Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Son's Sexual Attraction For His Mother Turns Her Into A Mythological Greek Muscle Goddess!-1

Over the last twenty five years due to the lack of family values in the United States, there has been a growing number of single mothers raising their children on their own, after their men left them when they got pregnant. In the case of single mothers who had male children, they seemed to bond more with their sons from birth, then single mothers who had daughters, even though a mother could love a daughter just as much as a son. But for some single mothers who had given birth to boys, early on after their sons are born they feel a very loving, emotional attachment to their handsome young sons who reminds their single mothers of a younger versen of his father, and deep down subconsciously single mothers fall in love with their sons even though they don't realize it at the time.............On the other side of this subject, it actually quite normal for a young teenage boy to go through a period of the phallic stage of psycho sexual development while being attracted to his own single mother, even though most teenage boys usually wouldn't admit these feelings towards their own mothers. This teenage sexual phase about their single mothers usually passes in about a year, but if this teenage sexual phase about their single mothers doesn't pass, because they feel the male instinct to protect their mother in the home, then the teenage son would consider acting on his sexual attraction of his mother and make her his woman. This is the story about one 13 year old teenage boy, who's was so possessive and sexually fantasized so much over his 31 year old mother, that he wasn't happy till he finally made her his own mythological muscle goddess...........Delilah Zeus was a 31 year old single mother who lived with her 13 year old teenage son Nicolas in a small bungalow that she owned at the end of a dead end road, nestled deeply in the pine barrens in Chatsworth New Jersey. At five foot four inches in height and 120 pounds, even after once having a baby that was 8 pounds 6 ounces, Delilah still possessed the same well toned, curvy, B-cup breast size, petite figure that she had in high school. With her long raven black shoulder length hair, and her Mediterranean olive colored complexion that came from her full Greek heritage, and without having a blemish or a wrinkle on her entire face at the age of 31, made the whole female package that consisted of Delilah Zeus, one hell of a smoking hot babe!..........Her son Nick who had just turned 13 years old, was now a teenager with raging hormones who started noticing  his mother who he had always loved in a different way, as a smoking hot babe! Nick who was five foot ten inches in height, after a growth spurt now towered over his smoking hot mother by six inches was a very skinny boy, who recently started masturbating with pictures of his mother secretly in his bedroom late at night, and while he watched her getting undressed through her bedroom window. Nick had fallen deeply in love with his smoking hot babe of a mother! Nick loved to eat and had a very manly appetite for a 13 year old boy, but no matter how much he ate he never gained any weight. Recently for his 13TH birthday, Delilah went out and bought her son a complete 300 pound steel weight set and weight bench which she had set up in one side of their two car detachable garage. Delilah thought that if Nick started lifting weights and gain a little muscular weight, it would give him a little more personal confidence in his otherwise deflated young male ego, and he'd be less shy when it came to talking to girls his own age in school..........One Saturday afternoon after Nick finished working out lifting his weights in their garage, he thought to himself as he flexed his thin right arm which produced a small golf ball sized bicep muscle while he was walking across the backyard heading towards the back door; "I wonder why mom hadn't noticed my muscles yet? I better start walking around the house more often shirtless so she'd see how buff I'm getting." As soon as Nick reached the backdoor, he heard his mother talking on the phone to her girlfriend, who Nick had always referred to as aunt Jill. Nick wasn't purposely trying to eavesdrop on his mother's phone conversation, but what he accidentally heard got him very upset. "Well Jill, to be honest with you I am tired of being alone in life and I do miss the company of a man, and now that Nick is a teenager I have been thinking about getting back into the dating scene and starting to date again. I've even been thinking about trying one of those computer dating sites that you see advertised on television." "WHAT!!!" Nick thought to himself; "Is mom crazy, or what? She has a perfectly good up and coming beef cake of male manhood in her own house, and she wants to look on a computer dating site for a man? Well mom, sorry but that's not going to happen while I'm here!" Then a thought crossed Nick's mind about something that had happened to his mother while she was in high school...............Nick remembered that his mother had once told him that when she was in high school during a class trip, her high school class went to a theater to see a professional hypnotist. When this hypnotist asked for volunteers in the audience to come up on stage, Delilah found herself on stage standing right next to the hypnotist. Then he remembered his mother telling him that there were two types of people in life, those who could be easily hypnotized, and those who couldn't. Delilah was the type who could be easily be hypnotized. Then a big smile crossed Nick's face as a very devious thought crossed his mind on how he could keep his smoking hot babe of a mother all to himself!..........Nick thought if he could hypnotize his smoking hot babe of mother and put a subconscious thought in her mind that he was her one and only love, he'd never have to worry about losing his smoking hot babe of a mother to another man. Then Nick who loved to read about ancient Greek mythology decided to take his idea one step even farther, to make his sexual fantasy with his smoking hot babe of a mother even better yet! Nick was going to hypnotize his mother into thinking she was his favorite Greek goddess Athena. "That should make some very interesting sexual roll playing." Nick thought to himself. After Nick walked in through the back door he quickly went down the hallway to his mother's bedroom, where he borrowed out of her jewelry box a gold chain that held a gold heart shaped pendent. Nick then went to his own room and after he heard his mother had finished with her phone conversation with her girl friend Jill, Nick called his mother from his bedroom down the hall; "MOM! COULD YOU PLEASE COME IN HERE A MOMENT!"...........As soon as Delilah entered her son's bedroom, Nick started swinging the gold heart shaped pendent in front of his mother's eyes, as he said in a mono, hypnotic, commanding tone; "Watch the swinging gold heart, your eye lids are getting very heavy and you are feeling very sleepy." Delilah yawned as her eye lids slowly started to close. "Delilah can you hear me?" Nick asked. "Yes I can." His mother answered him in a very hypnotic sleepy tone." "Delilah." Nick said; "Open your eyes and stare directly into mine as you concentrate only on the sound of my voice, and my voice alone. If you understand me then nod your head yes." Delilah nodded her head yes and opened her eyes and stared directly up into Nick's eyes. "Delilah, when I call you by the name of Athena, you will become Athena the Greek goddess who is very fierce and brave in battle, while having the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. You'll also be a very shrewed, sexual companion, to your emperor Nicholas Zeus who you'll see as a very ripped thickly muscular he-man, and you will follow your emperor's orders very happily while being his love slave when he requires it. Do you understand me Delilah?" "Yes I understand." Delilah replied still deeply in her hypnotic haze. Then Nick looked down at his mother's well toned, curvy, B cup sized breast petite figure and thought to himself; "This is going to be one hell of great sexual fantasy between us, but mom doesn't have the female muscular physique of a true female Greek goddess."Then he thought about that 300 pound steel weight set his mother had bought him for his birthday which he really didn't want, and how she forced him to go out in the garage and lift weights for a two hours every day, and no matter how Nick hated doing it, he'd spend a two hours every day in the garage lifting weights just to please his mother............Then Nick said; "When you become Athena, you'll go out to our garage every day for two hours and happily lift weights to build up your body to please your emperor Nicholas Zeus. Do you understand me Delilah?" "Yes I understand you." His mother replied still in her hypnotic state. Nick said; "Then when I call you by your name Delilah, you'll go back to being your normal self with no memory whatsoever of being Athena the Greek goddess, and you'll also remember nothing that you have done while being Athena the Greek goddess. Do you understand me Delilah?" "Yes I understand you." His mother again replied in her deep hypnotic state. Nick then remembered a television documentary about professional female body builders that he had watch with his mother about a month ago, and remembered her saying to him with a distasteful tone in her voice; "Those women are disgusting and very manly looking, I would never want huge bulging muscles like they have on my body." Nick then though to himself;"Mom would freak out if she saw herself getting big, ripped bulging muscles on her petite body." Nick then came up with an idea on how he could get Athena to lift weights and build up her body, while his mother never knew it was happening, or saw any muscular development physical changes happening to her body! "When I mention your name Delilah, you go back to being your normal self, and you'll see yourself just as you've always have, with no changes whatsoever to your figure. You will also no longer want to try any computer dating sites, because with your son Nick around who you feel is the most important man in your life, you'll no longer feel the need for the company of any other man, do you understand?" "Yes I understand." Delilah said in her sleepy hypnotic tone. "Good!" Nick said to himself; "That takes care of a lot of problems." "DELILAH!" Nick screamed, and his mother quickly snapped out of her hypnotic trance, as she said sounding a bit confused; "OH Nick! I must have been deeply in thought for a moment, what was it you wanted honey?" "Oh." Nick said trying to come up with a fast excuse on why he had called his mother to his bedroom, then while he handed her back her gold chain with the gold heart pendent, he said; "Mom I think you dropped this in here in my room earlier."............A couple of hours later after they finished having dinner and Delilah had loaded the dishwasher with the dirty dinner dishes, Nick decided that it was time to test the Athena hypnotic suggestion out on his mother. Nick came into the kitchen just as his mother shut the door of the dishwasher and turned it on, then Nick cleared his throat loudly to get her attention. At the sound of Nick clearing his throat Delilah turned around to face him as he said only one word; "Athena." Delilah's eyes went into a glassy eyed dreamy look, as she stood very straight and erect to her full height of five foot four inches tall, as she said in her hypnotic state, as she looked up at her son; "Yes my emperor, how may I serve thee?" "I want you to go out to our garage." Nick said in a commanding tone of a true Greek Emperor; "And start your daily two hour weight lifting workout." "Yes my emperor I shall commence working out and lifting weights immediately." Delilah replied, as she walked out the back door and across the backyard towards the garage............Two hours later while his mother was still under her hypnotic suggestion of being Athena she slowly entered through the back door, because every small muscle on her entire five foot four inch, well toned curvy body was very swollen and sore from having such a very heavy, strenuous upper and lower body weight lifting workout. While Nick was in the living room playing with his X-Box he heard his mother enter through the back door. When he went into the kitchen to see how his Greek goddess Athena made out, Nick found his mother breathing very heavy from not being use to exercising so hard while her long raven black shoulder length hair was plastered on top of her head, and her white T-shirt was plastered to her skinny little body from her heavy sweating. Nick smiled as he took her mother's hand and steered her towards his bedroom; "I'm very proud of you Athena, you've pumped the iron of the heavy weights very gallantly. Now it's time for you to sexually please your emperor Nicholas." An hour later after Nick made love to his smoking hot babe of a mother while she was still underneath the hypnotic suggestion of being Athena who was pleasing her emperor. Nick requested his mother now who was starting to stink from body odor, from all the heavy sweating she had done between working out lifting weights in the garage and having sex with him, to take a shower............As Delilah started taking her shower underneath her hypnotic suggestion of being Athena, Nick quietly opened the bathroom door and while his mother was in the shower, he said; "Delilah!" Then he quietly shut the bathroom door and gave his mother her privacy in the bathroom. When Delilah snapped out of her hypnotic suggestion, she was surprised as hell to find herself naked in the shower since she didn't remember getting ready to take one. The next morning when Delilah's digital alarm clock started beeping when it went off at 6:30am, as Delilah got up to get dressed for work, her entire five foot four inch tall, very well toned shapely, curvy body was extremely sore and she could barely move her arms and legs from the heavy, strenuous upper and lower body weight lifting workout she did while she was under the hypnotic suggestion of being Athena..........."OH GOD!" Delilah said out loud to herself; "I feel like I've been run over by a truck, but for some strange reason I feel very sexually stimulated at the same time! Maybe I smoked a little too much marijuana last night and fucked off on my rubber dildo a little too hard." Then Delilah painfully got up and slowly got dressed for work. End Of Part 1                                                          

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