Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Revenge Of A Battered Wife!-The Final Chapter!

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Bob's limp cock slipped out of Lisa's mouth. Lisa stood up and examined the look on her husband's face and there was pain, but Lisa also saw that she was in for it now, as Bob's face grew a deep red with anger. Lisa's first thought was to curl her body into a ball, and hoped that Bob's punches wouldn't connect and impact her with as much pain as she feared! "When I tell you to stop Lisa, you stop!" Bob screamed as he threw a punch towards Lisa's stomach. Lisa received the blow to her stomach and heard the flesh on flesh contact as Bob's fist met her stomach, and Lisa felt nothing at all from the impact! Bob swung again and again and Lisa still felt nothing from the impact. Lisa's muscular plated abs absorbed her husband's hardest punches and it didn't hurt Lisa at all!.......Lisa looked down at her already huge, ripped muscular arms, and saw her muscles contracting and growing even bigger right in front of her own eyes. When she looked back into the full length mirror, Lisa saw her own muscular physique start to pulsate as it rippled and bulge out, as her muscles continued to grow with each passing second. Lisa was now absolutely so huge and muscular, that she made the Incredible She-Hulk look like a weakling! Lisa was now the most muscular woman in the world! She flexed her right arm in a bicep pose and Lisa's arm muscles exploded out and swelled up forming a massive, peaking mountain of thick, solid muscles that measured at least four and a half feet in circumference.........Lisa then looked into her physical abusive husband's face, and saw Bob who had a look of terror on his face, as he slowly watched his wife's muscles continue to swell and grow. A veil lifted from Lisa's mind, as she now realized that she was a lot stronger then Bob was, and no longer needed to take his physical abuse! Lisa took a step towards her husband and grabbed the front of his shirt while she lifted him off the ground as she said; "Bob, this is for all those awful years of taking abuse from you in our marriage." Then Lisa punched Bob so hard, that he went flying head over heels backwards, landing on his back on top of the barbell that sat on the cradle of Lisa's weight bench. From the impact of hitting the weight bench, Bob broke his back and neck!.......... Then after Lisa called 911 every thing was a blur now in her memory. The police and paramedics arriving at the house, the murder trial where Lisa was found guilty of killing her husband by a jury who voted her 100% guilty of murder in the first degree, and the prison bus that delivered her to Ocean County Penitentiary.......As Lisa continued sitting on her prison cell bunk doing bicep curls with her 2 one hundred pound dumbbells, she continued to think long and hard about the events that led her to being on death row, then a woman's voice said; "It's time Lisa." When Lisa looked up she saw the female warden and a very big, muscular female prison guard who was unlocking her cell door. Lisa put down her two one hundred pound dumbbells on the floor, then held her strong muscular arms behind her back, as the prison guard hand cuffed her.........The female warden and the big muscular female prison guard escorted Lisa to the room where the electric chair was, after Lisa sat down her arms and legs were strapped to the chair. Then after her long chestnut brown hair was shaved off, they put a wet sponge, then a metal cap with wires on to of Lisa's head. "Okay Lisa," The female warden said; "Do you have any last words before you meet your maker?" "Yes I do." Lisa said very confidently; "I maybe getting the electric chair for killing my husband, but it's a hell of a lot better then living with his physical abuse!" Then the warden threw the switch, and 100,000 volts of electricity per second raced through Lisa's body, and she was gone! The End!       

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