Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Mother's Amateur Female Body Building Career Come Back!-4

As I rode my bike into the De Vane's driveway I saw Jerome in his own garage home gym doing bicep curls with two, eighty pound steel dumbbells to workout his now two powerfully strong, pumped up, beefy, thick, dark ebony black, ripped muscular biceps. When Jerome saw me riding up his driveway he put down the two, eighty pound steel dumbbells he was working out with and said with a very friendly tone in his voice to see me; "HEY DUDE! What's new with you these days?" "Hey Jerome." I replied as I got off my bicycle; "I'm fine but I came to get some information on a subject from the man that knows what's happening." "COOL! I'm more then willing to help you if I could Tyler. So what could I do you for?".........................."Well Jerome I was just wondering since you've been into building up your body this past year what are the best muscle building vitamins and muscle building supplements to use?" I said. "Well Tyler it's about time you've started working out to build up that scrawny girly boy body of yours." Jerome chuckled then he arched his two eye brows and said in a serious tone; "But Tyler one illegal muscle building supplement you want to stay away from are steroids, THOSE ARE VERY BAD NEWS!" Then as I thought to myself how embarrassed I'd be, let alone how stupid I'd sound telling Jerome I wasn't asking about what are the best muscle building vitamins and muscle building supplements to use for myself but for my mother, and her two old high school girlfriends Sherry and Monica because they were the one's getting into body building. So I let him believe that I was the one interested in starting to build up my body, so I replied; "OH NO JEROME! I'd never use illegal steroids. I want to build up my own muscular manly physique naturally like you have done."....................."That just what I wanted to hear you say Tyler. By the way did you get a weight set yet?" "Yea Jerome." I replied as I thought about the six hundred and fifty pound steel weight set and weight bench that Monica had brought to our house from her storage unit; "My mom just bought me a six hundred and fifty pound steel weight set and a weight bench." "HOLY COW!" Jerome said; "My mother only bought me a starter weight set with one hundred and twenty pounds of steel weights and every other month she would by me two extra ten pound steel weight disks to add to it." "But to get back to your question Tyler." Jerome said as he picked up a white tube to show me from a carton on a shelf in his garage; "This is Atomic Mega Strength Booster the most powerful muscle building supplement you could buy. Three ounces of this into one sixteen ounce high protein body building muscle mass shake which you'd drink about three to four times a day while you've working out lifting weights, and in no time at all Tyler you'll be bulging with large muscles like I am." "Where can I buy it Jerome?" I asked while I thought to myself; "Atomic Mega Strength Booster could give my Super Female Muscle Growth Serum the extra powerful kick it needed to help my mother, Sherry, and Monica rebuild up their once high school female athletic muscular physiques. "Well Tyler it's a little expense but since we've both good friends I'll sell you a tube of Atomic Mega Strength Booster for the special price of $30.00." Later on I'd find out that it really only cost $15.00 a tube at G.N.C., and Jerome was trying to make a $15.00 profit on me. "OK Jerome I'll buy a tube from you, but I only have two twenty dollar bills in my pocket." "Not a problem Tyler." Jerome said as he took the two twenty dollar bills from me; "Let me go inside to get my wallet and make change for you." Then after Jerome stepped into his house, I quickly stole another six tubes of Atomic Mega Strength Booster out of the carton on the shelf on Jerome's garage wall then quickly hid them in my bicycle's small pouch. After Jerome paid me with two five dollar bills, I said goodbye to Jerome as got on my bicycle and started riding home A half hour later when I got home, I quickly took the seven tubes of Atomic Mega Strength Booster and quickly started altering my Super Female Muscle Growth Serum as I added three ounces of Atomic Mega Strength Booster to every sixteen ounces of my own Super Female Muscle Growth Serum.......................At 0:500 hours on Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend I started my mother, Sherry, and Monica on Phase two which was the first stage of their complete heavy overhaul weightlifting body building program. I now had the three of them fueling up their slowly growing female muscular physiques on my now altered more powerfully stronger Super Female Muscle Growth Serum with Atomic Mega Booster blended into a high protein muscle building shake which each woman drank eight times a day during their daily thirteen hour extremely physically intense, rigorous weightlifting workout sessions, as well as each woman now ate two large spinach salads with my now altered Super Female Muscle Growth Serum on top of it like Salad dressing..................The phase two program had my mother, Sherry, and Monica who were in their daily hypnotics mechanical female robotics workout mode while wearing their wireless headsets, running six miles from our backyard, through the woods and around the lake and back to our backyard, and every two weeks I'd increase it by another two miles a day. Then my mother, Sherry, and Monica would do fifty jumping jacks, fifty military push ups, and fifty military sit ups, which I would increase the amount they did on a daily bases by five. Then after using the treadmill, the exercise bike, and the rowing machine, I then had each woman programmed to do a combination stomach crunch and military pull ups to help each of them develop stronger female core strength on a bar I had installed on the ceiling of the garage. After that my mother, Sherry, and Monica all completed a low to moderate very extremely physically intense, upper and lower body rigorous weightlifting session. This would go on thirteen hours a day, seven days a week for the next nine months straight....................Every day I'd now had my mother, Sherry, and Monica all wearing red string bikinis so I could see their results every day after the first stage of their extremely intense, rigorous daily weightlifting sessions. I couldn't believe how quickly my mother's, Sherry's, and Monica's three female bodies quickly started transforming in the next nine months straight from being even more trimmer female physiques, to very well toned, then to defined and tightly packed, semi-beefy muscular, hard female physiques. All three women now had very tight semi muscular arms that measured about eight inches fully flexed, and they grew an inch to two inches larger every day. Nicely developed pectoral muscles that made their womanly breasts now stand out even more erect now, a flat as a board stomach with a tight semi-muscular washboard six pack set of abs, a small bubble shaped muscular rear end, and very tightly semi-muscular thighs and calves.....................Early on in my mother's Sherry's, and Monica's programming I programed in a future goal for each of them. My mother's future goal was become a professional female body builder and win the heavy weight championship title at the Ms. Olympia female body building contest. Sherry's goal was to become a professional female wrestler in the Women's World Wrestling Federation, and Monica's future goal was to become a champion female arm wrestler and a professional female power lifter. At this point I thought Sherry and Monica were still both a long ways, away from their two future goals but I would soon realize that I was wrong on that matter. But I thought my mother was ready to enter another amateur female body building contest in the feather weight division at the Y.W.C.A., to start her amateur female body building career come back. So one night on line with my laptop computer I filled out the Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building application to enter her in the feather weight division of the 2013 amateur female body building contest at the Y.W.C.A. Since the age group for the women who were entering this amateur female body building contest were between eighteen years to twenty five years old, I had to lie about my mother's age on her amateur female body building application by saying she was only nineteen years old, since she now looked several years younger then her actual age of thirty years old...................The night of the 2013 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest while my mother who was wearing her wireless headset was backstage getting ready while she was pumping up with her two, fifty pound steel dumbbells along with the other five younger women who were also competing in the feather weight division of the 2013 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest. As I was quickly oiling my mother's very defined, tightly packed, semi-beefy, feather weight womanly muscular physique down with baby oil so all of her womanly muscles would glow under the bright stage lights. After my mother's name was called by the announcer I pushed the button on the wireless remote in the front pocket of my jeans that sent a computer program to my mother's brain that put her in a hypnotic mechanical female robotic state while she walked out on stage. My mother then did a very awesome posing, flexing, and dancing routine that I had designed for her that really impressed the judges that night over the other five younger women who had also entered the feather weight division at the 2013 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest. My mother then won the first place championship trophy in the feather weight division of the 2013 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest....................Afterwards back stage after my mother had just won the first place championship trophy in the feather weight division of the 2013 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest, as she came out of the dressing room where she had put on the small white halter top and the tight white spandex bicycle shorts that she had arrived wearing earlier that evening to the Y.W.C.A. to show off her feather weight very defined, tightly packed, semi-beefy muscular female physique while carrying her first place female body building trophy in her left hand, she then said to me with a matter of fact tone in her voice; "OK Mr. Tyler Walters I've kept up my part of our bargain by working out hard lifting weights to build up my body to enter and win the first place trophy in the feather weight division at this year's Y.W.C.A.'s amateur female body building contest, now it's time for you to take me back to your house and have sex with me." "OK Barbie." Was all I could reply while I wondered to myself; "Why did my mother call me Mr. Tyler Walters when she knew my last name was Mattel the same as hers was? And why the hell did she think I was Tyler Walters anyway?" After we got home later that night I took my mother into my bedroom and made wild, sexual, female muscle worship love to her for over an hour before I powered her down in her female robotic form and laid her to sleep in her queen sized bed right next to Monica....................In 2014 my mother again would win the first place championship trophy in the light weight to middle weight division of the 2014 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest, and in 2015 my mother again would win the first place championship trophy in the middle to heavy weight division at the 2015 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest, and in 2016 my mother would also win first place championship trophy in the heavy weight division class at the Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest. Three years later while I was placing my mother's first place championship trophy that she had recently won in the heavy weight division of the 2016 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest in our trophy cabinet next to her other three first place amateur female body building trophies, I had my mother buy the trophy case right after winning her first amateur female body building contest at the Y.W.C.A in 2013, I thought to myself; "It's time for my mother to turn professional and enter the heavy weight division of the Ms. Olympia female body building contest." {But that will happen later in a future chapter of my story.}......................The day after my mother won the first place championship trophy in the feather weight division of the 2013 Y.W.C.A. amateur female body building contest, I was ready to start her, Sherry, and Monica on phase three which was the second stage of their complete heavy overhaul weightlifting body building program, that would be double their daily thirteen hour extremely physically intense, rigorous weightlifting body building workout sessions, then the three of them had started just nine months earlier. But before I started my mother, Sherry, and Monica, on phase three which was the second stage of their complete heavy overhaul weightlifting body building program, I gave them all a day off so we could restock up on supplies for my three muscular beauties in training to continue their daily weightlifting program..................While wearing their wireless headsets I sent both my mother and Monica out in their hypnotic mechanical female robotics mental states to go shopping to replenish the supplies we needed to continue fueling their female body building program. I sent my mother shopping in her own car to every grocery store and butcher shop in the county to buy hundreds of pounds of beef, chicken, and fish to fill the new large deep freezer that I had just ordered and had delivered from Sears on line. Being that Monica had a Dodge Caravan I sent her shopping to buy up all the cases she could get of tubes of Atomic Mega Strength Booster, the high protein muscle building shake mix they were drinking, and all the other chemicals that I needed to continue making the Super Female Muscle Growth Serum on my chemistry set. After my mother and Monica left to go shopping all over the county which would take the both of them the entire day to complete, I then had Sherry while wearing her own wireless headset in her own hypnotic mechanical female robotics state of mind clean our entire house and doing all our laundry. Since Sherry completed her household tasks in only two and a half hours, I then decided to give her the rest of the day off for rest and relaxation until my mother and Monica returned with our needed supplies. Little did I know at that moment, but Sherry's rest and relaxation was going to involve me great deal..................I removed Sherry's wireless headset before she went into the bathroom to take a long hot shower after working so hard cleaning our house. As I was coming down the hallway towards my bedroom after inspecting the wonderful job Sherry did cleaning our house that afternoon I noticed that Sherry had left the bathroom door open after she had gotten out. As I quickly looked at this now very attractive five foot semi-beefy muscular woman with long shoulder length red hair through the open bathroom door as she was toweling herself off in the steamy bathroom, I was quite impressed with the past nine months female muscular transformation of this once same five foot very heavy over weight and out of shape woman, that once had round pumpkin sized head with double chins, that also had two large flabby saddle bag arms with no muscle tone whatsoever, a huge protruding fat pot belly, and two short stubby huge flabby thunder thigh legs. Nine months earlier Sherry looked like a thirty year old, very over weight and out of shape, female over inflated human beach ball who could hardly do two push ups. BUT NOW! After working out for the past nine months straight and losing one hundred and thirty eight pounds of solid fat off her entire female body, Sherry's now five foot short squat, tightly packed, semi-beefy muscular female physique was now quite hard and sculpted like it was made out of stone. Then before Sherry noticed me standing there in the hallway outside the open bathroom door staring at her new semi-beefy, naked muscular female body, I quickly and moved away towards my own bedroom to work on a new stronger batch of Super Female Muscle Growth Serum for tomorrow's start of my mother's Sherry's, and Monica's, phase three, second stage of their complete heavy duty overhaul weightlifting body building program..................As I was busy in my bedroom with my laptop computer and chemistry set working on the stronger batch of Super Female Muscle Growth Serum, I heard Sherry say with a very flirtatious tone in her voice; "Private cadet Sherry reporting to drill Sargent Tyler for special private sexual maneuvers sir." As I looked up and saw Sherry standing naked in front of me, I still couldn't believe how quickly her short five foot in height female body transformed in only nine months time from once being a very heavy overweight and out of shape female looking over inflated beach ball, to the now five foot short squat, tightly packed, semi-beefy, muscular female physique she now had. Sherry's long shoulder length red hair was tied back in a pony tail which made her once round fat pumpkin sized head now look thinner as well as younger since she had lost her double chins as well. Sherry's once two large flabby saddle bag arms that had once lacked any muscle tone whatsoever, now were very defined and tightly packed with semi-beefy solid muscle and as she stood there saluting me with her left hand, Sherry's left very well defined and tightly packed, semi-beefy solid muscular left arm was flexing a very impressive softball sized bicep with a golf ball sized cap above it that had a thin blue vein running on top of that, with an equally impressive matching very well defined, tightly packed, semi-beefy solid muscular horseshoe shaped triceps underneath it. Sherry's once huge protruding fat pot belly as well as her love handles had now totally disappeared altogether, and was now replaced by a flat as a board solid muscular set of six pack abs that stood out proudly in front of her now more, tightly packed, solidly muscular hips and tightly packed, solidly muscular, smaller bubble shaped ass. Sherry's once two short stubby, flabby thunder thigh legs, were now just as defined and tightly packed, in semi-beefy female muscularity as her arms now were. "OK private cadet Sherry." I said with my drill Sargent tone in my voice while I got up and walked around my desk and stood in front of her; "Let the special private sexual maneuvers between the two of us commence as of right now." "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Sherry replied as she then picked me up and after she ripped off all my clothes and carried my now naked male body over to my bed. Then as she started manhandling me in different sexual positions in bed with her old high school female wrestling moves, I could clearly see now why her old high school female wrestling nickname was Steamroller Sherry.................Sherry had me laying on my back in bed while she sat on my face with her bushy red haired vagina on my mouth while my two legs were hung over her two tightly packed, semi-beefy, muscular shoulders. While I started sucking and licking her quickly growing quite wet vagina, Sherry was sucking and licking my own growing erection at the same time. Every time I shot out a huge wad of my male testosterone sperm down Sherry's throat that she'd swallow in one large gulp, she'd continue to lick and suck my huge male erection harder and harder like it was a straw till the next huge wad of my male testosterone sperm shot out. Then after gulping down six huge wads of my male testosterone sperm, Sherry then repositioned herself while she had me now laying flat on my back, with her two defined and tightly packed, semi-beefy, muscular legs wrapped tightly around my male torso so she could inject my still huge erection into her now throbbing and extremely wet bushy red haired vagina. Then after my still huge erection was now injected into Sherry's now throbbing and extremely wet bushy red haired vagina, she then rode me hard as she physically could like I was a busting bronco till my bed collapsed underneath the two of us. As we were spooning each other in my now broken bed, Sherry said to me; "Well it was about time Tyler Walters that you sexually fucked me like a real man.".................The following Saturday night just one week later after my mother entered and won the championship trophy of the feather weight division in the 2013 amateur female body building contest at the Y.W.C.A., I entered Sherry in an amateur female wrestling contest at the Y.W.C.A. and she had won four out of four amateur female wrestling matches in the female wrestling light weight division. Now I thought to myself later on that same evening after Sherry and I got home from the start of her own female wrestling career come back; "Now I have to see what Monica is truly made of." End of Part 4                                               

Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Mother's Amateur Female Body Building Career Come Back!-3

{EARLIER THAT SAME EVENING!} While my mother was shopping at General Nutrition Center at the mall for the best high protein diet shake mix they sold and ran into her two old high school female body building girl friends Sherry and Monica at the same time, I had just finished setting up my mother's home gym in our two car detachable garage because she wanted to start her diet and exercise program early tomorrow morning. After I came back into our house and headed to my bedroom where I started burning a CD on my lap top computer that was going to re-program my mother's subconscious mind into having that same growing ego rush of female pride of again becoming an amateur female body builder that she once had when she was seventeen years old in high school. Then I went into my mother's master bedroom and after removing her television, the bedroom house phone, her lap top computer, and later when she got home from the mall I'd take her I-phone away from her as well, so my mother had no chance of sneaking behind my back and cheating on the very strict diet I was putting her on while she was in training for her amateur female body building career come back by ordering any outside take out delivery food. For even more added security just in case my mother found another way of getting the word out about ordering any outside take out delivery food to cheat on her diet with, I also nailed her two bedroom windows shut from the outside of the house and changed the door knob on her bedroom door so I could lock it with a key from outside in the hallway............Once the re-program CD was completed I intended to put a with a wireless headset on her head after she fell asleep that night. But as I was just finishing up the security adjustments I had made on her master bedroom my mother had called me on my I-phone while she was still at General Nutrition Center at the mall and asked me if her two old high school female body building friends Sherry and Monica could move into our house and join her in our little female body re-building program, and I quickly agreed. I then quickly ran back to my own bedroom while now having the erotic sexual muscle woman fantasy of not having one, but now three powerfully strong muscular women in my life. I then made a quick reprogramming adjustment on the CD for now not just one woman, but for three separate women subconscious minds into having the same growing ego rush of female pride of again becoming a female body builder. Unbeknown to me as I quickly made those re-program adjustments that later on tonight when I put a wireless headsets on my mother's, Sherry's, and Monica's heads after the three of them had fallen into a very deep sleep, mentally all three women's subconscious minds would age regress back to the fall of 1994 when my mother, Sherry, and Monica were all thirteen years old. That was when my mother, Sherry, and Monica all started working out lifting weights together to build up their then skinny little girl bodies together in the high school gym just to impress a new boy in their class who my mother, Sherry, and Monica all had a serious crush on at the time named Tyler Walters.....................Over the next five years Tyler Walters first dated Sherry, then Monica, and then my mother because he like powerfully strong muscular girls. One night right before the Apple Gate High School class of 1999 was going to graduate, Tyler Walters asked my mother if she'd like to come to a private party at his parents house. Little did my mother know that night back in 1999, but that little private party at Tyler Walters parent's house was just going to be him and her alone together. After getting drunk from drinking beer while feeling very horny at the same time from all the muscle pumps she did earlier that day while working out lifting weights in the high school gym, and Tyler Walters parents were away for the weekend my mother followed Tyler Walters up to his parents master bedroom, where they had hot wild sex and Tyler Walters shot a very large wade of cum three times that evening in my mother's young, tight seventeen year old vagina. Two months later after she had graduated from high school my mother was pregnant with me......................By tomorrow morning once my mother's, Sherry's, and Monica's three female minds age regress back to the fall of 1994, neither of the three women would remember me as Tyler Mattel, Barbara Mattel's son. They would now all remember me as Drill Sargent Tyler Walters the one boy in school that my mother, Sherry, and Monica all had a serious crush on, and all three women would fall head over heels in love with me at the same time....................After I had marched my mother, Sherry, and Monica into my mother's master bedroom I took a plastic grocery bag out of the back pocket of my jeans and took away all three women's cell phones. Then I took away and locked up in a fire proof steel box, my mother's, Sherry's, and Monica's purses with all their money, credit cards, with their cell phones. After I gave out their sleeping assignments, my mother would sleep on the left side of her queen sized bed, Monica would sleep on the right side of my mother's queen sized bed, and Sherry would sleep on the roll away bed that I had brought in earlier. I then told the three of them that they only had fifteen minutes before I came back to put lights out to get undressed for bed. Then I left my mother, Sherry, and Monica in private to change into their night gowns......................Fifteen minutes later I returned to my mother's master bedroom carrying a tray with three glasses of warm skim milk that I had slipped a powerful strong sleeping drug into each glass that I had just made with my chemistry set. After I passed out the three wireless head sets to my mother, Sherry, and Monica while telling them that the soft music coming out of them would help them all sleep very soundly, I then gave them each a glass of the warm skim milk to drink. Not a second after they all drank their glass of warm skim milk with the powerful strong sleeping drug in each glass, my mother, Sherry, and Monica all started yawning and then all three women dropped like dead flies into their assigned sleeping spots. Once I made sure that all three women were in a very deep sleep and out like a light, I then pushed a button on my wireless remote that started the reprogramming CD that now filtered out through the wireless head phones  and into my mother's, Sherry, and Monica's subconscious minds. Then I turned out the lights as I exited my mother's master bedroom, and after I closed the bedroom door behind me I then locked them in for the night.....................After my mother, Sherry, and Monica were sound asleep and tucked away for the night I then headed towards my own bedroom and opened up a folder in my lap top computer. After I first found those old seventeen year old female body building pictures of my mother in a box in the garage, and before this afternoon when my mother agreed to start working out to get back into her old amateur female body building shape just for me. I thought that I was going to have to trick my mother into becoming a muscular woman again by drinking a Super Female Muscle Growth Serum I had created on my lap top computer. This Super Female Muscle Growth Serum I had created on my lap top computer, would quickly melt fat away on the female body while replacing it ounce for ounce with female muscle. The original special female strength serum I had created was to work over a period of twelve weeks, the entire summer months so my mother would have time to adjust and get used to her newer more muscular female physique, but since not only my mother but her two old high school girl friends were also interested in getting their once muscular female athletic bodies back again. So with my chemistry set I quickly started mixing an even stronger, more powerfully version of my special female strength serum which I would call; "Super Female Muscle Growth Serum," or S.F.M.G.S. for short. Unbeknown to me at that moment when I finished making the first batch of S.F.M.G.S. not only had I created the most extremely powerfully strong female muscular growth serum in history to lose weight with, but another major effect of this serum would give my mother, Sherry, and Monica all very powerfully strong sexual libidos as well!..................As I continued making  batch after batch of S.F.M.G.S. I was also burning four different phases of the most physically hard workout program ever designed. Phase One was an extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training so my mother, Sherry, and Monica could quickly lose all the extra body weight they needed to lose before I could put them on a complete heavy overhaul weight lifting body building program. Phase Two through Phase Four was three stages of the most extremely physically intense, rigorous weight lifting program ever designed by any one ever in the physical fitness industry.......................At 05:00 hours the next morning the loud bugle sound blowing of reveille sounded throughout the wireless head sets that my mother, Sherry, and Monica were wearing and they all quickly woke up, made their beds and got dressed in the three gray sweat outfit I had left hanging up for them. At 05:30 hours I unlocked the door and entered my mother's master bedroom carrying a tray with three eight ounce strawberry blended high protein diet shakes with a powerful dosage of; The Super Female Muscle Growth Serum blended inside as I found my mother, Sherry, and Monica standing at attention in the line of formation waiting for me with their wireless head phones still on their heads. I said; "Good morning ladies breakfast is served." "It's about time drill Sargent Tyler." Sherry said as she rubbed her large fat, flabby protruding pot belly with her two hands; "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse." "Each one of you ladies drink one of these special high protein diet shakes and you'll all forget that you've even on a diet altogether. As soon as my mother, Sherry, and Monica all drank down their high protein strawberry diet shakes with a powerful dosage of S.F.M.G.S. blended inside, all three of their over weight, out of shape female bodies started to vibrate extremely violently with pure unbelievable human energy. Then as I pushed a button on the wireless remote in the pocket of my jeans that sent the directions of their Phase One extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training through their three sets of wireless headsets, my mother, Sherry, and Monica all ran out of the master bedroom like three hypnotic mechanical female robots as they all started to follow the Phase One extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training computer program off the CD. Then three of them ran down the hallway and throughout the house till they all exited out of our kitchen's back door..............................Once outside in single file order my mother taking the lead, Monica in the middle following close behind her, and Sherry taking up the rear all ran across our backyard then down the path into the woods, then around the lake, and back into our backyard eight times. One time around was a quarter of a mile, and my mother, Sherry, and Monica ran two miles straight without stopping even once. After my mother, Sherry, and Monica finished running their two miles they all then stood single file in formation one next to the each other in our backyard as three mechanical female robots, while still following the Phase One extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training program as they all started doing jumping jacks, military push ups, and sit ups together at the same time. As I continued watching my mother, Sherry, and Monica going through these three sets of exercises outside in our back yard I thought to myself; "It's a good thing that we live on four acres of land in a wooded area and that our nearest neighbors live over a mile away so no one could see what's going on in our backyard right now. Otherwise the three of them would look very ridiculous working out hard right now in our backyard like they were in a female Marine boot camp.".........................Then after my mother, Sherry, and Monica completed fifty jumping jacks, fifty military push ups, and fifty sit ups each in less the ten minutes straight without even breathing heavy or breaking out in a sweat, as the three of them continued following the Phase One extremely high aerobics workout with light training they then all marched into and entered our detachable garage by the side door where our new home gym was housed. After they entered the home gym and start working out in like three hypnotic mechanical robots, I then quickly turned up the thermostat to one hundred degrees to help my mother, Sherry, and Monica all sweat very heavily while they all worked out to help them lose the extra weight they needed to lose even faster. Once inside our new home gym my mother, Sherry, and Monica all refueled up on another strawberry blended high protein diet shake with another powerful dosage blended in of my; Super Female Muscle Growth Serum each. Last night I had stocked our old refrigerator in the garage with a large supply of strawberry blended high protein diet shakes with another powerfully strong dosage of my Super Female Muscle Growth Serum in each shake, so my mother, Sherry, and Monica could all automatically refuel up every couple of hours during their daily workout sessions without even leaving our home gym in the garage....................After the three of them finished refueling up with their second diet shake of the day my mother started running on the treadmill, while Sherry started riding the exercise bike, and Monica started working out on the rowing machine. It not only amazed me that the Phase One extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training that I had quickly designed last night on my computer, had my mother, Sherry, and Monica all working out independently of each other like three hypnotic mechanical female robots and each time they heard the bell of a kitchen timer go off in each one of their wireless ear phones, each woman would then rotate and change places to use another exercise machine, and with every third rotation my mother, Sherry, and Monica did during their daily workout sessions one would automatically start take turns and do a light weight training workout with two, ten pound dumbbells, while the other two women were either still using the treadmill, the exercise bike, or the rowing machine....................Then as lunch time approached at 12:00 hours all three women automatically stopped working out at the same time and again headed to the old refrigerator in our garage. After the three of them found the three large, dark green spinach salads with another very powerful dosage of Super Female Muscle Growth Serum that I had put on each spinach salad like salad dressing, My mother, Sherry, and Monica then took a fifteen minute break and silently without even noticing the other woman was there at all, sat quietly like three hypnotic mechanical female robots eating their salads while drinking another one of their diet shakes at the same time. Once I applied the Super Female Muscle Growth Serum on each spinach salad like it was salad dressing, each one of the dark green leaves in every one of the spinach salads would quickly absorb the S.F.M.G.S., which would greatly increase the potential iron vitamin content by over fifty percent in each spinach salad my mother, Sherry, and Monica ate. Then at 12:15 hours when the kitchen timer bell again rang through their wireless headsets each woman got up and the three of them all started to continued following the Phase One extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training straight to 18:30 hours, with only three more quick breaks to refuel up on a strawberry blended high protein diet shake with another powerful dosage of Super Female Muscle Growth Serum blended inside........................At 18:30 hours after the alarm that signaled them that their daily workout program was finished for the day went off through their wireless headsets, my mother, Sherry, and Monica then would all stop working out at the same time and line up again in single file, my mother first, then Monica second, and Sherry in the back. Then while they were still in their hypnotic mechanical female robotic states, I'd march my now three extremely sweaty, tired muscle women in training back into the house where after personally stripping each one of them naked out of their extremely sweaty workout clothes and panties, I'd then take each one of them, one at a time into the shower and heavily lather them down in the hot shower, while I inspected each one of their female physiques to see  how much thinner they had gotten that day after their daily workouts. Then once a week on Sunday nights I'd weigh my mother, Sherry, and Monica on our bathroom scale after each one's of their showers to see how much weight they lost that week, then I would shave under each woman's two armpits and two legs to keep them all clean and smooth....................By 19:45 hours after they were all dressed in their night gowns, I would then give the three of them another glass of warm skin milk with a powerful sleeping drug in each glass, and by 20:00 hours my mother, Sherry, and Monica were all sound asleep in their designated sleeping arrangements in the master bedroom for the next nine hours straight of uninterrupted sleep time. Once my mother, Sherry, and Monica were all down for the night, I would then use our washer and dryer to wash each one's sweat outfit so it would be fresh and clean for their next days workout. This daily workout schedule would continue to go on every day for my mother, Sherry, and Monica from their first workout on the Saturday of the weekend going into spring vacation during the month of April in the year of 2012, seven days a week for the next several weeks straight, till the Friday night going into Memorial Day weekend of the month of May in the year of 2012.......................At the end of the first week of their Phase One extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training, I was now very comfortable with being able to leave them all alone during the day when I went back to school, as my mother Sherry, and Monica all worked out in their hypnotic mechanical female robotic states in the one hundred degree heated garage by themselves. A week later on the following Monday morning after my mother, Sherry, and Monica ran their two miles and did their daily jumping jacks, military push ups, and sit ups outside in our backyard, I had then quickly marched the three of them into our two car detachable garage to continue following the Phase One extremely high impact aerobics workout with light weight training and after I turned up the heat in the garage to one hundred degrees, I just had enough time to close and padlock all the garage doors from the out side before I had to catch the school bus. At this point I had no choice I had to go back to school and would be away from the house for at least eight hours a day, five days a week. So the night before school started again for me, I took a couple of rolls of tin foil and covered all the garage windows from the inside with the shinny side out so no one could see what was going on inside our two car detachable garage when I wasn't there.................I know this must make me sound very paranoid but I thought to myself; "What if someone decided to visit my mother when I was away during the day at school? What would they think when they happen to hear the low swishing sound of the exercise bike or rowing machine, and the slight tapping sound of someone running on the treadmill coming from inside our closed padlocked garage doors? Then after they noticed all the garage windows were covered with tin foil as they knocked friendly on one of the padlocked garage doors and after no one answered, because my mother, Sherry, and Monica were all to busy inside our two car detachable garage under their own hypnotic mechanical female robotic trance working out. Would they then call the police and fire department to rescue who ever they thought was inside being held captive?" This same paranoid thought stayed in the back of my mind every day as I got on the school bus in the morning, all through my school day. But when I got off the school bus every day in front of my house and safely inspected that my mother, Sherry, and Monica were still in their hypnotic mechanical female robotic trances quietly working out in our garage I was very happy to see that my three muscle gals in the making hadn't been disturbed at all.......................Then by Friday evening of Memorial day weekend as I weighed in and inspected my mother's, Sherry's, and Monica's now even more trimmer female physiques after their nightly showers I was very impressed at how quickly the three of them lose all the extra weight they needed to lose in only seven weeks straight. Even though my mother's, Sherry's, and Monica's trimmer female physiques were all now very tightly well toned to perfection without any lose flab jiggling anywhere on their entire thinner female bodies, the three of them were still along ways away from re-becoming the three muscular women they were in high school. I also noticed that my mother's, Sherry's, and Monica's already creamy white skin had an even more glowing youthful look to it now then it had several weeks earlier, and my mother, Sherry, and Monica all looked about five years younger now then their accrual ages of thirty years old.................The Super Female Growth Serum that I had already created with my chemistry set was powerful enough to strip off all the extra body weight that my mother, Sherry, and Monica needed to lose which now gave all the three of them a very well toned, tight female chassis to now build up into three powerfully strong muscular women. But before I could start them on Phase Two which was step one of the most extremely physically intense, rigorous weightlifting program to rebuild my mother, Sherry, and Monica into the three powerfully strong muscular women I wanted them to now become, I first had to figure away to increase the potent strength of the Super Female Muscle Growth Serum I had already created. Then I thought about my friend Jerome De Vane who lived two miles away. A year ago last March Jerome had gotten into working out lifting weights to build up his once scrawny weak ninety eight pound, dark ebony black teenage male body after his mother bought him a weight set for his birthday. By the start of the new school year last September, Jerome came back to school all largely ripped and muscular, which turned the heads of every girl in our class. After I put my mother, Sherry, and Monica down at 20:00 hours that night, I then rode my bicycle to Jerome's house so I could ask him what body building supplements he was using to get so big in muscularity in just only seven months straight. I was hoping Jerome could tell me about some new vitamin pill or special high protein bulk up shake mix that could help me increase the potency of my Super Female Muscle Growth Serum, to help build up my mother, Sherry, and Monica even faster into the three huge, powerfully strong, muscular women I truly wanted them to become. End Of Part 3                                                                                                                                                                                               

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Mother's Amateur Female Body Building Career Come Back!-2

As my mother was in General Nutrition Center at the mall shopping for the best high protein diet shake mix they sold, she heard another woman's voice say from behind her down the store's aisle in a very friendly greeting tone; "Is that Barbie Doll Mattel my old high school female body building gym workout girl friend? It's been a long time Barbie since we've seen each other." When my mother turned around to see who had called her by her old high school nick name she smiled warmly at the short five foot in height, very heavy over weight woman with long shoulder length red hair and a round pumpkin sized head with a double chin, who looked like a female over inflated beach ball with two huge flabby saddle bag arms, a huge protruding fat pot belly, and two short stubby, huge flabby thunder thigh legs walking towards her as she greeted this woman with the same very friendly tone in her voice; "Why hello Steamroller Sherry. I have seen you, in what almost fourteen years now since we both graduated from Apple Gate High School. What have you been doing with yourself these days?" "Barbie no one has called me steamroller Sherry since I was the captain of the girl's wrestling team in high school over fourteen years ago." Sherry chucked, then said with a slight embarrassed tone in her voice as she rubbed her now huge protruding fat pot belly with her two hands; "You mean besides getting extremely fat by gaining a lot of weight from binge eating so much comfort food to suppress my sexual frustration after husband had left me and my divorce was finalized." "So what are you doing at G.N.C.?" My mother asked her old high school friend. Same thing you are doing here Barbie." Sherry replied; "After two years of having a sexual frustration pity party for being by myself, I decided to work on myself and go on a diet and exercise program to lose some weight and get back into shape before I got back into the dating scene to meet someone new in my life. I'm here looking at what liquid diet shakes would work best for me.".....................Just as my mother and her old high school friend Sherry were updating each other on what was going on these days in each other's life, they heard another woman's voice say in a very friendly greeting tone from behind the two of them; "Well as I live and breath. If it not my two old high school female body building gym workout girl friends Barbie Doll Mattel and Steamroller Sherry." When my mother and Sherry both turned around they saw a five foot, seven inch, very well endowed, buxom, woman that was now slightly a little more over weight then she cared to admit, with long dark brown shoulder length hair heading towards them down the store's aisle. "Look Sherry." My mother said with a very happy tone in her voice to see her other old high school friend; If it's not our old friend Menacing Monica the female arm wrestling and power lifting 1999 state champion of Apple Gate High School." "Yea Barbie those were the days when my younger female figure was bulging with big strong muscles from weightlifting. But since I married a man who owned a bakery and was also a gourmet cook who did all the cooking at home, I guess you could now call me flabby out of shape Monica." Monica chuckled as she stuck her right index finger into her own fairly large, flabby protruding pot belly which caused it to shake loosely like a bowl full of jelly. Then Sherry asked; "How are you doing these days Monica?" "Not well I'm afraid." Monica said as she started looking very sad; "Recently my husband Don's bakery business went chapter 8 in bankruptcy court, and after he couldn't any longer afford to pay the bank loan on our house we lost that as well. Then one night a week after we were evicted from our home, Don went out and killed himself and left me a penniless widow. Right now for the past six months I've been homeless living in my 2007 Dodge Caravan." "I know what you mean about being homeless Monica." Sherry said; "A week from next Monday that bastard ex-husband of mine sold our house ninety days ago and soon I'll be homeless as well. Because I can't find an apartment that I could afford the rent on." "I'm sorry to hear that girls." My mother said with a serious tone in her voice. Then she got an idea on how to help both of her girlfriend's turn their lives around for the better while giving them both a place to live at the same time. My mother then told both Sherry and Monica about how I was going to help her get back into shape to have her amateur female body building career come back. Then my mother asked both of her two old high school girl friends if they'd both like to also start working out along side with her and get there own, once female muscular physiques back in shape as well...................."That sounds like a great idea Barbie. Count me in." Sherry said. "Yea Barbie." Monica agreed; "I even still have my old six hundred and fifty pound steel weight set and weight bench from when I was in high school in my storage unit downtown. With that plus Barbie's treadmill, rowing machine, and exercise bike that would be enough workout equipment to make a complete home gym for the three of us to get back in female muscular shape again like we were thirteen years ago back in high school." "I'm glad you gals are all on board about working out and training together again after all these years to get back into our old muscular female shape, but first I'd like to run it by my son Tyler, OK? After all ladies it was my son's idea from the beginning to get me back into shape to have an amateur female body building career come back." "OK Barbie." Both Sherry and Monica agreed. Then my mother walked down the store's aisle out of ear shot of both of her two girl friends while she called me on her cell phone. After my mother explained why her friend Sherry who was known as Steamroller Sherry in high school for being not only the captain of the girls wrestling team as well as being the female state high school wrestling champion four years straight from 1995 to 1999, as well as Menacing Monica being the number one Apple Gate High School female arm wrestling and power lifting champion from 1995 to 1999. I quickly agreed to let who I thought at the time to be two very physically fit, extremely strong and muscular women who would workout and train with my mother in our home gym. I figured that it would give my mother more of a competitive challenge as well as more determination to get in shape even faster, but little did know at that moment that my mother was describing them when they were both extremely physically fit, seventeen year old teenage girls. But thirteen years later both of these two women were now even more physically out of shape then my own mother was. But in time that was going to change for Sherry and Monica as well......................."Good news ladies." My mother said as she walked back down the aisle  towards her two old high school girl friends; "Tyler agreed to take the two of you on as well with the same diet and workout training program he has planned for me so we could all start working out and getting back in shape together. Tyler's exact words on the subject were, three muscular women are better then one." "That's great Barbie." Monica said. "Yea Barbie." Sherry happily agreed; "Now all the three of us need to agree on is which liquid high protein diet shake we all need to buy that will help all of us lose weight." "Let's buy this one ladies; "Slim Quick Pure Protein Diet Shakes." My mother said; "This one has the highest rating to help women seriously lose weight." Sherry and Monica agreed. After they left G.N.C. together and headed out of the mall towards their cars. My mother and Sherry both followed Monica in their cars to where her storage unit was located downtown. Then the three of them struggled like hell to load Monica's six hundred and fifty pound steel weight set and weight bench into the back of Monica's Dodge Caravan. After they got Monica's six hundred and fifty pound steel weight set and weight bench loaded in the back of her Dodge Caravan, both Sherry and Monica followed my mother in their own cars to our house....................An hour and a half later after my mother and her two ex-high school girl friends arrived at our house, I stood by the open garage door as I supervised my mother, Sherry, and Monica while I made the three of them unload the extremely heavy weight set and weight bench out of the back of Monica's Dodge Caravan and set it up as I directed the three women to do. After the extremely heavy weight set and weight bench was set up in our new home gym to my liking, I said with a very forcible tone in my voice like a Marine drill Sargent; "I'M DRILL SARGENT TYLER! AND FROM THIS MOMENT ON THAT'S HOW EACH ONE OF YOU WILL REFER TO ME WHEN ADDRESSING ME! WHEN I GIVE YOU AN ORDER TO DO SOMETHING, YOU LADIES WILL REPLY SIMPLY YES SIR DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Unbeknown to me at that moment, but I had accidentally slightly hypnotized my mother, Sherry, and Monica who all had very weak female subconscious minds from being sexually alone from male companionship for so long, into not only thinking that they were really female marines cadets, but me, drill Sargent Tyler would become the man of their dreams as well. The three of them would magically fall back into this slightly hypnotic trance and do whenever I asked my mother, Sherry, and Monica to do when I used the very forcible tone in my voice like a Marine Drill Sargent, then the three of them would come out of their slightly hypnotic trance whenever I mentioned their names while I said them in my normal voice. Then I ordered my mother, Sherry, and Monica to march into our house and stand side by side in the middle of our living room. All three women said while they all saluted me; "YES SIR, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Then the three of them marched out of our garage's new home gym in single file one behind the other with Sherry in front and my mother bring up the rear right behind Monica towards our backdoor........................Once inside the living room as I kept my new very tough Marine drill Sargent attitude up in front of my mother, Sherry, and Monica, which I would find out later that no matter how abuse verbally tough I insulted them as well as how physically hard I'd make these three very out of shape, now fat cow women workout like female Marine cadets to get their old high school female muscular athletic bodies back into shape, all three of them found my new very tough Marine drill Sargent attitude a very big eroticism in their otherwise boring lonely female lives, and in time Sherry and Monica would fall as deeply in love with me, as my own mother. As I stood in front of my mother, Sherry, and Monica who were all standing side by side in the middle of our living room, I then ordered then to stand at attention as I said; "TEN-HUT! "YES SIR, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" All three women said together as they now stood straight up and very erect to their full heights, with their shoulders proudly held back, as their breasts were sticking straight out while holding in their flabby stomachs at the same time, with their two feet planted firmly together on our carpeted living room floor. Then as I walked back and forth in front of them I said with my very tough Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice; "OK ladies we all know why the three of you are here tonight. That is UNLESS any of you aren't seriously WOMAN enough to be pushed WAY BEYOND each one of your OWN female physical LIMITS, to BECOME the BEST physically FIT woman YOU could ever hope of BEING. If that's so, then I advise ONE or ALL of you to LEAVE NOW! DO we UNDERSTAND each other YOU three FAT cows?" "YES SIR!" The three of them agreed as they again saluted me while I paused for a second for to let it sink into my mother's Sherry's, and Monica's three female minds that I was totally serious about getting the three of them back into shape, and neither of the three of these women ever moved out of or left their place in line; "As of right NOW just LOOKING at how PHYSICALLY OUT OF SHAPE you three SORRY looking female SPECIMENS are, just makes ME SICK by the sight of the THREE OF YOU!" "YES SIR!" My mother, Sherry, and Monica said as they saluted me again; "AND WE'VE ALL HERE TO BE PUSHED WAY BEYOND OUR OWN FEMALE PHYSICAL LIMITS SIR, SO WE COULD ALL BECOME THE BEST PHYSICALLY FIT WOMEN THAT WE COULD EVER POSSIBLY HOPE OF BECOMING SIR!".........................."Very good ladies now that all three of you are now interested in enlisting in the; "Apple Gate Female Body Building Marines, or the A.G.F.B.B.M. for short." Then as I picked up a book that I had laying on the coffee table I said again in my new very tough Marine drill Sargent voice; "AT EASE LADIES!" "YES SIR!" My mother, Sherry, and Monica replied together as they now relaxed while standing more at ease beside each other in line. I then went in front of my mother, then in front of Sherry, then in front of Monica, and as I stood in front of each woman I asked them to put their left hand on this book which was; "The Holy Bible." Then after I asked each woman to state their name, I asked them to repeat the following of what I said; "I Pledge," {State your name.} "That I will follow all the strict rules and regulations of the Apple Gate Female Body Building Club without having any complaints whatsoever, while I'm being pushed way beyond my own female physical limits to achieve in becoming the most physically fit woman, that I could ever hope of becoming, so help me god." Then just so neither my mother, or her two friends Sherry and Monica could come back later in the near future and deny ever being sworn into the A.G.F.B.B.M., I had my video camera recording each woman as they were being sworn in at the time. By now my mother, Sherry, and Monica were all sexually starting to get a little wet in their vaginas, and no matter how much I continued to verbally insult and pick on all three of them for being so fat and out of shape, all three of them were finding it even more erotically sexual by the moment. After I had sworn all three women into the Apple Gate Female Body Building Marines it was now time to interview and inspect the troops to see what I had to work with, I again said in my commanding tone; "TEN-HUT STAND AT ATTENTION LADIES! "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" My mother, Sherry, and Monica said out loud together as the three of them again stood very straight and erect to their full heights while they all held their shoulders proudly back, as their breasts were sticking straight out while holding in their flabby stomachs at the same time, with their two feet planted firmly together....................Leaving them for a couple of minutes standing at attention in our living room while I went to our bathroom where I quickly returned with our bathroom scale. Once I placed our bathroom scale on the living room's carpeted floor facing in front of my mother, Sherry, and Monica who were all still standing at attention side by side of each other while they were looking directly forward, I could now see a look of pure female fear in all three women's eyes as each one had thought to herself; "OH GOD! Drill Sargent Tyler is going to get extremely angry at me when he weighs me in and see how much I weigh!" As I was enjoying watching my mother, Sherry, and Monica trying to hide the look of pure female fear of a man knowing how much his woman really weighs in their eyes as they continued to stand at attention looking forward, I then decided that since Sherry was the shortest and most physically overweight and out of shape woman of the three of them, I'd start with her first...................."Private cadet Sherry step on the bathroom scale to be weighed in." I said in my forcible Marine Drill Sargent tone. "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR! Sherry saluted me as she stepped out of line of formation towards the bathroom scale while she thought to herself; "OH GOD!" I hope I don't burst into tears this time in front of drill Sargent Tyler like I did last time when I weighed myself." "Then as Sherry stepped onto the bathroom scale while she continued to stand at attention and looking forward, she cringed in fear as the digital bathroom scale vibrated while it continued beeping every second at the same time underneath her two feet as the digital numbers quickly grew larger. Finally after the vibration and beeping stopped, as Sherry continued to look forward while she silently cringed in fear of what her current body weight now was, I then bent down and looked at the scale. "Private cadet Sherry do you know how much you weigh?" I asked her with forcible Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice. "NO SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Sherry replied trying to sound very brave while hiding the fear in her voice, because she knew by the tone in my voice that I wasn't happy about her current weight. "Private Cadet Sherry, your current WEIGHT." I said in my forcible Marine drill Sargent tone while I punctuated certain words to really make Sherry feel bad about herself for being so over weight and out of shape; "Is TWO HUNDRED and SIXTY EIGHT pounds. NOW Private cadet Sherry, IS that SATISFACTORY for being IN the Apple Gate Female Body Building Marines? "NO SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR! IT'S NOT FOR BEING IN THE APPLE GATE FEMALE BODY BUILDING MARINES!" Sherry answered me now with a slight fear in her voice while she continued standing on the bathroom scale at attention while still looking forward.  Then what are you going to do about it private cadet Sherry?" "I WILL STICK VERY HARD TO STAY ON THE STRICT DIET AND MAJOR EXERCISE PROGRAM YOU'LL BE PUTTING ME ON DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SO I COULD TRULY BECOME THE MOST EXTREMELY PHYSICAL FIT ATHLETIC WOMAN I COULD EVER HOPE OF EVER BECOMING!" "Very good answer, by the way private cadet Sherry what was your fighting weight when you were captain of the girl's wrestling team in high school?" I asked her with the forcible Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice. "ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY POUNDS, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" I then said again with my forcible Marine dill Sargent tone in my voice; "That means private cadet Sherry you'll need to lose one hundred and thirty eight pounds to regain your old fighting weight." "YES SIR, I WILL BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO LOSE ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT POUNDS FOR YOU DRILL SARGENT TYLER SIR!" Sherry replied as she continued to stand at attention on the bathroom scale while she saluted me. "Now private cadet Sherry." I said in my forcible Marine drill Sargent tone; "Step off the bathroom scale and show me how many military push ups you could do without stopping." "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Then Sherry stepped off the bathroom scale and threw herself face down on our carpeted living room floor, and slowly started struggling hard trying to do military push ups. After I watch her pitifully do ten push ups I said; "That's enough private cadet Sherry, NOW get back into formation with the others and stand at attention." "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Sherry replied as she stood up and went back into formation with my mother and Monica.........................After Sherry was back standing attention in formation next to Monica and my mother, I then moved over to Monica to see what she was really made of. Monica who was standing at attention in formation between Sherry on her left and my mother on her right was at least six inches taller in height then Sherry was and two inches shorter in height then my mother. Monica was wearing a short sleeve button down blouse that was pretty tight over the upper part of her very endowed, buxom, womanly body, while the lower part of her button down blouse was struggling as hard as it could to stay buttoned over her large, protruding, flabby fat pot belly. Even though Monica's entire very well endowed, buxom womanly figure evenly balanced her body weight extremely well, one could clearly see that there was a great deal that needed improvement, and she really needed to lose a good deal of weight before Monica could ever become again the once arm wrestling and power lifting high school champion she had once been almost fourteen years earlier. Monica's two large, fairly flabby, lack of any muscle tone, saddle bag female arms, that were connected to two fairly broad female shoulders, easily stretched out the two short sleeves of her blouse to their material max, and they didn't look the slightest bit intimidatingly strong and muscular whatsoever to me as I thought to myself; "I bet Monica still has enough strength in those two large, fairly flabby, lack of muscle tone, saddle bag female arms of hers to really squeeze a person hard while she gave them a good bear hug." Then I asked her with my forcible Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice; "Private cadet Monica. I hear that back in high school you were once the female arm wrestling and power lifting state champion." "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER SIR! I WAS THE STATE FEMALE ARM WRESTLING AND POWER LIFTING CHAMPION FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT BETWEEN 1995 TO 1999 IN HIGH SCHOOL! ALSO IF I'M NOT SPEAKING OUT OF TURN DRILL SARGENT TYLER SIR, I'D JUST LIKE TO SAY THAT EVEN THOUGH THESE TWO HUGE HAM HOCK SIZED ARMS OF MINE NO LONGER SHOW THE THICK MUSCULARITY OF THIRTY SIX INCHES OF RIPPED, ROCK, HARD FEMALE MUSCLE I ONCE HAD, BUT I'M STILL QUITE OTHERWISE FAIRLY STRONG SIR!" Monica replied while still standing at attention in formation between Sherry and my mother while she continued to stare forward.....................After I gave Monica the command to step out of formation and onto the scale bathroom to be weighed in, I said in my forcible Marine drill Sargent tone; "Private Cadet Monica flex one of those mighty ham hock arms of yours to see if you could impress me with whatever you still have in female muscularity." "YES SIR, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Monica replied then flexed her right huge, flabby ham hock arm while standing at attention and still looking forward on the bathroom scale. "WELL!" I said out loud as I felt Monica's right huge flabby ham hock sized arm while she tried to flex a bicep muscle as physically hard as she possibly could; "It doesn't feel too physically strong and muscular private cadet Monica, but under that large soft flabby bicep I could feel a slight bit of female muscle ready to be re-developed into a powerfully strong muscular set of bicep and triceps." "THANK YOU, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Monica replied as she finished flexing and put down her right huge, flabby ham hock sized arm.  After I finished weighing Monica in who was still standing at attention while looking forward I asked her; "Private cadet Monica what was your prime athletic weight back in high school when you were the state female arm wrestling and power lifting champion?" "MY PRIME ATHLETIC WEIGHT WAS ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE POUNDS OF ONE PERCENT FEMALE MUSCLE WITH ZERO PERCENT FAT. DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Monica replied. "Well private cadet Monica." I said with my Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice; "Your fat ass currently weighs in at three hundred and two pounds of one hundred percent body fat with zero percent female muscle whatsoever. Private cadet Monica you've going to need to lose one hundred and thirty seven pounds of solid fat before you could seriously start working out again lifting weights to re-build up your once muscular female physique to impress me as the true state female arm wrestling and power lifting champion you once were almost fourteen years earlier. "YES SIR! I WILL LOSE THE ENTIRE ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN POUNDS OF SOLID FAT AS FAST AS I POSSIBLY COULD, SO I COULD SERIOUSLY START WORKING OUT LIFTING WEIGHTS TO RE-BUILD UP MY MUSCULAR POWERFULLY STRONG FEMALE PHYSIQUE, SO I COULD IMPRESS YOU WITH FEASTS OF FEMALE STRENGTH AS THE TRUE STATE FEMALE ARM WRESTLING AND POWER LIFTING CHAMPION I ONCE WAS ALMOST FOURTEEN YEARS AGO, DRILL SARGENT TYLER SIR! "Very good private cadet Monica." I said with my now true forcible Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice; "You have a very good attitude and I'm quite sure in time you'll go very far in the Apple Gate Female Body Building Marines." "YES SIR! THANK YOU SARGENT TYLER SIR!" Monica said as she saluted me while she continued standing at attention on the bathroom scale staring straight ahead. When my mother heard the great complement I had just given Monica, for the first time in her entire life she became extremely jealous that I might be attracted to another woman instead of her..................."OK private cadet Monica." I then said; "Step off the bathroom scale and march over to the heavy oak coffee table in front of the sofa and lift it up high over your head and continue bench pressing it over your head till I tell you to stop." "YES SIR! SARGENT TYLER SIR!" Monica replied while saluting me as she stepped off the bathroom scale and marched over to our heavy oak coffee table that must have weighed at least fifty five to sixty pounds. Then with her back towards me Monica squat down while bending her knees as her two hand reached under the heavy oak coffee table to get a good balanced grip underneath to pick it up. Then as Monica slowly let out a low grunting growl that slowly grew even louder while she slowly started to stand up while slowly lifting up the heavy oak coffee table at the same time. What I first thought was large rolls of flabby back fat underneath the back of Monica's pretty tight short sleeve button down blouse that she was wearing, was in reality flabby out of shaped back muscles that started to lazily wake up and slowly come to life. As Monica continued to slowly lift up the heavy oak coffee table till she could bench press it above her head, her flabby out of shape back muscles now seemed to have woke up from their thirteen year slumber, and was trying to flex their flabby selves as hard as they possibly could to help Monica's two large, fairly flabby saddle bag arms that stretched out the two short sleeves of her pretty tight short sleeve button down blouse. Now as I was watching Monica slowly bench pressing the heavy oak coffee table above her head I thought to myself; "Monica shows the most potential so far it seemed to be the only true female Goliath in my little threesome of thirty year old women, who all desperately wanted to regain their once teenage female athletic muscular independence from their now over weight and very out of shape thirty year old flabby female bodies." I continued to think that until I gave my mother, private cadet Barbie her quick physical fitness test. As Monica continued slowly bench pressing the heavy oak coffee table above her head as she loudly grunted out the count of the number of reps she did; "17, 18, 19, 20!" Once Monica benched pressed her twentieth rep with the heavy oak coffee table, I said with my forcible Marine drill Sargent tone; "Very good private cadet Monica. You may stop bench pressing the heavy oak coffee table above your head and replace it back to it's original spot in front of the sofa, then resume your place standing at attention in formation." "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" Monica grunted loudly through her clinched teeth a second before she lowered the heavy oak coffee table down and replaced it back to it's original spot in front of the sofa. Then Monica resumed her place between Sherry and my mother and again in formation and stood at attention with her eyes facing forward. As soon as Monica was back standing at attention in formation, I then moved over to my mother who was third in the line formation standing at attention.................."Private cadet Barbie." I said in my forcible drill Sargent tone; "Just because you've my mother I don't want you to think that you've going to get any special privileges or favoritism from me because we are family. I will be working you just as hard, IF NOT harder then the other women, do we UNDERSTAND each other private cadet Barbie?" "YES SIR! I DON'T EXPECT ANY SPECIAL PRIVILEGES OR FAVORITISM FOR BEING RELATED TO YOU DRILL SARGENT TYLER SIR! I WILL WORKOUT AND DIET JUST AS HARD, IF NOT HARDER THEN THE OTHER TWO FEMALE PRIVATE CADETS IN THIS FEMALE PLATOON!" My mother replied as she continued standing at attention looking straight ahead in the line of formation. "Very good private cadet Barbie. I'm glad that we've in total agreement on that subject. Now step on the bathroom scale." "YES SIR! DRILL SARGENT TYLER SIR!" My mother said as she saluted me then marched out of the line of formation and stepped on the bathroom scale to be weighed. As my mother stood straight up and erect at attention to her full height of five foot nine inches tall on the bathroom scale, I was thinking about what her now sexy, well curved plump female body was going to look like after I had it totally stripped of one hundred percent of it's female flabby fat, and replaced with one hundred percent of huge, beefy, thick, ripped female muscle. My mother was hoping to get her old feather weight female body building figure back so she could have an amateur female body building career come and win a couple of local amateur female body building contests at the Y.W.C.A., but that wasn't good enough for me and I had other plans for her amateur female body building career come back as well. After winning a couple of local amateur female body building contests at the Y.W.C.A. to help perfect her flexing and posing routines during the next couple of years, after that I was planning to continue training her harder and harder till she could turn professional to enter and win the heavy weight female body building championship title at the Ms. Olympia female body building contest......................"Private cadet Barbie what was your prime weight when you entered and won the first place trophy in 1999 at the Apple Gate High School's Amateur Female Body Building Contest?" "ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT POUNDS OF ONE HUNDRED PERCENT BODY MUSCLE WITH ZERO PERCENT BODY FAT, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" My mother again said while still standing at attention on the bathroom scale as she continued looking forward. "Well private cadet Barbie." I said in my forcible Marine drill Sargent tone; "You've going to have to lose the sixty eight pounds you've now over weight with and at least another eighteen pounds besides that, to make sure we've completely stripped your entire female figure of one hundred percent body fat before we could rebuild you into the true female body builder you so want to re-become." "YES SIR, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR! I WILL WORK EXTREMELY HARD AT IT AND I'LL DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO DO IN TEARING DOWN THE OLD OUT OF SHAPE ME, SO I COULD THEN REBUILD MYSELF INTO A TRUE FEMALE BODY BUILDER YOU'D EXPECT ME TO BECOME!" My mother replied as she saluted me while still standing at attention on the bathroom scale, then said; "DRILL SARGENT TYLER SIR! MAY I NOW SHOW YOU MY OWN PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND STAMINA SO YOU COULD SEE WHAT I'M REALLY MADE OF?" "You may volunteer private cadet Barbie," I agreed with my Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice; "And you have no more then ten minutes like private cadet Sherry and private cadet Monica had earlier, to impress me with what you've really made of."  And what my mother did next not only really impressed me but also out did everything that her two girl friends Sherry and Monica had done earlier.......................My mother then marched off the bathroom scale but instead of going to bench press the heavy oak coffee table like Monica did, she then quickly removed each of the lamps that were sitting on the two matching heavy oak end tables. Each one of the heavy oak end tables that sat on each side of our sofa must have weighed at least sixty pounds a piece. My mother then picked up one heavy oak end table in each one of her hands and started doing bicep curls with them at a very fast pace. After pumping out twenty five bicep curls with each arm, my mother then quickly put down the two heavy oak end tables and did cartwheels across our living room towards our closed front door, where she then jumped up and did twenty five pull up on the top of the door frame of our front door. Then after my mother finished doing twenty five pull ups on the front door frame, she jumped back down and did back flips across our living room till she was again standing at attention in formation next to Monica. "Very good private cadet Barbie." I said with my Marine drill Sargent tone in my voice; "I could see that you've going to go very far in your female platoon." "THANK YOU FOR SAYING SO, DRILL SARGENT TYLER, SIR!" My mother saluted me while she still stood at attention in the line of formation with Sherry and Monica.................Then I marched all three of my private female cadets across our living room and down the hallway to where I called the barracks, that were going to be where My mother, Sherry, and Monica was going to sleep for the night. End Of Part 2                                                                   

Friday, March 10, 2017

My Mother's Amateur Female Body Building Career Come Back!-1

My name is Tyler Mattel. If you don't know me by name you may remember seeing me around the township of Apple Gate as the skinny little weakling, slightly above average looking male sixteen year old teenage nerd, who's more into chemistry then sports with my own slightly older then myself, smoking hot, five foot nine inches in height, very statuesque muscular blond female muscle goddess that was always on my arm when ever we've out in public together. You know the smoking hot, five foot nine inches in height, very statuesque muscular blond female looks like a real live extremely, huge, beefy, ripped, muscular female muscular goddess I'm talking about because you've seen her around town. She's the only one that looks like a real live extremely muscular Barbie doll. In 2013 my own slightly older then myself, smoking hot muscular blond female goddess had won the first place trophy in the feather weight division class in the yearly amateur female body building contest at the local Y.W.C.A. Next year in 2014 she had won the first place trophy in the feather to middle weight division class in the same yearly amateur female body building contest at the local Y.W.C.A. In 2015 she again won the first place trophy in the middle to heavy weight division class in the yearly amateur female body building contest at the local Y.W.C.A., and in 2016 my slightly older then myself, smoking hot, now hugely muscular blond female goddess won the first place trophy in the heavy weight division class of that same yearly amateur female body building contest at the local Y.W.C.A. Now that I've got your attention, you've probably wondering who this mystery slightly older then myself, smoking hot, now hugely muscular blond female goddess is, and why she is so content just to have me as her man, AND ME ALONE, in her life to female muscle worship her. Well I'll be glad to tell you the whole true story about how a skinny little weakling, slightly above average looking male teenage nerd like myself has his very own real live, slightly older then his self, smoking hot muscular blond female goddess for his own private female companionship and sexual female muscle worship pleasure. But before I tell you my whole true story about how my female muscle fantasy finally came true with the female muscle goddess of my dreams in my young male life, I have to say that all the names of people and places were changed to protect the innocent so no one illegally gets trouble with the state child welfare board......................It happened on a cool rainy Saturday morning early in April of 2012 when my female muscle fantasy finally began to come true. My single unwed mother who's name was Barbara Mattel who everybody called her by the nickname Barbie. Even ever since I was old enough to talk even my mother wanted me to call her Barbie instead of mom because it not only made her feel younger and being that it was only the two of us, since my father left my mother after he heard that she had gotten pregnant at the age of seventeen with me, my mother always made it a habit of making me feel that she was more my best friend then my parent. Ever since I could remember my mother was the first woman in my young life growing up, and at an early age I developed a real romantic crush on her which continued to grow even to this day. I didn't just love my mother, I was seriously in love with her as well! Every time we went out anywhere together my mother would call it going on a date and I truly loved going out with her. My mother who at the age of thirty was a very attractive, five foot, nine inch tall, very statuesque blond haired woman with beautiful deep blue eyes and a very sexy, plump curvy figure with small plump A-cup sized breasts, who I always personally thought was the spitting image of a real life Barbie doll. So you could understand why I never had a problem ever going out and being seen around town with my mother. One look at my mother and you'd really think to yourself; "WOW! This woman looks like a real live Barbie doll." Or at least that's my own personal opinion on that subject.....................On this cool rainy Saturday morning in April of 2012, since it was raining very heavily outside and I couldn't go out that morning and play basketball with my friends at the park, my mother asked me if I'd straighten up all and clean out our detachable two car garage because it was so full of junk that she couldn't park her car in it anymore. OK Barbie." I quickly agreed just to have something to do on that otherwise unexciting very heavily raining Saturday morning.................While I was busy straightening up and cleaning out the junk in our two car detachable garage I started looking through some of the old boxes on the shelves. Most of the boxes weren't marked so I had to see what was inside them before I decided to either keep them or throw them out. Finally after I got to the last box on the top shelf that someone had written with a black marker on the side that read; "Apple Gate high school sports of 1999." In 1999 my mother was a seventeen year old girl in her junior year of high school. I knew that back then in high school my mother was a cheerleader but I never thought of her as being a real female sports jock, that was until I finally looked into the box of my mother's teenage past and found out something that I had never known about her before. Since my mother had gone grocery shopping while I was busy straightening up and cleaning out our garage, I quickly looked out the garage window almost like a very jealous male lover not wanting to get caught spying through his woman personal effects, to make sure that my mother's 2010 Ford Focus wasn't in the driveway and that she wasn't home yet from grocery shopping. After I made sure that the coast was clear I quickly started going through the box that had; "Apple Gate high school sports of 1999." Written on the side of it.......................As soon as I opened the box I found my mother's old cheerleaders short dress and two cheerleader's pom-poms in the high school's colors not a real surprise to me. Then as I emptied out the box a little more I found two, fifty pound steel dumbbells on the bottom of the box. Being the real skinny weakling that I was I had to tilt the box on it's side on the garage's concrete floor to get them out. As I struggled to pick up one of the fifty pound steel dumbbells and try to do a bicep curl with it I thought to myself; "What would my mother be saving these heavy dumbbells? I couldn't possibly believe that when she was a teenager, my own mother might have used these two heavy dumbbells to workout with. They got to be just as too heavy for her to lift as they are for me." Then after I put the fifty pound steel dumbbell back down on the concrete garage floor and went to pick up the box they had been stored in, three old colored photographs fell out of it. When I looked at the three old colored photographs I couldn't believe with my own two eyes what I saw, as I said with a very surprisingly sounding tone out loud alone in our garage; "DAMN! I never knew my mother was once into lifting weights and body building. I bet if she had continued working out lifting weights after I was born, my mother could have be a professional Ms. Olympia female body building champion by now!" In the first photograph was of a fifteen year old younger version, extremely well toned, semi-muscular, version of my mother wearing a red bikini while she was flexing a her left, very impressive grapefruit sized, bulging bicep while she held a trophy in her right hand. And in the same picture was a red, white, and blue banner above my mother's head that read; "1999 Apple Gate High School's Amateur Female Body Building Contest!" The second photograph was taken in a local gym's weight room where the younger now sixteen year old version of my now even more very extremely well toned, slightly more beefy, thick, muscular mother was doing a very impressive crab pose in the picture. The third picture was taken at least a year later then the last two were because it was a nude picture of my mother showing off her now even larger muscular female physique while laying on a bear rug in a very sexual position. "I think I'll keep these pictures for awhile." I thought out loud to myself quickly put those three photographs in my pocket, then quickly refilled the box with my mother's old high school crap and just as I neatly returned it to the garage's shelf, my mother's car was pulling into our driveway.......................By the time my mother's car was pulling into our driveway it had stopped raining and became very humid outside. "AW!" My mother said very happily as she walked into the garage wearing a light blue short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of light blue shorts; "You really did a great job cleaning up the garage Tyler." "Thanks Barbie." I replied as my two eyes were scanning for any signs of female muscle popping up underneath the two light blue sleeves of my mother's t-shirt, but I didn't see anything different then normal. I've seen my mother's bare, slightly soft, semi-toned bare arms before in short and sleeveless t-shirts, blouses, and dresses and never paid attention to them in the past. But that was before I had found out that my mother was once an amateur female body builder in high school. Then my mother said with a very flirtatious tone in her voice to me because I now looked a little worried that she'd find out that I had those three old female body building photographs of her in my pocket; "Tyler you look a little guilty. What are you up to besides cleaning out our garage this afternoon? You weren't secretly looking at naked women in Play Boy magazines were you?" "Barbie why would I need to look at women in Play Boy magazines, when I live with the most beautiful woman in the world." I replied with the same flirtatious tone in my own voice. "AW! That's so sweet. Tyler." My mother lovingly purred as she put her two slightly soft, semi-toned arms around my neck and pulled me close to her for a kiss on my lips, that seemed to linger a little bit longer then one that a mother would normally give her son................As I helped carry in our groceries and helped her put them away in the kitchen, during eating lunch and dinner together at the kitchen table, and even when we were later sitting on the sofa together watching a movie on H.B.O. later on that same evening, I not only tried to broach the subject with my mother about her once high school amateur female body building career when she was seventeen, but I also wanted to ask her to flex her arm to see her strong bicep. I also wanted to know if my mother was interested in getting back into working out lifting weights again to build up her muscles, for her amateur female body building career comeback. But every time I tried to broach that subject I got so tongue tied not only from embarrassment to ask her, but also from wondering why she had never told me about it in the first place. After all my mother always told me everything about her personal history, as well as what's currently going on in her life these days. But this was the first time that I had found out that my mother was keeping a secret from me. During the following week I hid those three old photographs of the younger teenage version of my then semi-muscular, extremely well toned mother in the sock and underwear draw of my bedroom dresser. And at night when I went to sleep I'd take them out and start jerking off to them in my bed till I fell into a very deep sleep, then I would have the same recurring sexual fetish, fantasy female body building dream about her...................The dream starts out as my currently thirty year old, very attractive blond haired mother with beautiful deep blue eyes, and a very sexy, slightly plump curvy figure with small plump A-cup sized breasts walks into my dark bedroom wearing only a pair of pink lacy panties while carrying one of those two, fifty pound steel dumbbells in each one of her hands as she said in a very sultry, sexy tone; "Tyler are you awake? I've come to a life changing decision for the both of us." "What is it Barbie?" I ask in the dream as I turn on the lamp on my nightstand and saw her standing there only wearing a pair of pink lacy panties while holding a fifty pound steel dumbbell in each one of her hands. As she starts exercising with the two fifty pound steel dumbbells right in front of me my mother replies with an even more sultry, sexy tone in her voice; "Tyler since you've the only one who's really in love with the real me, I've decided to again become that young seventeen year old muscular blond girl that you've got such a sexual female muscle fetish for." Then as I continued watching her exercising with the two, fifty pound steel dumbbells in the sexual, fetish, female body building dream I was having about my mother, her female muscles quickly started to pump up big while she continued to grow even younger in age at the same time, till her once thirty year old, blond haired with deep blue eyes, very sexy, slightly plump curvy figure with small plump A-cup breasts finally completed it's transformation to the same seventeen year old, larger, beefy, thick, muscular female teenager in the picture that was laying naked on a bear rug in a very sexual position. After the transformation in my sexual, fetish, fantasy female body building dream about my mother was completed, she now held out her two strong, extremely beefy, thick pumped up muscular arms towards me as she said to me in a pleading tone; "Now Tyler my darling. Come here and feel your Barbie's big, strong female muscles." Then just as I got out of bed to go to her, my digital alarm clock would ring and wake me up, and I find myself laying naked in heavily soaked bed sheets by my own sperm....................Late one evening the night before my mother would find those old female teenage body building pictures of herself that I had hidden in my underwear draw during the following morning, she had a problem falling asleep and took a couple of sleeping pills. Then once she fell into a very deep sleep my mother had her own erotic sexual fantasy dream about me....................The dream started out as my thirty year old mother's very attractive blond haired with deep blue eyes, very sexy, slightly plump curvy figure with small plump A-cup breasts, was now laying naked on satin sheets on her queen sized bed with only romantic, candle light glowing brightly in her otherwise dark bedroom. As she continued to lay there she calls out to me with a very sultry romantic tone in her voice because she thought I had abandoned her; "TYLER MY LOVE, ARE YOU THERE?" "SHH! My Darling I'm right here with you." I whispered as I held my right index finger to her lips, after I magically appeared out of the darkness from behind the romantic candle light glowing brightly around her. "Oh Tyler please never leave me again." My mother now said with a pleading tone in her voice as she held her hand out to take mine. "My darling Barbie." I said in a with a very romantic tone in my voice as I gently lifted her head off the satin pillow with my right hand that she had been resting it on, then with my left hand I put a vial of green liquid to her lips and as she drank it; "We will be together for the rest of our lives as soon as your transformation is completed my love." Then as soon as I lowered my mother's head gently back onto the satin pillow, I again magically disappeared back into the darkness before she thought to ask me; "Tyler my transformation?" Then as my mother was again laying down in her bed she then started feeling a warm tingling sensation starting to flow into her chest while noticing at the same time a large full length mirror on her bedroom ceiling that had never been there before. "That's strange." My mother said to herself; "There was never a mirror up there before." .........................The bedroom then starts to feel extremely warm as heavy perspiration began to run down her small plump A-cup breasts as well as the rest of her very curvy, slightly plump figure. My mother was now very scared about what was about to happen in the transformation I had mentioned, yet she was extremely thrilled at the possibilities of what she now possibly could be, and what she could become just to please me. My mother's heart started beating even faster now underneath the left side of her small plump A-cup sized breasts then it had ever done before! As she looked up again into the large full length mirror on the bedroom ceiling with a very nervous expression on her face. The warm tingling sensation that started to flow into her chest just a second ago, now became increasingly more powerful by the second and somehow now my mother just knew, her transformation to please me was about to happen......................As my mother's thirty year old slightly plump, very curvy female figure with small plump A-cup breasts now quickly started it's transformation while also growing younger in age at the same time until she now became that same seventeen year old, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular amateur female body builder from those three pictures I had found of her from 1999. "Aw Barbie your transformation into the woman of my dreams is finally complete." I said with a very happily romantic tone in my voice, as I now again magically appeared out of the darkness from behind the romantic candle light now completely naked with a huge erection between my legs. Then with the true force of a man in love with his female muscle goddess, I spread my mother's now two young very beefy, thick, ripped, muscular legs apart while I mounted her and injected my huge erection into her seventeen year old now tighter, slightly more ripped, muscular vagina. Then together we both humped and humped faster and faster, harder and harder until my mother felt the most powerfully strong, gigantic orgasm getting ready to explode inside of her body, that she ever had in her entire female life! Then just when she was on the verge of exploding from this powerfully strong, gigantic orgasm, BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My mother's digital alarm clock went off at 8 am and she woke up, and as she looked at her at herself in her full length mirror, the thirty year old version with her slightly plump, well curvy female figure with small plump A-cup breasts was staring back at her in the mirror's reflection. "OH GOD!" My mother thought to herself as she ran her left hand through her long blond shoulder length hair that was badly messed up from sleeping; "I'm never going to use those sleeping pills again after they gave me such a strange dream." But later on that same afternoon my mother would understand the true meaning behind this strange dream she had of the two of us the night before..........................While my mother had her morning shower, got dressed and did her hair as she thought about the housework she needed to get done that morning, the memory of that strange sexual dream she had of her and I quickly faded from her mind. Early that afternoon after my mother had finished doing the laundry, she entered my bedroom carrying the laundry basket with my now freshly washed, folded socks and underwear inside. After she put the laundry basket on my bed my mother then picked up my clean folded socks and underwear, as she opened up my sock and underwear draw of my dresser to put them in when she noticed something in the left corner on the bottom of my dresser draw. "What's this? Is Tyler hiding nude photos of women in his sock and underwear draw?" My mother said out loud alone to herself in my bedroom with a slightly jealous tone in her voice almost like she was very overly possessive jealous girl friend who had just found out that her man was looking at other women. Then when my mother looked at the three photos and quickly realized that they weren't of other naked women, but of a younger seventeen year old version of herself from 1999 when she was into working out lifting weights and body building, a warm sweet smile crossed her lips as she said out loud alone to herself in my bedroom; "AW! That's so sweet. Tyler's been secretly getting off sexually to my old pictures from the summer of 1999 when I was entering amateur female body building contests at the high school and the local Y.W.C.A." Then as my mother continued to look at those three old pictures of her she thought out loud; "DAMN BARBIE! You really did looked good back in those days. I bet if I hadn't gotten pregnant with Tyler a month after these picture was taken, I could have possibly in time turned professional and won a Ms. Olympia female body building championship." Then my mother deeply sighed; "OH WELL BARBIE YOU CAN'T CHANGED THE PAST. WHAT HAPPENED, HAPPENED." Then my mother took those three old photographs of her to have a little fun with me when I came home from school that afternoon......................At 3:30 pm that same afternoon I got off the school bus in a very happy mood after it had stopped in front of my house. I was in a very happy mood for two reasons on that warm spring Friday afternoon. The first was because it was Friday and I had the following weekend to look forward to, and the second reason was I had the whole following week off for spring vacation. After I entered through our front door into our living room I called out; "BARBIE I'M HOME FROM SCHOOL." My mother then called back from the kitchen with an overly sweet tone in her voice; "TYLER MEET ME IN THE KITCHEN SO WE COULD HAVE A LITTLE MOTHER AND SON HEART TO HEART TALK SWEETHEART!" "OK BARBIE!" I called back as I started to walk across our living room, then through our dinning room into the kitchen. When I got into the kitchen I found my mother sitting on the end of our kitchen table facing the doorway to our dinning room, with her arms folded in front of her waiting for me. "What's up Barbie?" I asked her very casually as I thought to myself while I sat down across from her at the kitchen table; "What did I do recently that my mother wanted to have a little mother and son heart to heart talk with me?" "Sit down sweetheart so we could talk about what I found in your sock and underwear draw." My mother replied with that same overly sweet tone in her voice as she now had a strangely dreaminess look in her two deep blue eyes while she smiled at me warmly, then she unfolded her two arms and slid those three old photographs of her when she was a teenage amateur female body builder back across the kitchen table towards where I was sitting. Well, UHM, I wonder how did they get into, my sock and underwear draw Barbie?" I now stammered nervously thinking my mother was now EXTREMELY pissed off AT ME, now that she knew I was sexually getting off to the old pictures of her when she was an amateur teenage female body builder, but then the strangest think just happened between the two of us at that moment.........................Being that my mother and I always had such an open and honest relationship together as she reached her two soft white small womanly hands across the table to hold mine, she said with an even more overly sweet and loving tone in her voice as she continued to stare at me with that same strangely dreaminess look in her two deep blue eyes, almost as if she was in some strange loving trance that a woman usually gets when they've either smoked a lot of marijuana, or who recently fell in love with the man of her dreams, while she now remembered the true meaning behind that strange sexual fetish muscle goddess dream she had the night before about the two of us. "It's okay Tyler, you could keep those three pictures and use them as much as you want to." "Thanks Barbie." I said happily as the three old photographs still were sitting on the kitchen table. Then I asked her; "Barbie why did you ever stop working out lifting weights to build up your muscular female body? You looked great back in those days with all your female muscles pumped up like that." "Well Tyler to start off with I had gotten pregnant with you when I was seventeen years old." My mother replied; "After you were born I got busy prioritizing my life working for your grandfather's business while taking care of my new born son at the same time, and as the years have seemed to past by I guess I kind of let myself get a little bit out of shape...................."Well Barbie. What would be your excuse now? I'm not a little baby anymore." I said now hoping that she may agree to start working out again lifting weights to rebuild up her once muscular female physique; "If you've interested in working out lifting weights again to get in shape and rebuild up your once muscular female body. You have more then enough time in your life these days to do it, THAT IS BARBIE, if you really wanted to do it. And I'd also be willing to be your personal trainer, mix your diet and protein shakes, and do anything else that would help give you the drive and determination to keep up with rebuilding your once muscular female physique, AND I MEAN ANYTHING BARBIE!"  My mother then thought to herself while she picked up one of her teenage female body building pictures; "Damn Barbie. You did look good back in those days when you were lifting weights to build up your muscles." But instead said to me while she held up one of teenage female muscular photographs; "Well Tyler it would take a lot of hard work to get my fat ass back into the kind of shape I was back in high school when I was entering amateur female body building contests. First of all before I even seriously agreed to start lifting weights to rebuild up my female body again. I'd have to first lose at least." My mother paused because she was a little too embarrass to tell me she needed to lose at least a good thirty to forty pounds. So instead said; "A good couple of pounds." But I already knew just by looking at my mother that it was slightly a great deal more weight she'd need to lose first......................"It would mean Tyler." My mother said with a not too thrilled tone in her voice that almost sounded like she was trying to talk herself out of doing it; "That I'd have to drink nothing else but high protein diet shakes three times a day for at least three of four months straight while doing a high impact aerobics with light weights workout to lose the extra good couple of pounds, not to mention that I'd probably have a real bitchy bad attitude like any other woman who goes on a diet to seriously try and lose weight, and I'm quite sure Tyler I'd be a real angry bitch to live with." Not a problem Barbie." I replied; "We already have a good treadmill, rowing machine, and exercise bike that's gathering dust in the garage where we could set up your new home gym. Plus as your personal trainer I'll have you doing a lot of push ups, sit ups, stomach crunches, jumping jacks, running a couple of miles a day and skipping rope till you lose the good couple of pounds you need to lose, before you could start your heavy weightlifting workouts to rebuild up your female muscular physique." I said now trying very hard to close the deal of getting my mother to rebuild her once muscular female physique so she could have her amateur female body building career come back;" And Barbie as far as you being a real angry bitch to live with while you've on your diet to lose the extra good couple of pounds, I'll have you working out so extremely hard every day in your new home gym, that you'll be too tired at the end of the day to be a real angry bitch to live with."....................."Well Tyler, UHM!" My mother said with a not too thrilled tone in her voice because like any other woman who wasn't too happy to admit to herself that she needed to go on a diet to lose weight, let alone have to do a daily exercise program, but when my mother looked down at the three old photographs of her younger self from when she used to lift weights to build up her body and enter amateur female body building contests in high school, my mother quickly realized that going on a very strict diet and a very rigorously hard workout program was the only way to get her once female muscular body back. And an added benefit to getting her once female muscular body back now, which she didn't have back then in high school, was my mother now had me to love and worship it.....................Then I woke my mother out of her deep train of thought as I said with a deep punctuation on certain words, the one think that could seriously bruise any woman's ego; " "UNLESS Barbie you are seriously happy in your life these days slowly growing into a very PHYSICALLY unfit, over WEIGHT, OUT of SHAPE WOMAN." As soon as my mother heard what I had just said, she got very upset thinking that now I thought she was turning into a old fat cow, my mother now said with a very urgent tone in her voice while she got up from where she was sitting at the kitchen table; "OK Tyler. I want to start my diet and exercise program as early as tomorrow morning." Then as my mother grabbed her purse and car keys to leave our house in an even more urgent speed she said; "Tyler go dust off and set up the treadmill, rowing machine, and exercise bike for my home gym in our two car detachable garage. While you've busy doing that I'm going to the store and by the best pure protein diet shake they have." Then as I watched my mother quickly exit out our kitchen's backdoor and hurry over to her car. Unbeknown to me that the workout fever that now started to blossom in my mother's mind, would become very contagious to two of my mother's old girl friends from high school, and in time I wouldn't have one, but three very attractive muscular women in my life. End Of Part 1