Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Fat Out Of Shape Wife Starts Body Building To Win Back Her Husband's Affections!-3

Twenty minutes later in the diner, Nancy was sitting in a booth across from the semi muscular woman who was wearing the tight halter top and very short shorts that showed off her very impressive female muscular body. The semi muscular woman who's name was Jane, introduced herself to Nancy as she got out of the car. When they shook hands, Nancy couldn't believe what a strong powerful grip Jane had! As Jane was drinking her coffee, she listened to Nancy's story about how her husband Dan embarrassed her at the Memorial Day barbecue at her brother's house last weekend, by telling her how fat and out of shape she was, while Dan was eyeing and feeling his ex-girl friends very well toned muscular body. "But that's not the worst of it Jane!" Nancy said towards the end of her story. Then Nancy went on about the big augment she had with her husband Dan that night, how he was so pissed off that he left, and how she saw Dan kissing and groping Cindy the next day out side of the gym. Then Nancy just broke into a crying jag........Jane patted Nancy's left hand with her own, while Jane handed Nancy a napkin with her right hand. "Now, now Nancy." Jane said with a soothing motherly tone in her voice, as if she was speaking to a small child; "I think that I could help you with your weight problem, and turn your fat, flabby, out of shape body, into a lean, mean, fantastic muscular female physique that any man, including your husband Dan would lust after!" "You could Jane?" Nancy asked between her sniffling. "Yes I can Nancy, but only if you are really serious about wanting to chance your female physique,  and you are willing to give me a full 100% commitment and full control over you till this project is completed. Nancy thought this over a second, while she took a big bite out of her cheese cake that she was eating, this was her fourth piece of cheese cake, and Nancy was a comfort eater when it came to stress! "Well Jane?" Nancy asked with a slight timidness in her voice; "If I agree, to give you a 100% commitment, over me full control, what does that mean?" "Well Nancy, in other words, it would be like going to a work out boot camp! Nancy you will get up when I tell you to get up, eat what I only allow you to eat including diet and vitamin supplements, and work out as long and hard as I tell you too!" Jane said with a very tough sternness in her voice like a drill Sargent. Then before Nancy could answer her, Jane said almost like it was a challenge that Nancy would never accept; "Well Nancy, are you woman enough to take the body make over challenge for your husband Dan?" Nancy stammered with cheese cake falling out of her mouth; "YES JANE, I AM!!. "Good Nancy, that's just what I wanted to hear!" Jane said with a great deal of pride in her voice, as she took away what was left of Nancy's fourth piece of cheese cake, and dumped it into the trash........Then Jane made Nancy stand up straight, with her shoulders back, while she held in her very flabby huge pot belly, and stuck out her chest, then Jane marched Nancy to her black Hummer H3, where after getting Nancy into the passenger seat, Jane blind folder her, before she pulled out of the diner's parking lot. When Nancy asked why she was being blind folded, Jane just replied; "We can't let anyone know where our secret female work out boot camp, spa, and laboratory is located.". What Jane didn't tell Nancy was............That she was Dr. Jane Camile, a bio-chemist that had worked for the Food And Drug Administration. Six months ago, Jane who was a very skinny flat chested woman at that time, had developed a new vitamin enzyme called Femdom X-4000, that increased a woman strength and muscle mass, to help new female recruits in the military grow big and strong! But due to all the paper work that Dr. Jane Camile needed to file before she could test it on a human female, and with time and government funding running out,  Dr. Jane Camile decided to try it on herself! Each time she injected herself, injections of Femdom X-4000, gave Jane super, unbelievable, amount of strength and stamina, which she used in her weight lifting work outs, and in less then three months, she had the body of a ripped, muscular Goddess! The Femdom X-4000 worked in a woman's blood stream, mixing with her fat cells while they turned them into super powerfully strong muscles! As Jane pulled into the under ground garage to her secret work out boot camp/ laboratory, Jane figured that with all the fat on Nancy, once it was converted to muscles, Nancy maybe the strongest woman in the world!!!!!! Jane only hoped, that Nancy wouldn't suffer from the same side affect that she had, and that was developing a hatred to men, while developing a love for other women!!!!!! End Of Part 3   

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