Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kate's & Lynn's Two Very Competitive Female Personalities!-2

In the early spring chilly night air I walked the four blocks from our house to Brain's and Lynn's house. I had just turned off their front sidewalk and walked up their driveway towards the back of Brain's and Lynn's house where I could get a better view from one of their back windows on an angle that easily allowed me to see their entire living room and their front door without them ever noticing me spying on them. I was just closing the gate to Brain's and Lynn's backyard that I had just walked through to get to the back window and walked around the corner to the back of their house, when two bright headlights lit up their driveway as a black Dodge Ram 1500 Express 4X4 Quad Cab pickup truck pulled into their driveway...........As I looked around the corner of their house to see who was in the pickup truck, being that the headlights were so bright and the windshield was tinted black all I could make out was two large silhouettes inside the pickup truck. Then after a moment I first heard a manly woman's voice say that I didn't recognized through the open driver side window; "Lynn it's 10:30 pm now. I'll be back to pick you up at 11:30 pm sharp and bring you back to my apartment upstairs above the Bull Dog Dyke Gym and make sweet rough lesbian love to you before we start the second phase of your daily weightlifting  workouts tomorrow morning." "OK babe!" Lynn Thompson's voice said excitedly from the open passenger window as her own now large silhouette reached over to the driver side of the pickup truck as she hugged and kissed her personal trainer big Edith very romantically; "I can't wait till we've both back at your apartment tonight babe, and even though you've a big strong powerfully built muscular woman Edith, you've still MORE of a MAN in bed then my husband Brain will ever be." Then as Lynn was opening the passenger door of the pickup truck to get out, Big Edith said; "Lynn speaking of your husband Brain. When are you going to tell him about us and that you've going to be leaving him for a full time lesbian relationship with me?" "Not until January 2ND of next year when I embarrass Jerry Robinson by out muscling his wimpy wife Kate in size and girth of female muscularity, as well as being able to out lift the amount of weights that she'd be lifting by that time. This female body building competition between Kate Robinson and I had become very personal to me, AND I INTEND ON WINNING IT!" Then after Lynn got out the passenger side of the pickup truck and closed the door behind her she said to Big Edith as she walked around to the driver side of the pickup truck; "Besides Edith let Brain enjoy having the sexual fantasy of being married to a powerfully big and strong muscular wife for awhile longer. After all you've the only one I'm in a sexual relationship with this days babe and I'm no longer sexually attracted to men. If Brain tries to get me to have sex with him during our three month visits for him to inspect my growing female muscularity, I'll just tell Brain that having sex with him right now while I'm in training to build up my female muscular physique to beat Kate Robinson next year, will only steal all of my strength and deflate my now more muscular growing female muscles. My stupid shit for brains husband would seriously believe that Edith.".............Then when Lynn turned away from the pickup truck and walked up the front walkway to their front door, as Edith backed out of the driveway the bright headlights of her pickup truck shown on the back of Lynn for only a second and even though Lynn was wearing baggy sweat pants and a large black jacket that had; "Bull Dog Dyke Gym" printed on the back with a cartoon muscular bull dog underneath it flexing it's huge, ripped, bulging muscles. I could now tell that Lynn's once five foot six inch in height, very well toned, one hundred and twenty pound female figure, was now a lot larger in female muscular size and girth then it had been three months earlier. But my thoughts quickly turned to Brain. "Brain could be a real dumb schmuck at times but he always been a very good husband to his wife Lynn and even he didn't deserve his wife Lynn cheating on him by having a sexual affair with her lesbian personal trainer." Then another thought crossed my mind; "Would my wife ever cheat on me and have a sexual lesbian affair with her own personal trainer Robin Steel?" Then I thought to myself; "That would never happen for two reasons. For one thing Kate has always been a one man woman to me since the day we've met and her personal trainer Robin Steel is a happily married woman to her husband Troy Steel, who's also her business partner at Powerhouse Female Fitness Gym." After Lynn let herself in their front door I quickly went back to the back window of Brain's and Lynn's house to get the good view of their living room and front door when Lynn entered her house. Since Brain forgot to close the window earlier that evening, I quickly got out my Apple I-Phone and video recorded everything I saw and heard so I could report it back to my wife about her female body building competition....................As soon as Brain heard his wife unlocking and opening their front door he quickly ran into their living room and towards the front door like a happy puppy greeting his master. "HOW'S IT HANGING DUDE?" Lynn greeted her husband with a now more very butch sounding lesbian tone in her voice that I never heard Lynn use before while she held her hand out to shake hands with her husband, but Brain didn't seem to notice it because he was so happy to see his wife after being separated from her for the past three months straight. Brain's two knees quickly started to buckle underneath him from his now more muscular wife's handshake as he said with a very  excitedly happy tone in his voice; "HOLY SHIT LYNN! You've got a handshake as powerfully strong as a vise grip!" "Well Brain." Lynn chuckled with her now more butch sounding lesbian tone in her voice; "That just shows you how the money you've been investing in my female body building training is working for you, and by the way do you have that money order for $9,000.00 written out to cash to continue paying for my female body building training?" "Here it is Lynn." Brain said as he handed over the money order made out to cash for $9,000.00. Then Brain asked his wife with a very questionable tone in his voice; "Why does Big Edith want your quarterly gym membership payments made out to cash on a money order Lynn? Shouldn't the pay to line be made out to Bull Dog Dyke Gym instead of to cash?".................."Well Brain?" Lynn paused as she quickly put the money order in the inside breast pocket of her jacket while thinking up a good lie that her husband would believe; "Big Edith is weight training me on the side after hours at the Bull Dog Dyke Gym that's why you aren't making the payments directly to the gym." "Oh?" Was all Brain could reply. The truth about the $9,000.00 money orders that Lynn was receiving from her husband when ever Lynn asked Brain for them wasn't going to pay her personal trainer and gym membership. The reason they were being written out to cash was because Lynn had opened up her own bank account in her maiden name and was banking the money orders for when she was ready to divorce and leave Brain for her new lesbian lover Big Edith. For the past three months since Brain first signed his wife up at the Bull Dog Dyke Gym so Lynn could win the female body building competition against my wife Kate in one years time, Lynn had been staying at Big Edith's apartment that was located on the second floor of the building that housed the Bull Dog Dyke Gym and every night after her daily weightlifting workout sessions, Lynn would enjoy and look forward to the white, fascist, Nazi, lesbian man hating meetings Big Edith held in her apartment with the rest of the hugely, thick, ripped muscular female lesbian gang members of the Bull Dog Dyke Gym. Then one night after Big Edith made wild sexual lesbian love to Lynn, Lynn fell in love with Big Edith and was now hooked on the lesbian way of life, and Lynn now realized that she wasn't any longer attracted to men whatsoever including her own husband husband Brain. Then before Brain could continue the conversation about the money orders, Lynn said to him with a very sexual, sultry tone in her voice to distract him from the subject of her $9,000.00 gym payments while she slowly started taking off her jacket; "Brain would you like to see your wife's bigger, stronger, female muscles now?" "WOULD I?" Brain said excitedly as a large smile crossed his lips and a raging hard on started growing in the crotch of his jeans; "YES I WOULD LYNN!"....................As soon as Lynn removed her jacket she stood there in front of her husband wearing a very tight black tank top with; "Bull Dog Dyke Gym!" Printed on the front with the same bull dog logo that was on the back of the jacket. "HOLY SHIT!" I surprisingly thought to myself as I kept spying on Brain and Lynn from outside of their living room window while I continued video recording everything I saw and heard that night; "LYNN'S GOT TO BE AT LEAST TWO AND A HALF TIMES EVEN LARGER IN FEMALE MUSCULAR SIZE AND GIRTH THEN KATE IS! I BET FROM DAY ONE BRAIN HAD LYNN'S PERSONAL TRAINER INJECTING HIS WIFE WITH VERY POWERFULLY STRONG STEROIDS!"..................Lynn's once skinny little female neck was now so extremely thick, and heavily ripped with female muscle that it now looked large enough to be on a raging bull. Lynn's once two cute perky small breasts were now as large as two fully inflated footballs and her once two thin, well toned arms exploded out in such an unbelievable amount of female muscularity as her two large, thick, ripped muscular biceps now looked as large as two double fully inflated soccer balls with two matching large, thick, ripped, muscular horseshoe triceps behind them. Then Lynn removed the baggy sweat pants that she was wearing to show Brain his wife newly large, thickly, ripped, muscular legs. After Lynn went into a fantastic crab pose that swelled up her now larger, thickly, ripped, newly transformed, female muscular physique at least three times larger then it was just a moment ago, Lynn said to her husband with matter of fact tone in her voice as she held that pose; "Well Brain what do you think? Do you think that your now very muscular wife is going to be very tough competition for that wimp Kate Robinson to beat next January?" "OH YEA!" Was all Brain could reply because he was so mesmerized by his wife newly transformed muscular female physique. Then a second before Brain could ask his wife to go into their bedroom together so he could have female muscle worship sex with her, their dark driveway lit up with the two bright headlights of Big Edith's pickup truck and Big Edith beeped the horn as she pulled into the driveway. As soon as they heard Big Edith beeping her truck horn, Lynn said as she quickly put on her baggy sweat pants and jacket; "That's my ride Brain got to go now. Big Edith doesn't like to be kept waiting." Then before either Brain or I realized it Lynn was out of their front door, jumped into the passenger side of Big Edith's pickup truck and both women had driven away into the dark of night...................I stayed hiding behind Brain's and Lynn's house for another fifteen minutes while I listened to the sound of Big Edith's pickup truck motor disappear into the distance while Brain locked up their front door, turned off the living room lights and headed towards the bathroom. "POOR BASTARD! He's probably going into the bathroom to play with himself." I thought to myself; "Lynn got her husband so freaking sexually horny by showing off her newly growing female muscularity to him, and that now want to be lesbian BITCH wouldn't even let Brain touch her." While I was still hiding behind their house, I text the video of everything I've seen and heard tonight outside their living room window to my wife's cell phone with a text message that read; "Kate I thought you'd like to see what your competition now looks like after only three months of working out lifting weights at the gym. Lynn looks like she in the lead right now by being at least two and a half times larger in female muscular size and girth then you are." The next morning when I woke up and turned on my cell phone there was a reply message from my wife that read; "Thanks for the video darling. I showed it to my personal trainer Robin Steel this morning when I got to the gym and starting today which begins my second phase of my daily weightlifting body building program, Robin is not only going to triple the amount of weights I've been working out with these past three months, but she also going to triple the amount of reps I'm lifting with each weightlifting exercise I'm doing as well, while Robin also starts giving me daily injections of a very powerfully strong vitamin injection as well. Robin told me that by the end of my second weightlifting workout phase on June 31ST, I'll be so freaking jacked up in unbelievable female muscularity, that I'll make that bitch Lynn Thompson look like a ninety eight pound weakling. HA! HA! Love you with all my heart and soul."....................After everything quieted down at Brain's and Lynn's house I quickly sneaked out through their backyard gate and down their driveway and turned left on the sidewalk and headed home. I only got about a half a block away from their house when my cell phone rang with an incoming call. After I took my cell phone out of my jacket pocket and saw Brain's name and number on the caller I.D. I thought to myself; "OH SHIT! Some how Brain must have found out that I had been spying on him and Lynn earlier tonight through their open window." Then I thought to myself; "Maybe Brain just a little depressed about how badly his forty five minute meeting with his newly more muscular wife went and he just needed a friend to talk to." So I answered my cell phone and said with a very happy tone in my voice; "Hey Brain what's new?" "Hey Dude." Brain replied sounding with the same fake very happy tone in his voice that I had said; "Everything is going great here at home. I just wore out my newly more muscular wife after two and a half hours straight of female muscle worship sex. I wore Lynn out by fucking her so freaking hard that she's now sleeping very soundly in our bedroom and snoring extremely loud like a lumber jack." "Poor bastard." I thought to myself; "Brain is in such emotional denial and can't see that his own wife is no longer in love with him, while Lynn is slowly emerging into a new life of becoming a muscular lesbian while she's having a sexual affair behind her husband's back with her personal trainer Big Edith. Brain and Lynn are practicality separated." But I replied; "That's great Brain. You were the only man that could ever rock your wife Lynn's world." "Don't you know it Jerry." Brain chuckled; "By the way you remember that bet we made three months ago?" "Yea Brain." I replied; "I bet you one thousand dollars that in one year's time that my wife Kate could not only out muscle your wife Lynn in female muscular size and girth, but Kate could also be able to out lift the amount of weights that Lynn would be lifting at that time as well." "That's right Jerry." Brain said as his voice started taking on a more serious tone; "How about we raise that bet to ten thousand dollars, that is Jerry if you still think that little weakling of a wife of yours is still tough enough competition for my wife?" What could I say? I couldn't let Brain know that I've been spying on him and his wife Lynn earlier this evening and that I now knew his wife was at least two and a half times larger in female muscularity then mine was after they had both been on weightlifting programs for the past three months straight. Let alone give Brain any details whatsoever about Kate's newly developed more muscular female physique, so I replied; "YOU'VE ON BUDDY! Ten thousand dollars says that my wife Kate in nine months from now could not only out muscle your wife Lynn in female muscular size and girth, but Kate would also be able to out lift the amount of weights Lynn would currently be lifting by that time as well." "COOL JERRY." Brain replied with a very happy tone in his voice; "Keep in touch." Then we ended our phone call. After we ended our phone call I thought to myself; "I hope in nine months time Kate would be able to not only out muscle Lynn in female muscular size and girth, but also be able to out lift the amount of weights Lynn would be out lifting at that time as well. Because if Lynn beats her, Kate would be pissed off like hell at me for losing at ten thousand dollar bet to Brain Thompson!.....................Later on in the evening of the following day I was working late at the construction site finishing up the electrical work on the new building downtown when during my dinner break my wife called me. During our phone conversation after I had told her what I had seen in the pickup truck between Lynn and her personal trainer Big Edith, Kate said; "I'm really not to surprised to hear about that Jerry. I've known Lynn since we were both sixteen years old and even then she showed signs of a hidden lesbian personality even back then. One summer night in 1995 when we were both seventeen years old Lynn had sneaked out a bottle of wine from her parents liquor cabinet for us to get drunk on while we watched the fourth of July fireworks show. Lynn had also brought a blanket for us to sit on and said that we should both sit further back in the woods alone away from all the other people so no one would see us drinking out of the bottle of wine. So Jerry." Kate paused because she was very not only very embarrassed that she had kept this secret from me throughout our entire marriage, but she was even more embarrassed telling it to me know; "After Lynn and I passed the bottle of wine between us a couple of times as we drank out of it both Lynn and I were now getting quite drunk by this time, then Lynn put her right arm around my waist and pulled me closer to her as she said to me with a slightly more drunken tone in her voice; "Kate we've been B.F.F.'s for the past year now and I have a secret to tell you." "What is it Lynn?" I asked her with also a more slightly drunken tone in my own voice. "I'm falling love with you Kate." Lynn said then pulled me closer to her and kissed me on my lips! I then quickly pushed Lynn away from me and then slapped her face extremely hard as I said now getting very angry at her; "OH NO LYNN, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD I EVER BECOME YOUR LESBIAN GIRL FRIEND! I'M ATTRACTED BOYS NOT WOMEN!" Then I got up and ran all the way home. For the next two months I didn't see or talk to Lynn whatsoever and by the time the new school year started I had met and started dating you Jerry, the man of my dreams. After we have met and started dating and later on get married, Lynn had secretly became so jealous of you because she couldn't have me for herself, and that when she started those stupid challenges she'd bet me on just to make the woman of your dreams look like a real dumb ass weakling pussy. Lynn was never really in love with Brain she only married him because he made a lot of money. It's no surprise to me that Lynn had been having a sexual affair with her personal trainer Big Edith behind her husband's back, she's been having sexual affairs with other women for years." My wife paused then said with an even more matter of fact tone in her voice; "But don't worry darling this is one time I'm going to beat that two timing bi-sexual cunt at her own game. My personal trainer Robin Steel has me on the perfect weightlifting workout and body building diet program, and she's adding me on a new body building vitamin program that I've started on today and in nine months time I'm going to be even bigger, even more powerfully stronger, and a hell of a great deal more muscular then could Lynn would ever dream of becoming, because I'm putting all my heart and soul into this competitive challenge to beat Lynn!" When I told my wife that Brain and I had raised our bet from one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars there was a long silent pause in our phone conversation that told me that Kate wasn't too happy about that but her reply to me with a matter of fact tone in her voice was; "Jerry raise that bet with Brain to twenty five thousand dollars." "TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS?" I said with a very scared and nervously tone in my voice; "BUT THAT'S ALL WE HAVE IN OUR JOINT SAVINGS ACCOUNT KATE!" "Don't worry Jerry." My wife replied with a cool tone that sounded like she already had control of winning this competition against her friend Lynn Thompson; "By the beginning of next year we'll have fifty thousand dollars in our joint savings account." After we finished our phone conversation I then called Brain and he quickly agreed to raise the now ten thousand dollar bet on our two wives to twenty five thousand dollars.....................Earlier the following morning after my wife got to the gym at 4:30 am and saw the video text from me then showed it to her personal trainer Robin Steel, that I had recorded through the living room window of Brain's and Lynn's house the night before, Robin Steel said; "Well Kate you've come along way these past three months in size and strength of female muscularity since your husband first brought you in here to buy you a gym membership and hire me as your personal trainer three months earlier when you were nothing but a skinny little one hundred and fifteen pound female weakling. Today is the beginning of the second phase of your weightlifting body building training program, and I'm going to add a special new body building vitamin program to your daily weightlifting workouts as well Kate." Then after Robin asked my wife to lay down on her stomach on the massage table, as Robin started massaging my wife's now two thickly, ripped, muscular female shoulders she bent down and whispered the word; "UNDERDOG." Into Kate's right ear which triggered off the hypnotic suggestion that put my wife into her very determined, and very aggressive state of mind to workout as physically hard as she could in the gym on her daily weightlifting program...............After Robin Steel made sure my wife was now deeply under her hypnotic trance, she then had Kate roll over on her thickly, ripped, muscular female back and after Robin Steel pinched one of my wife's now thick blue pencil sized veins in her right beefy, thick muscular forearm that supplied blood to her growing female muscularity, Robin Steel then took a large hypodermic needle filled with a strangely green glowing brightly liquid called; "Iranian Nuclear Amazon Muscle Pump," or I.N.A.M.P. as it was widely known throughout the female body building community across the country. This extremely powerfully strong and very unstable new super steroid, was made from the nuclear waste of Iran's secret nuclear program and illegally smuggled into the United States. Because I.N.A.M.P. was such a powerfully strong and very unstable new super steroid, most personal trainers were afraid of the side effects it might cause in their female clients, so it was never used before on woman's growing female muscular physique. As soon as Robin injected I.N.A.M.P. into my wife's thick blue pencil sized vein Kate's two eyes started glowing a bright color green in color for a split second while she started getting a massive head ach, then my wife's heart started beating even faster in her chest then it had ever done before while her entire beefy thick, ripped, muscular female physique started shaking very violently while heavy amounts of steam whistled out of Kate's two ears and nostrils like her head was a human tea kettle! "OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE? I HOPE I DIDN'T KILL KATE ROBINSON!" Robin Steel thought to herself as she witnessed what she thought now was my wife's beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique short circuiting from the heavy injection of I.N.A.M.P. she had just given Kate. Then after a second my wife jumped off the massage table and said to her personal trainer in a hypnotic tone of voice as she started walking towards the private gym in the back of the building; "Time for me to hit the weight room Robin."....................As soon as my wife entered the weight room she headed towards the rack that housed the steel dumbbells and picked out two, three hundred and eighty pound steel dumbbells which Kate started lifting both of them simultaneously while she grunted loudly over and over again with a low hypnotic tone in her voice; "I MUST GROW BIGGER AND STRONGER IN FEMALE MUSCULARITY TO BEAT LYNN THOMPSON AND WIN THAT TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR BET FOR MY HUSBAND JERRY!" As Robin Steel continued to watch my wife pump out one hundred sets each of bicep curls, triceps curls, and dumbbell fly curls with the two, three hundred and eighty pound steel dumbbells she thought to herself; "Who knew twelve weeks ago when Jerry Robinson first brought his one hundred and fifteen pound skinny little weakling wife into my gym to buy her a gym membership and hire me as Kate's personal trainer to start her on a weightlifting body building program, that Kate had such great potential of becoming a true alpha female superwoman." After finishing the last set of reps my wife did on her bicep curls, triceps curls, and dumbbell flies my wife sexually cooed to herself; "AHH THAT'S IT BABY, FEEL THE BURN! THAT'S ME GETTING EVEN BIGGER AND STRONGER IN FEMALE MUSCULARITY FOR THE MAN I LOVE!"......................As Kate continued lifting the two, three hundred and eighty pound steel dumbbells as her two beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female arms pumped up even larger now then they were ever before with each rep she did, my wife's whole entire beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female torso seemed to bulge out and grow even larger as well. Kate's white T-shirt was now getting so extremely sweaty and tight in the front, back, and under her two arm pits, as the material of her entire white T-shirt now seemed to start developing small rips that seemed to slowly grow even larger by the moment mostly in the back of my wife's white T-shirt, as Kate's beefy, thick, ripped muscular female back continued to expand and grow even larger with each rep she lifted. After she finished her one hundredth set of dumbbell flies, my wife then put the two, three hundred and eighty pound steel dumbbells back in the dumbbell rack, and her whole beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique still remained as pumped up as it did a moment ago while she was still lifting the two, three hundred and eighty pound steel dumbbells. Kate then looked around the weight room with a deep burning passion and hunger in her female soul for more steel weights to continue her weightlifting workout with, when she then headed over towards the leg press machine. My wife's two beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female legs bulged out immensely with each powerful step she took. Then as Kate noticed that the leg press was already set up with four hundred and twenty pounds of steel weights on it she thought out loud to herself; "YOU SERIOUSLY GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! That's not even enough weight for me to warm up with. Time to crank this leg press machine up a couple more notches and add some SERIOUS AMOUNT OF WEIGHT to it, to give me the great lower body weightlifting workout that really satisfy me."......................My wife then continued adding more steel weights to the leg press machine until it had seven hundred and sixty pounds of steel weights on it, and as Kate sat down on the leg press machine she thought out loud to herself; "AHH! That should be enough steel weights for awhile to give me a great lower body weightlifting workout." Then as my wife sat down on the leg press machine her beefy, thick, ripped, muscular bubble shaped ass covered the entire seat as her two, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular ass cheeks hung over the edge. Kate then lifted her two powerfully strong feet up and began to force press against the seven hundred and sixty pounds of steel weights. The seven hundred and sixty pounds of steel weights didn't bulge at first, but soon slowly started to move up as my wife continued to force press her two powerfully strong feet down as physically hard as she could. Kate's whole beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique began to violently shake because this was a great amount of steel weight on the leg press machine she was trying to lift, BUT MY WIFE WAS DETERMINED LIKE HER LIFE TOTALLY DEPENDED ON IT, TO BE ABLE LIFT IT! Kate's already two beefy, thick, ripped, muscular legs expanded and swelled out even larger now with each leg press rep she pumped out, while heavy amounts of her own body sweat poured out all over my wife's entire beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique. Thick blue pencil sized veins were bulging out every where on her entire beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique, as Kate was breathing so heavily like she was about to pass out from exhaustion at any second, by my wife continued to press on strongly! Kate was very determined to pump out at least one hundred sets of reps on the leg press machine. My wife's already two beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female legs expanded and swelled out even more unbelievably larger now then when she first started working out lifting weights on the leg press machine by the time she hit her forty fifth set of reps, that both sides of the blue spandex shorts Kate was wearing, began slowly tearing at the seams as her two beefy, thick, ripped, muscular hips widened as my wife's beefy, thick, ripped, muscular bubble shaped ass ballooned up even rounder now then it ever was before. By the time Kate reached the finished of her one hundredth set of leg presses she then stopped and slowly raised up to stretch her now entirely pumped up beefy, thickly, ripped, muscular female physique. My wife's now entirely pumped up beefy, thick, ripped, muscular female physique was now definitely even greatly larger in female muscular size and girth then it had been that morning when Kate got to the gym. My wife then wiped the heavy sweat from her forehead while she brushed her dark brown bangs away from her eyes with her left hand. Kate's dark brown hair was now so wet from her own heavy body sweat, that it now shined brightly under the bright lights in the gym. My wife's beefy, thick, ripped, female muscular female physique now almost looked like a professional middle weight female body builder's but Kate wasn't finished yet. End Of Part 2                                                                                   

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kate's & Lynn's Two Very Competitive Female Personalities!-1

My wife Kate Robinson who stood at five feet, five inches in height had a very attractive skinny, one hundred and fifteen pound very well toned, curvy female figure and wore her dark brown hair cut short at her ear lobe level. Kate also had a very pretty face that had only had one flaw to it, those thick plastic horned rimmed eye glasses she always wore because Kate was near sighted. Lynn Thompson who stood five feet, six inches in height just one inch taller then my wife Kate was, also had a very attractive skinny, one hundred and twenty pound very well toned, curvy female figure and was a redhead who wore her long red hair at shoulder length. Lynn had been my wife Kate's best friend for the past twenty years since they had first met in high school. For the past twenty years of their friendship my wife Kate and her friend Lynn who both had very competitive female personalities, would always bet each other that one could do something the other one couldn't do. And two out of three times Lynn would always competitively beat my wife Kate at their current challenge................One cold winter Saturday afternoon in January as I was in my den sitting at my desk going over the electrical blue prints for the building I had just designed that was being built downtown, I heard our front door open and close as my wife Kate called out; "HONEY I'M HOME FROM SHOPPING AT THE MALL WITH LYNN." "I'M IN MY DEN KATE." I called back out to my wife. "OH GOD JERRY, WHAT A DAY I'VE HAD SHOPPING WITH LYNN!" Kate said with that same disdainful tone in her voice whenever her friend Lynn challenged her to something and competitively beat Kate at it, as my wife walked into my den. "OK Kate." I said as I looked up at the electrical blueprints I was studying; "What was challenge Lynn competitively beat you at today?" "You'll never believe it in a million years Jerry." "Kate said; "After Lynn and I finished shopping at Macy's we decided to go to the food court in the mall and both and have a cup of coffee together. As we were sitting at a table in the food court drinking our coffees Lynn and I noticed that a new all women's gym opened up across from the food court called; "Atomic Female Fitness." "This is one of those all women's gyms that female body builders workout at. Well Jerry." My wife Kate paused then said with an even more shameful, disdainful tone in her voice; "As Lynn and I were noticing this new gym across from the food court, two hugely muscular female body builders that were so extremely pumped up from their recent weightlifting workouts were exiting; "Atomic Female Fitness." "As we saw these two hugely, beefy, ripped, muscular, pumped up female body builders leaving the gym, Lynn turns to me and said; "Kate I bet I'm physically stronger then you are." "And I said Jerry, I bet you've not Lynn." "So let me guess Kate." I said; "Lynn challenged you to arm wrestle her right there at the table you were both sitting at in the food court and Lynn competitively beat you at arm wrestling, am I right Kate?" "Yea Jerry that's just how it happened but that's not the end to this story." My wife Kate said; "Then after Lynn competitively beat me at arm wrestling she said; "You know what Kate? I bet that if you and I both joined an all women's body building gym and the two of us started working out on weightlifting programs at the same time, in only one years time I could get a hell of a lot bigger in female muscularity then you could." I just sat there behind my desk in silence looking at my wife Kate waiting for her to tell me that she was just joking about her friend Lynn competitively challenging her to start working out on a weightlifting program at an all female body builder's gym, but Kate just said; "I accepted her challenge, what do think of that Jerry?" "Well Kate?" I said with a very unsure tone in my voice because I didn't know what to say next, then I said; "OK Kate flex your bicep and let's see what you've got to work with." "OK Jerry." My wife Kate replied as she unbuttoned the right cuff of her long sleeve blouse with her left hand and rolled up her long sleeve all the way up to her skinny right shoulder; "But don't laugh it's not much to see right now." Then Kate flexed her right well toned skinny arm as hard as she could and produced a small cherry pit sized bicep, and when I gently felt it with just my index finger it quickly deflated flat back into my wife Kate's well toned skinny right arm as she said; "Would you believe that Lynn's bicep muscle is as large as a golf ball and just as hard when she fully flexed her arm? Now Jerry I want you to help me find the best all women's body building gym in the state, and hire me the best female body building personal trainer in the business." Before I could answer my wife Kate and try to talk her out of it what I now thought was a very stupid idea that she and her friend Lynn had, Lynn's husband Brain Thompson called me on my cell phone. "Hi Brain." I answered the call. "Hi Jerry." Brain Thompson's voice laughed through the receiver; "Did your wife Kate come home yet and tell you about my wife Lynn's and hers newest stupid competitive challenge, the one about both of our wives starting to work out on a weightlifting program at an all women's body building gym?" "Yea Brain." I was laughing into the phone; "It's the newest stupid idea our wives had yet to date." I agreed Then Brain said with a serious tone in his voice; " Let's face it Jerry it wouldn't be much of a competitive sports challenge between our two wives, after all we both know your wife Kate is truly a real weakling next to my wife Lynn who could easily beat her if both our wives seriously started working out lifting weights and body building." "You think so Brain?" I asked him now getting a little angry that he called my wife a real weakling. "Yea I do." Brain replied; "Let's face facts Jerry that back in high school my wife Lynn beat your wife Kate in every high school sport they've joined together. Lynn beat Kate as captain of the girls track team as well as captain of the girls La Cross team." "Well Brain." I said now getting even angrier at him; "I'll bet you one thousand dollars cash that in one years time not only could my wife Kate out muscle your wife Lynn in size and girth of female muscularity, but in one years time Kate could also out lift the amount of weights that Lynn could lift at that time as well." "You've on buddy." Brain's voice said now with a very serious tone in his voice; "I've got to go now Jerry and help my wife Lynn find a good female body building gym and hire her a personal trainer to start Lynn's weightlifting program." After the phone call from Brain Thompson ended I took my wife Kate out to find the best all women's body building gym in the state and hire her the best female body building personal trainer in the business as well, and Brain did the same for his wife Lynn..................Being that both Brain and Lynn, and Kate and I all lived in Old Bridge Township New Jersey just four blocks away from each other, I took my wife Kate to an all women's body building gym one town north in Sayreville New Jersey called; "Powerhouse Female Fitness!" And bought my wife a year's gym membership and hired my wife Kate the best female, weightlifting personal trainer in the business named Robin Steel. Robin Steel would give my wife Kate seven, twelve hour a day weightlifting sessions a week in a private gym without anyone else there to workout or witness my wife Kate's new female body building transformation. Brain had the same idea that I had about taking his wife Lynn out of town to join an all women's body building gym, so Brain took his wife Lynn to a small local female body building gym in a very run down warehouse district in South Amboy called; "Bull Dog Dyke Gym!" And bought his wife Lynn what Brain thought was a life time gym membership and hired a very big, strong, muscular lesbian, weightlifting personal trainer named Big Edith. Stupid Brain who didn't read the fine print in his wife Lynn's new gym membership contract wasn't signing a life time gym membership contract for his wife Lynn, because if Brain had read the fine print on the Bull Dog Dyke Gym membership contract, his wife Lynn wasn't getting a life time gym membership but a lesbian life changing gym membership. Bull Dog Dyke Gym was really a private all white, fascist, Nazi lesbian female body building gang who were always looking for new female members in their on going fight to systematically eliminate the opposition sex, in other words these lesbians were man haters...................After my wife Kate and I signed her new gym contract at Powerhouse Fitness Gym we sat around with her new personal trainer Robin Steel and discussed the goals my wife was looking to complete during her weightlifting sessions, the diet and vitamin program Kate needed to go on, and since the first three months was going to be the hardest on my wife Kate with her new daily weightlifting program, because she'd have to get up at 3 am to be at the gym by 4:30 am seven days a week and workout lifting weights till 4:30 pm every day, it was advised by her personal trainer Robin Steel that for the first three months of my wife Kate's daily weightlifting program that she'd slept in our guest bedroom by herself without me making any sexual demands on her whatsoever. Brain was told by his wife Lynn's new personal trainer Big Edith, to leave her there for three months straight and stupid Brain agreed to that....................After we got home that night from Powerhouse Gym where we got my wife a one year gym membership and hired her new personal trainer Robin Steel, Kate said to me as she stripped naked before changing into her nightgown; "Well Jerry we better make love to night because this is going to be the last time you've going to be able to make love to my old figure." Then Kate and I had a very wild love making session before she went to sleep in our guest bedroom across the hall.................As the first three months of my wife's body building program slowly progressed with her personal trainer Robin Steel at Powerhouse Gym, Kate would be up and out of our house before I woke up every morning, and when I came home late at night from the construction site I was working on, she'd be sound asleep in the guest room. One night about three weeks later after my wife started her daily weightlifting sessions at Powerhouse Gym with her personal trainer Robin Steel, when I came home late from work I was wondering how much muscle Kate had already built up on her female body. I listened at the closed guest bedroom door for a moment and heard Kate loudly snoring away. "Good she's sound asleep." I thought to myself knowing my wife was a very sound sleeper. Then I decided to sneak in and check out Kate's newly developed female muscular development, but when I slowly turned the door knob on the door to our guest bedroom, I quickly realized that it was locked. The next morning when I woke up I found a note taped to our guest bedroom door that read; "Jerry, I know you've been wondering how my current female muscular development is progressing and I truly can't wait to show you. In nine weeks time on the date of March 31ST of this year which will end the first quarter of my one year female body building program, I will then give you a private showing of my current female muscular development, then I'll let you make wild sexual love to my newly transforming muscular female body. I love you and miss you very much! Your loving wife Kate."...................After another long nine weeks finally passed, on March 31ST I got a text message from my wife Kate at 3:00 pm that read; "Honey I'm home an I'm ready to show you my new bigger female muscles which I know you've going to love, AND I'M HORNIER THEN HELL! ;-)" I quickly texted her back and said; "Will be home by 5 pm tonight, AND I'M ALSO HORNIER THEN HELL! ;-)" An hour after getting my wife Kate's text message, I was just leaving a local florist where I had just bought my wife Kate a dozen red roses when my cell phone rang. When I answered it Brain said on the other end; "Hey Jerry I heard through my wife Lynn that today after three months you've going to see how your wife Kate's female muscular development is coming along. I'm also going to see tonight how my wife Lynn's female muscular development is coming along as well. Is Kate home yet?" "No Brain Kate's not going to be home till around 10 pm." I lied knowing my wife was already home because I didn't want Brain to sneak over and check out the competition and report back to his wife Lynn about Kate's newly female muscular development. "Sorry to hear that Jerry." Brain replied; "Lynn not going to get home till after 10:00 pm as well." "Well Brain I'd love to continue our conversation, but I'm very busy here at the construction site of this new office building we've working on." I lied; "I got to go now, bye." Then I ended our phone call and jumped into my pickup truck with the dozen red roses I had bought for my wife and drove home to see Kate..................During the past three months the only conversations I had with my wife was through text messages only. I hadn't physically seen Kate in all that time but she had told me that she was really enjoying working out lifting weights at Powerhouse Gym every day and couldn't believe how fun and exiting it was to watch her own once skinny well toned female figure, blossom into one strong female muscular physique. During these past three months my wife never text message me any pictures of or told me anything about her female body building progress whatsoever but Kate always seemed to be in a really good mood whenever she text messaged me...................As I drove into our driveway I saw my wife Kate was waiting at our front door for me to get home. As I got out of my pickup truck and walked up out front sidewalk towards my wife who had a big smile on her face, I could tell she had seriously put on some muscular weight these past three months and in all the right places as well. Kate looked real good, and I mean REAL GOOD! Kate was wearing a pair of French cut jeans that looked very tight like they were almost spray painted on her more tightly developed muscular lower body, and a very tight silk emerald green, button down long sleeve blouse that matched her two emerald green eyes. "ROSES FOR ME JERRY?" My wife said as I handed her the dozen red roses I had bought for her. Kate took the dozen roses in her right hand while she wrapped her left arm around my waist and escorted me into our front door then into living room where we both sat down together on the sofa. Even though I quickly noticed how my wife's newly developed muscular figure had filled out the clothes she was wearing, there was also something else different about Kate as well. Then after we sat down together on the sofa I noticed how my wife's two emerald green eyes matched her blouse because she wasn't wearing her thick plastic horned rimmed eye glasses, I asked Kate; "Honey where's your glasses?"...................."Oh Jerry." My wife said with a very up beat happy tone in her voice; "I'm now wearing contact lens which is part of the new Kate Robinson makeover." "The new Kate Robinson makeover?" I asked. "Yea silly." Kate giggled; "Let me explain the new Kate Robinson makeover program for you Jerry." Then my wife went on to say; "Robin Steele my personal trainer at the gym and I have become close girl friends since we spend so much time together every day during my twelve hour workout weightlifting sessions. One morning during one of my muscle building protein shake pit stops, I confided in Robin about the body building challenge I had with my friend Lynn to see which one of us could out muscle the other in size and girth of female muscularity in a year's time not to mention which one of us could out lift the other in the amount of weights we'd be currently lifting by that time as well. Well Jerry." My wife paused to take a deep breath and then continued; "Robin who thinks that I'm the true underdog here in this competition said she was going to do everything in her power to help me win this competitive female body building challenge by next year while giving me a complete makeover to go with my new muscular female figure. Robin first took me to an eye doctor in the mall and had me get contact lens. Then Robin took me to a hypnotist."....................."A hypnotist Kate?" I asked with a shocking tone in my voice. "Yes a hypnotist Jerry." My wife replied with a matter of fact tone in her voice; "This hypnotist put me under a hypnotic suggestion to give me the true drive and determination I seriously needed to get as humanly big and strong in female muscularity as possible in one just years time, AND SO FAR IT'S SERIOUSLY WORKING OUT GREAT FOR ME. You know Jerry I never knew what an absolute physical turn it, IT REALLY IS, to pump up your womanly muscles. I should have started working out lifting weights years ago, I MEAN, when my womanly muscles pump up while I'm lifting weights, I get so PHYSICALLY turned on, and it's the closest thing to a female ORGASM my body can have without having sex with my husband. But I don't know if it's just me Jerry, but I seem to have them quiet often when I'm having a really great weightlifting workout. The hypnotist had given me the hypnotic suggestion to give me the true drive and determination to keep growing bigger and stronger in female muscularity and even though I don't think I need her help anymore, I'm quite sure it's what had helped me grow so much in female muscularity in only three months time." Then just to prove her point to me, Kate then did a quick double bicep pose and I could almost swear that I saw the emerald green silk fabric in my wife's two blouse long sleeves stretch out a quite bit to their max. I don't know how big in female muscularity they were now but my wife's now muscular biceps looked to be at least eighteen inches larger then they were before. I then got such a huge erection in my jeans thinking about my once little mousey, weakling wife now becoming a big strong muscular woman it was just too much to think about at that moment. I was already deeply in love with my wife, and now I wanted nothing more then to see and make love to Kate's newly muscular female figure. As I was waiting very patently to see my wife's newly growing female muscularity while I listened to her drone on and on for forty five minutes straight about everything Kate and her personal trainer, and new best girlfriend Robin Steel had been up to these past three months, then FINALLY my wife said to me as she got up off the sofa and took my hand; "Come on Jerry let's go to our bedroom so I could give you a private muscle posing and flex show then I'll let you make love to my newly developed female muscular body." Then Kate led me across our living room and down the hall to our bedroom..................Once inside our bedroom I noticed that my wife had moved the furniture around, so on one side of the bedroom there was a three way mirror in the far corner with spot lights just above it and a CD disk player sitting on the end table next to the three way mirrors. Kate then pushed the on button on the CD disk player that had a CD inside, and the strip tease musical song started playing out of the CD player's speakers while my wife slowly and very sexually undressed and stripped out of her silk emerald green button down blouse, her very tight French cut jeans, bra, and panties. Then while the strip tease musical song continued to play out of the speakers of the CD player, Kate looked at herself in awe as she gazed at her own female muscularity in the three way mirror. The reflection staring back at my wife was a young looking five foot five inch in height, radiant, muscular woman of thirty eight years old with dark brown hair cut at her ear lobe level, who had a very pretty face with emerald green eyes. My wife's once skinny, well toned, curvy female figure was now extremely ripped and solidly packed with huge, beefy, bulging female muscles that enhanced her female curves so extremely well.  Kate was only five foot five inches in height but she was now nearly just as wide in size and girth of female muscularity and looked like a sexy female linebacker....................As the strip tease musical number continued to play out of the two speakers of the CD player, Kate turned to face me as she started her posing and flexing show. My wife's female torso was so extremely ripped and solidly packed with huge, beefy, bulging female muscle, that even her once two orange sized B-cup tits were even larger now with ripped female muscle, that they both now looked like two coconut sized D-cup tits. Kate's once soft semi-flat stomach was now as flat as a board and now had a very deeply cut set of thick muscular abs that were so totally defined into what looked like a solid muscular brick wall of a six pack set of abs, with several thick, protruding, blue veins running up and down her flat but extremely tight muscular stomach. Kate now had such hugely, beefy, thick, ripped muscular traps, that now ran down into my wife's now two soccer ball sized beefy, thick, muscular female shoulders, and Kate's now two upper arms were as hugely, beefy, thick and ripped like two fully inflated footballs, with thick pencil sized blue veins spider webbing all throughout her two beefy, thick, ripped, muscular arms. Kate's two hugely, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular forearms looked ready to bust out at the seams every time she'd clench her two fists. They both looked like someone had stuffed a large bag of oranges into them, but they both looked extremely firm in female muscularity as well..................As my wife continued to do her posing and flexing show for me, when Kate raised her two muscular arms and did a double bicep pose, I couldn't believe how Kate's two hugely, thick, beefy, ripped, muscular biceps thickened and pumped up even more insanely in size then when they were un-flexed and totally relaxed. My wife's two hugely, thick, ripped beefy muscular biceps had to be at least twenty inches fully inflated when she flexed them, and at least fifteen and a half to sixteen inches when they were un-flexed and totally relaxed. As Kate now playfully and seductively pumped her now two beefy thick, ripped muscular coconut sized D-cup tits up and down in a pec dance, it made her now larger cleavage stretch out and jiggle wildly while her two now extremely erect baby pink nipples looked so sharp that they could almost cut through glass......................Now my wife's lower extremely ripped and solidly packed hugely bulging muscular body which was just as impressive but extremely symmetrical to her torso as well. Kate's now two beefy, thick, ripped, muscular hips were as wide as her two soccer ball sized muscular shoulders were, and her huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular glutes were like two fully inflated basketballs that were just as round and firm. My wife's hugely, thick, ripped, muscular beefy thighs were really a true sight to behold as well! So much female muscle, sinew, and thick blue pencil sized veins just bulged out to life as she just stood there. As Kate walked around our bedroom continuing to do her posing flexing show for me, her two hugely, thick, ripped, beefy muscular calves were hardening up while they bulged out insanely like they were trying to fight for room on her legs. My wife's two hugely, thick, ripped, beefy muscular calves were just as hard and bulging out as well, because they were the same size in female muscularity as her football sized biceps were. My wife's newly huge, thickly, ripped,beefy muscular body was a perfect sculpture of hard earned female muscle. As Kate continued going through her muscular poses, I saw her muscles growing slightly larger with each flex she did, as even more huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscles and thick blue pencil sized veins showed up on her rock hard female muscular physique by the second.....................Then just as the strip tease music was coming to an end, my wife went into an awesomely incredible crab flex that swelled up her already extremely, beefy, ripped and solidly packed with huge bulging muscular upper body to at least one and a half, to two times even larger then it was just a moment ago. Kate was now really rivaling in size and female muscular girth for a woman of only five foot five inches in height, as her body was feeding more blood to her pumped up huge, beefy, thick, ripped, female muscles. My wife held this pose for another few seconds while she looked at her own reflection in the three way mirror. Kate now loved to see her own female body this huge in female muscularity and it turned her so sexually on as well. Thick blue pencil sized veins pulsating wildly like live snakes all over so much hugely, thick, ripped, beefy female physique, that only most women couldn't even possibly dream of ever having. My wife now loved the rush she got when she felt her own hugely, thick, ripped, beefy muscular female physique with her own two hands, but as Kate finally relaxed and rubbed her two hugely, thick, ripped, beefy muscular arms after her mighty crab flex that she held for over ten minutes straight, she turned to me and asked; "Well Jerry? Do you think in nine months time I'll be able out muscle Lynn in size and girth of female muscularity as well as out lift her in the amount of steel weights we'd both be lifting by January 2ND of next year?" "You've off to a great start Kate, and in nine months time you'll beat Lynn and make her look like the over confidant dumb cunt that she really is."....................Then when my wife looked at her watch while she walked over to wear I was standing and wrapped both of her two hugely, thick, ripped, beefy muscular arms around my waist and kissed me very romantically on my lips; "It seven o'clock now Jerry and I have a 9 pm curfew because I have to be back at the gym by 4:30 am tomorrow morning to continue my weightlifting training to build up my body. So let's jump in bed together now and relieve each other's heavy sexual stress." Then for the next hour and a half straight I had great female muscle sex with my wife's new extremely ripped and solidly packed, huge, beefy, thick, ripped, bulging muscular female body. At 8:45 pm Kate got up and excused herself to take a shower, then at 9 pm sharp she went to sleep behind the closed locked door of our guest bedroom................After Kate went to sleep in our guest bedroom at 9 pm, being that I was so sexually charged up from having sex with my wife's newly transformed, huge, beefy, thick, ripped, muscular physique, I then thought of Lynn and how she had been making out these past three months straight with her own female body building sessions, not to mention how much competition she was seriously going to be for Kate. So I took a walk four blocks away to Brain's and Lynn's house to spy on my wife's female body building competition. End Of Part 1                         

Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-The Final Chapter!

On a warm fall Friday afternoon around three thirty pm as the gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular Emily Johnson was using her garden hose to water the bushes in her front yard, she was thinking to herself why all of a sudden she had such an urgent need to water them since it rained last night, instead of being downstairs in her basement home gym working out lifting weights. As Emily Johnson continued watering her bushes with the garden hose she looked across the street at the now vacant house with the realtor's for sale sign on the lawn that Amy Stromboli and her son Joey once lived in as she thought to herself; "That's strange. I've been living here in this neighborhood for over thirty years and I thought I knew everyone of my neighbors on this street, but for the life of me I can't remember who had been living across the street from me and when they had moved out."...................As the gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular Emily Johnson was still looking across the street at the now vacant house with the realtor's for sale sign on the lawn while she was trying to remember who had once lived there, she then noticed a very attractive young, well toned and curvy blond girl about seventeen years old riding her bicycle down the street, then stopped in front of the vacant house across the street with the realtor's for sale sign on the lawn for a moment to look at it, then ride away on her bicycle down the street three blocks away towards the park. "WHAT A BEAUTY THAT LITTLE BLONDIE IS!" The gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular Emily Johnson excitedly thought to herself as her now very horny, hugely, thick, ripped muscular vagina started getting quite sexually wet and itchy; "I THINK I NEED TO MEET THAT LITTLE BLOND BEAUTY AND INVITE HER BACK TO MY HOUSE TO MAKE SWEET LESBIAN LOVE TO HER." Then after Emily Johnson turned off the water and rolled up the hose, she started running and pumping fast her two gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular legs as fast as she could while she followed this little blond beauty down the street on her bicycle towards the park...................Five minutes earlier as Jeannie Swarts stopped her bicycle in front of the now vacant house with the realtor's for sale sign on the lawn, she didn't notice the gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular older woman checking her out from across the street, let alone know that this gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular older woman was about to change her life for the better and make her totally forget that Joey Stromboli had ever existed in her life at all. All Jeannie could think about while she started getting very upset as she looked at the now vacant house with the realtor's for sale sign on the lawn was; "Why didn't Joey tell me that he and his mother was going to be moving away? Well at least he could have said goodbye to me." Then little did Jeannie know at that moment as she started crying while she rode her bicycle away towards the park down the street, that there was a gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular older woman chasing after her on foot who was about to change her life forever.....................The now running gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular Emily Johnson covered the distance of the three blocks down the street towards the park in two thirds the time it took Jeannie to ride her bicycle down there, and Emily found Jeannie sitting on a park bench underneath an oak tree with her face in her two small hands crying her eyes out. As soon as the gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular Emily Johnson approached the bench Jeannie was sitting on she said with a very sweet, grandmotherly tone in her voice to Jeannie; "Hello little girl my name is Emily Johnson and you look like you could use a friend right now." As Jeannie raised her face up out of her two small hands and looked up into the eyes of this gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped muscular older woman, Emily Johnson's muscular implants heated up and through the computer chip in her brain, sent out two red laser lines from her two eyes into Jeannie's two eyes, which hypnotically reprogrammed Jeannie's young female mind to forget that she had ever knew a Joey Stromboli altogether, and that she was now very attracted to older muscular women. While this hypnotic reprogram was taking place between Emily and Jeannie, they were both also falling madly head over heels in love with each other at the same time!..............."Why hello Emily." Jeannie said with a very happy tone in her voice and a very friendly smile on her young very attractive face to see Emily; "My name is Jeannie and it's very nice to meet you." Then the gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular Emily Johnson invited Jeannie back to her house to give her a private flexing and posing show, and Jeannie quickly accepted Emily's invite. After the flexing and posing show the gargantuan, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular Emily Johnson gave Jeannie privately in her bedroom, Emily then made wild passionate lesbian love to Jeannie. A year later after Jeannie's eighteenth birthday and she graduated from high school, Emily Johnson married her and made Jeannie her lesbian wife, and they both lived happily ever after together. The End!                              

Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Smoking Hot Musclar Mother!-11

The next morning during fourth period gym class while I was keeping another appointment at the school nurse's office that nurse Kelly had made for me through Mr. Smith my gym teacher. As I was spooning  nurse Kelly in my two grotesquely, large, thickly, ripped muscular arms while we were laying there together on the examination table after having yet another one of our sexually intense love making sessions, I told her about the idea I had yesterday after I left the high school nurse's office about becoming a male body building prostitute for lonely middle aged women, and how I could be known to them as Hercules the lonely women pleasure. "You know Hercules that's not such a bad idea. I know a lot of middle aged women about my age who are just as sexually frustrated as I have been before we started having these sexually intense love making sessions together, and I'm quite sure they'll pay a us a good amount of money just to have an hour sexually intense love making session with you." "Pay us?" I asked nurse Kelly. "Yes us Hercules." Nurse Kelly replied with a very matter of fact tone in  her voice; "From here on in I'm going to be your sex manager and line up all the female clients and charge them one thousand dollars apiece for a one hour sexually intense love making session with you, and we've going to split the money fifty-fifty." "You've going to be my pimp Ruthie?" I asked. "Pimp is such an awful word Hercules that associated with prostitution." Nurse Kelly said; "I'd rather think of myself as your sex manager that's arranging your appointments for lonely sexually frustrated middle age women, who we've providing a great service for with your sexually intense love making sessions. Don't think of yourself as a male prostitute Hercules think of yourself as sex physician who's curing these lonely sexually frustrated middle aged women's sexual frustrations."..................As nurse Kelly and I continued talking over our new business arrangement together, a hugely, thick, ripped, muscular African American female security agent from the American Female Muscle University who was monitoring my whereabouts through the computer chip in my brain, was listening to our entire conversation while she was recording everything we were saying. After I left the nurse's office and headed to my next class, the A.F.M.U. security agent took the recording she had made of nurse Kelly's and my conversation about me becoming a sex physician to lonely sexually frustrated middle age women, and headed down the hallway to Dr. Helen Olsten's office where she played the recording of our conversation to Dr. Olsten. After listening to the recording of nurse Kelly's and my conversation Dr. Olsten smiled very happily as she said; "Very good work Bertha. You've just solved the problem we've been trying to workout on how to separate Amy Stromboli from her son Joey once and for all. Now that this Ruth Kelly who's the nurse at Joey Stromboli's high school is not only seriously interested in him and is also willing to spend all her personal time with Joey Stromboli which would keep away from his mother altogether, we could finally close down the Stromboli-Johnson High Tech Female Weightlifting Facility in Amy Stromboli's basement in Pine Creek New Jersey. Bertha get all the information that you can on Ruth Kelly. I want her entire life history so we could wipe out all of the memories in Joey Stromboli's mind about his own mother, and then we could then create new memories in his mind about himself and Ruth Kelly." "OK Dr. Olsten." Bertha replied as she got up out the chair she was sitting in across from Dr. Olsten's desk; "I'll have a complete case file on Ruth Kelly's entire life history on your desk by 8 pm tonight." Then Bertha left Dr. Helen Olsten's office and headed back to the security department. After Bertha left the office, Dr. Helen Olsten picked up the receiver of the phone on her desk and on the keypad punched in extension number 9956. After the extension number rang twice in Dr. Helen Olsten's ear she heard a female voice on the other end say; "What good news do you have for me today Helen?" "Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten said with a very excitedly happy tone in her voice; "We have a new plan on how we could separate Amy Stromboli from her son Joey once and for all when we shut down the Stromboli-Johnson High Tech Female Weightlifting Facility in Amy Stromboli's basement in Pine Creek New Jersey." Then Dr. Helen Olsten went on to tell her boss Hillary Clinton during their phone conversation about Ruth Kelly the nurse at Joey Stromboli's high school, and her plan to wipe out all of Joey Stromboli's life history and memories about his mother Amy Stromboli, and replace them with a brand new life history and memories of Joey Stromboli being with Ruth Kelly. "Very good Helen." Hillary Clinton's voice replied through the phone's receiver; "Tomorrow morning at 9 am I want you in my office to discuss this plan while we also discuss the latest muscular implant surgery on Sargent-Major Troy Steel. By the way Helen how did that go?" "The  muscular implant surgery went great on Sargent-Major Troy Steel Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten replied; "I've created Troy Steel's muscular implants to be about ten percent stronger in male strength and muscularity then Amy Stromboli's female strength and muscularity. This way he could control her if she ever happens to go off line again as a very angry female predator." "Very good Helen. Have your complete report ready to discuss tomorrow morning in my office." Then there was a click in Dr. Helen Olsten's ear as Hillary Clinton hung up......................The next morning as Dr. Helen Olsten entered the reception waiting room to her boss Hillary Clinton's office, she said to Hillary Clinton's female receptionist who now looked very frazzled and scared; "Good morning Grace." "Good morning Dr. Olsten." Grace replied with a very scared sounding tone in her voice. "Is everything alright Grace?" Dr. Helen Olsten asked the female receptionist with a deep concern tone in her voice. NO! No it's not Dr. Olsten." Grace replied; "Two weeks ago when Ms. Clinton told me she was going out of town on a business trip with her friend Julie she looked like her normal self. But today when Ms. Clinton returned from her two week business trip this morning, AND GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO HER ON IT! Ms. Clinton now looks like the Incredible She-Hulk, and her once womanly body is now a gigantically huge, thickly, ripped muscular female physique, which continues to grow even larger by the minute." "Well that's why I'm here Grace." Dr. Helen Olsten lied to the receptionist; "To give Ms. Clinton a complete physical examination to see what's causing it to happen. By the way Grace, you didn't tell anyone else about how Ms. Clinton's female body had changed, HAVE YOU?" "No only you Dr. Olsten." Grace replied; I swear on my own mother's grave." "OK Grace for the time being we'll keep this matter a secret just between you and me." "OK Dr. Olsten." Grace agreed as Dr. Helen Olsten headed towards the double oak doors that led into Hillary Clinton's private office.................As soon as Dr. Helen Olsten entered her bosses office and closed the door behind her, she was extremely happy to see how Hillary Clinton's now gigantic hugely, thickly, ripped muscular female physique looked as Hillary Clinton sat behind her desk with her now two gigantic, thickly, ripped, muscular arms folded in front of her, and Hillary Clinton could barely cross them in front of her now two, hugely, thick, ripped, muscular watermelon sized tits. "WOW! Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten said about  her boss's new physical muscular female growth transformation. Hilly Clinton was now as gigantic, thickly, ripped in female muscular size and girth, as both my mother and our eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson was; "The muscular electronic transmitter I've surgically implanted in Emily Johnson's vagina and the muscular electronic receiver I've surgically implanted in your vagina really worked out well and you've developed a ton of female muscle in just two weeks time." "Thanks Helen." Hillary Clinton said with an extremely happy tone in her voice as a warm smile crossed her lips; "My live in lesbian girl friend Julie loves my new gigantic, thickly, ripped, muscular female physique so much, that she proposed and asked me to marry her and become Julie's same sex life partner last night." "That's great Ms. Clinton when the wedding?" In a month's time after Julie's birthday on April 15. Julie wouldn't be of legal age to get married until she twenty years old." Then Hillary Clinton said in a more business like matter of fact turn; "OK Helen give me your update report on the Stromboli-Johnson high tech female weightlifting facility in Pine Creek New Jersey, and how we've ready to shut it down and separate Amy Stromboli, her son Joey, and Emily Johnson from each other once and for all." "OK Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten replied as she looked at the file she had brought to her boss's office......................."To start off with Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten said; "As you know the muscular surgical implants surgery on Sargent-Major Troy Steel was a complete success and he's about ten percent stronger then Amy Stromboli is." That's great Helen. When is Amy Stromboli going to meet Sargent-Major Troy Steel?" Hillary Clinton asked. Dr. Helen Olsten looked at her watch as she replied; " In one hour's time at a Starbucks downtown in Pine Creek New Jersey. Last night while Amy Stromboli was sound asleep I had the A.F.M.U. computer team text message the computer programming chip in her brain, that gave her the mental image of getting a phone call from an old female classmate from Amy Stromboli's old high school days name Jane Peters. In this mental image Amy Stromboli's friend Jane told her that her brother Troy had just moved to Pine Creek New Jersey, and Jane asked Amy Stromboli if she'd meet him at the Starbucks, then show him around town today. Amy Stromboli quickly agreed." "That's great Helen." Ms. Clinton replied; "But how fast can we reprogram Amy Stromboli's mind to add Sargent-Major Troy Steel into her life while erasing her entire memory of her son Joey Stromboli altogether?" "The moment Amy Stromboli meets Sargent-Major Troy Steel at Starbucks later on this morning and when she gazes into his two dark brown eyes for the first time, the A.F.M.U.'s computer team had already set up a computer program that will be transmitted from the computer chip in Troy's Steel's brain to the computer chip In Amy Stromboli's brain, that would not only make Amy Stromboli fall madly, head over heels in love with Troy Steel, but will also wipe out any memory of ever knowing Emily Johnson, ever having a son named Joey Stromboli, ever knowing a Dr. Helen Olsten and having muscular implant surgery at American Female Muscular University,  or ever living in and owning a house in Pine Creek New Jersey. Amy Stromboli's female mind will now be reprogrammed to think that she's Mrs. Amy Steel with a complete memory of a history with her husband Troy Steel, who were both ex-professional, heavy weight body builders that had already won the championship in the heavy weight couple's division of the Mr. And Mrs. Olympia body building contest for the past five years straight. After their meeting in an hour from now, Major-Sargent Troy Steel will be driving Amy Stromboli in the new Chevy Tahoe we've proved her with, back to a small logging town deep in the woods of Oregon, where they'll live in a small log cabin while we continue to physically train both Amy Stromboli and Sargent-Major Troy Steel to make them both even more physically bigger and stronger then ever before, while they both have the mental illusion of working as a husband and wife lumberjack team for a local logging company. "Very good Helen." Hillary Clinton said; "Now tell me about the plans you have with Joey Stromboli and his high school nurse Ruth Kelly.".......................Well to start off with Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten said; "Ruth Kelly is a plain looking forty year old short, squat, heavy set, sexually lonely divorced woman who seriously interested in Joey Stromboli. Ruth Kelly likes to call him by his nickname, "Hercules," that all the kids in high school had gave him. "Hercules you say Helen?" Hillary Clinton thought out loud to herself; "When you work on the reprogramming of both Joey Stromboli's and Ruth Kelly's mind, program both of their minds to believe that Joey Stromboli's new legal name is Hercules A. Kelly, and his middle name will be Apollo." "Yes Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten agreed as she made a note in her files, then she continued...............The American Female Muscle University legal department had completed every legal document that Amy Stromboli had to sign to make Ruth Kelly, Joey Stromboli's new legal guardian. Ruth Kelly who is now his new legal guardian, will be pulling Joey Stromboli out of the high school his going to and have him home schooled while he completes his own daily male body building program on that computerized elliptical weightlifting machine that we've already had moved to a new beach house in Little Egg Harbor among everything else he owns, that Joey Stromboli will be living at with Ruth Kelly starting tonight." Dr. Helen Olsten paused as she looked down at the report that she had brought to her boss Hillary Clinton's office; "Over the next forty eight hours while Joey Stromboli is in a dizzy coma induced state on this computerized elliptical weightlifting machine, one of our best American Female Muscle University female computer programmers will go to the new beach house and wipe out any memory that he'd have of ever being sixteen year old Joey Stromboli, while our female computer programmer reprograms Joey Stromboli's brain so he'll believe he's twenty five year old Hercules Apollo Kelly, who's a professional sex therapist for sexually frustrated lonely middle aged women and happily married to his very attractive wife Ruth. The A.F.M.U. real estate department just rented a luxury office suite in that new medical office building downtown in Little Egg Harbor for the; "Hercules Female Sex Therapy Agency." That Ruth Kelly will be running with her new husband Hercules after we get her to quit her current job as the school nurse at the Pine Creek high school. And speaking of Ruth Kelly." Dr. Helen Olsten said as she again looked down at her report; "During the next forty eight hours while Joey Stromboli is on that computerized elliptical weightlifting machine in the new beach house and being reprogrammed into Hercules Apollo Kelly, I'll have Ruth Kelly downstairs in my surgical department so I could operate on and turn her current forty year old short, squat, over weight female body, including plastic surgery on her face, into a twenty three year old very well toned, curvy female body, while I have her mind to be reprogrammed to be Mrs. Hercules Apollo Kelly." "Very good." Her boss Hillary Clinton said sounding very happy with her current plan; "Go on Helen, please tell me the rest."......................."As for the Stromboli-Johnson high-tech weightlifting facility in Pine Creek New Jersey, I've had it moved from the basement of Amy Stromboli's house to across the street at Emily Johnson's house late last night by a crew of A.F.M.U. female security agents, while I had the A.F.M.U. real estate department put Amy Stromboli's house up for sale through a local real estate agency." As for Emily Johnson a A.F.M.U. computer programmer had already wiped her female mind clean of any memory of ever knowing, or living across the street from Amy Stromboli and her son Joey. As for the entire student body and teaching facility at the Pine Creek high school, we've already released a gas through the entire school's ventilation system that will make everyone pass out for the next eight hours. During these eight hours while the entire population in the high school is passed out, another one of our A.F.M.U. computer programmers will go into the main office of the Pine Creek high school, and erase any computer files that Joey Stromboli had ever gone to school there, as well as Ruth Kelly ever working there as the school nurse. And when the entire student body and teaching facility wake up from the gas that we had released through the high school's ventilation system, no one would ever remember knowing that Joey Stromboli had ever gone to school there, or that Ruth Kelly ever worked there as the school nurse."...................."Sounds almost like a great plan Helen." Hillary Clinton said; "But you've still have one loose end to tie up to make your plan perfect. Jeannie Swarts who's Joey Stromboli's high school sweetheart will not be in school today when the gas is released, Jeannie took the day off because she wasn't feeling good. And as soon as Joey Stromboli disappears she'll be looking for him and asking questions." "Don't worry about Jeannie Swarts Ms. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten replied; "Because I'll have Emily Johnson take care of her." "HELEN!" Hillary Clinton said; "You aren't going to have that young girl killed by Emily Johnson, ARE YOU?" "Of course not Mrs. Clinton." Dr. Helen Olsten replied, then went on to tell her boss the plan she had to get Jeannie Swarts to forget that she ever knew a boy in school named Joey Stromboli. End Of Part 11                                                     

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Smoking Hot Muscular Mother!-10

{THREE WEEKS LATER!} After I had gotten very dizzy and passed out that night into a very deep sleep from the very potent muscle relaxing and male strength hormone drugs that were mixed into the special high protein, liquid body building diet I was now being forced fed, while elliptical computerized weightlifting machine was twisting and turning my already hugely thick, ripped muscular teenage male physique like a taffy pull machine making taffy, while it was forcing me to physically workout lifting unbelievable heavy amounts of steel weights twenty four hours a day, for three weeks straight without stopping. That I quickly lost all sense of time altogether, and I didn't realize three weeks had gone by till I heard my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother's voice say through the darkness of the very deep sleep I was in; "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! I'M BACK FROM FORDS COUNTY MISSISSIPPI WHERE I HAD JUST WON THE HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE AT THE MISSISSIPPI'S MUSCULAR MAID CONTEST AND I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE BRAND NEW 2016 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER I HAD WON!"....................As I slowly opened my eyes while I was coming out of the very deep sleep I had been in for the past three weeks straight, I noticed that my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother had her powerfully strong, gigantic, thickly, ripped muscular right arm around my back as she was helping me up into a sitting position on her queen sized bed. As I was being helped up into a sitting position from laying on my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother's queen sized bed, my entire already hugely, thick, ripped muscular teenage male body now felt even more heavily bloated and sore, with even more hugely, thick, ripped swollen muscle all over it then I had ever had before in my entire life. "Oh Joey, Boy have you grown in male muscularity these past three weeks since I was away in Mississippi. Let's go into the bathroom and weigh you in on the new heavy duty scale I bought to see how much more muscular weight you've gained, then afterward I'll measure you all over to see how many more inches of muscle you've grown." "OK Amy." Was all I could reply because I was still very groggy from waking up from my three week deep sleep. Then my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother picked me up like I was as light as a rag doll in her two powerfully strong, gigantic, thickly, ripped muscular arms and carried me out of her bedroom and down the hallway to our bathroom like I was a new born baby, and stood me up on my own two feet on our new heavy duty bathroom scale....................When I tried to look down and read what I now weighed on our new heavy duty bathroom scale I couldn't see it because my already huge, thickly, ripped male pectoral muscles had ballooned up so grotesquely incredibly huge now into such an unbelievable inhumanly large barrel sized male chest, that I couldn't see anything passed them when I tried to look down. Then when I noticed my reflection in the bathroom mirror I almost didn't recognize myself altogether! From being force fed a very high potent amount of male strength hormone drugs, my once short cropped, dark brown manly hair cut had grown out extremely thick and long down to my now two incredibly large, thickly, ripped, muscular bowling ball sized shoulders, while a now very thick, dark brown mustache and beard was covering my face, and the now long hair and full beard gave me the look of a real wild, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped, muscular man. My two incredibly large, thickly, ripped muscular biceps were now double the size of two large fully inflated basketballs with now two incredible large thickly, ripped matching, horseshoe shaped muscular triceps behind them, and my two incredibly large, thickly, ripped muscular forearms that were now double the size of two large fully inflated footballs.................My already flat as a board, thickly ripped muscular set of six pack abs now looked like an even more incredibly large, thickly, ripped cinder block wall of a now twelve pack set of, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped, unbelievable muscular male abs. And both of my two already hugely, thick, ripped muscular legs, now looked so incredibly larger like they were both two extremely grotesquely huge, thickly, ripped muscular tree trunks. "You know Joey." My gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother said as she gave me a big, romantic kiss on my now hairy lips; "I've always found a man with a beard and long hair very sexy but I think we need to give you a shave and a hair cut tonight before you go back to school tomorrow morning." Then as she looked down at the heavy duty bathroom scale, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother said happily as she read out loud what I now weighed in male muscular weight; "WOW JOEY! YOU NOW WEIGH IN AT THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE FOUR POUNDS OF SOLID MALE MUSCULAR WEIGHT, AND THAT'S ONLY FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS UNDER MY CURRENT FEMALE BODY BUILDING WEIGHT! AND I BET YOU'VE GAINED AT LEAST SIX TO TEN INCHES ALL OVER YOUR MALE BODY." Then my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother said to me with an even more nastier tone in her voice, which sounded even more like an ultimatum then a motherly suggestion; "But you know Joey you still have a lot more work ahead of you every day lifting weights to build up your muscular male body so you could catch up to my muscular body's size and girth of muscularity and strength. After all sweetheart you wouldn't want every body in town saying that Joseph Stromboli's mother is more macho in muscular size and strength then he is. Not to mention Joey if you don't keep working out even harder every day lifting weights to build up your young muscular male physique and catch up to my own strength class, size and girth of muscularity soon, you may no longer be able to keep me sexually happy in the bedroom any more. Then I'll be forced to find another huge, thickly, ripped, muscular young man to be my new boy toy." "DAMN IT!" I thought to myself; "No matter how hard I workout lifting heavy steel weights every day to build myself up in male muscularity size and girth, I still can't satisfy my own gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother." Then to add insult to injury, after she measured my now even grotesquely, larger, thickly, ripped, muscular teenage male physique with a tape measure, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother said happily which badly bruised and made my big male ego feel very small and hurt; "WOW JOEY! YOU'VE ONLY ABOUT EIGHTY NINE AND A HALF INCHES SMALLER IN MUSCULARITY SIZE AND GIRTH THEN I AM, BUT I'M SURE YOU'LL HOPEFULLY CATCH UP TO ME ONE DAY!" After she had finished weighing, measuring, and insulting my male ego, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother then gave me a haircut and shave to clean me up. After the haircut and shave my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother said to me; "OK Joey get dressed so we can go outside and I'll show you the new car I had won."..................When we went out our backdoor in front of our one car detachable garage where our old Dodge Caravan used to be parked, was a now brand new black 2016 Chevy Trailblazer with chrome wheels. "WOW Amy!" I said excitedly when I saw her new car; "I can't believe you won that beautiful vehicle at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest." "Well you better believe it Joey." My gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother chuckled happily; "Because my old Dodge Caravan is now history and we speak it's on the back of a flat bed tow truck on it's way to be junked at an auto savage yard." As I walked around looking at my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother's brand new black Chevy Trailblazer I noticed that it had Oregon license plates on it, which I thought was very strange since we lived in New Jersey. Then a strange beeping sound came from inside my mind from the computer brain chip that had been implanted in my brain three weeks earlier by a A.F.M.U. security agent, while I was in my very deep sleep on the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine, and it now made sense to me why my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother had Oregon license plates on her new car.....................While we were standing in our driveway as my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother was showing me her new car, our now very much more youthful looking gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular eighty year old female neighbor Emily Johnson walked across the street from her house and up our driveway to see what was going on. "WOW Amy." Emily Johnson said; "You finally got a new car and what a beauty it is." "Thanks Emily." My gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother said; "I won it at the Mississippi's Muscular Maid Contest but I couldn't have done it without your help. If you weren't my female weightlifting workout buddy for the past six months, I would have never gotten myself into such great female muscular shape to be able to enter that female body building contest in the first place." "You've very welcome and I feel the same way about you as well Amy." Emily Johnson replied happily; "I wouldn't have never gotten myself into such great female muscular shape as well if you weren't my female weightlifting buddy too." Then as they both had what seemed like their special moment together while they smiled very warmly at each other, it almost seemed a little sad to me like they weren't going to see each other ever again, and unbeknown to me at that moment how right I was about that in the near future. Then my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother turned to me and said; "Joey go inside and get ready for bed because you have to get up early tomorrow morning and go back to school. I'll be inside in a few minutes to hook you up to the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine after I finish talking to Emily." "OK Amy." I replied then started walking towards our backdoor..................After I entered through our backdoor and was in the house and out of listening distance, our now very more youthful looking gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular eighty year old female neighbor said; "Oh Amy that nice Dr. Helen Olsten who did those titanium muscle implants operations on us and my experimental turbo charged pacemaker operation six months ago called me that same Monday morning that you had left to go on your trip to Mississippi." "Oh what did she want Emily?" My gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother asked. "Dr. Olsten asked me if I could come in for my six month check up on my experimental turbo charged pacemaker because she wanted to make a few adjustments on it. I was there at her office that entire day Amy and not only to have her do all those adjustments on my experimental turbo pacemaker." Emily Johnson said to my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother; "But Dr. Olsten also surgically implanted another electronic transmitter device in my huge, thickly, ripped muscular vagina as well." "What was that new electronic device for that Dr. Olsten surgically implanted in your huge, thickly, ripped muscular vagina Emily?" My gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother asked. Then our more youthful looking gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular eighty year old female neighbor  said, while she gave my mother a knowingly wink as a large smile crossed her lips; "Dr. Olsten said that the electronic transmitter device that she had recently surgically implanted into my huge, thickly, ripped, muscular vagina will work in partnership with my experimental turbo charged pacemaker, and it will increase my sexual energy and stamina with the younger women by one hundred percent." Unbeknown in reality to Emily Johnson, but the electronic transmitter device that Dr. Olsten surgically implanted in her had nothing to do with increasing sexual energy and stamina for her whatsoever. Our more youthful looking gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular eighty year old female neighbor who now had this new electronic transmitter devise surgically implanted in her hugely, thick, ripped muscular vagina, now turned Emily Johnson into Hillary Clinton's personal live female weightlifting body building doll just to get Hillary Clinton's very flabby, over weight female body into great female muscular shape just to please her younger lesbian, live in girl friend Julie sexually in the bedroom...................Over the next six months I started to see a lot of weirdly strange changes in my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother's personally as she continued to grow even more inhumanly bigger and stronger in unbelievable female muscularity size and girth on a daily bases. My gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother stopped worrying about her appearance altogether, when she stopped wearing makeup, trimming her eyebrows, shaving under her arm pits and legs. In just one months time she now looked like an even more gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular wild woman with extremely bushy eyebrows, hugely, thick, hairy, ripped muscular arm pits, and very hugely, thick, hairy, ripped muscular legs. When I asked her why she let her appearance start to go, my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother told me that going natural with her now very heavily muscular female physique, gave her the appearance of having a natural womanly look. With my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother's now very thick, bushy eyebrows, hugely thick hairy muscular armpits, and hugely thick hairy muscular legs, she now almost looked like a female big foot on steroids!......................Another major problem in my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother's now ever weirdly strange changing personality, was her now new, even more growing obsession of trying to get my now already, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped muscular teenage male physique to get as physically big and strong as her gargantuan, thickly, ripped, female physique was. My gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother had recently told me that she was never going to be truly happy in her own life with the two of us, until the day Amy and Joseph Stromboli were both known in all the world's record books as the strongest man and woman on earth. And she was going to do everything in her power to make sure that dream come true for the two of us. Every night from 9 pm when it was my bed time, to 6:30 am when it was time to get up and get ready to go catch the school bus to go to school, nine and a half hours a day seven nights a week, she'd have me working out on elliptical computerized weightlifting machine instead of sleeping in a bed, while she gave me a very powerful male growth hormone drug that my gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother continued to heavily increase the dosage on a weekly bases, that was mixed into my liquid high protein diet every night, that was being force fed to me every night while I was on the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine......................Over the next two months I had grown so grotesquely huge and thickly ripped in male muscularity that no matter what type of shirt I now wore, a button down dress shirt, a T-shirt, or a polo shirt, I had to have the sleeves cut off of all my shirts to make room for my now two very grotesquely huge, thickly ripped muscular arms because now they wouldn't any longer fit through the sleeves of any shirt I wore. Even every pair of my jeans looked so tight over my two grotesquely huge thickly ripped muscular male legs like they were spray painted on. Being that I had now grown so grotesquely huge and thickly ripped in male muscularity, and just by the sight of me intimidated every one in school, including the entire student body and the entire teacher faculty as well. As I walked down the hallway at school to go between my classes and locker, every student in school who was approaching me from the other direction would step out of my way while he or she said very politely as they acknowledged me by my new nickname; "Excuse me Hercules." Even most of the male teachers would also step out of my way as they excused themselves, while most of the female teachers would sometimes almost swoon from their  own sexual fantasies they would have of what it would be like to make love to my now so grotesquely huge, thickly, ripped muscular young male physique. But as far as the entire school teaching faculty was concerned, every one of my teachers in all my classes were now very afraid to give me a bad grade because they all thought I was heavily into using steroids, and a bad grade might set me off on a major angry steroid rage. So in everyone of my classes, my teachers now always gave me an A for a grade even if I was really flunking out of their class. The only one in school who wasn't afraid of my now very grotesquely huge, thickly, ripped muscular male physique or find me intimidating was my high school sweetheart Jeannie Swarts, who was even more sexually attracted to me now then she had ever been before! But just for the record to date, I've never knowingly ever used steroids or other muscle growth enhancement drugs to get bigger and stronger in male muscularity. I did it every day the hard way by working out very hard lifting steel weights and staying on a high protein diet. Even though I was NOW a lot more grotesquely huge, thickly, ripped in male muscularity then I had ever been before in my entire life, I was still no where as physically large in muscular size and girth as my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother was, and she'd remind me about that fact every evening! Her female muscularity size and girth seemed to magically grow two sizes larger every day, while it took me at least ten days to grow a half a size bigger in male muscular size and girth, and I was now working out lifting weights just as hard, if not harder every day as my gargantuan, thickly, ripped muscular mother was!.................I would spend nine and a half hours every night on the elliptical computerized weightlifting machine while I slept, workout lifting weights in the school gym two hours a day, one hour during gym class and one hour during study hall period, both times with my high school girlfriend Jeannie Swarts watching over me as she toweled off the heavy sweat from my now very grotesquely huge, thickly, ripped muscular male physique. One day during gym class my gym teacher Mr. Smith was watching how physically hard I was working out lifting weights in the school gym's weight room as he thought to himself; "There is something very strange about how obsessed Joey Stromboli has gotten this past school year about lifting weights to building up his body. In fact there is something very strange about how he had gotten so grotesquely huge in male muscularity since last summer. I wonder if his parents have been forcing him to take steroids? And if so, why?" Then Mr. Smith my gym teacher left the gym and headed down the school hallway to the nurse's office to talk to the school nurse about how concerned he was over my new current obsession for lifting weights to continue building up my growing already now, grotesquely huge, thickly, ripped, muscular sixteen year old male physique.................As my gym teacher Mr. Smith opened the closed door of the nurse's office and entered he said, to the forty year old short, squat over weight woman with her black hair turning prematurely gray who was sitting behind the desk  while he closed the door it behind him; "Hello nurse Kelly. If you have a moment I'd like to talk to you about one of my male students named Joseph Stromboli." "Oh you mean Hercules coach Smith?" Nurse Kelly said happily because she was also one of the high school's female faculty who always had secret sexual fantasies about being alone with me when nurse Kelly saw me walking down the high school's hallways; "At least that's the nickname every one calls Joey Stromboli these days, and he is the most physically fit male teenage student with such big, strong, bulging muscles, that I've ever seen in my twenty two year career as a school nurse." "Well nurse Kelly." My gym teacher Mr. Smith said; "Joey Stromboli is a little too physically fit for a muscular teenage male student, and I think he's heavily doing steroids and it may be a good possibly that his parents are forcing him to use them." "Oh I see and how did you come to that conclusion coach Smith?" Nurse Kelly asked. "Well for one thing nurse Kelly." My gym teacher Mr. Smith continued while he explained how he reached the conclusion that I was using steroids and that my parents were possibly force feeding them to me; "Last June at the end of Joey Stromboli's tenth grade class year, he was a bit of a weakling for normal teenage boy that was slightly underweight and skinny. When he came back to the new school year this past September, he was now already so unbelievably huge, and thickly, ripped in male muscularity for a sixteen year old, that he couldn't have gotten that large just by himself working out lifting weights all summer long. Not to mention nurse Kelly, Joey Stromboli had told me at the start of this school year that his mother Amy Stromboli had got him seriously interested in lifting weights to build up his body last summer by sending him to a body building boot camp in upstate New York." "I see now where you've reached your conclusion coach Smith." Nurse Kelly said; "I've met Amy Stromboli, Joey's mother three years ago at a P.T.A. meeting when he first started coming to this school. Amy Stromboli was a very obese over weight woman who wasn't that attractive to begin with, and she was a single mother who seemed very overly possessive of her only son Joey at the time, when we talked almost a little too overly possessive over a child for any mother to be, like she was almost strangely deeply in love with him. Maybe that's why his mother is forcing him so hard to build up his muscular young male physique and possibly be forcing him to use steroids, so Joey Stromboli could become the man of his obese, fat, over weight mother's sexual dreams." "I'm glad we've on the same page now nurse Kelly." My gym teacher said; "Tomorrow morning when Joey Stromboli comes to my gym class during fourth period, I'm going to send him to your nurse's office so you could give him a complete physical check up and drug test to see if he tests positive for heavy steroid usage. And if Joey Stromboli does test positive for heavy steroid usage I'm going to notify the proper authorities and have his mother arrested for giving them to him, while I get him the proper medical attention he needs to get off his possible heavy steroid addiction." Nurse Kelly who had been sexually alone without a man for the past five years after she divorced husband Hal because she was bored with him and their marriage, patted her left flabby breast with her right hand as her heart started to beat fast in her chest while she started getting very sexually wet in her vagina as she thought excitedly to herself; "WOW RUTHIE! THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! NOT ONLY ARE YOU GOING TO BE ALONE WITH THAT GORGEOUS HUNK OF YOUNG MUSCLE MAN HERCULES BY YOURSELF FOR OVER AN HOUR, BUT YOU'VE GOING TO BE ALONE WITH HIM WHILE HE'S TOTALLY NAKED AS WELL!" But what she said to my gym teacher Mr. Smith was as she wrote my name in her nurse's appointment book for tomorrow morning; "No problem coach Smith. Hercules, I MEAN, Joey Stromboli will have a 10 am appointment with me tomorrow morning and after I give him a complete physical examination and drug test, as soon as all the results come back from the lab, I'll let you know how it turns out." "Thank you nurse Kelly." My gym teacher Mr. Smith said as he opened her office door and started to leave; "I'll be waiting to hear from you about the final medical results on Joey Stromboli." Then my gym teacher Mr. Smith exited through the open nurse's office door while he closed it behind him.................The next morning at the start of my fourth period gym class as I entered the boy's locker room for gym class to change into my gym clothes, Mr. Smith came out of his office and said while he handed me a hall pass; "Joey this morning I want you to report to the nurse's office and see nurse Kelly." "OK coach Smith." I said as I took the hall pass from him; "Is there anything wrong?" "No Joey." Mr. Smith replied not wanting to tell me the real reason why he was sending me to see the school nurse; "I just want my most physically fit male student to get a quick medical check up to make sure you've in as great a health as you physically look." I then exited out of the boy's locker room and crossed the school gym to the school's main hallway and headed towards the nurse's office..................When I opened the closed door to the nurse's office, I said as I entered while closing the door behind me; "Hello nurse Kelly. Coach Smith sent me here for you to give me a quick medical check up to make sure I'm in just as great of health as I physically look." The first thing I noticed that was now different about nurse Kelly's appearance then the last time I had seen her, was that her once black hair that was turning prematurely gray was now dyed completely raven black and recently styled like she had just came from the beauty parlor. Nurse Kelly's face was heavily done up with makeup like she was more ready to go out on a date with the man of her dreams instead of being at work on her job, and she was more dressed up wearing a very tight button down, red silk long sleeve blouse, which was way too tight on her short, squat, fat, over weight upper body, and badly not only showed off on her short, squat upper body all of her back rolls of fat bulging out just above her large rear end, but the lower buttons of her blouse strained to stay buttoned over her protruding fat pot belly just below her two large flabby breasts. Nurse Kelly's French cut jeans were so freaking tight over her large rear end and her two very large flabby thunder thighs, as well as it's brass waistline button was straining like hell to stay buttoned over her protruding fat pot belly, that I couldn't figure how the hell she amazingly squeezed her short, squat, fat, over weight lower body into them! But I did have to admit one thing to myself and that was if nurse Kelly went on a diet and lost fifty or sixty pounds, then started working out really hard every day lifting weights to built up her female muscular physique like my mother had done, for a woman of the age of forty Nurse Kelly could also be a smoking hot muscular woman as well!.............."Why hello Joey, or would you rather I call you by your nickname of Hercules?" Nurse Kelly cheerfully greeted me with a slight girlish giggle in her voice as I entered the nurse's office. "Either one is fine with me nurse Kelly." I replied since I was now more use to people calling me Hercules then by my first name which was Joseph. "OK since I can call you Hercules you shouldn't be so formal and call me nurse Kelly while we've alone in my office. You can call me Ruthie." Nurse Kelly said very happily with that same girlish giggle in her voice as she sexually looked at my grotesquely, large, thickly, ripped, muscular teenage male physique like I was very delicious  piece of eye candy she really wanted to bite into. "OK Ruthie." I agreed even though I thought it was very strange that nurse Kelly wanted to get that friendly with me and let me call her by her first name. That day I was wearing a sleeveless button down shirt with it's first four buttons straining to stay buttoned over my grotesquely, large, thickly, ripped muscular, barrel sized male chest, and a pair of blue jeans with it's material straining to it's max to continue covering my two grotesquely, large, thickly, ripped, muscular tree trunk sized male thighs and calves. "OK Hercules before we start your medical check up." Nurse Kelly said even more happily with that same girlish giggle in her voice; "I'd like you to flex one of your huge, gigantic muscular arms so I could see if your very manly muscles are as solid as they look." OK Ruthie." I replied while I flexed my grotesquely, large, thickly, ripped, muscular right arm that swelled to now triple the size of two fully inflated basketballs with a thick blue pencil sized vein running across the top of the baseball sized muscular cap on top. "HOLY SHIT!" Nurse Kelly said with an unbelievable, surprising tone in her voice while she used both of her two small womanly hands to feel my gigantic, bulging muscular right arm; "I'VE NEVER SEEN A MAN'S ARM THAT FREAKING HUGELY MUSCULAR BEFORE, AND IT FEELS LIKE IT FORGED OUT OF COLD HARD STEEL!" Then as nurse Kelly continued feeling my gigantic, bulging muscular right arm with her left hand she then started unbuttoning my shirt with her right hand. Then nurse Kelly started caressing my grotesquely, large, thickly, ripped, muscular, barrel sized male chest with her right hand while she thought to herself as she started quickly getting wet in the crotch of her tight French cut jeans; "OH GOD! If my ex-husband Hal had a real smoking hot male muscular body like Joey Stromboli has, I would have never gotten bored of our marriage and divorced him." Then after five minutes of nurse Kelly groping my muscles, she composed herself for a second as she put the two ends of her stethoscope in her ears, then with a look of a very hungry wild animal in her eyes, while she licked her ruby red, lipstick covered lips very sexually with her tongue she said with a very controlling, sultry tone in her voice that meant that she was now in charge, as she approached me ready to listen to my heartbeat through her stethoscope; "OK Hercules take off all your clothes and after you've totally naked inhale as physically deep as you possibly can and hold your breath while I listen to your heartbeat." As soon as I got naked I started inhaling very deeply which swelled up my already grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped male pectoral muscular, inhumanly large barrel sized male chest to at least six and a half time even more grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped, muscular in size then it was just a moment ago! Being that I was about a foot and a half taller in height then nurse Kelly was, not only had she had to back up almost four feet as my incredible chest continued to swell up and balloon out to an unbelievable huge inhumanly large size, but as nurse Kelly now faced my even more now gigantic, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped male pectoral, muscular, inhumanly large barrel sized male chest, that now looked like a solid brick wall in front of her of male pectoral, thickly, ripped muscle, when she looked up my now even more inflated, gigantic, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped male pectoral, muscular, inhumanly large barrel sized male chest, blocked her complete view of my entire head! After nurse Kelly put the other end of her stethoscope on my now six and a half times even larger, gigantic, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped male pectoral, muscular, inhumanly large barrel sized chest to listen to my heart beat, she thought to herself; "HOLY SHIT! Joey Stromboli's heart must be as physically developed in muscularity as well as the rest of him. It sounds like a very powerful pile driver working at full speed on a construction site!".....................After nurse Kelly had listened to my heat beating in my chest, she said; "OK Hercules you can stop holding your breath now." Then when I finally exhaled, I let out such a powerfully strong gust wind that I blew nurse Kelly off her two feet and across the nurse's office, where she safely landed on her desk's chair. "WOW HERCULES!" Nurse Kelly said excitedly as she opened her desk draw and took out a plastic cup that she was going to have me piss in for a drug test; "TALK ABOUT HAVING A POWERFULLY STRONG PAIR OF LUNGS!" Then nurse Kelly not only insisted on being in the bathroom with me as I pissed in the plastic cup for the drug test, but she also insisted on standing directly behind me as she held my now, gigantic, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped, fourteen and a half inch muscular penis in both of her small womanly hands while gently stroking it as I pissed into the plastic cup. After I pissed into the small plastic cup and handed it back to nurse Kelly, she took an eye dropper and added a chemical into my plastic cup of urine as she said; "OK Hercules if this chemical turns your urine blue then it will prove positive that you've heavily into using illegal steroid drugs, but if your urine doesn't change color then you'll prove negative of any usage whatsoever of using illegal steroid drugs." My urine stayed yellow and never changed color. ""VERY GOOD HERCULES!" Nurse Kelly said with an extremely happy tone in her voice, when she saw that I tested negative of any illegal steroid drug usage; "Now that you passed your drug test, we could go on to the next part of your physical examination." "What's that Ruthie?" I asked. As nurse Kelly started undressing herself until her now naked short, squat, fat, over weight female body was standing in front of me, while nurse Kelly answered me with a very sultry, sexy tone in her voice; "Hercules I've been a very sexually lonely woman for the past five years since my divorce, AND I so badly WANT you to FUCK ME like the REAL man you've TRULY are!" Then nurse Kelly jumped into my two, gigantic, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped muscular arms, and had me carry her over to the examination table, where I started making love to her short, squat, fat, over weight female body for the next forty five minutes straight without stopping. The harder I would continue to pile drive my gigantic, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped, fourteen and a half inch muscular penis up and down into nurse Kelly's growing wet vagina, she'd whisper in my ear as she held her two small womanly hands lovingly on my cheeks; "OH HERCULES, FUCK ME HARDER! THAT'S IT BABY, DO IT EVEN HARDER THEN THAT!" Then after we changed positions and I was laying on my back on the examination table while nurse Kelly was riding my gigantic, grotesquely, huge, thickly, ripped, fourteen and a half inch muscular penis like a busting bronco on top, all of a sudden her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she hit the biggest sexual, maximum, female orgasm that nurse Kelly had ever had in her entire forty year old life, while her short, squat, fat, over weight female body started shaking extremely very violently, right before she passed out and collapsed on top of me! At first I got scared thinking that nurse Kelly just had a heart attack from having sex with me, dropped dead right on top of me! But as she slowly raised her head and smiled warmly while she looked very lovingly into my eyes, she said with a very excitedly, sultry, sexy tone in her voice; "THANK YOU HERCULES! I'VE NEVER HAD A MAN FUCK ME THAT SEXUALLY INTENSE BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE ADULT LIFE!" Then I politely replied; "You've welcome Ruthie." Then nurse Kelly started kissing me long and hard on my lips..........................After I got dressed and left the school nurse's office while I was walking down the hallway to my fifth period math class I thought to myself after enjoying the sexual encounter I had just had with nurse Kelly; "I think my young grotesquely huge, thickly, ripped, muscular male physique to average looking middle age women like nurse Kelly, they see me as some sort of Greek muscle God that they love to sexually worship, where as my own gargantuan, thickly, ripped, muscular mother still thinks that I'm not only still a weakling in her eyes, but I'll never be as great in size and girth of muscularity and strength as she is. Maybe I should set my sights on average  looking middle age women like nurse Kelly, and become a male body building prostitute. I bet that I could make a lot of money being Hercules the lonely women pleasure." End Of Part 10.