Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jacqueline's & Tiffany's New Body Building Obsession!-8

About a half hour later after our new maid Maria and I started getting very sexually friendly together on our living room sofa, Maria and I quickly moved our sexually play time to my master bedroom before my fourteen year old daughter came out of her own bedroom and saw her own father sexually cheating on her mother with our new maid. After Maria and I were in my master bedroom with the door locked, we quickly attacked each other with sexual hunger of two wild animals. Maria and I did it every sexual way possible including doggy style, and unlike my wife Jacqueline who wasn't into oral sex, Maria sucked my large male penis extremely hard till I had such a huge erection, and Maria even let me shoot a huge wad of my male sperm down her throat which she greedily and happily swallowed. Then Maria licked every last drop of my male sperm until my huge erected male penis was completely clean. Afterwards as I laid there in my wife's and my queen sized bed spooning Maria's now naked extremely heavy, over weight, flabby, shaped like a bell, out of shape female figure, I realized for the first time in my life that I was more attracted to fat women then I was to muscular body builder women................Over the next seven weeks I could only use my imagination about how much more my wife's already tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique was growing in female muscularity on a daily bases, while Jacqueline was away on her several week seventy two hour weightlifting marathon with twenty four hours off every fourth day for rest. I've been noticing that my daughter's already tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, female muscular physique was growing even larger in female muscularity on a daily bases as well, and if Tiffany was quickly becoming a real live Incredible She-Hulk, I could only imagine how hugely muscular in female muscularity her mother was becoming. Tiffany's already tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular teenage female physique was now growing so hugely muscular every day, that her two young tits had now be completely been swallowed up and disappeared, and was completely replaced by a huge barrel sized, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular pectoral, barrel sized chest, and my daughter's already two large, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms had swelled up so incredibly large in female muscularity, that Tiffany needed to cut off every long and short sleeve on all of her blouses because her two now gigantically, growing huge, bulging, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular biceps could no longer fit into any sleeves whatsoever they were long or short sleeves, no matter what size the blouse was she now wore.................One evening during the first week of Jacqueline's several week weightlifting marathon, at six a clock while my daughter Tiffany with our new maid Maria, and myself were having dinner together at our kitchen table, our new maid Maria who had just finished her third large helping of spaghetti and meatballs with a huge portion of large Italian sausages mixed in the tomato sauce, Tiffany asked our new maid Maria who, was NOW was rubbing her, NOW hugely, fat protruding, and now EXTREMELY BLOATED fat pot belly with her two hands, after Maria had just finished eating her third full plate of spaghetti and meatballs and huge position of Italian sausage. "Maria how much do you weigh?" Tiffany." I replied trying to protect our new maid Maria; "Tiffany, it's not nice to ask a woman what her weight is." It's okay Mr. Davenport I'm not afraid to speak the truth to your daughter." Maria replied as she continued rubbing her NOW, fat protruding, and now EXTREMELY BLOATED, fat pot belly with her two hands as she let out a very large. loud BURP, with and even slightly louder FART sound out her huge, fat, flabby, female ass. "To answer your question Tiffany." Our new maid Maria lied to my daughter; "I weigh about, give or take a pound, one hundred and sixty five pounds."....................."In your wet dreams Maria you weigh one hundred and sixty five pounds." My daughter chuckled. Then she got up from our kitchen table and disappeared for a moment, then reappeared in our kitchen carrying our bathroom scale. As my daughter put our bathroom scale on the kitchen floor, Tiffany said to Maria with a tone in her voice that sounded like she didn't believe what Maria had already told her; "Okay Maria step on the scale and prove to me that your current extremely overweight, flabby, out of shape, female body only weighs one hundred and sixty five pounds." Maria looked at me for a moment for support, as her fat, triple chinned, pumpkin sized, face turned a bright red with deep embarrassment about being so extremely overweight. "Okay Tiffany I'll let you weigh me." Maria replied. As she slowly got up off the kitchen chair she was sitting on and slowly approached our bathroom scale. Maria our new maid who was trying to win over my NOW, gigantically growing, tightly packed, beefy, ripped, muscular, female body building teenage daughter who's mother seemed to have already abandoned her for a professional career in female body building. As Maria slowly stepped onto our bathroom scale that my daughter had put on our kitchen floor, once Maria's two feet were solidly planted on the bathroom scale it started making a loud beeping sound for a couple of seconds till it finally reached Maria's current body weight.......................After the loud beeping sound stopped, Tiffany bent down to read the digital numbers that were our maid's current body weight. "WOW Maria!" Tiffany said with an unbelievable tone in her voice; "You weigh four hundred and twenty five pounds. I've never lifted that much weight before at one time in one of my daily weightlifting workouts before. Would you mind if I tried to lift you up?" "Well, UHM, not at all Tiffany." Maria stammered as she had an uncertain look on her face while she looked over at where I was still sitting at our kitchen table watching what was going on between our maid and my daughter. After Tiffany had Maria step off the bathroom scale so her two feet were planted firmly on the kitchen floor, Tiffany then grabbed Maria by her crotch with her left hand, while at the same time grabbing Maria's sweatshirt with her right hand. As Tiffany slowly started to lift our four hundred and twenty five pound extremely overweight maid slowly up off her two feet, my daughter's already two huge, bulging, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular biceps swelled up and bulged out even larger then ever before till they were both as large as two cannon balls with two softball sized baseball caps on top of them. Underneath Tiffany's creamy white skin large thick blue pencil sized veins pulsated and moved around like wild snakes as they sent in gorged amounts of blood to my daughter's even more gigantically bulging, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular biceps while they still continued to swell up and bulge out even larger now then just a moment ago. Then after Tiffany held our extremely over weight maid straight up above her head, my daughter then started bench pressing Maria up and down till she completed fifty reps, then Tiffany brought Maria gently back down as she placed our extremely overweight maid back on her two feet.................Later on that same evening while Maria and I were spooning each other in my queen sized bed in the privacy of mine and my wife's master bedroom after another fantastic bout of what I now called; "Fat woman sex," with our short extremely over weight, short, flabby live in maid, Maria asked me; "Jim what time are you going to be home tomorrow after work?" "Around 4:30 pm like normal. Why do you ask Maria?" I replied. "Well Jim I need you to take me grocery shopping after you get home from work tomorrow afternoon." Maria said. "Don't you drive Maria?" I asked her. "Yes I do Jim and I have a valid driver's license but I don't have a car." Then just with almost perfect timing like my now absent, female body building wife could almost hear Maria's and my current conversation while we were in bed together, my cell phone then beeped with a new text message from Jacqueline that read; "Jim, since I have no need for our blue B.M.W. S.U.V. these days I thought you could pick it up tomorrow when you have a chance so Maria will have a vehicle to get around in to go shopping. I'll leave it parked at the Ocean Gate Motel on route 539 and locked up with my set of car keys underneath the driver side floor mat." Then she just signed it "Jacqueline." When I answered her text message with; "Okay Jackie." My now absent, female body building wife never answered me back...................... As soon as I got home the following afternoon I picked up Maria at the house so we could both pick up Jacqueline's blue B.M.W. S.U.V. that was parked at the Ocean Gate Motel. As Maria squeezed her huge, fat, flabby ass into the front passenger seat of my black Audi A5 Sports Coupe her two huge, fat, flabby, ass cheeks hung over both sides of the passenger seat with Maria's left huge, fat flabby, ass cheek rubbing up against the console and stick shift of my car. Then after Maria took a deep breath to try and squeeze her huge, protruding, fat, flabby, pot belly and her huge, fat, flabby, female breasts into the seat belt safety harness, she said now sounding a bit our of breath from the struggle; "HOLY COW JIM! This is really a small car you drive." "Don't worry your pretty little head over that my darling, super size big beautiful woman. The B.M.W. S.U.V. will be a lot more comfortable for you to drive around in."......................After a half hour drive I pulled into the entrance of the parking lot of the Ocean Gate Motel right next to Jacqueline's blue B.M.W. S.U.V. After I unlocked the S.U.V. with my set of car keys and found Jacqueline's set of car keys underneath the driver side floor mat. I gave Maria my wife's set of keys and she quickly drove the B.M.W. S.U.V. out of the Ocean Gate Motel parking lot and headed towards Acme to go grocery shopping. After Maria drove away I decided to find out what motel room my now absent, female body building wife was staying in, and confront Jacqueline on the real reason why she had left me. The Ocean Gate Motel which was a very run down motel in the middle of nowhere on route 539, looked more like a welfare motel for homeless people then the type of motel a man would take his family to on a vacation since it wasn't near any popular vacation spots. The Ocean Gate Motel was directly across route 539 from what looked like a large abandoned brick factory building, that unbeknown to me at the time now housed the Women's Virtual Reality Gym that both my wife and daughter worked out in building up their two growing, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular female physiques..............When I walked into the main office of the Ocean Gate Motel, behind the motel main office desk was a scrawny nineteen year old male hippy with long hair and a scruffy beard that looked like a crack head needing a drug fix. "YO DUDE!" the nineteen year old male hippy greeted me as I entered through the entrance into the main office of the Ocean Gate Motel; "You need a room for tonight or just for a few hours to have a sexual affair behind your wife's back with another woman?" "None of the above." I replied as I took a photo out of my wallet of a pre-body building photo of my wife to show this nineteen year old male hippy with long hair and a scruffy beard that looked so strung out and needing a crack drug fix very soon; "I'm looking for this woman her name is Jacqueline Davenport. She might be registered here under her maiden name of Jacqueline Evens. This is a picture of her taken a couple of years ago before she joined the Women's Virtual Reality Gym and started body building. Is she staying here?" "Well sir I don't know. There are a couple of possible future female body builders staying here." The nineteen year old male hippy with long hair and scruffy beard replied. Then as I took two $20.00 bills out of my wallet and showed them to him, I then asked the nineteen year old male hippy with long hair and scruffy beard; "Would these help you remember if a Jacqueline Davenport or Jacqueline Evens is staying here." The nineteen year old male hippy with long hair and a scruffy beard quickly checked the computer to see if a Jacqueline Davenport or a Jacqueline Evens was registered at the Ocean Gate Motel. Then after a few moments he looked up from the computer and said; "I'm sorry sir but there isn't any Jacqueline Davenport or Jacqueline Evens staying here. In fact the only two possible future female body builders staying here right now are a Big Brenda who's a twenty five year old, dark ebony, black heavy weight female body builder, and a Amazon Wendy who's a twenty two year old, semi-heavy weight female body builder with platinum blond shoulder length hair.".........................The nineteen tear old male hippy with long hair and a scruffy beard that looked so strung out and needing a crack fix who during our conversation I would learn that his first name was Jeff, continued talking about the two female body builders who were staying at the Ocean Gate Motel; "Big Brenda's an African American hugely, beefy, ripped, muscular, heavy weight female body builder who's six foot, two inches tall with dark black as coal skin with her nappy black hair cut short like a crew cut. Big Brenda works out alone all day and night lifting weights in her motel room and the only time she leaves her motel room is to greet one of her girlfriends when they drive into the motel parking lot to visit her." "You mean Jeff." I asked him; "Big Brenda is a lesbian female body building prostitute?" "YUP!" Jeff chuckled; "Big Brenda not only makes her living here at the Ocean Gate Motel by being a lesbian female body builder prostitute to other women, but she also sells very illegal, highly, powerful, steroids to other women who want to become female body builders as well." "And possibly could this woman be?" I asked as I again showed Jeff the picture of my wife Jacqueline; "Be one of Big Brenda's female girlfriends or steroid buying customers?" "NO WAY SIR!" Jeff replied to my question; "Big Brenda hates white women, and white people in general." Then to change the subject and get away from talking about Big Brenda I asked Jeff; "What about the other female body builder Amazon Wendy who's staying at the Ocean Gate Motel?"......................"Now Amazon Wendy I know personally because she's my gal." Jeff said with a happily tone of pride in his voice as he gave me a knowing wink; "Two years ago when Wendy and I drove cross country from Minnesota after graduating from high school we road into town without a dime between us with an empty gas tank on gas fumes. Our old Dodge pickup stopped on route 539 right in front of the Ocean Gate Motel. But as luck would have it there was a sign on the office door of the motel advertising for a desk clerk. The job didn't pay very well but it came with a free motel room to live in. I applied and got hired by the motel's owner right then and there. Back then Wendy wasn't the pumped up muscular chick she is today. When we both first came to town two years ago Wendy was a thin, scrawny, ninety eight pound weakling of a woman, with skinny arms and legs like a twig and a flat chest. In high school Wendy's nick name was toothpick girl...................A day after I got hired as a desk clerk at the Ocean Gate Motel and we moved into our free motel room, Wendy got a job as a night cashier down the road at Seven Eleven. One slow night around ten pm while Wendy was at the cash register waiting for a customer to come into the store, a gigantically huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular woman who was about five foot, nine inches tall with two huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms the size of a side of beef, entered through the main entrance and started a conversation with Wendy about building up her then thin, scrawny, ninety eight pound weakling body at a new gym she had just opened up. Her name was?" Jeff paused a moment trying to remember the gigantically, huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular woman's name. "Was her name Dawn Allen and was the name of the gym, The Women's Virtual Reality Gym by any chance?" I asked him. "That's it dude!" Jeff said; "And the very next day Dawn Allen scheduled a ten hour a day workout program for Wendy." "Did you ever meet Dawn Allen or drove your girlfriend back and forth to The Women's Virtual Reality Gym?" I asked Jeff hoping he could tell me where it was located. "That night Wendy came home all excited telling me about her meeting Dawn Allen and starting to workout building up her body at The Women's Virtual Reality Gym but never mentioned where it was. Then the next morning at four am, and every morning afterwards for the past two years, a 1955 two toned red and white Chevy Belair would pick her up and drive her away to the this gym, then bring her home again around five thirty pm." Did you ever ask her where the gym was located?" I asked. "Now comes the strange part sir." Jeff replied; "As soon as Wendy came home from her first day of working out at The Women's Virtual Reality Gym, she seemed to be partly under some strange hypnotic trance like her female mind was somehow being controlled. I've asked Wendy a number of times in the past two years where the gym was located and with a strange, blank stare in her eyes, Wendy would give me the same answer with a semi-hypnotic tone in her voice; "I'm not sure Jeff, but my driver knows." "Did you ever try following that 1955 Chevy Belair and see where it went every morning?" I asked. "Yea I tried once." Jeff replied; "But when I got out to our old Dodge pickup someone jacked it up on cinderblocks and stole all four tires and I couldn't follow them." "HMM! Interesting." I thought to myself. Then getting back to his now growing muscle gal Wendy, Jeff continued; "After that day I wanted to follow them but couldn't, Wendy started sneaking out of our motel room an hour earlier while I was still asleep and meet her driver down the road somewhere on route 539. Also after that day Wendy started her 72 hour marathon weightlifting workouts at The Women's Virtual Reality Gym and hardly ever came home any more." "This sounds very close to my own current situation." I thought to myself. "And when Wendy did come home every so often." Jeff continued; "She was bigger, stronger, and even more muscular then ever before. But every time I tried to have sex with her now growing, smoking hot, hugely, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique, Wendy always had an excuse not to have sex with me any more. Either she had a headache or she was just too tired from her daily weightlifting workout. This continued for the next year and a half till three and a half months ago when Wendy stopped going to the gym."....................."Three and a half months ago? That's when my wife Jacqueline and my daughter Tiffany first started working out together at The Women's Virtual Reality Gym while I was on my business trip to Japan." I thought to myself, then asked Jeff why Wendy had stopped going to The Women's Virtual Reality Gym. Well dude." Jeff replied; "About three and a half months ago, Wendy came home extremely upset after completing another one of her and last of her 72 hour marathon weightlifting workouts at The Women's Virtual Reality Gym, and when I asked her why she was upset she said in a waterworks of tears; "THAT DAMN DAWN FIREDED ME BECAUSE SHE TOOK ON A FUTURE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER FEMALE BODY BUILDING TEAM!" Did Wendy mention the names of the future mother and daughter body building team to you Jeff?" I asked almost already knowing the answer to my question. "No she didn't dude." Jeff replied to my question; "All Wendy said was that the mother was a very attractive redhead with a very curvy figure looking to lose a few pounds while trying to get some serious weight off her extremely obese, overweight, out of shape, fat, fourteen year old daughter who Wendy said was so extremely fat, that she looked like someone stuck an air hose in her mouth and inflated her fourteen year old female body up like a huge balloon." "Oh I see." Was all I replied because I now knew where Jeff was going in our conversation and I didn't want him to know he was now talking about my wife Jacqueline and my daughter Tiffany. "Yea dude." Jeff continued; "It seemed that almost right away that it was love at first sight between Dawn Allen and this new sexy, well curvy, redheaded woman who was about thirty to thirty five years old, who Dawn Allen thought could be the next future Ms. Olympia, heavy weight female body builder." "What about this redheaded woman's daughter?" I asked Jeff. "I'm not sure dude. According to Wendy, Dawn Allen was very interested in the redheaded woman, not her obese, overweight, out of shape, fat, fourteen year old daughter. Wendy had told me that one morning before she was dismissed from The Women's Virtual Reality Gym, that Dawn Allen was planning on getting rid of this redheaded woman's daughter by dumping the obsess, overweight, totally out of shape, fat, fourteen year old daughter on her own fourteen year old daughter Jane." "Oh I see." Was all I replied since I didn't want Jeff to know I was the husband of that redheaded woman and that Dawn Allen was extremely interested in these days, and the father of the once obsessed, overweight, totally out of shape, fat, fourteen year old daughter, who's now a incredible, hugely, gigantic, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular, real live twelve year old, she-hulk.................."Any way." Jeff continued; "After Dawn Allen fired Wendy and told her she was no longer welcome at The Women's Virtual Reality Gym any more, Wendy who was now so obsessed in continuing building up her own already hugely, gigantic, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique by herself, went out and bought her own steel weight set and other body building equipment that totally filled up our entire motel room to workout with, as well as she started heavily using those very illegal, highly, powerful, steroids that Wendy started buying from Big Brenda on a daily bases." "Jeff since Wendy had met this redheaded woman and her daughter." I said; "What's the chance of taking me to see your body building girlfriend to show her the photo of this redheaded woman that I had showed you earlier when I came in?".................."Well?" Jeff said while starting to look very sad like he was ready to start crying; "Three days ago while Wendy was working out on her twenty second set of bench pressing reps after she had just injected herself with her sixth injection of those very illegal, highly, powerful, steroids, Wendy's now hugely, steroid enhanced, muscular heart exploded in her chest which caused her to have a massive heart attack, and she was dead on arrival when she was taken to the hospital." "Oh I see Jeff. I deeply sorry to hear that." I replied as I gave him the two $20.00 dollar bills I had offered him earlier for information. Then after saying goodbye to Jeff, I then left the office of the Ocean Gate Motel and got into my car and drove home................As I was leaving the Ocean Gate Motel to head home, Jane Allen was home in her bedroom studying the hand held palm computer that her mother had programmed for her to now be able to totally control everything  her hugely, gigantic, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular best female friend Tiffany physically thought and did. "HMM!" Jane thought to herself; "I think I'll try this out tomorrow morning at school and see what Tiffany is really capable of." End Of Part 8                                                         

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Jacqueline's & Tiffany's New Body Building Obsession!-7

"HOLY SHIT! DAWN CERTAINLY MAKES A FREAKING POWERFULLY STRONG MARTINI!" Jacqueline said out loud to herself while she held her right hand on her now throbbing, aching forehead as she slowly started coming out of her very foggy, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma and now found herself sitting in the driver seat of her blue B.M.W. S.U.V. that was now parked in our driveway. Then when Jacqueline's eyes slowly began to focus and when she realized where she was now, she again said out loud to herself while she tried to smooth back her long auburn red shoulder length hair and only felt her naked neck with her left hand; "OH GOD! HOW DID I GET HOME TONIGHT? I DON'T REMEMBER EVEN LEAVING DAWN'S TOWNHOUSE AND WHAT THE FUCK HAD HAPPENED TO MY HAIR?"..................Then as Jacqueline flipped down the driver side sun visor to look in the vanity mirror she now saw her once shoulder length auburn red hair was now cut very short in a more modern female hair style. Instead of being very upset about her once auburn long shoulder length hair that Jacqueline always loved so much, she just let out a girlish giggle as she thought out loud to herself while she was still sitting in the driver seat of her blue B.M.W. S.U.V.; "Dawn was right. This more modern female hair style really better benefits my new very sexy, powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique." Then when Jacqueline happened to stare down at the clock on the car's radio she said now to herself as she started to totally get upset; "HOLY SHIT IT'S 4:30 AM IN THE MORNING! HOW AM I GOING TO EXPLAIN TO MY HUSBAND WHY I STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT PARTYING WITH MY PERSONAL TRAINER DAWN?" Then as the one hundred percent of the brainwashing tactics Dawn had already used on Jacqueline earlier tonight to help re-program her female mind into being very unhappily married to her husband and wanting to leave me for her personal trainer Dawn, Jacqueline said excitedly angry to herself; "THE HELL WITH JIM! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT HE THINKS! I'M MY OWN PERSON AND I'LL DO WHAT I WANT, AND WHEN I WANT TO DO IT!" Then after Jacqueline got out of her car and quietly entered our house through the back door that led into the kitchen, she then quickly got dressed into one of her skimpy workout outfits that beautifully showed off her very sexy, powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique. After changing her clothes Jacqueline then packed her own overnight bag with enough clothes to stay away from home for over three months straight. When she was finished packing her overnight bag, Jacqueline then quietly woke up Tiffany and Jane who were both sleeping together in Tiffany's bedroom and had them both quickly get dressed very quietly in Tiffany's bedroom. Before Jacqueline, Tiffany, and Jane left, my wife quickly wrote me a note and left it on the kitchen counter top near the coffee maker for me to find. Then Jacqueline, Tiffany, and Jane, all exited outside quietly through the kitchen backdoor with Tiffany carrying her B.F.F.'s overnight bag while Jacqueline was carrying a plastic grocery bag that was filled with the ten bottles of the strongest, totally illegal Russian steroids with the reprogramming computer chips in each blue pill for herself and Tiffany in her left hand, while she carried her own overnight bag in her right hand. Then Jacqueline drove herself, Tiffany, and Jane away in the early morning dawn light................When I woke around 8:30 am later on that same Sunday morning I had one thought on my mind; "What the HELL time did Jacqueline come home last night, THAT IS, if she came home at all last night from having a girl's night out with the other female body builders from the gym." Then after I made the bed and got dressed, I went into the kitchen I found the note my wife left me on the kitchen counter top near the coffee maker which read; "Jim, I got in very late last night and I didn't want to wake you up, so I slept on the pull out sofa bed in your den. Early this morning I left the house with Tiffany and Jane so I could drop Jane at home on our way to the women's virtual reality gym to workout with Tiffany." Then it was just signed Jackie which I thought was very strange at first. Because since the first time I had met my wife and throughout our entire marriage, every note and text message my wife would write or send me she ended with; "Love you with all my heart and soul, Jacqueline." Then I thought to myself because I really didn't want to make a big deal over my wife's note; "Well I guess Jackie was just in a rush this morning to get to the gym with our daughter and just forgot to sign this note the normal way she normally did. After all it had been very hard for me these past three days to make the adjustment after I had returned from my three month business trip to Japan, that both my wife and daughter joined a gym three months earlier and were quickly becoming a mother and daughter female body building duo." Unbeknown to me at that moment, but the female body building obsession between Jacqueline and Tiffany that was quickly happening these days, would change all three of our lives forever in the near future..................This morning as soon as Jacqueline and Tiffany entered the women's virtual reality gym they were both instructed by their personal trainer Dawn to start taking every hour, two little blue pills of those strongest, totally illegal Russian steroids during their daily virtual reality weightlifting workout. While both Jacqueline and Tiffany started swallowing two of the little blue pills of the strongest, totally illegal Russian steroids with the reprogramming computer chips inside them every hour during their current daily virtual reality weightlifting workout, Dawn was in her office activating each and every one of the reprogramming computer chips in each one of the little blue steroid pills that both my wife and daughter were swallowing every hour. By the end of Jacqueline's and Tiffany's current daily virtual reality weightlifting workout at the gym, my wife and daughter had not only grown even one size larger in female muscular size and girth, but both Jacqueline's and Tiffany's subconscious female minds were now one hundred percent under Dawn's total control, and now Jacqueline or Tiffany no longer had any independent thought of their own whatsoever. Everything my wife would now think about was reprogrammed in her subconscious mind by Dawn, and everything my daughter would now think about was reprogrammed in her mind by Dawn's daughter Jane who was Tiffany's best female friend. After Dawn download both Jacqueline's and Tiffany's mind control programming into two small palm held computers, she gave the one that would program Tiffany to her own daughter as she said; "Here you go Jane you now have Tiffany Davenport completely under your own mental control." "OK mom thanks." Jane replied as she took the small palm held computer from her mother that now had one hundred percent control of my daughter's young subconscious mind. After she gave her the small palm held computer Dawn warned her daughter; "Be very careful how you use this on Tiffany's young subconscious mind Jane, because if it's miss used it the wrong way it could cause Tiffany to become extremely violent and dangerous to others." "Yes mom." Jane replied; "I'll be very careful how I use this on my best female friend's young subconscious mind.".........................At 5 pm while I was busy in my den finishing up my presentation of my Japan business trip for tomorrow morning's business meeting at the office, my daughter came home by herself. "DAD I"M HOME FROM THE GYM!" Tiffany called out as she entered through our front door. Then I heard my daughter's footsteps coming down the hallway and stop in front of the open door leading into my den. Unbeknown to me that both Jacqueline and Tiffany had started earlier that morning taking the strongest, totally illegal Russian steroid pills with the female mind reprogramming computer chips in them, which now gave their personal trainer Dawn Allen total complete control over both my wife's and daughter's subconscious female minds, so Dawn Allen could now control one hundred percent of everything both Jacqueline and Tiffany thought, said, and did twenty four hours a day. "Where's your mom Tiffany?" I asked my tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular body building daughter who was staring directly at me through the open doorway to my den. "Mom is still at the gym." Tiffany said as her female mind reprogramming chips started taking control of my daughter's brain while she was talking to me; "Mom is going to be working out lifting weights on a seventy two hour straight weightlifting workout marathon, then twenty four hours off for rest, then another seventy two hour straight weightlifting workout marathon with the other female body builders for at least the next several weeks straight." Then before I could speak and ask my daughter any questions, Tiffany continued; "The only reason I came home tonight dad was because a woman has to be over twenty one years old to be in the seventy two hour straight marathon weightlifting workout program at the women's virtual reality gym, and I'm only fourteen years old."......................."You mean to tell me Tiffany." I said to my daughter; "That your mother is only going to come home from the gym once every three days?" "Oh no dad." Tiffany replied; "By the time one of mom's seventy two hour straight marathon weightlifting workout sessions are completed she'll be so heavily burned out and tired that mom will just get and share a motel room with one of the other female body builders across the street from the gym at the Ocean Gate Motel." "You mean your mother isn't coming home at all Tiffany?" I asked my daughter now trying not to get upset in front of her. "Yea, dad maybe not for a while, at least not for the next several weeks or so." My daughter said with a matter of fact tone in her voice while she handed me a business sized envelope with; "JIM," written on the front of it in Jacqueline's own hand writing; "Mom gave me this to give you dad and she said this would explain everything in detail to you." Then after handing me the envelope from her mother, Tiffany then left and headed towards our home gym to have her post weightlifting workout before her bed time......................As soon as I heard the loud metal clanging sound as Tiffany started working out lifting weights in the other room which was now my wife's and daughter's home gym, I got up from behind my desk and walked across my den and shut the door. After shutting the door of my den I then started to open the envelope with my name on it in Jacqueline's hand writing. As I was starting to open the envelope that my daughter had just given me from my wife, I had started getting a very strange feeling that somehow Jacqueline now wasn't very happy in our marriage, and she had just left me or at least was planning to in the near future. After I opened the envelope and pulled out the hand written letter in Jacqueline's own handwriting which read; "Jim, I've been very happy these past fifteen years of our marriage to you but the first time that I had touched a weight and started working out with Tiffany at the Women's Virtual Reality Gym three months ago, for the first time in my own entire life I've felt a new alpha female independence in my female soul that I had never known before in my entire life. One of freedom of more then the influence, control, and determination of just being a housewife to you and a mother to our daughter Tiffany. After fifteen years of being your wife and fourteen years of our marriage that was also being a good mother to our daughter Tiffany, I now feel that I need to follow this new alpha female independence in my female soul that I had never felt before in my own womanhood, so I could truly understand who Jacqueline Davenport really is in life. Jim I ask you to please respect and indulge me on this matter and to please understand and fully support me on this. While I'll be away during the next several weeks on the matter to truly find out who Jacqueline Davenport really is in life. I've hired a live in maid from Maids To Order named Maria, who will take care of all the housework, and any other special needs you or Tiffany, but especially you'll need Jim in the special needs department. ;-) I haven't met Maria personally I had just hired her through Maids To Order over the phone but if you find Maria attractive please indulge yourself sexually with her, she is already possibly expecting it to happen sexually between the two of you. I've already talked to her over the phone and gave Maria my permission as your wife to be able to sexually please my husband whenever you two were ever in the mood to do so, that is if you both find each other attractive. " Then like the note she had left me earlier this morning on our kitchen table my wife again didn't close this letter with I love you with all my heart and soul, Jacqueline, my wife just signed her name on the bottom of the letter. I was now starting to wonder if Jacqueline and I were having problems in our marriage that until now I hadn't even been aware of, and why was Jacqueline now trying to dump me off sexually on a new maid that she had just hired today over the phone from a company called Maids To Order?.................Early Monday afternoon after I finished my business meeting at Verizon's Corporate offices from my business trip to Japan, I then took the rest of the afternoon off and went home to meet our new maid Maria. As soon as I entered through our front door into our living room I called out; "MARIA, MR. DAVENPORT IS HOME!" "I'M IN THE KITCHEN MR. DAVENPORT!" Maria called back in English with a heavy Spanish accent. As soon as I entered into our kitchen through our dinning room I saw a short five foot one inch in height, very heavy, overweight Mexican woman with her long shoulder length Raven black hair tied back in a pony tail, who had to at least weigh three hundred and fifty, to four hundred pounds. As she turned around after stopping from waxing our kitchen cabinets Maria said in a very happily tone to greet me while she held out her right hand as she looked up at me because I was at least nine inches taller then she was; "Why hello Mr. Davenport. I'm Maria Esperanto and it's so nice to finally meet you." "It's nice to meet you to Maria." I replied with a warm smile on my face as I shook hands with her. Maria who was very short at only five foot and one inch in height, certainly maid up for her shortness in size and girth of being so very heavy and overweight. Maria had a very pretty face with at least three fat chins underneath it, and a thick fat neck made up with at least three and a half rolls of fat. As you looked at our new maid's extremely heavy, over weight female figure the best way to describe it was Maria's extremely over weight, flabby, fat, figure was shaped like a bell as you followed it down. Maria had two large flabby tits that rested just above her even extremely larger, protruding, fat pot belly, that rested just above her two even more extremely larger, protruding, wide, fat hips and extremely huge fat female ass, that evenly rested just above two short stubby, hugely, flabby, fat thighs that ran into two, short stubby, hugely, flabby, fat ankles. Maria's also had two short stubby, hugely flabby, fat saddle bag arms that looked like they lacked any form of female muscle tone and upper female body strength whatsoever. When I shook hands with her I could easily tell by her weak girly handshake that Maria didn't have any upper female body strength at all. Even though I was never really very attracted to extremely over weight women before in my entire male life, and maybe it was because now I felt very abandoned by my own wife Jacqueline who was now into her own body building obsession working out lifting weights at the gym every day instead of spending time at home with her husband, at that moment I started to find Maria extremely attractive in a very sexual way, and I also believe at that same moment Maria now felt the same about me.......................Later that evening at 5 pm my daughter and I sat down at the kitchen table with Maria and had a very good home cooked Mexican meal that she had made. During the course of evening while the three of us was having dinner together, after watching Maria who ate two very large plates of her own Mexican cooking, I could tell that this gal had one large appetite which explained why she was so heavy and over weight in the first place. Unbeknown to me at that moment but I was just witnessing one of Maria's two very large appetites. I would come to find out soon enough in the near future that our new maid Maria had just as very large of an appetite for sex as well as she had for food...................After the three of us finished dinner my big strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular daughter got up from the kitchen table as she said; "That was a fantastic meal Maria. Now if you and dad please excuse me I want to get my post weightlifting workout in our home gym before I go to bed." Then Tiffany walked out of the kitchen and headed towards our home gym. After also telling Maria what a wonderful meal she had just cooked, I then to left the kitchen to watch the news on T.V. in our living room while Maria stayed in the kitchen to clear and wash the dinner dishes and pots and pans she used to cook with..............An hour and a half later while I was sitting on the right of our living room sofa watching Will And Grace on N.B.C., Maria had finished cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and disappeared for a moment into my den, where she'd be staying sleeping on our pull out sofa bed. A few moments later Maria had returned into the living room after she had untied her shoulder length raven black hair that now hung loosely down to her two, hugely, flabby, saddle bag, shoulders, and changed out gray triple x sweat suit that had fit so tightly around her extremely heavy, over weight, flabby, shaped like a bell, female figure, into a very short, low cut nightgown that ended just below her huge, protruding, fat stomach, which also had Maria's two large flabby tits almost popping out of the top of it, as her extremely large, protruding, fat, pot belly pushing out the bottom of the very short, low cut nightgown to show off her Raven black haired vagina at the same time. "Mr. Davenport may I sit her on the sofa and watch T.V. with you?" "Sure you may Maria sit down." I happily replied because I had gotten tired of being by myself since my wife was more interested into her own new body building obsession these days instead of our marriage; "But you don't have to be so formal with me Maria. Since we've going to be seeing each other every day please call me by my first name." "OK Jim." Maria happily said as her pretty, three fat chinned face lit up with a very warm smile on her lips as she sat down to my right on the sofa. Then before I knew what was happening next between us, my right arm was now around Maria's two huge, flabby saddle bag arm's shoulders while my left hand was fondling her two large flabby tits that were already spilling out of the top of Maria's low cut nightgown while we were kissing very romantically together. End Of Part 7                                                                                                                                                                              

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Jacqueline's & Tiffany's New Body Building Obsession!-6

Unbeknown to me at the moment that our daughter and her best female friend were in Tiffany's bedroom sexually getting off on each other behind our daughter's bedroom closed locked door, my wife was driving her blue B.M.W. S.U.V. down the highway at 65 m.p.h. heading to Whispering Pines Estates to have a private one on one lesbian sexual affair with her personal trainer Dawn Allen. As Jacqueline pulled off the highway at exit 69 and started following the road directions to Whispering Pines Estates that Dawn had preprogrammed into my wife's subconscious mind earlier that same morning while Jacqueline was under the hypnotic trance while she wore her virtual reality glasses during her daily weightlifting workout with our daughter at the women's virtual reality gym, Jacqueline thought out loud to herself as she started feeling a little guilty about lying to me about have a girl's night out with the other women at the gym, since it was just Jacqueline, Tiffany, and Dawn at the gym when my wife and daughter went there every morning, and Tiffany was home with me at the time with her B.F.F. Jane who was visiting her today. So tonight's girl's night out only included my wife and her personal trainer Dawn; "In fourteen years of marriage I would NEVER, EVER, think about having a sexual affair behind my husband's back and cheat on Jim." Then a warm romantic smile crossed Jacqueline's red lipstick lips as she continued to think about the sexual romantic lesbian encounter she was about to have with her personal trainer this evening when she arrived at Dawn's townhouse and said out loud to herself; "But for some strange reason, tonight with Dawn will feel SO RIGHT FOR JUST THE BETWEEN THE TWO OF US!"...................Jacqueline then made a right turn off route 539 into the main entrance of Whispering Pines Estate and stopped at the security guard shack with a large red and white gate blocking the entrance. "Yes ma'am may I help you?" A big burly male security guard said through the window of the security shack. "I'm Jacqueline Davenport and I'm here to visit Dawn Allen who lives at 2265 Pine Oak Lane." My wife replied to the security guard. "Oh yes Ms. Davenport." The security guard said happily to see Jacqueline as he looked at the computer screen on the desk in the guard shack; "Ms. Allen is expecting you." The security guard then opened the gate so Jacqueline could drive her blue B.M.W. S.U.V. through. Jacqueline continued to follow Dawn's preprogrammed directions until she was parked in front of Dawn's townhouse next to Dawn's red and white two toned, vintage 1957 Chevy Bel Air two door hardtop. Then after Jacqueline checked her hair and makeup in her S.U.V.'s rearview mirror on her windshield, as Jacqueline opened her driver side car door to get out she thought excitedly to herself; "IT'S SHOW TIME, READY OR NOT DAWN HERE I COME!" Then Jacqueline walked up the front sidewalk towards the front door of Dawn's townhouse and once she was on the front stoop Jacqueline rang the doorbell......................As soon as Dawn opened her front door and seen how dolled up my wife was in her low cut sleeveless black cocktail dress she said with a wide happy grin on her face; "Why hello Jacqueline. You really look very beautiful this afternoon." "Thank you Dawn." Jacqueline replied with just as wide happy grin on her own face when Dawn, who was wearing a light blue, tight, short sleeved polo shirt that showed off her two gigantically huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms. Then Dawn wrapped her right gigantically huge, beefy, thick, ripped muscular right arm around my wife's small four inch waist and escorted her inside the townhouse. Once inside Dawn's townhouse Jacqueline said; "Dawn that's some vintage classic car you drive." "Thanks Jacqueline." Dawn replied as she shut and locked the front door behind them and then pressed against my wife on the now closed and locked front door while she started rubbing up against her; "It's a 1957 Chevy Bel Air with a four barrel carburetor on a 454 big block V-8 engine, with a heavy duty automatic transmission that just as powerful as my big strong muscular vagina is."...................."Easy Dawn. Let's start slowly at first and see where the evening leads us tonight." Jacqueline said as she pushed Dawn off her by pressing heavily against Dawn's gigantically huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular pectoral chest. From so many years of lifting weights and doing bench presses, Dawn's now huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular barrel sized chest had swallowed up what little amount of breasts she had once had as a woman. When Dawn pulled away from my wife Jacqueline could see a very big wet stain in the crotch of Dawn's tight French cut jeans. "OK Jacqueline you've right." Dawn happily replied as she then escorted my wife to the sofa in the living room; "We both have all night to REALLY get to know each other." Then after she escorted my wife to the sofa where Jacqueline sat down, Dawn then headed towards the bar across the living room from the sofa as she said; "I hope you like martinis Jacqueline because I just wiped up a pitcher full." My wife who wasn't much of a drinker said as he hoped the drink would make tonight just a little easier for her; "Yea that would be great Dawn." As soon as Dawn got behind the bar she turned on the stereo to play romantic music while she poured the martinis. While Dawn's powerfully strong, gigantically huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular back was facing my wife from behind the bar, Dawn dropped three powerfully strong tabs of L.S.D. acid into a double martini she was planning to serve Jacqueline. After the martini that Dawn dropped the three powerfully strong tabs of L.S.D. acid into Jacqueline's drink stopped fizzing and totally dissolved, Dawn then headed out from behind the bar and across the living room to where my wife was still sitting on the sofa and handed Jacqueline her martini. "Here's is to new female friendships." Dawn made a cheer as she clinked her glass against my wife's glass. "Here's to new female friendships Dawn." My wife agreed just a second before Jacqueline drank her double martini with the three powerfully strong L.S.D. acid tabs in just two womanly large gulps..................A second after Jacqueline drank her double martini that unbeknown to her at that moment had three powerfully strong tabs of L.S.D. acid mixed in it, she started feeling extremely dizzy as the living room of Dawn's townhouse started spinning around extremely fast in Jacqueline's two eyes while her mind slowly started falling into a very deep, foggy, heavily, drug induced, semi-coma. As soon as Jacqueline looked up at Dawn with a facial expression of a great calmness now on her face while at the same time having a hypnotic heavily drug induced stare in her two eyes while she looked blankly for a moment at Dawn, who's gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular female physique was now standing directly in front of where Jacqueline was still sitting on the sofa, Jacqueline said now with a very drunken, drug induced, tone in her voice; "Dawn I feeling very strange like there's something wrong." "Just relax Jacqueline." My wife heard Dawn's voice which now sounded very distorted in her ears; "And just enjoy yourself tonight darling." Then Jacqueline completely passed out into an extremely, very foggy, heavily, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma...................After Jacqueline completely passed out into her NOW extremely, heavily, very foggy, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma, she could feel her entire powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique being lifted into the air, as Dawn picked Jacqueline up in her two powerfully strong, gigantically, beefy, thick, ripped muscular arms, and started carrying her across the living room and down the hallway. Then after feeling like she was slowly coming back to earth and being placed in a chair, Jacqueline then heard Dawn's distorted voice that sound now so far away in her ears, through her extremely, very foggy, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma; "First my love we need to give you a more modern female hair style that would better benefit your very sexy powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, ripped, muscular female physique." Then while still in her extremely, very foggy, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma, Jacqueline could hear the electrical buzzing sound of barber shears from a very far distance, then a second later she could feel her long red auburn shoulder length hair falling off of her head and down her tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, bowling ball sized, muscular shoulders. "AW THAT LOOKS A LOT BETTER NOW ON YOU JACQUELINE!" She heard Dawn's now very distorted, so far away voice say through her extremely, very foggy, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma as Jacqueline again felt her entire powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique being lifted into the air and being carried into another room....................Then after feeling like her powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique was being undressed like she was a living Barbie doll and then laid down onto a queen sized bed, through her extremely, very foggy, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma, Jacqueline could feel her NOW naked, powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique being muscle worshipped and made love to in such a strange, new, sexual exciting way, that only a female body builder could do sexually to another female body builder. As Dawn continued making sweet muscle worshipping love to Jacqueline while she was still in her extremely, very foggy, drunken, drug induced, semi-coma, Dawn would whisper into Jacqueline's ear about a number of reasons, which were mostly lies about men in general, and why Jacqueline should think about leaving her husband Jim for her lesbian personal trainer Dawn who really loved, worshipped, and respected her even more then any man could ever in her own life time. By the end of the night Dawn had not only one hundred percent completely brainwashed Jacqueline about totally being very unhappy about being a wife and mother, but also resenting me for forcing her into a marriage and making her give birth to a child that she never really wanted or even liked, and had to take care of and raise while I was at work these past twelve years..............{FOUR HOURS EARLIER BACK AT OUR HOUSE!} As Tiffany was laying naked in her bed while spooning her B.F.F. Jane in her two, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms after they both had finished having their first lesbian female worship sex with each other, from down the hallway they heard me call them; "TIFFANY! JANE! WASH UP AND MEET ME ON THE PATIO IN FIFTEEN MINUTES BECAUSE I'M GOING TO LIGHT THE BARBECUE AND START DINNER!" "OK DAD WE'LL BOTH BE RIGHT THERE!" Tiffany called back to me as she pushed Jane out of her bed and started quickly making it. Then both Tiffany and Jane quickly got dressed and inspected each other after dressing so they wouldn't look any different to me now after, then before they both had their first lesbian female worship sex together. When both girls were ready to come out, Tiffany unlocked and slowly opened her bedroom door and peaked out. When she saw that the hallway was empty Tiffany completely opened her bedroom door and Jane followed her to the bathroom so both girls could wash their hands for dinner, before they both came out onto the patio and sat down next to each other at the picnic table. As I was getting ready to put the three large porterhouse steaks on the barbecue I asked; "Jane how do you like your steak cooked?" "Well done please Mr. Davenport." Jane replied politely. "And you KNOW how I LIKE my steak COOKED dad, BLOOD RARE LIKE A REAL WOMAN!" Tiffany then said in a very tough girl voice to impress her best female friend Jane......................After the steaks were cooked on the barbecue, Tiffany, Jane, and I sat down at the picnic table for a nice steak dinner. Half way through dinner Jane cut her well done large porterhouse steak in half and put half of it on Tiffany's plate. After Jane did that I asked her; "Don't you like your steak Jane?" "Oh it really good Mr. Davenport." Jane replied in her polite tone; "But I have to be real careful about watching my weight to maintain my very curvy one hundred and seven pound figure. Besides Tiffany needs more protein then I do to feed her big strong growing muscular female physique. Next month Tiffany is planning on entering the middle weight class of an amateur mother and daughter female body building contest at the Y.W.C.A. with Mrs. Davenport." "JANE!" Tiffany said with a in a very excitedly tone in her voice; "My mother WANTED to keep that a SECRET from my father and SURPRISE him about it just a couple of days before with tickets to the Y.W.C.A.'S Mother And Daughter Amateur Female Body Building Contest." "Don't worry Tiffany." I said as I patted my daughter's left hand while I was still sitting across from her at the picnic table; "Next month when your mother gives me the tickets I'll pretend to be very surprise that you two are entering an amateur mother and daughter female body building contest together at the Y.W.C.A." "Thanks dad for keeping our secret." Tiffany replied with a very relieved sounding tone in her voice...................After dinner  Tiffany and Jane helped me clean up and wash the dishes then they both went back to our Tiffany's bedroom. While I waited up until 10 pm watching television till I finally fell asleep, waiting for my big strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular body building wife to come home, so we could have the female muscle worship sex Jackie had promised me earlier before she went out tonight for her girls night out. End Of Part 6                                                                                              

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jacqueline's & Tiffany's New Body Building Obsession!-5

Fifteen minutes later after Tiffany took her new B.F.F. Jane to her bedroom, my wife Jacqueline came out of our master bedroom and into my den all dressed up in a very sexy, short, low cut, sleeveless black cocktail dress that looked extremely small and tight over her now tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, female muscular physique, with her long shoulder length auburn red hair done up nicely in a French braid and her face made up with eye shadow and deep red lipstick. "WOW Jackie!" I said excitedly as I saw how well done up my wife looked. Then I asked her; "But what are you all dressed up for Jackie? We can't go out tonight because we have Tiffany's girl friend Jane staying with us and it's too late on a Saturday evening to get a babysitter for the girls." "We've not going out tonight Jim." Jacqueline said; "I told you earlier this morning during breakfast that I was going out tonight to have a girl's night out with some of the other women at the gym."......................."You've never mentioned anything about that during breakfast this morning Jackie." I said with a very questionable tone in my voice. The reason my wife never mentioned it this morning while we were having breakfast together about going out tonight with the other women from the gym for a girl's night out, was because it was another false memory that my wife's personal trainer Dawn had programmed into Jackie's subconscious mind as she was under a hypnotic trance while wearing her virtual reality glasses, while Jacqueline was having her customized computer weightlifting workout. "JIM!" Jacqueline said now sounding very angry that I had questioned her as she arched her two auburn red eyebrows at me; "I KNOW I TOLD YOU ABOUT IT THIS MORNING AT BREAKFAST AND YOU SAID IT WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM!" "Oh yea Jackie." I quickly lied with a very sorry sounding tone in my voice to agree with my wife so we wouldn't get into an argument at that moment; "I've just been so busy this afternoon finishing off the Japanese project for the Monday morning presentation at the office that I must have forgot." "No problem Jim you've forgiven." Jacqueline said happily as she wrapped her two powerfully strong, beefy, thick, ripped muscular arms around my waist and pulled me in for a very long romantic kiss on the lips. Then after our very long romantic kiss Jacqueline said while she smooth out her very short, low cut, sleeveless black cocktail dress over her tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique while she checked out her makeup in the mirror at the same time; "I'm not going to be out too late Jim. Wait up and when I get home you'll have great female muscle worship sex with me." "COOL JACKIE! I CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU GET HOME TONIGHT!" I said excitedly as I watched my wife pick up her purse and remove her car keys from it as Jackie exited through our front door......................After fifteen minutes of Jane letting my now powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular daughter kiss and fondle her two double D sized tits, Jane then playfully pushed her away as she said while sitting down on the edge of Tiffany's bed and motioning Tiffany to stand before her; "OK Tiffany now it's time for me to show you a little female love worshipping for all the hard work you've put in these past three months building up your powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, young muscular female physique. My mother has taught me the  sexual pressure points all over a female body builder's body and when those sexual pressure points are gently caressed in just the right sexual way, they would help even the largest female body builder grow even larger in female muscularity with every body building pose she flexes.".......................As soon as Jane had our powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular daughter standing directly in front of her, Jane slid off the edge of Tiffany's bed and knelt down in front of her. Jane who was already besides herself with delight in the view of our thirteen year old, powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, daughter's young muscular female physique, quickly reached her two small hands up till Jane's twenty fingers finally met Tiffany's flat, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular six pack set of abs. Jane then slowly ran all twenty of her fingertips along Tiffany's smooth, rock hard, muscular, flat stomach. The smile on our daughter's face seemed to grow wider with pleasure as she just stood there, while Tiffany just held her two powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms on her hips while she let Jane explore her entire powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped muscular female body. Inch by inch Jane's twenty fingers moved around Tiffany's taut muscular stomach, then eventually letting her entire two palms touch it. As this was going on Tiffany started feeling a slight sexual tingling in her already beefy, thick, ripped, muscular vagina that she had never experienced before in her young life, while it was also slowly started getting wet with her own cum juice................Jane's hands then eventually made their way up to Tiffany's tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular torso, then over the front side to Tiffany's two tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped muscular c-cup sized tits. Jane seriously enjoyed touching our daughter's magnificent breasts. Tiffany's breathing now quickly began to grow faster as Jane continued playing with Tiffany's two tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular tits. Jane's two hands now slid up from Tiffany's chest to her two tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular bowling ball sized shoulders, then down to Tiffany's two tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular cannon ball sized biceps, which Tiffany had been flexing to their max the entire time to impress Jane..................As Tiffany's two huge proudly erected nipples that now stood directly out like two large M-16 rifle cartridges she whispered to Jane; "Babe please lick and suck on my nipples,  AND DO IT AS HARD AS YOU PHYSICALLY COULD!." "OK Tiffany. Anything to make my big strong muscle gal happy." Jane happily replied then went down and started sucking and licking Tiffany's huge proudly erected nipples that now stood directly out like two large M-16 rifle cartridges. "Suck and lick them even harder now Jane." Tiffany said as she now held her head back while enjoying Jane sucking and licking her nipples; "Aw that's good Jane, but do it even harder yet. Aw, yes that's it Jane, I'm almost there." Then Tiffany said extremely loudly while now being in such a sexual frenzy; "OH GOD YES! JANE THAT'S IT, DON'T STOP NOW!" "SHHH Tiffany. Be quiet" Jane whispered in between sucking and licking Tiffany's nipples; "You don't want your father come into your bedroom and find out what we've both up to, do you?" "Sorry Jane." Tiffany whispered back while she continued to enjoy the sexual feeling of Jane licking and sucking now extremely hard her nipples.....................Then Jane dropped to her knees as she started caressing and feeling Tiffany's two powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular legs. Jane started at Tiffany's two tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped muscular thighs, then down to Tiffany's two knees, then down to Tiffany's two tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular calves, which now as our daughter stood up and down on her toes to make different parts of her two tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular calves flex, which caused Jane to feel them even harder now, then just a moment ago.................Then when Tiffany's two eyes moved upwards towards her own two powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms which were beginning to grow even slightly larger now then they were just a moment ago. As Tiffany continued watching her own two powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms growing slightly even larger now then they were just a moment ago, Tiffany thought she heard a faint sound slowly growing louder by the moment. This slowly growing louder faint sound almost sounded like helium filling up a balloon slowly, but it was in a slightly different way. Then as she blinked in disbelief Tiffany said as she smiled sweetly while she saw her own already powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, ripped, young female muscular physique start swell up and grow out in female muscularity; ""Jane my muscles are growing even larger now then ever they ever were before. Please keep working my sexual pressure points even harder now." "OK Tiffany." Jane sexually cooed as she started working even harder on our daughter's sexual pressure points.................Tiffany couldn't believe what she was seeing in her own reflection in her bedroom's full length mirror. Tiffany's already powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, ripped, young female muscular physique was growing even larger by the second then it had ever been before. Tiffany's already tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular cannon ball sized biceps and matching triceps, were growing even larger until they were now the size of two fully inflated basketballs. Tiffany's two already powerfully strong, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular thighs and calves now started stretching out even larger in size with even more tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, female leg muscle. Then as Jane slowly moved up to Tiffany's now very sexually tingling and growing wet, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular vagina, as Jane started licking and suckling hard on Tiffany's tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular vagina, Tiffany couldn't help but sexually moan as she continued to watch her own reflection in the full length mirror growing even larger now in female muscularity.....................Tiffany closed her eyes for a moment as she NOW, felt her entire already powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, young muscular female physique becoming much larger and thicker in density as it swelled up and ballooned out NOW, in an even more unbelievable  size of female muscularity as she continued flexing even harder now then ever before. Tiffany kept her eyes closed while she continued flexing even harder now, as she continued to listen to the sound of her already powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, young muscular female physique inflate even larger by the second, while feeling her entire powerfully strong, tightly packed, beefy, thick, ripped, young muscular female physique tightening up, NOW till it was extremely hard as granite underneath her taunt creamy white skin....................By now both Tiffany and Jane were moaning  in such sexual lust for each other, and when Tiffany finally opened her eyes and she saw her own reflection in the full length mirror she couldn't believe her own two eyes. Tiffany's already powerfully strong, tightly, packed, beefy, thick, ripped, young muscular female physique had now almost triple in size and girth, which had become a huge titanium of female muscularity. Then finally both Tiffany and Jane started to heavily climaxed while having violently sexually spasms together at the same time while both squealing in such sexual delight, as both Tiffany and Jane squirted their hot love cum with a great force onto the carpeted bedroom floor. Then Tiffany picked Jane up with her two, her now triple the size, powerfully strong, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms and carried Jane towards her bed as she said; "OK beautiful. It's now my turn to sexually please you Jane." "Sounds like a plan Tiffany, but first let me get something out of my overnight bag." Then after removing a large strap on dildo that Jane showed Tiffany how to wear it, Jane just laid on her back on Tiffany's bed while teaching Tiffany at the same time how to fuck and sexual please a woman. End Of Part 5                                                                                   

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jacqueline's & Tiffany's New Body Building Obession!-4

Saturday afternoon at 12:45 pm as soon as my now even more pumped up, tightly packed, thickly, ripped, muscular wife and daughter came home from the women's virtual reality gym, I asked them as they both entered through the doorway into the kitchen that led from the garage; "How was my two favorite muscle gals workout this morning?" "Just awesome Jim." Jacqueline replied. "Yea dad." Tiffany agreed; "Just freaking awesome." Then Jacqueline said to our daughter; "Come on Tiffany we still have a lot more working out to do in our home gym before your B.F.F. Jane Allen comes over later on this afternoon. Today we've going to increase the amount of weight we've both been bench pressing from one hundred and ten pounds of steel weights to one hundred and sixty pounds of steel weights, not to mention also increasing the amount of sets of reps we'll be lifting from twenty sets to fifty sets, as well as moving up today from using the two, eighty five pound steel dumbbells that we had been both using to workout our strong muscular arms with, to now using the two, one hundred pound steel dumbbells to give our strong muscular arms an even better workout." "Okay mom." Tiffany agreed, then Jacqueline and Tiffany both left the kitchen and walked through our dinning room and living room, and then headed down the hallway straight for their home gym. STUPID ME! Who thought I was being a real gentleman by following my even more now pumped up, tightly packed, thickly, ripped, muscular wife and daughter down the hallway to offer to help the both of them lift the heavy steel weight disks to increase the amount of weight on their barbell..................When I got to the open door that once led into our guest bedroom and was now my pumped up, tightly packed, ripped muscular wife's and daughter's home gym. Jacqueline and Tiffany who had now stripped out of their sweat outfits and were only wearing their panties which now gave me a great view of both my wife's and daughter's two pumped up, tightly packed, ripped, muscular female physiques,  AND IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! I asked while they both started adding steel weight disks to both sides of their barbell that was still cradled on the weight bench; "Do you girls need any help adding weights to your barbell?" "Are you kidding me Jim?" Jacqueline said to me with a very nasty tone in her voice as she arched her eyebrows and put her two balled up fists on her muscular hips, while she flexed her pumped up, tightly packed, ripped, muscular upper female physique; "Do you seriously think that Tiffany and I need your help?" Then as my wife walked towards me, Jacqueline pushed me back into the hall way as she said with an even more nastier tone in her voice then she had just a moment ago; "This is a woman's ONLY home gym, AND NO MEN ARE ALLOWED!" Then my wife slammed the door shut in my face and then I heard the sound of the lock being turned. "DAMN!" I thought to myself; "What did I say or do to get Jackie so mad at me? All I did was offer to help my wife and daughter out adding weight to their barbell. "OH WELL! I thought to myself as I headed down the hallway to my den which was right next door to my wife's and daughter's new home gym; "I guess Jackie and Tiffany need a little workout time alone together for some mother and daughter bonding.".....................Unbeknown to me at that moment, that earlier that same morning while Jacqueline and Tiffany were at the women's virtual reality gym wearing their virtual reality glasses, while they were both working out extremely hard in separate glass cubicles while under a semi-hypnotic state, their personal trainer Dawn Allen was sitting behind her desk in the office typing in different commands on her computer, to reprogram both my wife's and daughter's subconscious female minds to better benefit both hers and her daughter Jane's future relationships with Jacqueline and Tiffany.....................As I sat behind my drafting table in my den finishing up the new electronic project that I had spent three months in Japan getting off the ground, through the wall that separated my den from my wife's and daughter's new home gym, I could hear the loud sound of clanging metal and female grunting as Jacqueline and Tiffany worked out hard lifting their weights. Two thirds through my wife's and daughter's current post weightlifting workout, I heard Jackie voice say loudly through the wall; "COME ON TIFFANY! LIFT THOSE FLABBY WEAK CHICKEN WINGS OF YOURS! YOU'VE ONLY GOT FOUR MORE SETS OF BENCH PRESSES TO GO! COME ON TIFFANY, YOU CAN DO IT!" Then I heard my daughter's voice stammer as she struggled to bench press the one hundred and sixty pound steel barbell; "OH GOD MOM! THIS BARBELL IS SO FREAKING HEAVY!" "COME ON TIFFANY I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!" I heard Jackie's voice say; "REMEMBER NO PAIN, NO GAIN!" Then I heard the one hundred and sixty pounds barbell clang one last time as it was placed back in it's cradle on the weight bench. Then after Jacqueline switched places with Tiffany it was her turn to start bench pressing the one hundred and sixty pound steel barbell. I could hear my wife heavily grunting and breathing very hard as she bench pressed the one hundred and sixty pound steel barbell which made a loud metal clanging sound as Jacqueline benched it up and down. As my wife got closer to finishing her sixty sets of reps I heard my daughter's voice say through the wall between my den and their home gym; "COME ON MOM, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU JUST GOT TWO MORE SETS OF REPS TO BENCH PRESS! Then I heard Tiffany say; "ONE SET DOWN AND ONE MORE SET TO GO MOM, YOU CAN DO IT! DON'T GIVE UP NOW, JUST TWO MORE REPS TO BENCH PRESS, COME ON MOM YOU CAN DO IT!" Then as my wife pushed herself as physically hard as she could to finish her last bench pressing rep, I heard Jacqueline scream such a growling, inhumanly, loud sound, that I haven't heard since Jacqueline gave natural child birth to our daughter Tiffany twelve years ago! "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself; "Jackie must be a hell of a lot physically stronger then I thought she was, or in a lot of physical pain by now!".........................{FOUR HOURS LATER!} I was exiting through the doorway of my den into the hall after I heard our front doorbell chime. As I exited my den our twelve year old daughter Tiffany hurried out of her bedroom doorway now wearing a light pink sleeveless button down blouse that had the blouse tails tied up just underneath her even now two larger muscular tits to show off her two big strong, beefy thick, ripped, muscular arms and her solid flat as a board, thickly, ripped, muscular set of six pack abs, and a very short white mini skirt with a hem that stopped just an inch below her vagina that showed off her two big strong, beefy thick, ripped muscular legs, said with a very cheerfully happy tone in her voice; "I'll get that dad. That'll be my B.F.F. Jane coming over for our girl's sleep over tonight." "That's great Tiffany." I said; "By the way where's your mother?" As Tiffany reached the front door and was ready to turn the door knob to open it for Jane, she turned to me and replied; "Mom will be out shortly. She just finished taking her shower and is now getting dressed.".....................Then when Tiffany opened our front door she said in an even more cheerfully happy tone in her voice; "OH Jane! It's SO nice to SEE you. Please come in." As Tiffany stepped away from our front door a very beautiful, young twelve year old girl with long shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, and a very curvy, well toned, female figure with two huge tits, that had to be at least a double D cup in size and were pressing against her already tight blouse came into our house carry an overnight bag. "Jane this is my father Jim Davenport." Tiffany said while making the introductions; "Dad this is my B.F.F. Jane Allen." "Why hello Mr. Davenport it's nice to meet you." Jane said as she put down her overnight bag on our carpeted living room floor and walked over to shake my hand; "And it's very nice of you to have me as a guest in your lovely home." "It's nice of you to come and visit us Jane." I said as we shook hands while I thought to myself; "WOW! I can't believe how very polite Tiffany's new friend Jane really is." After the introductions were made Tiffany said; "Come on Jane let me show you my bedroom where we'll be having our girl's sleep over tonight." "Okay Tiffany." Jane happily agreed as she went back to pickup her overnight bag on our carpeted living room floor, but Tiffany held up her right hand to stop Jane, while Tiffany then reached her left hand down palm side up to grab the strap of Jane's overnight bag, and even though Jane's overnight bag wasn't too heavy, Tiffany slowly curled it up like she was using a very heavy dumbbell to do a bicep curl. As Tiffany slowly curled up Jane's overnight bag with her left hand, Tiffany's already big strong, beefy thick, ripped, muscular left arm that now bulged out and swelled up to an even more very impressively larger size, with thick blue pencil sized veins wrapped throughout it. "WOW TIFFANY I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Jane said excitedly as she used both of her two small girl hands to feel my daughter's now bulged out and swelled up to an even more impressively larger size, with thick blue pencil sized veins wrapped throughout it, big strong, beefy thick, ripped, muscular left arm; "YOU MUST BE EVEN BIGGER, STRONGER, AND EVEN MORE MUSCULAR TODAY THEN YOU WERE YESTERDAY!" "You know it Jane." Tiffany replied as she wrapped her big strong, beefy thick, ripped, muscular right arm around Jane's small four inch waist and escorted her down the hallway towards her bedroom while Tiffany was still carried Jane's overnight bag in her left hand..................As soon as Tiffany escorted Jane into her bedroom she quietly shut and locked the bedroom door behind them. Then after she placed Jane's overnight bag on her bed Tiffany said with a very romantic tone in her voice as she walked over and wrapped her two already big strong, beefy thick, ripped muscular female arms around Jane's four inch waist line to pull Jane into a very romantic kiss; "Oh Jane I couldn't stop thinking about nothing else this entire pasted week but of our first time lesbian sexual experience that we've going to have today." "WHOA! JUST A MOMENT MUSCLE GAL!" Jane said as she playfully pushed Tiffany away from her then walked over to and unzipped her overnight bag; "First we finish our business transaction then I'll introduce you to my two double D cup sized girls and let you lick and suck them all you want sweetheart, while I female muscle worship and FUCK your sexy female muscular physique Tiffany." Then Jane asked as she pulled out a plastic grocery bag that had ten bottles of one hundred little blue pills in each one of the bottles; "Do you have the money?" "Right here Jane. My mother gave me $1,000.00 cash" Tiffany replied as she quickly walked over to her dresser and opened the top draw and took out a wad of cash that was folded over and rubber banded together. Then Tiffany handed over to Jane.................After Jane took the money and counted ten one hundred dollar bills which she then stuck them in a secret locked compartment in her overnight bag, Jane then dumped out the ten bottles of little blue pills onto Tiffany's bed as she said; "My mother marked five bottles with your mother's name on them and five bottles with your name on them. Make sure Tiffany that you and your mother only take the pills from the bottles with your own name on them. These are the strongest Russian steroids ever manufactured in the U.S.S.R. that all the Russian female power lifters and female body building weightlifters use to train for the Olympic games, and they've totally illegal here in the United States." Okay Jane." Tiffany replied as she sorted out the five bottles with her name on them from the five bottles with her mother's name on them, then hid all ten bottles of steroid pills in the top draw of her dresser as she said; "I'll give my mother her five bottles of Russian steroid pills later when my father isn't around. Because dad would have a major SHIT FIT! If he knew mom and I were starting to use steroids to get even bigger, stronger, and more muscular." "WHATEVER TIFFANY!" Was Jane's only reply as she rolled her two blue eyes back while she started getting undressed, then said now with a very romantic tone in her voice as she now stood totally naked in front of my daughter; "Okay Tiffany come and get the woman of your dreams."......................Unbeknown to my daughter at that moment as she started kissing and fondling her B.F.F. Jane's two double D cup sized tits, the reason five of the bottles of those powerfully strong Russian steroids were marked with Tiffany's name on them and five bottles were marked with Jacqueline's name on them, were because each steroid pill had a computer chip in them. The steroid pills for my daughter were not only to help builder her up even more physically stronger and even more muscular then ever before, as well as the steroid pills that were marked with my wife's name on them. But the steroid pills with the computer chips in them for Tiffany were to continue reprogramming her young twelve year old subconscious mind to become Jane Allen's big, strong, muscular female love slave, while the computer chips in Jacqueline's steroid pills continued on reprogramming my wife's subconscious mind, till their personal trainer Dawn was the only one in Jacqueline life who she now could truly sexually worshiped and trust. End Of Part 4                                                   

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Jacqueline's & Tiffany's New Body Building Obsession!-3

The next morning I got up early at 5:30 am with Jacqueline so I could spend some time and have breakfast with my two body building muscular gals in the making before they both left for the daily weightlifting workouts at the women's virtual reality gym. Jacqueline made me a large manly breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, a stack of pancakes, and fresh brewed coffee while she and Tiffany both ate just a large plain spinach salad and drank a large eight ounce glass of a dozen raw eggs. To get my mind off of the sight of Jacqueline and Tiffany each gulping down an eight ounce glass of a dozen raw eggs, I turned to my daughter and said; "Tiffany I hear that you've got a new B.F.F. named Jane Allen." "Yea dad and let me tell you that Jane has not only been a cool B.F.F. to me, but Jane has also been very supportive these past three months while encouraging me to work hard at losing weight and getting in shape." Tiffany replied happily with a large warm smile on her young lips; "And dad I can't wait till this afternoon when you meet her." "This afternoon?" I asked my daughter. "Yea dad." Tiffany said with an even larger warm smile on her young lips then she had just a moment ago; "Jane is coming over this afternoon to have a girl's sleep over with me. Mom already said it was okay two days ago." "That's great Tiffany. I can't wait to meet your new B.F.F."........................Then I turned to Jacqueline and asked her while I thought again about the barbell that I saw last night sitting in the cradle of the weight bench  that had one hundred and ten pounds of steel weight disks on it; "Jackie are you really bench pressing one hundred and ten pounds?" "YUP Jim I am. I've been bench pressing twenty sets of reps every afternoon after we come home from the gym while Tiffany spots me, then I spot Tiffany while she bench presses another twenty sets of reps." My wife happily said while feeling a great deal of pride knowing that she had really impressed me by telling me that, AND she now had the muscles and strength to prove it me anytime I wanted to see her physically do it. "Jackie if you and Tiffany are benching one hundred and ten pounds of steel weights twenty times a day, and there is ten reps in one set." I said while getting sexually turned on with a large erection growing in the crotch of my jeans underneath our kitchen table while I was trying to do the math in my head; "You are both bench pressing that one hundred and ten pounds of steel weights two hundred times each." "YOU GOT IT BABE!" Jacqueline chuckled, then said; "But it's getting a little too light for the both of us right Tiffany?" "Yea mom." Tiffany agreed as she was finishing up her large spinach salad and drinking down the last of her raw eggs; "I think we should increase the weight by twenty five pounds and each start bench pressing thirty sets of reps." "No way I'm going to let you slack off on our weightlifting workout program Tiffany, we've both in it for the long haul." Jacqueline said in her tough mother tone of voice that she had always used to get our daughter to do what Jacqueline wanted her to do; "As soon as we both get home from the gym later on this afternoon, I'm going to increase the steel weight disks on our barbell with another fifty pounds of steel weight disks, AND WE"VE BOTH, going to start bench pressing forty sets of reps each, of one hundred and sixty pounds of steel weight." Jacqueline paused for a second to think about it, then continued; "NO TIFFANY! Make that WE'VE BOTH going to start bench pressing fifty sets of reps each, of one hundred and sixty pounds of steel weight." "Okay mom you've the boss." Tiffany agreeably replied while I just sat there in shear amazement listening to my own WIFE and DAUGHTER seriously discussing lifting even more steel weight then I physically could! After Jacqueline drank the last of her own dozen raw eggs she then looked at the kitchen clock on the wall then turned to our daughter and said; "Tiffany it's now 6:20 am and we both better leave right now to drive downtown so the two of us wouldn't be late for our 7:00 am appointment to meet Dawn at the gym." "Okay mom I'm ready to leave when you are." Tiffany happily agreed as she got up from where she was sitting at our kitchen table and after washing her breakfast dish, she followed Jacqueline through the doorway that led to our two car garage and got into the passenger side of her mother's blue B.M.W. S.U.V. Then Jacqueline backed out of our garage and driveway, and drove downtown to the women's virtual reality gym with our daughter. As I was still sitting at our kitchen table finishing up my last cup of coffee while I listened to my wife's car driving away, I thought to myself; "In the past three months while I was away on my business trip in Japan how did my wife Jacqueline go from one extreme of joining a gym to get herself into a little better shape while helping our daughter Tiffany lose weight and get into better shape at the same time, to an ever greater extreme of both my wife and daughter become powerfully strong muscular female body builders?"......................{THREE MONTHS EARLIER!} At 4:15 pm while I was still on my fourteen hour flight to Japan after I had made my connection at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, my then very curvy, slightly well toned wife Jacqueline entered through the main entrance of; "The Women's Virtual Reality Gym," for the first time with our then extremely over weight, flabby out of shape twelve year old daughter Tiffany who protested the whole way there. After my wife and daughter met and sat down to discuss their fitness goals with their now personal trainer Dawn Allen, who also happened to be the mother of Jane Allen, who would become my daughter's future best female friend. At the time Jacqueline sat down to discuss hers and Tiffany's fitness goals with Dawn, neither my wife or daughter had any thought whatsoever of becoming a hugely powerfully strong, beefy, thick ripped, muscular female body builder, but within the next three months Dawn would change both Jacqueline's and Tiffany's female minds on that matter altogether......................Dawn Allen who was the same age and height as my wife Jacqueline was a lesbian ex-professional, middle weight, female body builder who was very attracted to redheaded women, and the moment that she met my wife and daughter, Dawn felt an instant sexual attraction to Jacqueline. As Dawn sat behind her desk explaining to Jacqueline and Tiffany who were sitting across from her, on how the new modern women's virtual reality gym program worked differently then the normal conventional workout programs at the other women's gyms, Dawn excitedly thought to herself as she continued looking at my wife; "OH GOD! THIS JACQUELINE IS SMOKING HOT AND I CAN'T WAIT TILL I HAVE A CHANCE FUCK HER FAST HARD TILL HER VAGINA POPS!".....................Fifteen minutes after Jacqueline signed the contract and paid for her and Tiffany's gym memberships, Dawn had both Jacqueline and Tiffany standing naked in two separate glass cubicles wearing virtual reality glasses while their two female bodies were physically working out on a very advanced, computer programmed, high tech Bow Flex exercise machine. As Jacqueline and Tiffany continued physically working out in a semi-hypnotic state due to wearing the virtual reality glasses, in the temples of both of their virtual reality glasses were computer sensors that read both of their subconscious female minds. As Dawn read the data on the computer in her office from both Jacqueline's and Tiffany's subconscious female minds, she started typing on the keyboard of the computer to make adjustments in both their subconscious minds, so Jacqueline's and Tiffany's two female minds could be reprogrammed to not only Dawn's way of thinking, but to also do what Dawn now had planned for the both of them in the near future. As Dawn was finishing up the reprogramming on both Jacqueline's and Tiffany's subconscious female minds, she heard a young girl's voice say from behind her as the young girl entered in the office; "Hi mom. I see you have two new female customers, and one of them is a redhead, just your type mom."....................."Hi Jane and you've right about the redhead she's just my type. Her name is Jacqueline Davenport and that fat little girl in the glass cubicle next to her is her twelve year old daughter Tiffany. For me to get in good with her mother I'm planning on having Tiffany become your new B.F.F." "UGH!" Jane replied with a discussed tone in her voice; "Mom you know I'm not a chubby chaser and I hate fat girls." "Relax Jane." Dawn said; "In three months time I'll have both Jacqueline and her fat daughter both on their way to becoming the two extremely physically fit women of both our dreams." End Of Part 3