed in female muscularity before our private little body building contest on September 6, 2015? I said sounding surprised; "I thought the whole reason you came up here to Red Bank to train at your nephew Charlie's gym, while Lucy was training at the Steel Magnolia's Gym, was so you both couldn't see each other female muscular development until the night of our private little female body contest at home." "Oh I don't care if my daughter sees how much her mother's body had bulked up with big strong muscles." My mother in law replied; "In fact Ricky when you go home I want you to show them to your wife, and maybe it'll give Lucy more of an incentive to workout lifting weights even harder then before to try and beat me in our little private body building contest." "OK Ethel." I agreed as I took a couple of pictures of my mother in law in front of the fountain flexing her gigantic muscles, as she was doing a couple of female body building poses.....................As soon as we entered my mother in law's motel room, she closed and locked door behind us after she left the; "DO NOT DISTRUB!" hanging out side on the motel room's door knob. Then after Ethel asked me to unzip the back of her low cut short, sleeveless, black cocktail dress, she quickly slipped out of it and tossed it on a chair next to the motel's queen sized bed. "Well Ricky?" My mother in law asked as she handed me the tape measure after taking it out of her purse; "Are you ready to find out what the rest of my female muscular measurements are?" "You bet Ethel." I replied as I took the tape measure and wrapped it around my mother in law's thickly muscular back and lats, then in front of her two thickly muscular 44 triple D cup tits, and when both ends of the tape measure met right in front of Ethel's extremely deep cleavage, it read 48 inches! "WOW!" Pretty impressive don't you think Ricky?" My mother in law said happily as she smiled; "Ricky let me do a few hundred push ups to see how much bigger I could get my chest." "That's not necessary Ethel." I said; "We both know you've gotten this hugely muscular just to spite your own daughter."................"Oh didn't I Ricky." My mother in law replied as she threw herself down on the carpeted motel room floor and did 200 push ups without stopping in only two minutes. Then after Ethel got up she inhaled very deeply which caused her already thickly muscular chest to swell out flex even larger then it had before! After I again measured her chest and told my mother in law that her new measurement was 52 inches, Ethel replied sounding even happier then before; "WOW RICKY, I'VE GOTTEN MY CHEST MUSCLES INCREASE BY 4 INCHES!" "How much do you weigh now Ethel?" I asked my mother in law. "Well Ricky." My mother in law replied sounding very proud of herself; "Six months ago when I started my weightlifting body building program at my nephew Charlie's gym I was a totally out of shape, extremely flabby over weight woman who weighed 229 pounds. After I had lost 75 pounds of flabby, watery fat, I gained 206 pounds of solid muscular weight and I now weigh 360 pounds of 100% solid muscle with 0% body fat." "WOW ETHEL! That's 72 more pounds of muscular weight then Lucy had gained these past six months." I replied sounding totally surprised; "How did you get so much more physically fit and hugely muscular in only six months then Lucy did?" "STEROIDS!" My mother in law replied. "You've using steroids, but why Ethel, isn't that cheating?" "No it's not Ricky." My mother in law replied sounding very serious now; "You know the women in our family are very competitive and I've been using the same very powerful Russian steroids that Russian female weightlifters use while training for the Olympics, to give me the competitive edge against my own daughter in our private little body building contest on September 6, 2015." As I looked at the rage in my mother in law's face now as her adrenaline continued to pump up her muscles even more now, she said; "I'm not only doing this to piss off my daughter by beating her in our private little body building contest Ricky, but I'm also doing this to show you how much more of a woman I am then my daughter really is! Ricky as you said before I've gained 72 more pounds of muscular weight in six months then my daughter had, SO WHO'S THE TRUE MUSCLE GODDESS NOW IN OUR FAMILY NOW BIG BOY?"..................My mother in law then ripped off her bra and panties and did the most muscular pose right in front of me! I was already having one hell of an erection in my jeans for the entire time, since I've first saw how physically fit and muscular my mother in law had become, and Ethel knew what was going to happen next, I had one HELL of a spontaneous orgasm! My mother in law who was still so pumped up and now very sexually enraged from having a very active libido, cooed very sexually; "Ricky why don't you get naked and spend the night with me, and I'll show you what it's like being with a truly powerfully strong muscle goddess. I'll let you kiss, lick, and even masturbate all over my hugely thick, muscular body all you want darling, and when you've finished I'm going to FUCK your brains out, and after you spend the night with your fucking huge muscular mother in law Ricky, I bet your wife's itty bitty muscular body will no longer please your fetish for real female muscularity!".................What else could I do? I was hooked and my mother in law knew it! I quickly got undressed and after I left my cell phone and wallet on the motel room's night stand, I pushed Ethel down on her back on the motel room's queen sized bed, and started kissing and licking her newly huge, thickly muscular body all over as I muscle worshipped her. While I was busy worshipping my mother in law's newly huge, thickly muscular body, Ethel reached over to the night stand where my cell phone was, and after she set the cam recorder to play and placed my cell in the right angle to record our entire female muscle worshipping and love making session that night in her motel room, my mother in law thought to herself; "When that scatter brained daughter of mine see this video of how much her husband Ricky enjoys my bigger, more ripped muscular female body then hers, Lucy will leave and divorce him, and I'll have Ricky all to myself!" End Of Part 4                                               

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Mother Out Muscles Her Daughter!-3

Starting Monday morning before I woke up at 6 and every day afterwards for the next six months straight, my wife would wake up early at 4 am and after she got dressed in her white short sleeve T-shirt with; "Steel Magnolia's Gym," stenciled across the front and a pair of gym shorts, Lucy would then go to our kitchen and following the special high protein body building diet that Joan Walters had given her, not to mention the daily directions on how many powerfully strong, steroid enhanced, muscular development vitamins to take on a daily bases. After my wife drank a dozen raw eggs out of a large glass while she swallowed two of the little blue steroid pills at the same time, a moment later Lucy's heart started beating extremely fast in her chest while an unbelievable amount of extremely powerful, energy flowed throughout her body at the same time! Then Lucy headed quickly to the bathroom where she urinated for five minutes straight without stopping! At 4:30 am after my wife finished going to the bathroom she then grabbed her gym bag and car keys and drove to the gym, and was parking her car in the gym's parking lot at 4:55 am...................By 5 am Lucy's personal trainer Troy Steele had her in the gym jumping rope for 20 minutes straight with out stopping, doing jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups on a bar. By 6 am my wife's personal trainer had her working out on the tread mill, the stair master, the rowing machine, the stomach crunch machine, and the elliptical machine. Then by 8 am Lucy's personal trainer had her swim 24 laps back and forth across the gym's Olympic sized swimming pool, do a spinning class, a high impact aerobics class, and a kick boxing class. Then between 12 pm to 1 pm Troy Steel would give my wife an hour break for lunch, where Lucy would eat an entire large raw porterhouse steak, drink an entire gallon of whole milk while she washed down another two blue steroid pills. Then after my wife's heart started beating extremely fast in her chest while an unbelievable amount of extremely powerful, energy flowed throughout her body at the same time! Then after Lucy urinated for another five minutes straight without stopping in the women's bathroom, at 1 pm my wife was ready to continue her daily body building training program..............After Lunch Troy Steele put my wife through what he called a complete three step, upper and lower body weightlifting session. From 1 pm to 4 pm, my wife's personal trainer had Lucy lifting 20 pounds of steel weights while she did four sets of reps with each weight lifting exercise she did. From 4 pm to 7 pm Troy Steele increased the amount of steel weights my wife was lifting by 50 pounds while he also doubled the amount of sets of reps to eight with each weightlifting exercise she did, and Lucy was now lifting 70 pounds of steel weights for each upper and lower body weightlifting exercise she did! Then between 7 pm and 8 pm Troy Steele would give my wife would an hour break for dinner, where Lucy would eat another entire large raw porterhouse steak and drink another gallon of whole milk while she washed down another two little blue steroid pills. Then after my wife's heart started beating extremely fast in her chest as unbelievable amount of extremely powerful, energy flowed throughout her body for the third time that day! Then after she urinated for another five minutes straight without stopping in the women's bathroom, at 8 pm Lucy was ready to continue her daily body building training program........................From 8 pm to 11 pm my wife's personal trainer again increased the amount of steel weights Lucy was lifting from 70 pounds as well as doubling the amount of sets of reps, and my wife was now lifting 120 pounds of steel weights while doing 12 sets of reps with each upper and lower body weightlifting exercise she did! Every day Troy Steele would continue to increase the amounts of steel weights my wife was lifting, while he also increased the amount of sets of reps she did as well, for Lucy's daily complete upper and lower body weightlifting workouts. As Troy Steele continued to push my wife harder and harder every day at the gym, in only one month's time Lucy had lost 100% of all her flabby water weight and was seriously starting to build up, 100% rock hard muscular weight on her entire body! Troy Steele couldn't believe how fast this once short squat heavy, extremely out of shape, flabby over weight, 5 foot 6 inch 42 year old red headed woman, was quickly turning into a true female muscle goddess right before his own eyes! When Troy Steele got to see my wife totally naked as he weighed and measured her every two weeks to track her fitness progress, he'd think to himself; "BOY! Lucy's husband is a very lucky man to come home every night to this smoking hot, muscular red headed, female muscle goddess in the making.".................Since my wife didn't finished her daily body building training program till 11 pm every night, and by the time she'd finally get home it was after midnight and I was already asleep, so Lucy started sleeping in her mother's room every night so she wouldn't disturb me. Over the next six months I wouldn't see my wife at all because we now both had different schedules. Lucy was already at the gym working out for over an hour every day when I got up at 6 am, and our only conversations these day between my wife and I where by text messaging each other back and forth. From Monday to Friday while I was at work my wife would still be at the gym working out, and even when I came home, ate dinner, and went to sleep, Lucy was still working out. During Saturdays and Sundays my wife would already be at the gym when I got up, and home after I was in bed. The only way that I knew that Lucy was coming home at all these days, was when I'd find her dirty gym clothes in our laundry basket waiting to be washed. When my wife did make a little extra time these day in between her now, extremely grueling, daily body building training program, Lucy would hide her car by parking it on the next street, so I wouldn't know she was visiting her new girl friend Joan Walters to get more of those little blue steroid pills. Joan Walters would only have my wife visit her every other week late in the evening after dark, when her husband was either out of town on business, or working late that evening at the office. The reason for this was so John Walters didn't know his wife was using and selling illegal steroid pills to his neighbor's wife Lucy Ricardo, and so I couldn't see my wife's newly growing muscular transformation, until Lucy was good and ready to show it to me!.....................The only one now still in my home life these days that I still talked to was my mother in law, who would call me once a week at 7 pm on Thursdays and ask what was new at home these days? The truth was that Ethel really wanted to know how her daughter Lucy was doing on her body building training program, and what her current results were. Ethel would always try to sneak in those two questions very casually after she'd tell me somewhat, while not being too specific about, her own body building training program that her nephew Charlie was training his aunt Ethel on at his Gym in Red Bank. Even though the real reason for my mother in law's weekly phone calls were to try and get some information on my wife's body building progress, I was very happy to have someone to talk to in my now lonely evenings..................Six months during one of our weekly phone conversations my mother in law said to me; "You know Ricky, I can't believe how my daughter's compulsive obsession for working out at the gym, to win our private little female body building contest, has caused the two of you to be separated this long in your marriage, it just not very healthy for the both of you." I know Ethel." I replied sounding very unhappily; "But Lucy made me promise to sacrifice my martial life for an entire year." "Well Ricky, I never really thought that it was very fair of Lucy making you agree to sacrifice your marital life for an entire year. I wouldn't blame you after all these months if you had an affair and cheated on your wife." "I would never do that Ethel." I replied. "Ricky I just got an idea. Saturday night since Lucy is going to be busy at the gym, why don't you drive up to Red Bank and meet me at the Red Roof Inn. There's this great little Italian restaurant there I know you'd like, and you could get to see how much weight I've lost and female muscle I've developed." "You aren't afraid that I might tell Lucy about your female muscular development Ethel, not to mention eating Italian food might make you gain fat weight?" I said. "No I'm not." My mother in law replied; "I just think it's more important that you need the company of a woman while having dinner Ricky, then my daughter finding out how big her mother's muscles have grown. In fact you could even take a picture of the newly muscular me, and show it to Lucy if you'd like to. As for the Italian food making me gain fat weight that's not going to happen Ricky, everything I eat these days automatically turns into solid rock hard female muscle." I then thought to myself; "WHAT THE HELL!" Then I agreed to meet my mother in law Saturday night at 7 pm at the Red Roof Inn to eat at the Italian restaurant with her.....................Not a second later after I ended the call on my cell phone from my mother in law, my cell phone rang again, and this time I recognized my wife's cell phone number on the caller I.D. "Hi honey how's your daily body building training program going?" "It's going great Ricky. I've lost over 58 pounds of unwanted fat these past six months while I have been building up some serious female muscularity at the same time. With every pound of fat that I've lost, I've replaced it with a pound of solid muscle." My wife happily said. "That's great Lucy I'm really proud of you for working out so hard at the gym these past six months." I replied. "Thanks Ricky coming from you, really and truly that means a lot to me." My wife said; "But the reason I'm calling you on my dinner break is to let you know that tonight I'll be staying at the gym all night working out, because my personal trainer Troy needs to travel out of town tomorrow for his aunt's funeral." Then my wife said in a more throaty, sexy tone; Tomorrow I'll have 24 hours off from my body building training program and I thought we'd spend tomorrow night alone just the two of us darling, and you could finally see the newly muscular female improvements on your wife's body, and we could both reconcile that silly little sacrifice I've been making you keep of not having sex for these past six months as well." "COOL LUCY!" I replied very happily; "Honey have you been as horny as I have these past six months?" "Even more so Ricky." My wife replied; "With every little muscle pump I do with a heavy barbell or dumbbell, I get so sexually turned on that I almost orgasm in my gym shorts every day while I'm working out, and with not being sexually touched by my husband for over six months, don't be surprised tomorrow night if I sexually attack you like a very hungry tiger." We both laughed at that, then my wife said; "I've got to go now darling and continue my daily body building training program. Love you and I'll see you Friday night." "WOW!" I happily thought to myself out loud; "WHO CARES IF ONE IS WITH MY WIFE AND THE OTHER ONE IS WITH MY MOTHER IN LAW, I HAVE TWO DATES IN TWO DAYS WITH TO MUSCULAR WOMEN! HOW COULD A MUSCLE WOMAN FETISH GET EVEN BETTER THEN THAT?"....................Friday afternoon I rushed home after work because I couldn't wait to see my wife. Lucy met me in our backyard as soon as I pulled my pickup truck into our driveway right next to her blue Toyota. As I was getting out of my pickup my wife walked up with me with a big smile on her face, as she said; "Howdy stranger long time no see." My wife looked good, I MEAN REAL GOOD! Lucy had on those very tight French cut designer jeans that six months ago she couldn't even try fitting into when she was shopping with her mother at the mall, and a long sleeve red silk button down blouse. "Hello honey you look fantastic." "Thanks Ricky I'm glad you like what you see." My wife replied as she spun around to show me just how much fat weight she had lost. "I see by your super tight jeans and red silk blouse that you have been seriously working out at the gym." "I'm glad you approve Ricky." My wife said; "Because for the past six months straight I've seriously put in some real hard work into getting in shape and building up my body for our private little female body building contest.".................."WOW!" I thought to my self as I looked over my wife's upper body a little closer and noticed how she tightly filled out her red silk button blouse, not just Lucy's breasts, but her entire extremely tight red silk blouse was ready to burst open any second; "Lucy really did take entering our private little female body building contest very seriously!" My wife then unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled up the two long sleeves of her red silk button down blouse, and revealed an unbelievable set of biceps and triceps. Lucy then gave a little extra flex as she brought her two arms down to her side, and I gasped at the sight! "MY GOD LUCY, YOUR ARMS ARE AMAZING." "I was hoping you'd like them Ricky, they've pretty big aren't they?" My wife said sounding very proud of herself. "How did you get so big in only six months Lucy?" I asked. My wife then gave me a look of utter superiority as she told me most of what she had been doing at the gym, except for those powerfully illegal steroid pills she'd been getting from our neighbor Joan Walters................Six months ago after my mother, you, and I agreed to hold our private little female body building contest on September 6, 2015, both mom and I knew we only had a year to seriously get in shape for it and I pulled out all the stops. I even hired a hypnotist that Joan Walters suggested." "A hypnotist?" I asked sounding very surprised. YES a hypnotist, and between both my personal trainer Troy Steele and the hypnotist I told them my goal, to get as hugely muscular and strong as possible for any one woman to ever become. It worked out great don't you think Ricky? Until six months ago I never knew what an absolute turn on it was to pump up your muscles. I wish you'd had wanted me to do this before! When I'm lifting weights and my muscles are pumping up, it's the closest thing to having an orgasm that one's body could have without having sex. I'm not sure if it's just me Ricky, but I seem to have them quite often when I'm having a really good weightlifting workout. The hypnotist gave me a hypnotic suggestion which in turn gave me such a powerfully strong drive to keep working out lifting weights harder and harder every day, while I continue building up my body..................My wife then went into a full upper body crab pose and I swear that I saw the fabric of her already extremely tight red silk, long sleeve button down blouse stretch out to it's limits as well as all the blouse's buttons too which almost popped off! I didn't know how big Lucy's now upper muscular body was, but it now looked fantastically strong and muscular, which was a major change from how she had once looked like six months earlier and it gave me an instant erection! "Ricky do you want to see how big and muscular I've gotten these past six months?" My wife asked me. "Of course I do Lucy." I replied happily. My wife then took me by my hand and led me towards our house as she said; "Let's go to our bedroom where we could both get naked and I'll give you a complete posing and flexing show while we fuck each other's brains out!"....................After I got naked and was laying on my back on our queen sized bed, my wife called out from our master bathroom; "RICKY ARE YOU READY TO SEE SOME AWESOME FEMALE MUSCLE ON YOUR WIFE?" As I continued laying on our bed I called back; "MORE THEN YOU COULD IMAGINE LUCY!" My wife then walked out naked and she looked totally magnificent! As my jaw dropped in awesome amazement over the sight of my wife's new more womanly, powerfully strong muscular physique, Lucy moaned sexually as she struck a standard body building pose with her two thickly muscular legs spread out while her two fists rested on her two very thickly muscular hips, which caused Lucy's thick muscular lats to flare out while the accented her thick muscular shoulders and thick muscular pectoral muscles. "Well Ricky is this what you were looking for darling?" Lucy sexually purred. "OH GOD YES AND THEN SOME! YOU LOOK FANTASTIC. JUST HOW BIG DID YOU GET LUCY?" I said excitedly at see my wife's newly female muscular physique................"Well Ricky." My wife said as she answered my question; "I lost one to two pounds of flabby, fat water weight every two day, while replacing it pound for pound with solid muscular weight at the same time for the last six months straight, and I've gone from being a very flabby, over weight and out of shape 230.5 pound woman, to a very physically fit muscular 288 pound woman. Pretty damn impressive don't you think Ricky?" Then my wife once again went into the most muscular crab pose and I almost erupted! "WOW!" I replied sounding very surprised; "That's 57.5 pounds of solid muscular transformation Lucy! That freaking unbelievable! How big are your arms and legs now?"................"Well Ricky my personal trainer weighed and measured me yesterday night after my last daily body building workout, and you've never said how big and muscular you wanted me to become." My wife replied; "My arms are 18.5 inches fully flexed. My chest muscles not counting the measurements of my two tits are 48 inches fully flexed, and my muscular thighs are 30 inches fully flexed. My calves haven't come along like the rest of my body has, but they are 16.5 inches fully flexed, which isn't too bad if I do say so myself." Then Lucy jumped onto our queen sized bed and as she sexually attacked me like a hungry tiger she growled; "SHOW AND TELL TIME IS OVER RICKY AND I'M HORNIER THEN HELL! NOW LET'S FUCK EACH OTHER'S BRAINS OUT!" As my wife mounted my manly body between her two now very thickly muscular thigh and injected my huge erection into her more tightly muscular vagina, Lucy started riding me like a busting bronco as she bounced up and down harder and harder, faster and faster, till we both had our own gigantic orgasms! After we fucked each other's brains out, I then jumped up and grabbed my wife's two massive thick muscular shoulders with both my hands and kissed her long and hard! Lucy then playfully picked me up and threw me back onto our queen sized bed, then as she towered over me my wife did an awesome double bicep pose as she said; "Go ahead Ricky and run your fingers all over my womanly muscular body, after all darling I did this all for you."..................I then started caressing my wife's huge muscular biceps while I asked her to flex and pump them over and over again. As I continued to hold my wife's now pulsating bulging muscular biceps in my hands while I again entered her more tightly muscular vagina, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, as both our orgasms were so powerfully intense I screamed, before I passed out! A few moments later when I woke up, Lucy was spooning me in her two powerfully strong, muscular womanly arms, as she said to me very happily; "WOW RICKY! You really do like muscular women. If I had known that before in our marriage I would have started working out at the gym years ago to build up my female muscular physique for you darling."..................."Oh Lucy this is so beyond fantastic, it really is." I said very happily; "Let's do it again and this time can I touch your pectoral muscles?" With that request my wife inhaled and pumped up her pectoral muscles in right front of my face, and so began the longest, best adventure of sex we've ever had in our entire marriage. I never knew that both Lucy and I could have six powerful orgasms in only one single afternoon. End Of Part 3