Sunday, March 4, 2012

Donna Dominates Her Man!-5

Donna then threw herself up and landed perfectly on her feet. The entire living room shook, and Donna's giant quads jiggled like jello. As Donna dusted her hands off, she walked right up close to Mike and placed both her hands on her muscular hips, involuntarily flexing her thickly, huge muscular pecs. Donna's face was turning red with anger with a nasty sneer on her lips, while a thick blue vein pulsated in the middle of her forehead. Even though their height was obvious, Mike being taller then Donna was. With a fire of anger burning in her emerald green eyes, Donna leered up at Mike, her thick muscular torso and thick muscular neck stretched up trying to elevate her face close to his........"I'M WAITING BITCH!" Donna growled up at her husband, them bumped him back against the wall, once, twice, then three times with her huge, thickly, muscular body, harder each time, scooting Mike back until Donna had pinned Mike between herself and the living room wall. Mike returned nothing back, he just kept his mouth closed. Mike wanted to fight, but he had lost too many matches with Donna in the past when she was half the size, that she was now! It was hopeless. Instead Mike hung his head dejectedly low and away in shame. Mike's eyes were staring at the carpet, realizing that a physical confutation against the hugely, thick, muscular woman his wife Donna had become, was totally useless on his part. "I thought so, you little pussy!" Donna said with a smirk on her face.........Admittedly, Donna loved bullying and pushing her husband around. Donna scooped Mike up easily and pinned him down in a full nelson. "You've so weak Michael, and since I'm so much stronger then you are, I can do anything I want with you, whenever I want to." Donna said in a very antagonistic tone, while she continued to hold him in a wrestling position. Mike struggled vainly against his muscle bound wife. Donna then began to rack Mike against her enormous muscular tits. Mike then heard parts of his body begin to crack loudly, while his face was turning a dark red from under the pressure of Donna's mighty strength!.........."Being so big and muscular Donna doesn't always make you the best at everything in life." Mike stupidly said, while his muscle bound wife continued squeezing him harder. Donna stopped squeezing her husband, as an irritated look crossed her face. "Well, well, well, you have a death wish today Michael, don't you?" Donna replied sounding every bit in control of the situation. Then with both her huge, thickly muscular arms, Donna hoisted her husband above her. "I guess I'm going to have to teach you a lesson, mister. Here we go!"..........Donna then slammed Mike into his recliner which made a sickening "thud" sound. Then Donna bent down and wrapped her huge, thickly muscular arms around Mike's recliner, and hoisted the chair with her husband sitting in it straight up over her head. "P-put me down Donna!" Mike demanded. "Are you sure you want me to do that darling?" Donna replied with a wicked smile on her face. "It's a long way down from where you are sitting Mike." Donna then shook the recliner like a magic 8 ball then flicking it to one side, and catapulting Mike off the recliner and he landed on their living room sofa. "There you go darling, DOWN!" Donna said very forcibly..........."Donna please stop!" Mike begged, as his eyes followed his muscular predator, who he considered the woman of his dreams. "Donna, I hate it when you get like this!" Mike said sounding very scared of his own wife. Donna stooped down and grabbed down underneath their sofa, and pulled upwards. "Maybe Mike, you should have thought of that, Donna paused for effect, while her monstrous biceps swelled up even larger then they were before, while Donna's thickly, huge, back muscles marbled with pure strength; "Before you," Donna then clenched her teeth while thick blue veins bulged out of her thick, muscular neck; "Opened your stupid mouth!" Donna growled, lifting their sofa over her head in one smooth, powerful, motion. While holding the sofa above her head, Donna began to squat reps, her thickly muscular tree trunk legs hitting perfect 90 degree angles. When Mike tried to escape, Donna military pressed their sofa into the living room ceiling, which crushed the back of their sofa. Mike quickly ducked low to avoid the ceiling. "That's better Mike, just stay there." Donna warned him, then continued doing her squats.     End Of Part 5           

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